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    SearchThisVideo: Crystal Chronicles Remastered: Character Creation Guide! Which Tribe is Best for You?

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    hey everyone this is an amalgam video
    for final fantasy crystal chronicles
    remastered edition
    and today we're going to be talking
    about the basics of character creation
    and the options you have
    first up there are four tribes and
    crystal chronicles that you can choose
    from and each has a different set of
    strengths and weaknesses
    let's start with the clovats they are
    human type characters and they are very
    well rounded and easy to play
    they have average physical strength and
    defense but they have high magic
    and their magic charge time is average
    and their focus attack charge time is
    also average
    if you want to be able to do a bit of
    everything then this is the choice for
    next up are the ukes they're tall
    magical creatures that always wear masks
    to hide their faces
    they have the highest magic stat in the
    game but they also have the lowest
    defense and physical attack stat
    they also have the slowest focus attack
    charge time and the shortest focus
    attack distance
    in addition to their high magic stat
    they have some other bonuses that help
    make up for their weaknesses
    when ukes are in combat and they use the
    defend command
    they turn invisible and become immune to
    all physical
    and magical attacks this will also block
    status effect moves as well i don't know
    of any bosses that can break the uke
    defenses but with the remastered edition
    they may have added some new moves that
    can but it remains to be seen
    ukes also have the longest magic casting
    distance in the game
    and they also have the fastest casting
    time without factoring in
    accessories now let's talk about the
    little t's if you want to specialize in
    physical attacks then this is the tribe
    for you
    they have very high physical attack and
    ironically their focus attack charge
    time is actually average
    in line with the clavats but their magic
    casting time
    is very very slow the slowest in the
    their focus attack range is good which
    helps lilties
    have access to many different weapons
    and they have the most different types
    of focus attacks in the game
    last up are selkies selkies have below
    average defense
    average attack and average magic they
    cast magic at average speeds and at
    average distances
    where selkies excel is focus attacks
    they have the shortest
    focus attack charge time in the game and
    the longest focus attack distance in the
    also they start the game with a ranged
    focus attack which helps in the early
    selkies have a very unusual defend
    command that is just a short range
    backflip but they're not invulnerable
    while they do it so it's not very
    you're probably wondering which of the
    races is best to pick in the long run
    and i don't think there's a good answer
    for that yet in the old crystal
    chronicles people used to say that the
    clavats were the best
    because they had access to an end-game
    accessory that gave them significantly
    decreased magic casting time and made
    them better than everyone else
    the remastered version is going to have
    harder dungeons with new weapons and
    and so there may be a new balance of
    power between the tribes
    in the end the best strategy is to pick

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    whatever tribe you have the most fun
    with and go with that
    with an explanation of the tribes out of
    the way let's move to all the character
    creation options and see all the
    different character models you have to
    choose from
    there are different costume change
    crystals that you can get
    by finding mogdens and collecting mog
    stamps and also through dlc
    but this guide is just gonna show you
    the basic models that you have access to
    at the start of the game for character
    you can have up to eight characters in
    your caravan
    you'll select a tribe a gender a
    character model
    and a family here's a look at all the
    clavat models
    and each tribe has a new option on the
    right that wasn't in the old game
    whitecap clavat is dressed like a white
    mage and i really do like the new ribbon
    character that they added to this game
    now for the male clavats
    this one is the new one he looks very
    traditional japanese
    now let's take a look at the male
    many of them have interesting helmets
    and i like the steel visor one with the
    glowing eyes
    the new one they added the bronze he has
    a very scary mask
    if you want to intimidate people online
    i guess that's the way to go
    this is the new female lility she's just
    referred to as shy
    i think they could have done a better
    job thinking up a name for her but oh
    now for the ukes the ukes are my
    personal favorite they're very odd but i
    like their masks
    this is the new female uke and she
    actually has a transparent torso which i
    guess means that the ukes were just
    spirits after all
    this is the new male yuke he has a
    pretty scary but cool helmet
    he's got a cool name too skyship
    and last up we have selkies here are the
    male selkies
    this is the new male selkie he's more
    shirtless than the others
    and this is the new female selkie she's
    got a cool eye patch going on

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    once you decide on a character the game
    gives you four different voices to
    choose from
    fortunately you can turn off the battle
    voices if you want in the options
    i don't know if there have been any
    changes to the usefulness in the family
    choice but just know that blacksmith is
    probably the most useful
    and then alchemist and then taylor and
    you make your family like you by sending
    them gifts that they might like
    after each time you get a drop of myrrh
    and a letter
    the four families i mentioned give you
    access to some rare gear schematics near
    the end of the game
    the other four like fisher rancher
    farmer and
    miller just give food items and they're
    not really all that useful
    the families run different shops in town
    so make sure to visit them to see what
    they have for sale
    once you've finished the character setup
    you're all ready to explore the world of
    crystal chronicles
    if you find any of the amalga videos
    helpful please subscribe it really helps
    us out
    as always thanks for watching

    This is a guide on the differences between the tribes and the options for character customization. Visit https://amalgia.com for music, free fiction reading, video ...


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    1. also Lilties got shafted hard in the remastered, they used to be the strongest tribe but now with post game gear all the other tribes gets weapons with over +50 and up atk stat while Lilties are still stuck with +40 weapons from post game.. so rip


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