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    SearchThisVideo: Cuphead – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Don't Deal with the Devil! World 1 Bosses! (PC)

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    what's up guys ak Scott here playing

    cuphead a new indie platformer designed

    in the style of 1930s cartoons even

    though I already had this game

    pre-ordered Thank You Microsoft for

    sending me a free code so I could get

    you guys this footage early I'm playing

    this on Windows 10 but it's also

    available for Xbox one I've been wanting

    to play this game since I first heard

    about it and after playing through the

    first world I can tell you this game is

    incredible and I cannot wait for you

    guys to watch thanks to you my channel

    has exploded in popularity lately in

    fact the first episode of Mario Plus

    Rabbids has over 21,000 likes and over

    1.6 million views in less than a month I

    would be thrilled to this video got

    anywhere close so thanks in advance for

    any likes and favorites you can give me

    on this video series also thanks to your

    support we now have over 2.7 million

    subscribers that's incredible and I

    cannot thank you guys enough I will do

    my best to bring you even more awesome

    videos just leave a comment letting me

    know which games made you subscribe in

    which games you'd like to see me play in

    the future but now without further ado

    let's play cuphead here we go cuphead

    don't deal with a devil once upon a time

    in a magical place called inkwell Isle

    there were two brothers named cup head

    and mug man they lived without a care

    under the watchful eye of the wise elder

    kettle one day the two boys wandered far

    from home and despite the elder kettles

    many warnings ended up on the wrong side

    of the tracks and entered the devil's

    casino inside Cup head and mug man soon

    found themselves on a winning streak at

    the craps table hot dog exclaimed king

    dice to casinos sleazy manager their

    fellows these fellas can't lose nice run

    boys left a new comer the brothers

    gasped it was the casinos owner the

    devil himself now how about we raise the

    stakes he suggested with a toothy grin

    oh when one more roll and all the loot

    of my casino is yours the devil boomed

    but if you lose I'll have your souls

    deal cuphead blinded by easy riches

    nodded and grabbed the dice for a throw

    a good gosh cup head no cried bug man

    for he understood the danger but it was

    too late

    Snake Eyes laughs the devil while

    slamming the floor you lose the brothers

    trembled in fear as he loomed over them

    now about those souls the brothers

    pleaded for their very lives there must

    be another way to repay you mug man

    stammered yes but please mr. cub head

    added hmmm perhaps there is the devil

    Snickers pulling out a parchment I have

    here a list of my runaway denters

    collect their souls for me and I just

    might pardon you to bugs now get going

    the devil roared kicking the boys out

    most rudely you'll have till midnight

    tomorrow to collect your every one of

    these souls otherwise I'll be the one

    collecting yours

    cuphead and bug man were terribly

    frightened and ran away as fast as they

    could come on mug panted cuphead we have

    to find the elder kettle he'll know what

    to do let's see if the other kettle does

    indeed know what to do I love the

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    artwork on this game looks great so far

    of course I've seen some some brief

    gameplay footage and look at this this

    looks phenomenal what a fine pickle you

    boys have gotten yourselves into I know

    you don't want to be pawns the devil but

    if you refuse I can't bear to imagine

    your fates you must now you must play

    along for now collect those contracts

    and you'd best be ready for some nasty

    business your debtor friends won't be

    very friendly once you confront them in

    fact I expect they'll transform into

    terrible beasts take this potion so they

    won't hang you out to dry we it will

    give you the most remarkable magical

    abilities now go to my writing desk and

    use that the mystical inkwell there you

    need to prepare yourself for a scrap all

    right I will

    tutorial let's do the tutorial

    okay duck got it

    jump tap for short hold for high so

    short hi

    - got it descends easy shoot oh I'm like

    snapping my fingers I love that lock


    this is to hold okay got it

    Perry Perry slap press jump while

    airborne to nullify or or interact with

    pink objects alright great resurrects

    you're welcome

    X move boom yeah so requires one super

    meter card so I have cards over there :

    of course I want coins

    alright that was easy easy tutorial

    let's see what we got here now so I hear

    this game is pretty hard so we'll see

    how it goes you'll have to lay out all

    those stutters to move on now shake a


    alright let's shake that leg shake that

    Laffy Taffy here we go let's see I mean

    I just love the artwork look at this

    it's so charming alright let's go


    hey fellas looks like you're in for it

    now eh well I used to be the same way

    always getting into trouble

    running jumping shooting but now I

    prefer just strolling around and go into

    the pictures but hey let me give you a

    hand take this I got three coins

    excellent there's a shop here already

    pork rinds Emporium let's see what to do

    here Wow calm chaser long-range with

    below average damage done I'm in

    required heart extra hit point adds

    additional hit point but lightly weakens

    your attack Pat why would I let's spread

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    eight-way spread short range with great

    damage if you keep close to your target

    that's an e X smoke bomb invisible - you

    will not take damage during a - a great

    defensive maneuver roundabout jumbo

    rebound great coverage I feel like I

    want this automatic parry your first

    parry move is automatically you need to

    do is jump they'll be next anything to

    help me out I don't think I need the HP

    up right now this I hope that's the case

    let's see but I like the idea of not

    taking damage when I - you guys who clip

    those new purchases if you want to use

    them look at your equip card yeah bums



    smoke bomb invisible - got it I don't

    have a super yet I don't know okay I'll

    have a shot be a super slocked look at

    list contract list

    nice alright well let's let's get going


    so far so good what is this botanic

    panic no I don't wanna do that

    what's this forest follies run-and-gun

    got it

    this looks like a regular level forest

    Follies here I'm up oh I didn't even see

    what I shot so I can test out the - whoa

    whoa you see that my - was indeed

    invisible all right man this is quite

    the gunner all right

    wake up mushroom Oh

    so this is uh hold on hold on I have

    Perry on this dang it's it didn't work I

    don't like getting hurt got him at that

    one all right got him - oh darn I what I

    wasn't expecting that to happen okay I

    already died huh oof all right here we

    go so I got to be mindful of my HP I

    have three HP I maybe should I should

    have gone with the HP up I feel like the

    idea of weakening my shot you know

    whoa I'm sure me I'm quiet this is this

    game is uh see I'm spreading it like

    despite the friendly look it's in a

    pretty intense game got it Oh got it

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    I don't know if I have to get those for

    anything but I got it

    so parrying i guess is important you got


    watch out for this guy oh my gosh this

    guy's brutal oh my god fire oh geez

    sorry I got scared with a fire what the


    got it nice whoa acorn bombs when these

    acorn bombs are ruthless there it is oh

    whoa whoa oh jeez


    there's another coin come on oh my gosh

    this game is brutal oh no no no no no no

    no no what's my move there we go get get

    this guy use your powers oh my gosh I

    have 1 hp left oh my gosh I think I need

    to wait for this blue to get out of here

    please mushroom potage uh huh oh I did


    goodness gracious that was actually

    really tough ha ha

    I mean I'm pretty good at platformers oh

    yeah I'm not gonna get the HP bonus you

    gotta be kidding me I gotta do that

    without this being defeated maybe I

    could do it hey that's not bad though I

    got a grade-a - a brand-new record I all

    have to do is beat that flawlessly and

    maybe I'll get an A+ I don't know if I

    get anything special forgetting

    forgetting an A+ buddy to get 5 coins

    which is really cool um so there we go

    again I don't know I don't know if I'm

    gonna be perfecting this this little

    path oh my gosh it's like a secret path

    I don't need a secret path though I

    don't think so hold on I just got


    what's a tree Roos of a news simpler

    regular let's just do regular and what

    is this hello

    ready yes is this a fight this is a boss

    fight interesting ah geez what the heck

    I like the - Oh guys - right into him

    you got to be joking kidding me ah geez

    I mean why do I keep bumping into him


    yeah I got that fireball baby he's huge

    now help help

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00



    ah geez Louise this is this takes

    ultimate concentration about what I died

    how far I get I almost got into the

    third wave okay that was really tough

    but I mean it's a boss fighting I guess

    I got to do it I guess I mean I guess I

    could bypass it but I mean maybe they're

    there because I'm supposed to like get

    stronger all right pork rinds Emporium

    let's see what there is here so Wow gum

    so this is a chaser hard extra hit point

    what I'm just gonna get that coffee Auto

    feel me nerd super meter continually


    is this like a let's take a step back

    goodbye goodbye I'm glad to get those

    coins but let's see what these the shops

    all about here let's see what my hard

    drive to equip that is it a charm cache

    is a charm

    smoke bomb extra hit point I don't have

    the invisible - maybe I'll have this the

    heart for the bottom I guess I guess the

    point is before each fight you know you

    get to you get to you to choose is this

    a debtor


    I don't know but I have an extra hit

    point so it but I mean the weakens my

    attack that's kind of odd all right I'm

    ready even with the - it seemed like it

    seemed like oh god no oh my gosh take

    that huh

    come on gosh this guy's super range hi


    all right


    goodness no how do I I don't even really

    know how to avoid something like that

    one HP left the limits oh my gosh what

    do I have to fight this guy now there's

    like three wings for this guy alright

    here goes

    I understand the movement patterns that

    there jeez Louise

    no I got I ran right into him jeez man


    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    better back up from that though what the

    heck I just wasted an HP for no real




    I guess I maybe need to duck more I

    don't know I totally missed a fireball


    probably barely missed that I can duck

    oh gosh

    take that another hit what oh my god

    what the heck I gotta shoot his face no

    I'm fine

    listen I'm gonna be a little more aerial

    I guess so you can call me the Little

    Mermaid whoo

    cartoon joke no face hit no I'm fine yes

    a knockout holy goodness I was a tough

    boss fight but I'm glad it wasn't like

    at the end of the level I gotta like go

    do it again there we go

    time minutes at times me HP bonus night

    aperi I didn't see anything - Perry I

    guess there's something - Perry there

    see how okay I didn't even see anything

    I guess you gotta look out for pink I

    didn't see anything necessarily pink -

    Perry I need to learn how to parry a

    little bit better I guess but I beat

    that was that

    oh and that unlocks a new path soul

    contract goop ela Grande

    got it take that I got a soul so what's

    up here hey buddy

    who are you what's that you two want to

    fly in a plane like I do huh

    you're not sitting in any cockpit till

    you study those blueprints and aeroplane

    blueprints what is this shoot hold for

    rapid fire all right

    pink objects special parry

    shrink are you gonna hold it shrinking

    is an interesting idea I can't use my

    special yet but I believe they have it


    that was so crazy okay this game is just

    just awesome so far

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    so what's this threatening Zeppelin oh

    my goodness the do I want to do this or

    do I want to do like a regular stage I

    could try this and if it doesn't work

    out for me I could go back oh my gosh


    she throws words at me

    she's a wordsmith I feel like I can

    understand this a little bit better than

    oh my you gotta be joking kidding me

    it's a oh wow Wow okay yeah I get it you

    hurt me so bad okay man that's actually

    oh how many waves does she have all

    right you know what let's take our time

    here guys let's think about I mean what

    all right that was good and all but I

    mean like come on am I ready for that

    there's another regular stage over here

    there's another contract down here

    interesting let's do another regular

    stage while we can oh no I can get to

    this I thought I could what the heck

    okay I thought I could get to that

    what's up begone spirits ho hey you're

    real I was about to hit you with the old

    Paree move that's how you deal with

    ghosts around here only a nitwit tries

    shooting someone who ain't really there

    speaking of not being places would you

    fellas mind moving on you're spooking

    the fish all right what's this this is

    another bossfight mausoleum one what is

    this ready help all right I just got a

    pair these ghosts how's this anything I

    like that this is basically teaching me

    how to parry but how long do I do this

    you know like

    all right is there

    oh that's a new type


    okay that was easy

    can I have this what did it shoot out

    gosh I don't know how to thank you boys

    for saving me where are my manners I

    didn't even introduce myself I am known

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    as the legendary chalice pleased to meet

    you I was searching for magic and got

    trapped by these those ghosts speaking

    of magic please accept this gift it

    should help there are other mausoleums

    around inkwell aisle I just wonder huh

    was she asking or did she say there were

    leave all right got it put it on that

    mausoleum a new super move awesome

    so what dear me you mustn't forget that

    magical super arts have to be equipped

    in the menu before use so what do we got

    super super art energy beam a

    devastating attack spills from your head

    horizontal only ground or air I'll take

    it alright so yeah bye goodness I I

    might need to fly that plane I'm a

    surprised at how much of this is boss

    fighting you know you don't I mean I

    thought maybe there would be more just

    regular status but it seems like a lot

    of these are just straight-up boss

    fights let's do this botanic panic here

    we go this is pretty awesome

    I'm ready I guess oh I parried oh god

    it's okay

    ah geez

    I'm not used to the speed here


    oh he's in the middle now it's like they

    it's like they all have different forms

    this guy's nervous though I don't what

    the heck I tried to parry that I didn't

    notice any pink in the first boss he's

    in the bag as a carrot is the third eye

    what the heck this game man this might

    be one of the use your bosses I say that

    with only one HP left why they threw

    that the wrong way I don't see any pink



    keep shooting his face


    Oh what that was my fault

    I mean meaningful of beta-carotene all

    right all right redhot match coming up


    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    all right we got him got him got him


    so the next one didn't seem so bad he

    was throwing tears at me but overall not

    such a bad thing it's hard to parry the

    tears when you don't really expect them

    oh yeah this guy's not so bad I wish I

    would have fought this guy first the

    other guy was a lot harder nice I

    started straight up nice I love the

    artwork in this game and I just love it

    the platforming is great too a little

    tough but I mean I'm doing it still you

    know I'm still here I'm still winning




    has almost dead I hope I need to learn

    how to lock on more often because that's

    one thing I'm definitely missing out on

    it just locking onto these guys wow that

    now that I didn't get hit it all that

    time that's a good one alright time by

    let's see

    surely I did a good job here yes yes Wow

    a plus golly a perfect score can you

    believe it a perfect score guys I got it

    got that perfect score so what happens

    now that I got a perfect score is there

    anything to that I get though you get

    rewarded in any fashion well I made a

    new little path here the root pack soul

    contract I got it

    well this is definitely interesting

    right my goodness

    the boat what about you my friend huh

    I'll be a monkey's uncle if I'm putting

    my moolah in a bank for all I know the

    devil probably controls the place too

    they'll never get a hold of my gold if I

    spread it all around and if some Joe

    happens to find a corner too good for

    him that's what I say huh

    all right well I think I found some of

    his gold honestly so what's this boat

    all about clip joint calamity oh my gosh

    man again this is mostly boss fights

    this is mostly all right here we go this

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    looks like I got a street fighter fight

    people are cheering in the background


    all right so he's shooting fire at me


    whoa oh man I should have alright Wow


    goodness gracious

    what I do

    see ya Oh what is on this side now what

    what I'm not gonna get a perfect HP

    score I guess I attacked both of them is

    that the deal here oh my god I'm

    fighting two frogs what do what what is

    this oh my god what Harry that triple

    tigers what is this even

    what is this world I'm in this is

    amazing this is by far one of the most

    amazing games is here so far oh my god

    this just oh I mean how do I shoot this


    triple frogs oh I can shoot it while

    it's at this state goodness gracious

    Oh God fine

    triple bull I'm just gonna sit under

    here oh geez


    no come on

    I got so far alright well I understand

    how this fight works now I mean I did

    this is probably a lot of trial and

    error honestly so let's just do what we

    got to do whoa

    God dang it I already took a hit all

    right all right instead of position

    yourself in a good way

    oh my gosh what the heck I didn't even

    realize it was that it is he done it's

    actually kind of a tough fight I don't

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    know if I have to attack both of them or

    what Oh God I get it though I get it

    interesting mechanics I think I get it


    I need to say about five again that was

    awesome I love this part he's a freaking

    slot machine got it all right this is

    triple Tiger I can't imagine what can i

    I mean to create something like this

    just phenomenal I'm so I'm like this is

    a great game a great year for games for

    sure triple frog this is not so bad

    I have the five again all right

    this coins are popping out they went

    tiger again I thought I was gonna go

    yeah there we go knockout man save up

    save up your your hits that was great

    another great one getting lots of

    contracts here this is amazing this the

    game is like mostly box fight so far is

    so cool and they're all different

    okay HQ bonus whatever still I'm not you

    know if I did it didn't seem like I got

    anything special for getting an A+ on

    that one so I'm not too concerned for

    getting an A+ on on all these so

    goodness gracious this has been

    phenomenal so far a new bridge they got

    ribbing croaks another contract Wow

    so yeah I guess I can go up here now but

    I mean this is no different path I guess

    I have to do the plane thing now I try

    to avoid it for as long as possible I

    guess I go do it

    let's do it I got the blueprints let's

    do the plane here we go

    threatening Zeppelin long so here we go

    guys yeah we got it we got it and if

    anything pink comes at me I guess I got

    a parry excellent now the words attacked

    me so that's a constellation behind all

    I know is I don't really want to be in

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    the same area as her when she does that

    move what whoa okay I was a super

    missile I didn't understand it I got a

    tornado a tornado come on what do I am I

    supposed to handle that I think this was

    a flight I think this was a fly into her

    the gym and I what is that oh my god

    it is she's twins oh okay okay whoa oh


    my goodness



    there we go I think that was the right

    way to do it I guess oh I died come on

    how far I get I got okay

    that last wave looks pretty long though

    so let's see now go all right

    we're okay

    watch out she's gonna do it so yeah

    these are different there's a different

    there's a different constellations to

    see if she's transforming into these

    constellations if you guys don't know

    that's what it's happening here there we

    go got her I don't like that form that

    forms might one of my least favorites so

    far tornadoes

    no good here she goes under the next one

    Gemini now I only know this one because

    I just know I reckon I recognize the

    pattern it's going the other way

    just trying to go around it


    all right what oh come on Jim and I

    signed a big deal

    tornadoes are annoying though come on


    there we go that's got to be fun right


    what is happening she doesn't want to

    hear it I don't know what's happening oh

    my god she's going crazy

    there's stars here oh my gosh it's the

    moon oh man this sucks team is

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00


    does anyone else think hopefully that

    did some damage right oh come on you

    gotta watch out

    no I was so close ah man that's a game

    man this I mean I'm just in awe every

    single time like have it how did anyone

    design this you know what I mean like

    this game was incredible


    oh here goes here goes she's like the

    bull or whatever I don't know I don't

    know what this is all right I'm gonna

    have five soon probably I think it just

    fly it into her right like that's the

    overall premise I think so tornado come

    on I try to block it you know it's hard

    to tell which way that's gonna go just

    laughs at me she's spamming words I'm

    spamming spanning these bullets which

    way touched and tornado you know I keep

    forgetting made myself small mini

    bullets Oh God dang it get hit again

    that's fine

    whoa this is a totally different

    constellation I didn't realize you had

    more forms oh my god yeah hi


    okay these things come back to bite you

    no no I have full bomb heat abilities I

    want to save it for the end though and

    this parts not too hard if I only have

    one at HP left so speak for yourself

    Zach yeah I'm still damaging here this

    part star of the UFOs this is getting


    hahaha watch out for the UFOs Oh God

    come on ah I'm just looking at the UFOs

    this is very I'm just like zoned out

    right now this is so crazy

    no um man another UFO got me and again

    so close to the finish oh man I got to

    do this though right I'm up a brawl is

    brewing it is indeed pay your debts to

    the devil oh here she goes here she goes

    now she is a some sort of a consolation

    she's this one

    not my favorite so I'll just go ahead

    and she'll do whatever she does I

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    figured out how to avoid that pretty

    well so far all right I'd avoid it down


    hey buddy boom please leave that form

    furthermore I need to you know to get

    another super like that that was good

    stuff happening right Jim and I coming

    up Jonah not so hard to deal with to be

    honest but it's hard to know gosh it's

    hard to know which which directions in a

    spin now come on I already got it twice


    which way is it gonna spin okay we

    figured it out

    boom no the tornado got me I hate you

    and your tornadoes now she's getting mad

    I was gonna build up my super well she's

    getting mad and freaking out again I

    have 1 hp left not a good look for me at



    alright alright I know I'm gonna fly to

    you boom

    I gotta watch out for these UFOs right


    God dang it I'm trying to just dodge

    those things ah I'm sorry guys I keep

    losing this one not trying to at all


    alright alright she's the thing here the

    bowl or whatever come on there we go

    I don't like you please no tornados

    either please just keep words just the

    words I like the words I don't like the

    tornadoes I like the words Jim and I

    coming up the only hard part about this

    is trying to figure out what direction

    this moves in letting us have to worry

    too much if I just had this boom alright

    she's still got okay it's going this way

    that's fine oh dang I even see him and

    when I'm done 2 2 again

    all right she's uh words come out all

    right I'm gonna be ready I'm gonna be

    ready don't worry I I got two HP left

    surely we can do this get ready for it

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    we got a super bomb coming up and I'll

    figure out the best time to use it it'll

    be when I see UFOs but I'm not so sure

    when I'm gonna go through like now

    there you go how's that is there a way

    to tell when the UFOs are gonna shoot


    there we go got her got her don't don't

    do it

    Oh her face man again just amazing looks

    oh sorry that what took so long but I

    mean come on


    nice I gotta pee okay I'll take the B

    whoo that one was a tough fight

    again I don't know how long world one

    even is I was thinking like joy just try

    to fit all form one into one video but I

    don't think so

    Hilde Berg got her contract is sealed so

    I don't know if there's a good way to

    look look I mean it seems like a really

    long place but looks like also almost

    looks like we're almost there I don't

    know what's this tree top trouble

    another running gun let's try it out I'm

    up buddy or the tree tops we're running

    and gunning oh my god hey sup that

    woodpecker what got it

    stop it

    this a-hole


    every go got a coin that is a hole well

    whatever okay I don't know if I have to

    get all these but no oh my god

    one more health left help


    yeah these definitely take trial and

    error dang it I died I got halfway there

    so there was a ghost I should have saved

    the ghost right now go


    oh crap


    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    I don't know if I get that yeah there we

    go I don't need to Perry to get that


    what's up there we go all right we're

    over here come on down to two HP again


    that was another thing - Perry if I want

    it - come on

    another coin up here they're hiding

    these coins quite well dang it I meant

    to do this



    are we done back is this whoa whoa I did

    not mean to do this I hit the wrong

    button entirely right it's okay


    what the fireball came in gosh dang it

    another death the way it was so close -

    huh okay

    this game's roster these levels are

    awesome but I mean like some of them are



    okay no gosh I get so confused cuz the Y

    button is like God okay there we go got

    it if anything I want it's gonna be the

    coins I think cause I think they're

    gonna be the most useful all right all

    right this shouldn't be so bad okay it's

    okay it does come on

    it does time us but there's no time

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    limit per se all right

    these bugs aren't so hard I got him

    alright this parts a little bit

    difficult but not too bad


    just remember the fireball will come and

    get you - so we gotta remember that I'm

    going to remember that for you guys I

    wish it said how many coins you're at

    right now oh my god dang it I hit the

    wrong button again okay it's fine I've

    been doing that like consistently today

    what the heck of course oh god there's a

    paucity in and I've already used my

    super power

    I'm just here all right sided town so

    I'm ducking


    oh no OKC dead please tell me he's dead

    thank you thank you for dying

    oh right Bravo finally we did it oh my

    gosh guys Oh oh man all right the

    results this is a very very very tough

    platformer game

    I got Perry and gold coins but the HP

    bonus I'm gonna bonus for HP so I got a

    cq+ of all things but I got my coins

    which I again I think is the most

    important part of the coins there we go

    and there's a little stair down there

    let's see what this guy has to say what

    are you looking at my chip huh it's not

    my fault I've been fighting

    I've been busy fighting off those casino

    debtors now I gotta save up to to have

    my blade fixed so help me I wish someone

    would bust that King dice one I don't


    and so this is uh this is what is this

    Laurel Fury oh my gosh let's try it

    let's try it floral fury here we go

    ready yeah

    surely this brawl is brewing what's

    gonna do nice thanks for not hurting me

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    okay I tried to get that one but it

    didn't work oh my goodness what what I

    was trying to get that but I couldn't

    nohe of course of course he was going

    down there I don't know what I was



    all right

    think it's

    alright assume that so the noise is here


    I parried one of them

    here we go please come on how was I

    didn't know I didn't get that far

    he looked pretty mad about it though

    alright here we go here we go we got

    this right he's gonna go down that's



    all right got a ball dang it I hit that

    it's okay okay

    darn it I meant to go it's okay I have

    two hits left next time I see him do

    that I'll know which way to go is just

    kind of tough to figure it out


    yeah he's dancing all right that hurt

    him I hoping it would okay


    I am just looking I'm just looking

    we're still good here we go yes a

    knockout final blast

    I got him guys I'm learning the ropes on

    this game pretty well all right okay by

    pairing it to my super yeah was that b

    b- b + nice i guessed it

    close enough goodness gracious

    cuphead what a game man this is fun

    that's complete so that's a new area

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    cagney carnation complete so if we take

    a look down here I think we've been down

    here I just want to see yeah we've done

    the mausoleum alright well let's get a

    move on I was to see what else this has

    in store for us right this looks

    important the dye house ooh is something

    the dice it's the dye house interesting

    so hey buddy do I just go talk to you

    hey buddy hi well ain't that a pip it

    looks like you really put the kibosh on

    those on them debtors you can head on

    over to the next aisle

    plenty more marks for you to lean on

    there all right pink well aisle two so

    this is a inkwell aisle one and this is

    inkwell aisle two I don't know if

    there's like a difference between world

    one world two or whatever but we did

    inkwell aisle one

    guys hang on and think the stars I

    caught up with you I believe I found a

    way out of this mess you're in hot dog

    you have your strength is growing you'll

    soon be a match for that no-good King

    dice and maybe even the devil himself

    Kali do you really think I do but you'll

    never get close to the devil unless you

    already have those soul contracts in

    your hand in hand only then will you get

    a chance to turn the tables on that

    fiend so when the time comes do the

    right thing only when the time comes I

    will do the right thing so yeah Wow Wow

    so yeah we're all ready I don't know if

    this is considered world 2

    but we're in the aisle too so very

    awesome I don't know how do I look at

    there's my equip stuff so lift yeah

    let's look at the list here we go here's

    how we'll figure out yeah so we've we've

    got everything done again I don't know

    if there's a bonus for getting a plus

    and everything but we got everything

    done in world one so now it's up to

    world two so come back next time I don't

    know if we'll do the whole entire world

    - next episode but thank you again for

    every like and favorite thanks to

    Microsoft for sending me a code so I get

    this episode out early like I said

    already but pre-ordered it on Steam but

    they sent me a code for the Xbox and I'm

    playing this on the xbox on Windows 10

    so anyway come back next time for more

    I'll see you then goodbye and thank you

    for watching I'm Zack Scott subscribe if

    you have not if you like this video and

    want to help this channel grow all you

    got to do is click the like button below

    thanks so much for watching follow me on

    facebook twitter and instagram this is

    Otto Egon and I'll see you next time for





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    Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game heavily focused on boss battles. Inspired by cartoons of the 1930s, the visuals and audio are painstakingly created with the same techniques of the era, i.e. traditional hand drawn cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings. Play as Cuphead or Mugman (in single player or local co-op) as you traverse strange worlds, acquire new weapons, learn powerful super moves, and discover hidden secrets while you try to pay your debt back to the devil!

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    Name: Cuphead
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    Release Date: September 29, 2017
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