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SearchThisVideo: Cyber Knights: Flashpoint Kickstarter Twitch Stream

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Oh what's up everybody how's it all

going today for you here we are on


it is officially Tuesday take a look

where we're at here

52 hours to go 4100 backer seems almost


so welcome to Tuesday's dream we're in

the countdown into the last 48 hours

that starts in five hours so we are just

just about to cross the two-day

remaining barrier and that's really when

you get your opportunity on Kickstarter

to have a really strong close they let

everybody know that the projects ending

soon they've let everybody who wish

listed it or followed it or asked for a

reminder you know they all get a notice

notice that it's your last chance so you

never know what's gonna happen a

Kickstarter the last 48 hours and right

there we had a great day yesterday

having a good day so far today we're

hitting stretch goals every day so we

have a lot to be thankful for on the

campaign we are gonna get to make the

game I was really happy with with what

we were able to share in the update this

most recent one

well this one was good too I'm excited

about Valkyrie zero if we we hit that

stretch goal so quickly it felt like

that we we had so many other things that

we needed to do updates about never

really got an opportunity to talk about

it I think it's as big of an update for

the game as the matrix mk2

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

and I think there's a lot to be oh I'll

catch shout out made a gigantic

difference absolutely gigantic

difference like I can't even begin to

tell you it like is astounding what

their promotion was able to do to help

Tracy Brothers and I'm certain that the

traffic that we sent them in return was

a tiny freshen of what they sent to our

page so you know it is yeah we owe them

a huge thank you for that recommendation

and putting it in an update where it

didn't get buried it was a really short

and to the point update about a streamer

that they brought onboard and they

recommended that backers check out cyber

night so I'm sure that it generated you

know a great deal of the traffic that we

got yesterday

so we're working on a star traders

update it's got some nice stuff it's got

some new blades in it we could talk

about that really quick that'll be

coming out of this afternoon working out

we were working on that and the downtime

of Pax and we'll be able to get that out

if I move it over here we see it sweet

okay so yeah the outcome a shadow it

made a huge difference so new type of

primary blade weapon so we've added the

this new combatant type it's a sword

fighting job without evasion and we have

then unveiled another primary blade

weapon sort of go along complement this

and then also open up some additional

avenues for builds with other blade

skills so it's this isn't just for Blade

Dancer but it's suits Blade Dancer well

but it also gives a bunch of

opportunities to bodyguards assassins

sell it hybrids even characters with

offhand blades like pistol ears and the

natural blade draw so there's a lot of

cool stuff with what are called straight

blades so these will be we'll get some

more but this one adds the weapon type

adds the support for it and then we have

the two that are sold by contacts and

two high level relics that go with

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

orbital salvage we got a suggestion from

dr. spend love on the forum that we

thought was really great and it well

suited to the rule set that we already

have so when a star port is closed that

rumors are for closers right you can't

get to your drydock you can't upgrade

your ships so forth when that rumor is

in effect you'll be hiring mechanics

priest level and we might look again at

this like other variations of that rule

to boost maybe engineers or mechanics

but right now it's just the spice all by

two levels so yeah there's a new type of

melee weapon called a straight blade

it relies on quickness in the equation

instead of strength but they're balanced

a little differently in the spreadsheet

okay so then I fix some bugs that were

reported on Steam thank you so much all

of our steam community members who take

such good care to report situations that

they run into even edge cases at this

point you know we're hunting down any

bug that we can find so in this case we

had if you build a very very extreme

ship that as a negative jump cost I

could generate fuel when you're hyper

warping so now the cost zeroes out you

can't generate fuel by going through the

high for work with 27 jump regulators or

whatever you can get it down to zero but

you hate it negative it there was an

issue where the brooding cheetah's 4

would generate way too many artifacts so

that was fixed so that sort of a

balancing thing he used the the thread

showed examples where he was getting it

to generate like 30 artifacts which is

way more than I supposed to so we fixed

the dice mechanic there to match what

the card says so the cards text hasn't

changed just the actual draw it now

reflects what it says on the card the

card said 4 to 10 and it used to give

you like it's like way more than that

more like 14 to 23 sometimes and then

sometimes if it decided to give you the

big number it would

run your bonuses on the like on that

instead of on the actual what it should

have given so it's fixed might have been

the most o P card the game now more

balanced to what it actually says still

gives you a huge potential especially

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

given the fixes in three zero four five

but it's not quite it's no longer just

like a casino role that has nothing to

do with what's written on the card

what's written on the card is now

accurate retrain costs were slightly

increased and I balanced the situation

with custom difficulty that was pointed

out in the forum if you had custom

difficulty your reach rink cost was

basically basic so now it's pegged too


I'll fix potentially try and come up

with a way to peg it to the economic

difficulty I couldn't find a quick

solution for it but I think setting it

to hard was sort of like the default in

the engine is better and then retrain

cost went up like five percent

across-the-board but again for basic it

didn't matter it doesn't matter and then

for our Linux players I added some

command-line support for minimum with a

minimum height of the window so if you

have resolution that we don't support or

an orientation that is awkward given the

options that we have you'll be able to

pass in the exact windows dimensions

that you've want it launched they do

this on Windows and we're adding it for

Linux because we've got some players

that ask for it so that'll be in there

this is 3.0 two four seven coming out

for Steam obviously Mac Windows Linux

and then Android miles as well

hey girly 4p welcome thank you very much

for joining us and for all your support

she's talking about steam forum bugs

that we've been fixing and trying to go

through stuff that we can fix and then

of course we found a bunch of typos

players found a bunch of typos we

working at those and we've recently got

the updated wiki I think that was 24

hours ago we got everything flushed out

the weekend we had a few problems on our

end giving the wiki all the stuff from

bladedancer and everything and I think

that this update once we get it deployed

will also take a little wiki push so

dude Casey was there at PAX I got to

shake his hand that was pretty cool that

was pretty cool I actually think he sat

down and played the game did you I

believe you you won you got somebody out

we took a few pictures item I think when

you came who was Sunday so Andrew had

already left and I wasn't able to take

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00


okay didn't which one of your nice okay

that seems fair they're greedy intrude

maybe a little bit of a bully who didn't

make it out was he your your medical if

I'm or your Scout cot like I can't

remember how actually played quite a few

games and you know Andrew and I we

really put a lot of stock in player

feedback and player data so we ran quite

a few tests like we had people going

through there and playing the game from

like nine until noon so like three hours

a day for Thursday Friday Saturday and

Sunday so we got quite a few runs

through it

and we got to collect all of those saved

games and all the log files about what

the AI did where the player died how

many turns blah blah blah so we have

like a hundred and sixty-eight I think

games and Dude Casey I think you played

at least one of them


you should have just started yelling at

them about how they should back summer

nights and then not press the volume up

key on my keyboard to increase the

volume of the soundtrack because we were

playing the soundtrack we got a really

good feedback on the soundtrack a lot of

people said said that it was great and

everyone else wasn't playing their music

very loud so we just turned ours of

breath now I'm kidding

I've got a lot of good feedback on the

soundtrack so that was cool thank you

thank you very much

it's 4.1 K backers okay so let's clear

this image so see this campaign

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

this is pathfinder breath of the

righteous by al cat's game now owl cats

games see they have a lot of pledges and

a ton of backers look at this oh my

goodness so many backers amazing

developers they also made path maker

Pathfinder kingmaker

so Pathfinder kingmaker was their

previous release they have 18,000 I

think backers on that also a phenomenal

success well loved by all obviously so

they were kind enough to send out an

update right here

about Co carnage a popular RPG streamer

and one more thing they said some nice

stuff about cyber Knights flashpoint

they also said that they played star

traders frontiers and they posted this

image of the assassin which is our next

stretch you know big stretch goal this

sweet animated gif a bunch of fancy nice

things about it and a link to our

campaign so they have sent so much

traffic to us it's out of control

honestly like one of our biggest sources

of traffic to the campaign has been man

they have 25,000 backers so when they

write an update to you know it goes out

to a ton of people who are RPG fans and

it's amazing that they that they did

that like it's so generous of them that

they posted that update so we posted a

couple of times just reminding people I

think we posted and a couple of times we

posted a couple of times but I think the

second thank-you was here we were

talking about yeah yeah

other big source of traffic Kickstarter

is we're gonna do like a post-mortem and

talk about traffic sources and all that


Kickstarter is huge your project preview

is big so your project preview is

basically all of the people that are

that you got to pre sign up and then you

have whatever refers you happen to have

so like we have our forum we have our

baling list we have a small but active

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

reddit so those are you know different

sources of traffic the biggest one

really is Kickstarter itself so showing

up in the right category so you know

making sure that your flag is a game you

know when you're a game or whatever so

like showing it the right category is

really important all right so we can go

over here you know so so much so much

thank you to Pathfinder at the righteous

they've got a ton of backers and they

sent some are way being completely you

know totally generous I'm sure I'm sure

many of you were bankers if you haven't

seen the campaign go check it out if

you're if you're into RPGs like it is

you know it's gonna be one of the great

ones I think so you know this is uh this

is where a lot of your traffic comes


so you're in the taking-off category you

know that's great and then you go to

games and maybe you're in this list

don't eat there you are

so pathfinders 498 percent or 360 1% -

you're right next to these big titles

that's a huge source of traffic they

have a newsletter that they might

mention you and that's huge source of

traffic then they have these different

categories right they've got the

taking-off category so there's

pathfinder again

oh they're cyber Knights okay home

stretch we might be in here

okay so there's start home stretch RPGs

okay were the first RPG in the list

that's pretty cool

I don't know honestly what the biking

game was but they were really they were

really well suited for that format so I

think I could show you calculating


feel like

I should have this there this

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

good yes Roger here we go

now that's bad that's not good

we get need a different image

there you go

okay so they had like this

there this u-shaped couch thing and so

we had a keyboard and a mouse on this

little like table the biking game was

using a controller and the average like

playtime was probably at 60 seconds

before you die the firt like you'd start

going down the hill and you hit a

boulder and you'd be like oh wait okay

came at the boulder then you get past

the boulders and there'd be a ramp like

and then if you got frustrated you could

just give the controller the person next

to you and they'd press Start there

wasn't like it wasn't there wasn't any

friction there so it was really well

suited to the sort of seated arcade

setup that they had the use of

controller instead of a keyboard and a

mouse the like party atmosphere the fact

that you died constantly you were always

hitting boulders or trees are flying off

the mountain or missing a turn and it

looked really balanced like some people

beat it and they're like third or fifth

try or like you know beat the different

levels on these and these different

downhill courses after they figured out

like kind of the cues of the level

design so it looked really looks really

clever I didn't have a chance to play

because we were like doing this while

they were doing it on the other side of

the room but they had like dude Casey

said they had a lot of people through

there like very yeah cuz like a group of

five people could come in and sit down

they could all play it sort of pass it

back and forth like I don't get it like

and somebody could take it and you know

show him up or pass it you know so it

was very fluid and I think like a good

party game that really suited it this

was a little cyber Nights a little

trickier to demonstrate because you had

to get people to start it's you know and

kind of like the voiceover intro

cinematic was Andrew or I like

explaining like okay you have three guys

there this this of this they have these

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

talents like you can do such and such

and such stuff

so the biking game definitely had a good


absolutely a ton of a ton of traffic and

backers came from like forums you

wouldn't expect like RPG watch for

certain like lots of and and it's like

you know even if one particular forum or

like it's like groups of forums that

sort of share a focus on like RPG forums

or you know that kind of thing where you

have like you have people who are in the

community sharing it you know I think

those things are like really infectious

in a way because like even if there's

only four or five or ten backers from a

little forum it shows up in a traffic

source and those backers that like

learned about it through RPG wash go to

like these you know another forum that

they're a part of it's like you know is

something else and they post there

because they're like an actual member

and people recognize them and like they

share stuff they like there all the time

and so on and that's where they've been

back it's three more backers or four

more backers from another little like

enthusiasts forum that's like maybe it's

Steam games or it's you know games you

can play on iOS or you know Iowa's RPG

or the touch arcade forum sub board

about RPGs or whatever like those forums

are a really great way for you know a

project to find to find backers it's not

an easy thing for like a creator to

generate it has to happen organically

because you know I can't go around and

just barge into a whole bunch of little


small community web forums and start

posting my stuff like because then

you're just spamming and you're like

just bothering people you know you know

it maybe if I was on you know on the

forums or discourse or whatever where I

am an active just actual user I might I

might share my project but

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

if that makes sense kind of the long

answer but

so sometimes you'd think you'd be in a

cat or attic PC games I don't think

we're in here so but we are we are

definitely in the RPGs which is right

where I'd want to be right but

so yeah like that sort of doesn't see

sometimes these are confusing because

where's like where's wrathful for Frank

so maybe it's just maybe I don't know

how it works maybe it's because it's

right here they don't put it down here

maybe this one's special because it's

like really based on time this one I

know this one works it's like this has

got a certain number of hours left 25 so

this will have like 30 Oh 25 26

9640 so that one's just

hello my cose how's it going so we're

just checking out some Kickstarter pages

we're talking about our star traders

frontiers update

I'm sure that like if you if we puzzled

on it enough we could kind of figure out

their logic but I think Kickstarter is

in a great situation right where they

could definitely you know just give it

to an algorithm and then you wouldn't

see this campaign right you wouldn't see

cyber Knights up here you'd see you just

see the ones that are like dragging in a

twenty five thousand backers it would

you know they would just focus on the

big stuff but if you look right here

like it's really cool this huge project

right a huge project huge project I

don't know anything about this team but

it's funded the art is pretty adorable

it's got a great name you know this

project we love it's a tabletop game you

know it's it's right here you know and

Kickstarter some percentage based thing

right like you know if this isn't a

strictly profit driven company run like

Amazon or something that just like says

algorithms like decide what order this

goes in does this show up I doubt it

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

like it's it's got 40 hours to go

there's no way it's gonna make us you

know make Kickstarter's you know

anywhere near as much money as this is

or you know whatever other big projects

are down here in either cyber nights

compared to like this guy right this guy

you know so I think it's really amazing

how you can see it right there the

Kickstarter philosophy of really

supporting all the projects on the on

the platform you know of all sorts of

different types and sizes and funding

levels and backer counts

pretty cool

we appreciate you streaming on our

behalf of a swell girl Alliance and

talking so much about the game on

Twitter and social media it's much


but so the campaign ends Thursday at

9:00 so we're like we're getting pretty


I like that how long does nightbot

savings nightbot says it's two days at

four hours so right there

so sure what else we should do today

yeah guess we just check out the stuff

so should I just work on this wrecker I

think it's underpowered I don't know

really okay

tell me tell me more what do we need to

do what's the situation here Blade

Dancer underpowered is the rumor huh


Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

it's fight

okay so what don't you like about Blade

Dancer let's I'm curious we can we

should probably start like a more

serious discussion if we can get you

know whole whole crew together playing

about believe dance from pretty good

pretty good counter to high initiative

targets I mean it's definitely you know

it has it has a as I guess it has a

purpose it's built it's built so that

you can mix it with other other jobs



okay monitor capture


then we'll have to send it down


okay so in your opinion he moves he

moves forward too much he's too

aggressive can understand what she's


so working on this guy this is the again

the industrial kit so the the

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

Kickstarter obviously we've seen all

these concept arts right so we're

working our way with the our team

building out each kit independently so

we'll have the urban kit the industrial

kit the data lab sky rise now and

hopefully low-rise keep our fingers

crossed for all the stretch goals but

these are going to be some of the

required components that we're gonna

build to make sure that like each

environment is cohesive so we have

concept art folder but so we have a

drawing of this kind of what it was

supposed to look like and then we

and then we head up making it in unity

out of that level kit and doing all of

the lighting and testing to make sure

that we can capture sort of what the

concept art for the area supposed to

look like so the things that we've been

sharing on the campaign like the data

lab or the skyrise will eventually be

built out of all of the pieces of the

level kit and then test it out we'll be

able to look at him independently

okay so we've got buffs

they'll rank a talent

that does sound like you do you fit it

doesn't sound good if it's true

is there enough

are there enough options that that don't

involve repositioning

they're all fair questions

pretty excited I mean this is uh the

beginning of a beginning of a

Kickstarter is excited in the end of the

Kickstarter is exciting the whole

thing's a lot of a lot of work and

there's a certain amount of stressful

uncertainty as the creator and and as a

bit and as a backer there's a certain

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

amount of uncertainty there like is it

gonna fund and are we gonna get more

rewards or am I gonna get this thing

that I'm hoping the game has so it's

nice to be on the home stretch be headed

for the finish line we're gonna be able

to know everything for sure and really

turn and start working on the game

obviously there's there's some work to

do fulfilling the rewards

there's some work to do it's getting the

stretch ol components all you know built

and these fancy rocks

remember rocks look like a Templar

battle force don't make me get out the

Templar battle force rocks

these clouds

I mean come on get actual like all sorts

of technology here

yeah I don't even know what Templar

assault rock looked like I'm not sure we

had we had tempo salt it was just black

I think

Templar battle force rock at least what

they hit dude that looks so cool I know

that seems trolley like Teddy but

I'm pretty excited so this is the kit

that we used to build to build the

prototype level but we built the

prototype level in a pretty short amount

of time and it had a lot less detail

like it didn't have you know we didn't

have these away so that for Fanta it's

just sparking away overheating this

whole area

so you know the the demo the prototype

level that we did is definitely

functional first and foremost this is

much more like finished what we want to

you what we've you know when we've

actually focused on getting the level of

detail to where we wanted to be for the

actual game so

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

yeah they'll be talents that so I'm not

sure if you used or not there's there

was a talent in the prototype called

distract that allows you to make like a

noise on in a space there were rocks and

agent an Asian fire it's

so that would be interesting

that is a craft tank yes

and and look at the graph tank but it's

like a built-in lights fancy freaking

grab here it's lights now they're

reflecting on this reflective surface

Wow look at that look at that sweet

graph tank with its lights now if you do

see the graph tank in the game you will

have you have reached a point where the

bad things are about to happen to you

because this is not a friendly tank this

is bad guy tank the boss tank

you violated all security protocols hard

to kill tons of armor it's basically a

piece of art with a gun attached to it

you won't be allowed by much

so I don't know I don't know what the

situation will be with pushing people

off the map that's an interesting

question we all have to play with it I

really don't know


Touche piece of are we gonna - probably

- sure all smartest a music so how many

guns can I get if I remove their arms

yeah can you put two guns per hour or

what face armor a shotgun and a shield

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

so that's a good question there will be

because it's great this right

you saw how specifically you can place

yourself and how you can sort of use the

natural geometry of the level to predict

when you're gonna be when you're gonna

be seen where you can hide where you can

take cover where you'll be able to stand

step out shoot step back in so that

ability to move you know what

potentially you know this so this this

has a Ty Lee look to it right but being

able to move fractional components of

this tile gives you a lot of flexibility

in terms of your positioning and then

going to like action points where you

have a number of action points in a

number of move points gives you a lot of

flexibility how you want to spend your

turn if you want to spend it moving

using talent shooting or what mix and

then huns

and pets like dogs and cats they love

their own smaller pet action pool

they'll be able to act independently on

their turn and then drones you'll be

giving orders to and spending your AP

like through your CyberLink to have them

act for you by moving using their

built-in talent abilities and firing

their weapons so a drone pilot will have

this different trade-off then up than an

animal handler and the hunter and the

assassin be different because the

assassins wet rare rig is a one-on-one

link with the cyber camp rather than a

command and control thing where there's

multiple dogs

you know and the other nice thing about


it one of the really nice things about

three-level is the high ground and low

ground advantage so like you're you know

you're down here shooting a somebody up

on the rocks or shooting at somebody up

here or you're like covering you know we

can very nicely calculate specific cover

cover projections raycast from the gun a

high ground advantage can all be

calculated without looking at tiles so

when we built the cyber nights or when

we built the Templar battle force levels

there's all these different elevations

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

elevation levels right so there's like

if you've played that game there's I

think five elevation levels and you can

go up and down stairs or down into

trenches and that that sort of breaks

the breaks the game's levels up into

different categories but cover and

tactical advantage are marked on a per

tile basis that are highlighted in red

or green respectively for offensive or

defensive advantage so you're like

taking these positions in the map they

give you a high ground or give you

strong cover

but what we're able to do now is break

that off from break that off from the

tile or from this very specific

elevation and measure specifically how

much cover or how much elevation

advantage you had over your target so

you could be the high ground of you know

have an advantage on your target while

someone else has the advantage on you

which really wasn't even possible in the

tile based system for Templar battle

force so yeah so no guesswork and very

easy to understand sort of visually you

might have probably seen it in the video


but there you can get like a very clear

like you can go down into that level of

detail and take a look at like very

specifically what's the sight line and

the way the game's calculating cover is

you know looking at that specific sight

line and then picking points on the

target more like a shooter would rather

than something like Templar battle for

us it's like you're in this tile there's

no tile blocking you or whatever so

looking at it tile by tile this is

looking at it with like raycast to the

target so we have these ragdolls with

different bones and so forth

for all the different physics

interactions and we're using that as

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

well for the cover calculation and the

high ground calculation so forth so

that's gonna give us really nice

expressive sort of shooter grade sort of

like with the thinking that you would

put into a first-person shooter in a

tactics game so we know that some bright

like Templar battle force and XCOM and

games like it have very nuanced and

sophisticated mechanics based on their

tile approximations so we need something

to fill that vacuum you can't just save

like there's no grid and not replace it

with something so the things that are

dependent on the grid and games like

Templar battle force and the other games

I mentioned we have a set of rules in

cyber Knights flashpoint

that kind of served the same purpose but

they're they're more granular and

they're more physics based so we're

using some physics based lighting like

we have object properties that we're

using to try and make as many of the

things as possible

we're trying to trying to figure that

out so we've played with a couple of

different camera controls already during

the during the prototype PAX East we

actually swapped out the camera control

on Thursday night after the first day of

demos I think we played about 35 games

with the with I would say camera a we've

configured and then kind of replaced

that with I would say the B scheme but I

suspect that the B scheme will probably

be replaced at some point along the way

and then improve during alpha so I don't

know if the game will really will

benefit a lot from from like zooming

around you know having free pan or not

we'll have to just will have to find out

in the prototype it was working really

well with mouse around and zoom in zoom


Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

and you played on Sunday right


and then I'll you know like I said in

the proto in the update well we were

really trying to see was sort of how the

control scheme and how the interaction

between the stealth and the fighting

worked there were a couple of terminals

you might have seen dude Casey's

scattered around

we had the hacking stuff turned off

we were letting you zoom in and out and

rotate the camera on on your selected


little Alex aim strong thanks for tuning


listen to the Swede cyber night

soundtrack talking about PAX East and

the demo there and just kind of keeping

an eye on the campaign which is uh up

over $180,000 with 51 hours to go pretty

crazy so here I'm just gonna open the

demo I don't even know if it's so wrong

well it's just the video from the

Kickstarter gotcha unfortunate

so that's all we did we set attacks we

watched this video

so this was the

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

so you can get pretty pretty specific

with the sightlines


that's an interesting one what about

having different camera angles so one of

the things that you'll be able to do

with hacking is interfere with different

parts of the level right so there's

there's security cameras there security

sensors there's guards on patrol there's

guards on station there's guards waiting

to be called in is like a fast response

team if there's a security problem so

different matrix terminals will be able

to control different parts of the levels

even interactive elements like locking

or unlocking a door or raising or

lowering some you know some elements

some industrial element you know so

they'll be a bunch of they'll be a bunch

of ways that you'll be able to sort of

manipulate different parts of the level

and come at it from different ways so

you'll be able to distract distract the

guards with with a talent or with gear

with traps or by messing with a security

device and they come to check it out and

you distract them that way or you hack

the matrix and set off a false alarm

somewhere or you just hack the matrix

and you pull up their their map of

patrol routes so you can find an easy

way through so that we're gonna give you

a whole bunch of different ways to sort

of interface with the different parts of

the map challenge and find your own way

of dealing with it mixing you know

combat stealth hacking positioning and

your particular combination of talents

and jobs and equipment that you want to

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

pick out so you know maybe you maybe use

stealth with a talent maybe you use

stealth with particular piece of cyber

where maybe you use it with a particular


deployable item like a sound dampener or

maybe you do your scouting with silent

drones so you your you know your

characters aren't actually quiet they

just stay back and they stay at a good

distance before they strike or steal or

do whatever they're out you know so

you'll have all these different ways to

put together a team that fits the

mission profile that you're trying to

accomplish and what the prototype did

was basically gave you a basic set of

guard patrols and a security system some

cameras some high ground some low ground

some choke points and a way to get out

and sort of let you worry about the

basic elements of dealing with dealing

with the guard so we're doing like a

compartmentalized AI state machine so

each guards gonna have its own imperfect

knowledge of the level and what's

happened so if they haven't been told if

no one's around to witness it then the

guards don't know right one of the

things about the Templars is like the

Templar games is the xenos are just

attacking you they come in waves like

it's not there's not there's not stealth

like the xenos are not like oh I assume

there's no Templars here they're just

like a tank income so you're just like

killing everything they're trying to

kill everything you know the aliens

versus the Templars it's a different


you know the Zeno's have a heat map of

where the enemy where you are and then

each like tactical point has a group of

xenos and they're trying to like kill

you and then they can like give the

tactical point gets enough bad guys it

can give some xenos to like the main

xeno hive mind that's just trying to

swarm you're do

so like that's how it builds up like

defenses and then sends waves after you

is like the tactical points are making

guys or the spawn points are making guys

and those are defending something until

they're pushed in big waves at you so it

gives you this like rhythm and Templar

battle force of you set up your defenses

the first wave arrives you push out

another wave you know this game cyber

nights flashpoint

is totally different feeling because

each guard has their own their own

situation their own state and can be

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

dealt with independently now the overall

AI the security system or another AI can

enlist that guard so if one guard sees

you they can tell other guards or radio

to headquarters that they've seen an

intruder their own epic shrugging

animations absolutely and you know

hopefully quite a bit of personality and

corporate barks and world work you know

work with our backers and with our alpha

team trying as much as possible make the

places you're breaking into you feel

like you know make them feel unique

so what the prototype really tested out

was you know that system of and and what

we gather data from those 160 games was

I can play the prototype many times

right I can mess around at the AI can

lead it on wild goose chases with the

distract talent I can like use the

silent movement talent or the vana walk

talent or whatever and get the drop on

it but what I can't do is simulate it

interfacing with someone who's never

really played with it before so all the

turns that were taken all the moves that

the AI made where it first heard the

player where it first saw each character

where they died where the AI was


that's all valuable data just to like

kind of get a first look at it and these

were all you know obviously first time

they'd ever played cyber nights a range

of people who were like I've beaten X

come the long war like the insanely hard

ex-con mod through people are like I

don't think I've ever played X count but

you know give it a try

so this huge gamut of people tried it

out and we got all this different you

know types of moves types of strategies

types of approaches to the game people

who just took the high ground and

started shooting people who tried to

sneak the whole time people that

basically ignored two of their

characters and only moved the one guy

just skipped out you know - you know and

not we didn't really try and if people

were playing it their way we really

didn't try and interfere unless they

asked us questions so it's really let

people play get their feedback at the

end ask them how they felt playing the

game I'm sure I don't know if I asked

you how you felt when the game dude

Casey but if you had feedback you know

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

it seemed positive but anyway I'm just

trying to get people to play the game

and see how they you know observe them

playing you didn't find out how they

felt about it

was really the goal rather than trying

to like

yes so I didn't have a clipboard but

yeah it's an amazing watch not only

watch but carefully record all the data

so one of the nice things was right we

got to use the same data the same

computer every time so every time you

went into the menu right that I you

click start a new game it made a new

save like game one DB Game two DB Game

three DB and every AI move and all of

that went into that database so at the

end of Sunday I just grabbed the whole

cyber Knights folder stuck it on our

drive and now I have like all of those

games to analyze and look at like hey

officer Qi how's it going yeah so there

were a whole bunch of games dude KC

where talents are not used at the rate

that we thought they would be

yeah I was alone on Sunday that was in

the morning that was a little tough I'd

been up pretty late

we got Anders shipped off to the airport

and then I went I went over to pax so I

was a little worn out by Sunday but I

think we had still it a good day sunday

was kids day it's pretty entertaining to

see all kiddos flying the game but yeah

some of the talents can be used a

certain number of times per turn some of

them have a use per day or use

permission cap some of them have

different drawbacks one of the cool

things that I'm really excited about is

the threshold the mutation system using

thresholds instead of the way it's done

in cyber night or in Star traders so

you'll have points that can build up and

then trigger a trait mutation good or

bad at the same time rather than it just

being one or the other so I think

that'll be in a cool a dagger 2121 to

thank you for following the channel I

appreciate that

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

you know and the the talent bar I think

we should have probably you know and

it's all it's like man it's just one of

those things right like I if I had two

more days to work on it there's a bunch

of stuff I would have I would have I

would have changed

yeah I probably would have made the

talent icons bigger and done more

animation on them when you started when

you started your turn like highlight

them again and probably like put a

button down there that kind of gave you

a talents tour we didn't we knew so we

weren't invited to the to PAX East to be

in the Kickstarter room until like

halfway through the Kickstarter so maybe

it wasn't halfway through but it was not

part of the hundred a plan

there was no like take playable demo

that people will enjoy and will generate

positive valuable data for the studio to

Boston in the last week at the campaign

so we sort of fitted in and made some

compromises because we really thought it

was going to be worth it and I think it

was I think we got a lot of valuable

player data I think we got our name out

there to a bunch of people that back the

project it was definitely good time to

meet Kickstarter members the Kickstarter

team other creators talked about stuff

like physical rewards fulfillment you

know our add-ons we just rolled those

out like so we're trying to be kind of

cautious and conservative and stick to

what we know but we've really are

excited about this art book obviously

the art book our last campaign was

really popular we want to do that again

and our art team is really like we're

talking a hundred acts easily the amount

of art that we're making compared to

star traders frontiers it's really just

fantastic just how much stuff were

getting an all sif different qualities

and grades and degrees of completion

from pencil sketches to final renders so

I think the the art books gonna be

really exciting and then we're gonna

handpick cherry-pick the these high

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

resolution shots for the glossy printed

edition which is gonna be I think really

nice and that's kind of the one physical

add-on that I know we can do because I

know how to ship it I know how to ship

it internationally we can price it

pretty easily and if I get stuck with an

overflow of these books it won't it

won't be terrible

I don't know I don't really remember the

exact order of events but I don't know

if we could have moved

laminated a-players here's that would be

pretty cool I dig it so we are still you

know honestly we're within striking

distance of some more stretch goals

we're we're 51 hours to go you know the

big push starts at 48 so we don't know

what's gonna happen at 9 o'clock tonight

it could be it could be the beginning of

you never know I mean our first day was

huge and we could have two huge days and

get very close to that it's

theoretically possible for our last two

days we're like our first two our first

day you know but whatever happens if we

get if we get 185 or 200 or something

else we're gonna be so excited to make

this game Andrew and I have been talking

about making this game for years and the

fact that it's gonna look like this gets

me so freakin hyped like I've really

wanted to make a cool-looking video game

for a long time and this one is really

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

honestly gonna look super cool

it's gonna have all sorts of stuff

bike I'm in emissive materials fancy

lighting effects shadows reflections all

sorts of special effects and stuff like

CK 2 about damn time fair yeah I mean

let's see it it is it worth it that's

that's the trick if we can make it worth

it the weight you know the weight is to

be is only worth it if it pays off right

if the game we waited for delivers in

spades and I really feel like it's going

to I feel like the the results that we

get making the game in 2020 instead of

making this trying to make this game in

2016 I think you're gonna see that it's

gonna be like seriously seriously worth


cool 360 percent funded look at that

I mean this is just gonna be one little

chunk of a level right like this is just

show off got at the rocks and the walls

and one of the doors and pipes and some

of the particle effects and the smoke

that comes with it you know your night

comes up these steps you're taking out

guards you're like working your way

across here going through this door

hopefully there's no I mean if there's a

tank here then this is a this is a whole

different situation but I was a tank

this is a gnarly boss level you might

die a lot of space to fight a tank

a mr. dodgy thank you very much for

backing us I really appreciate you

trusting us with your support we're

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

gonna do our very best to make a game

that we can all be proud of a lot of

people on here will tell you that we've

been having fun making the last

Kickstarter game start fritters

frontiers and I'm pretty I'm hopeful and

confident that that cyber Knights

flashpoints gonna be a lot of fun too so

thank you for backing us and thank you

for joining the strain appreciate that

what do you mean that rifts tabletop

feels helped me give me some me some

examples of what what feels you mean

specifically I love the rifts tabletop

but a lot of feels in there so it's just

it's gonna be it's gonna be also really

fun to design even that prototype level

right like I've been working on a bunch

of different levels we've got different

situations that we've been trying out

like a smelting plant kind of to match

the prototype concept are you've seen in

the campaign but smelting plant this

thing we call the temple complex it's a

big quantum computer system wrapped in

in all these industrial catwalks and and

power converters so just kind of

building those has been really really

fun compared to how we used to build

Templar battle force levels completely

different feeling like we used to use a

program called tile ed so it's map

editor total work which is a great

program for making 2d maps but the the

feeling of making these environments and

trying to design these spaces is just

it's a lot different it's really

exciting because I think if and we

weren't so happy with the results of the

artwork it just feels really amazing

because I feel like the kids were

putting it together just really look


okay yeah I feel that I definitely give

what you mean now you know that's a

tough that's a tough one to deliver it's

a really good goal and I think it takes

a lot of it takes a lot of testing and

feedback and it takes a certain amount

of like how to say it it takes a certain

amount of design from the it takes a

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

certain amount of focus from the

designer to decompose the problems and

the solutions into smaller parts rather

than trying to prescribe of one complete

solution to one complete problem to say

that here's this group of smaller

interconnected problems and here's this

group of smaller interconnected

solutions to some of those problems and

allowing you know allowing through

testing tuning improvement in additions

and subtractions of the game to get to

the right mix of that so that people can

develop their own develop their own

unique play style that solves the the

necessary problems out of the mix for

them to be successful without saying

like here's the solution you have to use

to this problem

so I think it's something that uh that

we aspire to and we'll certainly try to

do I think it's something that we've

thought a lot about in terms of star

traders and it's something that we will

think a lot about for cyber nights

so there's definitely a lot of work to

do there to make sure that there's

different playstyles right that are

equally valid and then add something

we're gonna really be working on during

the Alpha like we're gonna be asking

people to try different playstyles

adding and removing and retuning and

redoing jobs as needed to encourage that

you know we did that a lot in Star

traders frontiers we were RiRi working

parts of the game during the Alpha to

try and open up new avenues to play

adding new minigames and tuning the way

that the the systems and the talents and

the jobs played together so something

we're really excited about trying to

offer for


Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

looks like I'm gonna have to run here in

a minute

um campaign creation tools probably I

would say I mean it's definitely out of

reach from a commitment standpoint we

don't have any budget to do stuff like


is it possible that we'll find something

after the game comes out and we meet all

our Kickstarter requirements they can do

that maybe we're definitely keen to

continue to experiment and continue to

push the envelope with Star traders

frontiers mod support is on the list of

things that we would like to add to star

traders frontiers one of the reasons

that we went to this new engine is that

we feel like mod tools' in mod support

will be easier in this engine that's a

our belief we haven't released it or

seen it actually in the hands of players

so you know can't be hundred percent

sure that we're right about that but it

is one of the things that inspired us to

move engine so will we have like

triple-a grade level building tools no

probably not

are we definitely keen to build things

that our players are interested in like

mod support absolutely

but that stuff comes after our

Kickstarter promises so

you know so I guess the other side of

that is we're not doing anything to

actively make that harder on ourselves

and we've seen how you can get yourself

into trouble in past games to make like

Templar Battle Force has some modding

support but is really like a not super

great from the modder standpoint and

that's because some of the ways we build

Templar battle force so ever since then

we've been thinking about how to make

the game more model and this will

probably be our best shot at it yet

given our much bigger budget in much

larger community so yep mod support

definitely if you can afford it helps

your game there's no doubt about that I

don't I've never said that I don't agree

with that okay so I do have to go I do

have to run dagger will put out an

update about the stretch goals after the

campaign closes and see which ones we

hit and which ones we don't try and talk

about what's possible some of them we

might be able to and some of them I

don't think will but I've got a run and

I'm sorry to do it so quickly but I

Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

don't think yeah I gotta go I'm sorry

thank you everyone for tuning in I

appreciate all of you guys supporting us

backing us checking the campaign out I

see your question dagger 21 21 to about

neo prog we'll get that out in an update

thanks everybody for tuning in

we'll see what Thursday at 4 for a

longer stream probably riding it into

the sunset as we wrap this campaign up

and then getting started on building the

game for you so we'll see you guys next

time thank you again for tuning in

thanks have a good night


Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00


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