Danganronpa V3 – Part 1 – Killing Harmony

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Hello everyone and welcome to Danganronpa V3 where start our blind playthrough for the third time and today we explore the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles a familiar location with a familiar selection of colorful characters but how long will that peace last? Hopefully not for too long…
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  1. Yall I just realised:
    Kiyotaka and Korekiyo have nicknames,
    Taka and kiyo: if you put them together you get kiyo taka- kiyotaka
    And for their remaining names: kiyo and kore put them together you get: kore kiyo- korekiyo
    Just something I found interesting 😀

    Edit I spelt something wrong

  2. everyone is talking about Danganronpa but WHY ISNT ANYONE TALKING ABOUT HOW FRICKIN GOOD A VOICE ACTOR JOHNE IS?!??! Like he could really make a living out of voice acting-



  4. All I’m gonna say is
    There’s a detective person whose wearing a plain hat and jacket
    There’s a person who’s last name is shirogane
    Persona 4 is a pretty cool game

  5. I've been binge watching your other playthroughs these past few weeks, I just got into the Dangan Ronpa series, and I'm also watching week's playthrough of V3. This game in particular is already breaking me lol

  6. 5:25 Why have I never really noticed that tight butt until now? I have played and watched this game several times, but the fricking butt slipped past me, until Johne-PG pointed it out. I am kinda amazed!

  7. Him calling Kokichi a liar
    literally everyone in the Kokichi religion/organization (its official its in the urban dictionary): "am i a joke to you"


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