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    SearchThisVideo: Dangerous Driving #2 *I'm Bad At Racing*

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    hey what's up you guys [ __ ] whiskey

    here welcome back to drive to dangerous

    driving I always get that confused with

    I don't know how but sorry this video is

    so late I I was playing 5m and I lost

    track of time

    so yep we're gonna go and get back into

    dangerous driving again sorry it was so

    late I love like livestream dangerous

    driving but I can't record on my PC yet

    or not the interests are gonna 5n but as

    I just said I can't record on my PC just

    yet when I can I will do either a live

    stream or video on 5m so

    keeping that up for that but for right

    now we're gonna do some dangerous

    driving you guys are very familiar with

    this game another thing sorry this

    really doesn't have a music in it I'm

    recording this video pretty late

    compared to why usually forward to I got

    get this video out before midnight

    because I don't want to leave you guys

    hanging on content like lost track of

    time I was supposed to do it like after

    I was done playing five then but then I

    just got caught up playing it Oh

    and I know I said today I was going to

    do burnout paradise but that be able to

    take longer than make from why would

    hope for

    I don't know how that works but okay

    plus you guys I think seemed to have

    liked the video on dangerous driving

    from last time

    yeah once again okay but once again guys

    hey I'm sorry about that sorry that this

    video is solely I didn't mean for it to

    be this late but that's how it happened

    so I figured why not make a video and

    they just driving okay a little bit

    unfair there but oh well

    boom sorry there's no music in the


    but snow

    sorry about ball

    all right

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00


    almost Gotham

    this is lasting way longer than positive


    let us try yeah that work no oh that


    almost Gotham 16 take that's nice

    return to events elected please again if

    you guys have any suggestions on what I

    should play let me know I need how quiet

    all these loading screens are as well I

    wish I would have created like another

    soundtrack for this game like this kept

    car yeah once again I'm sorry this video

    was so late

    there we go

    others to suspects now

    that's a goal


    I'll come on


    get to go too me too

    ladies try to why


    why the guardrails

    I wish once they crash out like that

    that would stop them

    oh yeah burger restart this it's turning

    out to be pretty bad by wish once they

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    crashed out like that they would stay


    but oh well ninis what could be

    almost got me


    three times there


    iliza slowed me down so much doesn't

    slow them down hello

    nice our car can go fast

    I was a lucky day

    oh come on they can take points at that

    I like you cause I'm usually the first


    most of this

    yeah that's one


    come back here I will destroy you

    normal schedule

    kids like me oh I was painting I need to

    pay attention to the road I know he's

    far away No

    stupid guardrails

    my traits are today

    come on we're almost gone come on and I

    went from almost nighttime a sunset or a

    sunrise or whatever wait they're not

    start excuse on there

    and that just ain't fair let's restart

    that I actually want to try to get gold

    medal it's like a challenge first I

    don't know why that one hit didn't count

    was he still on to health or at one I

    didn't really see either way we're gonna

    try that again look

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    I already got this head up

    great start


    crush them now again




    sorry he's already done with 200

    we can get him on the phone

    I do like the detail down the bomber a

    lesbian Myers yeah that was way quicker

    that time hey we're on their ranked 100

    that's as good that's as good a that

    looks garbage by the only one who thinks

    that they look the garbage because

    nothing looks pretty garbage in my

    opinion anyway alright

    Oh get to drive the f1 car this time no

    I haven't driven it yet obviously cuz I

    haven't even unlock that level yet

    all right Beth get 30 minutes and 35

    seconds let's try not to crash shall we


    oh here the things I'm not used to this

    at all sorry but uh I'm not used to this

    I'm new to this f1 car

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    drifty repeat

    imagine investing drifting like initial

    B or something

    it'd be stupid



    focus mode



    oh you didn't get that of my way but

    then again I was you're in the straight

    line and I've been dodging so once again

    I am


    that one was both of our faults or was

    no I was definitely mine

    I wish of telling me okay well we're

    definitely like a gold own thing already

    start at the by half to again I'll live

    like silver or bronze or good

    plus I can always try the game

    since face will close at one car

    the lag is real


    you say how far

    look is enjoying a pay attention

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    and I'm not gonna get gold probably not

    going slowly


    or brahmins

    where is the finish line no it's right

    there wait no time is up you know what

    we're just leave it at that that was a

    massive fail but then again

    wait they crash like three times I don't

    know how to drive the thing I'm not used

    to it oh well it is what it is I'll try

    it again if we do another episode why

    not we'll do Eliminator haven't unlocked

    the tuned SUV or any of these yet that


    I like driving the plane SUV unless if

    it's an explorer like the Ford Explorer

    definitely not the Ford monkey though

    the Mustang monkey definitely not that

    thing it's garbage


    again just a my opinion

    why did I say I'm a boost

    what that's unfair

    somebody crashed there I didn't know you

    guys could crash on their own

    I actually didn't usually they don't

    love somebody pushes them I learned a

    thing today that was the most things I

    climactic rational all right hurry up

    and just respond me I mean I'm bad at

    driving by me and come on you just turn

    into me



    now we're in third

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    where in the world of the other drivers

    that like long gone

    I see them I see them

    oh my goodness I

    I kinda hate how the cars do see

    I will not eyelashes because what I'm

    getting hard I'm gonna get last because


    ah well very bad ending to this video

    because I'm running out of time but

    anyway that is sadly gonna be it for

    this video guys hopefully next time we

    can do better and with that being said

    I'll see you guys in the next video


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