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    SearchThisVideo: Dante Is Shirtless! | Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Gameplay Part 1

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    oh my god Dante damn it pusher nowise
    what is wrong with this man
    hey Internet it's Jessica and welcome to
    Devil May Cry 3 Dante's awakening so you
    may have noticed I skipped - at least I
    played the first half out first hour and
    a half but definitely crunchy but I
    decided to skip it because I'm sorry I
    cannot stand that game but where we left
    off with Dante there he did go into the
    demon world instead of Lucia and never
    came back at least it was implied that
    he never came out of the demon world
    then he's trapped there and whatever so
    I've never played Devil May Cry 3 so
    this is gonna be very interesting I have
    the special edition because it's on the
    HD collection but yeah let's start
    capcom presents you've heard of it
    haven't you times
    Idina rebelled against his own kind for
    the sake of the human race his sword I
    love I design where you can see Dante's
    oh oh oh who's that
    but I discovered that this so-called
    yeah it's true damn
    Dante put a shirt on your make me
    thirsty for you even more impact of it
    so this one is gonna be regarding
    Dante's brother his older twin brothers
    with each other fiercely like
    archenemies Virgil
    it seems as if they derived some sort of
    twisted pleasure from this brotherly
    fighting I always wondered what happened
    with Virgil after DMC l1 this is why you
    wear a shirt Dante what I said you have
    to wear a shirt
    was my stand
    that's when Brooke that's how Virgil
    differentiates himself from his brother
    just took my hair back three special
    edition alright so this slide yes like I

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    said earlier this one is gonna be about
    Dante's twin brothers a Rebecca double
    never cry where are we
    or is this like somewhere else oh my god
    damn it pusher no why what is wrong with
    this man you're gonna distract me oh I
    just agent 47 who is that
    you a customer - well if you want to use
    the bath he said look - everyone he's
    about the Trish - remember can you use
    the bathroom um half his face is like
    burnt he's like damn he's shirtless whoa
    rude was that necessary is flip the
    table he's eating pizza come on now
    invitation huh how long was I in the air
    I feel like this is the old Dante like
    what he used to be an element cry 1 but
    that's that's very copy like this makes
    me really happy and very promising
    compared to - oh my god yet the turn of
    the music huh oh it's not working Dante
    really you're gonna smash it
    he's so extra oh my goodness just made
    this better because he's trying to eat
    its pizza how's it I'm falling out of
    his mouth
    I was nothing so far

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    oh my god
    oh my god
    what [ __ ] bad-ass holy [ __ ] there's
    no better fight really oh my god okay
    select from four basic style use your
    selected style action just show the
    enemies just how crazy this party can
    get sword master Royal Guard gunslinger
    trickster mission one a crazy party a
    violent response to an insane caller
    okay so we can choose in this this is a
    little bit different okay I kind of like
    that actually that you get to pick like
    what kind of version of Dantan you want
    run orb alright
    you still got the red orbs this plays
    very very nice very nice so far attacks
    differ depending on the timing of each
    input Comerica those combo moves of
    course yep and they still got this -
    okay cool
    I like this a lot better this is very
    I think the only thing he can't do is
    like aim his guns up to enemies like him
    too he could do that with a vide and
    ivory so I don't think he can do end of
    this one okay hold down r1 to lock on
    the enemy okay yeah so we can see a
    target on there that's good too there's
    a target on here as well so I'm glad
    that they updated this from the second
    game my card Holly freaking things are
    here Carter you guys donal ready can you
    leave my office Jesus so that was was
    nothing virtual then these guys my pizza
    yeah that's are you gonna put the jacket
    on oh my god can I just have to make him
    sexier and every leg Devil May Cry game
    he just gets more that makes me really

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    happy how different he is for the second
    one so that's good
    I got an a-rank okay
    mission to the blood length legend The
    Devil's like an iron hammer okay wait
    okay way to do that Dante you're gonna
    have to buy a new door he just kicks the
    door open God so like where exactly are
    are we in Earth orbit in the demon world
    cuz I can't remember he made it back
    right so he made it back to the human
    wait is that I didn't even name it yet
    he's really good oh my god whoa
    what's happening oh my shop I hope you
    won't have insurance gonna pay for my
    shop damp and damaging okay special
    moves a nice special high time blast
    okay the red ones are the ones that are
    tricky because they keep moving fast
    anymore turn this it was nothing
    whoa definitely a baby enemies incoming
    attacks hold r1 and press ok oh ok we
    can actually do that oh yeah we can roll
    them stuff like that people can I turn I
    can slightly turn the camera around I
    can't exactly turn it though what kind
    of sucks okay green or thank you
    oh there you go what the hell is going
    on now
    oh I hate these things
    so annoying oh they they honestly pissed
    me off in the first one they they were
    really annoying Oh God did it
    I can't block it so can't exactly hit
    any interesting okay
    oh [ __ ]
    okay this is bad how can I use my
    vitality stars in whatever Oh No I am
    gonna die yup I'm dead ah I'm just gonna

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    shoot it as many times as I can
    so we'll get away from me oh my god okay
    nevermind I guess I can't exactly do
    how do i status there we go okay so I I
    can I can use this right should probably
    use it
    okay so I have to go to status in order
    to equip my items
    these are a lot harder than I remember
    maybe it's cuz I'm playing easy mode I
    don't really remember that
    oh my god did I kill it
    what the hell who is that there's
    someone standing up there that Virgil
    it's been nearly a year since we last
    met where does the time go
    damn there he is so that blocks him they
    fought that was a year ago where's that
    thing looks like a giant fish just a

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    who is this of course is taking the
    but he has no idea that's true
    um okay cool
    he kind of reminds me of like Suzie is
    the whole katana thing and whatever he
    kind of reminds me of Sarah just a
    little bit
    oh there's his motorcycle
    oh no wait who is that that's not Dante
    all right mission three the Devils Tower
    invade the colossal tower okay we gotta
    get to Virgil ask him what the hell he's
    sixty-six Salama Avenue oh my goodness
    Oh what the heck is that thing
    yeah what's an eyeball with arms okay
    kick jump jump two times as high as
    normal maybe pushing off certain
    surfaces so this is like wall jump and
    stuff like that right yeah it's like
    wall jump oh god it's a dead
    how do I get up here hang on

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    I didn't want to fight those guys
    where's it disappear who is that a
    shotgun please tell me that's a shotgun
    a device that seems to be reacting to
    those swords power
    here we go ah can I get my shotgun now
    please thank you yes a hunting shotgun
    that is very powerful at close range
    switch guns with l2 and reel - oh I have
    to go to the menu oh that's so cool I
    like that it's very convenient okay I
    like that
    thank you love planet it's a strip club
    what happened here
    I can't slightly move the camera it's it
    kind of stops halfway but at least I
    have like some ability to move it so I
    appreciate that guy's defeat all the
    enemies Wow
    who are you people what the hell okay
    make it a combo don't give the enemy a
    chance to breathe relentlessly hit them
    with a high-speed combo
    because these guys teleport so I gotta
    like attack them as much as possible Oh
    oh my god how are you freaking people
    are in here here we go my goodness
    13th Avenue getting closer to the tower
    um that does not look friendly
    whatsoever it's three heads what is this
    boys white dragon oh my god
    yeah little bit oh okay you're gonna
    seal the door entrance this should be
    alright here we go again
    so I have to hit the one guy doesn't
    have ice or ice on its head

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    I wasn't doing ok that's good not good
    there are the dogs they look like I
    don't even know how to describe it
    not [ __ ]
    again my favorite attack is the aerial
    ah [ __ ]
    oh my god oh my god okay yeah that's not
    yes I'm gonna die I am not good at this
    oh [ __ ]
    I died
    I'm dad again oh my god
    easy mode is now selectable yes I want
    it to be easy please thank you

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    kind of the sweeter the live head
    No who knows I'm not even sure myself
    yeah okay sure whatever
    good day perfect alright yeah too easy
    because I want easy mode at the moment
    okay sweet so we got Cerberus a weapon
    of three interlocking runs infused with
    the elements of power of ice cool so I
    switch left to right aha sick okay I
    love that it's like a QuickTime like
    switching method instead of going into
    the menu with my switching it out it's a
    lot better oh it's that lady from
    earlier excuse me I was landed on my
    head into present day too late
    [ __ ] essentially very different just
    to polarize
    oh my what was that about
    okay mission cleared so be rank'd good

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    uneasy boat sure where's okay this is
    he's still on top of the power right I
    wanna know who the bad guy is mr. agent
    47 over there looks like we have
    by the guests is that so
    I'm afraid I should ask anybody
    ass or force that is
    to be acquainted with that
    storm is approaching
    what's up with his face it's like it
    looks like Rorschach's mask from
    Watchmen that's what it looks like
    all right mission for the uninvited
    blind find the key to the stars
    who's in here we also think I've thought
    of assuming it's probably these things
    right yeah okay cool
    great is it the eyeball things again I
    hate these things
    if we just throw [ __ ] at you oh I don't
    like this there's more than one
    I think I have to move about yourself
    can't leave meaning I have to fight
    something if I'm to be loathe it I got
    that's what I thought those things talk
    I really dodged a tablet with a round
    and entered indentation lies in front of
    a large rotating gears so I have to fit
    something in there porous I have to go
    so that green room know what I I can't

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    get over there now so that's kind of bad
    who's that anyway I don't like this
    instead I'm a weird battle
    the honors gonna do this for now I I
    really did to my best contracting at
    least for the moment
    she gets attack party now
    oh my god one more one okay
    astrology divisors deflate displayed
    endless Floyd said to be power up by
    five okay is that the item I need I
    think what is he think was gonna happen
    my name is you don't say don't think I

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    he's fast but the sword was bad power I
    don't think she is gonna do anything
    mission five of Devil's and swords
    unleash you're right on the demonic gate
    super I don't know that sorry
    no birds I hate birds in this game
    damn Birds
    now can I go back up I'm down I don't
    know where I am at the moment what's up

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    with this guy oh okay so you can't
    really be affected by Mike done up there
    no game right hand my sword
    what the hell are you doing Oh
    bounce it now
    oh my god oh my god okay
    there we go
    did that come back later obviously yeah
    okay thanks toon definitely gonna come
    it's like a needle Angelou now you go
    back up there door
    okay use a strong ass tropical bored
    badger Oh what kind of that sounds like
    a vaginal cream okay anyway model of an
    ancient weapon used to control lightning
    this is merely an ornament here's a soul
    of Steel
    surge of fortuitous I was in here
    another elevator
    jump on the elevator all right let's go

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    hey who isn't here fire storm chamber
    that does not sound good
    okay this is these are the Guardians
    right oh crap how long you gonna keep
    carrying on like this in case you didn't
    get the hint I'll spell it out your
    guest wants to go through yes
    great hotel is standing up do it are
    defended with the same tribe
    oh that tell us their head attacks you a
    Oh God oh my god oh my god oh my god I
    haven't he was my devil gage yeah I'm
    thinking I'm gonna have to use it for
    this place
    oh my god
    this is all the focus on the right why
    critical look bad
    oh okay I'm gonna have to use my I don't
    damn it
    I just need to get one onto the pit this

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    will be a lot easier
    what's it doing out you can say oh oh oh
    that is not good

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    Oh God we can take you to this is my
    good oh my god
    all right so we got new believes Agee
    and Rudra blades of the separate edges
    that kernel port fire into needling nice
    done thank Christ
    oh it's the lady again
    girl moons are really good
    I am so impressed with her

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    all of that is unbelievable but then
    again look at dog day so six after
    playing episode three of The Walking
    Dead the final season and has left me
    with mixed feelings about the final
    choice and overall where Clementine
    story is going AJ's and eyes to the main
    characters these powerful beasts are
    known as summons they are extraordinary
    beings that can be called into battle by
    their summoner they are also depicted as

    In part 1 of Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, finally kicking off DMC3 as we finally get to see what happened in Dante's past and more importantly what ...


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    Comment (21)

    1. OMG I love this game so much! If you guys wanted hilarious Dante well you got him here. I see why everyone loves this game. I figured later this is a prequel to the 1st game lmao but I'm glad Capcom developed him more, BIG step from 2.

    2. 23:44 The cardinal sin.
      BUT I am happy to have found a playthrough with some personality. When I watch someone play a game, I want reactions, damnit. It's really fun to see someone else's first experience. Despite the sin.

    3. I only found your channel recently, but Dante was my first crush, I remember when my brother got DMC3 when I was in second grade, and I’d watch him play the game. I always felt warm and fuzzy, but back then I never heard of same sex attraction
      Edit: spelling and punctuation change


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