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SearchThisVideo: Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise – Gameplay Walkthrough PART 8 (Nintendo Switch)

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stop that noise


let me try and summarize this helena
doman was the mastermind behind the
entire incident
but helena doman was actually pj
clarkson's son
who had severed ties with the family
helena was also known as professor
r the mother brain behind the drug known
that's right she was responsible for

not everything but most of it
almost everything went according to her
but if you'd already figured out that
much why did you continue to stay in
because we had to
you had to whatever for
the goddess was still there
the goddess

the goddess of fertility
lease clarkson's body
not her she was as beautiful as a
but she
wasn't the goddess she was just a
tragic victim then who
is the goddess of fertility the person

at the root of this case is it some kind
of metaphor
for example the vast wealth that the red
powder yielded
the goddess of fertility embodied
abundance on the outside
but on the inside she was a hollow void
and that void was threatening to swallow
all of lukari

shut up shut
up shut up shut up
are you okay mr morgan

morgan almost sounds like a prophet
talking about the end of the world
vague elusive and intent on deceiving
those who listen
but every now and then he adds an
interval of truth
patricia clarkson is one of those she's
something special
something irreplaceable to him

instead of kicking your floor perhaps
it'd be wiser to invest in a
sound-proofing mat
are you irritated bell yes
of course you are you think we lack a
common human
trait and that bugs you
we're crazy human refuse
that's how we look to you isn't it
i would never go that far but you did

surprise me
just doesn't seem like the kind of
attitude one should display when in the
company of others
yes we're sorry we agree with you
it just made us remember a time when
that noise
kept ringing out and we couldn't stop it

that flight from newark liberty to
seattle tacoma
it was the first flight we took as fbi
the plane was shaking violently due to
and when we looked to the side we saw a
young mother
cradling a baby with a frightened look
on her face
we got worried so he spoke to her
then the baby started crying
it was so loud we couldn't resist

plugging up our ears and
since it was so loud the rest of the
passengers started glaring at us
at first the mother and i waved our
trying to quiet down the baby but
our efforts were in vain it never
stopped crying the more our anxiety
levels rose
louder its cries grew shrill

and piercing as if they were heralding
the apocalypse
we were powerless and the baby's mother
helplessly bewildered once the plane
landed safely in tacoma
the baby finally stopped crying we
heaved a sigh of relief
and looked at the mother then she said
whose child is this

we were shocked so we asked her what was
going on
apparently sometime after she boarded
the flight
that baby randomly appeared on her lap
then it ordered her to call me over
and kept sitting there as if nothing was
can you believe that bell bizarre
isn't it while we were talking

the baby disappeared the being
responsible for all that loud grating
simply disappeared without a trace
ever since then whenever i hear a baby
i remember that bizarre experience
well what do you think my fairy
was it some sort of sign

the logs in the center look far more
burnt compared to the rest
almost looks like they were used in
conjunction with some kind of accelerant
did you recently burn something there
it's our fireplace
we're free to use it as we please

i see traces of resin which leads me to
believe you burned up some sort of toxic
substance it doesn't matter what kind of
fireplace you have
burning anything other than firewood in
it is dangerous
next time don't burn it up at home
dispose of it like you would any other
non-burnable refuse
especially if it was something like a
smartphone or a usb
memory stick
non-burnable refuse like a smartphone

let's be serious here bell that's
exactly the sort of data one needs to
thoroughly emulate
remember what you learned at quantico by
the way
you're still searching for patricia yes
you don't need to worry about that we're

in fact we've almost reached our goal
we just need to find some conclusive
oh we sincerely hope that's the case
hard to believe though
after all so far you've just been
barking up the wrong tree
barking at the wrong tree
that's right you shouldn't be wasting
time here

you should be out there looking for her
then i'll just ask you straight away do
you know where she is
no we don't
but we can feel her when we close our
and become one with the world it's very
but we can see her we can see
patricia are you trying to distract me

again or do you really expect me to
believe you're clairvoyant or something
what do you think we are x-men it's
metaphysical offender profiling
he actually asked me where patricia is
does he have full confidence that we'll
never find her
fine i can deal with that
i'll just ask him everything i can about

the lucare case
this square area enclosed by milk
cartons is it
another sanctuary the more i look around
the more i feel like there's some sort
of system to all this
the sanctuary on this table the

and the milk carton sanctuary
they all lead into the room back there
and there's one more by the window and
another by my feet are they signs
or is this all some sort of path
hey bill is that a serious question
of course it is

we're drying them out
we line the milk cartons up to dry them
so we can turn them into halloween
halloween it's only january
this is america land of the free
got a problem with that by the way

how did the fbi find lisa's body
after 14 whole years
that's none of your business are you
saying they just happen to be
investigating the clarkson's cold
storage warehouse
by pure chance that there was some
undercover terrorism plotted foot there

i said it's none of your business well
then we'll just have to guess
it was an anonymous tip
a tip related to san rouge
did we hit the nail on the head bell
but that's not what we want to know

after all the fbi gets hundreds of tips
every day
right my fairy it was always that way
even back when we were on duty
here's what we really want to know why
out of all those tips did you select
that one would you tell us that much
belle what urged you
to make a beeline straight for this case

that's none of your business
so you think galena was murdered by
helena doman
her own brother no
not her galina was someone else
then who killed her it's written in the
report isn't it yes

but i'm asking you would you mind
answering me in your own words
you see i find your entire story highly
it's a complicated matter extremely
don't let him draw you into his game
stay calm alya davis

the future influences the present just
as much as the past
you asked me why i spent an entire two
days observing you before i came to
speak with you
well here's why over those 49 hours i
observed the intervals between your
when you were neither doing something or
doing nothing
i intently studied your intervals
between action
to action and action to inaction
to action people reveal everything

during the intervals between their
for example when you eat alone versus
eating with someone else
the most prominent differences always
appear when someone either
begins or finishes eating a meal and
since these are unconscious actions
they can't be consciously hidden when
you prepare to eat
or finish eating when you move in to
clean up
when you pick up a book a closed one
when you raise a cup of
coffee to your lips human actions speak

volumes not even the person doing the
actions is conscious of them
that's what lies in those intervals
that's my modus operandi
and here's the conclusion it helped me
there's one other person in this house
isn't there
you're incredible bill you outdid

all our expectations impressive
to say the least you're right bill
but only half right
half you should still be proud though
honestly we never thought you'd make it
this far
you've got real talent

most of what you if this goes to court
i won't let you claim that your
testimony is inadmissible just because
of your little
indulgence there fine by us
we can even put it in writing if you
want we
won't run or hide will we my fairy
where's the paper i know i had it around
somewhere where where is it

we're fine hey everything okay
what's going on out here oh don't tell
he's just suffering from nausea i was
more worried about you
you were in there for quite some time
sorry ever since you got here i've been
backed mr morgan

can you stand oh is
this a sign from a coffee
what could it be what is it trying to
tell me think
is that a dragonfly
big footsteps

footsteps big
some odd fella was following her around
stalking her like
that poor girl lise she was a druggie

and she was into the really bad stuff
the red soul has the power to amplify
the unique characteristics we all
mentally and physically that's why i
created the holy red powder
you okay hey

we're fine just
feeling a little tired
would you take us to get our medicine
uh sure it's in the bathroom right
seems like he's calmed down a little we
should let him rest for a while

one more step and i could have cornered
morgan but
so be it i can still keep investigating
even if the owner of this
chair isn't present simon jones
what a piece of work how can anyone have
such bad timing

what's wrong aaliyah you hungry or
excuse me what are you insinuating
well you're staring right at an empty
pizza box
please don't compare yourself to me
i have a refined pallet hey
that was uncalled for pizza
is a sacred food remember
you don't need to feel embarrassed for
being unable to stop staring at it

it enthralls all who gaze upon it
that's the power pizza
stop agent jones i've had enough of this
sacred pizza bit
i'm sick of you chicagoans and your
obsession with pizza
pizza pizza pizza 24 hours a day that's
all you ever talk about
what's next you're gonna launch into a
tirade about how deep dish is the only
proper way to make pizza

no no no aaliyah you just don't get it
do you
as a chicagoan i'm proud of the deep
dish pizza
but get this i love new york style pizza
it doesn't matter what kind of pizza it
as long as it's a pizza it's beautiful
what still don't get it okay
here i'm gonna put it in terms that i'm

even you could understand all
pizzas are created equal eat your heart
out nietzsche
just forget i mentioned anything
let me get one thing straight you
started this investigation
based on an anonymous tip right

what kind of a tip was it phone or mail
what does that matter at this point
this may surprise you but these kinds of
really eat me up inside i always get
hung up on the most
insignificant of details especially
during the most vital times
for example uh you know how people go to
bed early the night before they have a
big job
that's exactly the time where i start

on on meaningless nonsense
when did i last clip my nails how long
is my milk good for
i just can't help myself i can't resist
the need to know
it's just the way i am
it was sent in an envelope postmarked
december 28 sent out from louisiana
what did it have inside a postcard with
a dragonfly on it

a rap sample of song rouge and a note
what did it say investigate the
that's it yes
that's it who's fk
anonymous tip remember it's obviously
just a fake name
did you confirm that of course i did
louisiana has a population of 4.5

million the fbi database has a list of
6682 individuals whose initials are fk
one out of every six individuals is a
child under the age of 14
born after 2005. the remaining 5500
people include those whose initials
changed after they
married or incarcerated individuals
after subtracting those i was left with
3 800.
that's when i stopped searching for fk
and i decided to change up my approach
it isn't important where the tip came

from all that matters is solving the
i got this far by taking the most
efficient route possible
are you satisfied now yeah
thanks i feel a lot better now
yep it all checks out
why do you think he's trying to survive
so badly
what does he hope to achieve what do you

he who has a why to live can bear almost
anyhow ah
no more nietzsche please just stop
i feel like my ears are gonna start
hey agent jones wanna know why i love
nietzsche's quotes so much
uh sure
i first discovered nietzsche in a

shelter after katrina
at the time i was shell-shocked hopeless
i wanted to die how could a 13-year-old
girl go on living alone with her little
then in that shelter i met a college
his school was damaged by the hurricane
too and got closed down
he also lost his family and was living
there in the shelter just like
me so we gradually started spending more
time together

i'll never forget the three months i
spent with him
he loved nietzsche and out of all of
nietzsche's quotes there was one from
thus spoke zarathustra
that he repeated over and over again
better know nothing than half know many
better be a fool on one's own account
than a sage on other people's
i thought it was a strange quote to hear

from a college professor you know
why would he think it would be good to
be a fool
but i understand what he meant now he
was trying to encourage my little
brother and i
so that we'd be able to bear the weight
of the victim
label that was about to be slapped onto
so that we could go on respecting
without ever succumbing to all the
after that my grandmother in lafayette
took us
in that was the last time i ever saw the

but whenever i quote nietzsche my
memories of him come flowing back into
my mind
and they give me the power i need to
keep pressing on
so i'm gonna keep quoting nietzsche just
to make sure i don't forget
my roots oh i
uh i see yeah
i think i get it now niches to you
what pizza is to me sorry for giving you

a hard time about it you are free to go
on quoting in whenever you want of
i won't say another word
agent jones what the hell is wrong with
how dare you compare nietzsche with
oh come on
shouldn't you look after him i gave him

his meds and let him rest
let him rest where in the bathtub
it happened to have a blanket and a
pillow in it
what but why i don't know
maybe he sleeps in the tub i feel like i
saw that once in some vampire movie
i don't know what you're talking about
more importantly how long has he been
like that
it's stage four cancer he's had it for a
while now
no no i'm talking about his face

it looks as wide as a sheet you can even
see all his veins
i've never heard of any cancer side
effect like that
who knows but now that you mention it
he started going really crazy around the
beginning of december
in what way he changed pizza places
this better not be another joke it's not
it's not before december he always used

to order delivery from a chicago style
all the way up near medford but one day
he took one look at one of their
trademarked red
boxes and totally lost it
red huh you better believe it
he started screaming gibberish at the
pizza boy and chased him away
next thing i know i see him toss the
pizza box
at his window do you think that's when
his fear of red
began surfacing more prominently it's me

i mean there isn't a better chicago
style pizza place that delivers around
this area
how could someone give up on that just
because they don't like the box
i don't get it
were you serious for even a fraction of
that story
the letter that was delivered to me bore
the clarkson symbol

a postcard decorated with a dragonfly
the mark of the clarkson family a single
sheet of paper ordering me to
investigate the clarksons
who collects vinyl in an age like this
when you can stream just about anything

true morgan's got refined taste
you really think so now even i thought
they were cool back when the vinyl
revival first started
but now every suburban mall has its own
vinyl shop right next to the novelty
at this point it's become a solid
component of modern snobbism
which only makes them that much more
people who know nothing about real music
are buying them up just so they can
decorate their walls with
cute album art

how do you ever have time to enjoy
anything when you're always so busy
putting people down
excuse me you're like ibs
you keep flaring up at the worst times
and there's no end in sight and when
you're alone with morgan
it's just an all-out war zone we're in
the middle of a very important
investigation right now
don't you think we ought to take it
seriously to me
it just looks like you're putting

yourself under a lot of stress for no
good reason
why can't you you know show a little
humanity once in a while
does one need humanity in order to track
down criminals
yes one does or at least i do
well i don't
come on aaliyah i'm your partner aren't
for a few days at the very least i'm

invasive partner who has a passionate
relationship with pizza
right why can't you just let me in on
one thing you actually happen to enjoy
no aside from nietzsche that is
you know i'd really rather not why do
you always have to be so withdrawn
i can't help it if there's certain
things i don't like
no come on there's got to be some kind
of music you enjoy

this is a good chance to teach me a bit
about yourself
i said no do you like justin bieber
too cute not my type drake
i've only ever listened to the hooks
well then
ariana grande katy perry hell no
am i done now well then what do you like
i have to tell you yes you do

pink floyd
no way you're a prog rocker
who turned you onto it your dad as far
as i can remember i've loved prague rock
ever since i was born
that's just how music works right i mean
the wall is by far my favorite album
even to this day i find it hard to
believe that they made that in the 70s

it still sounds completely fresh and
as if it was just released yesterday and
what no i was just thinking
i wish morgan could have been here for
this don't
you dare tell him

ready to spill the beans aaliyah
i'm afraid of thunder
happy now katrina
all right i'll stop

good now let's get back to the
no no no hold on now that i
think about it that doesn't really
qualify as a soft spot
what i'm looking for is more how should
i say it adorable
you know something that would make you
there's got to be something
please i'm begging you

i love koalas
they're just so cute i can't resist them
all i need to do is look at a picture of
one and
fuzzy wuzzy swim all over me i mean the
way they look the way their shape
the color of their fur i mean even down
to how they only eat eucalyptus
i just love everything about them once i
get some time off
i'm gonna travel to australia and hug
one for real
that's one of the top five goals on my

lifetime to do list right now
this conversation never happened is that
so why did you decide to take this case
because it's my job really
i don't buy it why not

you aren't just following orders here
you've got way too much
emotion invested in this some kind of
special emotion there's no use trying to
hide it
despite how i may look data analysis
is my forte i know how to see through
i don't mean to be nosy but would it
kill you to confide in me a little
i didn't manage to live this long simply
because i'm fiendishly handsome
and besides

we're going to be tiptoeing across a
thin line of legality with the rest of
this case
so i'd prefer to have some probable
that way at least i can back you up when
you need me to
there exists in the world a single path
along which no one can go except you
wither does it lead do not ask
go along it you're pulling out nietzsche
at a time like this come on i have a

little brother
after overdosing on a certain drug he
was thrown into rehab
he's been clean for two years now but he
still won't utter a single word
all day long he's plagued by
he can't tell if he's dead or alive if
this is reality or if it's all a dream
that's right the doctor can't tell
what's causing his condition
so they can't treat him he just told me

to prepare for the possibility
that i may never get my brother back
this was his i bought it for him after
he graduated high school and found a job
he never got a single chance to wear it
someday i believe that he'll get better
and i'll get to see him put this on and
head out to work
so you think that if we nab the person
all this we may figure out how to

conquer the addiction
right you really think it'll be that
i don't know but i can't just sit around
and do nothing
he's the only family i have in the
entire world
what about your parents when i was only
katrina took him leaving my
seven-year-old brother and i behind
i'm sorry
it's fine i've already dealt with my

now i'm just working as hard as i can to
complete the duty i've been given
hey agent jones i just want to double
check one thing
you didn't find anything in the bathroom
nothing in there it must be the bedroom
just like i thought are you serious
about this
huh now you're having second thoughts

well not exactly yeah then what
i understand how you feel but he's got
incurable disease
and he used to be one of us so
the truth he's given us so far could all
be completely fabricated
he's a genius lone wolf agent who solved
nothing but difficult cases during his
years of active duty
that's what they told me at quantico at
least over
and over again i had to listen to them

talk about
how no one could ever replicate the kind
of work he did
but let's be real here
you saw his face didn't you it was
it looked like the face of a killer
who's been possessed by death
patricia clarkson is here in the next
only a single wall away from us after 14
he went back to lucare kidnapped her and

imprisoned her here he's trying to
something big right now something that's
deeply connected to sal rouge

what is all this
pictures of people from lucare

and this wall is dedicated to greenvale
all the deceased have been crossed out
sheriff melvin woods

lis clarkson
where's patricia
that's our altar what are you doing


york agent york
york ancient york
york agent york
hey agent york

agent york
hey agent york
you're lisa clarkson
what's wrong you're acting weird

sorry patty i'm fine now
more importantly do these red seeds come
from some kind of plant that grows
around this area
i don't know what do i look like a
this isn't your average backwoods town
the clarkson's ego

and control has been piercing the town's
heart like a massive dinosaur bone
but over this past century time has been
busy eroding the beast's power from
and now the very thing that once
fortified this town is polluting it with
putrid gas and rotten marrow
zach this is the point where it all

the growth is all missing from this
particular section
it wasn't just cutaway she used fire to

burn it out
everything was planned so meticulously
as if she wanted to show this altar to
that's why chuck ended up discovering it
there's a flat evenly weighted stone
i bet we could use this to score an
amazing stone skipping record
let's give it a try whenever we get some
down time for now we need to focus on
this investigation zach

these bridge beams have a very unique
shape to them
one straight support in the center
reinforced by
v-shaped columns coming up diagonally
from the sides
did this bridge always look like this oh
well i'm sure it has nothing to do with
this case let's move on with the
inspection zach
this altar is covered in burn marks but
there's hardly any residue left
there's no way for me to tell what was
burned here i could send it home for

analysis but is that really necessary
it'll just end up giving abraham's more
busy work more importantly zack
someone who knew how to manipulate fire
was behind all this
in other words these roots prove that
lena was here
and that's enough for me
after lisa clarkson was murdered her
body was put back together here
just like how galena's body was
dismembered then rearranged
within the holding cell lena doman and

pj's bodies were also blown to pieces in
the end
perhaps that's the nature of the curse
that's taken hold of the clarkson's
what do you think zack is there any
significance to these similarities
zach this is an ominous sign among all
the different footprints here
are a set made from engineer boots yes i
know i know
he probably only made them when he came
to inspect the scene
i'm sure that patty and i left our own
set of prints here too
but how do you explain the set that's

inside the yellow tape
hey fbi what the hell are you doing back

you already solved the case yeah it's
just out of town
why do you think i solved the case

shoot exactly how stupid are you
fbi this is luke carrey remember
every fella in town already knows that
professor orr is the one behind all this
[ __ ]
hey chuck can you see the altar from
i'd see the whole damn thing along with
your stupid ass standing there
trying to act all smart and [ __ ]

you told me that the poacher's boat you
were chasing disappeared around this
area correct
yeah that's what i said all right what
you forget already
if you're just gonna waste our tax
dollars out here
least you can do is catch them goddamn
[ __ ] fbi go and make yourself useful
for once in your damn life
chuck we don't chase down fishing boats
unless it's a terrorist boat that plans

to overthrow our government that is
this stop acting all leery like i ain't
being truthful or whatever
i'm busy too you know so long
zach he just taught us what the true
purpose of this altar
is it was built here so that the ritual

could be watched from a boat in the
what do you mean they could have just
walked out here
there's no reason why they had to watch
it from a boat
the goddess of fertility patty

the goddess of fertility a fine name
indeed so much blood has been shared
yet you remain in this town
surely you know why of course i do hoon
my work here isn't finished yet you know
i could really use one of your oracles

right now
you're more fun than i thought here's
the oracle you ask for
listen with your heart speak
to the 17 comrades who saw the birth
of new orleans fear
the holy ally the giant lady's finger
points down towards your goal the
entrance to the forbidden

poetic and graceful as ever hoogon
oracles are leading us toward the core
of this case
that's the one thing i'm sure of but
don't misunderstand zack
i'm not blindly following him i only
follow my intuition
metaphysical offender profiling that's

all there is to it
the 17 comrades must refer to some area
that has 17 of the same thing in it
we may need to use history to figure
this one out after all we need to find
someone or something
that saw the birth of new orleans
and we can't just round up every last
old person in town
somewhere there are 17 comrades who've
survived for a very long time

that's it zack the french established
the colony of
la nouvelle oleon in 1718
just about 300 years ago the only 17
comrades that would have been around
back then
are the 300 year old oak trees along
this road
a majestic road lined by oak trees
come on let's go ask these sages of
lucare for some help on our

zach the holy allah is a shockingly
simple metaphor
especially considering the quality of
the oracles we've received thus far
it seems as if hoongan's poetic muse is
finally running dry
the great thing about us americans is
that we can recreate our homeland
anywhere happy to transport crunchy
bacon across the deserts of africa if we
need to
that's what it means to be american and
this holy allah is just another example
of that
from the early days of the frontier era
they've been helping us americans be

what we've always meant to be
hey zach if the holy allah needs to be
things must be dire imagine what would
happen if the holy allah were to run dry
town that's it i never doubted you zack
the holy allah refers to a water tower
specifically that water tower with its
clarkson family crest
it must be hiding some sort of clue
let's fill the ala and see what it

zack what do you think the giant lady's
finger is
i'm at a loss i never thought one of
hungan's childish riddles would force me
to think so hard
but oh well i'm sure that as we deal
with the rest of the oracle it'll reveal
itself to us

what is there something on my face
listen carefully patricia as my skilled
assistant i trust you a great deal
so i want you to answer me honestly
answer what
do you have any idea where melvin might
have gone
no he didn't seem to be acting or
talking differently than usual
no i don't think so

okay i believe your words
zach we have a lot of work to do it
feels like we're finally approaching the
climax here


we've been in this town for longer than
we originally planned everything
you know i'm not complaining i'm used to
living in a hotel
i love southern food there are some

this town though is there a video rental
store and the tv in the hotel room
doesn't hit any of the on-demand movie
we'll just have to get lucky and
encounter a movie being shown on tv
the movie environment in the car is no
different from that of the 70s
so i suppose it's even farther back than
that but it's true that these

zach do you sense that these trees
have watched over this land for the past
300 years
long before the clarksons built up their
town these trees were here
if they could speak i wonder what they'd
have to say about this case
has there always been a different number
of trees on each side
yeah i heard that by the time our town
came along
there were only 17 left

a general from the south might have cut
one down during the civil war
intriguing paddy why did he cut one down
i don't know folks say he planted a red
tree in its place
i don't know if that's true or not

zach the shape of these seeds they look
just like the ones we saw
at lisa's altar
patty it appears that legend about the
red tree wasn't a total lie
the first tree is withered and gone but
the shells from its seeds remain
perhaps that red tree left some
descendants somewhere else

zack he seems to know something that we
doesn't it seem like he's trying to
guide us somewhere
um what what's going on
change of plans patty let's go on a
little stroll with that dalmatian







is this the red tree that general
planted no way
this is a maple tree
a maple tree then it shouldn't be red at
this time of year

you're right that's strange
a long time ago my mama and daddy used
to come here together a lot
they told me they used to go on dates
here back before i was born
mama would make sandwiches then they'd
come here and eat them together
my mama was really pretty you know when
i was a kid i believed she was a real
goddess under the boughs of a legendary
tree that stayed red

all year long a small miracle was born
one man managed to win the heart of the
beautiful girl in the world and they
call him
melvin woods
looks like it's time to move on what a
fantastic guide we managed to find
he actually waited for us to finish
talking before taking us on to the next









hey paddy how would you rate this
not bad i reckon they made good use of
its natural form
while also pulling out the soul from
the artificial color also looks pretty
you don't usually see this level of
something unnatural always ends up
getting left behind
zach did you catch all that she sounded

just like the curator of an art gallery
in new york
i think we may have just uncovered a new
side of her
but unfortunately i can't see anything
artistic about it
honestly it looks insane to me that's
all i get from it
and there's no way that this is a
descendant of the tree that the general

















zack now this is interesting it looks
like a tree that you could find anywhere
yet it's also unlike any other
completely alien
and look how it's weaved its way into
the landscape
almost like cancer cells invading a
human body
you might not even notice it unless
you're focused on finding it
and this feeling as i gaze upon this
tree i can feel evil emotions

rising out from within me why on earth
did that southern general bring this
tree into this town
i promise to protect you from all the

evil in our world
do not touch this tree got that patty
got it agent york
we successfully spoke with the 17
i feel like they showed us a side of
nature that transcends the realms of
human knowledge
next up is the holy allah according to
the oracle
the holy allah needs to be filled we may

be due for another childish puzzle soon
but that's okay after all we came all
the way out here to the boondocks
why not enjoy playing by their rules for
a bit

glenna dolman aka professor r
how could such an intelligent person
like her suffer such a tragic downfall
does the south really corrupt people

like patty said
this sunlight certainly seems capable of
breaking someone down
no matter how you try to resist it it's
so hot it feels like

why do you think the clarksons chose a
in some european countries dragonflies
are called the devil's noodles
and folklore suggests that they fly
around sewing up the mouths of children
who don't do as they're told

in japan some samurai helmets are also
shaped like dragonflies
there dragonflies are seen as beneficial
insects who march valiantly ahead
preying on pests that devour crops in
other words
dragonflies symbolize opposite things
depending on whether you're in the east
west but why did the clarksons choose
this insect to be their symbol
i can't help but feel like it's
something deeper than the cliched image
of dragonflies as bartlett's across
the dragonfly

savage cunning and skilled at protecting
but they don't slither along the ground
they're circles
with wings that allow them to soar above
the rest
but now those wings are starting to fail
that's what really triggered this
incident after acquiring wings
the serpent attained prosperity and was
crowned in glory
but now it's on

this thing sure looks tall when you look
at it up close
but why do they gotta build it up so
high anyway
the height gives them the necessary
pressure to pump the water out

also building it in a spot where anyone
could easily access it would only create
more problems
problems in a certain missouri town
they built the water tower low enough
that a person could easily climb up to
and that's exactly where a mass murderer
decided to hide the bodies of all his
the water tower was so low to the ground
that he could even climb up to it while
carrying a dead body
on his back

incidentally they ended up finding a
total of 43 bodies in there
but the part that truly shocked zack and
wasn't the number of bodies patty what
it was the fact that over the six months
from the first murder to when the case
was solved
that whole time the town's people had
been drinking the water
agent york look i think we can climb up

from there
let's go but patty i was just getting to
the good part

so this is our town looking down on it
from here
it's hard to imagine any bad stuff ever
happened at all
listen carefully patricia you just leave
melvin to me
i promise i'll take care of things
you're grown up you're more of an adult
than anyone else in this town i
guarantee it
but that doesn't mean you have to suffer

through everything without ever saying a
word about it
just remember that okay
zack it looks like the holy allah hasn't
been sucking up water properly
no wonder the shower in our hotel room

felt so weak
paddy who manages this water tower this
is lucare
you should know the answer to that by
now the clarksons
judging from their current situation i
don't think they'll be able to give us a
timely response
do you know where the water comes from
isaac lake that settles it
let's fill the holy allah and solve this

problem ourselves
i knew you were gonna say that agent

were you thinking about galena 2 and all
the other women we've seen so far on our
travels across the states
zach i'm right aren't i this is a vast
incredibly fast and it's mostly composed
of mountains
deserts and farmland small towns
scattered about here and there
that's how america looks to me compared
to the scale of this entire country

new york chicago and l.a are all
sometimes they even feel like figments
of my imagination
think back to what las vegas like we
were driving up i-15
it was a mirage the tv and movies dress
up those mirages and broadcast them to
people all around the world
meanwhile american women become
fascinated by the gorgeous city lights
and are drawn toward those illusions the
very same women who were chosen as prom
queens in their small towns

isaac lake that's the name of the former
head of the clarkson family
when he retired they built this lake to
commemorate his career
that's why it's called isaac lake
they wanted people to remember the power

of the clarkson family every time they
use their water huh
you sure don't miss a bead
the water level's higher than i expected
they probably haven't been out here to
check on it since lise was murdered
i bet that's where the water gets sucked
up into the water tower

mr alligator never thought i'd have to
use you to fight a real alligator
just what does that skeletal gentleman
have in mind for us zack





open the door paddy
now paddy



Following a dog for 20 mins slowly was the most boring thing i had to do. WTH. sometimes this game makes me want to uninstall it....

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  1. Took a couple days away from it and I come back to following a dog boringly for 20 mins… yep. Still the same. Also everytime Houngan appears my game crashes…lol

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