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SearchThisVideo: Deep Rock Galactic – Hazard 5 Engineer Guide – EM Refire Booster + High Voltage + Animation Cancels!

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hey everybody welcome back to another
episode of our deep rock guide series
uh solely for has5 uh today we're gonna
do an ng run
uh we don't have the mission selected
yet but we're gonna talk about a build
i'm gonna play this time
this time i'm gonna play a stubby build
and we're gonna run
em refire booster which gives you
significantly faster rate of fire bonus
electrical damage
but it decreases or but it increases
your base spread
all right for the stubby build we're
going to go with the damage in the first
year you could also consider going with
better chance electric target if you're

wanting some more
electrocution this is a very good
it causes a lot of slowing i'm pretty
sure electrocution also increases the
yeah take a small amount of damage uh so
that's really really good
that was either one you want i'm going
to run the dps this time but maybe we'll
test this another time to see how it
stacks up
for the second tier we're going to run
an approved rate of fire
uh you definitely want some dps on this
and with this you're going to be
shooting pretty quick the third going to
do damage over the ammo this is a lot of
ammo mind you but i think we're going to
do some damage rely a little bit on our

turrets a little bit
so we don't have to completely do all
the work ourselves
so we don't need as much ammo for the
fourth tier instead of hollow point
bullets we're gonna get a little bit
in the electric field we want we
definitely want that for the fifth tier
we're going to go with the magazine
tweak this time
you could easily go the electric arc i
believe but with the the rate of fire
improved i'm going to see how this
stacks up
so i'm going to run 50 this time to be
safe so since we're on the electric
let's go with our bridge cutter build
which we are going to go with the high
voltage crossover

overclock this was recommended to me by
x1 alpha crime fighter who left a lot of
helpful comments
um he says he's been going this one for
a while i've never done it before
but i'm pretty excited as it
electrocutes decrease your magazine
capacity but we're not really worried
about that
so what we're going to do is we're going
to go with the projectile duration and
the first tier we're going to go with
the loosen node cohesion in the second
tier and the third tier we're going to
go with the quick deploy i really like
the quick deploy
we're going to attempt every now and
then to pull off this animation cancel
that he talks about

uh we'll i'll try to mention it a little
more in the video
apparently this works with the warthog
mainly i think it may also work with
this gun
but if right as you see start the reload
and as soon as you see the ammo number
change in the lower right corner tap a
pickaxe or a laser pointer button and
you completely skip the rest of the
so we're going to test that out and see
if it works
i bet it does work and i may not ever
get it but we're going to try it once or
twice and see if i can pull it off
be better the warthog but i wanted to do
a little bit of a different build this

than the last one we're going to go with
the armor breaking you could easily go
stun here this kind of preference
um i'm going to try armor breaking out
because i do kind of want it
i use these a lot for praetorians though
this would make a lot of sense it's done
you could also argue make sense for
praetorians up to you up to you really
and then we're going to go with the
triple split line i like that one a lot
and that's what we're gonna do here
we're gonna go with the
better weight balance on the pickaxe to
get more swings obviously for the lng
gun platform we're gonna go with two
turrets we're gonna go quicker deploy as

also uh suggested by our friend x1 alpha
crime fighter
he had a good point that a lot of times
in ambushes or something like that
you're going to
need to just put one down instead of
refilling one
or something like that uh so having a
quick refill or lots of ammo isn't
uh he also pointed out that since the
turrets aim at the center mass
that going armor breaking is potentially
actually very good
as it will shoot at the middle of
praetorians and break their armor for
though that can be pretty useful we're

going to test that out this time and
we're going to run with defender system
this time just so they pack a little bit
more punch with a platform gun we're
just going to run two one two i like the
enemies of rock walk around the
classroom foam a lot just you know adds
a little bit of utility utility to your
platform gun even more i like to run
lures pretty much always you could also
run proximity mines as we've discussed
in our other video but i'm going to run
lures for my armor
build i pretty much always go three one
one three and for this
time around i have been talking some
poopy on born ready
this is not the specific video that's
going to be better for born ready i

think a warthog build along with
a breech cutter would be better would
better show off how useful it is
but this allows me to not have to go re
reload mods
which is really really good frees up a
little bit of space on some other
we might be using born ready a little
bit more here on this channel i used to
think it was pretty terrible but now
i've uh i've had my eyes opened
a little bit on how good it could
possibly be so on certain characters
like the engineer and maybe an auto
cannon gunner or
eventually even a scout this can be kind
of good i wouldn't use it on the driller

per se because i don't really have a lot
of reloading going on
but if you are maybe running a low ammo
capacity flamethrower build with the
subatom of the pistol
then i guess you could maybe run it then
too we are going to run thorn so we are
going to
run the deep pockets because i don't
like to go back to things now we're
going to go iron wheel and we're going
to go dash this time so we can run away
and kite things a lot all right y'all so
we got a double xp morkite mission
along with the more kite beer we're
going to attempt
do this twice let's rush this

get the beer get the beer
let's go
do this thing twice
hey guys i mentioned animation cancels
briefly in this video and i didn't
really get to show that off very well
during the course of the game i thought
i'd get to show it off with the best
available weapon
or the animation canceling as this would
be the warthog so here we're going to
shoot once and we're going to go through

the entire animation
reload animation one time just time it
and then now to do an animation cancel
you simply
need to right click or left click
as the number in the bottom right turns
to 11.
let's try it out that's much quicker
this can also be done with your breech
cutter let's watch the full animation
now and time it

now let's do a let's do an animation
cancel with this
and it's done another kind of animation
canceling you can do
is pickaxe animation canceling so let's
do a regular swing
if you notice the back swing as it's
returning to you
uh is unnecessary and does not matter so
all you need to do is once
the pickaxe makes contact with something
you let go real quick

then you would go slightly faster
than you normally would
it's not a huge increase but it is a
slight increase over your normal
and can help you do a little bit more
damage when you're fighting things close
up not a hundred percent sure but i
believe that also you can shoot your
platform down a little faster with your
with an animation cancel just say normal
as quickly as you can get

i think you actually can shoot that
slightly faster if you animation cancel
after every single shot let's do it guys
got a lever already that's cool
we're going to we are in a double xp
or tight mission and we have the more
kite beer but we're really going to be
trying to rush this
i want to get this done as quickly as
possible so we can do another round of

you got those two xps up you definitely
want to try to get them done as quickly
as possible
so that you can go two in a row well
you get point extraction missions you
can get three in a row if you're quick
that's what we're gonna do
see some comp gold over here

i've been like really uh into the
warthog whenever i play ng
uh mostly i just like you know shotguns
are always fun
like every game you ever play they're
great in halo they're great in like doom
uh you know gears of war any shooter
video game you can name probably has a
good shotgun in it
though they're just fun to use
good we got a driller that's always fun

like to give you know my teammates are
rocking stone when they look
and we're all here to do a job and
that's to mine all right
uh two leeches nice
thank you


jump up there in case i missed
i can get a leash together at least once

apparently it's actually better to
instead of trying to reload your
entries uh according to our friend x1
alpha crime fighter
the freaking drg genius for the channel
i guess
hopefully he comes back and comments and
some more because i want to
keep learning and then hopefully if you
guys look at his comments maybe you'll
learn a little bit more with me
we'll just sell we gotta we got a bulk
up there huh
well that's exciting

want to make sure that the doubt gets
that but i think he's off doing
scout things though he may not have the
time we gotta reach
yeah i i play a lot of scout so i get it
you got a lot of [ __ ] to do as a scout
and you have the ability to do a lot of
[ __ ] so it's like way more fun
to do it

definitely a class that makes you feel
like you just do anything by yourself
kind of can really
might not kill uh entire waves like a
driller might or a gunner might as quick
but you'll do it a little slower than
not just a little you'll do it a lot
slower than that but it'll happen

that's not good

put another lure we're gonna get
overwhelmed a little bit

hey you i'm not a damn already
let's rely on our turrets a little bit

it's so fun to shoot the stubby though

lighting up

all right we're kind of saying that this
has a little bit low ammo and like i
said we
need to rely on those uh sentry guns a
as long as you got a lot of nitro then
you can keep this up but on some
missions you might not get a lot and
or you'll die a bunch or they'll send a
million swarms after you hopefully we're
on more kite missions so
not to worry about that as much as you
wouldn't say
a uh mining refinery or a
point extraction mission where the waves
are endless

and not only endless but they get worse
as time goes on
all sorts of paths to go here honestly
may have not even really finished that
one room
he'll get it locked and loaded

my boy
that was a weird noise for a dog
that's a pretty good sound too i should

be a voice actor gunner friend found
some friends
let's see who he's bringing to the party
ready to use

i'm playing ng2 i like to shoot out
stuff to like help it oh boy
in case of imminent death and danger
like this
that's probably not it

not the way this is the way
that's a topical meme

look at that explosion explosion

one fancy thing you can do with these
footballers is block off their
path of their shooting if you stand
behind that they can hit you
i had more then i'd be able to show you
way more but whoopsie-doo
oh no

we got our gunner here doing this
shenanigans maybe we'll just put this
that way when they're coming to him
he'll get shot by our friendly turrets
i like that plan me good plan me get
electrocuted nerds

which just destroys them goes like
not a great place for these things i'm
seeing that now
right here
yo stuff no

debunked okay i'm coming
get away okay

oh right quite the fight
now they're coming from over here gosh
dang it
oh it did okay okay i did it that time

the bad that i'm not focusing on the
team fight anymore i don't know
i'll never know unless they watch this
they'll never see how famous they'll be

i respect too hot dang
we fight

i hope you guys kind of like this build
this is it's actually a build i've never
ran before
and i really like it actually uh
oh hello this has been one of the more
interesting builds i've ran
a lot of cool stuff a lot of damage
let's try this again
oh little early
bam got it okay

bad stuff here yeah
you're know

let's get this going let's do it again

i got it yes
i thought i was really struggling with
over here boys
he wants to go this way we can leave now

killer boy come here come to me
drill us to the drop pod you got it
there we go
you want to be really cheeky you can
just do this

it wasn't me
but it was me
there's something big i think
oh there's something big digging for us

the long one

wow wow molly beat us dang we suck
oh get that gold nice look at that
what a clutch shield

that's too bad well
rest in peace whatever your name is egg
whatever griller

Hippie shows off his Hazard 5 Engineer skills and uses the High Voltage OC for the Breach Cutter and uses EM Refire Booster for his Stubby SMG.


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Comment (0)

  1. I like how you've mentioned the turret reload thing and then basically never used it during the video 😀
    Granted, what you did was still faster than using Widemouth, which was the whole point of that conversation, but you'd get even better results by recalling the turrets back into your pockets, since this instantly refills them and then you wouldn't need to do things like 12:37 where you build them up and then start reloading.

    I agree with the armor breaking on the Breach Cutter for this build. Stun doesn't help much here, since High Voltage already applies a strong slow effect, although it's fine if someone's using High Voltage as purely a DPS booster.
    I've been using a slightly different BC setup for this: 1/1/1/1/2. This is primarily geared vs Praetorians (being able to slow Bulks doesn't hurt either). I take extra ammo for versatility, since Praets are large targets and even against swarms I rarely find myself needing extra beam width, plus with extra ammo I can just fire additional shot if need be. Plasma Trail adds more DPS and helps dealing with swarmers and shockers. Oppressors are a pain (as usual) but High Voltage doesn't gut your weapon like Inferno does for example, so you're still equipped with what's essentially a stock, but fully modded Breach Cutter.

    Stubby setup is honestly a pure preference. A DPS EM Refire build gets the most mileage out of this combo, but it's by no means a necessity. I personally really don't like EM Refire, I often use my Stubby to help snipe things on the ceiling while the Driller and Gunner thin crowds out and the increased base spread gets in the way far too much. I run a Light-Weight Rounds setup of 2/X/1/2/1, which depending on tier 2 can have pretty low DPS, so High Voltage and Conductive Bullets combo does help quite a bit. Despite this being an electrocution focused Stubby, I don't use Electric Arc, it's far too unreliable and larger mag helps to partially offset a lower DPS by increasing my sustained DPS or to make better use of Conductive Bullets.
    My increased time-to-kill also makes me run Stun on my turrets, because this keeps delaying the bug's approach. I also rarely deploy more than 1 at a time, since I really want to reserve the ammo for announced swarms.

    As you've shown here, animation cancels can help out a little bit with pretty much all weapons. The reason why I keep mentioning Warthog in particular in all my examples is because a frame-perfect cancel on a Cycle Overload Warthog cuts the reload by 46%, according to the data provided by LoneXG. It's the most extreme and most useful of all reload cancels.


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