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    SearchThisVideo: Destiny 2 Beyond Light | Returning Player Guide – A Summary of What's New

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    yo what's going on guys
    alex here and today it is time to talk
    about destiny 2
    what yes that's right i haven't spoken
    about destiny 2 for a while because
    honestly i have been
    a lapsed player but with the launch of
    beyond light coming out of course the
    addition of brand new subclasses
    new areas to explore it seems like a
    great place to jump back in
    so for this video i've actually teamed
    up with bungie wanna give a massive
    shout out to them for sponsoring this
    to produce a returning player's guide
    for players like me who have basically
    not been playing destiny
    for quite a while and have now had a
    chance and a reason to jump back in
    so if you've been wondering what's new
    you want to know how to get caught up
    you basically want to understand what's
    since you stopped playing then uh sit
    back relax
    and uh hopefully this should answer some
    questions of course if you do enjoy this
    then like would be super appreciated
    and comment down below let me know what
    you guys think are you jumping back in
    what are you most looking forward to
    let me know down below but to begin with
    let's start at the top
    what is beyond light well of course
    beyond light is a brand new expansion
    for destiny 2
    that launched this week november the
    10th on a story front we're not going to
    dive super deep i'm not your law guy
    but top level for those of you wondering
    one of the enigmatic pyramid ships has
    been found in the icy reaches of europa
    bringing with it a brand new power
    born of the darkness aramis the kill of
    darkness seeks to harness this asian
    power known as stasis in order to forge
    the elixir culture anew and exact
    revenge upon the traveller for
    abandoning her people
    along with the help of allies such as
    aerys mourn the drifter and even the exo
    stranger herself
    it is surprise surprise up to us to
    challenge aramis's growing empire
    discover the numerous secrets hidden
    beneath the ice
    and claim the power of stasis for
    yourself of course alongside this you
    have season of the hunt
    which picks up where season of arrival
    is left off enemy forces are now taking
    advantage of the darkness
    including zivu arath the sister of oryx
    who is raising an army by corrupting
    cabal and fallen with hive growths known
    as cryptoliths
    osiris catches wind of this and it's up
    to us to aid him
    we also returned the story of aldon sov
    known as crow after his resurrection as
    a guardian at the end of forsaken his
    resurrection has wiped his memory clean
    so he has no recollection of killing k6
    knowing what he's capable of will of
    course be keeping a close eye on him
    questioning what we know about the light
    and the darkness as the story progresses
    so narratively speaking that's a quick
    rundown on where we're at right now
    and what we're walking into but more
    importantly story aside
    what does this expansion add what are we
    going to be doing and what are the
    reasons for us to return
    well most importantly and one of the
    reasons that i myself want to jump back
    is that this expansion adds a brand new
    customizable subclass for each of the
    existing classes
    based around the new icy themed power of
    stasis we also have a whole new zone to
    europa which honestly from the destiny
    one days is a location i've always
    wanted to explore because i just love
    snowy tundras
    and i mean this is gonna be a really
    cool place but on top of that the
    cosmodrome is a returning patrol zone
    from destiny 1 but now refit to show
    new light characters various aspects of
    destiny 2.
    there's also a new raid set in the deep
    stone crypt and there's brand new gear

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    and weapons so let's dive a little bit
    into some of those subclasses first
    things first
    stasis as mentioned is the brand new
    damage type being added in beyond lights
    bringing with a whole new host of
    within these you can command the dark
    power of stasis allowing you to control
    the battlefield with an icy grip
    first up you have the revenant the
    hunter subclass that revolves around the
    fantasy of being a ninja which again
    is basically just made for me i mean
    bungie did you just design this
    to try and bring me back this is
    complete with a shuriken as well as two
    deadly camera blades that are formed of
    for the warlocks you have the shade
    binder the subclass that focuses on the
    freezing aspect of stasis energy
    allowing you to summon a stasis staff
    that can mass
    freeze enemies before shattering them
    all and then finally for the titans
    you have the behemoth the titan subclass
    is all about creating crystals
    that can be used both defensively by
    creating walls of cover for their fire
    team as well as offensively
    in order to freeze enemies so no matter
    your class choice you'll have something
    to test out however each subclass also
    gets access to further customization
    in the form of aspects and fragments
    aspects basically manifest as physical
    items in the world
    and when slotted in will offer players
    new abilities these abilities can then
    be mixed and matched freely to create
    unique play styles to compliment you
    and these aspects can be further
    customized by slotting in fragments
    fragments are also physical items that
    you can find out in the world
    and when applied to aspects they offer
    additional passive perks such as stat
    while fragments do give bonuses they can
    also come with negatives as well
    so it's up to you to basically strike a
    good balance so
    adding more customization to your
    but what about europa what about this
    new location that we are finally getting
    a chance to explore
    this is a brand new zone and not much is
    known right now about the specific
    locations that will be visited
    other than the fact that there is of
    course a pyramid ship somewhere on the
    as well as the fact we'll be visiting
    the deep stone crypt as the raid in
    beyond lights
    however europa is said to have many
    secrets lurking beneath its icy surface
    some even dating back to the golden age
    we will also be exploring the ruins of
    the cityscape
    the ones existed here as part of the
    clovis bray corporation
    a remnant of the past that may hold
    hidden truths as for the enemies we of
    course know that the fallen
    under the command of aramis and her
    lieutenants as well as the vex will be
    europa will also feature a new dynamic
    weather system which will hinder players
    with snowstorms and blizzards with the
    severity of the storm affecting
    sound and even the environment of course
    for those of you guys have been playing
    destiny for quite some time then the
    return of the cosmodrome is an
    incredibly exciting addition
    parts of the cosmodrome from destiny 1
    are making a return when beyond light is
    the intention here is to bring new
    players an overhauled tutorial-esque
    introduction to the game
    but veteran players will still be able
    to explore old russia in all its glory
    the addition takes on the experiences
    that began in destiny 1 but puts his own
    spin on things adding even more content
    to tell a new story
    so that is in a nutshell
    what you have to look forward to in
    beyond lights but again given that this
    is all about lapsed players
    what do you need to know right now like
    assuming you stopped playing where is

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    destiny 2 sitting
    right now of course you have armor 2.0
    where if you haven't played for a while
    then late last year bungie implemented
    the armor 2.0 system which changed how
    your gear affected your character
    there are six stats that gear can
    increase based on the base value of your
    equipped gear as well as the mods that
    you slot into them
    mods can also come with specific perks
    that enhance your character in different
    and managing your gear and slotting in
    the mods that benefit your play style is
    a key element to tailoring your guardian
    to your needs
    as for light cap in beyond light players
    will now start at 1050 power
    progressively making their way towards
    the soft cap of 1200s this can be done
    via most activities in the game such as
    crucible gambit etc much like you are
    used to
    once you hit 1200 however you will only
    be able to gain power
    via powerful rewards which you can then
    again earn via weekly challenges as well
    as having a small chance to earn them
    for complete activities and seasonal
    drops which is a change
    new to beyond lights upon hitting the
    hard cap which is 1250
    powerful gear will no longer increase
    your overall level and you will have to
    turn to pinnacle gear
    in order to get your final 10 power
    levels bringing the pinnacle cap to
    currently we still don't know exactly
    how you'll be earning pinnacle gear this
    time around but based on the last
    expansion we can speculate that
    completing the last two raids iron
    banner nightfall and crucible
    should probably do the job assuming you
    haven't played recently
    then the latest story beat and the
    latest raid in shadow keep saw the
    guardians returning to the moon where
    they discover the scholar keep
    a fortress housing one of the pyramid
    ships that we saw at the end of the base
    after approaching this pyramid we face
    off against a nightmare an evil force
    that takes the shape of something that
    you fear such as crota from destiny 1 in
    this case
    after diving deeper into the keep we
    learn about the hive artifacts capable
    of twisting the darkness itself to
    protect the user from the aforementioned
    after stealing said artifact we then
    craft weapons and armor out of nightmare
    essence allowing us to
    enter the pyramid while inside we find a
    strange artifact and
    see a vision of the black garden where a
    copy of ourselves claims that the
    darkness is our salvation
    then following the artifacts back to the
    black garden to discover the origin of a
    mysterious signal we defeat the
    sanctified mind in the garden of
    salvation raid
    and once it's defeated the artifact
    signal stops and the vex invade the moon
    so that again assuming you haven't
    played recently
    is the most recent chapter imagine it
    like in a movie where they're like
    previously on destiny that's kind of
    what happened
    so if all of this is sounding
    interesting and you're thinking you know
    what i'm gonna give destiny the shot let
    me jump back in
    the question is how do you jump back in
    what do you need to buy well if you just
    want to take part in beyond lights then
    you can buy any of the additions as a
    standalone edition
    each edition above the standard comes
    with extra goodies such as
    in-game cosmetics gear as well as season
    passes which are essentially battle
    passes that rotate every three months
    however if you don't have forsaken or
    shadow keep and want to play through
    raids and use the subclass or exotics
    from those expansions then you'll have
    to buy them
    separately then finally for those of you
    that potentially want to invest
    into the end game content then yes as
    mentioned there is of course a new raid
    set to release on november the 21st the
    deep stone crypt is part of beyond
    lights it launches just two weeks after
    beyond light's initial launch so it
    doesn't give you a great deal of time to
    gear up

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    and while predictably the information
    around the raid is pretty sparse because
    i do like to keep it a secret
    bungie will be releasing the raid in
    contest mode which will cap the light of
    all players to
    20 below each encounter for the first 24
    so that at least sort of somewhat evens
    the playing field
    artifact power will be disabled during
    contest mode and you're going to want to
    be 1230 power
    to have the best chance of beating the
    raid in the first day but again
    that is you know assuming you want to
    get that far but either way for the time
    that is uh kind of a quick summary for
    those of you guys
    like myself who used to play destiny
    took a break
    and i've now seen the new stuff and
    beyond light and thinking you know what
    this might be a good chance to jump back
    hopefully that's caught you up told you
    some of the new stuff and kind of just
    showing you what the expansion has to
    offer if you have any questions by me
    let me know in the comments down below
    but otherwise be sure to keep it locked
    for plenty more
    go beyond the light on xbox series x

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    3. I was looking through random games on YouTube and rediscovered this channel again. I remember back this channel pumped out Destiny videos like no tomorrow and now it feels weird to remember this kind of stuff. I remember back in Destiny 1 when I would quickly come home from school and either play or watch videos on the game and now I just a wide variety of games and figure the by myself or with friends.

    4. Man, fuck this game, I come back to play after some months and all the godroll weapons and armor I had are capped to a power limit.. and half the planets and content are gone, I am not gonna spend a dime on this shit. This game is dead to me.

    5. Shadowkeep and Beyond light are free on Xbox game pass so I decided to come back. I feel like a massive noob and feel way behind. I used to play everyday for years until just after forsaken. Hoping to get back into it

    6. i played the crap out of destiny 1 when it came out then was dissapointed with destiny 2's launch but now especially with the pandemic and everything being shut down i have more motivation then ever to get back into the series i use to love


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