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    SearchThisVideo: Destiny 2 – DARKNESS FLOWERS MYSTERY! Drifters Ship, New Enemy, MORE!

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    Watch video at 00:00
    during the pressage mission we got a
    closer glimpse at the chaos the darkness
    can unleash
    this ship was full of cabal
    experimenting on scorn and while
    some brainwashed scorns still remain
    like the locus
    the cabal here suffered a much different
    fate some being consumed by these plants
    and fungal growths
    today we are going to discuss the ties
    these plants may have to the darkness
    and read some descriptions that might
    give us a little heads up before light
    falls arrival
    several months ago a cabal vessel
    disappeared near the reef
    guardian you're not the only life sign
    there's no light
    let's first begin with what we see on
    the glycon now i'll let some clips roll
    out here but we can see these flowers
    with tentacle-like
    arms that reach around the space if you
    play the mission you
    clearly know what i'm talking about
    so with these flowers some are normal
    you know like a normal flower pointing a
    certain direction for example while
    others are holding on to objects like a
    the biggest example of this is the end
    with our guardian catabasis
    now most might think well it's just some
    type of alien flower who says it has to
    be related to the darkness
    well it doesn't but given that we've
    seen this before and the lore entries we
    it most likely does if you give closer
    examination and look around the ship
    with some detail you'll see these fungal
    growth type
    sections that seem to take over parts of
    the rooms
    much like the flood kind of did in the
    halo franchise
    so we can see these flowers but if you
    look below you can see what they're
    sprouting out from this
    gunk scattered all around the floor so
    this looks sort of like some type of
    infection and whatever caused this
    doesn't seem too
    friendly whether it's some type of
    natural occurrence because
    it's a plant think something like a
    venus fly trap you know it tries to
    close on its prey
    or something like an alien infection
    that was planted here
    it's definitely not for the better
    we know this ship was surrounded in the
    darkness as osiris says there is no
    light here
    and the crown of sorrow the hive thing
    that corrupts a lot of beings is also on
    so when we take a look at the lore for
    this mission the glycon
    we don't know what happened to
    catabbasis we know he died obviously it
    was most likely due to the darkness
    but all we can visually see here is
    these flowers holding his dead body
    now i did mention the crown of sorrow is
    on board if you've seen my previous

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    video we know that this is directly
    below catabysis
    in a room yet to be unlocked you can see
    it by glitching though
    so did the crown of sorrow cause this
    flower type corruption or was this more
    to do with the darkness
    let's next compare these plants to
    others we've actually seen in the
    destiny universe
    first up aboard calluses leviathan
    now this one is kind of a stretch but we
    know that the glycon was a zone for
    kallus to experiment on the scorn and
    try to talk to the darkness
    or obtain it after the glycon arrived
    near the reef kallus brought the crown
    of sorrow on the ship to assist in his
    madness and plants
    once the pyramids arrived the ship was
    shrouded in darkness and then
    kallus disappeared elsewhere but what we
    know kallus
    also had was many different types of
    plants on board his own starship the
    so take a look at these from the
    pleasure gardens which is one of the
    in the first raid so these are very
    similar for sure if you play that raid
    the mechanic is kind of the same
    some players have to sneak around close
    to the plants while the others above
    have to use this prism type thing to
    shoot the plant and make it explode
    giving the others a buff so same type of
    thing going on here at least
    mechanic-wise there do appear to be some
    differences though
    physically the spores from the garden
    open like a flower when destroyed and
    kind of pop with
    a purple color the darkness containment
    flowers on the other hand they are much
    more different in color and don't really
    pop but sort of change color and give
    off a sound
    so i mean this could have been some
    flowers callous brought on to the glycon
    that got infected by the darkness and
    caused some of this we see
    we don't know for sure that's just some
    speculation thrown out there
    the likely explanation is that it was
    caused by whatever makes these flowers
    perhaps something related to the
    darkness itself
    next up the drifters ship the derelict
    back a couple of years ago when we had
    the season of the drifter we got to
    learn more about the nine had some
    with the drifter and can even explore
    part of his ship that we can't currently
    access now you can still board his ship
    to some extent if you load up the
    prophecy dungeon and explore
    the startup room here with the portal
    but the back room itself is blocked off
    if you were to head to that back room
    though you would see the same flowers
    aboard the glycon
    this was the first time we've witnessed
    what these flowers look like
    we know that the drifter had his ship
    normally as you can see from this part
    in the cut scene at the very beginning
    and then he was gifted this haul by the
    nine ah
    not anymore it's drifter now
    you have proven yourself worthy accept
    this gift
    from the ninth a gift

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    what gift
    so these colors to me at least resemble
    these darkness flowers and fungal
    growths pretty closely
    the flowers seem to have begun to invade
    the drifter's ship maybe because he's
    towing this thing around perhaps that's
    where they came from
    but we can clearly see the connection
    between these flowers infecting the
    driftership the derelict and also the
    glycon in the other case
    so the nine gifted the drifter this hall
    now it's also explained in the lore i
    that this might have been taken from the
    icy world that jupiter visited that had
    light repressing creatures so my big
    question is these flowers are the same
    on the drifters ship why didn't it
    infect him does he know something that
    we don't
    or did this darkness decide not to do
    anything to him it's kind of
    interesting let's next take a look at
    some lore entries that could hint
    towards the darkness and maybe even the
    nature of these flowers
    first up the darkness lore card from
    destiny 1. now this card has many
    different explanations of what the
    possibly was different characters
    describe what they thought it was in the
    and we never really knew what it
    actually was right
    but it's not the lore here that's the
    interesting part it's the image for the
    card itself
    so this could just be a coincidence but
    these look exactly like the agrigore
    sacks that we shoot in the mission
    we can also see these strands reaching
    out on top of the blurred
    image that's these lines here that i'm
    describing now these could be the
    flowers we see
    but the blue circles for sure definitely
    resembles what we see on the glycon
    next up we have a description from the
    black armory lore that details the
    creatures that invaded during the
    last night we awoke in the middle of the
    night to the sound of something pounding
    on the walls
    it roared and stomped and howled in
    until it found the doors they didn't
    i never saw it we were too occupied
    blindly firing around the corner
    i just remember the smell of wet earth
    and a sound i've never heard before
    like a machine being stretched and then
    so this card brings up a cool theory it
    describes the smell of wet earth as if
    it's something natural now we've looked
    at this concept art from bungie before
    and said hey maybe that's the creature
    that was stomping around
    it definitely could be but what we see
    on the glycon could also resemble this
    wet earth type stuff now to me it looked
    like something happened aboard the ship
    that caused all this chaos maybe the

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    creatures left after they killed them
    and the flowers are the remnants
    but i'm not sure now what was really
    groundbreaking during the time when this
    lore came out is that it gave us one a
    description but two
    also sounds to put along with that a
    being stretched and then compressed
    in the new presage mission we do hear
    some sound some spooky sounds actually
    while exploring this ship
    this could be the scorn just moving
    around the ship the locust perhaps
    but to me some of these seem more deep
    and like something we've never heard
    that could be the case or could also
    just be the scorn take a listen
    like ripples meeting in conversation
    executing traits stand by
    the guardian does all we got for today's
    video if you look into this and further
    analyze some of these sounds some of the
    lord descriptions and maybe some
    we haven't read here definitely be sure
    to let the rest of us know down below
    because we could be getting onto
    something big here
    anyway if you'd like to see some more
    destiny mysteries just like this one be
    sure to subscribe to the channel anyway
    thank you very much for watching my
    name's evade
    and i'll catch you guardians in the next

    Hey Guardians! Today we try to unearth the secrets behind the Glykon's darkness flowers. Believe it or not.. this is not the first time we've seen these flowers. They may also have been hinted at in lore as far back as Destiny 1!

    Intro 0:00
    Darkness Flowers 1:00
    Crown Of Sorrow 3:00
    Leviathan Flowers 3:19
    Drifters Ship/Gambit 4:57
    Lore Hints 7:18
    Darkness Creatures 8:03
    Sounds Of The Glykon 9:14

    “Destiny 2 Darkness Flowers"
    “Destiny 2 Presage Lore"
    “Destiny 2 Glykon"
    “Destiny 2 New Secrets"

    Thanks for watching! Im Evade and ill catch ya in the next one

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    Comment (45)

    1. The omage of the concept art for one of the enemies and the comparison of the flood. What if the guardian a the end and the cabal that are strung up, what if they are in the beginning phases of a metamorphosis, like with the flood on halo?

    2. Did anyone saw the shell ghost… in the room where you need to use the buff twice, the ghost will be on the right, I think that it’s for glykon.

    3. Has anyone ever noticed how destiny is just Halo?
      A protagonist destined to save humanity, accompanied by an artificial companion (ghost/cortana)
      Fighting off alien races (the covenant / cabal, Vex, fallen)
      Only to realize a greater threat is encroaching on all life (The Flood / the Darkness)
      That threat is capable of assimilating life into itself to war against the unassimilated.

    4. FYI: Egregore comes from the greek word for guardian and is something from the occult and are made up of will power.. that makes a bit of a sense since the crown of sorrow is aboard that ship..

    5. I really love the imagery of the darkness flowers and the ruined interior of the Glycon but is anyone else worried that it's looking increasingly like we won't get a new species for the darkness just reskins of the enemies we've already got just corrupted? I really really hope that's not the plan it would be a monumental anticlimax!

    6. Why would Osiris specify that there is "one" more lifeform abord when the scorn were so numerous? The scorn are undead, the thing Osiris was talking about is still there.

    7. Perhaps the Royal Wine (the substance which we now know helps Calus survive) was corrupted by and mixed with the Dark Ether harvested from the Scorn. Maybe this mixture, along with the Crown and high levels of Darkness, caused these plants to sprout up, or perhaps just caused the smaller infection-like piles of gunk.

    8. I don't play anymore but like to keep tabs on what's going on in D2… But after all these years of mystery and what does Bungie have to show us; plants. The darkness is fuckin plants!

    9. I still can't get over that the guardian was taken over by darkness and turned into T H A T. Like, it's weird to think A L L of that spawned from that one guardian.

      So crazy.

    10. There may be a reason why drifter theme still plays when starting the game, and drifter is marked as an enemy if u watch your radar during gam it match startup.

    11. The glykon has something to do with the drifter and the taken. Mostly the drifter, the drifter planned attacking the glykon and killed all the cabal and the dead guardian. And the vanguard doesn’t know.

    12. Osiris mentions there is one other life sign aboard. I always thought it meant the Locus of Communion. But Scorn are made of dead Eliksni, so why would they show signs of life? That, and there are dozens of Scorn aboard the Presage. Why only one living signature? Because the Locus is the only one that "survived" the experiments with the Crown?

      The only other creatures we see are a dead Cabal, dead Ghost, and dead Guardian. Yet we hear all these noises, see these pustules and growths. And as of today, we hear Calus' voice amongst the voices in the Locus' whispers, who are supposedly all dead, like Sagira. Yet, we hear Uldren's voice sometimes. Uldren isn't "dead."

      My guess is a creature of Darkness is hiding aboard the Glykon, and was possibly the end result of Calus' communion with the Entity within the Darkness. It's possible the lurking creature is even Calus himself.

      But hey, that's just a theory.


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