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    so I'm gonna start things off say you
    guys are awesome thank you so much for
    all support in 2018 it's been a
    tremendous year for games we're kind of
    on that homestretch towards the end of
    the year of all the games starting to
    drop we have the Destiny to Forsaken DLC
    then in a few days I'll be starting
    spider-man so it's just a lot of good
    things happening very very soon so any
    and I'll support you drop on this is
    kind of the I guess the launching pad
    for the rest of the year and Men I just
    it's been a great year thank you guys so
    much many ways to give away two copies
    of this game any system it's available
    for if you want a chance to win to see
    the like the video or leave a comment of
    when you found my youtube channel so
    alright guys I don't have a like goal if
    we'd like even 20,000 lb eggs I'll be
    pretty aesthetic but plan on playing
    this pretty fast and then once this ends
    spider-man I'll be like right up after
    it so alright guys let's do this
    alright guys I figured I would play on
    my Titan for this campaign I'm not sure
    how long it's going to be but I have the
    other boots but the problem is I guess
    it really doesn't matter does it
    I just wanted like a look nice got
    everything kind of matching I have the
    wrong mark but I never actually got the
    most recent ones so what I'll wind up
    doing is I need to delete this actually
    this is kind of where I left off I
    didn't play much honestly this past year
    I got a one character two three to five
    and then they changed it back to where
    I'm now 380 because the gear doesn't go
    higher than that unless they've if I'm
    not mistaken they took away what is this
    they took away some of the mods I'm
    guessing but we got whisper the worm I
    did that quest I still haven't got it
    like maxed out but the two weapons I use
    the most for the nameless Midnight's or
    the origin story the midnight coops
    actually really good as well doctors
    before I can't wait to all the new
    weapons alright anyways let's start this
    campaign up apparently the whole thing
    looks different now instead of
    milestones being alright there they just
    put them on I guess each planted stuff
    what is here alright so we got what is
    this thing clan rewards earned 5000 xp
    for your client oh that's the weekly
    clan XP thing spicy ramen quests
    there's different icons there I can go
    visit but honestly I like how they've
    kind of broken it down what is this over
    here forsaking campaign here we go all
    right guys let's do this prison of
    elders it'd be kind of exciting
    I actually liked prison of elders when
    the House of wolves came out

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    well this is awkward hey hey you got a
    gun at the bar oh no but I do have a
    bullet with your name on it
    any second now my partner rolled in here
    every and you this is going to hurt a
    any last words
    how's your sister
    petra venj thanks for the invite what's
    you packing for this party
    the usual Oh do the thing seriously
    watch this mm-hmm that'll never not
    freak me out do it again later maybe
    right now gen-pop is running wild
    fortunately the main arena and lower
    levels remain on lockdown but if the
    core security systems fail containment
    is going to be a problem just another
    day at the office alright partner this
    is a gate riff in six watch me for the
    changes in death try to keep up now
    let's go to present
    oh wow

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    I just get some pushback from that so I
    wonder what all whether some big fight
    going on right here so good to play this
    game I felt like I do a little more
    damage as Critias I think that's one of
    the balance changes they did like
    previously since I last really played
    this game I played a lot in the game
    first drop did the raid hold on
    are we gonna make this first video free
    long my goal is to probably beat this
    within a 24 hour period which is not
    something I can't already do but I don't
    know how long the campaigns usually the
    smaller ones like cursive or Cyrus was
    pretty short but it still took about
    four hours um I guess it's gonna be like
    a six hour campaign it if I had to guess
    you know I'm telling you right now like
    this is uh glad they made all these
    adjustments to the game the games
    finally kind of getting back to what
    brought everybody in with the first game
    they what's the kind of steered away
    from that I'm glad to be it's just
    throughout the years I didn't wait from
    one patch to fix it all they've been
    kind of updating it as the year goes on
    so I just skip all these enemies and
    just take out this guy he just got
    I stopped a few blocks up
    I wonder if I'll get high level like
    gear even from the campaign like I think
    the new max light is like 600 or
    something ridiculous work explosion took
    out security on the lower decks
    I'll check the high-value prisoners down
    there you and Kade head to the security
    get security back online caught
    something I actually haven't seen that
    emote yet I didn't realize they headed
    probably gonna swap puffins here in a
    minute or I could just use my super
    whatever works I suppose
    one thing they always wanted to do is
    still powerful in these games I think I
    finally feel like that with with a
    tight-knit leader I got a spot is bad
    hold on
    apparently you don't have to crusty more

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    behind this to get to Auto reloads I'm
    talking like most of you've already
    played destiny too but I guess for those
    of you that are kind of new the little
    shield I just put up basically you had
    to crouch and then look over it each
    time to get the auto reload for your gun
    now it's just just stand there and
    you're good to go look at that I look
    like crow damnit
    I don't think I have to fight these guys
    it's gonna run for you
    I'm just gonna push paestum I suppose
    I think it's really cool how they re
    revisiting all the different things that
    I loved about the first game finally
    oh we got a wizard hold on look at that
    damage you gotta hit the crits though
    okay let me just really can I just move
    away I guess
    oh that's actually a weak little mini
    balls I guess it's not too worried about
    it they've updated the menu I'm going to
    show you that after I beat this mission
    looks pretty substantially upgraded
    it just fell off really
    it's actually kind of cool
    what if dragon flies any good now I know
    Firefly in the first game with so good
    cousin fate bring air just hating like a

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    that was easy
    pick the ball there what job
    have such small head boxes
    one thing about these games I get the
    zone with the story stuff I think my
    favorite part is the grind after I
    stopped making videos for it I'll be
    playing it a lot just leveling up my
    character and stuff just for fun I mean
    it's like I would record that but that
    would seriously take a ton of time what
    else cuz I got my super on right now let
    me there we go that was kind of weird
    little selfie action
    oh I don't like that sounds the hive
    eliminate hive all right
    how could be
    what's they gonna bring back the actual
    prison of elders where you man that I
    remember the first I think I've did a
    video in that a long time ago where you
    took down the whatever that boss's name
    was in the last round it was so
    difficult but for the first few weeks
    they had like solar void and Ark's burn
    and you were just melting with the
    now remember to purge the buffers sure
    got one question how do I do this press
    the red button then press all of them
    mash the buttons over here
    don't worry we got this
    like clearly the breed women a hi we got
    three more to do okay here we go look
    just gotta destroy these things holding
    it back now we're at a point where we're
    making we're making do with blue weapons
    now so I'll probably use blue stuff

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    until I guess just I keep upgrading
    everything so my gears about star
    looking old my goodness if I start
    looking for y'all it's a fully automatic
    what sniffing blowing up cake yeah there
    we go
    that's two or three where's the last
    oh it's in the back okay here we go
    all the belonging alone oh my goodness
    yo that was dangerous
    if his guns really nice a blue rare
    weapon but scout rifle for the wit I
    suppose all right that's three three
    that should be good
    Oh together tech support with extreme
    well everything is where it's supposed
    to be but now it's asking me for some
    kind of secondary activation should be a
    terminal you can use that on the
    catwalks I'd go with you but I hear this
    place has turrets and I really want to
    fire it by the way you and me good team
    let me get that door for you
    so far the campaign has been pretty
    solid I'm not like the first level of
    each a big campaign or expansion is uh
    always pretty top nuts you know
    submissions after this and I'll be
    wondering about who's gonna run
    you still with this measure we're gonna
    clear you a path to Supermax with the
    neck whoever
    that's the thing a lot of the campaign
    stuff you I don't think I accept to
    fight any of these guys what I'm gonna
    do I'm just gonna run for it yeah it's
    all about making it to the next spot oh
    my goodness get off me
    no this hammer does so much damage now
    please tell me that was all we needed

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    bringing a security system online
    you in the green now baby yes accessing
    the lower levels now just gotta check on
    a couple of things and then we can call
    it a day looks like we're all done and
    dusted here kiddos Ramadan
    looking pretty good down here just gotta
    check one last thing
    no no no no Jade he's gone this isn't a
    prison riot it's a prison break the
    airlock object zero it's the only way
    out is far down they're going to escape
    not if I get there first
    never felt better
    you see that picture
    bedroom we already must have knocked out
    to come realize with that spectacular

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    and cue the ominous music okay everybody
    back in your cages
    I said back in your cages
    sorry not
    that's it now I'm pissed
    oh it's that really oh you got
    it helped me out

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    cade Petra what's happening down there
    come in Kade hey welcome back
    we fell at least 20 stories down and I
    can't reach Kate or Petra
    are we gonna go rescue him
    one thing I'm curious about hurt this
    storyline wasn't gonna be nonlinear but
    I don't know it feels like it's pretty
    straightforward right now has way more
    cutscenes than any destiny 2 story we've
    seen so far which is actually a good
    thing because I like it's like sitting
    back watching a movie basically I'm
    gonna have to give up the nameless
    midnight a little bit guys once I get
    something high enough level I'm just
    gonna keep on upgrading everything and
    then when I finally get to where I can't
    do anything else with the blue gear like
    it can't go any higher then I'll
    probably swap it and fuse it into the
    stuff I actually like now look at these
    new type enemies Ravager
    that's a pretty cool enemy too I would
    have got over here oh my goodness Oh
    what is this
    then the other ones have flames we
    hopped down there oh here we go
    they used to be I like how we're
    actually in the prison leh it's pretty
    cool so far
    give me flashbacks to house of wolves
    what was that in 2015 or something
    didn't just become this someone did this
    to them Oh corrupted one get off me
    Kalli the hammer is a very high-powered
    class right now so I might be rocking
    the solar hammers for a while with this
    I don't know what scout rifle this is
    that I'm using double-check it really
    oh wait am I getting hit right now okay
    now I'm good I wanted to see something
    else as well so I'm used to using this
    basic blue one to infuse it on even
    certain materials here is stuff that is
    completely new the triumphs which we did
    have this before but I like how they
    implement it at the beginning of
    everything complete the campaign okay
    I'm doing that right now are trying to
    recently discovered weapons exotic
    ghosts flare like this is all brand new
    so if you want these badges you have to

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    do all the things it says on their
    exotic trophies from curse over Cyrus
    and war mines you know I'm pretty far on
    some of these detecting activity below
    I love these new fallen enemies it's
    like peace I think their fallen anything
    with the prison of elders granted we
    haven't seen like cabal and stuff so I
    really have no idea I like how they have
    a symbol though that basically means
    that they're part of the prison of
    elders I can do forsaken update
    everything oh my goodness I didn't think
    it would do damage didn't do that that
    much really did it alright let's see
    what this is anything's gonna be an
    upgrade right now but got some arms I'll
    take it I'm gonna start looking really
    weird here in a minute let me put these
    on and so it begins
    that is hilarious I'm just glad you can
    infuse stuff from year one to year two
    because I think in the first game they
    took that away to where if you had a
    fate bringer with a black hammer and
    then a Gjallarhorn
    none of that stuff wit past a certain
    light level and now it's like anything
    you've got in the first year you can
    bring forward so I'm happy about that
    things got some serious kick doesn't it
    I don't like this at all
    at a certain point I'm gonna have all
    blue armor and weapons just so I can be
    strong enough to just get because I
    think the higher your light aren't your
    light but your power level the more you
    get that's higher so you constantly have
    to have it always greater than I think
    if you just have in your inventory now
    in destiny - you'll get drops that are
    higher but
    you know I'm like nervous with this
    hallway of death right here I'm gonna
    run for you think I have to fight
    everyone oh I might have to hold on
    am I supposed to disappoint it there we
    go I'll get in there Brett oh you know
    I'm gonna get rekt right here let me
    back up let me just lead them away from
    you for just a second oh my goodness
    are you kidding

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    the warlock boots would be nice in this
    hallway walk faster while crouched dinna
    these are a new enemy as well check it
    out it's like they're kind of like those
    uh hi boomer type things except they
    look like the liquors from Resident Evil
    2 oh my god is so many come out of here
    yo I'm out oh look at that damage good
    gracious recommended power 380 Wow
    so if you were brand new to the game you
    pretty much can't go straight into this
    story which i think is kind of crazy cuz
    I played a lot just to kind of get ready
    for this story so I can make videos and
    not look like a scrub you know but a lot
    I was luck of the draw
    you know cuz that's a MaxLite I'm gonna
    call light forever that's just how I
    roll I guess guess and we're going down
    dead without his ghost Cade dies we've
    gotta find him
    no Reese Paul look at this guy
    it's like God but what that is
    I was sit around to find out though good
    gracious I wish that use my dig
    get a couple shots in there not a whole
    lot of damage but I'll take it
    whatever goes in or the whisk or
    whatever it's called now
    got it that was so sick I love that
    exotic bird hold on Kate we're coming
    he didn't feel a thing
    how's how's my hair
    speechless typical Oh No there's nothing

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    like I'm sorry
    let's get this paint on you this is what
    I get all right Rick playing nuts
    he tell survive and I Cora the mayor guy
    I ever lost
    he had the worst jokes even worse timing
    I wanted to laugh I really did
    we should have been there
    this is not your fault
    this is on the head of alter and solve
    but if he thinks what he's done is the
    end it's not it's the beginning we're
    going to fight him
    do you hear me all of us every Titan
    every warlock every hunter we will take
    the reef by storm and then we will mount
    the head of that son of a [ __ ] on his
    precious throne for a fireteam for Kade
    no what did you say we are not an army
    we are not conquerors
    we are Gardens we need to keep our eyes
    here on our home our people the traveler

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    the reef was lost the moment had lost
    its Queen so if another soft wants a
    stretch of lifeless rocks let him have
    it this is Kate we're talking about for
    us to do nothing is its food cow is
    I refuse to bury any more friends you
    won't have to
    Aldrin sath is mine
    now we're finally at the tower check
    this out I haven't been here in forever
    I bet I got all kinds of stuff at this
    post master that I don't know about soon
    we got wait these are my actual weapons
    aulad grenade launcher is I don't know
    if I I don't know if I want to use that
    or not granted it is something I can
    collect I need to get all these out of
    there hold on let me delete some stuff
    that was on the POW weapon slots so now
    oh that's what happened they swapped it
    around let me delete this this isn't
    even a good one they swapped it around
    so that's what that is I'm gonna keep
    the whisper the worm on my stuff so what
    happened is they took some weapons here
    I'll show you see now that used to be at
    the bottom slot now it's in the middle
    let me delete uh I guess something I'll
    delete this is something to get the
    other thing in my inventory so it's out
    of the postmaster there we go got this
    ever verse was this all about we have
    here new season has begun free dusts ok
    I'm not gonna worry about all this stuff
    right now what is this thing
    bounty ok probably the vault got
    increased from like two hundred and
    something I think five hundred talk
    about the utilize that right now cuz I
    need to make space for all this new
    stuff that's being put in the game
    heroes burden just yeah anything and
    everything that I'm not going to use oh
    I like that gun but I'll just make it
    towards that okay that's good that's
    gear is fine I'm not gonna worry about

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    all that so why don't we come here
    exactly we came here let me open the
    look at the side okay Oh for the for
    sake we're supposed to go over here here
    we go oh you actually talked to the
    gunsmith turn some stuff in oh what is
    this reclaim the Ace of Spades they
    brought it back
    oh man that's sick Larmour mod positions
    Wow fine they took him down don't know
    about you I'm not buying that right now
    saving everything all right seem to go
    talk to them over there as well I think
    I need to go back to the other side too
    and talk to somebody figured after I do
    this I'll probably stop the video I'll
    sure when I'll post this part cuz I know
    that I don't I don't want to started
    apparently this campaign is pretty long
    so we'll see what happens I would
    attempt to dissuade you from this you
    have Vanguard bounties now as it stands
    level 500 stuff all my goodness men I
    missed the bounty board in the first
    game that used to be my favorite thing
    all right so let's go over here the new
    raid I think one of the things I always
    look forward to or the world's first
    type streams they have for the newest
    raid I actually do them usually but all
    the games coming out I'm not sure if
    I'll have time to dedicate towards doing
    that many raids I'd like to do it once
    so the only one to have it done is the
    most recent one for the last exhibition
    of light these Badlands milestone I
    won't stop you from going the tangles
    sure for the killer okay
    okay before we go one thing I want to
    check is this icon right here it looks
    different see that this is what I was I
    was hearing about so some of the
    missions are actually locked behind you
    doing all these side activities
    I may have to figure out something with
    that alright defeat enemies really you
    can hold so many of these why not
    take care of yourself okay let me go
    down here and see if he's still sleeping
    that would be ridiculous you still here
    thought it would be moved or something
    so use the callous tokens Airport
    callous tokens yes yeah I did a lot of
    the raid stuff just send to the past
    nice all right guys on that notes if you
    want a part too quickly just destroy
    that like button I'm gonna see what I
    can do I'm gonna post this but I know
    that if the campaign's too long and when
    I start spider-man I don't know how I'm
    gonna do it but for now the street this
    is a one video type thing and if I can
    get I'm gonna try to get either the

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    whole thing done very quickly or it may
    be a little down the road when I have to
    finish it so alright guys I love you all
    you're the best audience ever and I'll
    speak to you soon
    take it easy guys

    Destiny 2 Forsaken Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 includes a Review, Single Player Campaign and Main Story Mission 1 of the Destiny 2 Forsaken Single ...


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    1. I really do appreciate all the support you show this one. I'll also be starting Spider-Man on Thursday which will be be a full series. Much love to all of you fam!

    2. Cayde is a destiny version of Deadpool prove me wrong, and it’s sad cause they took away the one character I cared abt… cayde was the only reason why I didn’t skip the cutscenes bro goddamn

    3. the fucking basted killed cayde. when you complete the red war he gives you his sword so this was a big hit for me i killed the final boss with the same sword. rip cayde the gunslinger will allways be remembed.

    4. Imagine what was going through the people who were playing this for the first time after the Beyond Light update, no Red War, new connection to Cayde, and BAM he's dead.

    5. I played destiny Since 2019 and was always wondering where Cayde was in the tower/other places and I sadly found out After That he already passed away


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