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    SearchThisVideo: DESTINY 2 SHADOWKEEP Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (FULL GAME)

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    alright guys welcome to destiny - shadow
    keep had a lot of people asked me if I
    was gonna ever return to destiny on my
    channel I've been playing destiny since
    2014 and then I think it was I don't
    know win destiny - Chema's 2016 or 2017
    I mean play this is the third year for
    destiny - last year we had forsaken
    during the fall expansion and I thought
    it was a masterpiece I thought the like
    the actual raid last wish was amazing
    ever since then we got scourge of the
    past raid then we got the crown of
    sorrow raid the expansions black armory
    were good I wasn't really here for
    season of The Drifter and yeah that's
    pretty much it so as you can tell I play
    this game a lot so thank you for any
    adult-like she drop on this it would be
    cool to see this do well I'm gonna be
    playing the full story now what you're
    about to see though is I I'm recording
    this intro a day after I finished it so
    I just beat the campaign like late last
    night and there was like I played it on
    day one there's a lot of server issues
    so you'll see contact and dusting
    servers here and there there guys I was
    playing where they kept getting kicked
    it was a mess but since then the game is
    smoothed out a lot so anyways I'll be
    really cool to see this - well if we had
    like 20,000 likes it'd be kind of sick
    just kinda like cela how many actual
    destiny fans are on my channel some I
    was also going to give away two copies
    of shadow keep one for ps1 one for Xbox
    spinach and suppose you don't like the
    video leave a comment of when you found
    my youtube channel so alright starting
    it up I'm gonna show you right now where
    I'm currently sitting and also a few new
    things my Titan looks hideous so please
    don't judge me oh here we go
    so I'm at 9:03 this is just one day
    after playing I'll show you all three my
    characters really quick the reason these
    are 7:52 yeah let me I'll jump on this
    out go ahead and show you right now they
    have a bunch of new stuff in this game
    seasonal artifact is now a thing which
    is this it's like a new column I guess
    it's like a season pass oh I can let me
    go ahead and grab these what is this
    really resourcebundle that's a lot good
    gracious the first one kind of give
    in exotic but I think it was ranked
    seven you get this thing called a
    seasonal artifact and this is kind of
    what it looks like
    it adds power you get points for
    leveling it up as you can see in the
    corner you can kind of see right now the
    power bonus is +2 next artifact unlock
    shows you how much more XP you need and
    I don't know I it looks like I don't
    know how high this goes I don't know if
    it's plus 20 plus 10 this looks like
    it's going to 10 right here so I don't
    really understand it 100% but you kind
    of picked the columns you want I've kind
    of went with these shield piercing
    rounds all this does is drop a mod if
    you use a hand cannon my gears hideous
    don't don't judge me a lot a lot of
    Blues right now and for some reason a

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    Leviathan chess piece but a few of the
    new guns I started using this loud the
    lullaby my first drop was outlaw rampage
    even though rampage got nerfed yeah
    every waking moment I get this I think I
    got it like last night and nine hundreds
    of soft caps so during the campaign I'm
    kind of leveling up the game is very
    generous with everything so other than
    that though I'm gonna start the story
    thank you guys for literally everything
    and yeah hope you guys enjoyed let's get
    attention all guardians last night we
    detected a seismic disturbance on the
    moon within hours it was swarming with
    this leg must not be allowed to spring
    all right nice mysterious disturbance
    see we got here
    oh yeah forgot I got a solid-state drive
    and I usually it seems like you pop in
    faster than everybody else all right
    they got swords that's not good
    waiting for my friend and hop in here
    what I'm gay kicked back to the queue so
    it's gonna be one of those instances
    where they're gonna join when they can I
    of the swarm it's a boss fight was the
    vanguard aware of the hives activity on

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    the world before the disturbance Oh
    oh my god the damage this is a patrol
    area sir again I'll respond I know they
    had swords but I maybe it's this stuff
    maybe gotta kill the enemies inside that
    miss that shot
    all right so all the weapons I've been
    using still seem viable they all the
    other images have swords on them so that
    means a higher level
    it didn't say recommend a light or power
    level 760 I don't know what they'd want
    you to do like before jumping into this
    cuz that was already 750 on all my
    characters anyway it's immune let's go
    back this way
    I can imagine it's pretty tough to buy
    his stuff I was going to put a story
    like by myself and everything but I had
    a lot of people ask to join me so I'll
    let me get him up hold on responds
    Russell easily shoot two shots there
    alright it's moving some dead I'm so
    being lower light is uh kind of crazy
    this is the setup I used a while I feel
    like playing gambit playing the raid
    except swarm of the Raven with spike
    grenade who's also like pretty top tier
    something I do want to check so another
    well irradiance got changed and so did I
    think the rally barricade which is what
    is on this character I'm using I do want
    to see something really quick so they
    said they're taking away where he can
    definitely like reload but
    it's just a faster reload it looks like
    just a little bit fast not much though
    like not much at all really good so oh
    my god you don't get lit up
    you got to be cautious with the light
    level right now cause it's like I don't
    know what it would be like optimal to
    use against this thing the game starts
    with a boss fight though that's kind of
    cool at least I do wonder what the raids
    gonna be like I'm planning on doing like
    a the first 24 hours the guy I'm playing
    with Riku he actually when the first
    year was around we did eater of worlds
    the first 24 hours I believe so always
    got a tank oh let me grab one of those
    too never mind
    I'm over here using the mountain top it
    looks like this super meter now has like
    little notches okay I'll use one of
    these in scourge of the past

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    yeah you kill the stuff
    moons haunted right
    yeah this thing is dice this is on the
    third encounter really the second
    encounter in scourge of the past on the
    live payment on the debt but you have to
    use tanks to like destroy this I guess
    some kind of shield and then the final
    phase yet you fight the boss I've played
    all the raids I've even done two
    flawless on each one
    ribbons Bane was one of the hardest
    title I've ever gotten in this game
    though I've got five I think
    dredgen was the last one I got I don't
    really like damn it too much I heard
    they were taking away one of them before
    they took away but I played comp the
    other day too so it's like I'm alright
    played some kind of crew so I think it
    might have been MIT mayhem but that's
    like the last time I played this game I
    haven't we haven't done raised in a
    while but the clan I'm in we're really
    gonna try for the first 24 hours
    thank you supposed to kill enemies and
    then it like opens up there's the ogre
    as well maybe that all think maybe
    that's what stopped okay now it should
    open right okay you join back nice
    that was a long wait
    a brigade
    that's indistinct ready to head into the
    Scarlet keep
    they grab this heavy thinking old
    twenty-something shots 23 or 21
    somewhere in there but yeah we got
    weapons light now rally barricade kind
    of seems it's a pretty big nerf I know
    that the infinite ammo stuff was kind of
    weird you know a potential threat to
    humanity aris insisted on going alone
    just a scouting mission she said and
    that letter Eris is resilient she's
    proven that again and again often to her
    own detriment
    if anybody can take care of themselves
    it's Eris morn I Cora we've lost her
    signal that's strange
    just messing with you
    it won't do damage Oh God oh wow this is
    just like crota's in the raid that's so
    sick because you get these things
    unstable essence it's much like life the

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    way by going through there it's the very
    beginning of that raid in the first
    destiny game was if it's on the moon as
    well so it makes sense
    kinda when you're in here yeah now
    they're blind because I got the helm of
    saint-14 on starless designer thinks to
    buff not as optimal as well I feel like
    but whatever so nice level up I'm not
    really seeing any drops right now they
    can be kind of nervous I have a bunch of
    bounties saved up by the way and it
    looks like they all I got saved from I
    think I did all the werner bound he's
    like all 12 of them on each character so
    once I hit 900 and power drops actually
    matter then I'll probably wind up
    actually hi is entirely unfamiliar
    it's like we're all in here oh look at
    this yeah what is that the source of our
    disturbance should be right around here
    I think they're both on a hunter I
    should have been on my warlock nice what
    I really wanted to play on oh this looks
    I thought the new raids gonna be so good
    if it's anything happy to get his last
    wish I'll be happy I've never seen
    anything like it
    this must be what Eris was after yeah
    felt like this is what makes destinies
    so good like these big open areas like
    this and it would be like a jump puzzle
    on the raid something's wrong I feel
    strange like someone or something is
    invading my life
    don't know what that is that thing
    across the way what is that
    looks like the game control honestly I
    need to face again there's some sort of
    massive energy spike here it's too heavy
    for us to pass through
    oh my god son of crota that's no son of
    Oryx nightmare of crota so it is just
    crota from burgers end but it's son of
    Oryx obviously I thought it's a son of
    crota for a minute I must be like what
    gonna die I'm gonna die
    these immune so I don't know like how to
    make it to where you can do damage
    unstable essence maybe here we go

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    I don't think you can stick him it's
    like bouncing off of him look at a
    little forethought I made though I love
    the Enter key
    he knives the mute again so it's like a
    boss fight really just bit with like a
    semi raid mechanic you grab some these
    orbs and get this he turns five oh my
    if I we're good
    oh yeah I'm getting you County Sons here
    I'm trying not to do anything this power
    drops until I hit 900 which I'm planning
    on playing this story three times now I
    just get a blue there right there hold
    on oh my god
    mortals getting clapped over here with
    that sword so how are you always down oh
    boy is your sword above them the hell is
    that kind of new material looks like
    that's the boss from the other campaign
    oh my god
    Guardian go what happened to my screen
    just now Eris morn
    what is that pyramid you've heard the
    stories of the travelers sacrifice of
    darkness descending upon humanity before
    us lies a dark remnant of their
    existence was it struck down by the
    traveler left here on purpose
    the truth is ours to discover discover
    how we find a way inside

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    all right get the moon unlocks now we
    have a new mission available let's see
    should pop up on the map any minute now
    so this is kind of the new patrol area
    they had the moon with helium everywhere
    I already got bait of swarm okay there's
    more gold the fanatic crota like living
    nightmares your past confronts you
    guardian old scars reopened around me as
    well phantoms of my friends return with
    the malice they never truly heard every
    one of them
    the twisted will of that looming pyramid
    we must not let it distract us from our
    finding a way inside together we have
    conquered our enemies we will do it
    again oh wow look at this wait what
    pre-order weapon ornament two-tailed Fox
    uh I'm not gonna grab those yet these
    are our guests it's just from like
    getting the deluxe stuff yeah uh
    Crabbie's I guess
    whatever okay we get XP from those okay
    looks like helium is back on the menu as
    well I can pull this from collections so
    I'm just gonna get rid of it unless this
    is a different one I don't want to
    delete it by accident alright I'm gonna
    get rid of it because I feel like you
    can pull everything from collections and
    I already had the two-tailed Fox so I
    don't know are as far as Armour goes I'm
    just gonna change that out as I go I'll
    start looking uglier as it progresses
    I'm sure let me delete one of these two
    yeah let me get rid of this one some of
    the stuffs kind of pointless but
    whatever I don't have to have the stuff
    on alright
    track it campaign requests okay yeah
    it's right there we have a public event
    to navigate to quests yeah I go he's
    blue glaze bounties like I'm saving
    everything alright I've saving it all
    let's track that one let's go back to
    the map it's weird getting all these
    like like you know fast travel over
    I guess we're over here so alright let's
    go to the next story mission I guess
    let's kind of explore the area too so
    this is probably where I'm gonna guess
    that the new raid is gonna be on this I
    moon area but I don't know because if
    the thing is the site it's a vexed base
    because it's like something with the do
    like the garden the black garden from

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    the first game I don't know what that's
    gonna bring and so find out so I don't
    want to infuse stuff yet because I feel
    like it's kind of a waste of materials
    unless infusing doesn't cost as much I'm
    gonna make sure they're good to go
    before I start up the mission let me do
    this hold on give me some of that free
    super and everything there we go
    all right good to go I'm gonna go ahead
    and start it up I think they're good 760
    all right eres where to the pyramids
    warding is only a temporary
    inconvenience we must first understand
    how it works it would have passed
    through it Eris we found it it appears
    to be a ritual of some kind for that the
    hive may provide answers for eons they
    live next to the pyramid we must learn
    its purpose do not be afraid to engage
    the hive and now they've constructed
    that scarlet keep above it its existence
    was clearly no secret to them now that
    it's activated strange congregations of
    hive have begun to appear on the moon
    there is undoubtedly a connection and
    that's where we start so confused it
    said to come over here but we're here
    always get his snow sled out that's
    funny maybe we're supposed to Oh
    which was like building
    it's gonna happen all by good jump
    that's crazy oh yeah my bubble goes way
    if I die I think we're just booked to
    kill a bunch be like they're all you
    yeah looks like they dropped something
    so that all my life that's so scary
    the enemies are are not you wouldn't
    think this okay it's just ten white
    higher but that's crazy Ben
    yeah that's insane that's these execute
    campaign missions are gonna be hurting
    because I can't believe can't believe
    you much they're dropping stuff so yeah
    that's what we're supposed to collect it
    looks like one we got here it's like a
    legendary misfit that's gonna be higher
    okay yeah we got enough of those for
    probably some helium yep they brought it
    back nice I do want to see something

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    really quick ah the glimmer cap got
    increased let me Eve that's like the
    anarchy is doing good but I really want
    to try out how much does this cost
    upgrade much you actually need a module
    now wow so 7:58 yeah it's like they
    don't really want you to infuse stuff
    early on I'll have to figure out how I
    can do that
    contact Eris morn all right let's go
    back that's kind of crazy if you think
    about it cuz it's like there's not
    really Guardian town I don't know how
    you get that I think you got to go to
    the gunsmith in the tower Eris it's the
    nightmares the hive are trying to draw
    them in for the ritual curious for what
    purpose it's unclear but they don't seem
    affected by the nightmares at all not
    like we are we must learn how they've
    achieved that that's our key to finding
    a way beyond the pyramid oh my god Eris
    those screams sounded familiar
    almost like omnigul we have to hurry
    Amna goes back yo let's get a mission
    complete that was easy I don't really do
    anything ma'am my clan is getting some
    serious XP right now okay 62 let me
    delete that other one I'm just wearing
    like whatever armor the thing is the
    weapons I could put these on but it it
    doesn't change anything
    whatever really alright new mission
    available uh let's see what we're going
    yeah he's trying to kill yes down here
    sanctuary that's actually kind of funny
    what's the name of the the ship on
    Borderlands 3 you know I plan on playing
    this campaign three times I was tempted
    to not record it the first time and then
    you know just record it like on my last
    character maybe that way I'm like high
    enough level sigh motor screams as she
    did the day Amna gold tore her apart and
    silenced her forever our fates nearly
    intertwined today when a nightmare of
    omnigul swept through camp my survival
    was a gift granted by the essence you
    retrieved from the quote her nightmare
    were we to truly harness the power of
    this essence it may provide aid in the
    fight against the nightmares and beyond
    to the pyramid itself it knows we're
    I can sense it and we will have the

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    upper hand our essence of despair
    activities completed okay looks like you
    just got to run around
    okay cleanse it track it with your
    directory yeah same as last time so
    looks like he just says collect
    resources loot chest complete okay yeah
    just basically do stuff on the moon
    that's like the busywork all right I am
    sure it's kind of funny though so now we
    just gotta do some stuff I guess we can
    just complete we can't really do any
    missions here so I don't see any public
    events so I guess we can do like a lost
    sector maybe maybe let's try this one
    over here if you can get over there
    behind her you get it get like on the
    side though let's try it out we might
    divide and conquer I don't know how
    we're gonna do this so what this lost
    sector is cuz it's right up here it
    looks like
    but yeah thank you guys man it's been on
    crazy journey with this game I was so
    like I got heavily involved into the
    cleanse stuff for a while we did all the
    flawless raids I guess you can't go this
    way actually I'll just grab always a
    combat one that's even better
    we can just do patrols and stuff here
    let me go grab this some of this does
    feel the same as the first desk like
    this little building right here on the
    right like a lot of it kind of has that
    same familiar Oh God another kitchen
    kind of crazy
    I don't know what percentage this is
    gonna put us at I might take off the
    bubble honestly like I guess I like to
    be mobile a little bit Xiaomi I mean put
    on the other thing I had which I can
    clearly see that it might be even better
    I'll show you guys in a second all right
    let's see how much that gave us towards
    that at least 14% okay there's another
    one wait what you can do it again no way
    oh nice Ghana's but I was about to say
    mmm all right let's just do whatever we
    can here it looks like they just want
    you to basically do any of the side
    stuff kind of explore the planet area I
    was this weird calling it a planet cuz
    it's the moon obviously but it's like
    it's like a planet aerial materials and
    stuff like the helium
    be blinded right yeah

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    it's where the anarchy seemed to be
    bouncing off enemies I don't know
    we got a fine what does it say ballin
    shanks - click oh wow this time right
    yeah well knock this out pretty quick
    reet Rico's a guy I've done all three
    raids from here to flawless with him we
    just recently did crown of sorrow and I
    was I think Riven's Bane was the hardest
    on the gate cuz I we even did the
    flawless and we just didn't have like
    any way to guess like I had to do more
    than three times every week and I was
    just hoping to get the sparrow cuz it
    was like the elite we already had
    flawless toner I got in the ship I got
    in a thousand voices exotic but it's is
    just the one thing I didn't have alright
    let me change up some stuff I'm gonna
    put I'm gonna take this off put the bear
    claw there we go I'm gonna change up
    this too because I feel like yes I'll
    use the work with coil for a little bit
    see I don't know I honestly I'm tempted
    to try out let's do the Delirium recluse
    and then this one I heard the
    huckleberries good I kind of want to try
    that out actually so let's go with that
    let's see how scouts are now just gotta
    change up some stuff you know that
    should give us a little bump there two
    armor wise let me change this up I'm
    tipped just to put the blue gear on
    honestly cuz like anything else I'm
    getting doesn't really see like this
    stuff does only seem to matter too much
    let me take let me get rid of this too I
    need to get rid of a lot of the year one
    yeah like this stuff I can always get
    that later I'm gonna delete some stuff
    really quick yeah the forged gear I
    don't really care about I'll delete
    those because I don't really I mean
    Armour 2.0 is where it's at
    or make some space for the new things
    alright it's trying out huckleberry
    let's go to the public event I bet they
    were already over there hold on
    yeah it's next to us I don't know how to
    make it heroic that's the only thing
    rampage kill clip swashbuckler a lot of
    those got nerfed but on the huckleberry
    - got it did not get nerfs so I don't
    it has rampage on it maybe it doesn't
    last as long I don't know how it works
    huckleberry seems to be good the
    breakneck even got here I thought that

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    was kind of crazy like 40 gambit games
    like come on man I feel like getting to
    getting to the cap won't be that hard
    well yeah Scouts aren't any different
    that's a shame I was hoping that they
    would be better but they're really not
    I'm gonna put on the outbreak perfected
    recluse and then I got the Windigo I
    could try that
    uh she's delirium I guess I like the
    outbreak I don't know if we got buffed
    or nerfed honestly a lot of stuff got
    changed I should have rally to the flag
    to get that horse out of us interesting
    a wolf said just drop and deal your
    location begin transmit and hold your
    position I feel like oh yeah this is
    gonna be rough
    we got a ship coming in somewhere there
    it is like every expansion so far has
    these type of things
    Gardi down oh wow
    I love this super cuz it's like Captain
    I don't know what I like using right now
    I'm torn I got so many guns that I like
    using may just stick my original combo
    it just felt like the Anarchy wasn't
    quite doing it like I don't know
    spend a lot of time getting a lot of
    these guns so it's like I might as well
    just try them all out during the
    campaign with you guys doing it let me
    tell you doing the zero-hour heroic for
    five straight weeks was some stressful
    stuff if nobody's seen that yet that
    mission in general was a jump puzzle you
    have 20 minutes to get to the end the
    normal person up it's not that bad
    but that other one is nuts no I'm like
    not really filling a defender Titan
    right now partly wished I was on my
    warlock I'm like my world likes my
    favorite character right now for like
    we're hammers got softer nervous
    yeah I think I'm just gonna go back to
    my original Hill here let me just swap
    back again mountaintop for clues
    I used coil instead I'm gonna switch to
    hammers we grab some of them special I

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    don't have scavenger on for grenade
    launchers so I don't think I'll be
    getting too much this year I want to get
    a lot of the powerful stuff mostly drops
    like the enhanced perks for gear yo what
    is that I know I'm getting eaten alive
    by this stuff that you can't do anything
    once you're in there just like the mist
    or whatever
    like I were all just kidding me getting
    destroyed by the enemy this is how it's
    supposed to happen
    yeah I think the mountaintops really
    good like it's really good
    oh we got a heroic I guess it's just
    killed a servitors okay just feet P oh
    my god [ __ ] y'all Walker baby oh my oh
    my good we got three minutes I don't
    know man
    we gonna have to stay in there anymore
    but don't worry I guess I guess what
    no this is insane I don't know if we
    have enough like firepower to quell this
    over right now
    not what's not with what we got curly
    Guardian the five seconds bond but
    yo what is this bro one the world's
    starting down trove guardian
    immune okay that's great
    I don't think we're gonna get this done
    oh my god let me melting point I'm going
    in there we go
    nice more people showing up as well I
    like to see all this heavy I'm going for
    it guys oh I don't think I got it
    don't don't go for the reason y'all 780
    that's why I didn't get the heavy dump
    all right I think we're gonna be fine
    you just got gotta get a little more
    damn it can we're good
    done with my much hand oh we got a nice
    Oh Roy I love you anything different for
    that I flew there I'll take that some
    boots see what we get from the chest as
    well I'm gonna go ahead and put this on
    I got a helmet I'll take it
    look out generic my character looks
    right now I'm tempted to put on just any
    gun that's dropping for me and stuff

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    like if I put on everything that's high
    right now I mean I might as well right
    why not give us the old school of old
    school stuff to do in this game
    all right quest that gave us 62% want
    you to do just more I guess the patrols
    and stuff we can do this one I guess
    this is ready just go kill a random
    enemy I think
    it's gonna use blue weapons and armor
    for a bit until I get to 900 apparently
    I don't want to like waste my I want to
    like waste all my resources trying to
    just like inch everything forward to the
    max light I want to try to get to 900
    the soft cap and then start infusing
    stuff because then it'll actually matter
    then so it's like a lost sector they
    actually have stone knives swords just
    skulls I don't know what's worth I'm
    pretty sure stalls are far worse
    nightmare everything's a nightmare in
    this game I'm gonna use this they know
    it's bad the misfit sexy a really good
    gun if it had fourth times a charm and
    triple tap or something like that it'd
    be nice we get anything for this I don't
    think we do all right
    see what we're at now percentage-wise
    seventy five okay
    go back out there the heroic thing
    actually brought us up a lot there's
    another one going on I'm gonna go back
    to the main area just like look around
    all right what we did all the stuff now
    I'm going to talk to air support again
    and we just had to be like controls and
    stuff it was kind of like some side
    activities but in the depths of the
    Hellmouth my very soul was shattered
    into pieces it was all I could do to try
    and pick them up again but some pieces
    as you can see required replacing I must
    call upon one of them now an ancient
    talisman imbued with the magic of the
    hive without it the true power of the
    nightmare essence could not be harnessed
    through their union we take our first
    step toward unearthing the secrets of
    the pyramid but it is
    only a step further essences require
    further hive magic neither of which I
    possess acquire both and our paths to
    the pyramid should present itself

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    Oh a basis like trading out the
    materials yeah here we go
    uh we got titan mark eight what in the
    eight twelve no way that's insane that's
    so much higher than my current stuff
    what in the world why is that so high
    all of a sudden that's crazy
    I did get on the gun though that's even
    higher than that look at that I'm
    gaining light level like crazy they said
    the soft cat was nine hundred so so now
    what we do it looks like we got it done
    we got a story mission over here nice
    all right this one's 770's so not too
    bad a model see just use them whatever
    the game gives me as far as weapons and
    armor for right now that was kind of
    unexpected to get something so high said
    like that early on I don't know that's
    kind of crazy
    cuz that means that if it always drops
    that high like I don't know if it's like
    scaled or what when I play on my second
    third character like it's gonna be what
    can I go up here I don't think I can
    I'm just like trying to dig a shortcut
    didn't work out all right here we go
    here we go start mission all right nice
    so I had to raise my desk up a little
    hunt the nightmare of omnigul so we're
    going we had the nightmare of crota a
    minute ago son of Oryx and now we got
    omnigul why they are just bringing back
    the moon in full force this wait this is
    that area are they saying the first game
    it's like we've awoken to hi yo that's
    crazy this is the same spot I'm pretty
    sure and I knew we were coming back to
    the moon I just didn't know it'd be the
    exact is this is exactly like destiny
    one a lot of spots to look like very
    familiar devotion is a dangerous thing
    when it came to now uses against us
    to fall to that which we have conquered
    not today
    yeah they brought back the sound effects
    and everything that's crazy I'm happy
    they did that though this game is slowly
    becoming destiny one again which they
    took away a lot of great content Kings
    fall apart my overall favorite raid ever
    maybe it was like the time period I
    think my last wish was my second
    favorite but last wish in general was
    just a really good raid but Kings fall I
    just felt like was a masterpiece as far

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    as like the lore behind it to build up
    they had never done a raid like that and
    it just you know wasn't to have a raid
    that technical that early on was pretty
    awesome and then they follow that that
    by wrath of the Machine or whatever it
    yeah this is just like the other area I
    feel like I'm playing d1 right now all
    the sudden I'm not mad at that maybe
    that'll like give them maybe that will
    have like an excuse if they ever while
    they are T I guess mercury for like
    vaults the glass if it was America I
    can't remember
    if they brought back that raid Rastas
    machine I'm pretty sure was fallen so
    that was like on earth most likely and
    then Kings fall was I don't remember
    exactly but we kind of cool to just
    experience those again all right we got
    something good here hold on I'm getting
    a lot of class mods
    all right let's change this out finally
    775 I got a good role on that too
    let me I don't want to lead anything I
    guess I'll just whatever hang on to this
    I should have made some more spots open
    duel hang cannons right now with a sword
    not a good one all right yeah this is
    just like the other life took like
    they've remastered it looks like C
    rampage got nerfed hard so
    oh nice oh is that oh this one of those
    Mele thing I forgot about those inspect
    okay we got just some lore I guess I
    wonder if we're gonna go to the air
    where you actually fight crota like in
    the first game this is just like that
    one area this is like that strike you
    had to it's like part of at least
    obviously these like floating bodies
    weren't here but I'm just happy I'm
    leveling up so fast cuz I think the
    first part of the raid is gonna be eight
    ninety caps so like the fact that I'm RT
    like I already got a eight hundred
    something piece it's kind of crazy you
    definitely don't to infuse anything
    until I get to nine hundred or close to
    this gun actually does alright
    I love the swords in these games too
    hoping to I need to probably go to the
    tower and like move some stuff out of my
    inventory yeah I can't even pick that up
    and that's probably higher than what I

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    currently have what can I get I'm gonna
    I don't know what to delete I need to
    get rid of something though hold on let
    me see if I can move something away I'm
    gonna go screams oh it looks like I
    can't hold on do it again I guess got to
    see what this is because if I can't see
    my inventory I use destiny item manager
    on my computer so I'm trying to like
    load it up right now cuz I don't know
    what level this is and I don't want to
    delete something so contacting destiny
    two servers that's not good
    oh this is that room I remember this
    nightmare bomb to go nice [ __ ] there's
    gonna be a lot of server problems for
    the first leg maybe day or two
    especially with the free to play thing
    now and the cross save Manas I mean
    there's a lot going on right now at this
    game I think it's in the biggest slight
    uptick as far as player bases it's ever
    been which is why I'm glad they're you
    know sticking with it for so long not
    just like jumping straight to destiny 3
    or whatever
    kind of want a melting point
    I guess the unstable essence
    what it does exactly maybe I do like
    more damage or but I started attacker
    defend us she was immune but
    you'll hang penance is not the way
    yes she's so I think if you have
    unstable essence okay this needs neither
    weight can you be damaged right now I
    think you gotta kill all the ads before
    maybe that it would like to nightmares
    like cutter win for her right there
    I'm in an amo so fast
    accepted to put back on the mountaintop
    just for for the hell of it but I don't
    okay now yes she's immune it's the
    enemy's you have to take out thought is
    see if I can get this going I couldn't
    put on the Pentagon Greaves or whatever
    they're called and jump and do melees

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    oh it's gonna take her down
    laid for us for the wind stuff we got
    for now anyway did you retrieve any
    further essence we did this time unique
    to this nightmare
    I see then we will uncover its secrets
    together until then the hive await you
    inside the Scarlet keep let me know what
    you find within alright nice probably
    gonna take us to the tower really quick
    since that's the otter manager is not
    working right now cuz I think the
    server's just overloaded with everything
    right now

    Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Full Game Review and Campaign Mission 1 of the Single Player Campaign for PS4 Pro, Xbox ...


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    1. I haven’t played Destiny 2 since, I wanna say the Warmind Expansion, and that’s when I bought the game and I didn’t play too far into the first storyline because I was having a bunch ADHD moments where I was supposed to be completing the Red War but I kept getting sidetracked by Public Events(and Heroic Public Events) and killing enemies to point of reaching the early level cap of 30 before I left the Electric Water planet and now what’s drawing me back is my work buddies(who happens to be my mentors) started back playing it so I’m going to reinstall it on my hard drive and play with them, so I wanted to see what changed because I’m woefully in the dark after however ago it was since I last played.

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