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    SearchThisVideo: Destiny 2 – THE WITCH QUEEN! VENUS! NEW EXOTIC HAMMER?!

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    welcome back this is an exotic engram
    destiny's most
    iconic item players have been chasing
    these shiny gold nuggets for seven
    years now be your light witch queen
    lightfall and now a fourth new expansion
    are all set to deliver even more loot
    for years to come and let's not forget
    the story that by the time it ends we'll
    have spanned an
    entire decade an epic tell the bungie is
    calling the light and darkness saga and
    the witch queen will be a crucial
    chapter in this story
    in this video we're going to look at how
    bungie is going all in on this 2022
    and how a certain warlock will light a
    narrative bombshell that'll have
    major consequences we're also going to
    look at the loot and new exotic catalyst
    you'll be chasing in the april guardian
    games event
    plus some huge changes coming in season
    including the return of venus the return
    of ada as a new tower vendor and get
    bungee is scrapping power caps for all
    weapons and armor
    forever no more sunsetting oh
    and in season 15 bungie's introducing
    legendary stasis weapons yeah i know i'm
    scared too
    we're also going to look at the
    possibility of bungie revealing a brand
    new melee weapon at some point in the
    an exotic hammer yes please and why did
    key employees of bungie tweet out these
    super cryptic tweets what's all the
    crazy hype about what are they
    celebrating we're gonna investigate yeah
    there's a lot to talk about so let's
    setting well do this
    but first let's have a party balloons
    cake confetti
    shadow legends yes raid is now two years
    old and to help celebrate the game raid
    asked me a few questions
    if you could date any champion in the
    game who would it be and why well i mean
    it's gotta be tronda cause
    where's your favorite place to play the
    game on the ultimate gaming chair while
    taking a sh what made you fall in love
    with raid
    easy the loot there's nothing more
    satisfying than cracking open a sacred
    shard to reveal the champion within
    and then selecting your favorite champs
    to take on the campaign bosses in a loot
    to make your champs even more powerful
    and check it out for the next six weeks
    raid has special anniversary events and
    tournaments to help you rack up that
    now brand new players get 100 000 silver
    50 gems three ancient childs and this
    epic champion who help you take on doom
    tower for the next 30 days only you can
    claim all this free loot by clicking the
    inbox here on your home screen
    so yeah download the game for free on
    android ios and pc by clicking the links
    in the description box below
    or scanning this qr code free game free
    simply pulls the screen and scan the
    code it really is that easy nice one
    so yeah guardian games kicks off april
    20th and of course there'll be new loot
    up for grabs
    exotic ghosts sparrows and these new arm
    ornaments that can be purchased from
    eververse and much like the last
    guardian games event warlocks hunters
    and titans will compete to see which
    class reigns supreme
    can we just make sure those titans scum
    don't win again
    now personally i'm most excited for the
    new exotic catalyst that will be able to
    earn during guardian games the heir
    apparent catalyst legions bull book it
    increases the weapons arch shield
    durability making it even more tanky and
    partially reloads the magazine if this

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    shield is destroyed now once you've
    acquired the catalyst you'll need to
    kill 700 enemies with this weapon in
    order to unlock it which won't prove a
    problem because this weapon
    pretty much cuts through everything
    right let's now talk about all the big
    changes coming in season 14
    there are some doozes you know first up
    aida returns as a new tower vendor
    she now has the ability to transform any
    piece of armor you have in your
    collections into a universal ornament
    yep that's right aida is now in charge
    of destiny's new transmog system the
    thing is
    you'll need to pay for her services
    completing ada's new bounties will
    reward you with synthesis tokens
    needed to turn any armor piece in your
    collection into a universal ornament
    but if you don't fancy grinding out
    these tokens by completing her bounties
    you can choose to buy them with silver
    so yeah in season 14 you can truly pimp
    your guardian
    to get you started at the beginning of
    the season there'll be a quest that
    rewards you with synthesis tokens and
    get this shaders are now permanent
    unlocks so you'll no longer have stacks
    of them clogging up your inventory
    this new appearance customization screen
    will allow you to apply shaders
    individually or on
    all equipped armor pieces with one
    simple click hurrah
    also in season 14 huge news bungie's
    scrapping power caps on armor and
    weapons for good which means i'll be
    able to use my beloved falling
    guillotine sword forever
    however bungie still has the power to
    nerf individual weapons
    you know to keep the meta fresh and to
    stop a single weapon from dominating in
    for example fair winters lie season 14
    will also see the return of walter glass
    as well as venus the planet on which the
    raid is set
    bungie will also add a master version of
    this raid in which you can earn adept
    raid gear now players looking to claim
    the world's first belt will not only
    have to complete the raid but also a
    list of raid related triumphs which
    should definitely make this race a lot
    more interesting
    other season 14 highlights include
    gilded title enhancements these titles
    will now display in game how many times
    you've guilded them i mean if you've got
    it flaunt it right but what about trials
    i hear you ask well bundy wants to make
    trials more accessible to players of all
    skill sets by making sure you're less
    likely to encounter sweaty three stacks
    on your first game
    thus increasing your chance of hitting a
    decent win streak and perhaps most
    exciting of all bungie has teased a solo
    freelance mode for trials not to mention
    a bigger crackdown on
    cheaters and there's more in season 15
    we finally get cross play across all
    don't worry pc players won't be match
    made with console players in the
    crucible and also in season 15
    bungie will introduce legendary stasis
    and power weapons as for the witch queen
    well this has been delayed until early
    2022 to give bungie more time to work on
    it here's what we know so far according
    to bungie the witch queen is a crucial
    chapter in the story of destiny it's an
    unlike anything the studio has attempted
    before introducing characters both
    heroes and villains that will appear in
    multiple future releases
    and yes it's been confirmed that ikora
    ray will play a key role in this
    now this is what bungie had to say about
    the delay with so much dependent on what
    happens in the witch queen we wanted to
    make sure that we gave ourselves enough
    time to build out this journey in the

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    right way
    starting with an exceptional first
    chapter in the witch queen
    next up is bungie gonna introduce exotic
    hammers into destiny
    well forbes writer paul tassie has a
    rather compelling theory as to why he
    thinks the answer is yes
    and i gotta say i'm kind of sold on it
    first up is the fact that within the
    game there already exists an animation
    in which our guardian smashes open
    tribute chests with a hammer of proving
    now it's not hard to imagine this is an
    actual melee weapon as paul tassie
    points out why go to the trouble of
    putting together this specific animation
    just to open a chest
    and check out this tweet from community
    manager cosmo regarding three peaking in
    crucible the team is aware of the
    feedback around three peaking and
    currently discussing possible options
    no promises as we are still
    investigating what changes are viable
    since it's a complicated issue that
    affects both emote swords and any
    potential future third-person weapons
    now let me repeat that last bit any
    potential future third-person weapons
    could this be hinting at the
    introduction of a new melee weapon
    perhaps a hammer
    now bungie is no stranger to battering
    things with hammers
    halo fans will no doubt have fond
    memories of the gravity hammer a brutal
    melee weapon used to smash
    enemies into oblivion could destiny
    finally follow suit with a hammer of its
    i certainly hope so i've linked
    pultasi's original article in the
    description box below be sure to check
    it out next up a series of tweets from
    key members of bungie studios that were
    all posted on the same day and seem to
    be hyping up well we
    we don't know the tweets are pretty
    cryptic but point towards something that
    the studio is very excited about
    we just have no idea what that something
    may be now one of these tweets came from
    christopher barrett who is the director
    of an unannounced game at bungie
    could these tweets be referring to
    bungie's brand new ip a non-destiny game
    currently known as mata now if you'd
    like to learn more about this new ip
    i've made a full video of it which you
    can watch by simply clicking the
    on-screen image
    if you're a big fan of bungie this video
    is definitely worth a watch
    so yeah i hope you enjoyed the video if
    you did you can help it out by giving it
    a thumbs up
    i genuinely appreciate them and yeah
    take care and we'll speak again
    very soon

    Destiny 2 News! Witch Queen! Venus Raid! Exotic Hammer?! Paul Tassi's Article: https://tinyurl.com/u23rbkv8 Gravity Hammer Gameplay: ...


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    Comment (44)

    1. Sunsetting is only partially being revoked. Only weapons n armor that can currently reach max light are safe from being sunset. All others will remain useless…

    2. Also the Titan-exclusive sword from vanilla Crown Splitter had a slam-style heavy attack. They could've made that, the Hunter-exclusive Quick Fang, (which also had a unique run animation) and the Warlock's Eternity Edge into exotic quests.

      Missed opportunity, Bungo

    3. Bungie's getting real lazy lately.
      Just adding stuff from D1.
      So they better deliver with witch queen.

      Also fuck ikora, get her outta here. Shit character. Ban. Avoid.

    4. 5:23 Music to my fucking wars no More fucking shotgunners and titans with fucking close AIM assist i hope they nerf EVERY FUCKING shotgun in the game. Way to go bungie lets goooooo!!!!!

    5. If bungie releases another game then why was the point of focusing on destiny as a long term MMO just to split production for another game

    6. 6:29 Yeah both you and paul tassi clearly don't play titans, That animation is code of devastator super's heavy attack. It has been in destiny since forsaken, So nothing new…

    7. I have an idea that could majorly make guardian games more fair this year
      Hear me out, what if they added a handicap system
      Let me explain how it would work: The Guardian Games handicap system would involve balancing the class spectrum to make it fair on all fields, basically whichever class won last years Guardian Games, would get a debuff, or how I like to call a Handicap for this year's game's , in order to not let any class with an obvious advantage in a certain scenario*Cough*TITANS*Cough*, so that they can have an easy win

    8. bungo canceled witch queen for 2021 and moved it to 2022. this year will be so boring and refreshed content like joke season of the chosen, still biggest joke of the year guardian games ahead of us


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