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    SearchThisVideo: DESTINY 2 "WARMIND" Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (DLC)

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    alright man welcome welcome back to
    destiny two guys war mine DLC just
    dropped them a little bit late to the
    party but I figured I originally I
    wasn't gonna play this and I posted on
    Twitter asking people what videos I'd
    like to see a lot of people actually
    wanted to see this so I figured I would
    just kind of play through it it's only
    gonna be two to three videos I did play
    this on my hunter already just really to
    kind of get back into the swing of
    things cuz I did stop playing after
    cursor for Cyrus I think I did the raid
    layer and then I stopped completely so
    and it all likes to drop on this really
    greatly appreciated I might be
    completing this whole thing and just a
    few videos so kind of hard to follow up
    god of war with anything such a massive
    game but until Detroit become human
    comes out and stated a k2 I figured I
    would just play some random stuff from
    this kind of fell into my lap so alright
    guys love you all and let's do this
    life is a delicate thing Guardian Oh
    faith love
    in an instant of they're gone
    everything you've sworn to protect his
    lost and all you're left with his
    silence and shadow and the knowledge
    that you should have done more
    could we have defeated Gaul if the
    traveler hadn't awakened and what of the
    next threat or the next what then the
    traveler is awakened in the aid of
    legends of quartz and the shadow of the
    light our universe is a beautiful
    terrible place where I once saw miracles
    now I see monsters some bastard we have
    that's what a guardian does
    guardians aren't supposed to investigate
    their past that's the rule but I'm not
    good with rules not when there's this
    much at stake
    the Clovis Bray tech in that building
    allowed us to colonize the system during
    the Golden Age we they sought to create
    peace for all humanity which is ironic
    because they also built Rasputin the
    single most powerful weapon in the solar
    system either way it's all been entombed
    on Mars since the collapse along with
    something far more terrifying

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    the red war is over but Gauls forces
    with what remains of them have been
    scavenging during their retreat and now
    that war SATs are falling out of orbit
    near Mars
    the Cabal are headed there too I'll plot
    a landing course
    let's try to bend our channel thank God
    access code zero three Zoo
    get away from micro seafood are you
    requesting backup
    I repeat I need backup down there this
    frequency is reserved for official
    Vanguard business so look whoever this
    is kids you've got one of the uptight
    Oh kite I'm uploading coordinates to a
    safe landing zone please hurry
    all right but you're going to owe us for
    this one I wouldn't have called you down
    here unless it was absolutely critical
    the most dangerous weapon in this system
    is on this planet and an entire army of
    hive is trying to destroy it I need your
    we've touched down on the surface of
    Mars Guardian what's your status are you
    safe for now but there's a whole lot
    safe between us and the Clovis Bray
    facility which is where we need to be
    what's so important there for SATs like
    the one that almost hit you on approach
    have been dropping out of a sky since I
    got here which usually means only one
    Rasputin the greatest weapon of the
    Golden Age you were talking about but
    the facility one of the cool things
    they've actually updated so this is like
    the go fast update did they implement I
    hadn't played sense in but you get your
    supers faster you move a little bit
    and he also increased some of the exotic

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    weapons to actually fill more exotic and
    the graviton lads into what I'm using
    right now absolutely amazing
    the SunShot was also nice I might kind
    of go through different ones but I just
    haven't been able to use this in a
    little while so figured I would try it
    so the max level is 30 the soft cap for
    I guess power level is 345 all the way
    X's 1 passes enemies hold on while I'm
    senator fight them and he just get out
    of here hold on
    oh my god what the hell killed me Thrall
    Oh throw exploder behind me I did not
    even see that I can't move a died right
    there it's one way to start welcome back
    to destiny - but the soft cap is 345 and
    then after that you can't gotta rely on
    in-game stuff like the raids the
    nightfall everything else to get the 385
    I don't know if I'll ever get there I'm
    gonna put the raid lair when it drops I
    may or may not do a video on it I'm not
    absolutely sure yet but I just I really
    enjoyed the last one I thought it was a
    step in the right direction I could have
    played this with people but I really
    just wanted to they just wanted to see
    how I can do what myself - the first
    time I played it I just kind of messed
    around the sitter talking to like six
    other people while playing it so all
    tension was kind of distracted all right
    let me just get out of this spot the
    cool thing is there's uh the last boss
    of this DLC was absolutely nuts and I
    was kind of surprised I thought it
    looked like a red ball some of I'm
    really excited to get to that part I
    thought about honestly trying all this
    in one video but I'd be a little long
    happy about us sticking around brave he
    wants the past to stay buried but we
    need to get in there to find out what's
    going on with recipes well yeah I think
    I'm thinking two to three videos for
    this if the next big update for the game
    is going to be fall that's the one
    everybody was gonna really want to check
    out our you saw in the background once
    you could pull out your Sparrow right
    here I guess not
    this is the new patrol area by the way
    this is going back to Mars everything
    which before it was infected with COBOL
    not affected really but this had cabal

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    on in the first game mostly this time
    has got some high a little bit of a this
    is this is also so when you do the new
    control area there's these things called
    uh then what is it called I think it's
    like an extinction protocol or something
    I think I think I'm saying that word
    right you know there's so much damage I
    saw also love to graviton lanced new
    ability because it actually reminds me
    of a voidwalker class
    you ever got the clue this out it looks
    all right let's get out of spot
    oh my goodness y'all about to get melted
    about to get melted no that's so close
    let's get back
    one thing about this exotic is you can't
    kill yourself if you're not careful
    another over behind you really
    the same one
    yeah I might get recta here.how gonna be
    I'm not gonna do trials as well like I
    haven't I just haven't played this game
    in so long because I didn't oh boy
    no oh my goodness it's gonna hurt you up
    on top of this it would be kind of cool
    you go back this way
    - like the better Devils it is uh always
    been good but I don't know how much
    better it is not enough they nerfed or
    buffed the explosive payload with it
    all right should be down and it kind of
    took a little longer than expected I
    might to take off the sniper and put on
    the rocket launcher from the rain we're
    clear where to next research facility
    buried inside a glacier where do you
    think meet me at the entrance to Clovis
    Bray put on the sleeper I did the quest
    for this which it's kind of random how
    you get it but you have to find these 45
    different things on this little area hey
    you made it
    actually yes we did well there were a

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    lot of them but you did great come on
    let's see what's hiding in here besides
    hordes and hordes of frozen high if I
    you to clear a path will I try to find a
    way into Clovis brain we've encountered
    war minds before but I Cora said
    Rasputin was trapped on earth operating
    across multiple system simultaneously so
    all those time the vanguard was trying
    to talk to him in the cosmodrome they
    were engaging fragments of recipe who
    left behind after the collapse but his
    core mind was always here that's the one
    thing I do like about this DLC so far at
    the cutscene at the beginning was
    amazing hi IA looked so good
    let me see how this thing works a little
    bit of uh that just disintegrate him try
    denied you see but I'd got some stuff I
    don't end up to use it until I was
    playing showing you guys everything
    apparently if you aim at the feet though
    let me see if this it's not gonna matter
    with this thing obviously
    dad likes marked-up obviously I've
    missed that thing but I have it's cool
    to see
    Jex bolsa brown's still seem really good
    what they might've nerfed it it was like
    overpowered I do Chi I do count like the
    direction they went with progressing is
    more you do the endgame stuff really
    more than anything else that's kind of
    how it all works out which is fine I'm
    completely cool with that I just I don't
    know I guess well like time will tell
    how it affects like the player base and
    stuff I'm kind of looking for dumb the
    big fall update more than anything cuz
    that was gonna be like the taking King
    and it's gonna be amazing
    can't wait Carly's nickname comments I
    don't know what that means but going to
    be sick through here it's funny even
    though I've already done this once I
    seriously was so distracted I kind of
    remember where we were going
    then we gonna kill the enemies right
    here hold on
    still not it
    you saw a little bit of red on the radar
    still it might be over here yep here it
    is oh this is probably the one always
    the big guy

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    take the the next smells that someone
    like the next big game I know I got D
    choice become human coming out but if
    I'm not mistaken beta decay is actually
    coming out pretty soon I think it's
    before that actually so exciting to see
    what's gonna happen I'm here I'm really
    here I can't believe it Clovis Bray
    maybe throw the bat is encrypted good
    thing I know a few tricks at least that
    seems to run in the family
    welcome to the clueless brain research
    facility the fabled cradle of invention
    of Mars you are part of an important
    moment in history together we will
    strive to reach beyond the stars
    remember you are clueless brain and
    we're in business
    alright let's do it to it I'll show you
    this real quick alright I can't shoot
    right now there we go
    I love that it is uh sick oh yeah rest
    butan score I remember coming here it's
    funny cuz they have the storyline for
    this game I'm so surprised like
    Christmas I was actually wasn't too
    she's about a four-hour DLC this one was
    what he's like less than half that which
    is fine it's fairly a different team
    worked on this one short and sweet Ben I
    don't have a short campaign that's
    actually like filled with stuff than
    something long and kind of drawn-out
    they're swarming the core let me try to
    access the security systems
    this is gonna be a pain hold on going up
    I don't think we have to actually fight
    any of those I just keep going up
    there's maybe a Palmer had to stop
    nice let's get it man oh my goodness

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    oh yeah the new Valkyrie
    this thing absolutely shreds I didn't
    get a chance to use it yet
    first I was playing with this next
    oh boy hold on
    I can keep grabbing them nice all my
    that is so sick
    probably my favorites I guess weapon in
    the game that's like not something you
    could run around with kind of grab
    another one yeah
    now there's like no way to beat these
    must use this because those enemies
    Oh easy what is that one I'm so dead yo
    that's crazy
    I should do it
    one thing I like about this is not ammo
    related this time related I think maybe
    he's inside
    hello Guardian Oh shakes what do you
    think you're doing do you have any idea
    how dangerous this thing is what were
    you trying to do to Rasputin Rasputin is
    Vanguard business Anastasia not yours
    you do not belong here
    I beg your pardon you belong in the city
    but instead of standing by your brothers
    and sisters when gold King Porus
    you were here doing what you always do
    what you were never supposed to do I did
    what I believed to be right I came here
    to protect humanity isn't that what
    guardians are supposed to do this is a
    war of many fronts and there's more than
    one way to fight it Zavala look you
    tried to shield the entire world but you

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    can't there's got to be a better way do
    you think Rasputin is the answer it's
    gone silent it's a broken weapon too
    dangerous to be left alone and too
    unpredictable to wield that might be
    true or maybe he has nothing to say
    maybe just maybe we never bothered to
    ask him what he wanted I don't have time
    to go through this with you again you
    had no right I have every right
    you don't understand the connection I
    share with rest butan here let me show
    you okay we should really figure out
    exactly what's doing that I can tell you
    Rasputin was not the only thing to
    awaken on Mars all right guys we were at
    the next mission it's actually on the
    EDC area on earth so here we go offworld
    it's the takin they're jamming me Oh Stu
    taking taking blight interference okay
    this is axiom pretty this is just like
    the public event actually Claire
    somebody's falling first you have to
    destroy the stuff in the middle I'll
    show you guys in a second which actually
    I'm thinking let me go ahead and swap
    back to the graviton lets me hi really
    quick cuz this missions gonna be a pain
    without it oh speaking of that I might
    put a level up my chess piece look quick
    hold on yeah there we go
    3:45 I need to get an extra five on the
    bond and the chess piece and that it
    should be good then it's the soft cab
    then it's just hoping to get the good
    stuff from any kind of drops I don't
    think you can power boost from exotic
    engrams anymore but I think you can I
    think it's mostly just like the rate and
    stuff is what they want to really focus
    on the raid the nightfall
    son sounds completely different - I love
    you can't damage yourself though you
    have to be careful alright so I gotta go

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00
    in here and just make it happen
    oh [ __ ]
    I mean something that's going to do a
    lot of damage like right out the box you
    didn't move on with my rocket launcher
    really quick let me just see if I can
    somehow get it done
    all right let me see if I can move it
    should pop up yeah there we go
    the item manager works so good I need to
    get some heavy something that are going
    there and destroying like one or two
    Oh didn't take it out I might pop I
    don't know
    there goes 33% so that's one of
    two more looks like
    we saw those few games I actually
    thought about streaming I think I'm so
    I'm so hyped for the division to more
    than any other game mainly because I
    can't wait I'm gonna probably beat the
    story if you like my normal videos and
    then I really would love to scream the
    dark zone if that is a new thing in the
    game like if they have I guess if that's
    the same kind of dark zone this in the
    first game where it's just constant
    stuff happening I may never go outside
    I really don't know
    all right it's down over here let me I'm
    actually gonna noble bomb this one I
    don't know maybe I should shoot this one
    mm the next one
    no you get him back quick enough
    that's that's still good
    I haven't seen any this stuff for the
    new rate layer but I've heard it is
    going to be fantastic we finally get to
    meet Cal is best at least what I've
    heard like a rumor I don't know if
    that's true or not and that would be
    I love the lore behind those two raids
    old callous thing is really interesting
    to me yeah all thank you find I right
    yeah I'm okay it's not a it's not a no
    respawn area so I'm gonna run in throw
    this grenade shoot it a couple times all
    the enemies on the right though hold on
    yes I've got a lock

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    because I can't tell if my character
    runs any faster with the go-fast up I
    don't know if that was just my auto fam
    it like the characters move faster or if
    it was a super energy increased type
    either way game just feels a lot faster
    overall that singed a little bit didn't
    I really want to play this game on PC
    and actually have it on PC but I'll tell
    you man it's sight
    Gamzee cross-play like big-time that's
    one thing like fortnight did do right is
    I can get on my PC play on the same
    account that I'm on on ps4 night I feel
    like if more games had that then the PC
    player base would have more people a
    long like because everybody is in one
    area you know
    but they do that with this game
    eventually which meant
    haha I'm going on the computer never
    getting off at 60 frames is nice I've
    even played it on there but I just I
    there's no way I can do all this again
    three characters the full story both DLC
    one thing I did do even though wasn't
    playing it for the longest time I did
    actually go through let me just I did
    actually go through each week I would
    log on by the Ingram from xur to get a
    unique exotic supposed to destroy this I
    thought I'll just scan it first I'll
    respond restricted
    usually when that happens it's one enemy
    do you really gotta kill before anything
    progresses more than I don't think it

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    was that one
    madness guns too good I hope that all
    I don't know if it's when you get a
    precision kill or what I've just noticed
    when I kill something in a crowd it has
    to melts everything around it
    Oh hold on will you force her back
    they're hiding in the bushes
    kinda wanna back up this is I don't want
    to mess up right now and get kind of
    that's what after me last time
    it's probably crazy like does it go if
    you go back and check out my older or
    destiny 2 videos like so when the first
    game came out I loved the Alpha and the
    beta it was comedians a struggle that's
    first strike the devil's lair I think it
    was if you fight that tank the first
    time you dare fight you're there for
    like 45 minutes and
    hi guys it's been an absolute aha
    endless wave of enemies
    I'm gonna Nova bomb the first big enemy
    I see up there oh here we go there we go
    like play looks different for the rest
    oh boy no no no no give me be careful
    works at armed and Inquisition
    requesting orbital support
    and how did you get it to fire I asked
    him Rasputin was created to help
    humanity doesn't secure the peace of the
    traveler and get back to Mars it's time
    to go to oh wow I get a milestone

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    completed for that had no idea

    Destiny 2 Warmind DLC Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 includes a DLC Review, Single Player Campaign and Main Story Mission 1 of the Destiny 2 DLC Single ...


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    1. I dont know if the game is broken but when I'm using my weapons on the Hive, It just bounces off of them… I dont know if the expansion is broken or I need new weapons. Can someone help me please.

    2. The ice and I are going through and getting caught up and we just finished the Osiris bit and about to do warmind.
      We play on really good gear with multiple curved 35” 144hz screens and this game looks and plays amazing. We haven’t put the 2080ti’s in yet but the dual 1080ti’s on each machine are chugging along really well especially when there’s a ton of shit going on in public events where a lot of machines will bog down and hit min frames.
      I’m in the new LG’s and the wife is on the Acers. Her gamma is a tad better but my ms and response is a tad better but it looks really good with all that gaming real estate. Give it a try sometime. I’m not sure how it is on console as your vids look pretty good nonetheless

    3. I've just got the dlc and it doesn't seem to be working, I havnt even played these missions in the campaign I dont understand why it doesn't seem to be working properly


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