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    SearchThisVideo: Destiny 2 | Warmind | Walkthrough | Part 1 | Introduction | Pc Gameplay

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    life is a delicate fingering oh no no in
    an instant peacefully you've swallowed I
    take this loss though you left with
    salmon sashimi and the knowledge she
    should have done me could we have
    defeated goals the traveler hadn't to
    Wickham and what is for the next what
    then the traveler is a wizard in the age
    of Legends upon us in the shadow of the
    universe is a beautiful or daily place
    where I once saw miracles now I see
    monsters some master
    that's what a guardian star
    guardians aren't supposed to investigate
    their past that's the rule but I'm not
    good with rules not when there's this
    much at stake the Clovis Bray tech in
    that building allowed us to colonize the
    system during the Golden Age we they
    sought to create peace for all humanity
    which is ironic because they also built
    Rasputin the single most powerful weapon
    in the solar system either way I've I've
    been entombed on Mars since the collapse
    along with something far more terrifying
    it was my daughter said that

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    you know something
    just wanders over but calls forces what
    remains was a business gasps oh gee
    during their retreat and now that war
    SATs are falling out of orbit near Mars
    the car bomber hit although I'll plot a
    landing course
    private band our channel this frequency
    is reserved we shall bend our business
    so look whether this is you've got one
    of the uptight goes it's tight all right
    but you're going to owe us for this one
    I wouldn't have called you down here and
    is really critical hmm the most
    dangerous weapon in this system in this
    room and an entire army of high we've
    touched down on the surface
    what's your status Clovis Bray facility

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    which is where we need to do what's so
    important their approach in the sky
    since I got you which usually means only
    one thing
    Reis Emil he was the greatest weapon of
    the Golden Age you were talking about
    but that's impossible
    Nik una cosa papa
    I've never seen hide like this before as
    far as I know they don't exist anywhere
    but here
    sure yeah

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    what was I
    Pando apologies
    so let me show you the Guardian is still
    with me Leia we're clear where to next
    we found a golden age research facility
    buried inside a glacier where do you
    think me me at the entrance to Clovis
    so actually yes we did well there were a
    lot of them but you did great come on
    let's see what's hiding in here besides
    hordes and hordes of frozen hive I mean

    Destiny 2 | Warmind | Walkthrough | Part 1 | Introduction | Pc Gameplay. Warmind is the second DLC expansion for Destiny 2, and was released on May 8th, ...


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