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    what is up everybody
    it is me devil never cry end of this is
    a crash course beginner's guide to Devil
    May Cry 3 special edition as always make
    sure you subscribe to stay up to date
    with anything and everything at DMC
    without another way let's just dive
    right into what this video is gonna be
    so I'll be going over some basic things
    that you should probably know when
    you're playing this game I'll go through
    a mission and then I'll talk about the
    basic systems of the game so that you
    guys are all well aware of what is going
    on with this fantastic game first off I
    like to play this game with turbo mode
    enabled it's often the options here as
    you can see what this means is that the
    game will run 20% faster than the base
    speed this is an exclusive to the
    special edition this is purely by choice
    you might struggle with it initially if
    you haven't played this game before but
    in the long run it tends to pay off well
    so I'm gonna leave that on for the time
    being of course you're gonna be hitting
    new game and at first you won't have the
    option to switch between Virgil or Dante
    simply because to unlock Virgil's
    campaign you have to be dante's that's
    your incentive for getting through the
    game I guess you could say obviously
    you're gonna want me to twirl on
    especially for a first time playthrough
    this tends to be the same for most games
    these days and then you're gonna have no
    option for difficulty here because the
    only way to unlock ez mode is either by
    dying a bunch of times in normal mode or
    by beating normal mode in general it
    will automatically unlock ez mode the
    cool thing about this is that if you do
    happen to struggle on normal mode then
    you can go and swap over to ez mode and
    then perhaps once you've gotten better
    or you feel more confident you can swap
    back to normal mode and you'll be able
    to do that by the mission select menu
    which we'll see in just a moment this is
    a big one that you're going to want to
    pay attention to and that is the orb
    system here so gold and yellow orbs once
    you pick one you'll be locked into it
    for the remainder of that save file and
    you'll never be able to switch so it's
    probably worth listening and knowing
    they are if you pick gold mode or gold
    orb mode this essentially means that
    you'll have an infinite amount of
    restarts at checkpoint if you die if you
    happen to have a gold orb on you whilst
    you die you'll instantly revive the
    moment that you died with a full health
    bar for Devil Trigger bar and the sort
    of state of the game will be as if you
    didn't die so if you've damaged an enemy
    that damage will stay and if you've
    cleared out of room that room stay
    cleared things like that yellow is
    completely on the other side if you die
    on yellow mode and you have no yellow
    orbs you don't get a restart at
    checkpoint you have to restart the
    entire mission if you do have yellow
    orbs on you the yellow orbs act as the

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    restart at checkpoint system so the
    yellow mode is a lot more punishing you
    have a finite amount of restarts you
    have to buy the buy the restarts
    essentially or find the yellow orbs
    around so I would always recommend
    playing with gold simply because it's
    just more modern yellow is more like
    dmc1 where if you didn't have any yellow
    orbs you had to restart the mission but
    to be honest the missions in this game
    aren't super long so if you do go for it
    it's gonna be a minor inconvenience at
    best this is another big sort of option
    that is exclusive to the switch at the
    moment and it is the choice between the
    original game or the Freestyle game I
    guess you could say so it's as it states
    you can play the game as intended when
    it launched all those years ago 15 years
    ago in fact and using the usual style
    and weapon changing configuration what
    this means is that there is no
    on-the-fly style switching and you're
    locked for to melee weapons and to
    firearms that you can take into any
    mission you'll be able to change the
    style and the weapons you take into a
    mission at the start of a mission or at
    certain locations and divinity statues
    that you find throughout the game
    freestyle mode on the other hand
    essentially means that you're going to
    be able to switch styles on the fly
    which again I'll go into what exactly
    styles and weapons
    too far in the game later on in this
    video but you're essentially be able to
    switch between all of them on the fly
    and you'll be able to switch between
    every single firearm and melee weapon
    all at once so you'll eventually have
    access to five melee weapons and five
    firearms all at once it can be a bit
    overwhelming for a newcomer I guess you
    could say but all in all freestyle mode
    is definitely worth playing hands down
    for sure over the original you get used
    to it after a while
    so then you're taken into this menu
    which is not the mission menu that I'll
    be using for the purposes of
    demonstration so if I go and load my
    standard SAF file here we're gonna hop
    into a mission and we'll discuss some of
    the systems in the game some that you
    may see or might have some questions
    about skip the cutscenes don't want to
    spoil you guys so this is the mission
    Start screen you're obviously gonna have
    the mission stocked and then you're
    gonna have the option to customize if
    you're playing in a freestyle mode you
    don't have to worry about the first two
    here these style or equip locations do
    want to talk about the items in this
    game though very quickly as you can see
    these are all items that you're gonna be
    able to purchase some of these you might
    be able to find actually in-game if you
    look hard enough you're gonna have your
    vital stars which act as health regen so
    you can pop one of these and you'll
    regain a set amount of health double
    star is quite different in that you

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    don't have the option between a small or
    large version of them it will just
    automatically throw your devil trigger
    to its fullest holy water is as it says
    you're fighting demons in this game so
    chugging some holy water on them
    probably isn't going to make them too
    happy blue orbs are gonna act as
    permanent health upgrades purple orbs
    are gonna act as permanent devil trigger
    upgrades and gold orbs are essentially
    as I previously mentioned instant
    revives down there some of you might see
    the blue orb symbol with zero hour for
    find blow-up fragments in this game if
    you look hard enough through the
    environment or through secret missions
    and essentially when you collect four of
    them they'll provide one full blue orb
    which as we know is a permanent health
    upgrade then you're gonna have the
    actions menu
    this is where you can buy moves for
    weapons guns this is where you're gonna
    be able to upgrade the damage output of
    your weapons and that is essentially the
    customization menu in a nutshell let's
    just dive right into a mission and we'll
    go into some combat here and then I'll
    sort of be discussing what exactly it is
    that I'm doing so as you can see once
    I'm killing these enemies they're
    dropping red orbs red orbs in this game
    act as the currency for everything
    whether it is buying items buying
    attacks everything is done through the
    red orb currency and the way to get red
    orbs is simply by killing demons you can
    see there in the top right hand corner I
    have a style bar is currently on blast
    the better you do at combat the higher
    that gauge will go and whenever you kill
    enemies the higher the style bar is the
    higher the rank the more red orbs they
    will drop so that was just a little
    snippet of gameplay there I wasn't
    really doing anything too special
    trying to keep my current as I spoke
    there so now we're gonna go over the
    style menu or the style system you know
    weapon switching things like that and
    I'm gonna kick it off with obviously
    style as you can see in the UI up over
    there the green is my health bar those
    little modules underneath the health bar
    my devil trigger and then up there right
    above the UI you're gonna see it says
    sword master I'm playing in freestyle
    mode so that is the current style that I
    have equipped these Styles essentially
    act as a modifier for the a button on
    the switch or the circle button on
    Playstation or the B button on the Xbox
    and basically depending on what style
    you have the function of that button
    will change
    so for example in trick stur which is up
    on a d-pad here tapping the a burn acts
    as a
    laughs the entirety of the trickster
    style is all about getting out of harm's
    way doing cool things like running up
    walls and stuff sword master is all
    about getting the most out of your melee
    weapons and so it adds extra attacks

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    actually functions you'll be able to
    attack in midair things like that I'm
    not gonna be going too in depth and what
    these systems do mainly because I think
    part of the the fun of this game is
    figuring out what things do for yourself
    moving on to the Royal Guard this acts
    as a guard button if you have perfect
    timing and I do mean frame perfect
    timing you can go through this entire
    game blocking every single attack and
    doing almost no damage in fact you can
    actually turn the damage enemies do to
    you around on them using their own power
    to destroy them it's also got other
    things other properties such as
    canceling recovery frames if you're fast
    enough and people tend to user for lots
    of advanced things essentially fun to
    use last but not least is obviously
    gunslinger this is as the name implies a
    style that is focused on your firearms
    so you'll be able to do all sorts of
    cool things with your firearms there are
    a few more stars I won't be talking
    about simply because I don't want to
    spoil things for newcomers but do be on
    the lookout for some other styles and do
    be sure to get stuck in with the styles
    because they are quite fun especially
    when you swap them on the fly and start
    doing all sorts of crazy things the next
    thing I want to talk about is weapon
    switching so as I previously mentioned
    with the free style you're going to be
    able to switch between five different
    melee weapons and five different
    firearms if you play this on original
    you'll only have the choice of swapping
    between two melee weapons of your choice
    which again was why the Freestyle mode
    comes into play you can switch between
    everything switching between the melee
    weapons is done using the Zr button or
    the right trigger and switching between
    firearms is done through the ZL button
    or the ZL the left trigger sorry and as
    you can see there I'm sort of sweeping
    through them and it's interesting
    because it can be a little bit
    overwhelming for people at times because
    you kind of have to remember I want to
    get to a SAN weapon or that's like three
    taps away or
    back to this one is another three taps
    and it can be overwhelming because you
    do have to commit the weapon locations
    to memory and unfortunately it's not
    like DMC four or five sorry five
    actually where you can just pick a
    loadout or you can take in the set
    amount now it's either All or Nothing in
    the Freestyle mode you're not given a
    choice of what you can and can't take
    again it works the same way for the
    firearms here what are the cool things
    they've done with this radial menu is
    that if you hold down one of the bumpers
    sorry one of the triggers you'll be able
    to use the right thumbstick
    to essentially pick what you want it is
    a little slow and it can feel a little
    clunky but for newcomers this is
    probably the best way instead of having
    to mash the trigger button to get what -
    what I want and you can still move
    whilst using the radial menu so it's not
    as if you're leaving yourself vulnerable
    to danger if you want it - you'd
    probably hold down both of the triggers
    and pick whichever weapon you sort of
    wanted to swap - all together all at
    once the next thing that I kind of want

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    to talk about which you guys might have
    seen whilst I was fighting there was a
    little bit of the old camera
    manipulation so enemies in this game and
    in all of the Devil May Cry games will
    not start an attack animation unless
    they are on camera so if you do want to
    give yourself a little bit of a breather
    Chuck yourself in a corner and move the
    camera hopefully providing there are no
    enemies on screen you'll be able to sort
    of think about what it is you want to do
    or perhaps fire away some enemies do be
    careful though that enemies will try
    their hardest to get on screen and if
    they do
    rest assured they'll start an attack
    animation the reason that the game does
    this is so that you don't feel like
    you've been blindsided by a cheap hit
    that you never saw coming if you do end
    up getting hit you definitely had the
    chance to have at least seen it and
    preemptively dodged the next thing I do
    want to talk about is the taunt button
    in this game the the - button or the
    select button or the options button can
    be used as a taunt button essentially
    what this does is it raises your devil
    trigger by believe one point five of
    so one and a half and it's obviously
    also stylish you know flexing on an
    enemy destroying them and then hearing
    them with a taunt is always fun to do
    the animation and the align that Dante
    says varies depending on your style on
    the style bar so if your aunt am at a
    high style you get a much more flashy
    taunt and a much more cocky sort of line
    out of Dante again do be careful though
    because you can be knocked out of this
    animation and hit if you are not careful
    so sometimes you know arrogance does
    lead to downfall the next thing that I
    kind of want to talk about which is yes
    you could say a little-known sort of
    fact about this game is the Devil
    Trigger flux or the Devil Trigger
    explosion as you can see in the top left
    there my double trigger bar is glowing
    because I'm holding the devil trigger
    button what this does is it allows you
    to charge an area of effect attack that
    is a 360-degree attack that goes around
    Dante that does an insane amount of
    damage if you have a full double trigger
    bar it does a lot of damage or one shot
    the majority of enemies of course it
    depends on the difficulty you're on but
    it does a substantial amount of damage
    and once you let go that button boom you
    get this 360 degree error effect attack
    of course it is weaker the less devil
    trigger you currently have which is
    probably for the best so do be sure to
    make sure your devil trigger bar is full
    make sure that you've bought as many of
    the purple orbs as possible as that will
    increase the damage output altogether
    the last thing that I do want to talk
    about is jump cancelling which I'll try
    and give you a similar demonstration of
    here if I can
    unfortunately these enemies don't have
    too much health as the issue you switch

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    to a weapon that isn't
    you could kind of see it there so
    essentially what this does is it allows
    you to to continuously train a bunch of
    aerial moves and you're able to actually
    jump off enemies enemies essentially
    enters the ground in this game so when
    your feet touch them you can jump off of
    them you'll be able to reset the amount
    of moves you can do in midair so you can
    double jump and then hop off an enemy
    and double jump again over and over and
    over obviously people like to use
    attacks on enemies as you can see in one
    of the easiest things to jump cancel is
    the beowulf as you kind of saw there
    this essentially allows you to train a
    staggering amount of damage over and
    over and over provided that you're good
    enough and doing so the window is fairly
    tight for jump cancelling and if you
    want a super in-depth guide on it
    probably twenty twelve and actually did
    a fairly in-depth guide I'll leave a
    link description down to that guide
    there he goes over it and gives more
    examples of it that is a fairly old
    video that I think about it but hey if
    you can't beat them join them so that is
    gonna be it for the gameplay portion
    next up we'll move on to the end ranking
    screen right so we are back at the end
    of a mission here that I quickly just
    did and I want to break down what the
    mission clear with a mission ranking
    screen is so you have an overall devil
    hunter rank there that ranges from rank
    D or the way rank 2's or SS and that
    rank is an amalgamation of other little
    ranks that you get as you can see that
    on the left hand side time orbs stylish
    points damage and items used are all
    ranked obviously you want to be fast
    when you're completing a mission not
    gonna happen the first time through as
    you like to take your time I certainly
    did or I certainly do when I'm playing
    again for the first time then you're
    ranked on the orbs that you get
    throughout the level obviously you get
    orbs from beating enemies the higher
    your style ranked when you beat an enemy
    the more orbs that give out
    there's also orbs defined in the
    environment there's lots of destructible
    to hit and then we scatter around the
    environment so do be on the lookout for
    them if you want a higher or brank
    stylish points it's obviously ranked as
    well you want to vary things up you want
    to mix things up and provided that you
    do both of those your starch points will
    be ranked at a higher rank than the B
    that I've got there again I try to just
    get through this to stop making excuses
    devil just get into the next thing so
    then you have damage there which is
    ranked as well which is basically the
    damage that you take as a player the
    more damage you take the lower that rank
    gets I didn't take all too much damage
    there but because this is an easy
    I wasn't ranked onto a good there which
    is why I got a C then of course items
    used I have an S rank there depends on

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    what items you use in a level if you use
    no items that's an automatic s for the
    items used category items are obviously
    ranked in and of themselves so if you
    use a small vital star you'll be
    penalized less than if you were to use a
    large vital star or a gold orb or
    revived essentially and then all of
    those are essentially added up to give
    you your final ranking which as you can
    see there icon an a so you have a rank
    bonus so the higher your rank the more
    orbs you get as a bonus and then
    sometimes they'll also be a boss bonus
    if you fought a boss in the level but
    that is essentially going to wrap things
    up for Devil May Cry 3 special edition
    in terms of a beginner's guide I try to
    go over as many things as possible try
    to keep things as basic as possible and
    if there's anything else you guys want
    me to cover do let me know down in the
    comments below hope you guys enjoy this
    game I certainly did it is one of my
    favorites is the beginning of the Sons
    of Spada saga and it kind of sets things
    in motion for the rest of the series so
    with all of that said and done people it
    has been me devil never cry I would like
    to thank all of you for watching and as
    always I'll see you all next

    A beginners guide to DMC3SE! I cover a bunch of basic things such as : - What is Freestyle mode? - What are Gold/Yellow Orbs? - What is Turbo Mode?


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    Comment (28)

    1. Hope everyone can realise this is aimed primarily at newcomers! I'll be starting on Boss Guides shortly which will be focused less on beginner stuff. Until then, i hope everyone enjoys the switch edition!

    2. I feel like newer players wouldn't benefit from jumping into turbo mode from the start. Would also recommend looking into jumping invisibility frames, good early upgrades (air trick, stinger), and the general importance of dodging and not intentional inputs. Otherwise great intro vid!

    3. i wish someone would have told me earlier about the glitch that corrupts your freestyle dante save when coming back from playing with vergil because it is a pain finishing the game and getting all the health and devil trigger gauge up everytime.

    4. I'm very happy for the Free Style mode for the game's community, but I personally don't care too much for myself. I speedran the main missions with Dante and Vergil to max out both their movesets, just so I could co-op Bloody Palace with my brother. God, even with no moves bought, the Palace felt amazing.

    5. I’m not sure if you’ll see this but, I just started playing dmc 3 special edition on console (this is my very first time playing dmc 3) and I instantly wanna go into the royal guard style. I know it’s the hardest style to learn but I wanna try to learn it, is this a bad idea? Or should I try learning the basics of the game first/ try other styles?


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