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    SearchThisVideo: DEVIL MAY CRY 5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (DMC5)

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    so guys welcome to Devil May Cry 5 man I
    played the demo for this about a month
    or so ago and I loved it I think this
    game has a lot of potential to probably
    be the best duffel May Cry game we got
    three playable characters I mean this is
    just a lot in this game that I can't
    wait to play so I'm really excited for
    this game and I hope I don't know what
    kind of like goal I have I'm telling you
    50,000 likes or something I'll be
    spamming this every day until we finish
    it and I was gonna give away two copies
    of the game one for Xbox one one for ps4
    if you want a chance to win see to leave
    a like on the video or leave a comment
    when you found my channel and I'll post
    the winners over on Twitter in a few
    days so all of you guys are the best
    audience ever
    it would just be sick to see this video
    do well and let's give this a shot guts
    do this
    we've known each other a long time you
    never had this much trouble you gonna
    make it through this Dante
    what am i doing wasting my time here
    he's got this you should not
    underestimate this demon after all it
    was he who took your right arm and
    gained a great deal of power from it I'm
    leaving I suggest you do not fall behind
    okay you're an interesting guy but
    you're right
    I've got a score to settle it that son
    of a [ __ ]
    honestly can't wait to play his Dante
    alright check out the patrol together
    slash that lock on there hold this down
    oh wow that's gonna be sick alright

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    let's do this guy's last Devil May Cry
    game I played before this was DMC Devil
    May Cry back in 2013
    alright during a jump press set near
    wall it's kind of a double jump I don't
    know if we learned that demo but that's
    has always been in Devil May Cry games I
    remember playing the very first one it
    was such a great game
    right nice alright when a barrier blocks
    off your path that means a battle is
    going to take place to feed all the
    enemies to destroy that's the most I
    could devil may cry thing there is press
    that the whole oh that's what I was
    already doing yeah after playing the
    demo the demo is very like it's a very
    good tutorial you know I love watching
    them and then shooting them while
    they're in there
    maybe some of my favorite thing to do in
    the first game Devil May Cry 4 is really
    good as well I know I didn't play that
    on my channel I trust you
    airborne evil just walk on and shoot him
    I guess what we got the lock on okay
    wait wasn't said the high-roller oh
    that's the thing I was already doing the
    launch up all right hold that until your
    left arm full ugh
    oh yeah I think I did that in the very
    beginning of the not every game I use
    the lock-on feature I feel like it's
    a some love just blocking not because
    you can use the dual pistols with Dante
    and just kind of scoot back while you're
    shooting it was so sick hey got you took
    off do you not understand we cannot hope
    to do this without you that's alright

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    it's been a great year for the Capcom
    stuff this and think you were in charge
    of the Resident Evil 2 in January man
    I'm telling you it is just I know it's a
    different team and all that but
    as soon as they get doing it
    let me just do this let's get this up
    with there we go
    this game is broken in two chapters so
    I'm not sure how this is gonna work
    why are we all like let's hop down
    is it safe down here bet you there's
    some hidden stuff behind me enough all
    right the DMC crew OS is starring so
    it's just like the beginning this is the
    militant prologue
    looks like this won't be a total waste
    of time after all hey
    Jack yes did your mother ever teach you
    it's not nice to steal sorry Dante I'm
    bagging this [ __ ] all right let's do
    double okay well that's the new attack
    there all right we're good so far so
    we're closed just dodged everything
    while attacking this
    press all the way up there now hold on
    you get hit by okay well are you

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    supposed to get killed I was wondering
    why it's so difficult
    round two
    my job we must leave you're stronger
    than we
    stop hitting yourself and think of ways
    to get stronger and actually help you
    don't they lose this you're all they can
    defeat us
    so it's true yes
    Luers in the demon king that's the name
    of the demon
    what happened to Dante where's Dante
    he's buying time but this can't be

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    Dante lost forget it there's nothing we
    can do
    I don't think you could have gotten
    higher than a B on that anyways cuz I
    did everything like cuz there's only a
    handful enemies and you need more to get
    higher so maybe you can I don't know all
    right here we go so this thing is told
    so that was May 16th
    that was the prologue I like how this is
    like at on its it's super early in the
    morning on almost a month later
    26 have cease to function as a result of
    a mysterious tree
    same crap different day so tell me tell
    you but how does it feel to be rescuing
    the guy that killed your father
    hey I'm glad I'm getting personal well
    he abandoned my mother and I left us for
    dead I feel nothing well it's not
    exactly don't have for father of the
    Year award now is he
    his research wasn't half-bad came in
    handy mildly thank you today
    they have to do that in here
    that's you
    hey Nico don't lose utich I see
    you have to hit every single bump in the

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    road and our own my crew

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    you look like you need a hug but you're
    not gonna get one from me better get
    lost hey you're gonna get yourself
    don't crap yourself he likes to kill
    demon things let him do his thing you
    hear what I said you dumped what I'm son
    of a [ __ ] to get it died cheer up okay
    you taking notes all right time to kick
    some ass all right nice devil breaker
    this is the thing we got in the demos
    soap recipe to perform your devil
    breakers a special attack hold it and
    release all right I've got some cleaning
    up to do try it out
    yeah let me try it again
    oh so okay you don't even need to hold
    it all the way charged
    yeah he's a real pro at smacking demons
    around Jeff why building that
    well-functioning arm to keep demon eggs
    hey stop bitching and take cover
    all right wires snatch so we're gonna
    bout to do the same thing that it just
    showed all right so right bumper be so
    held on right bumper be pullin enemies
    and then left bumper all right let's try
    oh it also works while jumping hold on
    that stick so you bring them in

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    I'll probably never use it only separate
    style points I'm good I'm good up good
    stop drop and roll baby are you good
    take that's everyone really getting the
    hang of this new toy there's another
    over sure hold on uh touch the double
    breakers so it's like basically cross
    here they give it another whenever he
    needs it nice always thought my favorite
    things to definitely try game floating
    walls shooting your gun
    shouldn't should be enough right
    I guess good
    no it only takes a few hits the auto
    luck goes away after they die all right
    nice let's do this
    buster arm kind of give me some time to
    get used to everything collecting human
    blood it's not just about something else
    if that a maybe maybe
    nothing frozen all know what I would
    weigh to me wait
    I just had to be faster that's all
    grabbing everything anything and
    everything I can find all right I'm good
    what a lovely house flat
    I get it
    who brought the marshmallows is I'm
    bringing the fire
    all right rev with left trigger press it
    to charger ax gauge and power up the Red
    Queen sword okay let's go in the upper

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    left hand corner I see it well it's
    already maxed out it looks like they
    just do a lot of damage I'm guessing
    move slide and evade okay up a little
    like I'm about to get hit any minute yep
    I gave you that one
    take a long time to rev it up though
    I'm over getting flowing around
    oh the tail into that one call me okay
    go ahead of stop this gonna be really
    dun dun not too bad
    kind of easy so far you know wasn't
    stylish though I didn't have all the
    colleges and everything in there
    hey tough guy that'll keep it but not
    for long what do you mean
    soldier boys said city's gonna hell him
    back taken over by the underworld not
    just here but everywhere
    yeah my talk did this
    why do I feel like your pet mechanic
    don't get used to it
    Nico I showed you those ordered ducks
    so you still owe me remember be right
    hey why don't you go ahead I'm gonna
    finish up here I'll try to save you some
    you uh you need something what is it
    well you're in luck pouches food's ready

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    kitty a always makes too much he'll be
    like well doctors to kiss you got a pair
    of those upstairs you see something you
    you a demon taking this back
    he's waiting for us up
    try not to get us killed on the way
    all right got an a on that one not
    terrible it could've been a whole lot
    worse I was really hoping to get an S
    somewhere in there all right nice so
    June 15th it branches off so that's kind
    of funny it's 12 minutes later got a
    whole different scenario I guess
    that's it no more wheels from here all
    right yes I'm walking yo yo yo check it
    out what and this is from Morrison I
    think it's his manifesto all right it's
    been a good 30 years since I last wrote
    something like a letter don't have a
    typewriter or nothing so unfortunately
    just stuck with my shitty handwriting
    for now I heard you're heading back to
    Redgrave wasn't sure exactly what I
    could do for you I'm not a powerhouse
    like you or the sharpest knife in the
    drawer I still give him my business at
    least I can do is get you a few leads
    can't say exactly how useful they'll be
    to you but hey gotta got to be better

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    than nothing right I like that so the
    first time I met Dante he actually went
    by a different name Tony Redgrave oh wow
    okay but that got your attention huh oh
    it actually got mine Tony Redgrave
    Redgrave City just a coincidence or
    something more I honestly can't say
    still figured if you're heading in that
    direction you might as well be able to
    learn the truth yourself that's why I've
    decided to tell you everything about the
    Dante I know it ain't every day that I
    give this stuff away boy you'd best be
    grateful be honest I'm surprised I read
    all that without any problems reminds me
    I was in school and they'd call on you
    to read a sentence you know you get that
    like panic hey we're doing this or what
    I'm waiting on you
    I'm cooking any special orders Oh check
    it out costume select yo what is this oh
    I think I got like the deluxe edition so
    I was given this game by Microsoft
    through Capcom so I'm playing on xbox 1x
    right now I'll try out this outfit for
    now I didn't know you could swap outfits
    before the level starts I'll switch in
    and out I think that's the only two he
    has I think I got alternate costumes for
    every character even her pops the
    breaker it's got a for Conan nice it's
    funny how she keeps in the same
    animation wonder how many things did she
    have back there the Mega Buster oh [ __ ]
    I forgot they put that in the game can I
    use that immediately so that's all the
    stuff I have customized you can use red
    orbs to acquire skills replace items or
    change equipped gear to help you get a
    leg up in the battle or in battle I'm
    curious right now cycle through the tabs
    customize skills devil breakers okay you
    can help replace your devil breakers the
    special abilities will help you in a
    battle make sure you have enough for the
    road ahead okay those are gonna be
    become a really important thing I feel
    like items
    I love the menu like whenever you click
    on stuff it reminds me of Resident Evil
    just a little bit so I saw some of this
    when I was playing the demo that's why I
    have equipped right now sold out what is
    this a golden stone made through a
    secret method has the power to bring the
    Fallen back to life

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    mmm I don't want to waste oh if you
    played the demo I think they'd give you
    30,000 of the red orbs just at the start
    so I don't know what to use here I want
    it I really want to try this thing out
    buy in bulk should we try this out
    let's try it out let's just buy one I
    don't think I'm gonna need anything
    really I'll have to equip it hold on
    let's see change that one put that there
    I don't know like how this is gonna work
    long-range combat though that is pretty
    cool pasta breaker
    I can't imagine you need that one art
    abilities here's where I think the
    30,000 extra is going to help my thing
    is I don't know what the best ones to go
    for are feel like increase the range
    from which you can gather orbs what is
    this thing three million a special ton
    given to those who paid a heavy price
    increase is stylish right more than not
    so the tots okay
    blue rose color up let's see what this
    does streak mmm see what split is I feel
    like I want to buy all these cuz it's
    all gelling with the sword the red the
    Red Queen is like the key to everything
    yeah let's let's get this thing I'm
    gonna just buy a lot of these I think
    mines will fall out right streak -
    should I go ahead and get that might as
    well can only imagine what is what is
    combo B let's see nice so while on the
    ground pressed that distance is well on
    the ground press Y then yeah let's do
    that one to you or if these overlap each
    other cuz it looks like you have to tie
    them out a little bit admit err press
    that oh I'm definitely getting that one
    all right let's uh let's take a breather
    on that let's look at the actual
    abilities all right speed
    full spread speed yeah let's I feel like
    that's gonna help out a lot with the
    levels and stuff table hopper what do we
    got here oh that's what you know what I
    think I was trying to do that while we
    were playing table hopper - what does it
    oh that looks sick but don't want to use
    my last bit on that I can't get much
    else can i oh man I don't know man I
    really don't we rose what does this
    thing even do that's a cheap one and it
    gives me ten thousand left so breaker
    plus magazine sighs one more I can carry
    one more nice yeah let's get that all

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    right so this like the overall I almost
    spent too much time on the menu but I
    feel like these breakers are definitely
    going to be useful so let me equip one
    more I'm gonna put on the put on the
    extra one just in case I need it
    alright imma save the rest of mine I
    think I'm good that was a nice little
    venture into the customizations I think
    all right customize this screen is
    accessible from the menu mission and
    preparation is key if you want the fight
    with style what I feel like the game
    just started
    aw let's do it you know it's the first
    mission of the game yo check out the
    first off the outfits man it looks nice
    I'm gonna change them here and there all
    right moment of truth guys I want to try
    this thing out
    catch-up to be fast unlike a lot of a
    building yes is so it's like Resident
    Evil 2 we got the demo hold on we got
    the demo and then it didn't have like
    the maybe first half hour of the game
    then it puts you like in the police
    station in the beginning and now here we
    are you know like I'm running extremely
    fast ever since I unlocked that ability
    nice alright dcba Savage
    all right among other things that link
    to variety of your comes determines how
    many stylish points you get in the
    stylish rank disciplining the screen
    effective score result after the mission
    so make your moves count yeah that's
    kind of what I was guessing
    yeah like all over the place kind of
    bring them up to me if I get an S here
    definitely get a day hopefully all right
    I got an A
    is there enough the enemies to get it no
    I don't know you know I love how this
    game doesn't really take itself too
    seriously the combat it's all about

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    stylish point and you know anything like
    this something to this place
    try this really quick wait for it
    so no matter what I'm gonna get an A on
    that first area
    what make a life so far I think it joke
    their health bar on the lock on look I
    think it's a really nice touch
    or I got apocalyptic again
    the names are pretty awesome I don't
    know if I got everything I wonder if I'm
    allowed to go back because my I lost the
    Mega Buster and there was a thing back
    here yeah okay nice
    that's almost why I was hesitant even
    though I got four slots to start the
    level with maybe just like one or two
    cuz you're gonna pick some up along the
    way you know at least that kind of lets
    me go back I like that this room looks
    and desolate you ever have enough
    flashbacks from demo now see there's
    another one
    pasta breaker let's go over here I
    should have played the demo a little bit
    more but after I beat it I hadn't played
    it since
    looks like I'm gonna make it there
    before you do

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    nice oh I remember this little room yeah
    forget the hatchling it feeds on
    weakening parts destroying its internal
    structure alright
    the boss should be the same right at the
    end of the level oh dimensions nice nice
    nice and it's story did you pass through
    it's like before I think I'm actually
    allowed to
    I keep thinking I got a break though
    wait which way did I come from again
    alright press and hold you've lost if
    you've lost we pressed that to orient
    the camera towards your next objective
    cannot be used during combat all right
    let's - it does all right
    oh so what's going the right way
    I just got it mixed up hold on the
    street yeah but it Oh hold on I need to
    use that okay let me go over here first
    there we go here we go grab this and
    take it back got you like this area
    seems a little different from last time
    all we got enemies
    it really is so good
    nice Oliver go slow motion on the last
    enemy of the whole section - all right
    we got that let's head on back over here
    this game is incredibly good 60 frames -
    like hasn't been slowed at all I figured
    I would end the video after I finish
    this mission I think we fight now that's
    the thing I don't know if it's gonna be
    sent up just like the demo or if that
    was a level done a little different you
    know we'll find out I bet I'm gonna

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    you know what alright secret mission now
    this was definitely not in the demo so
    we come across special patterns scrawled
    on parts of the environment such as
    walls ceiling and ground stand on the
    glowing part near sea lets you access it
    Challenge so you get reward oh nice
    let's do that figured money as well
    right so pretty linear game so good
    alright let's go this way
    okay just kind of explore in the area oh
    well there goes that
    I want to feel like a horde is a million
    enemies see how long I can hold like a
    nest or whatever I think it goes higher
    than essence like that's not a sponsor
    to the SS right I I imagine I can't
    remember maybe I'm thinking about
    Resident Evil 2 so like way too much
    with the s ending in S Plus and all that
    let me see where it says our guys the
    little secret area back here I think
    it's a secret so long that wall back
    but this actually might be the right way
    to go
    some of this more nice ends the last one
    yeah I think this is the right way to go
    does this I think this is like a little
    secret spot yeah here we go
    Saul's coming back to me now I'm getting
    really sick of this stupid tree I
    remember there was a park coming up
    where you can access the van and then
    not have like I think in the demo it
    wasn't available in Jack's you said that
    let's go over here fine bring all the
    enemies you watch
    hey the more the merrier right

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    games a lot of fun to play oh I think I
    remember this now
    I can't get that cuz we don't need it
    really yeah you come over here and get
    one of those things and then it breaks
    the wall on the other side alright yeah
    here we go
    the hatchlings videos probably pretty
    long so thank you guys for kind of
    sticking with me on it I'm just glad to
    finally have something new to play in
    this game
    definitely oh my god
    brutal berserker how brutal are they I
    wonder yeah pretty good about a help let
    me get my dodge better let me try it out
    let me sway from attack or not
    you know when you're attacking them they
    can't really do anything after you
    launch them especially
    all right nice welcome to back
    getting sick of this like I've been
    playing this for a long time so thank
    you guys for still watching the video
    thank you all the lights and everything
    greatly appreciate a man just that it's
    uh it's cool especially on these part
    part one you know it's pretty sweet or
    anything back there nope alright here's
    where I think use the phone booth that's
    what in the in the demo yeah yeah here
    we go yes the phone yes the phone still

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    all right calling Nikko okay we got uh
    now this is when you weren't able to
    access it yeah here we go now you can
    customize I don't really need to change
    anything swim to see what this is like
    is it just basically going back and
    accessing anything you want I think I'm
    good yeah I just learned to check it out
    kind of back to the boss fight now or a
    brass we're about to start at least
    alright let's do this
    cool getting back to where we were in
    the demo good there here we go somebody
    call it doctor sorry to disappoint you
    hey you happen to see a guy around here
    about this big uses a cane I was
    supposed to meet him
    did you snack on
    Jing you I don't know I mean you're a
    big guy enough but it's more like a
    knuckle scrapping fart in the wind than
    anything else in no offense
    cool trick hey do you do parties

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    yeah maybe I will
    just to stay behind how would I said
    that spoke too soon yeah yeah I gotta be
    all right nice and we're going down
    Jack it up all you want
    Tenace bob and weave baby i love games
    like this cuz anything just pulse like
    Slughorn at dark souls and all that
    sounds like no damage going out there oh
    my god
    Oh No did I get caught in the
    then I get absorbed to stuff
    I don't know that can happen that is
    nice so far so good right
    once I stay as close as I can to this
    Boston TSS Oh God
    Oh getting rekt right now hold on let me
    need me to do that oh yeah forgot about
    this little spot here hold on
    I'll let me go over here and get some
    help really quick don't mind me
    but I saw some help over here no see
    that thing
    y'all love the boss fight from this can
    we grab this are good on full help
    enough shouldn't have any problems oh
    [ __ ] I forgot about this thing
    oh my god

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    get a gracious
    oh no I actually kind of wanted to do
    that every yep kind of cool of going
    good luck getting absorbed is reflecting
    right here fire he's almost dead
    I curse my stars in made a grief and woe
    that made my love so high and me so low
    little wanderer naívi home
    I was gonna have to pick you out of his
    uh tummy teeth
    pardon my delay I was catching up on
    some reading yeah looks like a real
    so I think that they still in there if
    your is undefeated him then I expect
    he's not much more than clarified pollen
    by now what well I fought it a tree they
    growth in the underworld it thrives on
    human blood and those whose blood it
    sucks well let's just say they don't
    turn out too well
    well in any case we need to find out if
    Dante's alive will save him if not we
    don't wait
    first we need to exterminate some -
    roots hey what the hell are you I know I

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    know I'm late
    shut it the roads were all plumbed hey
    you must be beat huh
    hey you're gonna get that ding-ding-ding
    right by your feet Rui I'm gonna make
    something amazing out of this
    did you just sniff that do you have any
    idea where that's been up your butt
    focus on the mission
    that was all submission I think it was
    you know it was from the demo and
    everything but I'm glad that it was all
    con in this first long video so thank
    you guys so much for watching this game
    up to this end of this first part so if
    you want more this game quickly just
    destroy that like button and I will
    definitely be spamming this so alright
    guys I love you best audience ever take
    it easy

    Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review, Prologue Intro, Campaign Mission 1: Nero of the Devil May Cry 5 Story for PS4 Pro, ...


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    Comment (41)

    1. Is it just me or does the new Morrison just seem better? I like him better as a black dude. Morrison has always had a knack for the know and this Morrison seems a bit more comfy with the nasty side of the demon realm. Reminds me of papa midnight from constantine

    2. If you got an itch for hard to reach places.
      Pulls out an arm with over sized hand and long thick fingers.
      Kyrie will love it. DEAD!!

    3. I love the Devil May Cry franchise! I’ve only been able to play DMC: Devil May Cry myself, but i definitely had a lot of fun with it. (Can’t ever forget that Succubus boss.)
      That game had a similar feel to Dark Siders. The flashy weapons and moves. The completely inhuman and and outlandish enemies. Also similar elements to InFamous.

      Even if I never get to play this game, I’m glad I can at least watch you play it! Looking forward to watching through the series.


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