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    SearchThisVideo: DEVIL MAY CRY 5 Walkthrough Part 1 – "ARM"AGEDDON

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    hello friend this is a afraid fight and
    welcome to Devil May Cry 5 this is my
    first time playing a game of this series
    and you guys already told me that it was
    perfect for me because it ends demon
    slayings and Benes music so I am fully
    armed with onions so the devil may cry
    let's do B she original or ex caller
    original original story story I was once
    a demon who save the human world from
    destruction that demon became a legend
    but we did with time isn't it
    it's grew both day and night till it
    bore an apple bright
    what the hell is that
    it's the wasp nest looks like a wasp
    when his prank
    morgan freeman title tikis we've known
    each other a long time the broker you
    never had this much trouble where are
    you gonna make it through this Dante Shh
    maybe in the options I can put them on
    don't they days Inferno is it I know
    absolutely zero about this game what am
    I doing with my time here he's got this
    hey I'm playing weeds whom you should
    know this underestimate this demon after
    all it was he who took your right arm
    and gained a great deal of power from it
    I'm leaving
    I suggest you do not fall behind
    cowabunga okay you're an interesting guy
    but you're right
    I've got a score to settle with that son
    of a [ __ ]
    we don't have an arm god I'm so lost min
    oh he has a like a bionic arm or some
    [ __ ] like that this was probably a bad
    idea to put more on the hardest

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    difficulty I think it does and not on
    auto sister should always put not
    because Maya mixes okay Oh first of all
    let me see if I can put know the
    subtitles language maybe subtitles okay
    100 and I'm already being [ __ ]
    strange figure this out as we go
    okay during gem press a near a wall
    after jumping press a near a wall to
    jump again by pushing off of the wall
    okay ready to go shopping
    Oh goddamn thanks very much impulsive
    Oh God please give me a tutorial okay
    thank you
    when a barrier blocks off your path it
    means a battle is going to the class
    okay yes I know that I can take you with
    no arms really okay
    and what crystallized demon blood a
    magical redstone of crystallized demon
    blood exchanged these four new weapons
    and skills okay [ __ ]
    you can change can change your lock on
    with RB LS
    these no that means I'm I suck you said
    it means you're an the button measure
    how do i do combos and [ __ ] like that I
    am no idea
    what the hell is
    oh [ __ ]

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    Oh Vee I trust you
    Oh some other wasps our [ __ ] is
    replenishing out ones that's not a new
    treaty green impose there's a little
    price RB LS Beck and why and all decks
    let's help each other out
    yeah what green orb a magical green
    stone of crystallized human fluid pick
    one up to recover a set amount of
    okay it's beads a little bit better be
    better getting better getting getting
    stylish all right
    style the choices did it I only need to
    be stylish I'm talking crow
    I gotta learn some [ __ ]
    oh yeah
    stylish points
    really cool oh boy it's a boss fight I
    don't know [ __ ] Tomas he's are they

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    going to put me on a boss fight now I
    don't want to go there just go and don't
    be a [ __ ]
    yes that they hold on to be a massive
    help is this and who's this
    looks like this won't be a total waste
    of time after all
    hey Jack yes did your mother ever teach
    you it's not nice to steal the dialog
    sorry that's right I'm bagging this
    [ __ ] hey man
    a helmet ship that [ __ ]
    Jesus oh god damn it
    and I'm alive
    I just I didn't I was this close help us
    nice one oh [ __ ]
    I'll just skip from there

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    don't fight you're just dead weight back
    my job
    stop hitting yourself and think of ways
    to get stronger and actually out
    don't they lose this
    so much go
    Luers in the demon king
    name of the demon
    oh there goes done thing
    I'll be back Willie to design so that he
    would be our moose and a waiter in an
    epic moment Oh his hair was white then
    chill it back to black super Sayan [ __ ]
    what happened to Dante where's Dante
    he's buying time but
    this can't be happening Dante lost
    forget it there's nothing we can do we
    must go
    they look very cool walking away from
    that [ __ ] and all I everyone's dying the
    freakin Kabam nothing you cannot do
    humans aren't the babes C well C F [ __ ]
    god damn it
    I was button smashing I have no idea
    what I'm doing I need to learn

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    this looks very very interesting I'm
    enjoying it
    nice boots
    that surrounding six have ceased to
    function as a result of a mysterious
    oh nice nice smiles
    same crap different day so tell me tell
    you what how does it feel to be rescuing
    the guy that killed your father hey I'm
    glad we're getting personal
    well he abandoned my mother and I listed
    four day
    well it's not exactly don't have a
    father of the Year award now is he
    his research wasn't half-bad
    came in handy probably thank you today
    have to do that in here
    yes just wait hey Nico don't lose you
    - girl Memphis
    it's a rave let's get a break
    for Barry
    they'll exploit
    hahaha nice to be introduced these ships
    and awesome
    oh yes I can you see he on his arm like
    to connect pieces maybe

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    like what is she doing then I'll okay is
    it get you the last cigarette
    can quite see what excels in the side of
    the treadmill hey d dat dat and
    Fernandez did some white
    what a gentleman you're like a dog do we
    know the attitude to this clever
    they'll make cry okay okay it says Devil
    May Cry nice
    oh man the introduction this is yeah
    this is up my alley great we cool now I
    I don't need to learn a lot though I
    just did [ __ ] you see the freaking Red
    what's going on like you been very very
    lucky you're right
    you look like you need a hug but you're
    not gonna get one from me gonna be
    sinking arm right don't crap yourself
    it likes to kill demon things let him do
    its thing
    you know when I said you dumb what I'm
    son of a [ __ ] to get it done okay
    Oh Elvis okay
    yes give some new powers all right time

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    to kick some ass
    yes let's try let's apply only comes
    these days oh it's cool I like it all he
    gives his Bionic guards my answer then I
    can't have a bionic whanau press B or
    about the Bionic ain't that would be
    no too cold press Q to performer they
    will break a special attack taking
    damage while executing this attack will
    do straighter antenna breaker and Holby
    then release charging an attack will
    make data tech more powerful the devil
    breaker you have equipped will be
    destroyed the B this is the time with
    the other controller I've got some clean
    right Jeff why building that well
    function our demonex okay you respond
    the arm pull enemies you've locked on to
    heavy enemies can't be pulled in so
    using this technique who pull you closer
    to them instead RB b also works well
    jumping ok and lb can firstly server
    your level breaker to generate an
    explosion you can use these to get out
    of dangerous situations even xscape
    oncoming damage ok
    more and them work really getting the

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    hang of this new toy but this but it the
    devil breaker walkover any devil breaker
    you find on your path to pick it up and
    we equip it automatically you cannot
    pick up any new arms if your magazine is
    already full
    it's like ammunition basically
    something here oh no it's just fine
    that one is alone reading Busa and
    [ __ ]
    here he comes
    where is the impossible Oh
    this year
    old Jesus yeah
    yeah what a lovely house flat all the
    fuss meets this is a lot named le le

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    foot I get it who brought the
    marshmallows is I'm bringing the fire oh
    result II to charge your ex gosh and
    power of the Red Queen swords
    some spots themself
    like that our BLS horizontally plus a
    swing okay
    yeah oh geez gave you though
    yeah I don't have any arms now
    yeah apocalyptic
    in bet a little bit hey tough guy
    that'll keep it but not for long
    what do you mean soldier boys said
    city's gonna hell him back taken over by
    the underworld not just here but
    yeah my child did this

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    why do I feel like your pet mechanic
    don't get used to it
    Nico I showed you those ordered ducks
    so you still owe me remember be right
    hey why don't you go ahead I'm gonna
    finish up there I'll try to save you
    some not me
    is that you uh you need something
    what is hungry well you're in luck
    pouches food's ready
    kitty a always makes too much he'll be
    like well doctors to kiss you got a pair
    of those upstairs you see something you
    I'm taking this back
    some volunteers god damn it you needed
    some for the black market she's waiting
    for us Nathan arm try not to get us
    killed on the way there
    nice it's nice I got an ass

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    hey cool wasn't expecting that you did
    oh yeah I think so
    there was an arm back there that I
    didn't get in now and then on the boss
    fight I was almost again that's you
    didn't know I was alright yes I'm
    walking there yo yo yo check it out what
    and this is from Orson I think it's his
    well this Morrison's letter it's been a
    good three years since I last wrote
    something like a letter don't have a
    typewriter or nothing so unfortunately
    you're stuck with my shitty and writing
    for now I heard you're heading back to
    Redgrave wasn't sure exactly what I
    could do for you I'm not a powerhouse
    like you or the sharpest knife in the
    drawer still even my business the least
    I can do is get you a few leads can't
    exactly how useful they'll be to you but
    hey gotta be better than nothing right
    so the first time I met Dante actually
    went by different name Tony Redgrave
    better to catch your attention uh Tony
    Redgrave Redgrave City just a
    coincidence or something war I honestly
    can't decide so figure it you're heading
    in that direction you might be able to
    learn the truth yourself that's why I've
    decided to tell you everything about to
    Dante I know it ain't every day that I
    just give this stuff away boy you'd best
    be grateful thank you Morrison are we
    doing this or what I'm waiting on you
    I'm cooking any special orders pizza
    mm-hmm guess don't be a perv
    again I'm gonna stick with the original
    oh so this is like the merchant oh nice
    this would be food for the thirsty boys
    now that I got it in stock you better
    take advantage of it
    wait customize here you can use red orbs
    to acquire skills replenish items or
    change equipped gear to help you get a
    leg up in battle where I'm happy forget
    it fell through the tabs at the top of
    the screen to select the section to
    customize skills that will breakers
    equipment items ok skills speed how many
    do I have 1700 table hopper y snitch

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    like what's [ __ ] blue rose red Queen
    oh you can try before that's cool the
    devil breaker it's the arm right how can
    I do this let me see
    expand out so that I can pick up four
    okay that's probably a good idea let me
    put this one yes yes that [ __ ] nice okay
    oh I can go up to eight oh you have the
    breaker plus two let me not just spend
    everything no no let me just see this
    okay so we have buy in bulk should
    isn't that a foreign name should better
    and overture I'm asking you right should
    bear that again isn't she better a horse
    named a general-purpose level breaker
    blow animals away with the electric
    blessed or thrust into arrested in 2008
    innate from the distance mobile devil
    breaker letting you cancel effects with
    shock waves or fire a convergence beam
    of powerful energy is seen in bulk
    purchase one of each currently available
    in the menu there is no discount for
    buying in bulk and buy this one
    I'm gonna buy like two
    thank you
    good choice I can carry four right so or
    I can carry four of these in four of the
    other ways I have no idea still trying
    to search this [ __ ] oh okay now I can
    equipped with this okay and the second
    one I can equip with the other one is
    that it okay cut it cut it
    okay let's do it like this now the items
    okay I can buy more blue warps or gold
    orbs the blue orbs were for I only see
    like the red orbs can i oh it says here
    a crystal formed from four blue

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    fragments of crystallized life energy
    increases maximum vitality oh this is to
    increase vitality oh yeah let's go one
    more nice nice now the gold world golden
    stone made through a secret method has
    the power to bring the Fallen back to
    life like if I die I can use a gold orb
    to come back to life probably let's just
    buy one
    this lease for now
    buy one more okay oh let's keep it like
    well the skills maybe I should do was
    kill just to see us this one
    this will enhance I think the shooting
    [ __ ] let me see the red pin at the Red
    Queen house looks nice but split split
    that's cool too
    Kahn Bobby how to make on balls oh yeah
    I'm gonna probably do this once shall we
    learn shall we try it
    let me try try out the skill in the
    voyages whatever the void is probably
    that place reasons
    okay the void is a training ground but
    Allah Allah
    okay well the ground Chris White and why
    then why why why why why why why I think
    is this like the combo right
    and a different Twitter me maybe I was
    doing this right this wrong okay I can
    have this use it right
    mm so am I supposed to exit this leave
    the void okay okay yes I think that was
    okay and combo see
    I just see this one I don't bother you
    much more let me just see this one and
    we'll see one on the ground great press
    right then why oh oh yeah definitely I
    don't need to see more I like the sea
    convoy okay probably there they are
    going to be really cool combos along the

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    way but for now let me just use this one
    and let me keep it like this I already
    spent a lot
    I should have you know keep some of that
    red blood [ __ ] customize screen is
    accessible from the mission menu
    preparation is key if you want to fight
    with style I don't want to fight with
    this customize wasn't the test up it was
    this okay forget it
    yeah no gasps yes
    maro maro
    remember of a software to record CDs
    there was no matter you probably don't
    remember cuz you're too young in here
    that's me
    oh what a mess oh no the balloon the
    balloon yeah oh do I get a trophy for
    the balloons no oh I guess these rich
    thingies are good for me to catch them
    it's those orbs to exchange them for
    skills maybe right right ok nice
    learning along the way and I think this
    was ok
    those ones don't work just oh ok we're
    hello hello beautiful
    savage aces versus mah negga the things
    the lands and variety of your combos
    determine how many stylish points you
    get in the style shrink is played on
    screen stylish ranks affect your score
    on the results screen after a mission so
    make your moves count be stylish [ __ ]
    teach teach teach just crazy

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    oh this is one s kids
    bonus points hey good karma gather
    Carmageddon yeah remember dad that was
    lice and this psycho piece I can go up
    so oh yeah just a deep
    by the - flip you have to change the
    combos prolly demons doing in a city
    like this
    crazy al kavadlo Lodi
    oh it's this two deaths three deaths
    there forever
    he'll Cana

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    and the owl is still there
    dance time yes but for brew brew tea
    before booth you have time you know it
    went that she starts falling you go
    lower on stylish points so you gotta be
    fist I'll take you there yeah but I want
    to play too nope Vince oh nice nice nice
    nice let me search for arms I'm always
    losing mine now wait wait wait some red
    [ __ ] that's some [ __ ] there
    yeah this one who [ __ ]
    these going down no looks like I'm gonna
    make it there before you do fee oh
    there's V gotta help him out with style
    [ __ ]
    the stylish points
    what the hell is they're gonna stop me
    Oh whatever shall I do
    Oh vagina oh okay it's damaged before
    destroying so saving that mucus that I'm
    examining see okay
    I can't I examine it oh I need to

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    examine this one too oh okay
    the hell get you the [ __ ] event the
    it's a larva larva that kills a demon
    free a hatchling of the parasitic need
    honk it feeds on weakened parts of the
    cliff off destroying its internal
    structure so let's do that [ __ ] here
    right poopy poopy poop
    let's disgusting man looks like a dick
    my wedding girl he doesn't seem like a
    demon to me thank you
    wait which way did I come from again oh
    this place is cool
    press and hold LS if you lost your way
    pressing old elders who orient the
    camera oh okay oh wait okay there then
    oh here we go
    yeah all right celeb no hey to go find
    one of those shits ah there it is come
    here baby
    oh okay
    detective gentle gentle gentle
    that picture

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    it wasn't him it was me so where the
    hell am I going now
    Oh what's this hmm blue warp fragment
    blue frame and if crystallized life
    source gather your fragments
    okay maximum right now okay so am I
    supposed to go up there again can i oh
    can I go through there okay
    got it let's go back to that dude
    even a present
    there you go happy birthday impregnated
    [ __ ] Anna just impregnated and his life
    is over
    so I can't go through here no but I can
    go through here oh what's it as it's
    like some demon [ __ ] as you progress
    through missions you will come across
    special pattern scrawled on parts of the
    environment such as wall ceiling and
    grounds stand on the glowing point
    nearby and adjust your viewing angle to
    line up the pattern correctly this will
    let you access this area secret mission
    to do missions present you with the
    challenge that you will get the rewards
    for completing that's discovering a
    secret mission it will be selectable or
    from the main menu and you can replace
    this just like on doom remember those
    stones it's probably more and I have to
    press ok
    let's touch it or touch with what I just
    broke a freaking
    oh oh okay okay lemonade all of them the
    demons let's do this [ __ ]
    so secret school

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    failed white oh wait it's not a no eat
    it time I was like very calmly this [ __ ]
    are you kidding me it's always the last
    one that's better
    just like on dude you were right about

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    yeah debate wasn't savage it was be brew
    beaten for breadless again a bit better
    man a little bit it says I like to save
    a chipped getting really sick of this
    stupid tree there's an arm there I only
    have one [ __ ] they could give me more

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    get shits let's see if I can find
    another arm
    everyone is it [ __ ] Oh guess we did
    oh there's a wait what oh no
    ah there it is
    the tick of Meli's
    the hatch link
    now that I have the hatch link
    what is this Capra demon
    hello my name is Ned in - you are hell
    and Senora
    okay nice to meet you
    right so it was just crazy
    even though this is funny

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    these mall okay
    use the ships
    there you go so cute like going to
    school so cute with a little back baby I
    want a plush toy a hedge weak boy I
    gotta lie is pretty sweet
    oh let's get some of this [ __ ]
    oh that's not good so poetic Oh what the
    hell is it
    some telephones still aren't if active
    phone lines get closer and check it out
    hello neo Trinity this phone still works
    Oh to call her out to enhance skills and
    she's like the only cos trailer where
    you can trade railers for skills and
    items any telephone you find is a chess
    colleague oh okay okay any parts of the
    truck pulled away
    oh shut up
    she's always so hot yeah shut up
    let's spin is a Red Queen combos wait
    what is this the PC version yes oh gosh
    and so fine you do that [ __ ] we can't do
    that on the channel or else strikes here
    and there we can flag now and then for
    absolutely nothing just for me saying
    [ __ ] like no one knows what the word
    [ __ ] means [ __ ] means this one

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    cool let me see can I just learn in the
    ow it's it feels like it
    RB LS forward and y RB forwards and
    white tank and the landing fine
    okay I may have to buy some of these
    simply buy two of each
    you need anything else yes two of the
    other one please such nice tattoos
    you're only watching the butterfly one
    right you better take care of that maybe
    don't the little hearts a little hard to
    can I buy more and keep it keep them
    it's fine like this
    no and by for my bar funny you wish no
    spanking the music the the sound is
    different when you're outside it's cold
    like the details man the details
    thanks Nico ouch it is saving not good
    and they're giving me [ __ ] also this was
    like an arena [ __ ] so see in my life
    somebody call it doctor now to Steve MIT
    these Valentin minute
    sorry to disappoint you there is even
    here the tower see a guy around guitars
    even uses together ones were Capra demon
    - did you snack on him
    natural weeks games have interest them
    he's explaining her how you wants to
    rule the universe thank you for the
    explanation it was quite nice you I
    don't know I mean you're a big guy

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    enough but it's more like a knuckle
    scrapping Barton the whims and anything
    no offense I've got a cute Goliath and I
    shall be they beat
    oh [ __ ] no what the hell is it
    he's making cookies there
    explosive let's trick hey incandescent
    colossus sorry i'm about
    roll roll [ __ ]
    now roll roll god damn it oh okay
    it's asylum it's the silence
    I'll be honest
    oh I am but

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    yeah thank God
    oh there's some green sheet over there
    definitely read that [ __ ] okay
    we're eating garbage now
    that's a weird taste Oh
    Oh God
    bo bo bo bo bo bo bo bo bo d lb lb mMmmm
    [ __ ] I practice
    where am I
    I'm inside inside
    oh god I'm dead
    Oh either work this why not

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    that's a lot to go through his face
    there's a new TV how about we record
    god damn it
    oh yes I did till the end man to be a
    stop friend my curse my stars in made a
    grief and he made my love is so high and
    me is reading poetry

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    baby home
    forget everything beast now this was
    hard I should have put this [ __ ] on
    human tummy teeth
    pardon my delay I was catching up on
    some reading
    yeah looks like a page-turner
    so I think Dante still in there
    if your Zen defeated him then I expect
    he's not much more than clarified pollen
    by now what well I thought it a tree
    that grows in the underworld it thrives
    on human blood and those whose blood it
    sucks well let's just say they don't
    turn out too well
    in any case we need to find out if
    Dante's alive will save him if not we
    don't wait
    first we need to exterminate some
    Clifford roots
    [ __ ] Eddie school me what the hell are
    you yes who fits I know I know I'm late
    shut it the roads were all clogged hey
    you must be beat huh
    hey you're gonna get that ding-ding-ding
    right by your feet Louie I'm gonna make
    something amazing out of this
    did you just sniff that do you have any
    idea where that's been up your butt
    focus on the mission your bird its face
    [ __ ] man this was really cool be okay
    I'll take it don't take it I'll take it
    god damn it Cairo and I'm gonna stay
    here for today I don't think I did
    actually a wrong choice by choosing the
    the hardest difficulty because I just
    started and it was okay I used the gold
    stone though if I didn't I would die but
    I'm glad I bought it I gotta buy some
    work everyone so I'm gonna stay here for
    this first episode or you guys enjoy it
    and I'll see you guys in the second one
    so leave a like subscribe I'll see you
    guys there goodbye

    Girl plays DEVIL MAY CRY 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 PC with facecam reaction - "ARM"AGEDDON // Goliath aka Asylum Demon Boss Fight // Dante // V ...


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    Comment (44)

    1. Ana, the short version of the story:
      Dante is Nero's uncle, and the main protagonist of the franchise. Dante is also one of the two sons of a legendary demon called Sparda, that fell in love with a human and seperated the underworld from the human world. All the offspring of Sparda is gifted with special demonic powers. Devil May Cry refers to the name of the agency Dante runs to hunt down supernatural evil guys and such. The two girls that were half dead on the floor when Dante fought that boss (demon king Urizen) at the start of the game, Lady and Trish, those are characters from the previous games. The characters V, Nico and Urizen we haven't seen before in the series. That's about it 🙂 Go kick up some DEMON SHIIEEEETT!

    2. The "Qliphoth Root's" name came from the word "Qliphoth" (Kli-foth) literally "Peels", "Shells" or "Husks" are the representation of evil or impure spiritual forces in Jewish mysticism, the polar opposites of the holy Sefirot. The realm of evil is also termed Sitra Achra in Kabbalah texts.

    3. You'll want to use LB as sparingly as possible in combat because it destroys your arm immediately when you press it. It's more of a last resort if you have to use it.

    4. Don’t worry Ana I button mash as I’m not great at doing combos Spoiler his arm is actually a sword Dante and Nero are originally brothers in the previous games sons to a demon called Sparda and there mum was an angel so I am unsure as to if they are still related and Nephalim. Great video Ana x

    5. You should have played the previous games. They will make alot of references to the previous games also old characters from the previous ones will show up as well.

    6. Hey Anna! Are you going to play Metro Exodus? I'm not playing DMC5, sorry but it really doesn't appeal to me. But I'm not hating on it at all. Everyone has their own taste in games as well as music or films. But I hope you will check out Metro Exodus soon,if it appeals to you.

    7. Comment section you can flame me and fry like french fries or the person playing the game if but I must know is she from Pennsylvania with a the vampires and stuff?

    8. I swear I dunno what is up wid viewers…. Was watching Radbrad play this game 40 min I was so bored frm watching his playthrough just playing the game for the sake of it no combo, no buster use, no fun and tht shithead has 10M subs…. I love watching Anna play the combat feels like the DMC when I play it… Gus and Anna have so much fun with all kinds of games, sadly 35K subs on 8bites…. seriously WTF ???

    9. Hey 8 bites so far loving the series and I'm glad you're playing it I'm going to watch the whole series I hope you do Sekiros shadows die twice as well keep up the good work 🙂 devil may cry 5 is one hell of a game 🙂

    10. https://lyricstranslate.com/en/let039s-fighting-love-lets-fighting-love-english-only.html


      Hey hey let's go けんかする
      たいせつなもの protect my balls!
      ぼくがわるい so let's fighting…
      Let's fighting love! Let's fighting love!

      だいじょうぶ, we do it all the time!

      Hey hey let's go けんかする
      たいせつなもの protect my balls!
      ぼくがわるい so let's fighting…
      Let's fighting love! Let's fighting love!

    11. When I first seen the intro I was laughing my ass off and shed a single tear. It was at this moment I knew that this is the true devil may cry. AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER.


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