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    Dirt 4 – Part 1 – Time for some Offroad Racing!

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    Comment (26)

    1. OMG DUDE, i cant help but get pissed off, you dont like rally, you dont know how to race a car, you dont understand anything, you are a complete non car guy, PLEASE , OH PLEASE, DO some RESEARCH before you sound like a nonce, i love you mate but i am a hardcore fan and just cant help but point out you bs , A SCOUT isnt IN THE PASSENGER SEAT, A scout, just like in every sport is the person from a professional team looking for people to offer a transfer to a pro team. I dont want to hate but just say, Im learning as I go and do be like "I LIKE RALLY" no you dont! You got send a sim and needed an excise to use it be straight with us mate…

    2. I get into flow state with this game. It sometimes feel like I’m driving wherever the road takes me like it’s open world. I get locked in on a skinny path on the limit the vehicle and FPS of my console.


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