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SearchThisVideo: Disco Elysium The Final Cut – Full Game Part 1 (No Commentary)

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Watch video at 00:00
there is
nothing only warm primordial
blackness your conscious for mancini
no larger than a single grain of malt
you don't have to do anything anymore
ever never
never ever ever baby
inaudible time passes it is only void of
now ex-wives are contained within it
an awareness creeps up on you
a must lie is hidden in your dead angle
soaking in some lord acidic sauce it's
bloated and shameful
a ball of meat surrounding you
this is a terrible line of questioning
and it will only lead to more
awareness of the meat
ex-love extendiness
it is foolish of you to resurface to the
not after all the damage you've suffered
to get here
some of it irreversible
stay sail with me through the abyss of

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

do you really
you wouldn't like it if i told you what
was back there
why'd you think you had to bludgeon
yourself into oblivion
or did you not sense yourself marinating
poured so much on yourself gotta be
carried away did we chef
yes you're one disco
somewhere in the sore bloated man meet
around you
a sensation
like a fly to the ointment your
conscious stinks to air
the limbed and headed machine of pain
and undignified suffering is firing up
it wants to walk the desert
hurting longing
dancing to disco music
the stench of liquor rises from your
and with it an ungodly
fiery streak penetrates your skull
trying to force your eyes open it's a
from hell
you hear a jingle keys are clinking in
the pocket of your flare cup pants
it says whirling in rags on the
aluminium key ring
there is a single key on the ring the
number one is etched on it
it should open the door

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

the window stands broken in its frame
cold wind
blows in
the shards face outward whatever broke
this window
came from the inside a fine web of
scarring covers the back of your right
but none of it is recent more likely a
projectile than a held object
there are no fragments on the floor from
pulling a tool back
in after impact
it is too large for a bullet yet too
small for a piece of furniture
you're looking for something heavy and
larger than your fist
the single green shoe you found fits the
hole almost as well as your foot
it would have also been heavy enough if
thrown with force
congratulations you smashed the window
with your own
shoe now you only have one
if you're lucky you can still find the
other one on the balcony outside
the door to it should be outside your
the window agrees its correct smile is
cold and sparkly
this fan has two chain pull switches one
ends in a tiny fan
the other in a light bulb a truly
horrific neck tire somehow attached
to one of the blades
you swoop up and catch the tie snap
it's released from the blade what you
have in your hand
is a truly hideous necktie with four or
five different patterns
the knot reminds you of a noose
a mirror hangs above a bent and broken
in a fierce discharge of masculine
energy someone has ripped half the
faucet off

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

hot water sprays from the base and steam
covers the mirror
you cannot see yourself just the outline
of a man
suddenly you realize you have no memory
of the face that awaits you there
underneath the soft vapor
really all recollection of the person
you are
the people in your life and even the
world you're in has drowned in a sea of
blood alcohol
this was no mere night of drinking it
was a deluge
of world-ending proportions
as you slowly reach your hand towards
the surface of the mirror
abort you clearly have not thought this
you won't like what you see there and
you will never unbecome it
there they both are two identical shoes
both copiously green and
indiscriminately snake skin
reunited on your feet like two
baby crocodiles good
they're balanced comfy feels like the
only good
thing about you right now truth be told

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

hello officer
the young woman raises a cigarette to
her lips
her eyes are brown and her face is
speckled with birth marks
she can't be more than twenty-eight
uh now
because you're a police officer sir
i'm not unless you've been [ __ ]
us all this time you've been here for
three days
on official police business no less
i couldn't say in truth so far
mostly drinking
could it be because of the drinking
she hasn't had time to put her makeup on
this is her morning cigarette
she looks tired her beauty waning faster
than it ought to at her age
don't be so harsh on yourself they let
almost anyone be a police officer
the words have already left your mouth
what was that that's not even how words
are used
what did you say come on say it again
no you see that's not what you said
you said
come on man freddy please one more time
i'm sorry i didn't mean to hurt your
something stirs in you as she's about to
go call it an
instinct a need the need to ask
questions it's like you've said the
words a million times before
she looks back at you a light glimpting
her eyes
yes you're in a hostel
sir we are in ravishaw
rivershall is the disgraced former
capital of the world
divided into zones of control under
foreign occupation
half a century after a failed world
she is central to our moment in time
there was the usual ruckus loud
disco music i couldn't say
it's impossible to hear people speaking
from over here

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

oh yes various artists
ostentatious orchestration prime among
oh we're huge where i come from i was
very young then of course
like seven life gets hard but we go
it would appear so at around two o'clock
the disco stopped and
there was a change of pace a slow
sad song started playing like organ
music on repeat
that went on for quite a while some of
the time you were yelling along to it
yes there was a church in there a really
small church
like the smallest saddest church in the
whole world
it was about that and also
that it doesn't matter anymore and that
alone now it was difficult to tell
the song itself is very quiet and soft
you sounded like a wounded boar sir it
was hard to understand what you were
singing on top of it
yes it was very cool
then you started screaming and trashed
the place
a window was smashed the tape player
the song stopped and furniture too
a real destruct-a-thon there was
then i think you passed out
there was i think you screamed that you
didn't want to be this type of animal
i may have misheard but it was sort of
i went out afterwards everything was
quiet by then
round four it's 51.
the current century centuries don't have
numbers they have names and this is the
current one
civilization has existed for 8 000 years
you're right there is nothing funny
about civilization
glad to have been of assistance
you should pick that fat juicy cigarette
butt from the tray
light it up and smoke the living [ __ ]
out of it
the living [ __ ] your mesolimbic reward
pathway does not mince words
it wants smokes who knows

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

what you are a monster a murderer
the gnome of jerome you feel like a
especially when you look at that juicy
seductive cigarette stub still
smoldering deliciously
how very astute of you this renders it
ineffectual you should look for a whole
cigarette or better yet an entire
pack strike that a carton
make sure they're all healthy and
then smoke them all
they'll make you stronger and better
you're too old to be cool
now but find cigarettes smoke them
blam instantly a cool renegade man
a mystical red dragon with smoke rising
his nostrils plus
smoking then gives massive bonuses
you should totally sing karaoke here the
first chance you get
your emotions need to be expressed
people need to know your vast
oceanic soul
utterly and it needs to be heard
through a pa system by other people
whether they like it or not ram it up
their ears
says your adrenaline gland violently
who is mistakenly identified as a cop
for his prominent jawline
yes sounds likely you should probably go
on stage
and pose for a moment when you're done
with this thought
see if it works

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

a man in his late 20s stands behind the
inspecting a stuffed sea bird as you
he gives you a sideways glance then
looks down again
everything is cool between you and this
guy he's a big fan
make some small talk
a competent work of taxidermy the white
and brown sea bird
lies among piles of coasters and drying
one of its wings broken the man is
trying to mend it
looks like the bird was ripped off the
shield that was used
to mount it most likely on a wall
a small engraved steel tag says the
great scooter
steer kawari's scooter
look your buddy is over there
why don't you go and talk to him okay
he pretends not to hear you
concentrating on the bird instead
no i'm not the bartender i'm the
cafeteria manager
he's very animated all of a sudden this
seems like a touchy subject
i have three cafeterias to manage three
sylvie tends the bar here not me i'm
only standing in
she just you know
the man plucks at the seabird frowning
a colorful piece of plastic is dangling
from his carabineer
makes your fingers itch on the counter
rolled out
of his open hand you see a blister pack
of headache medicine

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

the man does not mind you probably need
more than he does it's a dock workers id
doubling as a shift card and a job
a young able-bodied man stays back at
from the photo santiago s
your fingers find their way into the
shackle flicking open its spring-loaded
the metal loop holds the plastic id and
deliver bound pocketbook
the man emits a loud snore is he about
to wake up
doesn't look like it but you never know
better be quick
you slip the plastic id card out of the
loop and pocket it
the man continues to snore
you find a black paper note with a
woman's profile on it
seems like this woman lived centuries
ago the note says
five real it feels nice and greasy
the sleeping dock worker has little to
say about your actions
he remains silent
hello sweetie you shouldn't keep your
colleague waiting
a bespectacled man in an orange bomber
jacket is tapping his foot
on the floor looks like he's waiting for
you as you approach he narrows his eyes
and extends his hand in greeting on the
of his bomber jacket as well as on its
back are the same
enigmatic white rectangles as on your
hello i'm kim kitsuragi lieutenant
prison57 you must be from the 41st
you realize he's waiting for your name
concentration makes you squint your eyes
your name should be deep gold and orange
like a forest fire looming on the
but mixed with the stench of liquor
rising from your breath
you're two steps closer to it but there
are still
many to go
okay then
it looks like we had a little scheduling
error on sunday
saturday too actually have you had time
to talk to the manager here
no i don't think so we should ask him
for a rundown of the area
not that i'm here as well i understand
the scene is out back right

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00
it also wouldn't hurt to assure him the
police are finally here
in full force i mean have you mapped out
the initial interviews
right and the interviews
at the 57th we like to prepare an
initial list of persons of interest
and then just skim the surface prepare
the field
get to know the players you don't do
that maybe it's not an interdistrict
good but even if you haven't we'll have
time for that after we take a look at
the coroner's case have you removed the
dead body from the tree
completely does that mean you took the
body down from the tree
does that mean the body is no longer in
the tree
sure but did you take it down from the
so the body is still in the tree
where it has been hanging for seven days
we should go there as soon as we are
done talking to the owner
talk to the manager then we go out back
and take the body down
i was sent here to meet a detective from
you have the insignia of the citizens
militia on your sleeve and on your back
i suppose you could be impersonating him
you could have gotten the insignia from
the black market or forged it
but for now i'm going to set those
possibilities aside
i'm not from the inspector in general
he knows we all feel that way sometimes
there is no such thing as a police
officer i'm afraid
what remains is that there is a dead
body in the tree someone has to figure
out who put it there
if we don't no one else will but first
we have to take it down
after you officer if you're about to
on an investigation shouldn't you have a
you mean you don't have a badge
oh if you didn't have your badge then
that would be
very bad you would need to report it on
my short wave
but since you do have it we can go
straight to the task at hand
the man with the unimpressive beard
notices you approaching
he drops the ledger he was holding and
turns to the lieutenant
mr god right
yes i am kim kitsuragi from prison 57

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

this is an inter-district investigation
so joining me from prison 41
that's wonderful really i think so but
there's a dead body out back no one
wants to work in these conditions
it's been a week sir i understand your
but we are here to do a job and for us
to do it
i need you to stay calm yes of course
i know it took us a while to arrive at
the scene but it also took you a while
to call us
it was you who placed the call correct
i only just got here it was probably
sylvie who called you
she usually works the bar here i'm only
taking over her duties do you have her
number as a matter of fact i do
this sounds like something you can use
to call this sylvie later
you said you just got here from where
are you a local
what of martinez no i live in jamrock
i only sometimes come here to keep an
eye on the place
this is just one of the many many
cafeterias i manage
but you still know your way around yes
in case we need directions
yes i know where some things are but as
i said
i don't live here i just used to work
and i'm not going to start working here
again if that's what you think
i didn't imply that detective
i have everything you
yes yes he means do you have questions
for me
like a police officer would
i knew it let's go not so
fast you owe me 130 royale
oh excuse me you owe me 130 real
the iir or inter isolary real
is the global reserve currency whatever
part of the world you're in right now
it's safe to assume he means you owe
him some money
no you don't owe me street cred you owe
me money
you owe this establishment 130 royale
you can't arrest me i haven't done

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

the bottom of your blue soul a term
but it's not inane i just you owe me
it is crude of you a man has been killed
file a request for compensation with
station 41
we need to work now okay you'll only
have to pay for the window
and the drinks that's 70. i'll get the
rest from your stupid station
the lander does the ledger has a memory
the drinks are non-negotiable there's no
way your station will pay for them
fine i'll take it off the bill you want
to sleep in a post-apocalyptic [ __ ]
go ahead but i'm not giving you another
don't thank me you still owe me 30 for
the drinks
if you don't have it by tonight i'm not
letting you back up there
that's enough now sir good day
by the way where is home the address is
coming up blank
and this place sure isn't it but you've
at this hostel cafeteria for only three
where were you before you had to be
why did you say that
no but isn't that an expression not a
a saying upon marvel hill a great high
one that is impossible to climb back to
that doesn't sound like some way you can
if you run out of money
you can try run some addresses in your
head when you get the time
maybe a street or an apartment will

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

you see a set of tire tracks in the
brown slush that covers the plaza mosaic
cop habit you look at everything
this isn't case related you think
hard to say your vision is blurred and
you're having difficulty
concentrating thanks to your relentless
hangover the tire tracks were left here
by an
unknown event that took place some days
it's a message written in the language
of burnt
rubber some of that rubber stuck to the
tiles right in front of the whirling in
rags this is point a
the driver started there and then
accelerated straight into the fence
the driver proceeded to back out of the
barely stopping before hitting the
adjacent building
before heading south must have been in a
i'm not sure there are plenty of traffic
accidents waiting to happen in martinez
with the gem right here on the
roundabout i would keep them separate
you could follow the track south there
seems to be a canal there
see where they went if you find the time
you are correct this is a rather motor
carriage friendly city
the corpse looks at you with bulging
white eyes
the face around them does not look human
it's swollen and ready to burst his lips
are fish-like
and his tongue like a ball gag in his
you seem to be holding your breath

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

a cargo belt twists his neck at an
unnatural angle
the body below appears stiff it's
letting out an ungodly rot
the smell seeps in even through your
clenched nostrils
active decay it's okay to throw a
no one is judging he's about to blow
cop's gonna blow kuno
there are several footprints in the mud
left by work boots
anywhere from six to twelve pairs have
walked here
every worker's boots would reinforce
toes and hobnails
all over the yard isn't this something
an industrial worker would wear
not it
what do you think you are a super
detective you're hungover
these are just dents in the mud no
pattern emerges for the time being
an inconspicuous pile of the roofing
eat tonight it's nothing someone just
left some roofing material slanted
an old shack
because it's nice and orderly well laid
easy on the eyes
this trash container is locked the
sliding lid
has a padlock that says whirling in rags
just a trash container there is no such
your fingers start to itch just looking
at the padlock
we could try using a pry bar there's one
in my motor carriage
or we might want to ask for a key from
the manager of the whirling in rex
he probably has one and he also has
before you stands a motor carriage the
bodywork is covered in blue and white
bearing the number 57 vapor emanates
from the large engine on the back of the
vehicle it hasn't had time to cool off
this must be the infernal machine that
toy from oblivion

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

in the cabin you are welcomed by a set
of steering levers
a radio microphone on a hook a pull out
under the seat and the soft glow of the
fuel pre-heater gauge
a scent of leather work and heavy fuel
oils washes over
the metallic drawer slides out from
under the seat
and clicks into place the tools inside
are neatly organized
take what you need officer it's going to
be a long case
i'm not protective of my tools like some
men are
the pry bar feels nice and cold in your
heavier than you'd think cold and
heavy like truth you feel like you're
reunited with
truth once more useful for opening all
sorts of doors and lids
the handles are long and sleek snap snap
throw the cutters in your hand you can
do good work with these
cut chains locks and ropes especially
it's robust weatherproof and well made
police issue blue lets you see
things in the dark you would otherwise
the pullout toolbox slides back into its
pre-heater gauge casts a warm glow on
the steering levers
and the rate
the rcm in martinez what can i help you
of course what can i help you with
of course where to no problem
she's very well composed back straight
of course i won't hold you back
if there's a corpse then you're going to
need those gloves for the autopsy
sure keep them i have another pair
this trash container is locked the
sliding lid
has a padlock that says whirling in rags

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

can i help you
mine no it belongs to the whirling and
thank you for clearing the dab why do
you keep the container locked
why to keep the hobos and drunks out
that's why
and the neighbors too they put their
trash there and they don't pay for the
garbage company
i thought as much and are you the only
party with access to the trash container
well yes us and the garbage disposal
it seems a little callous doesn't it
something stirs in you
product him and find out
do you need them for it concerns the
case please cooperate
just bring them back once you're done
this trash container is locked with a
well-oiled crack
the lock pops open it should now be
possible to simply raise the lid
don't maybe you shouldn't
the smell of rotten food rises to greet
you see soggy cartons dirty rags and
organic waste
we're just in time this hasn't been
emptied for over a week you see
milk and egg rest with one broken egg in
some pasta wrapper picking up the soggy
packages somehow feels familiar
you've done this before the movements
are recorded in your elbows
the methodology in your fingers you're
used to this
a box falls into pieces in your hands
batis soleil
cereal there are plastic pasta packages
and turbo noodles nothing of note
among the threadbare kitchen towels
something catches your eye
a pair of denim trousers as the legs of

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

the slime covered jeans begin to unspool
from the garbage
a rank corp smell fills the air the
victim's clothes
cadaverino door is faint if this
belonged to the deceased
they were removed when he was still in
the early stages of decay
drop them in here officer
guitar marked blue jeans croquettes
empty or emptied he wore them with a
too a white belt the loops appear
stretched but
the belt is missing that's it do you see
anything else in there
i have another bag here something slimy
catches your eye
a drab long-sleeved shirt olive colored
appears from the food waste
dripping with pus this is a military
type over garment
no label or serial number this is the
kind of rib knit shirt that's one of a
light armor to consider
in an urban scenario anything more
the rest of the rags are just kitchen
variety waste
a yellow old mug that catches your eye
but other than that
all right we should go to gut again and
ask if he knows who put the clothes
in the trash it could be as simple as
someone from the hostel cleaning the
or that one i'd advise against
confronting that force
[ __ ] he on about kids you hear that
he thinks you're an infant or something
the lieutenant knots then looks back
into the trash container it's just
organic waste
cold and slimy on your hands apple and
potato pills mostly
unidentified sludge and the occasional
chicken bone
thrown in for good measure but hey
what's this
a blue piece of plastic sticks out from
the apple peels
it's shiny looks like the corner of
something they look badly damaged but
you can still make out forms and notes
written in a man's handwriting
officer is that your paperwork
it is look the plastic has the rcm
street grid on it
you've even got an autopsy form in there
if you don't mind me asking how did this
get in the trash
lucky we found it you should take stock
of what remains
just to be sure someone has not made it
into the hands of the rcm's adversaries
organize crime and the like there might
have been police secrets in your notes
it would also not hurt to start taking
notes on the case

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

now tell me what your eagle i see or are
we finished
you pick out a broken mug with an oddly
depiction of the yellow man frolicking
in saffron
the container sounds a muffled gong
that's one thing of the least i think
there he still is looking right through
you with his white eyes the body below
is entirely dedicated to that corpse
emitting it is all it does now
the smell is repulsive it pushes in from
your mouth
more instant and more familiar than
anything you
expected more fever than odour
it fills your mind flushing you from
you feel a great force ringing from your
your body curls and pushes it out burst
by burst
until a pool of vomit lies under your
feet and your throat stings
from the stomach acid the smell of
commodore red
rises from the pool among it distilled
and bits of shish kebab
keep it
the hangover is clearly making these
words for you you could use some ammonia
to clear your head
there is fritz nearby east of the hostel
they usually have a smaller particularly
if they don't there's a greenhouse here
and a gardener with a wheelbarrow on the
corner of the welding in rags
if she works here she might have
something for the smell
can i help you
thanks i hope you found what you were
looking for
how strange i certainly didn't put them
the trash collection service cs

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

i don't see why they would put anything
in the trash though
ah the elusive cs municipal i doubt
we'll be able to track down who was sent
here last and when
this will have to be one of those little
threats that solves itself
down the road on clinton street near the
boogie street diamond
a small truck rattles down an alleyway
it stops
by a rusted trash container two men
with their faces rough and swollen jump
they look at the container despondently
csm is written on their backs
thank you anyway
sylvie had the keys before i got here
and i can vouch for her
i can vouch for all my stuff none of us
would tamper with a crime scene
a mirror hangs on the wall cut as you
reach your hand towards the surface of
the mirror
abort you clearly have not thought this
you won't like what you see there and
you will never unbecome it
you have no idea who this thing is
do you
whatever it is at least it's dead now
there's clearly rigor mortis on your
face oh wait
is that an expression are you trying to
make an expression with that
face please stop
it's horrible you're scaring yourself
oh my god you can't stop
it's like it's not even voluntary
anymore you have worn that grin into
your face and now it won't come off
what does it even mean what is the
emotion you're trying to convey
you should check yourself for a pulse
from here it looks like a cadaverous
good call go ahead and try something
if you like or you know stop staring
into the mirror

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

it belongs in the new the third decade
of the current century enough time had
passed from the failure of the
that for a fleeting moment free market
seemed like the ultimate uncontested way
of life
for our species things were good
it was smooth sailing people made gold
and champagne tinted interiors and
to suit the times calling this the new
but more importantly disco happened
forget about ostentatious orchestrations
forever show your city that
meant only one thing guillaume lamillion
out of the dazzling swirl of disco music
in an
open air what did we somewhere in
rivershall west
guillaume's blonde mane appeared on the
he sang some [ __ ] then he made
the expression
everyone loved it maybe you thought some
of the stardust
would rub off on you maybe it did
either way it's all gone now only the
grimace remains
you have some understanding of the near
history of disco
plus the trivia you've picked up along
the way
episodic memory however remains in the
it may never return you should prepare
yourself for that
it doesn't have to be you can swoon over
guillaume and the champagne coke smile
whenever you want to
maybe some of the stardust will return

Disco Elysium The Final Cut - Full Game Part 1 (No Commentary) "Disco Elysium is a groundbreaking role playing game. You're a detective with a unique skill ...


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  1. I was looking forward to the full voice acting in the Final Cut, but eesh, it sure is cheesy.
    A lot of the characters either sound really flat and amateur, or really overdramatic and corny… Kind of a shame.


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