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SearchThisVideo: Disco Elysium The Final Cut [Hardcore] 100% Walkthrough Part 1: Whirling-In-Rags Hostel

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Watch video at 00:00
there is nothing only warm
primordial blackness
you're conscious for men city
no larger than a single grain of malt
you don't have to do anything anymore
ever never ever
never ever ever baby
an inaudible void of struggle
no ex-wives are contained within it
an awareness creeps up on you a mass
lies in in your dead angle soaking in
some gloried acidic
source it's bloated and shameful
a ball of meat surrounding you this is a
terrible line of questioning
and it will only lead to more awareness
of the meat
thing ex-love
extended earth it is foolish of you
to resurface to the loss
not after all the damage you've suffered
to get here
some of it irreversible
stay sail with me through the abyss
pelagic zone
all right nothing down to [ __ ] all
borough great choice elder one
it has always been like this and it
will the song of death
is sweden endless
what is this somewhere in the sore
bloated man meet around you
a sensation
like a fly to the ointment your
conscious sticks to air
the limbed and headed machine of pain
and undignified suffering is firing up
it wants to walk the desert
hurting longing
dancing to disco music
a stench of liquor rises from your mouth

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

and with it
an ungodly headache
a fiery streak penetrates your skull
trying to force your eyes open
somehow you know what it is
you hear a jingle keys are clinking in
the pocket of your flare cup pants
it says whirling in rags on the
aluminium key ring
there is a single key on the ring the
number one is etched on it
it should open the door
a mirror hangs above a bent and broken
in a fierce discharge of masculine
energy someone has ripped half the
faucet off
was this not the same elo that founds
empires and lays waste to cities viral
uncaring towards the little things
probably not no hot water sprays from
the faucet's base
and steam covers the mirror you cannot
see yourself
just the vague impression of a man
you realize you have no memory of the
face that awaits you there
underneath the soft vapor really
all recollection of the person you are
the people in your life and even the
world you're in
has drowned in the sea of blood alcohol
this was no mere night of drinking it
was a deluge
of world-ending proportions
as you slowly reach your hand towards
the surface of the mirror abort
you clearly have not thought this
through you won't like what you see
and you will never unbecome it

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

yeah there is definitely something wrong
with it
to even begin there is the bloatedness
then the swollenness it's like there's
an upholstery of alcohol
underneath your skin it's not
your nose feels like a small balloon in
the middle of your face
it hurts when you honk it it doesn't
appear to be a particularly tiny nose
not with all the drinks it's absorbed
for you
it's not it's swollen and snail-like
wriggling between your fingers
you have no idea who this thing is
do you it appears you're also dead
there's clearly rigor mortis on your
face oh wait
is that an expression are you trying to
make an expression with that face
why please stop
it's horrible you're scaring yourself
you can't can you it's like it's not
even voluntary anymore
you have worn that grin into your face
and now it won't come off
what does it even mean what is the
emotion you're trying to convey
you should check yourself for a pulse
from here it looks like a cadaverous
spasm you find no
sign of life on your swollen neck
putting your hand on your chest reveals
an irregular heartbeat
you appear to be alive for now
like the rest of you it comes from a bad
somewhere in the past that's all you
for now
this fan has two chain pull switches one
ends in a tiny fan
the other in a light bulb a truly
horrific neck tire somehow
attached itself to one of the blades
or has it been consigned there as
you feel as though this creature is your
and wants to reattach itself to your
so that you may continue your adventures
together in this strange world
the blades come squeak into a halt it
should be easier to reach the tie now
you swoop up and catch the tie snap
it's released from the blade warning

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

the necktie is no longer contained what
you have in your hand is a fantastically
colourful tie
with four or five different patterns
the knot reminds you of a noose if it's
friend why was it up there
who ties their friend to a ceiling fan
maybe this thing is dangerous somehow an
foreboding feeling fills you as you look
at the tie
the window stands broken in its frame
cold wind
blows in the shards
face outward whatever broke this window
came from the inside
a fine web of scarring covers the back
of your right hand
but none of it is recent more likely a
projectile than a held object
there are no fragments on the floor from
pulling a tool back
in after impact it is too large for a
yet too small for a piece of furniture
you're looking for something heavy and
larger than your fist
the single green shoe you found fits the
hole almost as well as your foot
it would have also been heavy enough if
thrown with force
congratulations you smashed the window
with your own
shoe now you only have one
if you're lucky you could still find the
other one on the balcony outside
the door to it should be outside your
the cool wind gushes in your toes curl
from the cold
both copiously green and
indiscriminately snake skin
reunited on your feet like two baby
good they're balanced comfy feels like
the only good thing about you right now
truth be told

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

the young woman raises a cigarette to
her lips
her eyes are brown and her face is
speckled with birth marks
she can't be more than 28. a silver
jumpsuit falls off her
like scale armor sparkling
this is the sparkle of too many nights
out on the city
uh now
the young woman shakes her head slowly
officer could be an artistic statement
you're already prone to those
no you're a police officer sir
i am yes unless you've been feeding us a
set of very well rehearsed lies all this
you've been here for three days on
official police business no less
i couldn't say in truth so far
mostly drinking you have no doubt about
the drinking
but do you strike yourself as a
tight-lipped drunk
she must have heard something she nods
there's a mercenary out back he's been
the body has been there for a week now
locals probably got tired of it and
called the cops
i didn't mean to overwhelm you with
information you seem a bit
lost officer could it be because of the
don't be so harsh on yourself they let
almost anyone be a police officer
the words have already left your mouth
what was that that's not even how words
are used
what did he say come on say it again
come on man pretty please one more time
i'm sorry i didn't mean to hurt your
something stirs in you as she's about to
go call it an instinct
a need the need to ask questions
it's like you said the words a million
times before
she looks back at you a light glimpting
her eyes yes
you're in a hostel sir we are in
rivershall is the disgraced former
capital of the world
divided into zones of control under

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

foreign occupation
half a century after a failed world
she is central to our moment in time
you sure look like you're from rivershaw
rubbish old parties
her accent suggests she is not from
around here
she's from erenier another part of the
it's 51. the current century
centuries don't have numbers they have
and this is the current one
civilization has existed for 8 000 years
you're right there is nothing funny
about civilization
there was the usual ruckus loud disco
i couldn't say it's impossible to hear
people speaking from over here
oh yes various artists
ostentatious orchestration prime among
oh that yeah whoa
the less said about oh the better oh
we're huge where i come from i was very
young then of course
like seven life gets hard but
we go on i don't know about that
at around two o'clock disco stopped and
there was a change of pace
a slow sad song started playing
like organ music on repeat that went on
for quite a while
some of the time you were yelling along
to it
yes there was a church in there a really
small church
like the smallest saddest church in the
whole world
it was about that that it doesn't matter
anymore and that we're alone now
it was difficult to tell the song itself
is very quiet and soft but
you sounded like a wounded boar sir it
was hard to understand what you were
singing on top of it
yes it was very cool
it's impossible to say whether she's
being sarcastic
or really means it then you started
and trashed the place
a window was smashed the tape player
the song stopped and furniture too
a real destruct-a-thon there was
then i think uh you passed out
there was i think you screamed that you
didn't want to be this type of animal
i may have misheard but it was sort of
memorable i went out afterwards
everything was quiet by then around four
or five
and that was it glad to have been of

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

the door is closed there is no answer
you hear the shower being turned on
somewhere inside
a tremendous loneliness comes over you
everybody in the world is doing
something without you
the door is closed this door
can only be opened with a key or from
the inside
still no answer still nothing
you should totally sing karaoke here the
first chance you get
your emotions need to be expressed
people need to know your vast
oceanic soul utterly
and it needs to be heard through a pa
by other people
is mistakenly identified as a cop for
his prominent jawline
yes sounds likely you should probably go
on stage
and pose for a moment when you're done
with this thought
see if it works
you should sing the sad small church
song from that tape you found
thought it was obvious serves them right
wipe that smirk off their face with your
sad tragic small church song
who's laughing now no one you would need
another copy of take first though
the one upstairs is destroyed
as you turn a bright light catches your
eye making you squint
from a distant sunset a stage light
flash photography
nowhere in particular it's just what
superstar law officers do they squint at
and they solve [ __ ]
yeah you have you're a big dick cop
dick mullen salam rocky bye badass on
the edge disco cop
time to recede into a ludicrous fantasy

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

here we go camera lights
with a sudden flash the world freezes
around you
and you along with it in an iconic
monochrome solution
a black silhouette against the
rasterized orange world
it's on
that was disdain in his eyes even now he
is purposely ignoring you
looks like he's not a fan
no i'm not the bartender i'm the
cafeteria manager
i have three cafeterias to manage three
sylvie tends the bar here not me i'm
only standing in
she just you know his eyes dart from
left to right
this man isn't lying but he is
hiding something so now you're a cop
oh no you're a hero a real
hero could the massive property damage
upstairs have anything to do with this
am i or did you ride in
take the body down solve the murder and
not trash my hostel room
you're right you didn't and it's only
taken you three days not to
no i haven't seen you around i'm not
always here
this is the great skewer the sea bird is
the symbol for the discovery of the
insalindian isola
the part of the world you are in right
something about it makes you feel bitter
look your buddy is over there
why don't you go and talk to him okay

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

on the counter rolled out of his open
you see a blister pack of headache
the man does not mind you probably need
more than he does
if an assault were launched on this
building right now if the windows came
crashing down
and the whole world descended upon you
this man would hurl himself
in death's way to save you you are sure
of this
but why
hello i'm kim kitsuragi lieutenant
prison 57 you must be from the 41st
this is your chance to come up with a
really good name for yourself
get creative conceptualize
concentration makes you squint your eyes
your name
should be deep gold and orange like a
forest fire
looming on the horizon but mixed with a
stench of liquor rising from your breath
you're two steps closer to it but there
are still
many to go
okay then
it looks like we had a little scheduling
error on sunday
saturday too actually have you had time
to talk to the manager here
what he means is he has been trying to
meet up with you for two
days but you have been otherwise
then we should ask him for a rundown of
the area get me up to speed
i understand the scene is outback right
it also wouldn't hurt to assure him the
police are finally here
in full force i mean have you mapped out
the initial
at the 57th we like to prepare an
initial list of persons of interest
and then just skim the surface prepare
the field
get to know the players you don't do

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

that maybe it's not an interdistrict
okay we'll have time for that after we
take a look at the coroner's case
have you removed the dead body from the
so the body is still in the tree
this is the first time you detect a
weariness in the lieutenant's voice
it is obvious he would have preferred
for the body to no longer be in the tree
where it has been hanging for seven days
we should go there as soon as we are
done talking to the owner
we all feel that way sometimes there is
no such thing
as a police officer i'm afraid what
remains is that there is a dead body in
the tree
someone has to figure out who put it
there if we don't
no one else will and then soon after
dead bodies would be dangling from all
the trees
but first we have to take it down
i was sent here to meet a detective from
you have the insignia of the citizens
militia on your sleeve and on your back
i suppose you could be impersonating him
you could have gotten the insignia from
the black market or forged it
but for now i'm going to set those
possibilities aside
i'm not from the inspector in general
inspectorate general means
internal affairs what he's saying
is he's not from the rat squad and isn't
supposed to suspect
such things yes but i'm not them
i'm from criminal investigation
yes they are not just white rectangles
they bear halogen watermark with the
letters rcm and a pattern resembling the
street grid of radashan west
i would ask you to step into the
headlights of my motor carriage
but again it's none of my concert i just
need you to do your job
you mean you don't have a bed
losing your identification card is a
serious matter
my vehicle has a short wave you can use
it to report your badge missing
i would advise you to locate it as
quickly as possible but getting the body
should still take precedence
i can see you drank last night and the
night before
and that you are still drunk now but i
have seen officers go through worse
much worse if you need something for
your headache there is a general store
nearby but as i said
the dead body should be our number one
talk to the manager then we go out back
and take the body down
after you officer

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

mr god right
you run this place
yes i am kim kitsuragi from prison 57
this is an inter-district investigation
so joining me from prison 41
are you kidding me
it's you it's obviously you you
smell like liquor and you're orange
see everyone agrees it's your color
we're on the right track with this name
is this what you get when you call the
police now we've been waiting for a week
sir i understand your concern but we are
here to do a job
and for us to do it i need you to stay
yes of course i know it took us a while
to arrive at the scene
but it also took you a while to call us
it was you who placed the call
correct no i only just got here
it was probably sylvie who called you
she usually works the bar here
i'm only temporarily taking over her
do you have her number as a matter of
fact i do
you said you just got here from where
are you a local
what of martinez no i live in jamrock
i only sometimes come here to keep an
eye on the place
this is just one of the many many
cafeterias i manage
but you still know your way around yes
in case we need directions
yes i know where some things are but as
i said i don't live here
i just used to work here and i'm not
going to start working here again if
that's what you think
i didn't imply that detective
he probably means this is where you step
in and
ask your questions
ask him about the body's location before
asking if he killed him people give up
information in the more innocuous
which you can later use in the more
sinister ones
not vice versa behind this building
there's a courtyard they hoisted them up
on a tree there
that's easy see that door there first
you exit through that
then to your right you should see a big
hole in the fence
a really big one you can get to the
courtyard through there
no need for the keys the hole is big
enough for the franco nigerian cavalry
to fit through

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

i don't know who killed him i'm not the
police that's your job
this is it he said they
hoisted him up on a tree who is this
they if he doesn't know
oh people are saying it was the union
dock workers
that it was a lynching the locals
the customers the people who eat here a
lot of dog workers eat here
sylvie told me everyone knows the dog
workers did it
did the debaters themselves tell her
this or is it a rumor
i don't really know you'll have to ask
i would suppose it's because they have
nothing better to do
you mean the strike yes the strike
the man they hanged was a security guard
for the harbour company right here
a mercenary the unionists probably
thought they'd send a message
haven't you asked me that already what
is it with you and this woman
she has nothing to do with this
okay you got me she went away because of
the dead body out back
and because i asked for her number
that's why sylvie went away
i hope you appreciate that thank you
i asked an employee out she didn't want
to come
but felt obliged to it was a bad idea
now what is so goddamn fascinating about
that for you
it's got nothing to do with the lynching
what are you a chauvinist then he smiles
until he realizes his comeback wasn't
very good
then he frowns again
let's go not so fast mr feminist
you owe me 130 royale no one is saying
the multi-pattern nectar you found tied
to the ceiling fan can
talk no one it must be merely
imagination but
as you blow this joint behind you a
whiny voice shouts
real mature man real mature

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00
what do you want to know
i'm afraid you and i are pawns in a
pissing competition you don't know
i assumed you were in on it
that's good
it's just stupidity we shouldn't waste
any more time on it
if you want my take ask me after we've
inspected the victim
was there anything else you wanted to
know about the case
maybe you can tell me what you do know
to help me narrow it down a bit
then you are not that far behind
actually do you want me to brief you
three days ago the rcm emergencies desk
received a report about a security guard
who was found hanged in martinez an
anonymous caller said there was a dead
body behind the whirling and rags
hostile cafeteria
the cadaver had been there for four days
no one had come to investigate
during that time the victim had been
stripped of his belongings
the caller did not identify him but used
the word lynching
there is an ongoing labor dispute
between the local dock workers and the
logistics company
wild pines i was told we should approach
the death as part of this dispute
a security guard or worker of some sort
hired by alpines
this was just hearsay from martinez of
course we need to find out the truth
they didn't identify themselves in any
way the tone was muffled using a device
of some sort
the desk could identify neither the
caller's age nor sex
there's a strong prejudice against
involving the rcm
in what's seen as union matters the dock
workers union
is the de facto police in martinez
now it appears they've started executing
too we cannot allow that
just to be clear we are police officers
it's our job to find the killer
that's the case uncover and arrest the
no it's not a particularly mysterious
the deceased is a security guard for a
corporation involved in a labor dispute
it doesn't take a delorean polymath to
put the pieces together
i just don't see the case getting more
mysterious than that
there was some interest in this case at
my station but not for the reasons you
have in mind
you seem to wish there was

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

good point martinez is fame for its
occult sex murder rights
we'll get on it immediately the weary
is the surest indicator that the
lieutenant is being
that's commendable was there anything
it can still be an otherworldly sex
in your head with a dark twist even
he's basically challenging you to sex it
up with some
lurid twist don't get right into it
sit on it a bit then hit him with it
me i don't see how my life is pertinent
to the investigation
that's a fair point all right for the
good of the investigation
what do you want to know
that's because i'm half ceolite or
quarter my father's father was from
so was my grandmother but from my
mother's side
it's not an interesting topic
i don't speak a word of ceolite and i've
never met either one of my grandparents
there is nothing ethnic i can tell you
or anyone else
what do you mean
i have no idea what you're talking about
the lieutenant's conceptualization
must be rather rudimentary the
lieutenant is a police officer
of the old school his concerns are
material and extrinsic
but this isn't an old school case
i can't say that it does know when i
need to think i just use my notebook
we all have our different mediums his
is written good
let's change the subject
hello sweetie
wait who's sweetie

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

why you are officer
you're a handsome man officer with your
mustache and your chiseled
jaw and that silly dimple on your chin
you must forgive me i'm getting so
i completely forgot to introduce myself
i'm lena
my husband morrell and i are staying
with our friend gary just down the
street but
i come here for tea when they're away
this lena is wacky enough
hire her on the spot
yes dear i'm a paraplegic
a paraplegic is someone with limited or
no ability to use the lower half of
their body
paraplegia is caused by spinal cord
like falling from a great height or a
grenade explosion
no dear i'm not quite that old although
i was injured in the line of judy
nothing so glamorous dear though when i
was young i dreamt of planting the
ravisholim flag on some figurative peak
i was a training and development manager
at a rapidly expanding mail order shoe
you'd think it would be a safe job but i
had to be everywhere and well
once i happened to be under some faulty
i was lucky this was almost 20 years ago
i was compensated exceptionally well
one can only dream of such payoffs
no problem
whatever do you mean
ah yes probably roll with me by the
people often quote the fletchers at me
morel says it's my theme song
yes officer you look rather dazed
like a stunned fox but surely things
can't be that bad
you know where we are right

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

that's right in a hostel called the
rags to be precise
yes great see we're getting somewhere
what else you know about our city of
splendor patterned as she may be how
would i even begin to tell you
reversal is the most beautiful city in
the world
we're fortunate to be here you and i
i haven't seen very many other cities
personally but
everyone says so reversal is a rare
this city used to rule the world it has
better days speaking of history
you know what year it is yes
that's right there how splendid here
take this pen knowledge should always be
her relief is palpable she was getting
pretty worried about you there
but now she relaxes her shoulders
i can tell that this is taxing for you
so i'll just ask
one more question what regime are we
living under what mode of government
oh sweetie it's really not
there used to be people who thought that
other people who wanted those things but
they all went extinct revision is a zone
of control
led by an alliance of foreign powers
called the coalition
we have almost no government of our own
and certainly no dictatorship of the
but they still have cops
oh dear and you were doing so well
there aren't any cops in revision not in
the traditional sense the
status of law enforcement has been a
complicated matter since the revolution
but we should stop for today sweetie you
look like you need a break
besides i'm not the best person to
explain the big things to anyone
uh defeat i'm afraid the people of this
archipelago tried to build something new
different the rest of the world didn't
like it so they came and ended it
this was 42 years ago
of course sweetie i i really don't know
how to explain it better
someone more educated in sweeping
maybe you should ask

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

no i'm not an encyclopedia i won't be a
guide either
i'm a detective of course
then i don't know someone rich maybe
wealthy people are educated though i
don't know where you would find a
wealthy person in martinez
of course dear good luck with your case

Disco Elysium The Final Cut 100 percent walkthrough. This 100% walkthrough of disco Elysium the final cut on the hardcore mode will cover all main missions, ...


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