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SearchThisVideo: Disco Elysium: The Final Cut (PS5) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (No Commentary, 4K)

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you recognize it capricious
a mirror hangs above a bent and broken
in a fierce discharge of masculine
energy someone has ripped half the
faucet off suddenly
you realize you have no memory of the
face that awaits you there
underneath the soft vapor
as you slowly reach your hand towards

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the surface of the mirror
aboard you clearly have not thought this
you won't like what you see there and
you will never unbecome it
yeah there is definitely something wrong
with it
where to even begin there is the
then the swollenness it's like there's
an upholstery of alcohol
underneath your skin
it's not it's swollen and snail-like
wriggling between your fingers
it's not your nose feels like a small
balloon in the middle of your
face it hurts when you honk it it
doesn't appear to be a particularly tiny
nose either
not with all the drinks it's absorbed
for you
don't be scared it's only your face
it's not like anyone's going to see it
behold you have no idea
who this thing is do you
too late you clearly have rigor mortis
on your face
oh wait is that an expression are you
trying to make an expression with that
please stop it's horrible you're scaring
you can't can you it's like it's not
even voluntary anymore
you have worn that grin into your face
and now it won't come off
what does it even mean what is the
emotion you're trying to convey
you are correct
like the rest of you it comes from a bad
somewhere in the past that's all you
for now

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this fan has two chain pull switches one
ends in a tiny fan the other in a light
a truly horrific neck tire somehow
attached itself
to one of the blades
you reach out to grab the tie but what's
diffuse radiating chest pain
doom comes over you this
is bad feels like sharp stones grinding
in your chest and keeping you from
still ongoing now is a good time to
start worrying
finally the pressure recedes you find
yourself covered in cold sweat and
trying not to move
hoping it will keep you from dying a
terrible mistake
turn the lights off immediately you can
practically feel the photons burn in a
hole in your brain
your eyes burn with photosensitivity
it's not good the blades come
squeak into a halt it should be easier
to reach the tie now
you swoop up and catch the tie snap
it's released from the blade what you
have in your hand
is a truly hideous thick tie with four
or five different patterns
the knot reminds you of a noose
you hear a jingle keys are clinking in
the pocket of your flare cup pants
it says whirling in rags on the
aluminium key ring
there is a single key on the ring the
number one is etched on it
it should open the door
the young woman raises a cigarette to
her lips
her eyes are brown and her face is
speckled with birthmarks
she can't be more than 28.
uh no

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

because you're a police officer sir
i am yes unless you've been feeding us a
set of very well rehearsed lies all this
you've been here for three days on
official police business no less
i couldn't say in truth so far
mostly drinking
could it be because of the drinking
don't be so harsh on yourself they let
almost anyone be a police officer
of course be careful officer
they don't like the police around here
something stirs in you as she's about to
go call it an instinct
a need the need to ask questions
it's like you said the words a million
times before
the doc workers are pretty cocky they
think they're police enough
at least here on the coast i can't say
about the rest of the city
you're in a hostel sir
we are in reversal reversal
is the disgraced former capital of the
world divided into zones of control
under foreign occupation half a century
a failed world revolution she is central
to our moment in time
you sure look like you're from revishall
ravish old parties
her accent suggests she is not from
around here
she's from erenier another part of the
it's 51.
the current century
centuries don't have numbers they have
and this is the current one
civilization has existed for 8 000 years
sir you're right
there is nothing funny about
there was the usual ruckus loud disco
i couldn't say it's impossible to hear
people speaking from over here
oh yes various artists ostentatious
prime among them
oh we're huge where i come from i was

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00
very young then
of course like seven
life gets hard but we go on
i don't know about that at around two
disco stopped and there was a change of
a slow sad song started playing
like oregon music on repeat that went on
for quite a while
some of the time you were yelling along
to it
that it doesn't matter anymore and that
alone now it was difficult to tell
the song itself is very quiet and soft
you sounded like a wounded boar sir it
was hard to understand what you were
singing on top of it
don't be i was going out later anyway
it didn't bother me then you started
screaming and trashed the place
no it didn't sound like there was a
it sounded like someone was trashing
their room
a window was smashed the tape player
the song stopped and furniture too
a real destruct-a-thon there was
then i think uh you passed out
there was i think you screamed that you
didn't want to be this type of animal
i may have misheard but it was sort of
i went out afterwards everything was
quiet by then
around four or five and that was it
glad to have been of assistance
the door is closed
there is no answer a tremendous
loneliness comes over you
everybody in the world is doing
something without you
the door is indifferent to your
the world does not care
you should pick that fat juicy cigarette
butt from the tray
light it up and smoke the living

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

out of it
the living your mesolimbic reward
pathway does not mince words
it wants smokes who knows
what you are a monster a murderer
the gnome of duroma you feel like a
especially when you look at that juicy
seductive cigarette stub still
smoldering deliciously
how very astute of you this renders it
you should look for a whole cigarette or
better yet
an entire pack strike that
a carton make sure they're all healthy
and able-bodied
then smoke them all good
thinking about yummy cigarettes in your
mouth is the
next best thing make sure you think
about juicy sticks of tobacco
all the time though it doesn't count if
it's not all the time
plus smoking then gives massive

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you should totally sing karaoke here the
first chance you get
your emotions need to be expressed
people need to know your vast
oceanic soul
of course at this point precise
measurements of your soul can only be
performed from the outside
it needs to be heard by other people
you should sing the sad slow song you
were listening to last night
thought it was obvious
no no don't sing the happy song it's
sing the sad song it's profound
you have to find out how the song goes
first though
maybe a tape of something appropriate
would help
that was disdain in his eyes even now
he's purposely ignoring you
oh no you're a hero a real
hero cop could the massive property
upstairs have anything to do with this
yes you are a real decorated hero
what did you not do first you took the
body down
then you solved the murder then you
didn't trash my hostel room
maybe you even negotiated the strike
no you see actually you didn't you
haven't done
anything even remotely useful since you
got here
no i haven't seen you around i'm not
always here
this is the great skewer the seabird is
the symbol for the discovery of the
insalindian isola
the part of the world you are in right
look your buddy is over there
why don't you go and talk to him okay
no i'm not the bartender i'm the
cafeteria manager
i have three cafeterias to manage three
sylvie tends the bar here not me i'm
only standing in
she just you know
his eyes dart from left to right this
isn't lying but he is hiding something

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

so now you record
hello sweetie
hello i'm kim kitsuragi lieutenant
prison57 you must be from the 41st
concentration makes you squint your eyes
your name
should be deep gold and orange like a
forest fire
looming on the horizon but mixed with a
stench of liquor rising from your breath
you're two steps closer to it but there
are still
many to go okay then
what he means is he has been trying to
meet up with you for two days
but you have been otherwise occupied
if you don't mind we should talk to him
again ask him for a rundown of the area
know that i'm here as well i understand
the scene is out back right
it also wouldn't hurt to assure him the
police are finally here
in full force i mean have you mapped out
the initial
at the 57th we like to prepare an
initial list of persons of interest
and then just skim the surface prepare
the field
get to know the players you don't do
that maybe it's not an interdistrict
right and the interviews
good but even if you haven't we'll have
time for that after we take a look at
the coroner's case
have you removed the dead body from the
so the body is still in the tree
this is the first time you detect a
in the lieutenant's voice it is obvious

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

he would have preferred for the body to
no longer be in the tree
i can see you drank last night and the
night before
and that you are still drunk now but i
have seen officers go through worse
much worse if you need something for
your headache there is a general store
but as i said the dead body should be
our number one concern
talk to the manager then we go out back
and take the body down
after you officer if you're about to
embark on an investigation
shouldn't you have a badge
you mean you don't have a badge
losing your identification card is a
serious matter
my vehicle has a short wave you can use
it to report your badge missing
i advise you to try to locate it as
quickly as possible
but getting the body down should still
take precedence
on the counter rolled out of his open
you see a blister pack of headache
no idea looks like he works for wild
pines the logistics company who owns and
operates the harbor
possibly because there's a strike going
on in the harbor there's not much to do
aside from drinking and sleeping
the man does not mind you probably need
more than he does
i am kim kitsuragi from prison 57
this is an inter-district investigation
so joining me from prison 41

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

right now i know it took us a while to
arrive at the scene
it also took you a while to call us and
report the dead body
it was you who placed the call yes
do you have her number you said you just
got here
from where are you a local
but you still know your way around yes
in case we need directions
i didn't imply that detective
he probably means this is where you step
in and ask
your questions
behind this building there's a courtyard
they hoisted them up
on a tree there
that's easy see that door there first
you exit through that
then to your right you should see a big
hole in the fence
a really big one you can get to the
courtyard through there
no need for the keys the hole is big
enough for the frank nigerian cavalry to
fit through
i don't know who killed him i'm not the
police that's your job
what are you crazy of course i didn't
kill him
haven't you asked me that already what
is it with you and this woman
she has nothing to do with this
okay you got me she went away because of
the dead body out back
and because i asked for her number
that's why sylvie went away
i hope you appreciate that thank you
i asked an employee out she didn't want
to come but
felt obliged to it was a bad idea
now what is so goddamn fascinating about
that for you
it's got nothing to do with the lynching
good for you uh was there something else
i'd like to get back to what i was doing
let's go
not so fast you owe me 130 royale
oh excuse me you owe me 130
the iir or inter isolary real
is the global reserve currency whatever
part of the world you're in
right now it's safe to assume he means

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

you owe him some money
wow you're a genius yes that's right
money you owe this establishment 130
what are you a philosopher
money is what grown-up people use to pay
for things
things like this hostel room or or
eight bottles of potent blend and nine
packs of royal extra
we use it for everything really
yes it is
no you see that's 40 cents
cents or a form of currency 100 times
than the real i'm not even going to take
come back when you have 130 real
isn't it evil the order of magnitude
between what is
asked of a person and what they have
it does doesn't it
i'm sorry but he has to pay i can't let
him stay here any longer if he doesn't
if he doesn't have the money by tonight
officer maybe you are better off working
this from home for now
you live in jam rock right it's not that
far away
officer you really need to take this up
with your station
i have a shortwave radio in my car call
them ask for assistance
we have to get this investigation
started now
by the way where is home the address is
coming up blank
and this place sure isn't it
but you've been at this hostel cafeteria
for only three nights
where were you before you had to be
why did you say that
no but isn't that an expression not a
a saying upon marvel hill a great high
when it is impossible to climb back to
that doesn't sound like somewhere you
can stay
if you run out of money
you can try run some addresses in your
head when you get the time
maybe a street or an apartment will

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

of course where to
oh that that's right there
in the yard she's relieved someone has
come for
it finally what do you mean
yes sir district of martinez
he knows where we are he just wants
there's the pier the cape side apartment
some more tournaments not a lot really
the harbor gates some kind of commotion
i think
i don't follow the local politics a
store too some shops and a bridge
the canal bridge leads to the coast but
it's broken i think
some kind of accident probably
just coast there's a little fishing
village there
and a fish market but that got closed
down ages ago
it's just water no actually
i think they call it the martinez inlet
there are some islands in the bay but
they're hard to reach
no problem me
i am just a gardener
i'm working i have a greenhouse in the
yard there
i've been trying to get some work done
well as you already know there's a cops
hanging from a tree it smells pretty bad
so i have to take breaks
thank you my head is about to explode
from all the salts i've had to inhale
of course i won't hold you back

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

this trash container is locked the
sliding lid as a padlock that says
whirling in rags
the body is downwind from here maybe you
prefer the smell of garbage
to the smell of death
we could try using a pry bar there's one
in my motor carriage
or or we could ask for a key from the
manager of the whirling interacts
he probably has one he might also have
information this is better than the pry
bar idea
kuno's got this
oh yeah not a goofy
get him right in the dip boy is sweating
his eyes are like two black holes and
his jaw is twitching as if trying to
break free from the empire of his body
the does kuno know what a rake is
cooner is not a gardener
we shouldn't do anything i don't tempt
such forces
you will see language these kids are

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00
pure unfettered id there will be no
reasoning with those creatures
the are you talking about
he's calling us kuno he says we're
each other
all right entertain the kuno show me
what you got
what you got there what you got huh show
me what you got
irregular speech patterns overconfidence
could this kid be on drugs this warrants
investigation into this kuno
load pig what's your question
don't tell the pig kuno
if i were to want to waste my time which
i do not
i would ask them who he is how he got
there and the usual
the usual being have you seen anything
out of the ordinary
or have you seen anything suspicious
kuno's book kuno uses the
for target practice
he's trying to hide the fact that he
doesn't know
kuno knows all kinds of kuno's not
a snitch
that's all trying to make the kuno sing
into the popo phone
probably climbed kuna was busy down the
road when that went down
you heard kuno kuna wasn't even in
kuna wasn't in rather show kuna wasn't
regional i don't know
there is no night city anywhere that
sounds like the name of a city in some
science fiction novel
why you gotta be riding kuno's ass you
haven't been where kuno's been
you haven't been in kuno zed
i don't tell him that kuno it's lame
it's impossible to deduce what it is
at least for the moment if it's
important it will come up later
focus on the case
just a couple of pigs sniffing around in
the date that seems pretty
suspicious to kuno
looks like you're a fagari now whatever
that means
the suspicious question doesn't really
work in
antagonistic situations
you're testing kuno's patience here
get lost

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

the about it
right pig this is where kuno plays with
his little wooden choo choo
what do you want with it don't be
wondering about cool pig
yes yes absolutely absolutely why the
are you telling this to kuno
yeah whatever kuno doesn't give a
yeah the kingdom yeah whatever colonel
doesn't give a
kuno's kuno pig it's
always kuno never i
clearly the kid's using the third-person
as a shield
kuno doesn't do that smart don't
throw that book shitty kuno
kuno knows you're lying
watch out he's trying to fiddle you he's
gonna put his hands on you
help he's got the cool no help
everybody please he's digging his dick
pigs are there kuno somebody please
how did we get here how did this happen
this makes no sense there may still be a
way out just
appeal to his reason
logical have
the logical pig is fiddling kuno
know what kuna's doing this because he
likes a pig
this is where kuno establishes dominance
over you
help the pig's gagging him i can't speak
put him up to this yourself when you
decided to talk to him in the first
listen to your friend
help the rcm is trying to fuckudo in the
i know you wanted to hit me you got that
i'm gonna that kuno up look the

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

kunos dad gets
the medal look the rage look
relax he can't read your mind
he doesn't know you were thinking that
i can't kuda can smell that violent
i know what you were thinking you're
nothing you're a joke to kuno kuno
laughs at you
king kuno
no you're not we can just leave
a people is a type of hat by the way
you don't talk to me about my
people you don't know where i come from
you just kuno's bottom
active decay it's okay to throw up with
arm no one is judging he's about to blow
cop's gonna blow kuno
kuno the pig's getting pretty close to
me come to snuff my out i think
looks like it's time for me to go kuno
pig's come to take me in
i'm going away for a long long time kuno
going away for life
what's going on there are you
trying to pull pig
you don't want to with me i got my
hands bloody
i'm not here pig you're not seeing this

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

the smell is repulsive it pushes in from
your mouth
more instant and more familiar than
anything you expected
more fever than odour it fills your mind
flushing you from within
you feel a great force ringing from your
your body curls and pushes it out burst
burst until a pool of vomit lies under
your feet
and your throat stings from the stomach
it's okay happens to everyone keep it
the hangover is clearly making these
words for you you could use some ammonia
to clear your head
that young woman the gardener mentioned
she used souls for the smell
if she doesn't have any there might be
some in the fridge store
an inconspicuous pile of the roofing
eat tonight
it's nothing someone just left some
roofing material slanted
against an old shack
because there's a secret door hidden
behind the panels of etonite
that's why they're too orderly
there it is you see a shabby little door
be still my beaten heart it's
sweet amphetamine there's a good
vague way to ask where he stands on drug
professionally i mean
perhaps not this is below our pay grade

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

an old call box with a matrix of push
lists all the companies in the east
delta commerce center
this button looks new but someone has
the name card nothing happens when you
try to ring it
huh this button looks new it's probably
not connected yet
i can't believe it's snowing again

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

it felt like springtime just a few days
excuse me
oh well i didn't write it there
i'm just sitting here
sure i'm done with them
go easy on that stuff it gave me a
terrible headache
the ammonia only makes it worse the
combination forces tears out of your
you manage to keep it in once the second
not so much when the vomiting is done
your cheeks are wet with tears
now there's the win right now
i've seen strong men turn themselves
inside out for hours
you are facing tough odds here alcohol
makes it considerably harder
i've seen captains puke their guts out
it never gets easier
you never get used to the smell every
monday is cadaver day
throw up investigate throw up initial
throw up bag it then drive to the
maybe throw up on the way there if you
didn't back the thing tight enough
i think i've lost my sense of smell
a white lie
okay you've said it you needed to see it
and now that you have
you need to get your together
we should go talk to the locals find
something else to do
while the wind changes it's pretty bad
right now
give it half an hour get yourself
then come back and have another go

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

long-haul limbo for days upon days upon
upon days
feels near forever like i was born on
this here roundabout and this was all i
ever knew
just me and the metal and the tires the
oil and the fumes of masoot
mazut is an antiquated term for heavy
fuel oils
this man has a barely suppressed
performative streak
or he just likes unusual words or both
yeah imagine it's been a whole week
so tell me what do you need
yup nothing wrong with that statement
your senses have nothing to add you left
the ask around elsewhere
ah yes from the wild pines we'll meet
her soon enough i'm sure
he doesn't blame them but he's not on
their side
that's for sure

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

what's better than chasing transient
pleasures the more transient
the better when one's ended you can get
onto the
next one
it's easy to see he's telling the truth
he's kept his nose out of the dark stuff
relax he's merely joking
a motor lorry also called a canyon on
and neighbouring islands this one looks
roughed up enough
to be some sort of found rust bucket
maybe the a6
the man taps his fingers rhythmically
against his arm

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

even by the standards of the philippian
old sumptuous philip was known for his
well he blew through the whole national
starting the decline of one of the
penultimate century's
greatest superpowers the souza reign of
rivershaw his own male administration
foreshadowed the fall of the monarchy
during the anti-centennial revolution
an end to his family line and the
on the insalindian isola
stories have it that he had his bedroom
converted into a treasure chamber
where he stored unfathomable wealth
krugerrands bars of gold ornate weaponry
armor and various chalices there were
whispers he slept on a huge pile of
gold-dipped feathers
like some obese dragon instead of a bed
like a normal person
but wait you haven't even heard about
his fabled cocaine addiction
you see old philippe wasn't just good at
squandering the national treasury
on gold and ceremonial weaponry he was
a prodigious snorter of nose candy
not just any nose candy though we're
talking royal philippian blow
allegedly twice as potent as the stuff
you find nowadays
and purple philippian cocaine
was purple
his majesty's courtiers said it helped
him connect with the
higher realms
that's what the revolutionaries said 150
years later
right before they entered out the royal
and dumped his majesty's mortal remains
in the insalindian bay
beneath the cold waters of the
insalindian bay
thrown there by the revolutionaries
after they cleaned out the royal
the original was blown apart by
communists then further damaged
during the landing of the coalition's
during the turn of the century
revolution when
martinez was levelled most historians
the coalition's hasty landing may have
saved the statue if the community had
more time
they would have reduced it up to even
finer pieces
some years ago a group of liberal
artistically inclined individuals
designers mostly thought it would be

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

ironic to restore the statue of the most
ruler of river show in the poorest part
of the city
the statue is supposed to capture the
moment it was blown apart
like an instant frozen in time a rear
trapped in amber floating on a sea of

people in martinez tend to disagree as
do many prominent art critics
and thought leaders with more nuanced
social awareness than the young ironists
not that he ever did in life either
the small wrinkled woman does not greet
she nods along to something on her radio
a photograph is clutched in her hands
there is a warm smile on her face
the photo and ambro type from the turn
of the century
as golden as her smile
no response wherever this woman is
your words fail to reach her
wait she's just a distracted a woman
better to leave her alone
why i just told you why
bastards we have a right
hey work
hold up and stay frosty everyone
cops are here
you have to with us
beat the honest worker down
we're here tonight straight usually have
problems with people perhaps
dude we're waiting for a cause here
right to work right to work
it helps if people see us talking

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

folks and strict breakers together
choose authorities are on our side belts
great rights workers
to have the influence to make a salary
and feed their families
his manner of speaking is wooden the
tone of voice bland
and uninspired almost as if compiling
replies from a set of
learned phrases
then i let the fat bastards thread and
cops tend to side with the higher ups
which are essentially still
workers and then he trusts the corpse
but i can see he understand that
right to work right to work
maybe you should ask them no questions
like way we're not allowed
to make a living here shame on you
so do we scab
have fun union chats are on full streak
then i think they're going to let you
through the gates you're trying to meet
their fat bulls
and they're good the butcher murderer
wouldn't put it back
locating gainful employment for workers
is a crime
we are not picking a side in this just
yet sir
why not work
with a bunch of ungrateful lazy
can i get their acting they said to
honest work for other people
there's something odd in the way he
carries himself
his set of clothing looks vaguely
mismatched for different pieces of the
attire scene
ill-fitting his shirt is far too small
and an unpleasantly tight fit while the
overalls held up by a belt
and seemed to fit a man with much more
he ignores your question choosing
instead to turn to
the emaciated workers raising both fists
in the air the clothes are obviously not

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

silence is the answer there's something
often here
but he won't say what
honest men and women where rights to
to be useful not toys but corporate
i have a question why do all these men
follow your leadership
you've been talking to him for quite a
while something is off with this guy
ask him where he's from
suspect then they claimed they only
for the rights of people every once in a
it's like you can see glimpses of
another guy
under the guise of this fighter for jobs
he seems a more brutal
cunning and suspicious person just a
or you just might be paranoid
workers start to get it came from the
eminent domain
in jamrock backgrounds in old jobs
ever lifting gargoyle holland
didn't say work
uh-huh it was a long time ago
we were promised work we'd be
undone working if the bastards hadn't
shot the gates
main gates locked would take
heavy ordnance to bust it open
you tried to get in through the
secretary's office
doors locked the guards blocking the way
to the access panel
and i didn't mean to screw on a mess
punk either
i mean head measurer or whatever he is
he's in a nice game standing up there on
the overhead passage
won't let anyone be the access panel is
right behind him
but is that a
he's got a strategically advantageous
and he's three i didn't know
how the union has a trained color
up there but that one's no joke
and my men are tired and hungry

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

they're workers no fighters
like civilized folk you mean these
native fox then i understand
civilized no they will
give up eventually or get drunk
leave the button unguarded in

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut - Gameplay Part 1 Walkthrough 'Intro & First Hour' (No Commentary, PS5) This is my walkthrough/coverage of Disco Elysium: The ...


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  1. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is out today and I'm checking out the game on the PS5. While the game is interesting and loving the gameplay, the PS5 version has some issues.
    1) The fps is horrendous on 4K mode. Frequent drops everywhere. I'm going to be dropping to 1080 mode after this part.
    2) They say fully voiced but some characters don't speak. It's either a bug or just not voiced
    3) The game tends to skip lines when you press the X button to progress. This is really annoying as this is a narrative driven game.
    4) Dropped inputs at times.

    Hopefully they fix these issues. Other than that I am enjoying the setting and story of the game. Hopefully I can bring more videos!

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  2. The game is broken on consoles, don't buy until it's fixed. Unfortunately no word from developers regarding the big game breaking bugs, only plans to fix minor things so far. Unfortunately it's shaping up to be one to just miss, unless you can run it on PC. Shame, that's a lot of potential revenue out the window.


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