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    Disgaea 5 The Ultimate Guide – Tips and Tricks

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    Disgaea 5 Full Gameplay Walkthrough (PS4 Pro, PS4,Switch, Steam) Showcasing all Boss Fights,optional Boss fights, Sidequests, Cutscenes, Endings, Secrets, Grinding Spots,how to get Ultimate Gear and trophy Guides along with all news and updates – No Commentary

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    Comment (26)

    1. Im new to disgaea so this might ve a dumb question but how exactly do you destroy the boxes ? If i.wanna level my characters i need to destroy them but most of my attacks miss

    2. I have a question: do you know why my stats stay the same after a certain level while getting a character to level 9999? For instance: my sage’s INT stops growing after level 6000

    3. Hey I need some help please. So I have tried to beat the post game story to get goldion and I’m in the last stage where I fight the prinny from the carnage dimension and its level 2000 and when I use my level 4031 killia that prinny defeated it so give me some advice on how to beat it please if it’s okay with you

    4. hi 🙂 niice video's. i have a question. if i have a character with all subclasses master'd can i reincarnate it at lvl 5000, or will going to 9999 first make a difference in my stats after the reincarnation? ( dont mind aptitudes though, since i'll plan on doing a few reincarnations after the 1st )

    5. You should use lv99 thieves early on, so the boxes are lv99 and give exp as if they were around lv320~ish. Lv99 enemies giving way more exp has been a thing since the first Disgaea and still works. When you get past that to like lv350+ then use the highest you can.

      "Brawler" is how you call the male and female martial classes, it means you can pick either. Same for "Fighter" being either the warrior and valkirye.

    6. I just played the demo on Switch and was going to buy it. But seeing those tips makes me not want the game anymore. You realy have to use so much cheesing-stuff to play/advance in this game? Is there no way to just play it from mission to mission and grow stronger "the normal way"?

    7. My gosh! This is NOT how the game is supposed to be played! The goal is NOT to reach the max level and stats! The goal of the game is to play on different maps, with a party and plan strategy and tactics in order to defeat enemies on the map. The harder the better since it will involve thinking and it will be like chess. Items and levels are just rewards for the game you played, NOT the goal of the game. People who grind do not want to think, they do not want to use their brains and you are one of them. Your guide sucks!

    8. As a note to anyone who might find this comment. If you are playing the Nintendo Switch Demo, none of this works because you can't unlock other classes or transfer your save data to the full game on the Switch.


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