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SearchThisVideo: Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny | First English Gameplay from New Game Plus Expo 2021

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yes we're back can
we chat hear him now all right yeah it
seems like we can
uh just a recap hi my name is andrew and
i'm one of the localization editors on
disgaea6 to find some destiny
yeah so i'm sorry i know you were like
really well into explaining what this
is about but if you can please um kind
of go over what you've said previously
yes absolutely so disguise 6 follows the
story of zed
the zombie in the middle of the screen
on his journey to defeat the god of
who's basically an ultimate force of
power bent on annihilating every world
that comes across
uh since he's a zombie and uh zombies
are the weakest members of the disgaea
totem pole right next to prince
he's very severely outmatched but
with a powerful spell known as super
reincarnation he can grow stronger and
stronger with every death
so the story follows zedd as he and his
pet dog cerberus reincarnate from world
to world
meeting new friends getting more
powerful as he challenges the god of
destruction again and again
mm-hmm that's what this is yeah um the
story is
definitely unique but you know is this
the sky game if not for it's kind of
very unique
and zany storyline and uh
so as next installment what makes this
the skys6 different from
the previous before it well as you can
probably see the biggest difference is
the 3d visuals
which is a first ever edition for the
disgaea series the game still features
2d art and story segments and sprites
and such
but the shift in visual direction that's
definitely what's uh most immediately
uh and something else that disguise very
known for is it's uh ridiculous numbers
and statistics
you can go back to go like next to a
person again oh sure
let me go next to fiverr
right down there yeah and so they've
increased a lot of those numbers for
disguise 6.
for example you can see the level cap
there is 99 million 999
999 now instead of just 999.
oh yeah oh those stats are huge the
maximum damage limit is actually over 10
that's a lot of zeros behind that that's
15 zeros if you're counting
and let's see the another thing that uh
nisj has been aiming to do with the
series is to make it more accessible to
because uh as you can see from these
numbers the grinding nature is a little
daunting for some people so for disgaea
six they've also added autoplay features
for people who don't have as much time
to commit to srpgs or
who haven't had as much experience with
the sort of strategy games
so these are optional features of course
but even then the
ai system has a lot of customizability
so there's still
quite a bit of complexity in the game
for those who prefer more of a challenge
for themselves
nice so yeah altogether those features
all together they
make disguise 6 a great choice for both
newcomers and veterans of the series
yeah most definitely just to add on to
that i kind of want to go over

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even more new mechanics this guy is six
so let me actually head on over there so
um as you can see right now we're in
just uh the base
looks very fancy and let me walk us over
the juice bar my favorite place
and uh so the juice bar is where you can
mix uh stored xp um
and extracts in order to treat drinks to
share with allies who in battle
and you just gotta note that the
stronger the drink
the more hell it costs to mix but as you
can see right now it's good that i'm
swimming and cash money right i wish
you know that can happen in real life
see you again anyway and um another new
feature is actually called
demerit points so let me just head to
uh the menu here real quick let's go
into characters
and let's go to zed
and go down to status and scroll over to
demerits and this is a new function
added to character status menu which has
like goals or benchmarks that help
create better and stronger characters
and for reaching these benchmarks you
receive rewards
uh like karma and as you can clearly
tell we've definitely reached well over
level 99
so as a reward we can obtain a thousand
karma from that
oh yeah and we haven't talked about
karma yet uh so
reincarnation super reincarnation is the
uh the main draw of the story in this
uh reincarnation has already been a
thing in disgaea before but with super
uh you start back at level one with
increased stats and
everything as usual but you also gain
these points called karma points
and those can be used to uh basically
improve stats and
raise skills and such including ones
that usually don't increase in previous
disgaea games like counter attacks and
yeah i can see that being really helpful
in battle
and last but not least the last point i
wanted to hit up was the item
research squad which is right over here
ninja right over there right
and kind of like what explaining right
now um you can assign characters to a
research squad to explore the item world
to find
new items and collect innocence which
like stat boosters
and they can get stronger by fighting in
the item world too
at first there's a limit to the number
of squads that can be uh
created but as you go on you can
increase that limit and have up to
10 members in a squad
so with all that being said let's
actually head into a battle
oops get out of this guy first i said
let's head into a battle
and follow me please

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

all right so i guess let's check out
it's a lot leveled out the uh stuff high
level you'll probably kill them all in
it uh pretty much basically
that's fine outside wasteland
and so actually hey andrew in today's
upx showcase
we showed off four bonus characters
whose stories will be included in game
at launch
for discussions who are adele
rosalind girl laharl asagi and these
are from previous entries before working
on disgaea 6 did you have any previous
the series and what about strategy rpgs
in general
uh so just that is the sort of series
always felt compromising i suppose like
it turned
into the guys not running dude once in a
i think we may be having a little
struggle here
sorry about that more technical
all right return from robot status
yeah do i sound like a that's not a
robot anymore
um looks like we're back
pretty a is back everyone so as i was
saying i
i'd only ever really played one and four
prior but uh
i had to go through a lot of research
beforehand which meant watching a lot of
and there are a lot of cutscenes in
these games
right huh in terms of strategy rpgs
though that's definitely something i've
always liked
you know like fire emblem advanced wars
even valkyria chronicles all that good
i feel like that's sort of position
based combat it's a
very classic very enduring yeah
definitely fan of it i definitely feel
like at least with
strategy rpgs you can kind of take your
uh so for someone like me who's
definitely taking their time right now
feels less pressure it's kind of get
everything situated and whatnot
it's a lot of fun if you like numbers
i mean i'm not a big fan of math but you
know something about seeing all those
figures on screen is the
big numbers only time i want to see
numbers is you know
a lot of them in my bank account and on

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

the sky is
let's six melodia over to you
and how about let's have her do a
and while we are just let's end our turn
i think we're gonna get them all in one
and blast them whoa right
i can't even read that number
so oh um from from the sky 6
cast which characters do you enjoy the
most whether it be
um like characterization wise or
any cool moves that they've got
uh okay this will probably be easy to
write she's a guy and a girl
so uh my favorite girl is melodia the
girl that you actually just uh
had used that skill earlier she's the
princess of the musical world which is
basically like a
classic disney fairy tale land so she
has this cork
she'll just burst into song whenever she
and honestly it is it's like annoying in
the best way possible
can you please um go into more detail
about that
oh yeah uh so she just every once in a
while she'll like burst into like some
sort of rhyming verse
but the thing about her is that she's i
can't think of a nice way to put this
she's kind of like a catty self-absorbed
but she thinks she thinks she's like the
peak sweet classic
disney princess uh-huh and honestly i
kind of love that for her
i love it too it's very golden boss of
and uh for guys uh i'd say i farm you
can actually why don't you go
pull him up oh sure why not let me
bring him out onto the field real quick
you should be a little bit before i
choose you
ivar there he is so ivar is basically
a netherworld overlord who thinks he's
the biggest baddest guy in the entire
except he is super not oh he's so not
he's well the best way to describe him
would probably be to say that he
is a textbook himbo if he has the muscle
i know almost has the nice
no he has the nice he's a pretty nice
overlord that's why he's so bad at it
okay yeah i like both of them a lot i
really like the uh
the whole uh surface level inside sort
of thing
dichotomy there's a lot of that in this
game i'd say
a lot of hidden layers nice yeah and
especially with
um sorry let me just move my characters
real quick um
oh let me just end my turn for now and
let the

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

enemies do as they make us
trying to get the high ground here oh
i kind of want to get like two
characters uh
close to an enemy so they can i'm not
sure which
one he's special oh never mind
uh ah looks like he'd be farther away
from that one
my cells are not the best thing today
um oh but just one final question i'd
like to ask
if you had the super reincarnation
ability and what sort of situation would
you like to use it
uh so i guess i didn't really explain
how it works exactly before
uh the first part of super reincarnation
and how it works is that
every time you die it reincarnates you
stronger than you were before
and it repeats that until you fulfill
whatever it is you
whatever goal you most desire the second
part of it is that it reincarnates you
into a different
world that contains something you need
to achieve that goal
and that's what that goes through the uh
throughout the story
so in a sense you don't really have a
say in what happens to you or where you
but uh ignoring that for what i wanted
to help me with
uh i mean i'm very
i'm very physically inept i'd say so
maybe if i died once
i'd finally be able to like balance on
one leg for more than 10 seconds
and then if i died another time i'd
finally know how to whistle
and if i died another time i finally
learned how to ride a bike
that sort of thing just over and over
learning extremely mundane physical
skills that i don't possess
i can definitely see that like you know
adding up and
yeah before you know it you'll become
like a jack of all trades
yeah i mean he's a zombie and they're
they're like absolutely nothing in this
they're worthless everybody considers
them the weakest thing possible
but you know that's the that's the draw
i think
the underdog story but you know um
they're gonna or i guess
specifically said start from the bottom
and gonna get to the top oh yeah
one reincarnation at a time oh yeah
yes yeah so it actually looks like about
coming to the end of our stream slot
here let's just oh yeah
stage clear um oh one thing i did want
to know yeah
i really love these cute um
illustrations that pop up at the end of
a stage claire
so you know here we're treated to
that one's a little racy nice scene
for the viewers here it's a reward
depending on how you look at it
yeah but i think you know this is a nice
to wrap up our stream on right
i think the chat will be enjoying this
one but anyway yeah um this was

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

an america for ngpx thank you very much
once again for tuning in
we're just about to hand it off to the
next partner in line
but you know stay tuned on all of our
updates on our social media channels and
we look forward to meeting you all next
time yeah thank you very much andrew
yeah the problem all right well goodbye
see you guys

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  1. I have done a ton of research on the final Japanese build and it seems like they didn't add anything beyond what they've already announced. And honestly what they've announced isn't enough to merit a new game. Higher levels and auto battle, really?


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