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SearchThisVideo: Dishonored – Death of the Outsider – Shadow | Stealth | Mission 1 One Last Fight

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hey what's up everybody we are back

today with a full stealth-based no kills

walkthrough for completing death to the

outsiders mission one one last fight

this is going to be more of an

instructional walkthrough than a

playthrough as I guide you through this

mission will be picking up all the safe

codes paintings bone charms and even the

contracts that are available during this

mission and just as an aside I did get a

viewer request to leave in all the

cutscenes this time so sit back relax

and enjoy my name is billy lurk though

there aren't many people who remember

for years I stayed hidden captain of a

ship called the dreadful whale I was a

smuggler fence and maybe traitor

depending on who you ask

our names are always overshadowed by the

words whispered after them if you hide

from the world long enough eventually

nobody remembers you then you're alone

living with your choices but I could

never forget the man who pulled me up

from nothing doubt the knife of dunwall

a name called out by the desperate or

the dying the assassin who ended one

Empress and saved another Shane's burns

inside you for a long time when I

betrayed doubt he let me live

I left dunwall and my own name behind

for years I wondered if I was worth

forgiving for years I laughed at myself

for even wanting a killers forgiveness

sometimes mercy cuts deeper than any

knife now I know that forgiving is

something you do for yourself as much as

for the people who hurt you I no doubt

is in Karnataka and I'm going to find

him every night for weeks

the same terrifying dream a street fight

my arm dead and lying in the gutter my

eye gouged out by a Grand Guard sword

but when I wake up they still hurt for

hours gives me the creeps

this always brought me a little comfort

you stole this for me didn't you Dierdre

now it's all I have left of you another

relic from the old days still holds an

edge at least that boxing club in the AL

Barca baths is my last lead doubt has to

be there

alright death of the outsider mission

one one last fight let's get into it so

first thing we're gonna do is pick up

our contracts there are two contracts

for this mission burn the White House

and industrial espionage they're both

going to be done in the old Barca baths

so we don't really ever worry about

spying picking pockets doubt taught me

more than just killing it can keep me


for now we don't have to worry about

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

doing any of it on the dreadful whale so

that's good we're gonna inspect the map

to get things started I've been

searching for months

I know you're here Dowd and then we're

not gonna be doing anything on the

dreadful oil far as looting or anything

like that goes I was gonna head right

into this this station hasn't been used

for years hiding the dreadful whale

wasn't easy but it's safe so far all

right up through here now so if you're

trying to get your rat whisperer

achievement or whatever it's called you

can literally just listen to these rats

five times and it's gonna give you the

achievement so you don't have to worry

about hunting down like five different

rat packs you can just listen to that

group and you should be good to go

because that's what I did he get my


all right the old old parka bath

shouldn't be far all right so from here

we're gonna pop up in here now we're not

gonna be grabbing all the loot in this

area gonna get some random stuff

definitely all the collectibles but

outside of that nothing too much

careful popping out this door there's a

guard right here that you want to take

out easily just sneak up on him and take

him out good I know all my letters and

then do you think I'm stupid I know my

wetters okay anyways so the reason I'm

gonna bring him back in here is because

towards the end of the mission there are

some other guards that spawn out in this

area and I just like to be safe and

throw him in there it just makes me feel

better about it now once you're out here

there aren't gonna be any more guards

until you go through this door all right

so if you head inside you break out

these boards this is good for later on

so you don't have to break them out when

our guards are really close by and you

can come over here and do a little bit

of looting if you got hit by that guard

cuz you're in a combat playthrough but

you're watching a stealth playthrough

for reasons passing understanding a

person but still Ian Fig here you can

grab now you can go out this window and

get up on top of this structure in order

to move forward I don't really like to

do that what I do like to do is get up

on this railing get up on this awning

and then go up top it gives you a good

vantage point to observe guards that are

right down here at the bottom of these

stairs okay so eventually they split up

the one standing with his back to the

wall here is the one that stand still

and then this guy will walk down here

and then down in this direction so just

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

keep that in mind so we're gonna go

right over here like this onto this

railing over here and kind of use this

metal to block us

back when some curse maybe you say so

I'm just gonna kind of keep peeking out

a little bit just to see where he's

going he's walking away while he does

that we're just gonna head over here

don't even know how that and hang out

back here in the cool all right now he's

going to continue walking in that

direction like I pointed out to you a

few seconds ago just have to and as he

moves over there we're just gonna drop

down and take this guy out all right

we're not gonna pick him up just yet

we're gonna move over here and take this

guy out - all right we're just gonna

stash both of those bought their bodies

over here no particular reason once

again if you watch the dishonor to walk

throughs you know I'm fairly particular

about stashing bodies just in case

alright so they're out of the way now

that they're out of the way you got a

couple options the best option in my

opinion is to come up and get up on

these pipes then get up on this walkway

and head into this apartment building

reason being there's bone trauma in here

and it's safe okay so we're gonna grab

the bone charm there are six bone terms

in this mission

there's 119 and there are three to use

my contra and I need to check it out

okay so in order to open this safe over

here you need to check a look at these

books okay there's three sections of

books you just count each section so

this is four five and one there's four

books here five books here one book here

that is the combination to the safe

may or may not be different in your game

at cross playthroughs it seems to be

consistent for me so maybe it's just my

game I don't know so four five one

cracks that open in my game make sure

you count on your own

in your game just to make sure we will

grab all this stuff we'll hit the

highlights on the loot but as I said

we're not gonna be going crazy looting

everything we can get our hands on just

some obvious stuff here

all right that's all of that alright

we're gonna grab this key we're gonna

head in here there's some bath salts in

the shower yes and that's about it for

in here but I care about feel free to

look around

to your little hearts content that's

part of the fun with this game and then

we're gonna head over here now we are

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

going to beat the keyhole and you should

be safe - egg - okay once you have come

out here feel free to look around I'm

gonna take you down here just to show

you an alternate path some of its

strange none of it good so here's where

we just were if you didn't want to go up

through there you could have just walked

down through here and then up and around

however just keep in mind there are a

couple sleeping dogs down here that you

probably want to just let lie and sorry

I couldn't help myself and you just want

to make sure that they don't spot you

now a good thing here to do is about at

this point probably save your game all

right now that you saved your game just

come out here wait for that chick to go

over there and grab this guy


Crouch he doesn't die when you drop down

here with him just put him in the corner

somebody might freak out but it's not

gonna get you a spot it just means

they're freaking out you're gonna shoot

this dog in the head you're gonna shoot

this dog in the head now the dogs are

out of the way there's nothing

substantial back in here I think there's

some money right here but other than the

money the reason you want to come down

here is to unlatch this door this gives

you another path in order to get out of

this area so just keep that in mind as

you're exiting if you decide you really

want to you don't want to follow what

I'm doing and make your own way that's

one way to do it all right now we are

going to head up here and there are a


Eilis that you're gonna want to take

care of or I like to take care of note

there's a dumpster over here

you get up in here and she sees you at

some point she will walk away where she

walks to is another matter entirely

sometimes she goes down the stairs

sometimes she goes to the left she goes

to the left if you sneak

and then snatcher you'll be good

make sure you sneak and then snatch it

otherwise there's a chick behind you in

the room that will see you okay so make

sure you sneak before you grab it now

you can just dump her in this dumpster

here and go about your business now for

whatever reason this chick assist in the

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

corner here doesn't really care about

you too much so when you walk up to her

and just be like what's up baby

oh and snatch her she doesn't really get

an alert which is nice so back to

sneaking and we are just going to dump

her out in the garbage as well

yeah that was weird they're a little

less throwing a little more setting down

all right now if we go and check our

stats real quick see where we're at

no spotted by enemies we're still good

we're gonna save our game real quick all

right now that we saved your game put

our way our weapons we don't need to

sneak anymore if you want you can grab

the map here don't really use it for

much in here this place isn't that


I'm gonna head downstairs and we were

going to grab that satyrs eyes doubt

they're making him fight to pop up on

the ropes of the ring and grab the one

and only painting in this area and then

we're gonna head over here and grab this

copper wire careful looting too much

else in there if you do anything overtly

aggressive like stealing stuff or trying

to knock somebody out where they see you

they'll attack you so just keep that in

mind in here you're gonna find an s and

J health elixir as long as along with a

money pouch and then if you get up on

these boxes up on these pipes you're

gonna head up into the ceiling and find

it an exponent wrong so your next bone

charm right there it's also gonna be a

little bit of copper wire and a some

ammo for our non-lethal armed weapon now

that that has been completed we are

going to equip our bone charm whatever

it was that we picked up we have to

combustion does us no good movement

speed is slightly faster with what yes

okay now we are going to turn the valve

hop out of here drop down and move

quickly to the end of this hallway up

over the railing and into this back room

last night because we are going to go

and knock this guy out if you get back

here I'm weak enough you can get him

before he turns around if that isn't how

it plays out in your game then you need

to simply observe him from the door

through the keyhole and wait for him to

move to a advantageous position where

you can knock him out or simply

pickpocket him I like to knock him out

just to get him out of the way so I'm

not worried about him spotting me the

reason you want to pickpocket him is

because he has the workshop key on him

and he need the workshop key for this

contract industrial espionage for this

you have two things you need to do one

get the rat liquor recipe to destroy

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

their stocks of rat liquor so the recipe

is gonna be found in this drawer to the

left there's part of it

part of the contract that's the full

recipe there's a black bone charm and

then we're gonna fight the drawer boss

here try not to wipe turn around fight

the final boss cash register boss as

always epic battle brace yourself

I know you're on the edge of your seat

will I make it well I won't not huh Oh

God barely made it through that almost

hit the enrage timer it's crazy now in

order to destroy their stalks you just

need to smash these bottles I do like to

pick this one up and throw it against

the wall just because I have trouble

smashing it for some reason otherwise

this between your sword wildly like

crazy woman and get rid of all of the

stocks that they have and you can see

that completed our contract so now that

that's done I'll point out a few things

in here one there are four chloroform

bottles in here

one two and then there's two more over

here that makes four all right there is

some flammable liquor in here if you

need another bottle for doing your white

wolf quest

however contract but there is one nearby

so we don't near that contract so we

don't actually need to carry that with

us if we don't want to but in case you

screw something up don't burn them right

or whatever you're playing around you

can always fall back and grab that one

there was also one in this hole where we

picked up our bone charm it was on the

table where the bone charm was so lots

of options for that now we're gonna save

our game here alright now that we saved

her game we are going to equip our

non-lethal ammo and get out on these

pipes don't do it from don't shoot these

guys from that balcony just don't just

don't do it okay

take this check out this guy out all


from those pipes they don't see you if

you do it from the balcony for whatever

reason they see you if you want to save

your game again it's not a bad time to

save it again because you're about to

get funny with the floor

you just want to try to throw it at them

and see if you can catch any of them

with it you've got four bottles to work

with in here and you're gonna try to

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

take as many of them out as you can you

don't have to take them all out just

trying to take out as many as we can if

you see them grouping up like I did when

I saw them all walk in that corner

figured I could take a few of them out

if I was quick enough two of them tend

to hang out down here to the right right

here that may only take one of them out

depending on the angle you get so just

use your best judgement when to throw

when not to throw there are many other

ways to go about doing this this is just

my preferred method as I said before use

your own judgment on how you handle all

these guys this is this the way I like

to do it whether it's right whether it's

wrong who knows

all right well wait for this chick to

walk back over here take her out with


when I mentioned saving your game after

you shot the enemies the reason you

might want to do that outside of just

excessive saving always being a good

thing you know emcees rules on gaming

rule number one is save early and save


the other reason you may want to do it

is the fact that sometimes the bottles

of chloroform when you throw them even

though you're throwing them like 15 feet

in the air down to the ground

they don't always break for some reason

you sometimes you just get a really

strong bottle and it doesn't break and

then you have issues so fYI that can't

happen so just be aware all right it

looks like a lot of the guys have been

taken care of I don't know that all of

them have been cleaned up so what we're

going to do is just carry our chloroform

bottle down here and like set it right

there okay that way if we need it we can

come back to it we're gonna open this

door head inside close the door and then

we are going to find a bone charm right

here his skin I think that is bone charm

number four yes that's bone trouble

number four grab some are all well bone

that's about it for over here however I

think I've ever climbed up here and look

to see if there's anything

no there's not all right but however in

this corner you're gonna find a hook

mine some ammo which we probably won't

be using too much of but then you're

gonna get up on these pipes now there is

a female guard in this area that patrols

sometimes she sweeps down here other

times she walks around up top I don't

know where she is at the moment there

she is right there so we're just gonna

drop down and now if you're having

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

problems dropping down and she's hearing

you you can always stay on top of those

pipes and simply do a drop take down on

her when you get to these cross beams or

these cross pipes here there's a couple

gaps so there's this gap here and

there's this gap on this side you can

always pick a side and then just do a

drop take down on her when she goes

underneath you either one will work we

just got lucky to drop down and choke

her out from behind now that we've done

that we're gonna grab one more

Electrical burst ammo we're gonna grab

that copper wire and then I believe back

here on the table there is one more

Electrical burst ammo too actually so

got that done now we have three of those

remaining this stairwell leads you down

to a cage you might have seen on this

side of the room when you first came in

here it is in this cage that you're

gonna find our final bone charm but

we're gonna come back to that once we

clean up the enemies that are still


the main NPC we need to interact with is

up here along with our final contract so

we need to wrap that stuff up before we

go back downstairs all right we're gonna

head back through here don't open this

door yet okay

I want you to head in here grab this SNJ

health elixir if you need it you're

gonna grab this Electrical burst and

then you're going to grab these hook

mics one two three four there are two

bottles of chloroform here so keep in

mind you got your one out in the hallway

that we didn't use you may use more than

I did just based on how lucky you get

with patrol paths but know that there

are two in here we're gonna use one in

just a moment but for right now we're

just gonna grab it and peep through this

doorway before you pee set it down

the game likes to break your bottles

okay crack the door lose the Beast and

they savage anything throw that that's

gonna knock them out okay you do not get

spotted doing that if we go over to our

statistics you can see no spots right

all right now that they've been knocked

out what I want you to do is get up on

this electrical box and then get up here

the dog for the white wolf contract is

actually down here in a cage you can see

in through this hole what I like to do

is equip my well that was stupid what I

like to do is equip my voltaic shot and

peek through here and just shoot them as

I can see them you shoot him in the head

that's the best thing to do because

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

shooting them in the head actually kills

them sometimes shooting in the body

won't do it to keep that in mind

make sure you get the red dot just

because you can see it doesn't mean you

can shoot it

alright so now they're dead those don't

count as kills they're dogs

you've played this honor too hopefully

and you know that clockwork soldiers and

dogs don't count now that we've taken

care of them it's safe to come in here

and loot no this door is latched I would

leave it latch depending on the status

of the enemies downstairs

just because well if they run upstairs

you really don't want them running into

this room and trying to attack you

better safe than sorry just leave it

latched now I told you there was a

flammable bottle of liquor over here

here it is take this walk over here

push the button it's gonna open the door

and then just throw it at the white

wolf's body contract complete alright

that is done now come over here pick up

a little bit of money and pick up your

first egg pearl

if you don't know what a hag pearl is

says use hag pearls to distract your

enemies or knock them unconscious it is

a silent non-lethal method of dealing

with your enemies those are always good

to have

now we're gonna loot him we were gonna

loot her and she is going to give us a

bone charm so watch the right-hand side

of the screen okay we got our key and we

got the bone charm we're gonna need the

key to get down out of his cage or turn

off the electricity to the cage but we

also picked up that bone turn now this

stairway if you're wondering where this

goes to this leads down to a lower area

that is effectively right across from

where you were when you walked in so I'm

gonna peek out here open this latch so

remember this area that we came in down

here and then we walked around got up on

these boxes got up on these pipes and

then went up in the ceiling to get a

bone charm this is the door that was in

the end the end of that Hall you want to

use this to kind of peek out and see

who's still alive walking around down

here you can do that it doesn't look

like anybody's active so we are probably

safe to move around

but just in case we're not gonna walk

right across that room just because but

we are gonna do is walk back out here

hang a left and go down in this

direction I'm gonna switch back to our

non-lethal ammo go to sneak mode

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

and crack this door open occasionally

there is a bad guy to stand to this back

to this door so you got to watch out for

that it does look like Lee's wall isn't

blowing up down here so we're gonna save

just cuz I want to stand up and stop

sneaking that is your sixth and final

bone charm I don't know what that one


let's go check that one out real quick

agility increase your jump height of


shivery and silhouette enemies missed

more often with range that's myth you're

more visible to enemies that's really

not gonna be helpful hurl objects with

greater force okay all right so cash

register boss again

there's a little bit of ammo here so

refill after shooting the dogs it's

always good to do that well pop out here

and now we're gonna do some looting in

this area I'm gonna loot these bodies

so this bookmaker if you loot him and

check this note out this is the note

that Clues you in on how to actually

open that safe that we opened up earlier

see down it says PS if you forget the

combination again tally the books over

your desk

maybe they'll uncover your memory so

that's how you know what the code is no

magic to it you just gotta have to come

in here and loot first now I'm gonna

loot their bodies because they have real

whale bone on them most of them do not

all of them do we're gonna head over

here and do some more looting there

error coins down here absolutely worth

picking up and then I think we had one

or two more bodies down in this area

we've got her

and her

so that note pretty much said hey go

find the bone charm that's upstairs and

we already found that bone charm so we

don't care okay remember where we came

out of this hole and then walked all the

way down back here and I said there's a

door that leads back to the top stairs

that's up here we're gonna want to move

back to that area fairly quickly just

FYI that's the plan from here on out

we're gonna rescue doubt and then get

our butt up here and hopefully that is

going to trigger some guards to walk

down the stairs that's the plan as it is

because there are like royal guards that

are going to spawn the moment we rescue

down so we're gonna rescue him

and if you've been carrying a bottle

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

with you to this point like flammable

liquor or ether because you thought you

were gonna run into something you don't

want to waste it

set it down now before you touch this

switch because for me when I touch the

switch it breaks my bottles if I'm

carrying them just FYI

doubt lurk

I knew you'd seek me out one day I

didn't think it would be like this you

were hard to find how did you end up

here let's talk somewhere else

the Eilis have more secrets than you

know I've got a ship well what's left of

it the dreadful whale

it's docked below that I can seal a

repair station doubt I say whatever you

want to say Billy that you're here now

is enough I need your help

like old times those days are gone this

is something bigger one last job I can

do it who's the mark the one responsible

for it all the cults the black magic

this mark on my hand we're gonna kill

the black eye bastard himself what the

you want to kill the outsider you want

to kill God

okay now save your game I finally find

him and the old man's got me jumping

right back into this occult [ __ ] all

right up here doubt can explain this

back on the dreadful wail up here I go

right up into the ceiling there are

three guards that spawn that walk down

those stairs here just trying to get

away from them you can take them out

fight I'm just choosing not to hear that

them all will probably get a medal for

them just wait

all right now peek

now down here just drop

remember when I said we opened this gate

down here for a reason

this is why

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

okay we're gonna jump up here we're

gonna jump up here gonna jump up here up

here and then up here yeah now on to the

roof once you're on the roof you're

gonna use this for cover and you're

gonna save your game this can get a

little weird that's why I'm having you

save your game all right now there's

three enemies in this area one is right

underneath you here one patrols this

area and one is an elite guard that sits

on a bench right here and patrols this

area Hall so you kind of have to get a

bead on her before you do anything

so just use this to keep cover and see

where the heck she's at she walks like

from the bench down here in front of

this roof that you're standing on under

the awning stands and then walks back

there she is you're waiting for her to

actually get down here to your right so

that you can do a drop take down on the

guard that's right here without her

seeing you otherwise she can cross in

front of you while you're dropping on

him and it can go horribly wrong so just

keep that in mind all right he's gonna

stand there for just a second you really

want to wait for her to move away that's

that's the key to this sometimes she

sits there a little longer sometimes she

gets up and walks early you just gonna

have to wait and see what happens

usually for me there's a situation that

occurs where that guard walks that way

walks back around and then walks in

front of her and he when he gets right

about in this area she'll get bored get

up and start walking again a week's

wages this is the worst assignment all

right when she gets out of the way we're

just gonna chance drop take down this


when you grab him sneak immediately you

don't want to make sound with him over

your shoulder that can easily happen if

you're not paying attention when you do

the drop takedown and you don't realize

that you're standing when you get up not

that I've ever done that before it's

just a possibility it could happen to

you you know obviously I would never

make a mistake like that but you know


okay now the fun starts you need to get

across to this left here depending on

what she's doing and where she's at that

can always make things a little more

interesting in my opinion you get over

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00


you can get over here on this drop down

and as soon as she's out of the way and

the other guards out of the way you're

able to easily get back in here without

being spotted that guards body is still

there so that doesn't despawn now you're

effectively done we're just gonna head

back to the dreadful well now

and that is going to wrap up our mission

so you can see we didn't kill any

civilians we didn't kill any hostels

there were no alarms there were 10

bodies detected but we didn't get

detected so we got ghostly which means

you know achievement wise we're good if

we go over here to the right you can see

we picked up 6 of 6 bone charms 1 of 1

painting so that's all good you know I

don't pick up all the coins because I

think it's silly and then here are 2

contracts that we completed and then a

couple extra things we did during this

mission so I hope that helped you guys

do it in your own game not like some of

the other walkthroughs I know there was

a little more chaos to this one just

with the chloroform bottles and what you

throw and what you shoot but once you

clean up a good number of those guys

down there with those bottles it gets

pretty easy after there cuz usually even

if you get bad throws where you're only

taking out one or two guys there's only

a one or two walking around and you can

move around and take them out on your

own with just choking them out or use

some of that extra non-lethal ammo that

you pick up towards the end of the

mission so I think we wound up with

three when we completed the mission so

there's all different ways to handle

that if you have any questions about it

because it's not working the same in

your game please drop me a comment down

in the comment section below but if you

got anything out of the video sure would

appreciate a like on the video or sub on

the channel but as always thanks for

watching guys


A complete Dishonored Death of the Outsider stealth walkthrough of Mission 1 One Last Fight. This starts you on the path to your Shadow achievement or trophy in mission 1 One Last Fight. We'll be taking a stealth-based, no kills approach to everything. As such, this will serve as a full walkthrough and guide for how to complete this without getting spotted or having to kill anyone during your own gameplay.

We'll also be picking all of the collectibles that you can find during this mission. The exact mission specific collectible counts can be found below.

Mission 1 - One Last Fight - Collectible Counts:
Bone Charms x 6
Contracts x 2
Paintings x 1
Safe Codes x 1

Bone Charm #1 (7:40)
Painting #1 (13:13)
Bone Charm #2 (13:43)
Bone Charm #3 (15:11)
Bone Charm #4 (20:02)
Bone Charm #5 (25:30)
Bone Charm #6 (27:02)

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  1. Hey I have a question, would you ever consider doing a Prey walkthrough? Have you played Prey? It's almost exactly like this game but in space. I love that game I've played it like 4 times but I like watching your in-depth walkthroughs

  2. My RNG has been blessed by someone near the beginning of the mission and in the liquor workshop lol. I got Swift Stalker at the beginning and then Fleet Fighter in the drawer.

  3. I can’t express how stupid I feel that I already played through this entire game before realizing that I could check to see if I was spotted or not. I totally didn’t even notice or think about the stats button haha. Great guide though!

  4. It's funny to see someone doing a no kills walkthrough on this game. It's cool but funny since in the other games it made sense to do as few kills as possible with the chaos system in place, but DotO doesn't have a chaos system. So it doesn't matter how many people you kill.

  5. While this is a long guide. I do appreciate your simplifications of the things we need to do.
    There's also not a lot of fiddling. You trust that we know shit and that we are competent at playing. I know Dishonored games
    can be hard for some and that's fine. But for us who actually play the game actively, it's a very nice quality of life to not
    be explained on every single feature of Dishonored.
    Nice guide, simple but helpful. Very well done! 😀


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