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    Dishonored – Death of the Outsider – Shadow | Stealth | Mission 1 One Last Fight

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    A complete Dishonored Death of the Outsider stealth walkthrough of Mission 1 One Last Fight. This starts you on the path to your Shadow achievement or trophy in mission 1 One Last Fight. We'll be taking a stealth-based, no kills approach to everything. As such, this will serve as a full walkthrough and guide for how to complete this without getting spotted or having to kill anyone during your own gameplay.

    We'll also be picking all of the collectibles that you can find during this mission. The exact mission specific collectible counts can be found below.

    Mission 1 - One Last Fight - Collectible Counts:
    Bone Charms x 6
    Contracts x 2
    Paintings x 1
    Safe Codes x 1

    Bone Charm #1 (7:40)
    Painting #1 (13:13)
    Bone Charm #2 (13:43)
    Bone Charm #3 (15:11)
    Bone Charm #4 (20:02)
    Bone Charm #5 (25:30)
    Bone Charm #6 (27:02)

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    Comment (21)

    1. Hey I have a question, would you ever consider doing a Prey walkthrough? Have you played Prey? It's almost exactly like this game but in space. I love that game I've played it like 4 times but I like watching your in-depth walkthroughs

    2. My RNG has been blessed by someone near the beginning of the mission and in the liquor workshop lol. I got Swift Stalker at the beginning and then Fleet Fighter in the drawer.

    3. I can’t express how stupid I feel that I already played through this entire game before realizing that I could check to see if I was spotted or not. I totally didn’t even notice or think about the stats button haha. Great guide though!

    4. It's funny to see someone doing a no kills walkthrough on this game. It's cool but funny since in the other games it made sense to do as few kills as possible with the chaos system in place, but DotO doesn't have a chaos system. So it doesn't matter how many people you kill.

    5. While this is a long guide. I do appreciate your simplifications of the things we need to do.
      There's also not a lot of fiddling. You trust that we know shit and that we are competent at playing. I know Dishonored games
      can be hard for some and that's fine. But for us who actually play the game actively, it's a very nice quality of life to not
      be explained on every single feature of Dishonored.
      Nice guide, simple but helpful. Very well done! 😀


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