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SearchThisVideo: Disjunction Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1

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Watch video at 00:00
what's going on everyone welcome back to
the channel today we're going to be
starting disjunction
uh i'm pretty sure this is probably a
fairly short game
it recently just came out it's only
about 15 bucks
uh and you know how i love certain
indie style games uh there's been a lot
of these little
older style retro style games
this one look kind of interesting though
it's got a little cyber
cyber future look to it though with
these heroes so
all i know is there's three heroes
all with different abilities and
it's got a stealthiness to the game or i
think you can just run right through if
you want but
we're gonna try it out and see what
happens and uh let's go from there let's
make sure we got subtitles on
if that's a thing i don't know
it's not so we're just gonna go new game
probably already has some titles i doubt
there's voices i don't know why i didn't
just say that
this is elaine chan with your evening
news broadcast
clashes between police and central city
residents continued this week after the
murder of decorated nypd officer samuel
lewis by controversial central city
communist leader
community leader rather lamar hubbard
officer lewis stopped hubbard near the
the border of central city after an
anonymous tip that hubbard was carrying
the new
illicit drug known as shard on his
tip hover over orange stuff
how do you hover oh there we go oh this
is neat hold on
so it gives you so it's just like if
you're reading something
and uh you like it pulls up the
definition respective pillar of the
community lamar hubbard is one of the
central city's most
important leaders he has been a
influence on the more radical elements
sharing his turf but has taken shard
hard stances kylie i can't read to
protect the
cons constituents in the past
his dedication to central city is
unquestionable and he is well known
among the locals for his honesty
and integrity and then let's go look at
shard here
a new kind of highly addictive by the
way why is it always a new kind of
highly addictive i remember judge dredd

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

when they were like hitting
or at least the newer one when they were
like hitting it out of inhalers and
that's what i think of these little
futuristic things when they get some new
illicit drug
uh let's see short has devastated new
york city from the streets to the
penthouse as a dangerous
neural site see this is this is judge
a psycho psych
psycho stimulant ooh that directly
increases the activity of a central
nervous system produces feelings
of euphoria the origin of the drug is
mysterious as nobody knows how to
manufacture it
and no major shard dealers have as
yet been arrested
hubbard allegedly shot officer lewis six
times before seeking refuge in the
central city compound
a swat raid apprehended however later
that same day
morshard was found on the premises
prompting investigators to believe that
the drug
originates in central city hubbard
continues to claim innocence
in other news mayor montgomery
montgomery was elected let's read this
first mayor montgomery is expected to
make a decision soon on whether to sign
a major contract with defense
contractors bishop krauss
bishop krauss has offered to deploy
cyber ooh
cybernetically enhanced security
personnel in new york and central city
to deal with the crime epidemic plaguing
areas all right let's look at montgomery
montgomery elected in 2045 by a very
slight margin kenneth montgomery is the
current mayor of new york city
despite his efforts to keep the city
running smoothly public support has
dropped for him over the years
and he is widely regarded as weak and
well i can say that about a bunch of
people uh he's desperate for anything
that might boost his
popularity ahead of the election that
sounds like a typical politician huh
let's see a conglomerate of bishop
bishop defense service and kraus
industries bishop krauss incorporated
is north america's largest defense
it operates within a number of different
business segments including
private security weapons production
science and cybernetics research these
people are
got their hand in every cookie jar based
in new york city
bishop crafts is a major provider of
security personnel to
corporations and local governments
across the country
political pressure is weighed heavily on
mayor montgomery
as popular sentiment from new yorkers
slowly but surely
shifts in favor of the contract
that's a bad move cotton
once they gain security and your freedom
they never give it back

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

frank it's sybil you know what this is
the wife of lamar sible hubbard is a
grassroots organizer in central city who
manages several of the town's functions
she's blunt in her manner but maintains
reputation for getting things
done a former public interest lawyer she
is one of central city's most
resourceful and outspoken activists
yeah i was wondering when you'd call
look frank's got red eyes he's got a
little cybernetic enhancement going huh
maybe some of that shard in him
it's been almost a week i know lamar
didn't do it and you do too
he hated cops but he'd never kill one
can't wait for the lawyers to deal with
it'll take months and it's too easy to
hide things lamar will never get clear
without help
see if everyone thinks he's a cop killer
it's going to be impossible for us to
make a dent in this at all what do we
have to go on there are no public
there's no evidence that we have access
to patience
might be the best option your justice
has always been a slow process
yeah okay let's not do that
isn't this your job you're a private
investigator how about you do some
oh whoa anyway i think i might have
we didn't think anything of it at first
can't just be a coincidence what are you
talking about
there's a new nonprofit clinic that
opened up in central city a few months
offering top-notch care for free we were
nothing in central is free a couple of
our people went there
to get treated and told us it was the
real deal
a few weeks went by and some of those
same people started getting arrested
it didn't make the connection until
lamar he went there
just last month and now they've got him
what do you mean they've got him are you
saying the nonprofit clinic
set lamar up somehow
i don't know but it is all but it all
just seems a little coincidental to me
we have nothing else frank okay sid look
into the clinic
thanks frank i'll i really appreciate it
the news mentioned lamar was found with
shard on him you know anything about
i know for a fact that he wasn't found
with it because we don't deal with that
[ __ ] directly
we let chard into central city but we
don't mess with the dealers
they're all small time anyways and as
far as i know none of them
know where chard actually comes from
if lamar was framed i don't understand
his connection with the clinic or with
i'll go to the clinic tonight after it
closes and see what i can find
because they're they're bringing it in
they're gonna use these guys and like
frame them like they're the ones
i don't know we'll figure it out

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

frank try not to be overt i want you to
stay out of sight
and just get wait didn't overt mean like
okay maybe not i want you to stay out of
sight and just get the information
we're after no bodies all right sure
not a maniac i'll do whatever i have to
do i mean it frank
keep those cyber eyes of yours peeled i
knew he had cyber eyes i told you guys
let me know what you find bye sib
all right look at us look at us
is this 8-bit 16-bit what is this
obviously the the environment's
the character looks model looks just
frank's apartment clinic
frank's fist meet physician
or pharmacist rather
this is it boys what's the energy meter
it's gonna get interesting real quick
a square to sneak sneaking eliminates
the noise you make
while moving and reveals enemy vision
cones sneak past the guard in this room
try to stay hidden in the shadows
and this will reduce the guard's vision
cone okay
hey buddy don't turn around
if i can choke him out like metal gear
oh here we go now we got the gun baby
press l2 to perform a non-lethal melee
and r2 to perform a lethal range attack
if you strike an enemy from behind with
a melee attack
will be a sneak attack that does double
double damage
nice i don't like the the button binding
oh look we can drag him
i understand i put them in this or or
i want to stash okay whatever
stand on uplink nodes in order to save
your progress i'll uplink nodes
can only be activated once
your abilities are disabled or displayed
golly man
i gotta get those new glasses your
abilities are displayed at the bottom of
the screen whoa chill out
your passive ability is dead eye the

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

ability allows you to strike
with increased effectiveness doubling
the damage of your first attack every
in seconds okay so it's passive
and here we go
tighter boy back here
get wrecked i wonder if we can
access this computer no
let's see your first active ability is
shock bolter the ability allows you to
fire a sound projectile towards your
stunning one enemy for four seconds
press l1 to activate the shock bolter
oh so whenever you just go back to the
area it just repeats the same thing over
and over again
we'll see your second active ability is
smoke grenade
this ability allows you to throw a
grenade towards your crosshair
blinding all enemies caught within the
blast for four seconds
press r1 to activate smoke grenade and
press r1 to detonate again
i was really trying to aim it and it
didn't work
there we go these guys don't know what
the [ __ ] is going on huh
wait what
what hit me
okay uh you're yeah okay we got the
first aid
i don't know what the points system is
oh this is just freaking peachy
hey heads up wait what
that wasn't behind him are you kidding

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

i disagree
it's kind of hard to tell what okay so
you find any clues related lamar
optional find the upgrade kit on the
second floor
wait what press
to open the menu okay now
where's the codex wait a minute i'm pr
guys okay and press
what codex
all right this thing's a liar yeah is it
talking about this button
no because this just takes pictures
all right we don't care about the codex
anyways codex
there's no codex guys i'm just i just
want to point that out
i know she said no bodies but
that health
how's that
hey we found the upgrade kit
um find any clues
so which way should we wait for this guy
i think we're gonna wait for this guy to
i don't know what kind of clues i'm
looking for here
is anything that just lights up
all right
i wonder if we can
this leads back i guess this doesn't
a behind this guy knock him out
all right we got a key what we're going
to use it for
what we got excerpt
excerpt from local newspaper become

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

increasingly sophisticated and widely
used when the united states general
cybernetics is arguably the most
important manufacturer of
biomechanical prosthetics and cybernetic
implants designed to enhance the human
the company is known for producing
artificial limb
synthetic organs neural implant and many
augmentations that are commonly seen
the majority of these bionic devices are
designed to make everyday tasks
easier to perform a number of different
combat models
exist for use by military forces police
tactical units and private security
the field of human bionics has enormous
for mankind as a species and the
technologies developed by general
have made a significant impact on the
united states
and its trading partners because of the
benefits they provide bionics are
heavily regulated by the federal
the technology was originally conceived
as a means by which to heal soldiers and
police officers injured in the line of
and was not meant to be used by the
general public over time however a
market developed for those
seeking and augment themselves with
prosthetics and implants as a response
to this trend the united states
department of health and human services
always a great place huh
made several bionics available to the
public but
kept everything under close watch
even today licenses licenses
are issued by hospitals to patients for
specific bionics
and only those approved by the food and
drug administration are allowed
on the market unfortunately demand for
unlicensed augments has led to thriving
black market
operations dealing with manufacture
distribution and surgical application of
and implants criminals and the like
so there's another game that i want to
play the observer they
made one for the ps5 or did a uh like a
remake of it essentially
and i'm pretty excited i want to play
where'd this guy go
got him
oh ah that didn't work the way i was
planning i forgot you can like
aim your your weapons
really fudged me hard
okay well i could have just snuck past
sorry sib i made no promises
this data pad contains a record of all

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

the patients in
the patients the clinic has treated
lamar's name as listed here
it looks like some of lamar's biometric
samples were sent out to the
unregistered lab in manhattan
might be a valuable lead i'd better get
out of here before i found
one found out for some reason i want to
give him like a duke nukem voice
yeah baby let's head to this unlicensed
lab in manhattan i should give civil a
call didn't even see what that trophy
he just leaves his cell phone at the
house the hell this is simple who's
it's frank it's frank i found something
out about the
okay i can't do it at the clinic last
night that i think might
interest you glad to hear the job went
well there's no mention of a break in on
the news
it might have been quiet have any good
news i'm always quiet i'm an
investigator not a murderer
still they may be suspicious after last
maybe i found lamar's patient records at
the clinic they were sent
to some sort of lab in manhattan but
there were no clues as to why
a lab what do you think it means i'm not
sure but if we want more answers
we'll have to check it out alright frank
i'd appreciate you being
as discreet as this time as you were at
the clinic
we really don't need to bring any
attention to us by doing something
i'll try my best i have prepared for
everything sib
yeah all right
everything's got like a have you noticed
like every like futuristic
cyber cyberpunk type game has a like a
blade runner feel to it
or is it just me i don't think it's just
oh the train stopped
oh here we go upgrades upgrades are
special bonuses that improve your
character's abilities
in various ways depending on your
preferred play style these
upgrades can be purchased at the start
of every level the use of upgrade points
you accumulate
up i like how they just shortened up
there right
uh upgrade points over the course of the
game by finding upgrade kits
upgrade choices are not permanent and
they may they can be changed at the
start of every level
okay well
i don't really care for the health thing
i think we're going to be going for as
he calls frank's dead ability
to increase the damage of the tactical
baton by
10 for five seconds reduces the cooldown
of frank's dead ability by two seconds
uh tear gas
really deal 15 points of non lethal
damage over six
seconds increases its duration increased
duration of frank's smoke grenade
they're going to reduce the boil
go there do it

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

oh there we go talents or special
bonuses increase various ways depending
on your
birthplace style accounts can be
purchased at the start of every yada
yada xp
my xp of the game leading mission yadda
yadda town choices are not permanent
sure increase the attack speed of
frank's tactical atomic 10 percent
increase the time it takes enemies to
detect increase the
attack speed increase his chance of
finding energy
you know what let's do this we already
went heavy on the tactical baton
last time right oh we got five remaining
by 0.1 what the [ __ ] is this
is it what they didn't worth it
like give me like a 0.5 at least right
oh yeah we're sneaking around
all right throw a little
roll smoke in there get you right
i don't understand
you guys saw that that was clutch
oh i gotta remember that
that you uh you have to have energy to
do these things
hey buddy oh [ __ ] me i guess i think i
can sneak through
on the shadow here
of course you can
alright so i think the best bet is to
just avoid the robots altogether
i mean we can shoot but is it worth it
all right we're gonna hide in the
shadows and then when he walks by
we're gonna split his wig
okay we could go up this way there's the

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

is that a security camera oh that's just
freaking great
oh this is fantastic
okay see a key
in the shadows baby okay well we're not
going to go that way we're going to go
right up against the pillar once this
robot goes by
oh that's just stupid i was trying to
hit it
oh well okay that's one way of doing it
you can just go up and hit
hit x
we have a winner
that doesn't like heal you you get on
that you know what i mean
that was just complete [ __ ]
oh man i didn't mean to do that no
listen if i would have known
there's our upgrade kit
thing is you can't get near this robot
oh you can drag it drag it shattered
applesauce [ __ ]
all right so what do we got give me a
if i would have had that point one
second i would he wouldn't get caught so
that's for sure how do you reload your
gun by the way
what's this way let's find

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

it's got a weird pattern going here
get the [ __ ] out of here
explain it explain to me how that did
not kill him
okay let's just let's just take it easy
let's keep it real i gotta start using
the pistol more
i'm thinking
what we got these files contain
a detailed list of all the biometric
samples that were sent to this lab
lamar and several other recently
arrested central
city leaders are listed here looks like
some of these biometric samples were
artificially duplicated
that can't be good
were they making uh they're making
i don't need ammo
what what just happened what just
happened i don't know
what that what i do
i'm gonna leave this up so you guys can
read it
so if you want to read it you can always
pause and we're going to keep moving
oh [ __ ]
i guess my gun didn't have the range
all right here we go speed round
night night go this way
this is going to lead us down to the
same thing

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

yeah okay going all the way down
i'm reading these files right it looks
like the lab manufacturers
some of the compounds needed to
synthesis synthesize
shard who the hell owns this place
there's also mentioned this lab disposes
waste in
brighton hollow near the flood wall
formerly known as brighton beach
brighton hollow is a rundown
neighborhood in the
south of brooklyn that borders the flood
wall during the 20th century a large
number of russian and ukrainian
settled in the area became known for its
many russian-speaking businesses
though the russian mafia always
maintained a strong presence in brighton
crime within the neighborhood steadily
rose after it was cut off from new york
beaches and renamed brighton hollow
now the district is a hot spot for
corruption and criminal activities of
all kinds
let's get a little move on
okay so right back where we were before
oh this is just a [ __ ] situation
there it is again you wanna you know hit
the button
we don't have oh we do need we gotta go
back up here
this [ __ ] dude

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

hey look we did it first try
i better call civil
this is civil it's frank i need to talk
to you about what i found last night
hey frank good to hear from you listen
before we get into what you found
let me just say that you've got to be
more careful about this
there's nothing about what happened to
that lab on the news which is strange
but the word around town is that you
caused a bit of a commotion i don't know
the specifics which might be for the
you need to be more subtle i know things
got out of hand i won't slip up again
don't tell me how to do my job sib i
don't like it when things go wrong any
more than you do
specific so that i killed people to get
the information you needed sib
i have to deal with the reality and so
do you and let me
tell you what i found
won't be any necessity any accessory to
murder frank
this isn't what i told you to do i know
it isn't i'm sorry that it turns

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

you told me to free lamar
my way is the only way i can make sure
that it happens
now let me tell you what i found
you were you were right lamar was framed
i found his biometric data
the lab along with others from central
lab had been duplicating it someone must
have planted it at a crime scene to
implicate lamar
that hurt on evidence the lab
manufactured some of the chemicals found
in shard and that it
disposed waste okay well
bastards i knew that client that clinic
was up to something
but why the hell does a non-profit want
to set up
set us up who's behind this i'm not sure
i also found evidence of the lab
manufactured some of the chemicals found
yada yada
shard right and hollow is
russian turf like brighton hollow is
russian turf
why would the lab be dumping shard
components near the russians
come on lady two and two together here
i'd be owned by the russians i don't
know why they'd be working with the
clinic though
not sure there was no information in the
lab about who really owns it something
doesn't smell right i have no idea what
the russians were sharing have to do
with lamar
but we need to get the bottom of this
brighton hollow
seems like our only lead i investigated
russian mob
operations a few years back i might know
where to start
looking in brighton hollow you're
referring to your history with
zerkoff right lamar told me about him
about what he did to you frank try not
to get distracted
the priority is freeing lamar
sure thank you frank what you found out
about lamar might be enough to get him
off but we still don't know why yeah
except for the fact that i obtained it
entirely illegally but we still don't
know why
any of this happened if the russians and
shard are involved this might be bigger
than we think
i really appreciate your help get some
rest before you head back out
sure sib i'll call you if i find
bedtime boys

Disjunction Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 2048. Following the arrest of a prominent community leader, New York stands in disarray. Suspicions and allegations ...


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