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SearchThisVideo: DOMINA Let's Play | Roman Gladiatorial Management Game | Domina Expansion Beta

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greetings mortals i am the fallen
shogun you may have heard of me from
other games
usually on my channel sometimes on other
people's because i get
everywhere today is a start
of a let's play hopefully of domino
it's even start for let's play abdominal
or it's the very first
and last episode of domino domina
is a gladiatorial
combat game where you run your own
gladiator house a ludus

and you fight in extremely brutal combat
either direct control or ai against
other gladiators now i've
changed a couple of things
um let me turn that off basically
i have set it up as you can see here you
things where we are running on hard mode
so get less coin the enemy is a little
bit tougher
i get less rewards and death is more
constant so that's set up

they've also set up brutal fights brutal
mean the blades are a little bit dulled
so fighting lasts
longer otherwise you have issues where
battles are over in just a few seconds
hopefully that's done i'm going to start
an endless mode
where we fight to the last man and i
don't know how it works i've never tried
or at least i've never tried it long in
a couple of months
so the sun is setting on the roman
empire violent rebellion erupts in the
far territory while political corruption

erodes the empire closer to home
fearing a revolt the emperor intends to
distract the population to greatest
championship the empire has ever seen
unimaginable reward of coin and glory
the emperor hopes to revitalize commerce
and establish the wall of lords again
but rome was disintegrating in his
clenched fist
so next uh games are scheduled we're
going to start this tutorial so it gives
you a bit extra resources
now as you can see here you can have up
to 15
gladiators in your ludus now i'm gonna

pause this so you can see it's a
uh 365 days that's how long they have
usually till the end of the game
it goes pretty fast but the thing here
i'm actually gonna basically talk about
it because i've played a little thing
before it was only three or four
episodes maybe five and a push
uh you have to three gladiators
to win so what happens is at the very
end you defeat the champion if you do

and then they basically try and kill you
for corruption or some other trumped up
and your freed gladiators come back to
save you
which means you have to free your most
powerful ones occasionally
otherwise you'll get killed at the very
end of the game
now i don't know if that's going to
happen but i'm assuming it probably is
so that's gonna be fun to look forward
also as you can see we started with two
random gladiators ones are thricks
the other one is nothing but we don't
have any of the other types locked

so they're both fake so you can give
some equipment
armor weapons you can see you can just
choose where it is obviously the better
the gear the more
armor they have and the less damage they
take so we have to kind of make sure
they're good
but you also have to make sure that your
guys are good at what they
do because honestly
they can die very very quickly so as the
hair is
to a crumbling ludus which is the um

gladiatorial house
in the heart of the roman countryside
you see an opportunity to ride this wave
of interest in bloodshed to the ends of
the empire
to burnouts in a fabulous spectacle of
violence and greed
having driven your families who listen
to the ground with poor business
decisions and a lack of integrity your
the creeps ownership and boogers off
because of course he does
under dusky road back home to assume the
mantle of lannister because they always
pay their debts
and domino a desiccated woman looks at
you knowingly proclaims they'll never

let you
win yeah i know it's obviously like five
days to go another battle so i'm gonna
sort it out
from your childhood you remember the
dusty road leading to the market is your
principal means obtaining resources
water food and wine free upkeep of you
looters and you'll need to shop there
fairly soon
so basically you go there you can hire
people who make your glasses better and
also get food water and wine food and
water for your people to live
wine to bribe the magister in the
that's just gonna buy it now it's only

like one gold for a lot of us you get a
lot in one go but it takes like a few
days for it to regenerate so you have to
make sure you have enough water
and food or you lose now here's the
first trainer
a large man with a whip has presented
himself as your villa and requests your
ear but only your ear
because he thinks hands are weird i see
that there are games
scheduled in a few days never heard but
you plan to attend
i served your father for many years but
when he fell ill and louder to ruin i
i didn't want to hang out i didn't want
to make it better i didn't want to trade
anyone i decided that once he left

because no one was doing anything i
should just take my money
i'd be honored to return to lewis and
train your memphis battle without me
these men will be slow and stupid lamps
to slaughter
so you are literally the reason the
losers failed to ruin because you have
we've got enable automatic training and
we're gonna have this so that means my
can surrender some battles won't let me
surrender in fact
most of them won't let me surrender but
it's nice to try
say you should search over the basic
management the doctory
writes a short note as it delivered you

can change the speed by plus and minus
there's not much we to do right now but
there you are another note from the
arrives dominates obviously you have an
intense desire to control the minds of
men indeed i can aid you in doing so
during battle if i research the proper
so yeah once you go over here the
doctorate can
mind control which means i get to
directly control a soldier on the field
a gladiator in the arena whatever uh

let's pick it up sometimes it's better
sometimes it's worse depending on where
you're fighting
i of course you just slowly make my guys
problem is of course
if this guy dies he's taking about 300
gold with him
but i have to fight this because there's
a lot of money
oh come on lucius

also the crowd will swear i didn't turn
it so i'm probably going to lose this
because let's face it
the enemy is tougher because hard mode
doesn't make the game
like easy hard it makes it almost
unwinnable hard
as you can see i'm losing significantly
so lucious is about to die
there gets lucius so that's 300 gold i
no longer
have and that will be the theme

so that was fun an old man enters your
fellow and invited he is well dressed
and claims to be a high place to
government official he introduced
i am the magistrate with evil red eyes
i was impressed with showing the games
yesterday your personal lannister is
they may be lacking an experience so he
will give me
basic slaves the legato return that will
give me better slaves
so obviously i need to hire people from
him but i need to equip them i also need
to heal them
because some of them are pretty bad and

slowly i hope i don't
die which is gonna be a problem because
i probably
so we're gonna have to hope for the best
so i can do exhibition matches which
means he likes me more
the problem with that of course is
people get injured
oh this is all my money if he fails i've
lost again
come on belisarius he's got better armor
than me already

so yeah as you can see hard mode isn't
really hard
it's everything slightly how dare you
think you can play the game
yeah [ __ ] you're from the crowd if he
grabs that sword you can fight
nope so yeah i was gonna fight that
i need to get my guys more powerful and

it's gonna take a while and they're not
gonna let me
a heavily armed soldier barge to lose on
announce his army is a dormant verified
detail and you gather is an important
person where he strikes fear at your
slaves i am the gate commander of the
military detachment station nearby
yeah shut up birds i was impressed with
your showing in my games yesterday you
more bouts in the arena you'll need
better train warriors so he gives me
better soldiers
of course don't have the money because
he just killed more of my people
so i have an issue now a lack of people

a lack of money
and a lack of chance so we pretend to
pit fights because otherwise we're going
to die
luckily it gave us an unarmed one and we
get a slave some water and some nuts
so we're not doing pit fights
which of course means we're fighting
wood but we propose hopefully
there we go yay well done on belisarius
you killed an
unarmed man but so far it's better than
anyone else has ever done
you're only father caution you show

great promise as a lannister you're a
natural no doubt you seek glory in rome
in order to qualify for great
championship games you need to win some
regional championships
so this is where we fight people like
heroes and so on of course that is
slightly far ahead of where we currently
one of our people all being dead
rolling around do you have a longer okay
brutal fights is on yes i know
where's it going go there

uh no look
look at this why would i fight this
i should have taken the piss
it literally put oh i'll pay for that
it's literally making me with my
weakened people fight
multiple opponents so yeah it's on hard
mode it's
uh unfair
unfair and we're back in so i've
dropped the difficulty down as you can

probably see it's now normal i've
also you'll like to know
updated to the uh beta dlc
so now we have access to the other four
classes like velite sagittarius
which is daggers charioteer so we have
access to the other guys so
we can obviously build up i will be
prepping i'm also getting their ai up
first because quite frankly the ai in
these guys
is terrible and we will be

slowly evolving my people
now obviously at the very beginning
going to take a little while to get
useful but i believe in it not as much
as i used to
uh steal a weapon but i believe in it
so i'm getting the agency 13 coins and
you can probably
steal a very good weapon
i'm also going to be getting some random
slaves because we will be needing

cannon fodder
come on obviously we don't level these
guys up don't get any weaponry or
equipment so
pretty good
uh yeah i need you to like me
what are you still
okay you're vaguely known so we're gonna
use him occasionally
build up and if need be

sacrifice a gladiator that way they
don't hate us
and we don't really lose anything but
yeah fighting
a spear armed netter this early on
death so some runs i've like done really
well other ones i've been like meeting
major depth the rng
is all over the place like my test when
i got to the championship
the 17 runs before that i think anyway

but yeah let's get the ai up so they're
pit fight
we're sending in you congrats and we'll
be trying to level up at least one guy
who's very powerful but of course
we can't rely on them because they die
yeah we can have arches in the game now
don't let him do it why are you running

oh my god if he had lost
i would honestly have thrown the mouse
to the window
okay so he's stolen that oh my god
your aggro is 70. you're very aggressive
and not very evasive
just hit people steal some armor
but yeah we need these guys to be
vaguely useful so always ai first then

we'll see what is like a vest
aggressive turtle stuff like that
like this guy's very aggressive in
turkey he's gonna be a thrix
which means he now can get equipment um
but yeah it's all about leveling up our
courts courteous 13 gold to get anyone
it's not too much

it's annoying but it's not too much
okay his ai is fully there then go for
strength to make him stronger
this one's gonna take a little bit
longer unfortunately
but i think we should be g to g
but if you can get me any better ones
i'd very much like it
yeah the aids is terrible he's finally

done he's still
learning luckily defense and things are
happening because of this guy
which is very much needed the uh arches
and so on going on as well now
hmm made control i'll take it give me a
okay so you are
pretty basic
you're dark figure steal a weapon

uh what were you you agro your turtle
went evasive so let's give you
a sagittarius which is an archer
not the best but you know a few extra
peasantry on the field will be good
might even get to name them if they
survive long enough but yeah we will be
sacrificing people repeatedly often and

still injured not worth it
you're not good enough you're still
learning oh
you could probably take him but i don't
know how badly my guy is doing
i mean head putting him in the chest
wasn't my way to go about that
if he'd run around maybe someone had
thrown him something
like that was his choice there
don't know why but there you go he

headbutted the enemy in the chest
whatever okay you steal another weapon
uh lambda in the box okay he's better
just lost even more health of course it
was the one i'm trying to heal
this is going he's gonna run away
some basic armed people like we need to
get some better gear

every time
i'm not doing well are we none of these
are worth
worthy of getting a name
the birds even agree with me there

so yeah before like every single battle
was like unarmed
and now i'm getting battles where i
thought one guy was unarmed he nearly
beat me
my gods
so he's getting stronger he's okay these
guys are
still learning how to be ai which is a
problem what have we got
weapons have said that's hp not really
you're arming which is good
okay randomly giving like special
abilities here and there we might

survive championship is coming this is
still eternal
okay i don't have to fight any of these
battles like i say
i need the money also i have to reject
i'm running out of resources
i don't have the money to do an actual

sorry for eight how much is it gonna be
for a fight three
not too much
so i am very much looking
yeah you're not getting my guys i'm very
much looking
for easy kills
which either comes across really well or
really not so much that's a problem with

we might have nothing happen we might
get a really good fight
problem is do we know
do we know do we know do we really know
we don't keep getting stronger
he's unarmed go
money and a slave come on he's got

really nice why can't we just steal his
oh my god took his arm off that pauldron
did not help him
they've got a useful guy as well
i say useful he's just got equipment but
you know it's useful enough

uh grab a weapon i just fired him
oh no don't tell me because i fired him
he's gone forever
i have made a mistake and he's never
coming back
oh fun okay
that's a slight problem that's a major

his eyes nearly bloody complete already
good aggro too
you have to be useful enough to say
would send one of these guys out to die
hmm this might be a good crop of
gladiators so because this is endless we

don't need to better serve as like three
people we don't actually to fight the
final fight
we just like send a couple of sacrifices
and come out in the next year
which gives us more chances of doing
things of course
two okay in these turns yeah well they
they've changes

having killed one of my people i swear
often and frequently
there would have been no survivors
so if you definitely get up you need to
be arming okay you need to be strength
i'm gonna make you a velite

and those are throwing weapons huh
very interesting
but yeah this is obviously going to
start upgrading
i don't think i'm going to get that guy
back again that's like oh he's back
never mind i'm going to get him back
there he is
steal me a weapon

okay there we go
uh kick him in the groin and run
i never cease to impress because i never
one more day i think we're doing okay
we have actually a good team going
obviously to actually equip them with
no he's slightly too powerful
don't nab it i literally just hired him

be useful stop dying apparently a weapon
is harder to get than armor
is he stealing out of an actual god's
hand or something
this guy has been meditating since the
okay wooden gladius that was sort of

that's when nimble stands
he's got his sheath
12 days
i think might actually be okay people

three more days
health's going up nicely
i actually don't even know they need
strength for the bow i don't know what
the bow needs
it's new to me

oh my god you took a lot of hits there
i'm almost willing to name you
almost which means he's going to die
nobody else i actually want one of them

get paid for him oh never mind he died
give me some armor so we do have
uh teams active as it were we could
actually start deploying multiple groups
onto the field
admittedly most of them don't have much
in the way of armor and some

don't have much to wear weapons but we
can deploy multiples
oh yeah okay
i like you you should like me
let me have a sacrifice in the corner
welcome sacrifice
of course the age was caught stealing
okay give me

try we want to go for automatic yield i
have never had my people yield
in this game it's very weird
sagittarius with a boat
i don't know how this is going to work i
might actually lose this one

actually hit him
i was genuinely expecting him to die by
not actually getting in range
defensible two glasses don't require
food or water there you go
going on these guys these guys will be
my power houses so
we're getting there

we have upgrades going on we obviously
have occasional theft going on
you need equipment you need to be
like that 124 about you you require
medium hours times nine yes

can't upgrade the bow i guess that's not
in the game yet
it's interesting how can you upgrade
certain parts of certain guards i don't
know if that's actually you know
accurate or just purely for a game
perspective i'm really curious
okay you're finally done into strength
you should be meditating

it's been running constantly that
explains a lot actually
you're a man of a certain race will
leave you to it you're still giving
everyone bonuses
chainmail he'll be useful in combat
that net if he backs up someone else
will be
massively useful
if you get his ai up

sacrifice how do you
you've even changed
it him chained it
oh this guy's better than the other guy
his snackify survived

intriguing three glads okay let's bring
you and you just actually get these guys
leveled up for a bit of combat
i can do three on one yes
so he has nine mediums he fights for
oh my god

hello welcome
you did really well eventually you might
even get names but unfortunately i'll be
in the next one i've been the fallen
sadness is going to happen people are
going to die everyone's going to hate
him anyway shout out for now be awesome
be epic and i will be seeing you
oh you get a close range with it yeah
don't you wait
you get to throw three

what next time
look at that carrying two of them now



Domina Gameplay! Domina is a pixel-art strategy simulation vaguely based on Roman gladiator schools of antiquity. Let's Play Domina! Let's Play Domina Beta ...


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  1. Blades are dulled so fights last longer…
    My playthrough: my champ can one shot things with 10k health.
    You can inprove the size of your ludas so you can have more gladiators (advanced builder dood).
    And i eventerly just had a kill team the rest i trained and sold or freed the rest. You want an ai of level 100 as fast as you can it helps them not die and not get stick or dosent attack i found 60 is good to help prevent that.


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