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    SearchThisVideo: DOOM 64 – 100% Achievements/Trophies Walkthrough Guide – Easy 1,000 in under 1 Hour

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    maccas guides hey everyone
    Mackey here and welcome to the doom 64
    achievement slash trophy guide we're
    doing things a little bit differently in
    this video and I brought a friend on
    board in order to help out this is
    something we've tried before in the past
    and generally people were pretty happy
    with the result today my friend shizz
    will be guiding you through doom 64
    I've known shiz for five years he
    actually is a higher gamer score than me
    so I'm gonna trust him on this video
    I've edited and watched through this
    video so it does have my stamp of
    additionally she's has a stream over on
    twitch.tv if you want to check them out
    I'll leave his link down below now don't
    think of this as a replacement for my
    full game walkthroughs I'm still gonna
    make them this is something that
    wouldn't exist without someone else's
    I'm a little bit sandwiched in between
    doom eternal modern warfare 2 remastered
    and Resident Evil three enjoy the video
    and let us know in the comments down
    below what you thought
    thanks what's up gamers my name is shizz
    Blacka here to help you out with doom 64
    this game is $5 or offered as a doom
    eternal pre-order bonus and is available
    on most platforms the game is 10
    achievements for a thousan gamer score
    on Xbox as well as 10 trophies on
    PlayStation but however no platinum this
    should only take us 30 to 45 minutes to
    run through and is only a 3 out of 10 on
    difficulty we're gonna use the built-in
    passwords to skip a lot of the game and
    also make it a lot easier two things to
    note before we begin if ever you screw
    up don't restart the level go back to
    the main menu and the password screen
    that will respawn you with all the
    weapons and so on and you can also save
    some this game what that means is at any
    point if you're having trouble with the
    level just pause save continue in that
    way if you screw up you don't have to
    restart the whole level you can just
    load your save and continue where you
    left off that being said let us begin
    alright to start up we're gonna go from
    the main menu to options - password the
    first one we're going to use is w 8 3 m
    7 h 2 0 BD y 0 n 9 vb and this is going
    to be for mother mae-eye for 150
    gamerscore or bronze trophy and it's to
    defeat the mother of all demons on the
    absolution so this first one I'm gonna
    have it typed out and then moving on
    I'll just have the password
    already typed in and just on screen for
    a little bit while I read it out you'll
    automatically be brought into the level
    as you put in the last character and
    here we are on the absolution you're
    gonna spawn on the easiest difficulty
    with every weapon with full ammo full
    health full armor the whole shebang
    you're only just going to want to focus
    on grabbing the green orb now this
    levels mechanic is that you have these
    three little shack looking things where
    the enemies are gonna spawn out of
    ignore them for now while you're
    invincible and just hit the little
    pedestals what that's gonna do is it's
    gonna close the doors and it's gonna
    stop the enemies from spawning even more
    so that's going to be our main focus is
    just limit the amount of enemies that we
    have to worry about in a second here so
    now that you've hit your third pedestal
    just clear all the enemies out you are
    gonna run out of invulnerability but you
    should see it still be able to put in

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    some decent work here and again you have
    you know the full the full weapon list
    and you're on easy so this is one of the
    easier levels that we're gonna have to
    deal with after you clear the enemies
    that's gonna spawn the boss in the
    middle so that should happen in a second
    here also for some reason this level was
    super frame II but the future ones were
    brand totally smooth so I don't know why
    this one was giving problems but it's
    not something you really have to worry
    about moving forward so here she is I
    really love this gun the unmake ER I
    find it really really do Prince's or
    fast there's also that blue orb in the
    middle for health if you need to but
    that's the first one we're on the board
    up next we have question mark q dm7 h YC
    bb4 x FJ v b and we're actually gonna
    get for achievements slash trophies on
    this level so once we load in the first
    thing we're gonna want to do is actually
    pause the game and we're gonna have a
    new option called features first things
    first don't activate any cheat codes
    because you will avoid whatever you're
    doing but go to the second to last level
    final judgment we're gonna spawn in a
    room that's full of weapons so we're
    gonna get to achievements or trophies
    we're gonna get unholy firepower 475
    gamerscore or a silver trophy which is
    to find the unmake ER and then we're
    gonna get my causes just my Willis
    wrong 450 gamerscore or a silver trophy
    and that's to find the BFG 9000 as we go
    through that portal in the next room
    we're gonna get an invulnerability orb
    while we have this I highly suggest that
    we focus on the cyberdemon first as
    these by far the the strongest enemy in
    this room so just go down into the left
    and the heck and Shanker is right there
    we're gonna kill him we're gonna get rip
    and tear for 100 gamerscore or a silver
    trophy now you have two ways you could
    do this what we have to do is I'm sure
    you'd notice a little pedestal right
    next to me on my right there are three
    pedestals that need to be activated with
    demon keys to open the gate and fight
    the boss which is actually the same boss
    we just fought the mother of all demons
    so you have two ways to do this you
    could either do the level normally and
    your weapons do more damage the closer
    you are so if you're familiar with the
    level that would probably be the most
    time efficient way to do it but I'm not
    familiar with the game and I'm not
    particularly good at doom so what I did
    is I basically just focus on clearing
    this first big room which is the
    majority of the enemies and yeah I just
    keep my distance it takes a little bit
    longer but this is by far the easiest
    way to beat the level that being said
    I'll be myself for now and I'll rejoin
    you in a bit when we get to the demon

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    all right so now we're getting pretty
    close to clearing the room and we're
    getting very close to getting our first
    of three demon keys they're very easy to
    split in the sense that they look like
    epilepsy keys you'll see in a second
    here that this crack in the wall
    or opening I should say is bigger than
    the crack but anyways go up here there's
    these shadow guys I don't know their
    official name but I'm going to call them
    shadow demons boom we get our orange key
    and that's one out of three
    now for our second key we're going to
    want to find the corner that has the
    mega sphere and we're going to take the
    left door and then up the stairs you
    have your blue key
    now we're going for our third and final
    key it's up this staircase and down this

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    corridor up another staircase through a
    door and you'll have some more shadow
    demons so you can see them from the main
    room if you need to know where you're
    supposed to go you can see them on that
    little balcony looking thing but now
    with your three keys you're gonna want
    to make your way back to that boss gate
    and you're gonna activate those three
    pedestals again I don't know where I'm
    going because I find these old games all
    everything looks the same so sorry that
    my navigation is not the greatest but
    I'm sure I'm not the only one I hope I'm
    not the only one but yeah so here what's
    weird is the first time I did it she
    just stayed there and I rinsed her with
    the unmake er in this case she
    teleported away now the cool thing about
    the room being empty is we could
    actually just listen and we'll be able
    to hear or again you're uneasy it's not
    very difficult and you have all the
    weapons at your disposal but just
    basically roam around find her kill her
    and now we're gonna get walk the path
    for a hundred twenty five camera score
    or a bronze trophy apparently this is
    easier than picking up a BFG according
    to trophy rarity but that's that one up
    next we have the same password as before
    and it should have saved but in case you
    deleted it it's question mark you dm7 hy
    c BB 4x f j vb we're gonna do the same
    thing we're going to go to features and
    this time we're skipping ahead to cat
    and mouse and what we're gonna get is
    that was fun for a 100 gamer score or a
    silver trophy to finish a quote-unquote
    fun level this is gonna pitch you
    against a cyberdemon with some shadow
    demons on the sides you're gonna want to
    hang a right and pick up a rocket
    launcher when you pick it up the wall
    behind you is gonna drop with some
    rockets now I have a couple of friends
    that somehow said they beat this with a
    b FG i don't know why because i didn't
    spawn with anything besides the pistol
    but there's rockets littered all over
    the place and you're gonna want to take
    out the cyberdemon now I highly
    recommend you save scum which if you
    don't know what that means is you can
    pause the game and manually save and
    that way let's say you get five
    hits and he hasn't even shot at you save
    and that way if he kills you you don't
    have to start all the way from the
    beginning but that's the way I did it I
    kind of take away take out these guys on
    the sides just to not risk anything I
    also find a secret here for secret
    sleuth for 50 gamerscore or a silver
    trophy for discovering a secret area you
    could either get it here or we're
    actually gonna get it in a future level
    anyways but that's just an option to you
    I just like it because there's bonus
    health but basically I just try to get
    rid of the guys on the sides and then I
    try to stay in the middle see me as you
    have the most distance between you so as
    you can see I kind of just hit him with
    some Rockets and then at some points I
    just save just to be safe and that way
    when he inevitably kills me something
    like 20 times when we're recording this

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    I can just reload the save and I don't
    have to start from the beginning each
    so now one important thing to note is
    that this guy will teleport as you can
    see over there he was coming out of his
    teleport so usually it's not as easy as
    your standing in front of him and laying
    it to him until he dies usually he's
    obviously going to hit you pretty hard
    and he's going to move around but once
    you kill the cyberdemon here and end the
    level you get your achievement or trophy
    next up we have V 8 7 l 7 C 2 8 B DT 1 f
    9 V B and this is for persistence is key
    125 gamerscore or bronze trophy and that
    is to acquire all three diamond key
    artifacts in the main campaign you're
    actually going to spawn with all the
    weapons yet again and you're going to
    have two of the demon keys on you this
    one is actually very short and easy
    basically just kill the enemies around
    your spawn especially because you have
    the lost souls that are flying around
    they're just annoying so just kill the
    the half-a-dozen enemies you have you're
    gonna have the blue key in the back here
    now you can open this door in front of
    you and on your right after you kill the
    spectres on the right is one of the
    panels that looks a little different
    from the others you can see that you
    can't go down just yet and there you go
    in the middle that guy looks a bit off
    interact with it with a or X whatever
    you're playing on you once again get
    locked behind you you're gonna want to
    activate that switch to drop another
    switch which will open this area and
    have a couple enemies and then you're
    gonna do it again on the right side
    you're gonna hit a switch which
    activates a switch and that's gonna
    spawn enemies and the far right side
    there you go some more
    shadow demons killed them and that's it
    for enemies in this room there's also
    gonna spawn a teleporter in the middle
    which can get you this orb which will
    cap off your health at 200 if you need
    it and you can see the demon key was
    flashing up there in the middle as you
    can see you can't go anywhere here just
    yet so what you're going to need to do
    is you're going to have to hit another
    skull switch right here and the backup
    where you entered that's gonna make some
    stairs there should be one or two shadow
    demons on each side so just get rid of
    them and now the way that this mechanic
    works is you're literally just gonna
    have to step on the middle switch to
    unveil two of those skull switches so

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    you step on that platform and now you
    can see in front of me we have a switch
    and another switch those are timed so if
    you don't do it fast enough you're just
    gonna have to stand on the middle
    platform again but once you shoot those
    fast enough you pick up your artifact
    and you get your achievement slash
    trophy alright this is the only one that
    doesn't require a password we're
    actually just gonna start a new game on
    the easiest difficulty and we're going
    to keep the barrels do not shoot the
    barrels that's the last step but
    basically just kill all the enemies so
    we're gonna want to hang a left clear
    this room and we're gonna go up and
    interact with this switch a guy is gonna
    spawn on the right side just get him
    that spawns another guy that just walked
    by so we're gonna continue down the hall
    and we're gonna go to the elevator now
    this achievement slash trophy is called
    our V and H 3 C T 1 C DM 3 mo question
    mark question mark I don't know if
    that's a reference to something but boy
    so it's a hundred gamerscore or a gold
    trophy and that is to locate the secret
    level hectic this is also a secret area
    that is mandatory for this achievement
    so if you didn't get secret sleuth in
    the previous that was fun
    achievement well then you'll get it
    there so you notice that I cleared the
    areas and I picked up the blue key card
    you're gonna want to clear this room be
    careful to not hit that barrel in the
    back by accident you're gonna want to go
    up the stairs in truck pass which is
    going to open the room behind you with a
    few pinkies they take 2 or 3 shells
    depending on how close you are to them
    nothing too bad but I dragged them out
    here because there is a barrel in that
    room and it's easy to accidentally clip
    you're going to want to hit the button
    in the back of the room and now that
    opened this door to the left
    so we're going to one head to the yellow
    and kill that one dude open this door
    and you got another three pinkies so
    again two to three shells nothing too
    crazy and we're gonna go up the door in
    the back this is actually the exit of
    the level do not end the level now that
    every enemy is killed and we're actually
    gonna work our way back to the beginning
    of the level so this is where we spawned
    and this achievement requires us to
    destroy all of the barrels that was the
    first one all the barrels in order
    I'm actually not too sure on two barrels
    as order but just do it like I do it in
    the video because I got the achievement
    here so you should be good but now we're
    basically retracing our steps up here
    there was a barrel in the corner and
    then here on the outside to the left
    you're gonna have the barrel that was in
    the secret room so like I said you're
    gonna have to get the secret slew that's
    human a trophy there now we're gonna go
    back to the Blue Room we're gonna
    destroy that barrel in the back and
    you'll see around this corner you have a
    job to make just run straight at it

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    there's obviously no jump on interact
    with a switch and it'll open a little
    area in the back now to lower the
    elevator you're just going to want to
    hit the interact button so a or X now
    just go back up get Jack back up and
    we'll move forward we're going to
    continue to where we hit the pinkies so
    in this room on the right you have your
    barrel then we're going to go to the
    left and we're gonna head towards the
    end as you can see I didn't remember
    which order was for those two barrels
    but in here where the exit was again
    don't leave the the level you'll have to
    start all over but destroy this barrel
    and now we're gonna once again leave
    where we came from here's a secret a
    little area with a barrel so once you
    get that one you're gonna want to hit
    the switch again because in order to get
    back up to our spawn we actually need to
    go through a teleporter
    now here's the most important part we
    have to hit this last barrel and get
    through this door fast so hit the barrel
    open the door if you did it fast enough
    the portal will be there and you'll get
    your achievement slash trophy if not you
    have to restart everything unfortunately
    and finally we've reached the last one
    it's going to be yww for 7hv d bc LG r
    kv b
    and this is going to get us escape
    artists for 125 gamerscore
    or a bronze trophy for some reason and
    it's to finish no escape on watching me
    die skill level which is the highest
    difficulty so keep in mind that you
    could save scum if you need to because
    this is a bit tricky main target again
    cyberdemon get rid of the cyberdemon but
    try not to waste too much BFG and unmake
    ur ammo the unmake ur is gonna be very
    very useful soon so try to hang on to it
    if you can if you can't it's not the end
    of the world we can work around that but
    basically we're going to want to take
    out the enemies in about 3/4 half to 3/4
    of the room because we're gonna cheese
    this we're not gonna actually play the
    whole level the final boss is to
    cyberdemons which as you can imagine can
    get really nasty on the highest
    difficulty so we're just gonna be cheap
    about it you saw that I killed all the
    enemies in front of us we want to get
    rid of the ones below because they could
    hit us from a distance and that gets
    really annoying and also they could do a
    decent amount of damage over time so
    jump down here there's four I believe
    shadow demons get rid of them and then
    you're going to want to take the portal
    to get back up and then the last thing
    that we have to worry about is there's
    Eve man cube is in the back up here you
    just have to hop down there but
    sometimes lost souls spawn behind these
    barrels so I was just double-checking
    but basically that's the gate with the
    bosses and there's a man cubism back I
    try to stay away because I think there's
    a certain thing that triggers I don't
    know if it's getting too close or if
    it's a platformer or what but uhm more

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    enemies can spawn like a lot of lost
    souls and stuff so just to play it safe
    I keep my distance but now we're good
    nothing can hit us the main thing don't
    use Rockets BFG anything that has Splash
    Damage use the unmake er the chain gun
    and the shotgun
    basically we have two cyber demons
    behind this gate and all we have to do
    is kill them now this does take a long
    time it takes a three minutes on my
    recording because they just have so much
    health the unmake er rinse is the first
    one really fast just because it's so
    strong which is why I wanted to keep as
    much ammo as possible but then if you
    run out you're gonna want to go to the
    chain gun if you wanna you want to go to
    the shotgun and if you still run out of
    there's actually a lot of shotgun shells
    laying around so worst case is you can
    just go and pick up some ammo and come
    back but basically just do this and
    after a while you'll eventually get your
    kill and your final achievement and here
    comes the kill on my very last shell the
    time it couldn't be any more perfect but
    there you go
    125 gamerscore for escape artist
    finished no escape on watching me die
    skill level and that will be the 10
    achievements slash trophies and your
    completion thank you guys for watching I
    hope that the video was helpful maca
    back here just to wrap it up let us know
    in the comments down below what you
    thought don't forget to drop a like and
    a special thank you to everyone on
    patreon for support in the show shout
    out to double O peace

    DOOM 64 - 100% Achievements/Trophies Walkthrough Guide - Easy 1000 in under 1 Hour This guide was made possible by Shizblacka. Check him out here: ...


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    Comment (33)

    1. Little heads up for the Cat & Mouse level. Position yourself so that the Cyberdemon's gun is covered by that little Pillar in the center. That way he will always hit that Pillar instead of you und you can aim for his exposed side, which makes the level pretty easy.

    2. If anyone likes classic DOOM don't pass this one up. It plays like the classic games, but has a very dark ambience to it. Great achievement farm, but worth trying out classic DOOM in a different skin.

    3. The Password for Persistence is the Key doesn't work for me for some reason. Everytime I input it, it just says Invalid Password. Thinking I'm gonna have to get all 3 keys the hard way, which sucks tbh.


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