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    SearchThisVideo: DOOM Eternal – Mission 1 – 100% Walkthrough – All Secrets, Collectibles, Upgrades & Challenges

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    maccas guides hey everyone
    Mackey here welcome to my 100% full game
    walkthrough for doom eternal this will
    be a video series separated mission by
    mission and in each video I'll show you
    not only how to beat the mission but how
    to unlock everything in the game while
    you're doing it this includes all
    collectable types like cheat codes toys
    weapon mods codex pages the album
    collection and I'll also be showing you
    how to do things like upgrading your
    suit and completing all of the mission
    challenges while we're at it I'll also
    be showing you all of the extra lives
    available in each of the missions if you
    are mopping up and aren't interested in
    watching the entire video time links for
    individual items are available in the
    YouTube description additionally in this
    video series I will be skipping
    cutscenes when possible just to slim
    down the videos and the runs should be
    pretty optimized as I play every mission
    a few times before filming for this
    guide additionally this is a normal
    playthrough on Normal difficulty and
    this is not meant to be a speedrun the
    intent is for both casual and hardcore
    players to be able to attain 100% by
    following along with all that out of the
    way let's just get started with the game
    at the beginning you will kill three
    enemies and then go through a door
    you'll then be given a chainsaw and
    you'll get a small tutorial on how glory
    kills work and how the chainsaw works as
    well if you'll want to pay attention to
    these if it's your first time playing
    doom eternal and just take notes on how
    things work as soon as you come out of
    the chainsaw
    tutorial you may notice that there is a
    secret that you can see through a small
    kind of hole in the wall if you go
    through and around to your left you
    should be able to melee through a wall
    and then follow a hallway turning around
    at the end double jumping to a toy that
    links you back to the room you came from
    at this point you'll want to follow the
    objective marker to the greenly lit cube
    just give it a Mele to send it back and
    now you'll be taught about double jump
    which is a very important but very easy
    mechanic to understand double jump up
    and then at the top make sure you turn
    to the right and find the upgrade bot or
    the mod bot you'll only be able to
    upgrade your combat shotgun and
    personally I think these sticky bombs
    are the better thing to go for at the
    very beginning but it's completely up to
    you and your play style after that
    you'll have a small little animation
    where you take your actual weapon mod
    and you can basically hold the left
    trigger to use the weapon mod and this
    will be super useful on the bigger
    enemies or enemies that come with a weak
    point that we get later on in the
    mission you will then Mele through a
    door into a large open arena and there
    are a lot of arenas in doom eternal
    basically they're large open areas where
    a ton of enemies will attack you and you
    just have to survive until a door opens
    up once all of the enemies are cleared
    feel free to get used to the controls
    here the double jumping the chainsaw
    mechanics building up extra health by
    goin for glory kills stuff like that

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    basically just take your time going
    through for my tips focus on the big
    guys make sure you use your chainsaw and
    your sticky bombs on those dudes and
    then try to get nice and close with that
    shotty otherwise and once you are all
    cleared up you'll get a short little
    cutscene to let you know that a door is
    open and now we're going you with
    commentary then
    once the door opens up feel free to grab
    any health you might need on the way out
    and you should notice a collectible
    pretty much glowing right in front of
    you almost impossible to miss these are
    the Codex pages I'll be showing you all
    of these in every level some codex pages
    are just unlocked through natural
    progression however kick down the door
    in order to instigate a cutscene which I
    will be skipping for the moment after
    that you just run forward and in
    directly in front of you there is
    another codex page make sure you pick
    this one up as well
    you can press back in order to read
    about this codex or see it then just
    jump up the legend directly in front of
    you you should find another mod bot this
    will allow you to unlock the second mod
    for the combat shotgun and it'll give
    you a small tutorial on how to switch
    between mods and I believe default it is
    up on the d-pad if you are playing with
    a controller there's a small icon in the
    bottom right hand corner to let you know
    which mod you actually have active then
    you can also press down on the d-pad I
    believe in order to see your current
    objectives smash through the door look
    up into your left double jump into a
    secret area where you will find your
    second toy and then we are free to kind
    of proceed a little bit now there are a
    lot of areas in Doom eternal which are
    somewhat optional this next love this
    next area being one of those areas you
    can go down here and feel free to slay
    everyone for fun and for points and
    whatever kind of challenges you might be
    working towards but for the purposes of
    the video I'm going to skip it
    completely and go directly to the
    objective marker double jumping and then
    swinging across there is some
    platforming and doom eternal so get used
    to it next you'll be introduced to the
    concept of weak points which is very
    important to try to focus on those
    points in order to take down bigger
    enemies more quickly
    for example this Iraq note Ron I believe
    is what it's called is weak has a weak
    point on the back of it's kind of like
    scorpion tail and you want to shoot this
    off to disable certain attacks from
    coming from it and as well as weaken it
    substantially as you can see here I'm
    kind of struggling not my finest moment
    of gameplay but hopefully you guys are
    following along feel free to again grab

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    those glory kills for the extra health
    there's some armor around a bunch of
    ammo is littered around as well and
    those chainsaw canned chainsaw kills can
    help you
    back your ammo once you clear out
    everyone a short cutscene will open
    another gate
    once the gate is opened feel free to
    stock up on ammo chainsaw fuel and
    health walk forward through the gate in
    order to unlock your second weapon the
    heavy cannon honestly one of my favorite
    guns especially if you're playing on a
    lower difficulty and you're just trying
    to have fun it's a great weapon to set
    yourself up with glory kills jump over
    the little barrier and you will see the
    auto map I believe is called and you can
    interact with this in order to basically
    put a map into your menu you can press
    back to access that map the map will not
    show you all of the secret locations
    unless you have already been right next
    to them so I would highly suggest you
    still follow along if you don't want to
    miss anything feel free to practice with
    that heavy cannon in order to get used
    to the glory kills and as you enter the
    next area you'll see the word Scott
    directly in front of you we'll be
    jumping up on the truck to the left and
    then double jumping on to the balcony
    here once up top walk forward and to the
    melee through a crack wall drop down a
    hole and turn around to find a secret
    where you can find I believe your third
    out of four toys then walk forward up
    into the left double jumping up onto the
    ledge and then double jumping across a
    small little gap here and you'll notice
    a Codex page to your left hand side feel
    free to pick this up and from here after
    looking at it you can also grab a extra
    life extra lifes are optional but they
    are helpful and there are certain
    achievements tied to them if you are
    playing in certain modes so drop down in
    front of you and grab that extra life
    extra lives are shown in the top left
    corner and basically if you are about to
    die and lose all of your health instead
    of dying and resetting you at a
    checkpoint it will just take an extra
    life from you there is actually an extra
    life mode specifically and there's an
    achievement also for stockpiling ten
    lives I believe I'll show you how this
    mechanic works by jumping down to a
    large enemy and totally on purpose
    accidentally losing all of my health
    you'll notice that the screen kind of
    goes black and you are given a second
    chance and the count of extra lives in
    the top left corner will go down you
    don't really need to not die at all it's
    totally fine if you do die just try to
    stockpile the lives if you can to make
    the game easier near the end and also

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    help with any achievements or trophies
    you might be going for if you're playing
    console after this we are now ready to
    pretty much go for the yellow key card
    I'm just gonna go back up here and take
    care of all of these enemies as I
    believe the door won't open unless most
    of the enemies are taken care of I'm
    gonna get some glory kills as well as
    there is a achievement or trophy for
    getting 33 glory kills throughout your
    campaign I'm sure you'll get 33 if not
    in the first mission in the second
    mission but it's worth getting a little
    bit of practice in and once we can go
    through the door I'll rejoin you with
    so you can see here that my objective
    has updated I'm pretty good on ammo and
    whatnot so we're gonna go through the
    cracked little brick wall and there's a
    ton of enemies here and our objectives
    kind of around and behind us kind of
    above us and instead of going straight
    for it as soon as we come through the
    door hook around to your right hand side
    to notice a broken wall this one's
    another broken wall and inside we can
    find another one up again this is
    optional but highly recommended if you
    are following along these are also
    incredibly useful if you are playing on
    a harder difficulty than normal or if
    maybe you're just less skilled than
    others at the game itself
    anyways follow the objective marker and
    you'll be taught about wall climbing
    basically just double jump into a wall
    and then melee it to latch on and climb
    up here you'll be able to get the yellow
    key card which is necessary for
    progression of the mission you'll be
    attacked by an enemy and you can drop
    down and just go straight through the
    garage door if you want you don't
    actually have to kill these enemies but
    I decided to kill them for now there
    will be a lot of optional fights that I
    do skip along the way throughout this
    walkthrough but for the first mission I
    kind of did 5050 some of them I skipped
    some of them I didn't go through the
    garage door and just navigate your way
    through this part there's really not
    much to it nothing you can miss I'll
    rejoin you with commentary to make sure
    you don't miss the next collectable
    though feel free to practice with that
    heavy cannon those glory kills there's
    chainsaw as well as probably wanting to
    use those sticky bombs on the larger
    enemies from your shotgun
    or the path to a brighter tomorrow

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    as you reach the train station at the
    end of these walkways you should see a
    very obvious mod bought directly in
    front of you it's really hard to miss as
    you're basically required to walk right
    past it and now we'll be able to put our
    first mod on our heavy cannon personally
    I'm a big fan of micro missiles but you
    might prefer the precision bolt go with
    whatever feels right for you as soon as
    you take care of the mod you'll want to
    walk through the train car and unlock
    the frag grenade ability basically on a
    controller you can press the left bumper
    to launch a frag grenade from over your
    left shoulder
    you should also in the bottom right
    corner have a frag grenade icon now and
    this will have to cool down over time so
    you might want to try to use it on
    certain bigger enemies next there is a
    big fight in this room additionally for
    the Cacodemons you can launch a grenade
    directly into their mouth they'll
    actually make a swallowing sound which
    is really important you listen for that
    audio that means that they've swallowed
    the grenade and they should open up for
    a glory kill as soon as it explodes
    which is a pretty useful mechanic that's
    kind of their weak point nonetheless you
    want to take your time going through the
    room and eliminating all of the enemies
    until the door opens
    during this fight I did try to keep
    switching my weapons I didn't realize I
    was out of ammo which is why it kept
    bringing out my chainsaw that was kind
    of an accident I was still learning a
    little bit about certain mechanics too
    you know the finer details about them so
    just kind of ignore me pulling out my
    chainsaw over and over it's actually
    because I didn't have ammo in my
    secondary weapon

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    once this room is complete feel free to
    stock up on any health or any ammo that
    might be lying around and then just
    follow your objective marker for a
    little bit you'll have to hop across a
    gap near a train car you can also turn
    around and get a little bit of extra
    armor before moving on you'll see in the
    video there's also an enemy here that
    sometimes attacks you feel free to take
    them out but in terms of collectibles or
    anything secrets you there's not really
    much to miss here
    as you exit this train car there will be
    a bunch of enemies take care of them in
    whatever way you think is your style and
    at the end of the walkway there will be
    a codex page so make sure you pick it up
    before moving on actually picked it up
    here accidentally as I Meili may late
    and glory killed one of the imps but
    then we will work our way through a
    small hallway there's these little
    tentacle arms that come out and try to
    hit you feel free to shoot them or just
    run past them and then take care of all
    of the enemies in this room there's a
    secret directly above us in this room
    but to get it we'll need to go through
    to the end of the room where there is a
    staircase and a tentacle arm and instead
    of going up the stairs go to the
    opposite side and look up there is a
    small hatch in the roof go through this
    hatch and then melee the vent door in
    order to find a secret area
    this is our first cheat code of the game
    and you'll be able to activate cheat
    codes from the main menu if you desire
    I'm not really a hundred percent sure
    what they do in terms of whether or not
    they will cancel your collectible
    progress and stuff like that
    I'll experiment and report back with
    more info about cheat codes in a later
    mission nonetheless you can now follow
    along you'll jump through an elevator
    and then into a room and there is
    basically just a big battle after
    jumping through this elevator shaft
    before moving on from the next room
    though you want to make sure to grab a
    collectable I'll rejoin you in
    commentary to let you know exactly where
    to find it before we move on also for
    this battle I was a little bit confused
    I had an intention of doing things in a
    different order so the gunplay here is a
    little bit rough to start with but
    hopefully I save it by the end and you
    know grab the extra ammo and health as
    I'm kind of cruising along

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    so now that all of the enemies are taken
    out we'll know that by a small little
    cutscene letting you know that a gate
    has been taken care of and what we need
    to do is basically get on top of the
    elevator we were we came from and then
    there's an elevator right next to it we
    want to get on top of that elevator and
    then drop down into the hole so the
    elevator from the left is where we
    entered with this elevator on the right
    we drop down grab the extra life and
    then we can move on there is some armor
    and ammo and health we can grab before
    we leave this area so that's up to you
    and we'll drop down into a new area with
    a bunch of enemies that I will be taken
    care of you can actually see our next
    collectable off in the distance but it's
    gonna be a while before we're able to
    get it because we kind of have to loop
    around and come back so take care of all
    the enemies again whatever way you feel
    is fun for you
    for me it's lobbing sticky bombs through
    my shotgun and going for those glory
    kills and chainsaws with a good majority
    of the enemies taken care of though you
    can run through this tunnel entrance and
    as you enter the new area just take a
    sharp left-hand turn hooking around and
    you'll notice that there is a floating
    one up here you can double jump and then
    swing across to get back to the area we
    were just in and then basically go back
    through the tunnel and take care of all
    of the enemies in this next area once
    absolutely all of the enemies are
    cleared the portal to the next area will
    open so just keep playing until that
    happens it should only take a couple
    minutes here

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    the con maker is nearby she is inside
    that demonic Citadel so as you come in
    here it's pretty much the end of the
    mission there are a couple of
    collectibles to go through and one or
    two more mechanics that I should
    probably explain but as you enter you
    should see a codex that is behind a gate
    so unfortunately have to go around but
    as you come up the stairs you'll be told
    about the fast travel system which is
    actually a pretty cool and unique idea
    before finishing the level you'll be
    prompted with the ability to fast travel
    to any other area in the mission in
    order to mop up those collectibles you
    might have missed feel free to use that
    but for the purposes of this video we
    probably won't be fast traveling very
    often as the plan is to go through
    everything as it shows up and we're
    playing through the mission we took that
    one codex directly in front of us from
    where we kind of entered and then on the
    right-hand side if you're facing the
    direction we entered from up on the
    ledge you can find your second codex
    make sure you grab both of those before
    interacting with the altar this kind of
    gives you the soft ending of the mission
    but there is a little bit more to go
    through so you can hold X to get a
    little bit of a mission debriefing but
    before our next mission there is a
    little bit of a base area where we can
    upgrade our character and stuff like
    that but you'll get a summary and for
    mission 1 we should have 13 out of 13
    which will be the 3 mod BOTS 6 codex 3
    toys and 1 cheat code there are
    different types of collectibles and
    mission challenges in later missions
    which will also be grabbing so don't
    worry about those but after all of this
    it should load up the fortress of doom
    which is a little bit of like a home
    base here we can look through a bunch of
    stuff get upgrades and whatnot and we'll
    have to do all of that before we can
    start our next mission so there's a
    little bit of a cutscene we can watch
    but as we spawn in in the back right
    corner we can find a new ability called
    fire belch this is activated using Y on
    the controller or triangle on
    PlayStation and this will allow you to
    basically shoot a little bit of fire out
    of a little thing that comes out of your
    top left corner of your screen as the
    enemies on fire they will
    kind of bleed armor and you can pick up
    that armor so this is gonna be a really
    great way for you to grab armor as
    you're playing and we're gonna be using
    this quite a bit as we play through the
    game the idea is you want to light some
    enemies on fire
    before you shoot them and kill them and
    glory kill them so you're building up
    armor and health and everything else you

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    need like ammo after you learn the fire
    belch tutorial we can go through the
    Sentinel crystal this is basically just
    a little bit of a upgrade menu
    you get upgrade points and you get to
    spend them however you want you can read
    through exactly what you want the things
    to keep in mind is that you can upgrade
    each item and it'll either have an
    effect on your health armor or ammo and
    then it'll actually have an effect based
    on what the description of that item is
    I decided to pick one that gave me
    additional health but that also made
    more armor from doing the belch flame so
    this will kind of just let me have more
    health and not worry about dying as
    often then we can press the portal to
    the next level and jump through to start
    mission 2 where I'll have a separate
    video available for those who are
    interested thank you so much for
    watching mission 1 drop a like and I
    hope to see you for the rest of the
    series special thanks to everyone on
    patreon for supporting the show shut it
    to double-o pace

    DOOM Eternal - Mission 1 - 100% Walkthrough - All Secrets, Collectibles, Upgrades & Challenges (Mission 1: Hell on Earth) Play Doom Eternal on Game Pass ...


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    1. I'm using your vids to go through and get all the secrets, I got a few cheats by myself, infinite ammo and all guns and upgrades are unlocked and mastered and a few others, using infinite ammo with the BFG, it's amazing, clears areas so fast with infinite ammo.

    2. Ayyy, I didnt miss anything but came here to check just in case. As always thank you for the videos and screw the people that dont like or sub to you, you got 275K views so they all should like the video because they were helped by you -_-. But at least you got 5K loyal fans 😀

    3. This sound crazy but I can't figure out how to start the game, it seems stuck forcing me to play the DLC Ancient Gods 1. When I click Campaign it forces me to a Steam overlay trying to get me to buy stuff but I already have a season pass…


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