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    SearchThisVideo: DOOM Eternal – Mission 3 – 100% Walkthrough – All Secrets, Collectibles, Upgrades & Challenges

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    Methos guides everyone Macca here and
    welcome to mission three for doom
    eternal as part of the 100% walkthrough
    I was showing you all the collectables
    the secrets and everything else you can
    possibly find on the mission and first
    off mission 3 is the first mission that
    has mission specific challenges you go
    to the main menu here go over the
    challenges and make sure on mission
    challenges I'm going to select all three
    of them to have them pinned up on my
    screen they're pretty easy and I'll be
    showing them available in the mission
    there will be time links available down
    below as well as soon as you start walk
    a little bit forward and look to the
    right hand side in the side room to find
    your first codex entry from here we can
    drop down and hook on to the wall
    turning around over our shoulder to jump
    to the next area there are a couple of
    enemies here we can skip them if we want
    but they kind of get in the way so I'm
    just gonna take them out really quick
    from here what we can do is jump off of
    the kind of rib cage onto the push pad
    that'll push you up and then what you'll
    need to do is dash into the wall and
    grab on
    once you're grabbed on shimmy on to the
    right-hand side nice and high and here
    what we'll need to do is do the double
    jump double dash on to the wall in front
    of us watching out for the little red
    circles those are gonna hurt us now
    instead of going through the door
    directly in front of us hook to the left
    and go through the secret path blasting
    through a ice wall and then jumping up
    on to the hanging head to find a toy I
    believe that is the gargoyle and then we
    can proceed with a little bit of
    progression now as soon as we enter I'm
    gonna go for the mission challenge to
    get four people on fire with one flame
    belch there are like six to ten enemies
    all gathered on a small balcony here so
    go up use that fire belch on them and we
    can you know grab that mission challenge
    out of the way right away there are
    plenty of other opportunities to get it
    later on in the mission but this one is
    super easy as those enemies basically
    don't attack you now kill everyone in
    the area but before leaving there is
    something we'll need to grab so from the
    middle of the area kind of looking back
    towards where we came from just to the
    left of the door we dropped in from you
    can find a small ledge kind of peeking
    out the side of the mountain jump up and
    then bash your way through the vent in
    order to find a maze
    label switch and it'll open up a door to
    a push plate that we can now go to so we
    are gonna go in that direction but not
    quite to the push plate yet jump down to
    the right you'll see a door and then
    look to the right and down following the
    chain you'll notice that there is a
    little bit of an Easter Egg here it's
    called a dope fish and it's a little bit
    of a callback to some of its software's
    other games nonetheless look to the
    right of it you'll see a mind shoot the
    mind it will explode the dope fish bring
    up the chain revealing a 1up then look
    behind you take the little push plate
    and double jump at the height of your
    jump double dash and grab the battery at
    this point go forward to the objective
    marker interact with the switch and
    there will be a large-scale battle here
    you'll take a bunch of enemies on in a
    couple of different waves and once you

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    survive you should be able to kind of
    move on from here I'm going to take a
    short break with commentary though
    let's see if you're strong enough to
    survive distressed
    once you stand on the switch it will
    reveal the man Cuba's for the first time
    its weak points are its two guns feel
    free to use the shotgun launcher on it
    if you want actually didn't really use
    the method here but a good strategy is
    to lure it into the center of the area
    where there are the red stripes on the
    ground and then you can shoot the target
    above your head and a bunch of saws will
    kind of come swinging down and basically
    instant kill any of the enemies
    underneath it I try to use it on this
    enemy right here I believe but it didn't
    end up working just take your time and
    take out all the enemies though
    unfortunately I ended up getting stuck
    in a corner and basically all my life
    fell to the man Cuba so I did lose a
    life but it shouldn't really be too much
    of an issue for us
    once we finish all of the fights at the
    end of the hallway a door will now be
    open with a praetor suit token directly
    in front of us feel free to spend these
    as you acquire them you'll also acquire
    a praetor suit point for every of the
    mission challenges we complete along the
    way once we have about six or seven of
    them built up I will end up spending
    them in my playthrough but if you want
    to do a different play style that's
    totally fine
    shoot the button to open up the doors
    double jump double dash underneath the
    opening in order to get across then
    you'll want to pull out your combat
    shotgun and use your sticky bomb on the
    iraq note Ron this is our second
    available mission challenge there are
    probably like twenty or thirty of these
    enemies in the missions so it's okay if
    you didn't grab it right away we'll have
    plenty of opportunity to get it later
    take care of all of the enemies before
    the little gate opens up for us to move
    on but don't move on from the area until
    you listen to the commentary there is
    something we can miss

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    once all the enemies are taken care of
    you'll get a weapon point which will
    open up a gate before we do that go to
    the right hand side you'll notice a
    button shoot the button double - double
    jump on to the climb of a wall climb to
    the top and then jump up in to the left
    in order to see a platform with a one-up
    grab the 1up and it'll open up a gate
    for us we can jump back - I don't think
    you can actually jump back where we came
    from but you can loop back around from
    where we kind of started and then again
    double - double jump and now we can move
    towards the mission marker so you can
    either take the blue little push pad or
    double jump from the higher platforms in
    the middle here underneath one of these
    meat grinders there is an armor which is
    optional feel free to grab it if you
    think you want it but in order to
    proceed you'll have to swing across
    using the swing bar double - and grab
    the what is it's called the cultist key
    the cultist key will basically open up
    the new areas for us and as you jump
    down you'll have to kill a couple of
    enemies before you just kind of walk
    forward and open up that big door
    now as soon as the door opens you'll be
    introduced to a new enemy type and that
    is the energy shield guys basically you
    can use your plasma rifle to overcharge
    their shields to kill them or if you
    don't want to do that feel free to
    launch grenades behind them freeze them
    light them on fire and etc etc after you
    take them out look down and to the right
    from the platform from where we entered
    you should notice that there is a small
    ledge we can jump on with a swing bar
    nearby swing off the bar and then double
    dash into the side cave to find another
    dopefish here we can melee through to
    find a secret with a 1up inside now we
    can proceed with a little bit of mission
    progress use the push plate in order to
    get back up from where we came from that
    push plates not available until after
    you find the secret by the way go across
    this area will end up coming back here
    so I would recommend leaving the mines
    and then you'll want to jump down and
    climb on the wall jumping to the left
    and then using the push plate to jump up
    and to the left again for a little bit
    of free armor at this point you'll also
    want to switch weapons and get ready for
    jumping off the push plate shooting the
    button and then double dashing through
    the newly opened door all in one swift

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    motion melee through the drain drop down
    and grab yourself a rocket launcher
    you've earned it the rocket launcher is
    pretty good it does a lot of damage
    although I would probably recommend
    saving your ammo for big enemies and it
    is also a lot lot better if you get the
    lock-on mod for it which will grab later
    on in the mission so feel free to use it
    you can kind of it's it's not really
    easy to use especially on very mobile
    enemies but it can be useful to you know
    do a lot of DPS on some of the bigger
    once all the enemies are dead we can now
    swing across and find a newly opened
    room inside of this room we can melee
    the push button double jump across the
    swing bar and then double jump across
    the swing bar at the opposite direction
    to find a climb above wall climb to the
    top turn around look behind you and
    double jump to find a rune here you'll
    want to pick whatever rune you're
    comfortable with I really thought that
    being able to glory kill from further
    away would be more helpful for me so
    that's the one I decided to go with but
    there are a few that should be useful
    depending on your play style just behind
    that rune you can find some hanging
    coffins so you'll want to jump on them
    and here I'm just checking that my rune
    was equipped jump on them and then just
    behind them there is an overcharge or
    super charge and you know you can pick
    that up it's a secret but I don't
    actually think we need it for a hundred
    percent double jump double dash back
    across we are now on the highest floor
    and we can drop down and hit the button
    this will start a big battle I would
    highly recommend that you focus on the
    new enemy type which is like the snake
    enemy and you can also use the explosive
    mines in the area in order to take them
    out a lot more easily here so this is
    the new enemy type for whatever reason I
    didn't get a little clue about you know
    it's information like you normally would
    from a Codex page but it's called a
    whiplash take out all the enemies and
    then you'll be able to stand on the
    plate in order to open the door

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    as soon as the gate opens in front of us
    you'll find some ammo and a mod bot feel
    free to pick whatever mod you want but
    in my opinion the best one out of the
    ones I didn't have was the lock-on burst
    of the rocket launcher you're able to
    lock on to an enemy and shoot three
    rockets at it and for most enemies
    especially the bigger ones this is
    pretty much an instant kill very useful
    for some of the battles that are coming
    up follow along the path and here there
    will be a bunch of enemies at the bottom
    of the ramp we're gonna take them out
    using a little bit of fire to make sure
    we build up our armor and then instead
    of walking forward what we're gonna do
    is jump up into the left through a
    smashable door as we smash through walk
    forward drop down and you'll drop down
    directly on to a praetor Suit point
    there this will be locked by the way if
    you take the other route and end up
    coming up behind it so once you take the
    point the door will open up behind us
    and now we'll have to open up the next
    area to do that you'll need to go to the
    mission objective melee the box double
    jump on top of it then double jump above
    and then there will be I believe two
    smashable chains here so make sure you
    smash both of them in order to open the
    door opening this door will present this
    a very large and quite difficult arena
    battle especially if you're playing on
    those harder difficulties you guys know
    the drill at this point use that fire
    balance use that chainsaw for ammo use
    that ice bombs
    slow down enemies and feel free to use
    your newly acquired rocket launcher I'm
    gonna be being hyper mobile here making
    sure to keep running around getting some
    glory kills and just taking my time
    trying my best to survive there are a
    lot of enemies that will attack you so
    moving around the map and looking behind
    you is a pretty viable strategy to
    defeating them once you kill them all
    you should unlock a weapon point and
    proceed to the next area

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    as you make your way to the next area
    directly in front of us will be a very
    large door don't go through it just yet
    instead look for a kakko demon and take
    it out as your first priority it can
    spawn on either the left or the right
    there isn't really any rhyme or reason
    but from the door look to the left hand
    side and at the end of the hallway it
    will find a sentinel battery make sure
    you pick that up then before going
    through the door go all the way to the
    right-hand side you'll find one of those
    malleable pads melee it to reveal a
    swing bar swing from one bar to the next
    bar and then swing from that bar to a
    climb of a wall and double dash into a
    1up that is floating right above the
    middle of the area to find a secret and
    get that extra life we can now go
    through the door and stand on the little
    pad in order for it to take us
    automatically to like a central area
    here this will call this thing an
    elevator but it kind of is like more
    like a train car than anything well go
    to this kind of somewhat story element
    you notice a bunch of enemies lined up
    feel free to take out all of these
    enemies you can get your ammo back and
    some health back by doing stuff on them
    and after you take out all of them
    you'll also get a super charge that will
    spawn right in the middle of the area
    which can be helpful if you need some
    health and armor just keep following the
    mission markers for the next couple of
    minutes until you get a small cutscene
    showing you the super shotgun

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    your super shotgun is nearby a relic
    from your past the priests have kept it
    hidden from you in this remote location
    at this point you can drop down to start
    a fight you'll also be introduced into a
    new enemy type called cueball which is a
    person that has a lit tank of fire on
    their back and basically you can shoot
    them into the direction of another enemy
    and they will smash into them and blow
    up now there's only one thing I should
    say and that is a short apology I
    accidentally turned off my HUD for the
    next minute or two and you won't see any
    of my health or my ammo or my abilities
    on screen I actually thought this was
    part of the mission before I realized
    that I had done it in order to get a
    really good thumbnail for the video and
    as a result I ended up losing two lives
    while playing because I didn't realize
    that I was dying because I had no help
    you hopefully won't have as much trouble
    with this fight as me but once you kill
    and clear all of the enemies you should
    be able to get back up to the above area
    so now that the platform is taking us
    back up only one of the four doors will
    open up and it kind of leads us to a
    little bit of like an icy area so go
    through the icy area door it's actually
    the one that I can't see on my screen

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    right now if we look to the left as we
    enter through the door you'll find your
    auto map so this one's completely
    optional like in all of our videos but I
    like to grab them just so you guys can
    have a nice and beautiful map in your
    PHA screen at this point I'll bring my
    hood back up so I'll have a hood on
    screen for the rest of the video sorry
    about that
    things happen nonetheless you can jump
    down follow this little platforming
    section which I don't think the
    platforming sections are the best part
    of doom eternal but we got to do them
    and then jump up up and behind us
    interacting with the skull to open up
    all of the doors in front of us and
    there will be a crystal in front of us
    for our crystal upgrade there's actually
    a optional mission challenge as well for
    picking this up I'm gonna go with the
    Napalm belch additional health probably
    not a great idea I could really use more
    ammo I would probably recommend you have
    at least one ammo upgrade at this point
    ammo is very useful now one of the four
    doors next to this crystal is the gore
    nest and will interact with that Gore
    nest this one's actually pretty hard we
    get about 20 seconds to take out a bunch
    of enemies the key to this one is making
    sure to use the cueball explosive
    enemies and making sure that you launch
    them into the other enemies as this will
    basically make those enemies die right
    away and make the fight a lot easier
    there will be a revenant which we can
    take out with the cueball as well as a
    kakko demon and a couple of shield
    enemies hopefully you're able to succeed
    at it it might take you a couple of
    tries but once you complete it you'll
    get one of those weapon mission weapon
    points in the top right of the screen
    then we can go through that last door
    that we haven't been through you'll see
    these two moving parts on the left and
    the right go into the left one and then
    let yourself get lowered and then follow
    the path there's a kakko demon here
    we'll take it out now the mission marker
    will tell us to go all the way up but
    what we want to do is go across this
    area and drop down here to find a Prater
    suit point at this point I'm gonna look
    through my menu and actually use some of
    my upgrades as I have acquired about
    seven of them and they're just sitting
    around now the two that al buy are one
    of them is an ice bomb and it's for
    basically getting extra health from
    enemies who are damaged while in ice I
    found this one to be pretty useful to
    get health in harder sections
    additionally under environment I will
    grab the one that drops extra ammo when
    we blow up barrels as I found that ammo
    can be a little bit hard to come by
    later on in the game once we come out of
    this menu or don't however you plan on
    playing the game jump back up onto the
    ledge we came from jump to the mission
    marker melee the small pad to open up
    the swing Applegate shoot the button to
    open up the door double jump double dash
    across to the climb above wall and then
    jump behind us and to the left through
    the armor up top which will bring us to
    level above us as we come out a bunch of

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    enemies will attack us we should make
    quick work of the revenants using a
    rocket launcher or whatever meant that
    you want
    after clearing out the area we'll go to
    the side opposite from where we came go
    inside of the little elevator and wait
    for it to bring you up you don't have to
    go up if you don't want to but there is
    definitely something you'll want if
    you're going for a hundred percent drop
    down and grab that battery then the door
    will open and reveal where we can head
    back to where we came from in order to
    proceed with mission progress so jump
    back and then go to the newly opened
    door up top here make sure you recharge
    that double - if you did use it there is
    a jumping section here so make sure
    you're careful and you'll have to double
    - quite a few times it does take a
    little bit of time for that double dash
    to recharge so watch out now this next
    section is interesting it could have
    been really cool I kind of didn't like
    it personally but you can melee this
    altar and you get to basically possess a
    cyberdemon there's a small little battle
    section where you play as the revenant
    and you just have to kill everything
    once you kill everything you will be
    able to grab the super shotgun and then
    bring it back from where we came
    so I'll rejoin you with commentary once
    that happens all the controls for this
    are on the left hand side of the screen
    and the jetpack does have a recharge
    feel free to watch the cutscene but
    afterwards you will get the super
    shotgun now that's a lot of damage this

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    weapons pretty cool you'll be spending a
    lot of time reloading it but it does a
    massive amount of damage as I said so
    you'll be able to use it on enemies if
    you want a one hit them from pretty far
    away or if you know you're not really
    dealing with the big dudes because the
    big dudes do require a reload this gun
    isn't too efficient on them but you'll
    enter a room and there are like eight
    little crates that line the outside of
    the room inside each crate there is a
    battle that you'll need to just
    basically or clear all the crates some
    of them are really really easy some of
    them are quite difficult you can do them
    in any order you want
    there is a wanderer which I actually
    killed kind of by accident if you keep
    him alive you can open up this next
    crate and then shoot him into these two
    enemies to basically take them out right
    away also on the super shotgun there's
    an ability where I think you can select
    the left trigger and you can like chain
    yourself towards an enemy which is
    really cool
    once you mop up everything in the room
    do not jump down the hole will quickly
    grab a collectible before we do that
    after I miss like seven shots in a row
    definitely on purpose but use the swing
    bar to jump above the hole we're
    supposed to drop down into I also make
    sure you grab a bunch of armor and ammo
    before leaving we might need it later
    this secret is for a cheat code that
    enables Sentinel armor will be able to
    access that in a later episode if we
    want we will then drop down the hole
    into the mission marker there will be a
    ton of enemies in front of us you might
    want to try to use your fire belt here
    if you didn't do the challenge earlier
    or you might want to try to build up

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    your ammo or your armor while working on
    these enemies about halfway through this
    room after taking out all of these
    enemies there is a secret little vent to
    the right-hand side of the screen so
    what we're gonna do is we're gonna punch
    our way through that vent once we take
    out a bunch of these enemies watching
    out for the sawblades as well so take
    out those enemies go through that vent
    and you'll find a secret
    I don't remember what's inside let's
    find out what's inside together as I do
    the commentary after I film the video
    portion so once you're inside grab the
    secret and it's a toy very cool now
    directly across from you enemies will
    spawn right after you pick up the toy if
    I want to take them out so they don't
    know so that they don't kill you push on
    through the room in order to make your
    way to the end at the end of the room
    you can pick up health and armor before
    after reaching this room you'll want to
    look down and you'll be able to jump and
    dash underneath a gate to a climb above
    wall and then you'll be able to use some
    swing bars in order to get to the end
    this is part of the mission progress at
    the end you'll need to dash into a wall
    and then climb up and press a button to
    open the door as well as enable the man
    cannons jump up to the top middle look
    to the left-hand side to find a praetor
    suit point make sure you grab it feel
    free to use it if you want to spend it
    and then we'll jump back across in the
    other direction make sure you let your
    dash regenerate and get across you'll
    need to shoot a button and climb a bunch
    of walls just to make some progress here
    once you land at the top go inside of
    this ice cave and then look to the
    right-hand side to find an optional side
    room do not blow up the mines in the
    middle they can help you instead bust
    through the wall to find a secret
    encounter Gor Nest this one's very
    difficult I would highly recommend
    getting your rocket launcher ready with
    lock-on once the enemies spawn you want
    to focus on the two whiplashes
    as well as the man Kubis you don't have
    a lot of time here only about 25 seconds
    and these enemies are difficult make
    sure you use whatever in your arsenal
    you want to use use your chainsaw use
    your ice bomb use your Belcher whatever
    you need to make it out alive and make
    it out before the time is over
    if you do fail multiple times it might
    be easier for you to just load your

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    checkpoint from the menu so that you can
    bring more life and ammo into this fight
    instead of having to start the fight at
    a disadvantage go back to the meat
    grinders push the button double dash
    across climb to the top turn around and
    you'll see a one-up grab it before you
    move on in this next room there are a
    bunch of tentacles and a bunch of
    enemies we're just going to take our
    time taking them out and hopefully not
    once everyone's taken out from where we
    entered the area look into the room and
    in the far left corner you'll notice a
    push plate that kind of shoves stuff up
    against the roof and you want to wait
    for it to come down and then jump on top
    of it and go to the left follow along to
    find a secret album you'll want to make
    sure to pick this up these are all
    mandatory if you want to get all those
    collectible related achievements and
    exploration then what we can do is go to
    kind of the center of the room and again
    go on top of the push plate to find a
    supercharged above us this one is
    optional but does help I would probably
    recommend you just grab it while you're
    here then go back to the first push
    plate and instead of going to the left
    to find that album go to the right to go
    around and connect to the other room
    watch out for the tentacle melee through
    the green wall and then stand on the
    green square and then shoot the green
    button you'll be lifted up to the next
    area where there is a fight I would
    highly suggest you use the cue balls
    effectively here to make this fight
    really easy
    once all the enemies are taken out do
    not press the button yet there is a
    collectible to grab so turn around and
    hop up on this ledge where there might
    be a large health pack if you haven't
    already used it look down and you'll see
    an ice cave with a small entrance jump
    down and dash inside to find a dope fish
    this is a secret but make sure you also
    press this button on the side here in
    order to get the 1up which basically
    comes from the dope fish it's inside of
    take the push pad or the man cannon up
    and what we'll need to do to open this
    door in front of us is drop down into
    the hole stand on the green square shoot
    the button and then very quickly from

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    here run to the melee a bowl switch and
    melee it to connect the laser that opens
    up the door once the door opens up
    you'll get a battle happening in front
    of you just take care of all of the
    enemies in whatever strategy you prefer
    we will break you
    after the battle the door in front of us
    opens up feel free to use your sticky
    bomb on the weak point of the Iraq no
    Tron if you haven't already done that I
    assume you have but just in case you
    haven't you might want to grab that and
    get that out of the way and then go into
    the room before solving all of the stuff
    in the room we have a slayer key slayer
    gate and Imperia Imperial key to grab so
    jump down into the right to find a
    grabbable wall from behind the giant
    cross in the middle of the room here you
    can find a swing bar and then find a
    wall that we can climb then we'll have
    to turn around and do a triple or
    quadruple - - another climb of a wall
    once we get to the top just turn around
    look behind you and jump on that ledge
    jump from the ledge to the swing bar and
    from the swing bar to the Slayer Gate
    key once you grab it the door in front
    of you will open and across from where
    the giant crosses in the middle of the
    room you can find that slayer gate as
    with the first Slayer gate in the last
    mission this is a long big and somewhat
    difficult battle actually found this
    battle easier than some of the other
    ones we did in the level but you just
    have to survive all the way through if
    you want to focus on the big baddies you
    want to make sure you stay alive with
    you know using your glory kills and your
    chainsaw use your belches and your ice
    bombs and your frags in whatever way you
    think is useful to you and I would
    highly recommend using the rocket
    launcher lock-on for some of the bigger
    badder enemies but after about three or
    four minutes you should be done if you
    do die or you know aren't able to
    successfully do it just keep retrying
    until you're successful on the harder
    difficulties these are really hard

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    after killing everything in the Slayer
    gate you'll receive your three weapon
    points in the top right corner for the
    purple area we're now at nine out of ten
    there's kind of one more major fight
    left try to grab as much ammo and stuff
    before you leave if you want but after
    that the gore Ness should explode and
    reveal on Empyrean key again we need six
    of these keys in order to unlock a
    secret weapon later in the game now in
    order to be able to exit out of this
    room go behind the big cross and use the
    swing bar to go up into the left using
    the climb above wall once you're at the
    top turn around and then double jump
    double dash across to get to the other
    climb of a wall then get to the top and
    again turn around and land on ledge from
    the ledge drop down you'll see a giant
    block that we can melee to push and we
    will do that mailing this block will
    cause a counterweight to slam into the
    ground and like open it up and then we
    can jump into the pad or the man cannon
    and then double jump double dash into

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    the chest of the cross and do a melee to
    bring it all down this will generate a
    ramp for us that we're now able to use
    to exit the area just follow the main
    mission objective markers for a little
    bit I'll rejoin you with commentary once
    we have something we can miss
    I do not fear you this match is not what
    comforts me
    at the end of the platform ride do not
    go forward instead go to the right hand
    side and at the end of the hall find a
    praetor suit point make sure you grab
    this one and as always feel free to
    spend it if you want then what we can do
    is just pick up any ammo armor that we
    might need before our final fight and
    there is a fight coming up here that the
    ground will break beneath us if you go
    to the left hand side there is a cave
    that you can melee into that has the
    haste ability it basically just lets you
    move really quickly for about 10 seconds
    or so it's completely optional but I
    ended up actually picking it up after my
    fight I'll show you exactly where it is
    if you just want to grab it for fun but
    otherwise we're basically just fighting
    until the mission is over I'll will
    rejoin you though with a little bit of
    commentary right after we kill all the

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    I will lock in signal now
    after all the enemies are dead feel free
    to walk around pick up some ammo and
    some armor for the next level and before
    exiting we can also look inside of this
    door which was the secret that I
    mentioned it's the it's the haste it
    just lets you move around really quickly
    but is optional nonetheless we can get
    on to the elevator then on to the train
    car interact with it and this will end
    mission three
    there is no fortress of doom you will be
    shot straight into mission four right
    after we should get all ten out of our
    combat all three of our challenges and
    all seventeen of our exploration feel
    free to look through all your tabs to
    make sure everything was at a hundred
    percent and then we can move on to the
    next level and hopefully I'll see you
    with my next video thank you for
    watching along and thank you for your
    patience as I upload these videos
    special thanks to everyone on patreon
    for supporting the show
    shred it to double-o pace

    DOOM Eternal - Mission 3 - 100% Walkthrough - All Secrets, Collectibles, Upgrades & Challenges (Mission 3: Cultist Base) Play Doom Eternal on Game Pass ...


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    1. I have this glitch where I restart a mission and I lost alot of my progress through the collectibles through the time of the mission and I went to redo redo this one and the key was gone when I did the first one and the key was there but this one wasn't what's up with that

    2. So I’m on my second Playthru and there’s something wrong through this area right before you have to jump through that certain wall after shooting the target and the combat is not unlocking all of the enemies and therefore not giving me my weapon point or triggering the gate open what the fuck?

    3. The combat is fun, no doubt. What I find a huge nuisance in this game (and somewhat of a design flaw) is how hard it can sometimes be to figure out where to go. I will sometimes try for a few mins and can't find where to go. Then I have to watch the walkthrough to figure out how to do a puzzle, or that if I looked over some random ledge and jumped a very specific way, I could find some climbable wall. To me it takes some of the fun out of the game when I have to look at a walkthrough every so often to figure out where to go to progress to get to the next combat area. Still a fantastic game. But that bit does get annoying..

    4. Fell into the hole at 29:33 after trying to get the collectible on top. I jumped and then failed and now I can't get up again the same way. Do I have to do the whole mission over from scratch again?

    5. I spent about 20 minutes looking all over the place for how to get past the area at 23:40. Was driving me insane. The platforming in this game is really annoying, especially with the swinging bars.

    6. to anyone watching this now, i would recommend playing through the whole game first, then going back and getting everything, especially if you have cheat codes. i managed to find the infinite overdrive cheat codeand the infinite onslaught and they made doing this so much more fun


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