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    SearchThisVideo: DOOM ETERNAL THE ANCIENT GODS Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (DLC)

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    so one of my favorite games of this year
    was doom eternal and they just dropped
    the new
    the ancient gods part one dlc so
    about to jump into this if you uh i
    guess if you're excited for this just to
    show that like button i don't know if
    this will be a
    long type of thing or what but i just
    wanted to try it out so
    anyways you guys are amazing best one
    that's ever you know likes you drop on
    this is greatly appreciated
    if we like 10 or 15 000 likes i'll
    probably do the full thing pretty
    and i mean like long videos and
    everything so just let me know alright
    guys let's get this
    i knew it was here sir weather's
    disrupting the signal but we'll be able
    to teleport him onto the rig's main deck
    dr hayden ready to launch the package
    whenever you're ready
    we cannot regain control of urdak
    without the seraphim's help
    you broke the seal when you awaken the
    icon of sin in their world
    the balance between their two dimensions
    has been broken with the demons now in
    control of erdark
    portal ready in three two
    the death of the con maker was a
    necessary step in
    saving earth from the demons but
    it came at a price
    all right we are back in this all right

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    here we go we got the uh
    bfg9000 we got all the same weapons it
    looks like we got the hook
    shotgun still let's check out the map
    really quick we got
    what seems like it's going to be a long
    level we got the bonus life right there
    um everything works good it looks like
    all right you guys have to forgive me if
    i'm a little bad as far as the uh
    aiming and the sensitivity and
    everything it's it's been a long time
    since i played doom eternal
    like basically when i stopped the series
    that was it you know
    gotta remember that the glory kills you
    know you gotta get the ammo this guy is
    supposed to
    take out the top there we go
    yeah this game is so fast versus like
    everything else i'm playing right now
    it's honestly insane
    like i'm playing on ps4 as well so it's
    not like this feels like i'm playing a
    pc game almost
    uh let's get the super shotgun in
    for a second
    a little bit rusty we're in there though
    we're good
    all right we got everything else we need
    we need ammo we'll just break out the
    chainsaw you know
    how you doing how you doing
    no all the shields these guys
    forgot those things explode if you get
    next to them
    you know i thought i did it
    i literally thought i did that
    so get some of this extra health over
    here the armor
    and we can get this
    health there we're good
    i don't see any armor anywhere so i
    think we'll just have to pass on that
    for now
    um i'm attempting to use the bfg just
    for all time sake
    oh wait you know what

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00
    um i like the shield for this thing it's
    so nice
    oh we got a blue key card all right
    i forgot all about some of this stuff
    it's been so long
    these guys are so annoying
    they put up a shield too so i couldn't
    leave the area until i actually took
    care of them
    where's the armor at well trying to go
    up here hold on
    it's one of those games i just kind of
    when i'm playing i get in the zone
    i don't have my melee that thing
    actually instantly takes them down i'm
    pretty sure
    oh my god i'm gonna die let's just take
    it easy
    uh let's not panic
    oh my god
    this ain't good guys
    no another guy
    supposed to get the glory killed here
    yo i'm getting juggled right now hold on
    these all three of these things i can't
    do anything
    there we go give me some breathing room
    good gracious
    missing my shots
    yo that thing took out both of them
    you know what

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    all right good gracious that was uh that
    was a little uh
    nice welcome back to doom eternal bread
    oh almost fell off
    all right let's look around really quick
    all right so we got the blue key card
    which is you know what we did looks like
    we're going through
    this area every time i see this
    this game's map i always think about
    jedi fallen order
    you know it's just uh oh wait there's a
    thing back here
    how convenient
    do i need any of that no i don't
    so let's go left side i think
    all right let's go ahead and see what
    this is i'm gonna let you guys read it
    i'm gonna pause the screen hold on
    i had it here we go all right uh yeah
    i'm just gonna scroll through you guys
    pause it as you
    need to here's what i wind up doing i
    always read these when i'm editing the
    videos so i kind of like by the time the
    next part is dropping
    i've got caught up you know same moment
    he brought
    fourth okay
    hmm interesting
    all right saying going up top someone to
    get above let's go
    why don't i didn't see a way to get any
    further though
    it's even above us here so this is
    what is this
    i'm so confused what this thing is
    all right you know what
    oh that was so scary when they all
    started popping up i don't know what
    kind of enemy that actually was
    all right here we go
    have my hands shaking
    see if i can i make this from the
    parking lot

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    that's too far hold on
    oh i got it whatever let's go
    oh my oh oh my goodness oh wait i'm
    i don't know what i can't remember what
    happens if you fall off the edge
    my my assumption was i was dead you know
    like trying to time that right didn't
    really work
    um let's go
    that thing absolutely melts
    all right weak point turret
    yeah this is new i'm guessing because i
    don't remember
    precision here here we go
    it's like a eyeball it's kind of funny
    man really there we go
    oh oh my god
    thing looks like the terminator bro
    hold on i'm hitting the weak points on
    these guys
    there we go i guess you just have to
    keep hitting it
    the only thing you think of
    there we go not my best performance but
    i'll take
    other stuff happening everywhere
    i love doing that it's such an overkill
    type thing on these guys but
    you know what whatever let's go

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    gotta keep moving i think i do i have to
    use precision
    i'm gonna die
    i am so in the zone i forgot i was
    picking a video
    i'm trying to like do too much at once i
    need to just like focus only thing is
    they just keep coming
    there's no this thing should pop and get
    them all right yep there we go
    all right we're getting my bearings back
    we're good
    so far so good
    that's not good
    why does it keep going away every time i
    get near
    yeah i'm gonna die there's too much
    going on super shocking brad
    all these enemies again i forgot all
    about this
    i'm not looking forward to fighting the
    uh the marauder oh my god i forgot all
    about that thing

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    damn i'm so bad with this thing
    actually hold on what's up here
    oh let's get it
    oh my god onslaught let's get it
    i guess you don't have to get a
    precision shot with them
    it's recommended about it
    one thing i like about this is it
    doesn't waste any time with the tutorial
    it's like you know what you've done this
    before let's just throw it at you
    getting burned alive watch out for the
    fire brad we got this
    that's not everybody okay we're good got
    one more person
    maybe one more
    oh we got
    all right we got a checkpoint thank god
    gotta go around it looks like unless we
    gotta hop
    into the top i don't know um
    let's look at the map hold on we got the
    bonus life above us
    um we need a key card or something
    is the flame still happening
    some health here let's see okay we got
    that you should be
    humbled by this mission so few have had
    the honor to stand in the seraphim's
    thought i was gonna find a secret room
    back there for a minute that's just the
    way you're supposed to go
    don't want to go for the bonus life
    though part of me does part of me
    doesn't really care
    that much the thing is i was up there
    oh yeah here we go more enemies here we
    go here we go
    nice yo that was so sick i i missed
    and was able to recover right there

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    hold the floor watch out watch out watch
    like what am i shooting at i tell i
    think my sister is just a little too
    i'm getting toasted right now
    um let's go with the shield for a little
    there we go
    give this more ammo really quick please
    and thank you
    best way to travel oh nice
    i feel like i almost wanted to try this
    on pc a little bit
    because i've been playing on mouse and
    keyboard a lot i feel like i would
    actually be able to handle it
    you know
    but you never know
    nice that was so sick
    double let's get it oh no
    i saw an explosion right there i could
    have taken advantage of
    i need to chainsaw something
    just ammo thank you

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    oh that was a clean kill i kept i was
    kind of aggressive right there i like it
    you gotta just keep keep with the glory
    kills man
    i feel like this is one of those games
    that the longer you play it the better
    you get
    that's not good wrong weapon brad
    uh man i'm like leveling everything
    right now
    i wonder if they if they go in that will
    they get hurt
    all right we're good we're almost burned
    alive right there but we're all so good
    for that too
    should i should i go for the bonus life
    i know it's back here somewhere
    hold on
    there we go all right so from my heart
    of my guessing i think
    let's see i think it's the same way it's
    hopping up there necessarily it actually
    it might be
    it might be hold on
    it's like you go left right here
    oh i'm guessing when you hop down out of
    here you go you dash forward
    or is it a button there it is
    okay we got a nice extra life not sure
    why i even need that but
    i'll take it i'm pretty sure if i
    die i don't know how many continues you
    been too long

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    all right let's see what happens here
    obviously we don't want to stand on this
    gotta be kidding me these guys again the
    oh that's right you hit him
    that's right i remember this if you're
    too far away
    they'll throw it at you
    i think i can do this
    i'm gonna die
    i hate if you're too close they do that
    i missed it
    that's my phone that's my old fault
    right there i'm dead
    yep extra life
    i love it
    all right i don't feel bad one bit for
    that extra life on the marauder uh that
    was a nightmare to fight originally
    what how long this is this is part one
    they get some help back right here maybe
    you know just a little bit topping off
    we're good now um
    the barrel explode i don't think so oh
    these things again hold on
    yeah it's like the sensitivities it's a
    little too much
    if i just wait they're gonna pop back up
    come on we're good yeah i think that's
    probably the better thing
    i'm not good at being able to move
    around like that
    while shooting a precision type weapon

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    you know all right let's see what we got
    what is this over here
    i'm sure i can make it but
    come on there we go what
    i'm i'd much rather do it that that
    initial way
    actually this might be my chance to
    knock that armor off
    power demon that is definitely a new
    thing unless that was in another
    difficulty i didn't know about
    oh it gives you a lot of extra stuff i'm
    we got a new codex hold on let's see
    what it says let's first look at the
    which doesn't really tell me much view
    if you guys need to read it feel free to
    pause it we're good
    all right so this first level has been a
    oh wait that's going back hold on
    that's that uh challenge thing
    that's what i'm wondering
    should i i mean should i go back and try
    it i'm guessing is it oh it's right down
    okay i mean i i feel like i should
    you know
    oh my god
    all right these things are normally like
    chaotic from the from the jump so here
    we go
    get like 20 or 30 seconds you gotta go
    this is why fast glory kills probably
    that was fast yo check it out
    in dust industrial espionage okay s
    getting back across is going to be an
    issue buster's like an elevator
    i don't think we getting back up there
    there we go
    this part stresses me out because you
    have to like
    you have to go so fast

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    are we good let's punch this and get out
    of here
    really appreciate 80. drop on this i
    don't know how much more this level we
    have left it looks like we got a lot
    god judging by this i wouldn't be
    surprised if this entire dlc is one
    that is a lot
    we going back yes we are
    nice definitely chaotic
    all right
    uh well that's gonna be fun
    wait surprisingly i got that first try
    that usually does not happen around
    these parts
    i can't touch the floor but you can i
    got you
    we'll do a glory kill but i'll probably
    die before the kill actually finishes
    oh how you doing
    stop moving
    oh my god these guys are putting up
    shields everywhere
    i'm getting juggled that's not good
    okay that's like wait a minute what's
    going on here
    all these things uh well about that
    this is going to be creating fire
    enemies and
    making them like foreign
    what this dude's still alive he's gonna
    make more
    you've got to be kidding
    thank you yo i thought he was about to
    create more and oh my god
    i'm going to grab whatever i can over
    here really quick

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    i didn't see any secrets here but i want
    to kind of check out that
    other area
    wait can i get that
    i need like a lift almost
    you could probably
    there we go secret found
    oh yeah getting out of here hold on
    really like this a lot man i i'm
    surprised so i i figured they were
    working on a good dlc since it's been
    taking a while but like
    i didn't know it's gonna be this good
    and also this like
    assuming we know how to play the game
    type experience you know
    can i make this i don't feel like i can
    uh yeah we're just gonna
    is there something
    hold on what
    all right guys i was lost in this for a
    minute but i did not look up here
    there is a uh nice little air burst we
    got going on
    so the thing is you have to
    how does this last for though oh dear
    i missed it oh
    don't almost had it with the first try
    let's try to get yo what
    i just summoned an empowered revenant oh
    my goodness well
    let's keep it steady keep it steady
    nice alert down there that's not good
    oh god
    well that was uh rather convenient
    i don't quite know what empowered means
    i'm guessing this is like another word
    for uh
    extremely powerful or tanky
    are you kidding flung myself off
    love it
    all right so so far this has been a
    really good dlc
    it's almost just like they took they
    said hey here's what people like about
    the base game

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    let's just make more of that except
    let's just make it to where
    uh people should already know how to
    play the game unlike me who just forgot
    everything i guess
    i can't believe how much i've struggled
    you know i've got to get up top
    let's see this is obviously a dead end
    so let's go back this way
    soundtrack is on point too
    over here my dogs bark we got the book
    hold on
    all right let's view the image and that
    is really cool
    i love the artwork like the concept art
    in this game
    really awesome you content
    if you guys in a real you know you
    already know what to do go ahead and
    read it and pause it all you got
    all right now we are we're cruising
    all right we've got all the way over
    nothing else back over here so i mean
    climb that's the other side of that
    hmm oh oh i'm good
    that's funny so i don't i'm torn right
    now because
    there's so much in this game i don't
    look we got to get above us we got to
    get above us so
    there's got to be something along the
    sides and hold on
    i see some pipes over there
    don't hold me to it but i have a theory
    there's pipes right here too
    what oh no
    that's obviously not the right way to go
    but it's all good
    we got this which will swing to
    something up okay looks like we're gonna
    do that all right
    all right use this
    climb up there to get to the other side
    i like a good puzzle you know i know
    this seemed like a dead end for some
    reason like what's going on here
    trying to see if there's anything else i
    can shoot to like shoot me up or
    will this work
    then you go back across is the one above
    or is it just in general the uh
    there we go easy peasy
    yo i'm gonna be honest i don't know like
    the next gen's coming out soon as far as
    consoles go
    but my ps4 sounds like it's about to
    explode right now i don't know how it's
    still like
    not just biting the dust

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    nice i was surrounded by this stuff so
    hold on let me just uh
    one more time i got it
    it's like the slowest i've done anything
    in this game
    come on
    one more time
    are we good
    i think this is about be brutal
    whatever's about to happen here
    uh portal
    no i should have done that
    oh my god time to move
    god it only took like 50 of those i'm
    i really need that stuff but
    not all that's oh no way
    the save are you kidding i'm gonna die
    all because of that i'm dead yo that was
    oh my he put up his shield right next to
    him are you kidding me
    and i it just lasted a little bit longer
    that's the thing where i feel like
    hold on i'm gonna do something really
    quick because this is why
    these runes
    i don't need the speed boost all right
    forget the speed boost
    we're going with this one there we go
    the longer you stay in that state i
    would have gotten that
    if i'd save one of the bfg shots this
    would've been perfect
    this is what i'm talking about look at
    i almost same thing happened again just
    all right all right

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    yeah i'm just so hurt right now this is
    honestly nuts
    we gotta find some health like pronto
    all right
    i'll take a little bit there nice nice
    yo that shot in the back right there did
    a lot of damage
    all right these guys the shields have
    got to go
    you and then
    oh god
    hey you just chill out for a second
    slowly but surely
    finally i bet that's not even the last
    of it
    yeah there's more
    our old friends
    oh the big guy
    oh hold on let's just use this for a
    no target what do you mean he's right
    oh these guys i'm gonna shoot the uh the
    i'm stuck on the wall brad come on not
    good not good
    only problem is right now i'm low on
    like everything
    but i have to
    missiles incoming
    i need something here please not like
    what am i doing
    that hurts so much uh
    triple grenade or triple rocket launcher

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    i'm supposed to shoot the thing on
    bottom but i wish you could lock on to
    the bottom
    i'm gonna die again this is just rather
    i need something please
    all right
    molly chance here i feel like
    the shell just randomly goes away
    i need to be using the glory kill a
    little bit more here i think
    all right nice that hard part's over
    with i hope
    all right nice that was uh
    not my best performance but i'll take
    is close it mark it on your hud
    we got part four here we go view image
    why does it always back out hold on
    closed entry view content here we go
    uh all right we got two things we got
    well we got one thing actually it's in
    i don't like the way this looks
    oh my god what's about to come to
    all right
    oh my god
    i can't do anything tight corridors

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    i'm yo what what are you suppose like
    there's no way to run from the
    dog or whatever like it's like just
    we got this i gotta take down the
    marauder quick
    and by quick i mean like immediately
    all right let me mentally prepare myself
    for this um
    oh that locks we're good
    you can only do one time there
    all right just have to play cool you
    know take our time with it
    that wasn't too bad
    i say that now but i was worried
    warning the seraphin's chamber key has
    been removed
    the slayer has the key this facility
    will self-destruct
    in five four three
    two one goodbye
    the seraphim is the key to the human
    that's kind of crazy that it's all one
    level so far
    kind of making this one long videos hope
    you guys are enjoying yourself
    i'm over here on the struggle bus
    oh boy uh look around this room for a
    secret potentially or just go for it
    reset the double dash here we go

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    what is this over oh my
    doesn't last long gotta hurry
    i didn't think i was gonna actually
    reach there
    that gun's kind of underrated so this
    brings me up
    i haven't seen a slayer gate yet this
    kind of feels like one almost
    even though it's obviously not
    that's a back pedal let's see
    no it's sufficient man torch one of
    all right hold on hold on let's just
    take a step back
    i'm going back through here it's good
    that does so much damage
    uh let's see let me get
    climb up a little bit
    oh these guys
    gotta just keep our heart rate down and
    our aim
    uh tight i guess here we go
    that's not a good spot to do it brad get
    out of there
    that thing is i mean it's so strong

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    what just happened oh no my game crashed
    are you kidding
    i'm not sure what the last thing you saw
    was my game actually just
    randomly crashed i don't know it hasn't
    i don't i felt like my ps4 was gonna
    just so i don't blame it for doing this
    i needed a break it said you know what
    i'm about to give out
    i'ma be honest this just it almost feels
    like doomy turtle never stopped
    you know but i would not recommend this
    as a starter
    if you haven't played the original
    campaign because
    this is honestly brutal
    incident everything well that's the oh i
    thought it was gonna be infinite
    everything like
    that's not good let's grab these
    yo if you're standing next to those
    shells when they pop it does
    so much damage to you
    yo i'm getting cooked
    he's stuck nice
    i oh i still had to do that gave you so
    much more time let's go
    uh we got a little situation here
    there you go
    probably shouldn't use this against that
    i'm gonna die again
    this is the end boys
    yo i'm like on the verge of death so
    much right now
    god that's so much i'm already getting
    shot when i come to the portal that's
    not good

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    yo there's two of those things all right
    let's uh
    end this
    i need a glory kill or something
    oh i that was my chance and it's not
    over yet guys
    oh my god
    yo i'm out of energy let's get some of
    that really quick
    yeah it's it's crazy because as i'm
    playing this i'm just like
    so caught up in the uh in the game
    it's it's tough to like really uh keep
    track of everything that's happening
    that was my chance right there too
    that look at that block oh my goodness
    um let's get some help from the shotgun
    which we're out now so that's not good
    okay about the shield guys you can't do
    much as far as
    there's another big guy how's that good

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    i don't know what to do i don't know
    what to do
    this is honestly like when you're in the
    zone in this game i need to use my
    chainsaw hold on
    don't know what to do here guys a little
    bit nervous
    yeah i can't really focus on that guy
    here those shields are like super
    annoying you have to almost like play
    around everything
    what is this i have no idea what that is
    but it looks like something useful
    all right
    the adrenaline that's what this game is
    all about
    i know we're not done yet hold on
    i'm expecting like three marauders to
    come around the corner any minute now
    checkpoint let's get it
    all right i can breathe kind of

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00
    in fact if there's already all these
    things again power demon hold on
    hold on now let's talk about this
    all right buddy
    i think you get a lot from that normally
    wait for it
    i don't think we're good
    what let's do here hold on we got two oh
    we got the uh
    what's it called a slayer gate right
    should i go check it out part of me
    doesn't want to
    but we're gonna do it baby
    intense encounters oh wait do i have the
    i don't think i have the thing yet yeah
    you have to actually get the
    yeah okay we're not we're not there yet
    oh it's nice we're just in this small
    cramped space and uh
    not a whole lot i can do
    actually curious of the difference
    between when i first started playing
    this dlc and now
    i'm getting my uh skills are slowly
    coming back to me
    there's not much there let's it's coming
    all right so we got that and it looks
    like the key
    is behind this so how do we get the key
    hold on
    there's something out this way and we
    gotta hop up
    let's see oh i see some poles right
    there yeah
    something to do with like hopping over
    can i use this
    all right we got it nice
    i don't want to do this but i'm going to
    here we go guys
    all right guys i'm gonna stop there uh
    so as you're seeing this

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    this ending or this little uh me cutting
    whatever i'm talking over uh this is
    it's like over an hour long already and
    i was like
    the rest of this level is almost another
    full hour
    so i'm cutting it in like two parts i
    was gonna do like an hour and fifty
    part one but i just felt like it was
    overkill so uh
    you guys are amazing thanks for
    everything if you want more of this
    quickly i'll upload the next part
    uh as soon as you guys like so much love
    to all of you
    and take it easy

    Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review, Gameplay, Walkthrough and Campaign Mission 1 of the DOOM Eternal ...


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    1. Having a 6 month old daughter has changed my recording habits lately so apologizes if my upload schedule is just whenever. I wanted to try this out and since it's only 4 levels I figured it would be cool to revisit this game. I have the end of Ghost of Tsushima Legends ready and more Amnesia coming up soon. Watch Dogs begins next Monday fam! Thanks for all the support on my channel lately fam.

    2. Also when you do a glory kill hit f or e where you’re at and the slayer will dash to the enemy. You were running up to the enemy which takes longer

    3. im waiting for the local library to have doom eternal returned so i can play it, but im only watching dlc cuz i dont wanna spoil the game for me.


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