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    SearchThisVideo: DOOM – Mission 3: Foundry 100% Walkthrough – ALL SECRETS/COLLECTIBLES & CHALLENGES

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    Methos guides hey guys Mackey here
    continuing the doom 100% walkthrough
    showing you how to get through the level
    as well as all 100% missable
    collectibles and I even show you the
    challenges and the best way to do those
    in this one there are like 15
    collectibles three challenges I'll be
    showing you how to get through the level
    pretty fast the level is somewhat
    open-ended but you have to kind of do
    certain things in certain order to get
    through from the very beginning jump
    across to the left go into the room get
    the drone and pick up the data pad and
    then here if you get lucky on this shot
    you might be able to kill three enemies
    with one barrel explosion as part of the
    challenge definitely not the best place
    to do it but it is possible so just give
    it a try if you can't too bad we'll do
    it later then from then on there this
    enemy right here is called a soldier
    we're gonna need to kill three of them
    with a curb stomp glory kill to do that
    make sure they start glowing red and
    then do a glory kill from above them in
    order to do a curb stomp after that we
    can proceed forward and pick up the chip
    off this dude by falling down in this
    hole between the large gap in the
    catwalk above us now we'll have to run
    back up to the top as part of you know
    to get something for the story before we
    reach where we're going there is a
    little secret so upon crossing this gap
    going back to the level we were just at
    go into this vent in order to find a
    secret the secret is just the area not
    the actual vest itself jump back down
    now we can get across the catwalk this
    is the opposite side of where we entered
    to pick up this guy's arm we're gonna
    need this guy's arm to go back to the
    computer before and we're gonna need to
    scan the computer to open a door which
    will take us to our first nest there's a
    total of four nests we do kind of have
    to do them in a certain order but it's
    not extremely specific as to what order
    you do certain things in so this is the
    fastest order to get through this level
    put the arm on there the door opens go
    inside pull out the nest and then kill
    all the enemies
    you've noticed probably if you've been
    watching along I like to glory kill my
    enemies shotgun them and train saw them
    this is the fastest way to get through a
    large group of enemies but if you're
    playing on a harder difficulty it
    actually might be advised that you use
    your shocking a little bit more more or
    less often than I do and whatever once
    we clear this room I'll rejoin you back
    with the commentary there and by the way
    there are no soldiers in this room so
    don't worry about getting the glory
    kills from above
    demonic threat reduced by 25% so after
    that we're gonna go back to basically
    what is the beginning of the level where

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    we started and now to progress the level
    we're gonna need the yellow key card and
    then we're gonna do a whole bunch of
    things to get the blue key card and on
    the way we're gonna grab a whole bunch
    of secrets and stuff so if you go across
    and then stick to the back left here
    you'll find this dude on the ground
    that's a soldier by the way I tried
    glory killing him I was unsuccessful
    pick up the yellow key card off this
    dude if you find any other soldiers that
    you're able to get a good glory kill on
    I would recommend doing that although it
    can be a little difficult
    that guy just I was a regular glory kill
    so to do a above death from above glory
    kill you have to have significant height
    on the soldier when you melee him and
    he's you know glowing orange so just
    make sure you jump and you're like
    directly above his head as you try to
    glory kill him
    from that yellow keycard guy though
    after we kill everyone basically like
    directly under that area there's this
    secret area where we can find the secret
    area and pick up the doll collectible
    and then from there we're gonna run to
    the very middle section of the foundry
    to find a secret glory killing anyone on
    the way
    so as you just saw there I'm now two for
    three that's the easiest way to get a
    glory kill literally just keep mailing
    them and then jump over them and mail at
    them in the top of the head now that
    we're in the very middle of the area
    pulled the lever which will open the
    secret door which is right across the
    bridge from where we started and just go
    inside once it says secret found dip
    back outside
    now this right here is without a doubt
    the best and most repeatable area to get
    the challenge for killing three enemies
    with one barrel explosion I'm running
    around in circles to get the enemies to
    kind of converge into all one area and
    then I'm gonna shoot the barrel when
    they're all right next to it to make
    sure to get three or four even five
    kills up to five six kills if you're
    really good to get that challenge out of
    the way I continue killing the enemies
    and I'm doing a little bit of a cut here
    just to include the challenge in there
    and and whatnot you want a glory kill
    this soldier dude if you can get a
    chance to finish off that as well so now
    we've gotten all of our curb stomps as
    well as our three and one barrel
    explosion and all we have to do is find
    a couple more secrets in order to get
    the other challenge so the challenges
    are basically out of the way completely
    and there's quite a few more soldiers
    left by the way in the mission so don't
    worry if you haven't gotten it yet just
    keep your eye out for the soldier
    enemies in this corner not far from that
    room we can find the Argent cell where

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    are these called these are the upgrade
    points I forget the exact name right to
    the second but you can equip it to your
    health armor or ammo I'm gonna be
    picking ammo for the majority of my
    early ones here and then from that
    location where we are going to now go to
    where we can actually use the yellow
    keycard all this stuff that we just did
    was a little bit extra in order to make
    sure to get all the secrets and
    collectibles so we're gonna go through
    this door and at the top of the top of
    the door on the computer console we can
    find a data log now there's gonna be a
    whole bunch of really big dude spawning
    sometimes they'll follow you sometimes I
    don't know where they come from take
    care of them the best of your ability
    they're quite strong if you have a full
    chainsaw you can take it down with like
    three of fuel units otherwise I would
    just recommend using like explosive
    bullets in your shotgun or the mini
    rocket upgrade on your assault rifle
    continuing on from there we're gonna
    enter a room with a bunch of crates on a
    conveyor belt and some arms working on
    them jump into the middle crate to pick
    up the second of two dolls and find a
    secret as well from then on there follow
    the conveyor belt to the very end you'll
    see some boxes stacked up next to a lock
    door jump up on those boxes to
    find a small little vent at the very end
    of this vent you can find a soldier and
    then you'll want to go back downstairs
    into the conveyor belt room and kill all
    the enemies of the door opens
    once the door opens go inside pull out
    the root of the nest and kill all the
    enemies that spawn
    after killing all the enemies you should
    be able to jump across from the middle
    of the stairs across to a ledge to find
    the auto map this isn't mandatory for
    anything but it does help you with some
    stuff on your map if you're curious and
    then from then on there we can continue
    through the door to exit that area and
    pick up the blue keycard

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    this is a keycard that is required to
    progress through the story so now we're
    gonna jump back down we're jumping back
    down into an area that might seem
    familiar and you'll see that there's a
    door leading to the blue area now we're
    not gonna go through that door just yet
    because we don't want to trigger too
    much of the story to happen and then
    have trouble getting back you know into
    certain areas so instead we're gonna go
    to the lowest floor and through this
    yellow door then jump down and then look
    left and you'll find this data pad on
    these garbage or barrels or whatever now
    that's a little bit difficult so just
    make sure you slow down the video if you
    have to but from there we're gonna jump
    through a window in that same room clear
    out the enemies go forward through the
    hall sticking to right-hand turns
    whenever there is a fork in the road
    so fork in the road turn right fork in
    the road turn right and then it will
    drop down here and you'll notice that
    there is a ledge we can grab on to or
    want to grab onto that ledge on the
    right-hand side of the room go into the
    room and find the secret just by being
    in the room pick up the rocket which
    will actually be a weapon that you can
    use throughout the rest of the game
    highly recommended that you do this now
    from here on out we're gonna go back
    into the main area of the foundry you
    can kind of exit whatever way you like
    my way might be a little bit complicated
    for you if you're not familiar with the
    level it's honestly even a little bit
    complicated for me having done this
    level three or four times now eventually
    you'll end up outside and you'll notice
    that there's a Gore Nest and this one is
    kind of like it's kind of below where we
    were with the doom level the original
    doom level Easter Egg secret with the
    believer it's kind of in that general
    direction but essentially take it out
    and kill all the enemies that spawn
    after that and now after all of that
    another curb-stomp if you need them
    here's a good area to farm a couple of
    them for that challenge after that go
    back to the
    blue doors so this one's at the lowest
    possible level where I am right now this
    is the lowest possible level in the
    boundary that you can stand on that's
    not hot lava anyways after you cleared
    all the enemies which you can actually
    skip I think to be completely honest
    you'll kind of go back to where we
    started the level and you can find a
    lift and that lift will take you back up
    to the highest level which we'll need to
    do in order to find the blue doors which
    is where you'll see me go after killing
    the floor enemy

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    so now that we've gained entrance in
    through the blue door there's like three
    or four different doors so just go which
    through whichever one you find first
    destroy the nest it'll spawn a whole
    bunch of enemies kill all of those
    enemies in order to survive the round
    and open the doors because currently the
    area we are inside is on lockdown
    after you kill all of the enemies I
    would advise you to walk out of the blue
    door that faces the beginning of the
    mission to the right of that door you'll
    find a new air lock type door
    it's a giant yellow door that will open
    after you kill all the nests and do all
    the objectives and then forward in
    through this room you'll find a control
    panel and this will start a large battle
    which will last you anywhere from like
    three to six minutes depending on your
    difficulty and out well you're doing so
    just kill all of the enemies until it
    says everyone's neutralized the music
    will kind of calm down the lights will
    turn on and one of the doors at the top
    of these stairs will also open

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    the core temperature is now stabilized
    all right so eventually all I kill all
    the enemies came to the door it opened
    with a green sign on it and you'll find
    an elite guard right in front of you as
    you enter obviously I want to take his
    chip from here on out you should have
    everything if you press the back button
    inspect your map or your you know your
    general mission overview you should see
    that you have 100% of all the
    collectables and the challenges should
    be done and whatnot interact with the
    shutters to open up the shutters to find
    this person in here and wait till that
    cinematic ends and then soon after that
    we can end the mission
    she is trying to tear open the portal
    between our world
    you could not have
    to end the mission just keep waiting
    until that girl leaves kill the enemies

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    that spawn and then the door will open
    go inside of that door and then exit the
    facility to finish it off thank you guys
    so much for watching hopefully this
    video was helpful special shout out to
    Harun giggles as well as cupcake 84 for
    supporting the show on patreon hopefully
    I see you guys in the next episode peace

    DOOM - Mission 3: Foundry 100% Walkthrough - ALL SECRETS/COLLECTIBLES & CHALLENGES Challenges: 4:57 - Three Possessed, One Barrel: Kill 3 of ...


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    1. My game is too fucking dark!! Can anyone plz tell me if theres a way to fix this?? Ive looked several times and turned up fuck all. t's harder on an almost pitch black map. Reminds me a bit of Bio Shock in that respect. Those shield guys are SO fucking cheep too…so happy about the chainsaw

    2. I hope someone still looks at his shit I’m fucking stuck I can’t through the fire door where the arrow is telling me to go been wondering around for an HOUR PLEASE HELP ME

    3. Gosh, I am having such a hard time killing those 2 last big demons even in easy mode. Lack of ammunition makes it tough!!!

    4. great guide! in the top right corner of your screen, those five circles with the triangles inside.. what are they? i cant fill them up all the way, and i dont feel like i am truely 100%ing the level without it

    5. I've actually beaten the game already but am replaying it and I just noticed that when I died in the lava there is a terminator Easter egg when doom guy does he gives a thumbs up

    6. hey MACA thank you so much for your AWESOME videos!Some of theee very best on the internet .Question I have finished everything in this mission,but I noticed under challenges,"QUITE THE COLLECTOR" says completed however the circle with the triangle in the middle is dull instead of bright,What does this mean? thanks in advance

    7. I don't know what I would do without your help Maka!!! I was stuck on this level for Days & for the life of me I couldn't find the red key to open the last of the doors among other goodies. From here on out I now follow each mission step by step by your guide. It takes me hourse to do what you do in about 30 min BUT that's OK! Better than being lost for days looking for secrets without a battle! I want to add that I definitly think your tips are worth purchasing BUT I am so thankful they are available for free. When the economy picks up after the pandemic, I'll hit you up for your PayPal account to show you my appreciation. Thanks Again. ~Juan Carlos


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