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SearchThisVideo: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Deadliest Saiyan Creation!!

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attention all proud warriors have you

ever considered joining time patrol as a

time patroller you'll prevent history

from being changed our duty is to

protect everyone's memories and help

return history to the way it should be

but we need your help the only

requirements are confidence in your

capabilities and of course a strong

desire to protect history we've got a

school for honing your skills and a

fully equipped item shop how about it

why not use your strengths to help out a

great cause we're always on the lookout

for powerful warriors ok then

listen carefully to maintain safety here

in contact city home to the time patrol

there are a few rules you must keep

first firing a kamehameha within city

limits miss prohibit time patrollers

wishing to fly when not on duty are

required to obtain the flying missions

please help keep Contin city safe by

obeying its traffic laws lastly any

alteration history is a grave offense

our missions come with the risk of

changing history so you must exercise

the utmost caution avoid making changes

to history like trunks tape keeping

these things in mind

please carry out your missions safely

for the sake of the world and its

history we look forward to welcoming

each of you to the time patrol

yeah what do YouTube it's your boy Jin

toll I am so excited and I don't really

know what to say man like it's been so

long since we did the xenoverse one

series and I've been waiting so

patiently for the sequel and this is it

man I'm height I'm height now I'm gonna

ask you guys do you want this to be a

full-blown series if so let me know by

slapping that like button and tonight we

are gonna go on a full-blown series a

marathon at that you guys know how we do

over here these marathons are lit and

they're gonna be flying left right left

right left right so if you guys want to

see a marathon shoot we might get up to

episode 10 11 12 bytes a night I'm

height oh that's right I need to choose

someone for that special mission who

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

should I choose so here we go guys last

year we had two series we did the freeze

of race and we also did the same race

but I have to do it man I got a comeback

as a saying the return it's been way too

long so we're picking up exactly where

we left off definitely something I

wanted to do man for a long time and we

look exactly how we look in the first

xenoverse but spoiler alert movie did

get that bad wish that one wish we did

go with this hairstyle only for the

Super Saiyan but we're gonna take a look

at the regular hairstyle and see how

that plays out all right guys here we go

I wanna know what you guys think about

the deadliest saying creation of your

boy gentle without further ado let's hop

straight into this



this is the last time I gaze upon this


to me I will change the future



ah Rita

why in the hell are you attacking us so

the legendary Super Saiyan has shown up

how very unsavory allow me to continue

my vengeance everything

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00



I am hype after seeing that opening

scene like the graphics

I hope the graphics transfer over to

YouTube as beautiful as I'm seeing it

right now Vegeta what I finished that

training armor you asked me for I found

some wonderful material so it should fit

you like a glove compared to the old

stuff that's right

I made some state-of-the-art armor for

my hard-working husband who doesn't even

have a real job I'm such a caring wife

aren't I

oh come on ah everyday it's training

training training are all fans like this

for goodness sake ah you really know how

to tick me off maybe I should just throw

a huge birthday party not that it's

anyone's birthday one incoming report

upon assessment of a situation I have

concluded that just wait one minute what

was that for you been specifically

chosen for that critical mission now go

out there and do it





Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00


welcome home great news you've been

chosen for that big mission


Oh cheer up the Supreme Kai of time has

graciously appeared to give you her best

wishes after all I mean really don't you

think you're being a bit cold

oh so you're looking for the old man

when he heard you passed the test

he went off somewhere in a hurry why

don't you go and look for him you know

what I'm pretty sure that he was the

happiest to hear about your success the

old man ran off that way he may have

headed for that building over there with

the light blue roof somebody must have

seen something

you should try asking around hurry up

now there's no time to waste

oh that reminds me even if you're in a

hurry you can't use flight yet I saw you

flying about don't make me warn you

again it's dangerous to be out there

flying recklessly like that you need to

get your flying license before you can

fly in Contin City all right so I guess

we're just going to that red flag but so

far so good we don't I don't think we

have any coins so so the game is

starting off nice pace nice tempo we

don't have any coins so we just got to

come over here and I guess we got to

talk to toufool let's see what toufu has

to say hey how are you doing something

to matter you're looking for the elder

Kai he was walking down this road just a

little bit ago but he suddenly let out a

large yell and took off do you know the

clothing shop over there he went down

the road just past it ask around over

there if you can't find him somebody

must have seen where he went

he's usually quite a boisterous old man

but he seemed a bit exhausted today I

wonder what happened

okay the clothing shop aren't we right

here by the clothing shop isn't okay

chicory this is actually bringing back

some memories I think this is how it

started off last time too I saw him

walking down the road yelling out that

he was busy I thought he was headed for

the Academy but he suddenly took off

running towards the reception area but

he fell over I hope he's alright that

was a pretty nasty spill the reception

area is just below that large yellow

roof over there you should be able to

find it on your map

okay and since I'm playing this a little

early I'm have to I'm have to slap on

some some deals see stuff later so maybe

I probably I don't know

tonight we probably go up to like 10 12

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

episodes I can't remember how many

episodes the first xenoverse I think it

was like 30 episodes and that was

actually including Dale sees Shana we

might be able to knock out good 1012

tonight that's if you guys are down for


huh you want to know where the elder Kai

went he left the reception area and took

off towards the time that's the time

that's just past the gate you should be

able to find it on your map if you're

ever laws don't forget to take a look at

your map okay now we're headed to the

time next just look around like I'm

gonna just do some sightseeing I'm

definitely gonna be grinding some

parallel quests that's what I like to do

and I don't think you can shortcut that

that's only if you're flying so we're

gonna go this way and follow that trail

Wow look at this I'm actually walking up

these stairs huh Wow yeah so flying is

definitely gonna come in handy I don't

know if there's gonna be a little small

mission for it or what but imma

definitely need to fly your boy can't be

pooped after running all these stairs

before a big fight or a big parallel

quest so let's see what's going on over

here here's the elder Kai keep pressing

you're late where have you been

wondering about all this time hmm

you're saying goes my fault stop blaming

your failings on others you young punk

ahem now listen up you've been chosen

for a very special mission this is a

great honor you'll be only the second

elite member to ever do this your job is

to travel to eras where changes in

history have been made and fix any

errors that may have occurred however

you still have much to learn

first you should learn from the wisdom

of those that have gone before you once

a change has been made to history it

becomes easier for subsequent changes to

be made to it as well so head out to

these arrows where changes in history

have been made and do what you can to

right the wrongs that have been done

okay off you go

hey there wait just a moment

why if it isn't the Supreme Kai of time

and here I was just about to take

matters into my own hands too

there's no need for such hostility I

have come here to share my wisdom

regarding the secrets of battle all you

don't say in that case welcome yes this

is perfect first you must learn what you

can from supreme kai of time come pay me

a visit after you've learned all there

is to know about being a time patroller

your first job will be waiting for you

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Deadliest Saiyan Creation
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 walkthrough gameplay 1 includes the mission Prologue for PS4. Also, open world free roaming and character customization is shown!

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