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SearchThisVideo: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 – Saiyan Invasion!!

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so now we get to talk to the elder Kai

it's time to get this started

wait wait didn't we get some zini yeah

let me buy something let me go to the

shop real quick so something was

supposed to happen right remember they

said if you have like your xenoverse one

character oh I can take shortcuts yeah I

don't know I don't

is this opposed to be like a statue or

something in memory of Zuma first one

character I don't think i'ma die yeah

you're not gonna die um I kind of want

to find that statue see if they're

really gonna show us but since we're

starting off exactly how we were before

I guess to keep things Canon that will

be us from another timeline mm-hmm I

can't buy skills yet you know I was

trying to cheese item shop can I buy

items I tried the cheese you know

wanting to get some good moves to start

off with and what about clothes can I at

least change clothes can I at least

change clothes if not then we're just

gonna probably we're not you're gonna

worry about it if we can't right now

yeah we can't I wonder if I can parallel

question I can parallel quest right now

then I'll probably parallel quest get

some more levels up and then unlock new

moves that way nope you can't even

parallel quest right now yeah so I'm not

even gonna worry about that stuff let's

just get right into this episode guys

and if you're enjoying the xenoverse

series and you want to see a marathon

you want to keep this marathon going you

want to see able to sell three four five

six seven maybe even nine ten eleven

maybe two twenty tonight slap that like

button you guys know how we do if you're

new to the channel subscribe now let's

hop introduced do you want to go on time

control do you want to go on a time

patrol yes sir this will be your first

time Patrol make sure you follow the

example that your peers are set for you

out there


died special beam cannon



Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

make way

rookie time patroller here here we go

loud and clear

dog dancing by the way but I suppose we

can talk about that later the air Goku

and hit a little were supposed to work

together nasty turn

right tire world


so you have to hold him still

but defend me with your life until I'm

ready I couldn't even get any birds and

in his fights almost over it feels so

good to be back on his game but you guys

don't understand how high I am I don't

even need the special beam cannon right

now that first fight I didn't even pick

piccolo say and hold them off the fights

over piccolo I'm sorry oh yeah I forgot

to use my attributes whoops what what

are you doing now

piccolo dad special theme


serves you right what was that word it


that was some handiwork those moves

weren't half bad

except for your entrance Goku and

piccolo would surely have been defeated

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

if you hadn't stepped in and saved them

your job is helping to correct any

inconsistencies like this that crop up

in the timeline this time went smoothly

but battles later on in history get

intense so continue with your training

because only the strong can correct

history but since your training under

the greatest guy in the universe there

shouldn't be much to worry about as long

as you listen to my advice you'll come

into your own eventually and yeah we get


you really do ramble old man


listen here supreme kai of time I'm only

about a millennium older than you that

hardly makes me an old man what are you


anyone who laid eyes on you would easily

call you an old man don't even try to

compare yourself to an adorable girl

like me you called yourself adorable how

do you find a hat with a head that big

yeah that's all from us for the moment

we'll tell you more about the world

later on ok then you've got to be bored

half to death after listening to his

speeches am i right allow me to walk you


this way please hey wait you can't just

jump ahead like that you know what's

funny the elder Kai he's not really an

old man old man he just got screwed over

and got fused with an old witch he was a

pretty handsome guy before that pataw

refusin with the old witch remember


it all happened back in Canton city was

known as Toki Toki City the place was

put in danger by a really nasty person

who warped tom one hero bravely saved

the city no not just the city but the

entire universe its history and

everything the history you mend it was

once saved by this hero take a good look

this is that very hero prologue to

battle select the cons on city hero

players of transfer data from Dragon

Ball xenoverse can use their time

patroller from the previous games the

hero however the following skills cannot

be transferred super saiyan super saiyan

soos team i was in line when we did that

wish i asked you guys a long time ago I

should put Frigga that'll be a plot


you know evil Frieza and Frida was

actually a good guy but I gotta do my

boy Jinzo I gotta do it nice I get my

old clothes all I should have changed

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

clothes first

I should have cheese I should've gave ah

do I get that I get all no way no way my

zing no way I'm about to get the deadly

beam cannon no way I should have went

back and changed to the track jacket

look but I didn't think the clothes the

current clothing would have changed over

damn and he said I have to actually

delete the character but if the Wyss the

Wiest clothing gives me the same boost

that it did in xenoverse 1 it's a good

move it's really a good move because I

remember gave me a bunch of boost but

we'll fight we'll figure it out

jinsol from another timeline so was it a

treat seeing him like that or what

keep working hard someday I know you'll

become just as strong as he eventually I

look forward to seeing what you can

accomplish of course you'll need to keep

training in order to do so

check out the Academy as well as

parallel quests taking on a parallel

quest is a basic duty ok speak to the

robot at the reception desk for more

details it will give you all kinds of

good advice at least I hope the

reception area is underneath the large

roof ok we tried to go there before

there's okay the old man is on his way

there too there's a lot you can learn

from him the academy is over that way ok

got all that yeah vehicle controls you

can ride on vehicles nice nice Oh

seriously how do I fly you anyways let's

take a look at our equipment that

tarried over there's no way it really

gives you the same boost wow it really

gives the same boost see I had the four

star Dragon Ball costume if I would have

known you get one chance at this I would

have done that I would have gotten my

force tower Dragon Ball look Wow in the

shoes imma change those probably check

make those red oh my gosh actually let

me see yo the new look and we get the

boost does it lose everything of us the

same boost let's make sure yep you get

the boost for the least and you get the

boost for the forest our dragon oh my

god this is this is great this is great

fellas I am height I don't think you can

actually like ascend in decent way

where's the shot where's the shot

where's the shop I want to see if I can

buy stuff now and know for sure I'm

gonna be grinding out the parallel

quests and this looks beautiful

last there does not seem to be any into

these changes to history oh hello there

you couldn't have come at a better time

alterations in history have been made

across multiple different arrows we

could really use your help out there

don't let us down although are you sure

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00


take on this challenge you have been

appointed to the elite unit but I think

you should use some more training well

if you insist I won't be the one to stop

you are you well we're only level 4 I'm

ready and we got it we get to choose do

you want to do Earth's history or Planet

Namek I guess we'll do our first I see

in that case you may head to the Time

Vault but please be careful out there

that scroll shows there has been another

change in history this is when the two

Saiyans nappa and Vegeta arrive on earth

two Saiyans this time in that's quite

the pickle wouldn't you say these

changes have been picking up in

frequency lately please be careful out




saying siege defend the earth

I remember xenoverse one Apple was a

beast it was pretty hot it's so many of

us you're saying like that summer what


hey you're the first fight forget about

the process get more important work to



so here we go man this is why I didn't

really worry about health and it's so

many of us do they really need me skip

the waiting long enough

wait something's a little off something

along with go

all right here we go

let's put this one away fellas you know

ah let's charge up get our key up Napa

does not really okay okay

see how you know I was going to hit him

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

with it they knew I was gonna hit him

with it and we have three more points I

think I'm gonna just boost my next I'm

not just boost my melee I haven't done

that yet

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 Saiyan Invasion
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 walkthrough gameplay 2 includes the mission Saiyan Siege for PS4. Also, open world free roaming and character customization is shown!

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