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    SearchThisVideo: Dragon Quest Builders 2 Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1 – Build a New World!

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    hello zebra herd welcome to Dragon Quest
    builders - unfortunately I sort of
    missed out on the first game but I
    really wanted to try this now that it's
    released in the United States or in the
    western part of the world it looks a lot
    of fun it's dragon class sort of mixed
    in with Minecraft a really fun minecraft
    style building RPG and lots of people
    more than I expected requests and then I
    played it so I want to give it a try
    just play a couple episodes worth at the
    least and see if you guys like it see if
    I like it so definitely if you enjoyed
    this first episode be sure to let me
    know you'd like to see more well that
    being said let's get started with Dragon
    Quest builders -
    venture forth my children and destroy
    all before you I'm guessing that's not
    me right that's not my character
    I hope oh ho ho are we the bad guy do I
    do i press the button press some buttons
    okay though it's something happen oh my
    that's a big dragon thing in the
    background thus decreed the great and
    glorious High Priest Hagen and lo his
    minions of mayhem did march out rank
    upon rank to ravage the land and strike
    fear into human hearts and my heart to
    human and zebra I liked his laugh our
    unholy Father then gave up his mortal
    form so that Mao Roth the master of
    destruction might be reborn and the
    world be consumed by catastrophe alas my
    team all Rosman
    was defeated at the hands of a disciple
    spawn of Adric before Hargens glorious
    vision could be brought to life pretty
    sure that's the first game then whoa
    see ya where are we win this games is
    all about peace and harmony right no
    more bad guy the moon was waxed and
    waned many times I'm changed my voice I
    don't know what I'm doing since that
    fateful day now peace reigns supreme and
    our order has been scattered to the four
    corners of the earth
    tell me brothers and sisters what does a
    monster - and backed into a corner it
    bites I say we must do everything and
    anything within our power to bring this
    world to ruin ah huzzah
    all hail Hagen freeze plea a praise be
    more water ah that is so tough to
    pronounce I'm not gonna pronounce them
    things hear our prayer deliver us from
    this world of oblivion leaders ever
    onwards as we build to a Dominion of
    darkness together so basically these
    guys like being bad guys and they're
    gonna do more bad guy stuff try getting
    quest builders - Wow well there we go

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    you're the hero who will save this world
    that's cool arise my child your destiny
    awaits ah why are you talking to me this
    was skeleton
    yeah the look on your face I was all
    over revenue my child you're no hero I
    know that much you're one of them
    builders right yeah sure hey you want to
    watch that mouth of yours boy telling
    the truth might land you with more than
    you bargained for still at least you're
    not a master builder you might only be
    an apprentice what that'll do
    I've actually got just the job for a lad
    like you I think he's a bad guy he's got
    the bad guy's face on his shield once
    you wipe the sleep from your sockets
    come and meet me up on deck oh where we
    like a prisoner that's not good oh we're
    such a prisoner right now let me out
    get a move on use the left analog stick
    to move your character and press to you
    right I don't like stick to control the
    camera press a circle to jump all right
    there's another skeleton right you can I
    talk to him there's no response
    it's just a skeleton well the other guy
    was just a skeleton I just go back to
    oh I healed whoa okay so I guess I
    wasn't full on health so it's a good
    thing that I did that I'm healing up all
    the way up to uh 28 health I guess
    that's what I got and morning again
    what's here we got a pot your Peaks
    inside the pot cuvee what a pond what is
    that supposed to mean this must be the
    toilet it looks like it hasn't been
    emptied for a very long time okay let's
    not look back in there um can we just
    all right we're free oh hi builder I
    have something to tell you did you know
    that you can run by holding r1 while you
    move around to the left analog stick
    I'm sure the extra speed will come in
    handy but take care neither here near
    high ledges or you'll meet your maker
    sooner rather than later all right so I
    can run really fast because throw our
    arms back in it's silly I like it Oh was
    this the guy talking before paw the
    Builder tell me boy to the children of
    Haagen frighten you do you wish to flee
    from this floating coffin
    these waters are cursed strange voices
    carry across the waves and many a vessel
    has vanished into vapor the crew victims
    to an unknown fate now are you scared
    not just care who's I am I assure you
    I'll be off this deathtrap at the first
    opportunity okay I'll have fun with that
    can I do anything with the boat with the
    broom I want to pick up the broom yeah I
    guess not
    there's more people Oh No I'll free you
    oh hello I couldn't help but overhear
    you hobnob and with the dreadful dreaded
    dawn so you're an apprentice builder are

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    you I was going to ask if you'd come up
    with a plan to get off the ship but
    you're far too much of a rank amateur to
    figure something like that out
    oh why and goodnesses name did I ever
    become a builder if I had been a farmer
    or miners said I'd never been left to
    rot in this stinking cell we thought the
    children of Haagen were all but
    vanquished that they were running scared
    how do they ever turn the tables on us
    like this I think that's a guy in the
    background crying anyways I don't have a
    key that's not the right key do I have a
    key I can't see my inventory right now
    now talk to you so I want to talk to
    everyone Oh nobody minds what does this
    guy just say per sec swen you want to
    examine something or strike up a
    conversation with someone I suggest you
    remember this advice until the day you
    die oh and one more thing could you last
    that girl in the brig - pipe down she
    won't stop screaming how does she expect
    me to rust in peace when she's being so
    noisy I don't know how else to say that
    like this extends all his vows up he a
    builder will do that in a moment I want
    to talk to everybody else what a storm
    we had last night it washed all of the
    torches overboard and scattered my
    barrels around the deck now it's that
    guy who was demanding dude I beg your
    pardon you say you slept right through
    good gracious you must sleep like a
    particularly lazy log to have missed a
    humdinger of a hurricane like that or
    cameras like super zooming out did I do
    ah whoa first person oh that's cool how
    do I switch it again I'm pressing the
    button okay there goes it's a little
    slow so what's down here oh I see and
    can I go in I can go into this room have
    a little sign this is where we still are
    cargo real slim slim Mariners like me
    call it the hole say wouldn't you
    wouldn't be that apprentice builder I've
    been hearing about what you say so you
    can make all sorts of stuff from just
    few a few bits and bobs I don't know how
    you builders do it as a mag good
    nificent har goon said destruction await
    if all that is built to think of all
    that hard work cooing the lace with the
    waist you really like your GU puns
    I don't know there's really not too much
    for me to do around here
    so I'm just gonna skedaddle I think
    we'll just go and talk to the skeleton
    dude I mean I guess I could get a couple
    more tips from these guys think I want
    to talk to you hi
    maiden hung Kanak Mullin Brooke from
    forth these three kingdoms did come the
    heated heroes the science of Adric who
    laid all mighty hog on low with his
    dying breath our exalted leaders
    surrendered his mortal form so that mara
    the lord of destruction could be born
    alas he was he too was vanquished oh
    gosh yeah but does that mean all hope
    was lost no I say Hargens ambitions did
    not perish with him maybe not today
    maybe not tomorrow but one day we will

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    reduce this world to ruin don't do that
    at your word there plenty more people to
    talk to
    hello glooming we're the last surviving
    members of the children of our goon the
    ones who didn't get squished no going to
    bring this world to its knees and all in
    the name of the ghoul great and glorious
    High Priest okay what's with all the
    slurping I'm just cell beneath the
    prospect of squashing you goo means once
    and for all I didn't know this guys were
    so evil huh Earl the ship keeps swaying
    from side to side I feel a bit seasick
    Howie you're flying not really okay
    what's that you want to know where we're
    sailing to
    I haven't the foggiest the higher-ups
    would never tell stuff like that to a
    lovely LOI little drakey okay
    hi well well if it isn't mr. bilder I
    can't do I can't I can't do
    lisps I I'll try you're only an
    apprentice but your pant prancing around
    like you own the place
    honestly okay go anywhere these days
    without bumping into an insolent little
    builder bent on undoing all of our hard
    work the world's going down the pan and
    that for sure for sure
    wait what would it be that's the 4/3 I
    don't know our only choice is to
    eliminate bothersome I can't do that
    like you one-by-one creaky cheeky
    alright and there's one last guy you're
    their apprentice builder that we never
    camp in can't learn aren't you okay I'm
    just gonna read normally I must admit I
    feel a few pangs of sympathy for you
    it's not every day every night - know
    what - no your end is nigh creepy Fifi
    okay everybody's rude and evil I think
    that's just about everybody I want to
    talk I'll talk to you build or builder I
    have something to tell you if you ever
    get stuck or can't forget what to do
    next be sure to check back with whoever
    you spoke to last it show us you're
    willing to do the job right and there's
    nothing wrong with that now that's a tip
    that'll serve you well in this life or
    the next
    so Olli tell me what I actually do next
    now he just says the same thing again
    okay I'll be a builder stairs are no
    match for you I see I would hope so you
    just can't keep a good lad down now so
    so you'll no doubt oh gosh I knocked
    over my water bottle luckily it was
    closed now as you'll no doubt have
    spotted we're sailing onto the open
    ocean you've got no chance of escaping
    so don't even bother trying not that
    you'd get very far anyway you're nothing
    but skin and bones and hair lots of hair
    here get this down your gullet it's
    fresh from the captain's table which is
    where I sit by the way
    ceefor obtains a piece of kelp okay see
    if I can't remember when you last ate we
    thought a food makes his stomach start
    rhomboid edible essentials believe it or

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    not that Kel can be eaten select it with
    the left and right and press square to
    eat it
    doing so will fill your fullness gauge
    and replenish some health alrighty so I
    got a press square and yum yum yum yum
    yum all right well let's go our 65
    percent hunker down and one that kills
    pretty tasty isn't it the punch in aroma
    of slimy and slimy texture make from
    fine tingling combination you should
    thank your lucky stars you got to scoff
    such a scrumptious snack because it'll
    be the last meal you ever eat yep you
    heard me right you'll be dead soon
    but don't worry you won't be shuffling
    off this mortal coil just yet I've got
    plenty of hard graft for you to be
    getting on with first complete yeah
    I'm accomplished so we already read
    about the edible essentials yeah you can
    wipe that Lily liver look off your face
    I'm not going to send you to the
    cemetery anytime soon so long as you've
    got some time or some life left in you
    I'll give you a chance to keep hold of
    it but you'll have to follow my orders
    to the letter
    all right well what else we're gonna do
    what's that you want to know where who
    we are and what we're doing here if
    you're that desperate to find out how
    far up the creek you are without a
    paddle I might add go and talk to those
    five monsters beneath the flag over
    there I already talked to them all
    actually all I got to talk to them again
    oh right maybe this is what I get for
    being a little bit too exploratory okay
    they're gonna say the same thing again
    so I'm just gonna skip through it sorry
    I'll make sure just to move on with the
    main class then because you know some
    games are like you can get some extra
    like context and you know knowledge
    about the game what if you just talk to
    everybody of us never necessary I guess
    this is maybe not one of those kind of
    games I'm not really sure but yeah I
    already talked to all these guys and we
    heard all this so I'm fine
    look at his super quick quest completed
    so you talk to the rest of the crew in
    so now you know were the last survivors
    of the children of argan oil servant to
    the mighty master of destruction himself
    that means your builders ours are our
    sworn enemies we're selling the ocean
    blue rounding a pesky Burman like you
    along with anyone else who gets in our
    hey you want to know what we're going to
    do with all these builders only be
    higher-ups know for sure but I'll make
    no bones about it I reckon you lot are
    up for the chop still that doesn't mean
    we can't make the most of the little
    time you've got left
    sure just be thankful you can be of some
    benefit as your final moment draws ever
    closer complete yeah no one gonna talk
    to you again listen up builder unless
    you want to spend the rest of your life
    behind bars or worse you'll do as I say
    so here's the deal at last night's storm
    messed up my ship good and proper I want
    you to make things shipshape around here
    again to start with I want you to break
    up all the driftwood strewn about the

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    deck and bring it and bring me the wood
    when you're done go on chop chop
    this stuff seal each piece of driftwood
    is marked with a a quest icon run up to
    it and press triangle to punch it into
    something useful okay I want my decks
    and span all right so I can punch
    it Wow pretty strong punch oh yeah Wow
    and it is turns into wood I will gladly
    use that did I ever talk to you I did
    talk to you look if I can worry about it
    now then hon just a little bit and then
    I got one more over this way oh no am I
    missing one I don't know I didn't think
    this one up
    got it can I punch not quite and barrels
    ooh I made a noise but not really high
    well well my deck looks in much better
    shape now you've picked up all that wood
    no flies on you yeah you want to know
    why I'm giving you this chance truth is
    as a sworn servant of the master of
    destruction I'm not supposed to
    fraternize with your
    budget considering the state to my ship
    I've got no other choice anyway it's not
    like you're a proper builder you're only
    an apprentice at the end of the day so
    I'm sure it's fine
    it wouldn't forsake me a little thing
    like this right anyway I think we've
    chewed the fat long enough if you want
    to cling on to life for a little longer
    I'd suggest you continue working like
    that dutiful little builder you are just
    to remember you can get all sorts of
    useful materials by smashing things out
    just be careful that what you bash
    doesn't bash you back like you know
    please all right I guess I'll talk to
    you you're an odd one this is the moment
    I let you on that cell you've been
    scurrying about my deck and chatting
    with my crew without a care in the world
    if anything I'd wager you were actually
    enjoying this there must be something
    wrong with you I can't explain it any
    other way I mean why else would you wear
    that don't be grin on your dopey mush
    faced with the same fate most persons
    would be scared witless witless but not
    you you what you always look like that
    when someone's got a job for you yeah I
    guess so hmm it seems to like you aren't
    scared of us at all I better keep you
    busy or who knows what you might try and
    pull luckily there's plenty for you to
    be getting on with
    for starters some of the boys on the
    deck have have got jobs that need doing
    report back to me when you've sorted
    them out that looks like yep they indeed
    do listen carefully to their
    instructions got it hi well so like I
    can punch stuff but doesn't really break
    too maybe at some point on like unlock
    that ability or get a weapon or
    something hi I've been watching you
    I saw you Scrabble around the deck
    really pocketing all that wood you could
    find the raging tempest that struck last
    night wash all of our navigation lights
    overboard but such things can be rebuilt
    can they not to wit that I wish for you
    to use the wood you collected to make
    some new torches do you see the worn-out
    workbench over there

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    use it to make five torches here I
    believe you will need this oil to graph
    them all right well cool t-bird obtains
    some spots of oil once you have the
    torches you must put them back in their
    proper positions
    the five blue black blocks will be your
    sign there is one by the workbench and
    four more around the stairs at the lead
    below the decks lace one torch upon the
    each block do not fail me builder craft
    the five torches and put them in place
    returned to me when they have when you
    finished your tasks Delta order you can
    make some torches at the worn-out
    workbench using the materials in your
    inventory alright let's try it out so I
    can make a torch right here of course as
    as you would see it makes it needs wood
    and oil a burning branch fueled with
    flammable fluid alright then so we need
    to make what five of them you said it
    could only make five in it I think a rig
    we can make more how many do I need
    torches can be placed on top of other
    it's like them with left and right and a
    press square to put one down and snap it
    down cool so if I go like this I can
    walk out put it there there yeah won't
    we supposed to do five so I could make
    much more bumps gonna save the material
    if I can oh yeah and then there's this
    one by the workbench well that was
    actually quite easy to do like placing
    things down seems pretty intuitive it
    seems you have done exactly as I asked
    the guiding flames burn brightly as
    before worship such as ours they could
    do with being a touch more sinister if I
    do say so myself but I shun to complain
    the deck is eliminated once more I must
    say your propensity to create unsettles
    me not that it matters you will sue now
    to leave your usefulness but your work
    is not over yet if there are others
    aboard the ship who might still find
    some use for you go to them I pray all
    right hum bleat we got that done who
    else may need my help maybe there's
    somebody over aha this way wool there's
    plenty of skeleton dudes you are looking
    while these characters definitely
    resemble like a Dragonball art style
    because it was mostly art is the
    by the same person who designed
    Dragonball as far as I know well if it
    isn't a so-called builder any and anyone
    think you'd own the place
    the way you're strutting around this
    deck what's with that attitude you're
    running errands for the boys on the
    captain's orders and you want me to give
    you a job to do tell you what you can
    help me relieve the Board of a being
    stuck on this good-for-nothing ship as
    long as you're not afraid to put your
    life on the line truth is I've always
    wondered what the builders can fight how
    do you feel about going mano a mano with
    a monster boy you fancy taking a swing
    at this kid just try not to kill a mech
    oh my all right better put them dukes up
    I warned you thought that skeleton know
    that skeleton soldiers a proper head

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    case come and find me well after the
    fights finished if you can still walk
    how do I fight I guess we're gonna find
    out I mean I guess by just punching I
    did not do any damage oh here we go oh
    ow hey don't do that I'll have to go
    take it sit down ow this is not turning
    out very well
    just keep budget the ski pod should come
    on give him the one-two swing that's it
    okay okay oh that really hurt cut to the
    bone oh that was it okay cool
    wow do you think of that well you're a
    better boxes than you look I'll give you
    that still the only thing that those
    pathetic punches of yours hurt were was
    my pride not that I shouldn't be
    surprised you're pretty bony for someone
    who claims to be a builder that doesn't
    exactly bode well for your future career
    does it lucky you don't have a future to
    speak of a talk alright be off with you
    go and sell the the bosun what a
    weakling you are I guess that's this guy
    maybe that's the name of the skeletons
    yeah you fight like a cows cadaver you
    build you billows really aren't cut out
    for combat after all what's that it
    would have smashed them to smithereens
    if you'd had a weapon kick a likely
    story you're going to bash him upside
    the skull with one of them torches yours
    you're you're such a whiz at whipping up
    don't make me laugh
    whoa huh what's that book you've got
    there what is that book we've got there
    uh I don't know what's happening
    Eureka Zeebo learns a new recipe ciphers
    stick a broken branch whittled to work
    as a weapon attack boss ain't don't just
    stand there smirking tell me what's so
    well we're gonna make a weapon you watch
    it you just worked out how to make a
    Cypress stick well I never
    are you telling me the builders can
    invent things as well as make them well
    don't just stand around looking gormless
    put your money where your mouth is and
    make this Cypress sick then you know
    where the work station is right and one
    more thing once you've made it don't
    forget to equip weapons no use otherwise
    I like how he's giving us tips too all
    right let's go back way over this way
    and give it a buildin soak up the
    Cypress stick only needs wood it needs
    only one we have seven so let's go and
    make it awesome yep sticking up for
    yourself nice pun when you require a new
    weapon select it with left and right and
    press square to wield it try to
    equipping the Cypress stick to deal some
    extra damage all right it's equipped I
    can just start swinging it pretty good
    can I fight you now can I just go ahead
    and give you a little smack not yet not
    yet hey buddy the boy genius returned
    cipher stick in hand now you really look
    the part what do you say fancy another
    crack at that old bag of bones now that
    you've got a weapon yeah that's the
    spirits I want to watch that Roger try

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    and put himself back together once
    you're through with him now he's
    confidence in me I don't know he's on
    about there we go
    Oh Oh yikes compound fracture he said it
    uh huh bone crushing defeat I don't know
    if I can pick myself up after this one
    go on then land go and brag about
    beating me to the boson all right okay
    he doesn't have anything else to say
    most of the characters don't seem to
    have more than one thing
    say like you can't talk to the multiple
    times for extra stuff well he certainly
    gave that bag about it's a good hiding
    just look at the state of him the only
    thing he's good for now is feeding a dog
    thanks it's a little rude you why'd you
    feel that sorry for him
    that's a new one I'll wager no humans
    ever shed a tear for a monster before
    just don't think you can butter me up by
    digging my funny bone anyway thanks for
    that builder it certainly helped pass
    the time if nothing else I even think I
    learned something today
    you builder so useless in a fistfight
    with a weapon in hand you're not to be
    sneezed at but you're not done for the
    day just yet not by a long shot
    I've got a feeling in my bones there's
    someone else on board who needs a
    helping hand
    alright well it's fine that maybe it's
    that guy up there it's not all right
    well it's somebody over this way oh yeah
    it's a student yeah I forgot about that
    you know what I might actually take the
    moment if you can sleep actually no my
    health is full again yeah fine I'm outta
    so where is this person over this right
    you probably wants me to fix that hole
    in the woman before my my you have been
    busy a busy little boy haven't you first
    you made those torches and now a Cypress
    stick but one can only call oneself a
    builder without one's tools at the trade
    where yours baler do you even have any
    nope how last not other than that simple
    Cypress stick you haven't a single tulip
    on your person such a shame well I think
    we ought to do something about that
    haven't we I confiscated this pair of
    gloves from the Builder and the Brig
    below the DAX now they are yours with
    these equipped you'll be capable of
    hoisting up a whole host of objects
    without the need to smash them first
    ideal for organizing your articles in
    orderly fashion so without further ado
    take your newfound gloves gather up all
    the barrels strewn Higa lead pigley or
    Hickel lead gonna be people Indy I can't
    pronounce that about the deck and place
    him on the mat beside me okay we got
    gloves I knew a tool quired pick stuff
    up and plunk it down cool
    dual tip gloves use the gloves to move
    objects from one place to another press
    r2 to pick something up or put it down
    and press triangle while holding
    something to rotate it alright so it can
    pick this up and wear D we'll all on the
    mat for this my gotcha guy seemed to
    move all these brows can I pick up more
    than one
    I can't that'd be pretty cool if I could

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    just like stack them all over my head
    boom or no bro
    oh can I run fast yes I can that's
    actually really helpful can I let me
    switch my view there we go that might be
    a too close more helpful I would say so
    wow we can move really quick - excuse me
    part of me I'm speedrunning let's go and
    I'm back I think we ran out of energy
    that's fine
    Hey wonderful work sakes perfectly
    positioned barrows I'm sure you agree
    that a pair of gloves an indispensable
    tool for any budding builder I was under
    the impression that you the youth of
    today were nothing but a swarm of
    work-shy wastrels but based on your
    showing just now I may have to reassess
    my stance maybe well alas no matter the
    blood sweat and tears you shed into
    servitude you'll always be a builder the
    internal enemy of our exalted order I
    feel your time the mangas will be short
    b-but short but your fate is not for me
    to decide that is the captain's
    responsibility complete all right cool
    it would appear you have attended to
    everyone's errands for now hurry along
    and inform the good captain that do
    require some more back-breaking chores
    all right will do I want to switch back
    if I can sometimes pressing the button
    works sometimes it doesn't
    hey buddy not bad not bad looks like
    you've done everything the lads asked of
    you nice to see a human working his
    fingers to the bone for us monsters and
    without a word of complaints neither if
    I doubted it before I'm certain now you
    actually like this sort of thing you're
    a proper weird now you know that
    still I won't be satisfied until I hear
    it from the horse's mouth sort of speak
    do you enjoy building things I like
    building things I don't know I like
    building it for you guys of course you
    do it's what gets you out of bed in the
    mornings I can tell from the look on
    your fleshy face you've got all the
    markings of a master crafter and that's
    why we can't let you live oh now my in
    trouble I don't know hopefully cuz
    somebody comes in to save does this is
    too many monsters to fight well with
    what with your builders being our mortar
    lilies and everything I can't exactly
    have you running bow and stern billing
    like billy-o now can i I'm sorry to say
    it but I'm going to have to sever that
    smiling skull from your shoulders right
    now Oh No let's fight oh don't do it
    just tickling your ribs everybody looked
    over - don't look so scared I'm not
    really going to laugh your noggin off
    well as long as you stay on my good side
    that is after all I wouldn't want to
    lose a willing worker like you I reckon
    you've got what it takes to be a
    cracking little cabin boy and what's
    more I like the cut of your jib what do

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    you say laddie will you join my skeleton
    crew you don't have to say anything I
    can tell you're too overcome with joy to
    thank me now actually there's something
    else I've been meaning to ask you what
    does that big book you're lugging around
    I've never seen anything like it before
    I've never seen a dictionary before Oh
    huh where did this rain come from
    wah you'll have to tell me later laddie
    looks like there's another storm rolling
    in oh he's running yeah the one again
    with any of it oh boy is he back ah an
    apprentice builder you will do nicely
    who's saying this I have no clue but
    yeah I guess that might be the tutorial
    to the game I hope we can get off the
    ship this is your world to create and
    yours to destroy can i really be a bad
    guy in this game I don't want to be the
    nut that's interesting it began they
    really give you a long time to read
    these two sentences they can press some
    buttons like that's a set now come to me
    my child is it this guy pulling a trick
    on us again are we just napping right
    now I don't know boy cloth ears what are
    you gawking at didn't you hear me I told
    you to get your flesh you rub below the
    dexon into the hole it is far too
    dangerous up here for a landlubber like
    you on my honors the captain never see a
    blob I press the Run button I'm sorry
    that is my new cabin boy that includes
    you builder I won't let you die not to
    you're not this night now get your boney
    behind below decks pass the brig and
    take shelter in the hold captain's
    orders all right let's do it
    Oh trying to pick something up when
    there's up in a pickup oh no all right
    well here we go whoa whoa what what the
    heck's going on who's talking I don't
    know maybe it's us bull dykes we hit an
    iceberg captain come to the hold quickly
    we're in deep goo goo down here blimey I
    don't like the sound of this hold on
    tight I'm on my way and that's the
    skeleton oh he just walked right past me
    you all right there builder but I can't
    be stopping to help some human I've got
    to get to the hold all right I'll figure
    it out don't you worry
    Horicon preserve us this is bad this is
    really bad hey Bill were to get your
    boney backside in here pronto I need
    your help
    all right let's get to helping open and
    hey oh man we got a we got a leak over
    here builder what took you so long hey
    I've got bad news builder we've swept
    right into a reef and a rocks gone clean
    through the hoe if we don't fix this
    fast we'll be heading down to Davy
    Jones's Locker I don't know if this will
    work but try cramming it crate into that
    hole if you've got a pair of gloves
    don't you so use them all right so I
    need to pick this up just like walk past

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    all the water and plunk that in Hey look
    at that
    water goes bye-bye once we get rid of
    the source down to us a closer shave
    than I'd like but you did it you saved
    my throw me a bone not more holes
    what oh no one need hua there take it
    we're taking out more water I think
    that's the slime you've got to do
    something use your more crates and plug
    those holes up I hope so these crates
    had a purpose after all out of my way
    I'm gonna try not pick this one up there
    yeah so I need like hop up like this and
    that and bold nice and I've used the
    barrels over this way I think got it
    okay any more holes around here I don't
    think so Walter's going up pretty good
    you're a lifesaver builder or no I owe
    you one but I'll run in with a truck
    who's made mincemeat of my home the next
    weave that hits us could know well I
    knew it it's a race against time builder
    crammed some more crates in the holes
    and hurry can you not pick up crates I
    mean you're a pretty big guy you would
    think so there we go I want to do that
    grab this as well
    and then one last one right here and
    hopefully that'll be everything home we
    got it right
    we saved everybody you short of my ship
    the good and proper builder I don't know
    why weird we'd be without you probably
    at the bottom of the ocean chill hold
    for now but who knows how much long Oh
    throw me a bone we're done for holy
    moley look at that one we don't have any
    crates big enough to plug up a hole that
    size oh my gosh this is it felt it was
    nice knowing you don't forget me Beldar
    good tell me everything I ever knew I'll
    never forget you
    oh no we're HD now oh gosh I hope we
    know how to swim that's the opposite of
    swimming oh boy ah he's back Oh No
    I can't do it oh no don't do it oh how
    so it looks like the world is going back
    into ruin and we still can't swim oh who
    is this ah whoa oh what's happening oh
    it's the letters okay look at this on
    that's so cool I think dragon was
    builders too Nancy this is really pretty
    cutscene so who saved us I guess this

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    guy thank you oh I thought we're gonna
    hit you with a hammer I guess not
    we're crafting breaking materials
    building fortresses driving cars
    pitilessly it's gonna be a lot of fun
    I'm really looking forward to this like
    it definitely is sort of like a
    Minecraft ID game just like with a
    constructive destroy a moment absolutely
    fun and I do definitely get to shave I
    miss on the first game but undoubtedly
    playing this one I definitely would at
    least get a good couple episodes of this
    and see how I feel about it
    and like I've said before let me know if
    you guys want to see more episodes it
    looks like they're gonna be joining up
    the town's folk helping them out maybe
    doing some quests make a fortress a
    castle whatever all our own seems to be
    impressing this guy out oh we use more
    of the monster fighting type isn't it
    Wow Luther plays him - that'd be fun
    that's cool
    whoa huge monsters I was think we sort
    of get a look at what we're up against
    wow that was really cool so I'm guessing
    that guy sort of helps us get back
    ashore trophy earned shipwreck survivor
    oh no we're washed ashore ashore I did
    not put out that girly
    zebra awakens on the sandy shore it
    seems he is washed up on a desert island
    along with the wreckage of the skeleton
    ship he decides to take a look around
    and to see what you can see huh seeing
    what you can see is probably pretty
    important but I think I'll be doing most
    of that seeing in the next episode today
    we got started looking around with the
    ship and stuff and like just sort of
    figuring out how to play the game next
    episode we'll get started on our new
    life on the stranded island it's sure to
    be a lot of fun but for right now that
    is gonna wrap it up for today's episode
    of Dragon Quest builders - before you go
    be sure to come and zebra builder so
    know you've watched the end of the ura
    you supertastic viewer also subscribe to
    join the Z burn thank you guys so much
    for watching I'll see you next time bye

    More information about Dragon Quest Builders on PlayStation 4 Pro played by #ZebraGamer: To stop the worshippers of an ancient evil, you must join forces ...


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