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    SearchThisVideo: Dragon Quest Builders 2 Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 4 – The Deitree! Furrowfield Farm!

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    hello seabird welcome back to Dragon
    Quest builders - today we are continuing
    our adventures to Thoreau feel or furrow
    field which we sailed to in the last
    episode and yeah now I wanna be trying
    to help what is her name
    well say your bro Z or to be helping her
    plants ever gonna be planting the
    cabbage seed all that pending over and
    scrabbling around in the turret can be
    murder on your back but I bet a builder
    like you have some secret strategy for
    dealing with that right gone zebra plant
    five cabbage seeds I gave you did I gave
    you on the tote soil okay so what I
    probably have to do then I'd be easier
    to go into like first-person mode but I
    can just tilled these right here or
    plant them on the tilled soil got it and
    let's do one more here very cool I thank
    good work zebra you funded all those
    seeds and you did a lovely job of a to
    just wait until banan's oh and Perry see
    this they'll be begging for a piece of
    the agricultural action certain of the
    seeds will sprout and won't be one step
    closer to fulfilling my dream that's
    good very good complete thanks to you we
    have ourselves a fully ploughed and
    planted field the only thing left is to
    water the seeds you see that little hill
    over there zebra yeah there's a spring
    at the very top but it's a bit of a pain
    to have to climb all the way up every
    time we need water
    so that's where you come it can come in
    can you build something that would make
    it easier for us to get to the water or
    some sort of irrigation station that'd
    be fun okay let's take a look what do we
    got yep it looks like we are building a
    blueprint very cool
    whoa superjaws on an irrigation station
    blueprint so we need a lot of spoiled
    soil and one blockage huh interesting
    okay we'll give that a try is this it is
    it's a blueprint for an irrigation
    station did you draw this off the top of
    your head that's amazing
    it's like the one you drew back on the
    island but it looks like we'll have to
    gather the materials for this one
    ourselves well if there's one thing we
    have plenty of here in furrow field it's
    spoiled soil just one just smash one up
    on the ground if you need some oh and
    don't forget to break the block that's
    holding the water back when you're done
    then we'll have ourselves a nice little
    watering hole and if you start feeling a
    bit peckish just remember that there's
    always plenty of kelp at the beach okay
    then I'll keep that in mind thank you
    for letting me know I picked up all your
    hearts we have 18 in total now and yeah
    I need to get some of this spoiled soil
    which there are plenty of so if I just
    switch this I can start beating it some

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    stuff up over this way cuz why not since
    be a perfect angle for it I don't
    remember how much I needed I'm just
    gonna go ahead and grab like a good
    amount I'm thinking like maybe 20 should
    be good all right come on a little bit
    more there's 19 there we go there's 24
    okay I'll take it to back over this why
    won't I do I need to do to see the
    blueprint here we go
    a spoiled soil I get okay 23 I have 24
    so that's perfect and then one blockage
    up this way I'll remove the blockage
    last or do I have to remove this block
    oh yeah don't remove this for now for
    right now though I'm just gonna go back
    in the first person I think cuz it's
    usually just easier to place things
    and place yep oh gosh hold on
    break that then put it quite in the
    right spot if this seems like it's gonna
    get easier the more I do it you know the
    more I place things the more I make
    silly mistakes the more I'm gonna be
    able to figure this out and slowly be
    able to control the game a little bit
    better I'm sure of it well there we go
    no wait oh I gotta get rid of this plant
    don't I there we go so there's that done
    well it's 21 on 23 we also need to up
    there gotcha no wait
    Oh button so there's all that but the
    I guess it's saying that the blockage
    needs to be removed more than it needs
    to be added so if I go like this this
    one oh it's a little dirty but it's fine
    there are yo Steven completes the
    irrigation station blueprint very cool
    no I want to get out of the water we're
    gonna contaminate it
    nice work zebra whatever this thing is
    it looks just like the blueprint Wow
    no she's coming now that we've got
    ourselves an irrigation station we can
    water the fields I can't thank you
    enough zebra watering plants is a lot
    like tilling soil any old it you can do
    it so you can leave the watering up to
    me you to stack and stand back and watch
    the watering Wiz work her magic alright
    sure have some fun and we get some extra
    hearts for that as well I don't know
    what we use these for but I'm excited to
    see cuz we're depending a good couple of
    them by just helping people out which we
    planned on doing anyways so she's gonna
    start doing some watering she's got a
    bucket and she's gonna larder this cabin
    seat so we might as well watch so we can
    learn if we have to do this ourselves I
    don't know if I started taking that
    wooden post but I did the wooden fencing
    and I just want to take these yeah
    there's just not looking cuz it sort of
    scattered about anyways not a really
    pleasant looking away yep she's making
    them sprout over there that's pretty
    cool you actually take a look so I'll
    grab what I can
    and yeah it looks proud to lead you just
    leave the watering to me and there we go

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    very cool so wonderful indeed there we
    go zebra all of our thirsty little seeds
    have had a nice big drink now that's all
    there is to it you just tell the soil
    plant some seeds water them then wait
    it's easier said than done though for
    one thing you need healthy soil and
    there's hardly any left on the island
    it's easy to tell if the sole of spoils
    spoiled it goes all purple and sticky
    sometimes it looks green if there's moss
    growing on top but when you dig down you
    find nothing but grimy slime the only
    soil that that's any good for gardening
    has a nice earthy brown color just take
    a look at some of the soil I tilled
    before and and compared to the moldy mud
    nearby okay why don't you come to our
    Island you can fight as much as you want
    alright seabird there's only one thing
    left to do before we can harvest our
    wait for them to grow first we'll need
    some little sprouts then a little water
    they'll start growing leaves before you
    know it they're all grown up when the
    time comes you won't need any special
    equipment to harvest them just hit them
    with that Cypress stick you've I've seen
    you swing about
    hmm it might be a while before they're
    ready to be harvested though in the in
    the meanwhile you could pass a time by
    clearing away the rocks and weeds in our
    future fields and you could plant some
    more seeds ooh speaking of which here's
    a few more I've had in Hawaii you may as
    well go ahead and play at them okay so
    have to put these on the tilled soil
    you've retained some cabbage seeds I'm
    gonna put them there and growing
    impatient once you've sewn your sealed
    seeds it'll be some time before they
    fully before ly grown crops all ready to
    be harvest in the meantime wanna make
    the farm a little prettier I would love
    to I mean it's not really too much you
    can do that with here but I will clean
    up the area surrounding so there's the
    five seeds yeah I can get rid of that
    stuff no problem oh hey it's growing get
    rid of this rock in the white and I'm
    probably gonna want to get rid of
    anything that's not wood around this
    little cottage I would definitely turn
    this into something a bit more real then
    that just being as destroyed as it is
    okay you're rid of all this and this mud
    quite a lot to do around to then we'll
    figure it out though slowly but surely
    get rid of this one our ward turn this
    into something else at least a little
    bit better also make some room to the
    side here there we go this thing works
    pretty well I mean only takes two hits
    together the things like this I'm sure
    we'll be improving our hammer at some
    point or another may I don't know how
    much it is like minecraft in that way
    we're like we upgrade our abilities that
    are not our abilities but our our tools
    and stuff and that really makes a big
    hopefully you never know well what in
    the world is that thing there's a couple
    of them out there's more enemies I guess
    I check them out at some point all right

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    there it is and then I'll probably want
    to play some more stuff down this way
    just go down I like the tree being you
    know I'm gonna keep the tree but I do
    also want to fix up this and got one
    less mud block there we go so I don't
    know exactly like this is just a
    hardwood tile
    so I could place this down but doesn't
    look right like when I break this what
    do I get I just get a bunch of wood so
    maybe I might want to eventually rebuild
    this to be its own thing
    I don't really know right now though oh
    we can Harvard it harvests it okay cool
    so I just need to eat it with the
    Cypress stick and everybody is so happy
    for us wonderful its harvesting time
    looks like four eyes expects us to help
    out around here for a while I suppose
    you can't hurt to go along with the
    plans Wow finally growing a first for
    field cabbages in their absolute
    beauties it's been so long since we've
    had a proper crop well with those horrid
    spoil spores of hearing all the time and
    ruining the soil in fact I've never seen
    a better cabbage in all my life thank
    you so much zebra these cabbages are
    gert lush did you and Rosie really grow
    them all by ourselves maybe really our
    builder after all all the more reason
    why we should shut this accursed
    presents come along now Perry we're
    leaving yes sir huh where's baby got
    such a grudge against builders that but
    anything's a curse is that dead dog on
    his chin I wouldn't say to grudge really
    he's just being cautious after all
    everybody knows that builders for
    desolation despair wherever they go what
    what are you talking about don't worry
    zebra I don't think builders are
    harboring us of doom and gloom in fact I
    think they're great but now to spend his
    whole life being told how awful people
    like you are we all have you can't
    expect him to change his mind overnight
    I've been naked why had they been told
    that oh by the way something occurred to
    me while we were waiting for the
    cabbages to come in do you see that big
    Bell over there well there's an old
    story about it once upon a time a
    builder came to furrow field he showed
    the people the wonder of building to
    earn their all an appreciation and he
    whacked that Bell with all of his might
    when the Islanders heard it ring out
    loud and clear something awoke within
    them they were filled the power of
    creation in furrow field farm flourished
    don't you see zebra those funny things
    you've been picking up must be the
    pieces of our appreciation which means
    something might happen when you ring the
    bell well there's only one way to know
    for sure going over to the builders Bell
    and give it a great big wallop
    all righty nun I think you might be able
    to use those funny things that pop out
    of us to make us all into better
    builders you pour all the power you've
    collected in the ringing that Bell maybe
    you'll even win it bonanza Meharry
    around go on zebra I go and give the
    builders Bell a great big bash okay so
    we'll do that there's more cabbages on
    top of the scarecrow wanted to grab

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    those yeah words gonna run all the way
    over this way oh this is like level up
    the town huh we have almost 70 hearts oh
    man we use 50 of them to hit the ballot
    Wow everybody's running over very
    interesting base level one the residents
    awakening to the benefits of building
    the residents want to fill the floor
    till the fields the residents want to
    water the crops okay cool
    and it looks like we learned a new thing
    whatever that is deva learns though a
    lord and new recipes are soft wood floor
    board wooden steps simple door rustic
    door haystack simple small table simple
    table simple stool pot community chest
    rope firewood and farming tools very
    cool I don't know what you just did but
    it was pretty spectacular it's like the
    whole place has been filled with some
    kind of strange power a roaring millat
    molluscs builder what have you done
    what is his energy flowing through me my
    old body been filled with the urn into
    the great I've got them control but urge
    to go and fill the field or till the
    field I hope this would happen all the
    power you collected was unleash and when
    you rang that Bell
    it opened our eyes to the wonder of
    building it looks like it even inspired
    you now you can build simple stools at
    simple small tables and chests there's
    that so you could certainly use some
    furniture around here you can make all
    all of that Kenya your builders really
    are amazing
    alright see but we are all very
    impressed you can stop posing now from
    now on are you'll you will have full
    cooperation of Perry and I let us
    rebuild a great farm and restore this
    place to inform a glory we shall go to
    the attend to the fields from the moment
    we wake up to the morning in the morning
    to the moment we fall asleep but none no
    crafts shall remain on water on my watch
    that's fantastic isn't it zebra now we
    can all work together to see furrow
    filled farmer born awesome human
    behavior residents will behave
    differently depending on the time of day
    and the type of room they're in they're
    entitled to lives inside a farm work you
    know okay so now that we've done that it
    looks like you know who we can help
    everybody continue to farm that one even
    better than I'd imagined who'd have
    thought that those two would have ever
    get fired up about building it seems
    that whenever you build things for us or
    when we manage to make things ourselves
    our emotions overflow and turn if those
    funny fragments that you only you can
    see and then when you collect enough of
    that emotional energy important to
    ringing this Bell everyone becomes
    better at building including
    if I'm right about this and I sure I'm
    sure I am
    those overflowing emotions are the key
    to getting furrow field farm back on its
    feet collect as many as you can and make
    us all the best builders we can be we'll
    do complete so I guess I'm turning

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    everybody into a builder and I guess he
    got a new mission for me
    okay now the bonanza and Perry are
    finally in the mood to help we can take
    operation furrow field farm to the next
    level right problem is a farm needs soil
    and seeds and it looks like you're fresh
    out of both well um any idea zebra huh
    for a mob who hates builders you lot
    certainly seem to be lost with that one
    what's the story there anyway what's so
    bad about builders come on let's get to
    the root of this of course the rude well
    I suppose it's more of a bulb really
    whatever it is it certainly isn't a
    cabbage this this can be the next thing
    we grow here you go zebra zebra Taine's
    a light bulb I don't think it means like
    the kind that light up Aroon I always
    suspected it might be special so I kept
    the hidden white this whole time huh
    hey zebra get a load of that
    at platform it's glowing must be because
    you're a builder and you're holding the
    bulb huh it's a builder bulb go on zebra
    plant the light bulb in the light and
    let's see what happens
    sure so going over this way
    oh wait that's not that's that's a chunk
    of wood and one of that too whoa
    zebra gently presses the light bulb into
    the soft soil I don't know what's going
    on it stinks ho no well I made a big
    could this be Oh fiddlesticks we've
    really gone and done it this time the
    master destruction is sure to strike us
    down master destruction what the heck's
    that what if you really never heard of
    the master of destruction does that mean
    that you don't know about that children
    of harga neither I see so you weren't
    playing dumb you really don't know about
    the evils of building we've been talking
    at cross-purposes this whole time what
    let me explain
    everyone in furrow field follows the
    teachings of the high priest Argan hand
    it down to us by the his illustrious
    children on this island building isn't
    only forbidden it's a serious sin it's
    what Rosi Rosi oh no it's this guy we're
    in a whole heap of trouble here the
    pastors on his way over he must have
    seen the light from the tree oh there he
    hey zebra look
    yeah we saw one of these guys on the
    boat they're not very nice is it gonna
    do anything he's just gonna stand there
    menacingly what in the name of hawk I'm
    just happening here
    I guess well oh do we just have to fight
    him hit him with a hammer oh no no he
    just ran over who will pay did this tree
    or plant I'm sorry I can't read anything
    curtsy and to me faithfulness of

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    wretches well was me
    what what what building a farm you say
    heresy how dare you Sully my Island with
    the the sinful stain of creation you
    will pay dearly for this well I'm so
    sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry the fields in
    the cabbages were my my idea don't
    punish zebra just because he's a builder
    a builder this whistles looking welp
    wait this tree could it really be good
    it really be what if you know something
    about it then spit it out if I'm not
    mistaken this is a young dye tree the
    sacred sentinel of the furrow filled
    forest beneath whose blessed boughs this
    Isle once flourished hmm hear me my
    wayward vassals I don't know who they're
    supposed to mean I have had a chain
    depart I have seen the fruits of your
    labors and I've decided to forgive you
    for your sins my superior need not know
    of your a boreal indiscretion I will
    keep your secret so long as you keep
    growing this tree but should it dwindle
    and die then so shall you grow the tree
    but her only know how to you need not
    worry on that account my child for all
    fields most ancient legends tell of
    exactly what one must do to see it die
    tree grow tall and strong mission sowing
    the seeds of success harvest cabbages
    you must harvest 15 cabbages Pro Field
    was once far famed for its succulent
    cabbages I trust that you can live up to
    these expectations should you lack
    sufficient seeds
    I suggest you seek out more yourselves
    harvest wheat you must Harvard fifth
    harvest fifty sheaves of wheat people of
    four afield once enjoyed a wide range of
    we'd formed the cornerstone of many
    delicious dish you may find your need to
    travel a far to find the seeds you need
    make the field bigger you must tell 50
    blocks of Earth burrow field was once a
    farmers paradise with field stretching
    out as far as the eye can see and no
    farm can operate without plowed soil 50
    squares will suffice if we cannot find
    enough clean soil I recommend you find
    some means of making more I've heard of
    the so called diet tree it was a my it
    was a mighty magical tree that protected
    all life on pharrell field or so they
    say if that's true and if we really can
    grow a new die tree then we might be
    able to bring light and life back to the
    island after all hold on a creepy
    monster turns up out of the blue and
    suddenly you're going all along with
    everything he says what makes you think
    he can be trusted
    hmm we have a live one I see such a
    spirited soul would make a fine offering
    to the master of destruction don't make
    a fuss mal Roth we're not in a position
    to argue here you two zebra I can't do
    this without you will you say that
    you'll help us grow the die tree and
    bring furrow field farm back to life

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    yeah of course yippee thank you Seaver I
    know you want to let me down mm-hmm
    a wise decision young builder should you
    lose sight of your goal I would bid you
    speak with me once more I don't know
    where we're going to find wheat seeds to
    plant or any more earth to till but I'm
    sure we'll figure something out for now
    let's concentrate on growing the
    cabbages if we work together we'll have
    these tasks done in no time okay let's
    get to it
    let the mission begin cool so first off
    I got to talk to this guy if you can I
    never expected the pasture to appear out
    of the blue light that scared the living
    daylights oh it did and on top of that
    it turns out to be interested in that
    tree you planted why do you leave all
    this children of horrigan rubbish anyway
    look at your pasture he's just like
    someone's grandmother I tell you the
    truth I've never given a much thought
    before I've been I'm a believer since as
    long as I can remember
    Edge's the way it's always been oh but
    before I forget zebra Abuk tried eating
    one of those cabbages you were Arva
    stood there gonna be growing a Gert big
    pile of those things so you may as well
    just oh just oh no ok just as they are
    go on have a nibble one of those
    cabbages now I don't you ok so we need
    to eat a cabbage Wow ten percent oh that
    makes them happy so we got some more
    hearts that's at least good we need 327
    more of those so we need until two three
    in turn fifty okay you add one of those
    cabbages didn't yet good and failing one
    thing it will find out the only wounds
    to all right there ant much on the sound
    in the way occur tubes so you're gonna
    need to eat your greens while your ear
    all right you know I got dragged here by
    Rosie's she was bent on rebuilding the
    farm you see I was more worried about
    being found by the children at Argonne
    I don't worry about that anymore do I
    maybe I can even become a better like
    you I'm gonna be doing a whole lot of
    building from now on and if the children
    don't like it they can get stuffed Wow
    okay who dares to be killed of the
    children the park on what thousand
    sinner defies my defined Authority show
    yourself will face the full wrath of my
    righteous fury Jim Murray cherry I don't
    know that pastors got a year zone on him
    like a blooming bath of blaming bad all
    right well there we go
    I don't know if I'm doing his voice
    correctly probably not that's the voice
    I can do sighs what I'm doing when rows
    and letters to this ruined farm I had my
    doubts about her whole plan the last
    thing I expected was to mean a builder
    here still I expect there must be some
    advantages to healing someone like you
    around or having someone like you around
    for instance you can make buildings
    Kenny not perhaps you can you have
    already known as the large red door by
    the field yep I've already sort of
    worked on it a little bit I would have
    you convert the Roland room around into
    a noose our new sleeping quarters

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    the key thing is to ensure that the
    walls are at least two blocks I will
    also need a door of course
    our large red friend is eminently
    suitable candidate you can make the
    walls for mud if you if you must but I
    think we can both agree that soft wood
    and floorboard blocks would be much more
    befitting of a room for yours truly once
    the room itself is built we must begin
    to think about the furniture two piles
    of straw bedding and a light source will
    suffice for the time being so so far one
    thing that they don't seem to care too
    much about is ceilings I just don't have
    to make those too much I guess just
    because of how that game are some what I
    wanted to do okay so we do have already
    one floor board but that's weird because
    it wasn't even on the floor let me try
    like some of it as you can see just gets
    break it was broken in the blocks I
    think it depends on if it's like cracked
    or not so I might want to get rid of all
    the cracked one and like remake them
    into proper boards that way it's just I
    don't know how to break things below me
    is a thing so we'll have to work on that
    at some point I don't really know what
    the dealio would be I mean if I go into
    first person maybe yeah that's what I
    would do deep Doody um I just have to do
    this god yeah that makes a bit more
    sense I'm going to got it okay and all
    four of these very cool so I do have a
    workbench over this way I can work on
    this for a bit let's build
    I also saw cooking fire over that way
    and I want to work on that so we can
    build both soft wood and floorboard and
    wooden steps I'm gonna build a good
    chunk of all this guy 120 it only takes
    three to make one so I'm gonna craft 50
    softwood and that didn't even use 20
    that means I use 15 and I want to do the
    same thing on another 50 floor board and
    hopefully that'll be enough I also
    notice there's an anvil I can also make
    like another normal door or scarecrow
    was this this is a haystack tons of new
    stuff and also different furnishings
    that I'm sure will be using decorate
    your dwelling with these farmhouse
    favorites I don't know if we could
    actually use those doesn't look like it
    okay interesting
    lots of stuff to build done so we have
    this all I can make stuff here
    oh so I can make a new mallet a Cypress
    stick and an open club I don't really
    need any of that but good to know and
    then finally I'm just gonna go ahead and
    cook some cabbages into the lap main
    place cook there we go
    it's cooking I might take a moment it is
    getting to be nighttime what I don't
    like too much I think that I'm gonna
    work on this good I would like this to
    look pretty but I line with the
    floorboards to actually be four board
    box I want the rest of it to be softly
    said how I just look better I sort of
    want to get better at building things
    that don't look like there's a giant
    cube of the same block now because if I
    don't get to have it started now I'm
    never gonna get it and then all my stuff
    is gonna look the same that's how it is
    a Minecraft for me so try to change that
    while I had the chance

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    okay so there's all the walls gone so we
    can actually just renovate it into being
    like one big room - if we want it - that
    might be fun um so I just want to place
    these ah for now and this is where it
    might be I keep on pressing one button
    might be easier to actually might not be
    as I'm looking at this no wrong button I
    don't know why I want to do the touch
    screen or the touch pad on the
    playstation controller ah it definitely
    is something to get used to I'll say
    that much there we go
    and then I'll make it all the way out to
    hear them I guess so yeah does it seem
    like we need to worry about ceilings at
    all I mean what happens when we want to
    make a building with two floors I guess
    we'll figure that out eventually I mean
    we can make stairs now so I'm guessing
    well actually if we get that out I guess
    this is not mandatory for the game now I
    don't know if it actually has any kind
    of effect so that's this inter-site hey
    now we're just getting to the building
    which I'm sure will be doing a lot of
    throughout the adventure that'll be fun
    I do need to make more of this soft wood
    soon but I also need to harvest more
    cabbages and need to harvest wheat not
    part we don't really know too much about
    there we go okay so I'm gonna get back
    to it I'm gonna go over this way and
    craft some more or cabbages are done
    what do we got
    collect Koch cabbages right or no it's
    grilled greens oh that's cool
    if I eat this 20% energy and ten health
    that was actually not the last cabbage I
    have so let's cook this one and I think
    we'd be good with another 50 soft wood
    blocks and I think this I mean I guess
    it looks okay I don't know if that
    actually looks that me better actually
    now that I think about it doesn't but
    you know we've already were too late
    we've dedicated ourselves to building
    with this hold on yeah I can place this
    here and then I need to get rid of this
    because this is sort of in the way and
    there we go now it's being a proper
    thing it's a room but I'm not done
    because I wanted to also work on this a
    little bit so let's get rid of all this
    mud and actually put some proper floors
    down oh is that noise I don't know it
    sound like somebody broke something opal
    was the new mom off like I get that you
    like the breaks down I'd rather not
    break anything in the room I just made
    okay so where is the floor board I'm
    actually gonna put the four board on the
    floor this time there we go
    I know there's some gaps here and there
    I don't think those matter too much
    there's getting covered up on somebody's
    sleeping I hear that there we go and
    there's our room looking pretty spacious
    I like it so yeah that's that done oh
    yeah tomorrow with his sleep and

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    everybody's snoozing I could put down
    this bed I do have one right is this yes
    a straw bedding and I can just sleep
    until day time I mean you only want to
    get to bed because I'm the only one who
    built one okeydoke good morning world
    Wow okay all the rest of the cabbages
    are done building I want to get those
    and made my bedroom yet I will show it
    to you in a moment
    hold on you can harvest now oh nice we
    get some more seats out of it that's
    good so I've got actually quite a lot of
    cabbages here I want you to take that
    beaten up old room well with a nice red
    door and turn it into a bedroom for me
    remember in any room or through salt
    must have to
    locks and a door to get in and out even
    though whatever use this room too big is
    it the problem listen carefully my lad
    the room must absolutely have two piles
    of straw bedding and a light source
    that's we're looking for now okay so I
    need to make another bedding and I need
    to make a light source somehow do I have
    full inventory now or just gets larger
    okay let's build so bedding would be
    down here I can make one of those no
    problem where did that go though in my
    inventory no I can't hold any more items
    I thought so so could I just like drop
    this somewhere it's gonna put down here
    if it'll want me there we go
    gonna put that book there for now umm
    and same dealio with this wonder why you
    need to batten like if only one person's
    living they're coming too much sense but
    okay and the light source like we could
    make a campfire if we can't make
    anything else but I do want to see if we
    have any more proper options it doesn't
    look like it so I guess we'll just build
    I mean we could put the torch down I
    would need will for that which I do not
    have at all huh I mean can i maybe just
    pick this up for now I could so I'm
    gonna cheat a little bit there's already
    campfire here there we go basic bedroom
    done you really shouldn't have a
    campfire like that just open in the
    middle of a wooden house but room
    recipes for success placing certain
    combinations well we got a trophy
    developing decorator placing certain
    combinations of furniture and or items
    inside a room can give it a special new
    name residents will interact with it
    differently - okay right now it's basic
    bedroom and everybody's coming in great
    stuff wonderful good work I'll talk to
    Lester and bad bones builder look at
    this bedroom it's better than I ever
    imagined it me now we need not need not
    wander of the monster infested dark of
    the night we can sleep safely in this
    room and wait awake well-rested in the
    next morning why would the Builder on
    board we met need not stop a single at a
    single bedroom
    we could have houses hot food happiness
    meandering mollusks and all these years
    I've been thinking they were sabaeans of
    pure evil how could I have been so
    misinformed my lad ever since I heard
    you ring that bell I've been overcome
    with a desire to build this cells in my
    days a pattern to the children of harga
    are over I shall leave those fanatics

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    and become a builder together we shall
    bring life back to furrow field and the
    art of room building is fundamental to
    that if you are to be a resident builder
    I suggest you hone those skills by
    building rooms for the rest of the
    fellow villagers now zebra my boy I
    underestimated your need your need of
    seeds well I intend to do what I can to
    aid you in that regard for now this is
    all I can give you I found them in my
    beard when I was coming at this morning
    ill it isn't much but hopefully I'll
    have more to offer you soon parents we
    got more cabbage see so we're gonna be
    able to make a ton I only need one more
    cabbage to or like one or two more okay
    there we go we got it done and we need
    to make a houses for everybody else as
    well ah see Brad trust that the bounty
    of my beard I refer of course to the
    seeds I gave you aid in your request to
    restore the diet tree we furrow Phil
    Ian's shall also be our part and tolling
    in the fields of the morning and
    sleeping in our fine new bedroom come
    nightfall we're covering our strengths
    for another day's labor what will you do
    while you wait for the cabbages to ripen
    mine I suggest you make that lovely
    bedroom you built for us just a little
    lovelier what it needs is a bit of
    traditional fur aphelion decoration
    bugle end finish it off with some
    farming tools and a nice stack of
    firewood wouldn't you all right sure
    will do both of those things so first up
    I'm gonna go over this way I want to
    plant these seeds I don't know if I have
    any way to water them but I guess other
    like that the civilians well I mean
    that's the idea
    so that'll be great we only need you
    have one more cabbage so as long as it
    can work on one of these is it raining
    or something like boys for a moment
    that's not weird
    well for right now not too worried about
    it I'm just gonna keep planning these
    sometimes it just is better to play this
    game mostly in like first personal use
    for any of the you know in-depth the
    building and stuff like this there we go
    we got that done I'm gonna move back
    over this way and probably get rid of
    all this stuff it just sort of chilling
    out here and we don't need it to make
    okeydoke gonna grab all of that and then
    take a look at this so you needed this
    which would be five stone and we're a
    two stone in one wood pretty easy to do
    got some some tools and then also just a
    stack of firewood very easy to do okie
    doke so I'm gonna go over this way and
    place that and then maybe over here for
    the tools pretty cool farmers bedroom
    everybody just storms in wow we get so
    many hearts for that I mean which is
    good because like I said we keep 350 in
    total we only have 56 right now aha
    that's more like it to smell the
    firewood the rustic ambience with the
    farming equipment this was a fine idea
    indeed if I do say so myself no doubt
    you notice that the bedroom made became
    a farmer's bedroom with just a few key

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    additions you can give her a room a
    whole new identity people using unique
    rooms are much happier than if they had
    lived in a drab functional cubicles it
    will simply overflow with gratitude if
    you take my meaning we get more hearts
    see but this new bedroom is incredible
    we're one step closer to getting furrow
    field farm back on his feet and D my
    dear our next priority must be to find
    some more healthy soil we cannot be able
    to farm around a few measly patches of
    workable dirt I have heard tell of a
    curious tried that once called this
    island home were capable of turning
    spoiled soil to clean and fertile earth
    but I know not what became of them
    still we can think more about that later
    for now you must have your award another
    sample of my beards bounty okay we got
    two more cabbage seeds and or complete
    with that mission cool so if I go over
    this way and pick this stuff up that'd
    be nice I will owe some of the cabbage
    toughest place is growing I'm gonna
    continue when that stuff where it needs
    to be and yeah I'm just waiting from one
    more cabbage while we're waiting for
    that is there anything else I could do I
    mean I can make the field bigger by
    apparently removing the evil soil I
    don't really know how to do that exactly
    but there's new stuff it says examine
    next level residents will tilled the
    fields faster Rosen's water crops faster
    and more recipes one lakh crafting
    stations well isn't that cool but yeah
    I'm a little confused I want to do next
    room maybe that's where we can sit and
    figure it out in the next episode for
    now though we made a good progress we
    were able to grow the diet tree
    apparently this evil guy came out he was
    evil and we just helped the villagers
    out a little bit more so with that being
    said that is gonna wrap it up for
    today's episode of Dragon Quest builders
    - before you go be sure you comment
    zebra trees so native watch at the end
    of the URL you see Berta's and viewer
    also subscribe to join the zebra herd
    thank you guys so much for watching I'll
    see you next time bye bye

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