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    SearchThisVideo: [Dragon Quest Builders] Guide: How To Get The Great Sabrecub

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    Dragon Quest builders on switch isn't
    packed with new features but it does
    have an adorable new party member
    chilling out in terra incognita but
    where exactly
    well you'll kick yourself when you find
    out from the central safe point outside
    your base turn until you see this
    structure right here then simply walk
    over to it and linger towards this
    square on the right and OH some friends
    have faded in make sure you have a
    weapon because it's clobberin time
    after the battle the sabre Cup needs a
    plum berry yes I tried to feed a miscue
    ah you can all that luckily if you don't
    have any there's one right next to him
    simply feed it to the saber cub and
    kablamo he's yours too right
    the saber cub is the most powerful thing
    in Dragon Quest builders and he's the
    key to some more new features this guy
    can run fast jump high jump high again
    with a double jump slashed through
    materials he can swim you can't swim and
    just look at how much damage jumping on
    enemies does speaking of jumping on
    enemies every time you do so you'll
    obtain a retro brick this is the key to
    obtaining building materials based
    specifically off the original dragon
    quest you'll want to collect about 50 of
    these for now though I went a bit
    overboard and maybe you want to - if we
    head back to our base and use the
    workstation will now be able to build a
    giant Famicom cartridge of Dragon Quest
    what this is is another workstation this
    is why I said to get quite a few retro
    bricks as now we're able to develop tons
    of dragon Christine building blocks and
    furniture using them look at the
    masterpiece I made beautiful I can't
    wait to see what some of you guys come
    up with so follow us on Twitter and post
    your authentic dragon quest creations
    thanks for watching and for more on
    dragon quest builders tell further into
    the channel

    Jon explains how to obtain the Great Sabrecub and retro assets in Dragon Quest Builders Switch! Follow us! Jon's Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/NomComms ...


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    Comment (16)

    1. Can anyone tell me how to unlock the Slimy Block? I've got the DLC and it's downloaded. I've finished the game and have unlocked Terra Incognita. It's simply not on the recipes list. Nor on the colour wheel. No idea how to get it : (


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