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    SearchThisVideo: Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Walkthrough Part 1

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    hello everyone so with Dragon Quest 9
    being two months away from release I
    decided to revisit this game because
    it's one of my favorites J RPG games
    wanted to make our walkthrough with it
    as I visit the game for you guys to
    enjoy with me so let's create a new
    adventure log last name the hero I don't
    know we'll name him my real name which
    is Jaco
    just dusted off my ps2 to do this as
    let the adventure begin
    your quest has begun I love this game
    I can't wait for 11:00

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    my god
    it's gonna get dark it's wearing a bear
    ear much longer
    let's head into town there's better
    places in this suspended evening I
    really I need to note that I really love
    the voice acting in this game as well
    shake a leg of
    controls okay I cannon need if I can I
    wanna make the controls work like final
    fantasy so settings I guess I wonder if
    there's a controller configuration I
    don't think there is no there is not
    where you can control this one
    that missed us find that one let's see
    how widescreen works
    didn't change the widescreen
    well I could make it wide screen when I
    edited the video okay I think we're fine
    like this for now nothing in those
    usually are you obtain ight items from
    breaking vitals like you said it before
    they fix me
    are you ended up working for now could
    you like in I guess people say the same
    thing about me working for you pretty
    I don't help you're not referring to me
    what would you know a low-life like you
    wouldn't recognize nobility if it came
    up and bit you on the ah you have to say
    ass princess I can't see her anywhere
    princess Oh Oh
    it comes trouble God and we have our
    standard dragon cost battle

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    it's just to give you a first look how
    battles is gonna look like they
    certainly took us by surprise but
    nothing we couldn't handle
    now where's the princess it was my Medea
    my precious one and only daughter
    that is the princess yeah you are thank
    goodness you're safe
    yeah The Oaks princess is back I say we
    make a move now before it gets dark
    all right
    and the music in this game just don't
    even mention it
    so good
    someone's house got burned down

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    yes yes here we are
    if my memory serves me correctly this is
    the place this is the town where master
    rylos lives our Oaks his granddad I
    thought it was dull Magus way was after
    I am NOT your granddad
    and of course Magus is our man he's the
    one who turned Medea and I in a suction
    laughingstocks but that dastardly a
    magician can't hide from us forever we
    must check him down and lift this
    confounded curse so The Magus cursed him
    and his daughter
    oh my poor Medea that despicable duel
    Magus that's why it's imperative we
    locate riders will you go and find him
    that's the spirit I knew I could rely on
    you I'll be waiting here
    all right
    you weren't thinking again without me I
    hope I'm the best there is when it comes
    to looking for people it's my face the
    resistance as they say all right
    church to save your game or to revive
    dead dead characters a nuke and here you
    can buy we don't have much get much gold
    for now let's just call it Gil I'm used
    to calling game money
    Gil I'm used to just deal so anytime I
    refer to guild you know what I mean
    so let's first loot that town I think
    if I remember there was something in a
    wheel around here that's a medicinal
    herb there was a well around here

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    but I can find it
    oh there it is
    to the pop okay but first let's loot the
    well there it is leather shield equip it
    on the main character bag view bags
    oh you can't use we need to transfer to
    only one equal equal pit yes okay
    we're gonna check every house to Lutz as
    well before we go to the pub oh wait
    it's nighttime so they locked it we can
    loot it later well we can loot this
    house open the cupboards plain clothes
    I think that might increase our defense
    oh wait he already could be mom for the
    youngest it's good
    or wait is it
    banded skirt skirt counts as armor okay
    I didn't know that okay you could that
    nevermind so there is armor and weapon
    and shield and then accessories as well
    eight gold coins I saw it with my own
    eyes the very night before the fire
    - what arguing with a gesture I guess
    the gesture was da Magus oops
    didn't mean to talk to him again okay I
    think we do today listen here
    I'm just gonna play this casually
    but I'm gonna go for all bosses and
    stuff like that and game bosses there's

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    the hub
    maangchi is the name
    you're sexy while not me
    haven't you had enough mr. Calder Asha
    I'm sorry but I've got a business to run
    this haphazard fortune-telling of yours
    is costing me a fortune in free drinks
    what do you expect
    so so what if I thought
    I just
    it would only have led to another
    disaster that I'm sorry mr. Kailash
    yourself and don't you follow if you're
    saying you knew about the fire shouldn't
    you at least have warned master - yes
    how many times
    I cannot believe
    what what is
    the great Eldorado
    everyone come quick there's a monster in
    just come and see the whole town's going
    Oh Oh

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    this I good gal come on
    look lively
    the attacker
    get out get out monster you're not
    welcome here
    you people are disgusting
    I guess it's fair of the unknown well
    that was a fine reception do you realize
    Who I am the matter that you were a king
    judging a book by it's cover don't they
    know it's what's inside the curse yeah
    you can say that again Susan did you
    manage to find master Eilis
    what he's dead oh no no no yeah
    oh I suppose there's no point crying
    over spilt milk its dual Magus where
    after he's the one who cursed the
    princess and I after all he's the one
    who made us look so ridiculous
    I had hoped rile us might be able to
    help us locate him but it seems we'll
    just have to track the mayor's down by
    ourselves with rhinos gone we have
    nothing further to gain from staying

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    here let's be on our way
    please wait I'm sorry to come running
    after you like this it's just that I
    wanted to ask you a favor
    oh you're not afraid of me young lady I
    dreamt about you I dreamt that some
    people came to town with a strange
    creature it was sort of halfway between
    the human and a monster and I dreamt
    that they could make wishes come true
    I'm sorry I didn't mean to be rude not
    to worry I've had worse things said to
    me today you know you remind me of my
    Medea you're about the same age anyway
    you see you had a dream about me miss
    peculiar I'm sorry I haven't even
    introduced myself I'm Valentina daughter
    of the great fortune teller
    telda Russia if you could just come to
    my house I'll explain everything there
    it's by the well at the far end of town
    I'll be waiting for you oh yeah it was
    that door that was locked by the world
    we tried to open she rabbiting on about
    come round my ass she said she wasn't
    afraid to look at me at all not one bit
    oh she reminds me of my metier we must
    give this young girl a helping hand
    right then my boy go and find the house
    by the will and see what it is she wants
    me I'll wait here with the princess we
    don't have to cause any more of us to
    back to town
    think they lock it at night well this is
    there in so it's not
    oh yes still something hey three gold

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    their shops are closed oh not really
    oh it is closed
    this way I think
    you came Caesarea I must have drifted
    off how rude of me I wanted to ask you a
    favor about this crystal ball
    sorry I'm getting ahead of myself
    perhaps I should start from the
    beginning of course
    let me explain my father Cal de Russia
    was once a really famous fortune-teller
    lost treasure missing people there was
    nothing the great Cal de Russia couldn't
    help people with but then one day he
    lost his powers all of a sudden nothing
    he foretold turned out to be true
    anymore it's probably because he stopped
    using a real crystal ball this glass
    bowl isn't Valentina what is going on
    here how many times have I told you not
    to touch my crystal ball
    your Bristol call aren't you that what
    brings you here yeah never mind
    I do not know what my daughter has asked
    you but you can forget it I do not need
    your help
    I am fine as I am I am going to bed
    Valentina say your farewells and show
    our unity to the door
    I'm sorry about my father but whatever

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    he says he's the one who's really
    suffering since he lost his powers
    that's why I wanted to ask you this
    favor can you find him a crystal ball
    one that's big enough to bring back his
    powers oh yeah well this is exactly how
    it all happened in my dream just cause
    you're cute so far everything's come
    true I also dreamt that there's a
    crystal ball hidden deep inside the cave
    under the big waterfall to the south of
    town I suppose only the daughter of the
    great Khal de rusha I could know
    anything like that
    unless you loot your house first
    four gold coins
    medicinal herb seven gold
    nothing there
    monsters are stronger at night
    that's a good tip so that's basically
    saying try to stay away from fighting at
    there must be some houses we haven't
    gone in yet this was the top
    Oh back of the pump
    Plus let's stay at the end I guess
    and also let's visit the church

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    see if anything is here
    you can also save the game
    maybe there's stuff to loot here
    oh yeah
    I leave okay
    chest is locked
    I bet that will be opened with the
    thief's key which you can craft later in
    the game fifth key recipe it even gives
    you the recipe how to make it so yeah
    all right let's leave town
    all right leaving town
    hmm I see isn't such devotion to her
    father I'm impressed
    just how a daughter should be any of his
    caldera sure gets his powers back
    there's nothing he can't find am i right
    they will kill two birds with one stone
    if everything goes according to plan
    we'll find out where that hateful duel
    Magus is the times getting on Madeira
    and I will stay outside that's the last
    time we set foot in a bomb dereck town
    like this but you should spend the night
    at the inn and rest well so that you're
    ready to take on the world tomorrow in
    the morning we leave for the waterfall

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    luckily didn't have to spend any gil on
    that hotel
    okay we need to head down south of town
    there will be battles of course I'm
    gonna show example of every battle but
    if I get repeated battles I will not
    show them oh wow look at that political
    medicinal herb all right
    now look at that thing
    wow these things are tough I need to

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    tell young vixen
    items medicinal herb
    we on youngest
    and those things are fast
    that gave a lot of XP though gamed one
    oh god this is bad
    Oh nan man that's bad hey miss healed
    but this should this battle is hard but
    I should give recent experience
    oh wow five damage oh yeah
    his his defense is decreased sigh it's
    well there is the next level already SP
    and MP increased this time a few more
    steps and he learned healed

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    let's see a lot then he just learned
    here you go magic and then use oh he
    doesn't have MP
    let's use medicine
    I probably have some in the back
    no I don't
    this was probably one way so but we got
    some experience at least let's just head
    back to town for now I'll figure out the
    correct way okay
    young goose just leveled up to level
    four I will give the skill points three
    skill points two fists 50 feet
    he's unarmed oh I also got a leather hat
    nice his unarmed strength to enter so
    I'm just gonna unequip his weapon
    and never hat
    I guess it's for selling
    that's the level nev of the hair up to
    four as well before we end this part
    there we go he will give his skill
    points to spear
    alright let's head to town
    so this was just the introduction I'm
    really enjoying this game I really
    missed this game I haven't played this
    in years and I will felt like I would it
    would be nice to make a walkthrough of
    it's not a perfect walkthrough but I'm
    gonna try to do as much as I can in the
    game including all the end bosses

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    optional bosses thank you guys so much
    for watching this part if you did enjoy
    it please like favorite subscribe and
    share the video and if you want to
    support this content you can do that on
    my twitch or patreon links in the video
    description I appreciate all the support
    thank you and I'll see you on the next
    one take care bye bye

    We begin the adventure! shout outs to twitch.tv/CreativeEly for the speed run notes, I will be using some of his tactics. If you are using an Ad Blocker on your ...


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