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    Watch video at 00:00
    this child
    is the one
    there's the lineno mistaking it

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00
    teach yourself umShaunie's onethere's no need to be funyouthanks so much you're a lifesavertrust me to lose my headscarf just
    before the big ceremony

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00
    so it's finally here the big day I can't
    believe we're gonna be climbing all the
    way up there looks like Sandy's keen to
    lead the way
    come on let's not keep her way inhumble folk of cobblestone great land
    spirits hearth and home that's how it
    goes is nearmy granddad's been teaching me the
    prayer ever since I was little he
    reckons the spirit of the land really
    does live on cobblestone Tory you see as
    long as I can remember he's been
    preparing me for this day the day would
    finally be my turn to climb all the way
    up there and offer my thanks I just
    wonder whose idea it was in the first
    send in the villagers young folk on such
    a dangerous errand well if I take a
    tumble and do myself a mischeif well not
    to worry since you and me were born on

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00
    the same day I'm lucky enough to have a
    bodyguard along for the journey come on
    men that craggy old thing when time ismonsters they're coming this waycrikey I wasn't expecting that I know
    they were only little but I'd have been
    done for if you and Sandy hadn't been
    here to help me and now we've got to go
    through that horrible dingy cave just
    our luck I'll bet you anything that's
    where those awful things came from well
    as long as you're with me I've got
    nothing to worry about
    come on let's get going

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00
    thank you chat to himhere you gobikers are they

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00
    tough little blighters aren't theyhereoh look at all this fog is this mom do
    you think he'll help me

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00
    coolquick you have to help himit's not for the tool is more monstersdon't give uptough little blighters on there out of
    you I am sorry Gemma I only came up here
    because I thought it'd be funny to jump
    out and surprise you but then those
    monsters appeared why in the world is
    going on I never heard anything about
    monsters appearing on the tour before
    but never mind that now whatever will
    you think in you could have been killed
    you take sandy and get back to the
    village this instant you yes Gemma sorry
    Gemma you saved my bacon again I knew
    you were tough but crikey you really
    have grown into quite the hero not far

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00
    to the top nowtypical it would have to go and start
    raining with Nair come on risk everyone
    here we are at lastit's such a shame about the weather I
    was ready to come forward to that view
    we better see the pair and get this
    ceremony over where they what what was

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00
    we're live how that great big flash of
    Lyman it was almost like you made it
    happenlook the mark on your hand huh oh it
    stopped well we can worry about that
    all I know is that you saved me again I
    don't know what I'd do without youknow we really had better be finishing
    up this ceremony humble folk of
    cobblestone great land spirits hearth
    and home lift your voices up in prayer
    sing it across all our air blessed are
    we since days of yore let it be so
    forevermoreit just goes on and on and on who ever
    dreamed up the ceremony must have had
    this in mind they wanted to show us how
    huge our world really is
    well that's it it's all over and now
    we're grownups
    should we head down and tell granddad
    and everyone then I'll be waiting for us
    at the bottom

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00
    we're back safe and sound granddad's
    indeed you are my dear thank the spirits
    for that when we saw lightning striking
    up there we got a little worried oh I
    have to tell you well I never it sounds
    like it's nothing short of a miracle
    that you made it back in one piece well
    there's no doubt about it the spirit of
    the land was watching over younow tell me my dear how's the view from
    the top it was wonderful
    I saw the space stretching to the
    horizon and the sunlight play it on the
    wart Aaron oh I've never seen anything
    like it in my life you're true
    cobblestone Inge now only we have the
    pleasure of looking out over the world
    of area in such breathtaking fashion you
    know I are still young and the day may
    yet come when you decide to leave
    cobblestone day I hope our little
    ceremony has opened your eyes to a
    little of what may await you out there
    now that's high time we were heading
    back I'm sure your mother is eager to
    hear how things went young man don't
    keep poor amber in suspense
    c'mon you home time

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00
    here's my little soldier not so little
    I've heard all about your big adventure
    look at you all grown up my OB wasn't
    too much of a bother Gemma dear of
    course not quite the opposite in fact he
    would have been proud of him we got
    attacked by a monster at the top of the
    tour and I ended up hanging onto the
    edge of the cliff by my fingertips my
    fall I was done for but you'll never
    guess what happened next that mark on
    his hand suddenly lit up and a bull of
    lightning hit the monster what did you
    say that funny little mark lightning
    flying about the place goodness me
    Aarohi was hoping he turn out nice and
    ordinary but it seems his grandfather
    was right all alongwell we've been putting this off for
    long enough now you and me need to have
    a little talk here this belongs to youyour grandfather asked me to give you it
    once you'd come of age and climbed the

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00
    tour the truth is there's something I've
    been keeping a secret all these years
    something I've never told another soul
    in the village it's how can I put this
    now and well he said you're you're the
    reincarnation of the luminary Wow oh
    don't ask me what the old fool meant
    dear I haven't got the foggiest all I
    know is that your grandfather said you
    had a special destiny and that there was
    something you had to do
    he said that when you came of age you
    were to head north to the capital up
    there in halia door and show that
    necklace thingy to the king he seemed to
    think that if you did that all would
    become clear clear as mud I shouldn't
    anyway the long and short of it is that
    if you want to find out what this is all
    about you'll have to leave cobblestone
    and head over to Helia door crikey well
    I can't stop you leaving I'm sure but
    you won't be marching on an empty
    stomach come on dinneryouyou

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00
    Oh Khan sleepy sorry you remember this
    tree don't you I got my scarf stuck in
    it all those years ago there I was
    crying like mad and there you were
    running around trying to help me get it
    down some things never change eh you
    know I always imagined we'd spend our
    whole lives right here in cobblestoned
    that's why I was so surprised by what
    your mum said today all that stuff about
    you being the luminary that
    reincarnation thing
    I remember the story my granddad told me
    once upon a time long long ago the world
    was terrorized by a horrible monster but
    then the luminary appeared and saved the
    day when it was all over the luminary
    turned into a star and he's been
    watching over us from up in the heavens
    ever since
    that's his star right there how can you
    be the luminary - like I just don't get
    I know that's what you're going to helia
    tour to find out I understand really I
    listen we should both be getting back
    everyone will be wondering where we've
    got togoodbye old friend

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00
    just look at you and don't scrub up too
    bad you know only wish your grandfather
    were here to see you you won't forget
    him you you here's a fine upstanding man
    the pride of the village you could do
    worse than try to be like him Phil
    however you turn out I'm sure you'll
    find a way to overcome whatever lies
    ahead her mother knows these thingsoh by the way I've popped ility money
    I'd saved for a rainy day in your pack
    don't spend it all at once why don't you
    visit the village shop before you head
    off to heavy a door you'll need some
    supplies for your big adventure but
    don't take too long the whole village is
    turning out to wave you off

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00
    one day you're just a little boy
    the next you're getting ready to leave

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00
    us only wish your grandfather that see
    what a fine young man you've become

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00
    to think it's been so many years already
    since also he found you from the feeling
    in her they men they said she brought
    you to cobblestone
    we never thought there was anything out
    of the ordinary about chicken and now
    suddenly there's all this talk of
    luminaries of all things
    you know the luminary was a Norse
    legendary hero who saved the world from
    a terrible darkness
    we're supposed to believe that you're
    Enrico knighted that I don't doubt all
    Xiaomi of course put in as a little hard
    to swallow I must say when you meet the
    king of halyard or put in a good word

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00
    for all cobblestone Wang Yi right if he
    finds out this is the village where the
    luminary was raised that might be
    something in it for us
    oh you are terrible just you to be
    thinking about what you know I'm only
    joking of course to the very thoughtknow the fate that awaits you may we'll
    do one beyond anything we simple country
    folk can imagine but you must allow us
    to offer what little assistance we can
    take this map of urge Rio with you might
    prove useful and find in your way
    and may this magnificent state the pride
    a cobblestone nightmare burden and spade
    you on your wayyou'll find alia door easily enough just
    head north out of the village and follow
    your nose you travel safely now who's
    your such a good voice such a good boy
    you make us proud out there will you and
    come back safe
    wait take this with you I I made it foryouand keep you safe I heard there are lots
    of monsters where you go in be sure to
    keep it closed I don't know what's in
    store fear out there wherever you go and
    whoever you meet don't forget us will
    take care and remember we'll be waiting
    for you

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