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    SearchThisVideo: DRAGON QUEST XI – English Walkthrough Part 1 – Prologue (Full Game) PS4 PRO

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    this child
    he is the one
    there's the mark
    there's no mistake in it

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    there's no need to be frightened any
    thanks so much you're a lifesaver
    trust me to lose my headscarf just
    before the big ceremony
    so it's finally here the big day I can't
    believe we're gonna be climbing all the
    way up there
    looks like Sandy's keen to lead the way
    come on best not keep her way in

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    horrible folk of cobblestone great land
    spirits hearth and home that's how it
    goes is near
    my granddad's been teaching me the pair
    ever since I was little he reckons the
    spirit of the land really does live on
    cobblestone Tory you see as long as I
    can remember he's been preparing me for
    this day the day would finally be my
    turn to climb all the way up there and
    offer my thanks I just wonder whose idea
    it was in the first place send in the
    villages young folk on such a dangerous
    errand well if I take a tumble and do
    myself a mischeif well not to worry
    since you and me were born on the same
    day I'm lucky enough to have a bodyguard
    along for the journey come on men that
    craggy old thing won't climate monsters
    they're coming this way

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    tough little blighters on me
    crikey I wasn't expecting that I know
    they were only little but I'd have been
    done for if you and Sandy hadn't been
    here to help me
    and now we've got to go through that
    horrible dingy cave just our luck
    I'll bet you anything that's where those
    awful things came from well as long as
    you're with me I've got nothing to worry
    come on let's get going

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    tough little blighters on me proud of
    look all this fog is this moon do you
    help help me Co quick you have to help
    it's not for the tool it's more monsters

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    I am sorry Gemma I only came up here
    because I thought it'd be funny to jump
    out and surprise you but then those
    monsters appeared when the world is
    going on I never heard anything about
    monsters appearing on the tour before
    but never mind that now whatever were
    you thinking you could have been killed
    you take sandy and get back to the
    village this instant yeah yes Gemma
    sorry Gemma
    you saved my bacon again I knew you were
    tough but crikey you really have grown
    into quite the hero not far to the top
    now typical it would have to go and
    start raining with me come on let's get
    a move on

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    here we are at last
    this is such a shame about the weather I
    was really looking forward to that view
    well we better say the pair and get this
    ceremony over with a
    we're alive how that great big flash of
    lightning it was almost like you made it
    look the mark on your hand huh oh it
    stopped well all I know is that you
    saved me again I don't know what I'd do
    without you know we really had better be
    finishing up this ceremony humble folk
    of cobblestone great land spirits hearth
    and home lift your voices up in prayer
    sing it across all our air blessed are
    we since days of yore let it be so

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    it just goes on and on and on
    who ever dreamed up this ceremony must
    have had this in mind they wanted to
    show us how huge our world really is
    well that's it it's all over now we're
    should we head down and tell granddad
    and everyone they don't be waiting for
    us at the bottom
    we're back safe and sound grandes indeed
    you all my dear thank the spirits for
    when we saw line is striking up there we
    got a little worried I have to tell you
    oh well I never sounds like it's nothing
    short of a miracle that you made it back
    in one piece well there's no doubt about
    it the spirit of the land was watching
    over you now tell me my dear how is the
    view from the top
    it was wonderful I saw this theis

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    stretching to the horizon and the
    sunlight playing on the war Terran oh
    I've never seen anything like it in my
    noise you're true cobblestone ends now
    only we have the pleasure of looking out
    over the world of Adria and such
    breathtaking fashion you know I'll still
    young and the day may yet come when you
    decide to leave cobblestone behind I
    hope our little ceremony has opened your
    eyes to a little of what may await you
    out there now it's high time we were
    heading back I'm sure your mother is
    eager to hear how things went young man
    don't keep poor amber in suspense
    c'mon you home time

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    here's my little soldier not so little
    I've heard all about your big adventure
    look at you all grown up my Opie wasn't
    too much of a bother Gemma dear of
    course not
    quite the officer in fact you would have
    been proud of him we got attacked by a
    monster at the top of the tour and I
    ended up hanging onto the edge of the
    cliff by my fingertips my fall I was
    done for but you'll never guess what
    happened next that mark on his hand
    suddenly lit up and a ball of lightning
    hit the monster what did you say
    that funny little mark lightning flying
    about the place goodness me Leroy was
    hoping he'd turn out nice and ordinary
    but it seems his grandfather was right
    all along well we've been putting this
    off for long enough now you and me need
    to have a little talk here this belongs
    to you
    your grandfather asked me to give you it
    once you'd come of age and climbed the
    tour the truth is there's something I've
    been keeping a secret all these years
    something I've never told another soul
    in the village
    it's how can I put this now em well he
    said you're you're the reincarnation of
    the luminary Wow oh don't ask me what
    the old fool meant dear I haven't got
    the foggiest all I know is that your
    grandfather said you had a special
    destiny and that there was something you
    had to do he said that when you came of
    age you were to head north to the
    capital up there in halyard or and show
    that necklace thingy to the king he
    seemed to think that if you did that all
    would become clear clear as mud I
    shouldn't wonder
    anyway the long and short of it is that
    if you want to find out what this is all
    about you'll have to leave cobblestone

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    and head over to Helia door crikey well
    I can't stop you leaving I'm sure but
    you won't be marching on an empty
    stomach come on dinner
    Oh can't sleep either eh
    you remember this tree don't you I got
    my scarf stuck in it all those years ago
    there I was crying like mad and there
    you were running around trying to help
    me get it down some things never change
    hey you know I always imagined we'd
    spend our whole lives right here in
    cobblestoned that's why I was so
    surprised by what your mum said today
    all that stuff about you being the
    that reincarnation thing

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    I remember this story my granddad told
    me once upon a time long long ago the
    world was terrorized by a horrible
    monster but then the luminary appeared
    and saved the day when it was all over
    the luminary turned into a star and he's
    been watching over us from up in the
    heavens ever since
    that's his star right there how can you
    be the luminary - like I just don't get
    it I know that's what you're going to
    Helia door to find out I understand
    really I do
    listen we should both be getting back
    everyone will be wondering where we've
    got to goodbye old friend
    just look at you and don't scrub up too
    bad you know only wish your grandfather
    were here to see you you won't forget
    him will you he was a fine upstanding
    man the pride of the village you could
    do worse than try to be like him he'll
    however you turn out I'm sure you'll
    find a way to overcome whatever knives a
    head her mother knows these things
    oh by the way I've popped a little money
    I'd saved for a rainy day in your pack
    don't spend it all at once why don't you
    visit the village shop before you head
    off to hediye door you'll need some
    supplies for your big adventure but
    don't take too long the whole village is
    turning out to wave you off

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    one day you're just a little boy
    the next you're getting ready to leave
    us I only wish your grandfather that see
    what a fine young man you've become
    to think it's been so many years already
    since old chalky found you floated
    didn't they remained this since he
    brought you the cobblestone we never
    thought there was anything out of the
    ordinary about you and now suddenly
    there's all this talk of luminaries of
    all things you know who the luminary was

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    of course the legendary hero who saved
    the world from a terrible darkness we're
    supposed to believe that your every con
    I did
    I don't doubt I'll choke me of course
    but it is a little hard to smaller I
    must say when you meet the King of Hell
    II adore put in a good word for old
    cobblestone well if he finds out this is
    the village where the luminary was
    raised that might be something in it for
    us you catch my drift
    oh you are terrible just you to be
    thinking about what you can get out of
    egg I'm only joking of course to the
    very thought yes know the fate that
    awaits you may well be one beyond
    anything we simple country folk can
    imagine but you must allow us to offer
    what little assistance we can take this
    map of urge Rio with you may prove
    useful and find in your way
    and may this magnificent steed the pride
    a cobblestone lighten your burden and
    spread you on your way you'll find
    heylia door easily enough just head
    north out of the village and follow your
    nose you travel safely now oh you're
    such a good boy such a good boy
    you make us proud out there will you and
    come back safe
    wait here take this with you I I made it
    for you
    it will keep you safe I heard their loss
    of monsters where you going be sure to
    keep it close won't you
    we don't know what's in store for you
    out there but wherever you go and
    whoever you me don't don't forget us

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    will you take care and remember we'll be
    waiting for you
    Oh what have we here now you know a
    budding adventurer when I see one it can
    be risky heading into the great outdoors
    if you aren't familiar with the basics
    of survival you know well fear not
    because that's where I come in see the
    remains of that fire over there well
    when you supply one of those it means
    you can set up camp and rest your weary
    to settle down for the night just go up
    to the foyer and examine it you'll soon
    be enjoying a well-earned break what's
    that you're worried about being attacked
    by monsters while you sleep oh ye of
    little faith

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    that statue over there is chock full of
    holy powers that will keep the priestess
    at bay for as long as you need it that's
    not all you can pray to it to be cured
    of poison than all kinds of other things
    we think of it as a mini Church anyway
    enough of my yammering minute then why
    don't you take a closer look at all this
    camping kit for yourself you'll need to
    get used to what campsites look like and
    how to find them after all you'll be
    relying on them whenever you're out in
    the wilderness it's like my old dad
    always said keen campers can continue on
    where others can't be well that's all
    from me if you have any camping related
    queries feel free to ask I'm here all
    the time I wouldn't want to be anywhere

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    halt not so fast
    state your business
    here shake my hand mate that's the
    funniest one I've heard all week clear
    off will ya we haven't got time for this
    kind of nonsense
    oh what's that you want to show that
    pendant to the king you say

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    dear mind wait in here a minute
    ever so sorry for that little
    misunderstanding please go right on
    through His Majesty is waiting for you

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00


    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    that will be quite close enough
    welcome to heylia door castle friend the
    jewel of done Drusilla
    you are polled indeed to have made your
    way here alone wanderer
    I am carnelian roller of halyard oh how
    long have I waited for this day and now
    finally we meet
    truly it is an honor the fact that you
    come here preferring the jewel and
    asking to speak with me personally would
    suggest that you know something of your
    true nature
    I take it the jewel shall bear the mark
    yes the mark of light then there is no
    doubt you are he rejoice
    dear subjects the day is upon us at last
    the luminary walks among us once more
    tell me though luminary where exactly is
    it that you hail from
    I would so very much like to pay tribute
    to those who took you in and raised you
    I see cobblestone you sir Jasper you
    know of this place I do my liege a
    village of provincial nobodies deep in
    the rocky south
    then I take it you know what to do do
    not disappoint me yes my leash a custard

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    I know not what your intent was in
    coming here alone but whatever your
    wicked scheme know that it shall not
    hendrik take this this harbinger of
    calamity and cast him into the farthest
    corner of the dungeon know this the
    luminary is the root of all evil and
    will bring naught but misery to our
    realm and why is this the reason is
    simple just as light is intertwined with
    darkness so too is the luminary
    intertwined with a dread Lord Of Shadows
    he's coming
    did you really think you could fool one
    as wise as his majesty it was your great
    misfortune to confront one who knows
    your true nature men seize this wretch
    you claim to hail from cobblestone well
    before the Sun has set three times we
    shall know the truth by then Jasper will
    have returned from his investigation if
    I were you darkspawn I would not expect
    to live beyond that day

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    will you keep it down in there
    most folks they throw in here have the
    decency to wait a while before going
    stir-crazy what are you in for anyhow
    you don't get free bed and board down
    here without having done something
    pretty bad
    wait did you save the luminary you're
    serious you're telling me the luminary
    has just shown up in the cell next to
    mine this is crazy one plate a delicious
    gruel for the gentlemen in the dungeon
    suite come on Gary
    de luminary you're serious so it's all
    happening just like the CEO said it
    would we better get out of here
    huh wait here don't worry I didn't kill
    him but he won't be waking up anytime
    soon things to get pretty hairy up ahead

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    you'd better take this
    oh and I found this in a corner over
    there I guess it's your stuff right me I
    got this little beauty back so now I'm
    pretty much unstoppable
    we've better get out of here before any
    more about tin-headed friends come
    knocking holla when you're ready to move
    out okay
    I spend ages digging this hole and you
    just happen to show up the day I finish
    it heck of a coincidence guess I really
    was meant to help you out just like the
    seer said anyway there'll be time to
    talk about all that later in you go
    the sewers huh well there must be a way
    out somewhere lead the way
    I got your back

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    des aaaah you lot over here damn it
    we better make ourselves scarce
    these guys don't give up do they
    you okay looks like we shook the guards
    at least

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    and that looks like a way out maybe our
    Luck's about to change
    wait there's something there
    if we stand and fight we're dead let's
    get the heck out of here
    well here goes nothing see we gave it

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    the slip
    yeah spoke too soon
    has it gone whoo that was way too close
    for comfort
    what's that thing doing under the castle
    anyway well whatever we should get going
    we made it just I don't know how much
    more of this I can take
    huh Ares darkspawn me and my big mouth
    move now looks like our luck finally ran
    there they are we've got it now
    no way back huh if they catch us we're

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    dead meat let's do this I believe in you
    I believe in the luminary I don't have
    much choice come on let's not do
    anything stupid now
    the name's Eric by the way
    wake up lazybones
    come on up you get finally I was worried
    we'd lost you for a minute there you've
    been out cold ever since we jumped I had
    to drag you all the way here on my own
    but what a jump it was I closed my eyes
    put my faith in the luminary
    and somehow didn't get smashed into a
    thousand pieces
    in fact I woke up on the forest floor at
    the bottom of the cliff without a
    scratch on me amazing what a little
    faith can do anyway I guess you and me
    must be at the top of the king of Haley
    adores most-wanted list by now which
    means we can't hang around here too long
    let's go say thanks to the nun who
    looked after us and be on our way

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    ah there you are my children I trust
    that your friend here is fully recovered
    oh don't worry about him he's just fine
    it thanks for looking out for us we owe
    you one
    not a tortilla I'm just happy to see you
    both well again but if you are leaving
    you must be careful on the road
    it seems some dangerous criminals have
    escaped from the capital and are at
    large somewhere in the area who I
    shudder to think what wicked deeds they
    might be capable of
    criminals you say dear me that doesn't
    sound good and you heard this when you
    were in heylia door
    I did indeed my child there were guards
    everywhere they are searching high and
    low for the villains
    and I heard that the mighty knight sir
    Hendrik himself has headed to the
    mountains in the south with his troops
    they say he means to block the road to
    cobblestone the village the fugitives
    came from
    oh but you must forgive me poor lambs I
    did not mean to alarm you
    they will soon be caught I am sure
    justice will be done and until then you
    are free to remain with us for as long
    as you please
    Thanks we appreciate that
    we're going to get a little fresh air we
    have a few things to discuss right
    cobblestone eh never heard of the place
    I never even knew anyone actually lived
    in those mountains down south is that
    really where you're from
    I'm guessing you want to go see what's
    happening down there but you need to be
    smart you won't get past and rekon
    if you're going to make it there without
    getting caught
    you'll need to avoid the main road
    and if you want to do that will need my
    help I know every back road there is to

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    know in these parts but I've got things
    to take care of in halyard or first I
    left a little something in one of my old
    haunts downtown and I need to get it
    so are you coming along for the ride I
    did help you break out of that dungeon
    that's the spirit but we can't have you
    bringing us any unwanted attention ah
    I've got just the thing
    here put this on and keep your face
    hidden otherwise you're gonna get nabbed
    as soon as you set foot and Helia door
    that's more like it if you're gonna be a
    wanted man you might as well look the
    right let's head north and hit town
    glad you're coming along the seer told
    me to stick with a luminary when I found
    him and that's just what I'm going to do

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00


    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

    welcome to Downton Haley adore home to
    rogues ruffians and all my other
    favorite kinds of people about a year
    ago me and Dirk my partner in crime
    managed to acquire one of the Royal
    Family's most precious possessions to
    read or they got wise and pulled me in
    eventually but not before we'd stashed
    it somewhere safe so we could pick it up
    right down there is the biggest stinking
    East garbage pile in all of Haley adore
    me and dirt can buried the orbs
    slap-bang in the middle of after all no
    one would ever think of looking for it
    there where criminal genius is I tell
    time to go liberate that loot to the
    garbage pile

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00


    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    this is the spot keep a lookout okay I'm
    going to grab the loot
    now it was around here somewhere
    it's definitely here I'm a thousand
    percent sure
    it's not here
    gotta be kidding me me and Dirk with the
    only ones who knew were the HUS wait a
    that brat he must have done the dirty on
    me and taken it for himself
    damnit I should have known a feeling
    little wait till I get my hands on it
    I'm gonna find it and you're gonna help
    me okay
    the end we used to crash at is just over
    there come on it's the only one with an
    upstairs you can't miss it

    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    this old place hasn't changed a bit
    back in our thieving days Dirk and me
    used to lay low here whenever things got
    hairy Ruby Ruby you there it's me Eric
    there's something I need to ask you
    Ruby runs the place looks like she's not
    around but if anyone knows where Dirk is
    it's her
    which means we'll have to go find her
    so here's the plan it's a tower they
    used to look out for fights you're gonna
    climb up there and keep an eye out for
    Ruby I'll check a couple of other spots
    don't worry you can't miss her
    she's the only redhead in town
    good anime gone

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    good doggie
    yeah can't find Ruby anyway how about
    you any luck
    you saw her heading back to the end
    let's sit over there and find out what
    she knows
    well if it isn't my favorite landlady
    welcome to our strike last time I looked
    you up and throw away the train and
    about you're gonna miss Kaitaia your new
    friends the fugitives everyone's talking
    about well I know not to stick me big
    nose in where it I want it
    you will delight to sell close to the
    don't worry I won't be here long
    I just need to know where Dirk is have
    you seen him
    duck eye now there's an imine turd in a
    wall from some fancy shop up by the
    castle yeah that was it breaking in the
    cashews for solo say that can't be right
    the rent of this crazy where'd he find
    the money
    wait a second he sold it didn't he
    the rats sold the damned orb
    in this part of town you don't go asking
    too many questions you know that if you

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

    want more you will have to get it from
    the horse's mouth
    you're right thanks Ruby I appreciate it
    we'll get out of your hair
    that no-good traitor I'll bet he sold me
    out and sold the orb and all so he could
    move up in the world well I'll get what
    I'm owed you'll see
    but we'll need to get past that century
    if we're gonna head uptown and find it
    wait isn't he yeah I remember here in
    the bar of the gods is terrified of dogs
    I think it was him maybe we can

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    hold this gate leads to the nice part of
    town our job is to protect respectable
    people from being bothered by rabble and
    riffraff in other words you
    ah no no not a dog anything but I worked
    like a charm now to head up to where all
    the rich folks live and find out what
    the heck Derek thinks he's up to

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00


    Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

    Wow nice place you got here
    welcome welcome feel free to browse
    you'll find we only stock with a very
    finest ways
    that's good because I'm looking for
    something very special indeed happen to
    have any orbs in stock every
    long time no see Oh pal
    it's really large is laughing Oh
    fighting fit I'm so happy to see you you

    Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

    have no shame huh
    get your backstabbing hands off of me
    you always were full of it duck but this
    really takes the cake
    admit it you sold me out and sold the
    orb so you could buy this place didn't
    you I'll never I promise you I'll never
    sold you out I was worried sick about
    I only opened this place to try and lpr
    oh yeah and how does that work exactly
    how is you opening this place and lining
    your pockets while I rot in jail helped
    me look I was never much of a thief to
    know it but it turns out are now out a
    sell stuff I got the gift even if I do
    say so myself
    when you got net I've spent mumps
    recommends four ways are busting you out
    I couldn't stand the thought of you
    being in there
    in the end our rulers are after give up
    the old I took it to the king told him I
    found it somewhere and pocketed the
    there are user cash to open up the shop
    here and pour all my profits into bribe
    in a guard up at a castle so they'd let
    you escape hmm now have you mentioned I
    did think it was weird they never tossed
    my cell the whole time I was digging
    that home exactly I was paying and
    return apply no I won't on
    okay okay I'm sorry I'm sorry I doubted
    partner vasus spirit arey Gopal is so
    good to have you back but I need that
    orb and now we don't even know where it
    oh yes we do right this way gentlemen

    Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00

    so where is it
    after I handed over to y'all I made sure
    to keep ears to the ground about where
    it ended up although it was important to
    you see well a little bird tells me that
    end-rig than his men took it to the
    Kings bearer and it's been under lock
    and key there ever since the Kings power
    it's southeast of town same direction as
    which means we can kill two birds with
    one stone
    you coming Dirk a little adventure for
    old times sake sorry no can do I got a
    shop to run I'm a married man these days
    married Wow you really have changed well
    you always said you wanted to settle
    down and maybe go into business someday
    I'm happy for you we better get going
    take care Dirk and thanks for everything
    you too old pal be lucky I don't you to
    go doing anything I wouldn't do
    the South Gate is crawling with God's we
    won't be walking out that way and
    Hendricks men are too uptight to take
    guess we'll have to go the long way
    around if we skirt round the hills to
    the south we should be able to approach
    the Kings barrel from the other side
    we can drop into cobblestone on the way
    okay let's head back downtown
    watch yourselves out there a they don't
    call that forest round they're the
    mangle grove for nothing there's plenty
    going there and never come here
    it'll take more than a few kids stories
    to scare us off besides it's the only
    way to get there

    Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

    any sign of them
    no nothing let's search the town again
    look at all those lights I'm pretty keen
    to find this harm
    I better steer clear of Helia door until
    the heat dies down
    all right through the mangle Grove and
    onto cobblestone let's do this

    Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

    another one bites the duck

    Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

    ah easy
    you know I've been thinking

    Watch video from 144:00 - 147:00

    oh yeah
    look at that a campsite and just when we
    needed one still a fair way to cobble
    stone let's rest up for the night
    I still can't get over old dirt he
    didn't just go straight married shopping
    the best part of town he went straighter
    than straight just like that we used to
    be thick as thieves literally we travel
    the world always on the hunt for loot
    those were the days oh speaking of which
    I just thought of something we acquired
    back then that might come in handy

    Watch video from 147:00 - 150:00

    yep I've decided I'm giving it to you
    you'll love it we shorted when we got
    our hands on it
    behold the fun-sized forge pop a few raw
    materials on top bashing with the Porter
    pounder and Bob's your uncle new
    equipment and I'm not just talking steel
    swords in the like wooden boomerangs a
    natty new gherkin you name it this thing
    can make it sweating over a hot Forge
    was never exactly my style but I have a
    feeling you'll get more use out of it
    than I ever did
    you can't just go smashing stuff
    together willy-nilly though you'll need
    the recipe for the piece of equipment
    you want to make
    here's a little something to get you
    started you should strike while the
    iron's hot
    there are recipes hidden all over the
    place it treasure chests and bookshelves
    are always a good bet keep an eye out
    and you're sure to find some beauties

    Watch video from 150:00 - 153:00

    chop-chop-chop-chop around the clock one
    two three look out trees Oh a
    woodcutter's wife is their life for me
    what in the world
    I repaired the bridge only yesterday and
    now some lighters gone and destroyed it
    again if I ever find out who did this I
    swear I'll called
    devil at your service I went to a lot of
    trouble to smash a piece see you kid
    Briggs I'm not about to let you fix it
    again here get a load of my devilishly

    Watch video from 153:00 - 156:00

    tricky shape shift babe
    that's what I call tricky one minute
    you're a silly old woodcutter the next
    minute you're a smelly old dog I'm a
    devilish genius
    now what mischief shall I get up to next
    of so much trouble to course a little
    time my doggy stay
    an empty treasure chest
    I think I just hit upon my mouth
    devilish trick yet what the heck just
    happened you touch that plant and then I
    saw this crazy stuff
    you really expect me to believe that
    this mutt here is actually the
    woodcutter huh that's never a dull
    moment with you around I'm gladder
    everyday I broke you out of jail
    well all I know for sure is that we're
    never going to get out of this forest
    until we get that bridge fixed and if
    what we just saw was true Rover here is
    the only one who can fix it why don't we
    find that chest and have a word with our
    mischievous friend let's head back the
    way we came and see if we missed it

    Watch video from 156:00 - 159:00

    Here Come my next victims introducing
    the one the only tricky devil hi hey
    you're supposed to be shocked by my
    devilish trickiness no time for Plan B
    even take this seriously the only thing
    I'm shocked by is how lame you are did
    you just pour cheeky devil don't you
    know who I am I'll teach you for my next
    trick I'm gonna beat you to a pulp

    Watch video from 159:00 - 162:00

    who else wants some
    oh this can't be happening looks like
    the joke's on me this time hey there you
    oh look it's our pal the pooch not
    anymore thanks to you I'm back to my old
    I'm Flint the woodcutter by the way and
    I owe you more than words and possibly
    saying how can I ever repay it it's
    funny you should ask
    we were hoping that some kind soul might
    fix that bridge the monster smashed up
    it would be my pleasure why don't you go
    back to my cabin and put your feet up
    Lila it ended for you in no time flat
    I was hoping you'd say that much obliged
    sorry to have kept you waiting but I'm
    happy to announce that the bridge is
    fixed in fact it's even sturdier than
    you don't hang about huh Thanks you
    really helped us out now young fellow
    about this vision of me being turned
    into a dog you saw when you touched that
    Noorie think about it the more certainly
    am what you experienced can only have
    been a guidance of intra cell does that
    mean anything to you
    it's something my dear old granddad told
    me about when I was a boy imp Theresa is
    the giant floating tree in the center of
    our world of course the source of all

    Watch video from 162:00 - 165:00

    life the Sun God if the legends are to
    be believed each one of its leaves
    represents a life and his power
    preserves the peace and harmony of our
    the glowing plant you found in the
    forest is actually a part of a gorilla a
    piece of root poking through underneath
    it's said that the world tree can choose
    to communicate via her roots but only
    with certain variants
    and that's what my granddad meant by the
    guidance of ink drizzle he was talking
    about just such visions as you saw it's
    all coming back to me now as a boy I'd
    spent hours talking to the silly old
    thing but did anything ever happen not a
    you young man's you're different you're
    one of the special ones chosen by the
    world tree when you've got gray hair to
    life just so not only a you the luminary
    you're also egg Drusilla favorite little
    leaf huh some guys have all the luck I
    well we can't stand around talking about
    how great you are forever come on

    Watch video from 165:00 - 168:00

    another one bites the dust

    Dragon Quest 11 Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game 1080p 60fps PS4 PRO ドラゴンクエスト XI No Commentary 1080p 60fps HD let's play playthrough review ...


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