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    Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Walkthrough Part 1 – Intro & First Playthrough | PS4 Pro Gameplay

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    Intro to a new series, 100 likes to make it in a full one :)
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    Comment (37)

    1. great vid man, looking forward to more! i just wanna say apex that i feel bad hating on your first fifa career vid.. you are one of my fav youtubers and i spoke out of mind really .. but even if i like your series or not i always click on your vids and give you a like to help you out!

    2. Trust me man just play it for yourself, without thinking of likes & views
      The least this awesome game deserves is your full attention
      I suggest you a Solo No pawn run, best way to play it

    3. This was my all out favorite game back in the days. I played through the game multiple times and at one point i got so strong that i could kill any enemy/bosses in less then 6 second.. except the online ur dragon lol

    4. make sure you get a extra 2 pawns by going back into the rift after makeing your pawn, also use grab to climb onto and on top of big bosses to attack there heads,also the other 2 pawns dont level so go back to the rift often and get more pawns switch them out to get ones your level,those at your level or lower are free to use,pawns in the rift are other players pawns and can be used by other players even when being used by the person who made it if there ingame which is cool,i had a friends lv 42 i was useing while i was lv 21,also smash every jar and box you see to gain things for health and stamina,be sure to upgrade your profession at grand sorin inn to warrior or any other class you want to be,but upgradeing your class you'll loose the shield and only have broadsword ,abilitys can be got in the tent at the start area and in grand sorin inn

    5. Really? Most would agree, I think, that Bloodborne is harder than DS. DS you can block and basically just circle around most bosses and there’s much more variety, whereas BB you basically have to dodge and duck and the bosses are way faster

    6. Comparing to TheRadBrad you are faster at catching things and learning and noticing he did not play this game sadly but I will keep watching this till it end I played the game and end it once you become so high level the game will be bad to be honest but this is one of the legendary Games I played. Good Start btw 😉


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