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Dreambreak 100% Achievement Guide (1000 Gamerscore in 45 minutes)

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Written walkthrough, written by me, can be found here:

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Comment (25)

  1. Great guide! I hope there's more, so I can subscribe. This game wouldn't be that bad but the controls are absolute fucking garbage, I've rarely seen something this awful. The dude keeps stopping and turning his head left and right making me lose time and patience.

  2. Well that was a fucking waste of 5 dollars. Why do games like this have such a fondest for those cock sucking piece of shit parts like the taxi? Reminds me of that old idiots journey with the fucking train. Here I was thinking I beat the fucking thing and it gets 10x as complicated.

  3. at 1:21 of the video is where my game encounters a game breaking bug, i lose control of the character and cant do anything, and that text is stuck over my head.


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