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SearchThisVideo: Dreambreak – Police Drone Hacking – Part 2 – Gameplay / Walkthrough

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what about you do you have something to

say to me no I guess I go up here now

you go up up the stairs idiot up here

thank you

we run and can't walk any faster up the

stairs what about her does she have

something to say nope she has nothing to

say so we're going up alright so if she

said third floor I don't know if that's

correct or not there's a thing over here

an accident has happened in the Green

Line in the subway the middle-aged man

was run over by a train it's counted as

a third accidental connection to this

model equipped with the end innovational

security system the details are about to

be clarified we advise you to stay calm

and avoid the subway as far as possible

as far as possible okay I stole that

it's blocked to the investigator actions

take place okay so I need some way to

get around them not sure how I do that

presumably not in here so we're gonna go

back out hmm

can you go over this way anyway you can

go over this way no you can't go either


oh here we go we have this we're gonna

take a lift we're gonna take a lift up

to the third floor going through the

window cleaning our job if it had any

power okay so I have to power this thing

now you have another puzzle to solve how

do i power this thing I guess I go in

here all right let's get power to this

lift so we can go up the side of the

building to go into some random dead

guy's room because he was a little bit

suspicious it's up and running

what is this what's this

Drago deterrent detergent knock out

stains warning contains I don't care

what do I do with it oh I have it now

okay just don't breathe it in I don't

know why I would breathe it in but thank


I guess all right let's run run run run

you're not running fast enough you gotta

run faster okay so it said it's up and

running so I guess I turned it on maybe

I'm not entirely sure but we're gonna

try this now eh oh there we go there's a

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guy just chilling run run faster okay

no stop jumping I want you to run how do

I know what floor or what room he is I

guess I just have to check every room

let's go into this person's room so

should we start looking for evidence

it's not why we're here

our objective is under over is

undercover CIA agents look for clues

okay I'm gonna check the hall stay on

your toes

I like how they just blatantly say ah

we're that's not why we're here we don't

care this guy died you know we're

undercover CIA agents we don't care

about any of that what can I do with

this do something oh oh

I'm guessing him out get rekt

not sure why I just killed that guy he's

only an undercover CIA agent come on

what am I gonna do with this guy in the

hallway though I don't know how to do

anything about him also it doesn't look

like there's anything really in that

room but I guess it's just our job to

figure everything out

wake up comrade time to be a patriot

I got system about the pace of and

growth of prosperity domain okay into

room 16 so I guess that guy that was in

the hallway just where it ditched

everything and left

so whatever nothing special what about

in the fridge is that where he keeps his

special stuff oh okay just what the

doctor ordered a fully loaded gun and a

battery for a forcefield protector and

this nightclub flyer hmm that's the only

lead I got what is happening what is

this why am I

there's detectives that I just killed

one of them I hmm whatever I guess my

life is just that sucky that this is

what I do and go more this way let's

jump out the window

jump or not guess don't jump guess we'll

stay here all right now run faster come

on I know you're faster than that

Oh God hello wait how did you get here

you the janitor Oh God

she shot at us now we're being chased by

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

the CIA what were we thinking

Oh God

oh he knows why no oh okay I have to

play the game I have to play the game

yeah I get wrecked by the force field

oh my gosh what is this game

get rekt get rekt oh I'm so confused we

just like picked up a gun and now we're

killing all these tops ah I think he

trying to damage my shield oh well he's

dead so it doesn't really matter can I

run with the arrow keys no I can't

I guess I go in in the taxi that makes


gotta get out of here he doesn't care

you know taxi drivers don't care that

you just shot up three cops oh god what

do I do here Oh God

what do I do Oh what what am I supposed

to do here

get rekt

what do i do okay I guess we went down


what is what does that do what is what

is this okay okay let's try avoiding

them okay hitting hitting space does

something or interacting with them

somehow does something oh oh okay what I

need some sort of information you got to

give me something uh hacked police

drones use directional buttons to

capture the target then trace the

pattern while holding the use button oh

okay I guess all right so we got a hack

this drone aha

nailed it okay so I have a certain

amount of time to hack these drones this

is actually this is kind of cool I kind

of like this oh no oh God

okay now we know what we're doing we got

this bring it on you drones


rekt by which one's gonna get here first

you rekt oh god rekt rekt get rekt

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

everything oh god I'm too good oh no you

look like a super one nope you're just

you're just asleep yeah there's

nevermind alright bring it I don't know

why you went from blue and red to just

blue but you did and now I'm I'm not

gonna stop I'm not gonna stop

also I what does this taxi driver

thinking here like why does he not just

kick me out now he's gonna have to deal

with the cops after him this is on him

for being dumb okay okay okay I broke it

I broke the game I broke the game God

why did I like reach some sort of

checkpoint at least nope I did not this

is actually quite difficult there we go

okay bring it I'm ready for whatever you

got no get him rekt okay

this is actually extremely stressful and

not easy at all I was not expecting this

from this game I was expecting you know

simple puzzles not button combination

challenges what what what

no oh why okay this is the time I can

feel it I'm ready for you guys bring it

I am a the greatest hacker ever I am a

just a janitor who has learned to hack

police drones in my spare time

apparently that is what I do

I learned to hack police drones bring it

okay I think we can do it this time

this is where it starts to get really

hard I think or is it is it randomized

no I don't think it is I think it's just

you got to wait for it to get really

hard come on no can't do that

that's hacking that's cheating

what no there's too many this is not

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

fair there are too many of you oh my god

how oh god what what I made it I did it

oh that was way too difficult I made it

I crashed the taxi taxi driver guess

there wasn't a driver maybe that's

that's the only possible answer to that

wake up comrade time to be a patriot the

temp to screen broadcast about to pace

about the pace of production and the

growth of prosperity but what do you see

in reality the crime rate and the prices

are rising the standard of living into

the main so I guess we're just slowly

collecting more of this watered-down

thing so I'm not really sure what they

call making the entrance comrade if you

want to get to the station it's quicker

through my office all right I guess

we'll take his office next time we have

to get to the station you know that

wasn't really the optimal choice we had

there but we did it but the first branch

of the cam rads was delayed for

uncertain period of time the stoppage

caused by the remediable effects I don't

care enough signed okay signed by the

director of something what what no the

floor can't just fall out on nothing


this elevator needs this elevators in

need of a lift okay

I guess we'll check out what's on this

subway train not sure why we want to go

on the subway train they've clearly been

nothing but bad news but we're going on

the subway train nonetheless no enter a

code to unlock oh come on I guess we'll

just jump up there cuz we can do that

yep that's our answer that's what we

have to do I can't use this one can I do

anything over here no does this just

take me down no no this takes me

somewhere else okay what is this place

this is creepy who is this guy I can

interact with this box a broken pair pad

with something scratched on it 0 4 5 1

someone likes old games

so you're a 4-5-1 who's that guy I'm

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

actually like really invested in this

game now at first I thought it was

terrible I thought it was crap but it's

gotten it's drawn me in what is

happening oh this is creepy

this is definitely creepy alright we got

whatever it is we're supposed to have I

think and we got our code

who's this guy it's just watching over

us and I don't like it I don't like it

he's the board from the lift terminal

why was it here beats me how do we get

up there and see this guy he's being

creepy and I don't like him and what is

happening here okay I guess we'll just

leave there's nothing I mean we got the

stuff from over there so not sure what

else we can really do this is so creepy

what are these things what what are they

are they statues are they frozen people

are they dead are they ghosts they're

probably ghosts is this a something me I

don't like this okay

what's this what do we do here interact

with that somehow testing that seems to

be working again all right back up let's

go back into the lift and get out of

this creepy dark deep place I don't like

it well there's that guy again okay so

that's where we fell that floor dropped

out from under us for no reason but

that's what happens sometimes I guess

all right so we're back to the entrance

exterminating all dissidents sacrifice

and toil a filth column is working

against us back off Eugene don't

interfere they spy they sabotage

around our works like hungry stay

village and report any suspicious or

unusual behavior I'm watching you

that's creepy okay I guess we're going

to some nightclub don't know why we're

going on the green train again but it

took us to the nightclub okay I think

we're gonna probably call it there for

this episode next episode if we decide

to continue doing this game which I'm

pretty invested in it right now let me

know what you guys think but it seems

it's pretty it's good good it's getting

good I'm actually quite enjoying it at

the moment but that's it for today so I

hope you guys have enjoyed this game of

course more information on it is down in

the description below I can find

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

everything you need to know there and

yeah god I'm very surprisingly impressed

don't expect anything good in the

controls and the translation seems a bit

off but the story itself is drawing me

in and the little little sort of mini

games like the toilet puzzle that was a

little bit weird but if it wasn't in a

different situation other than

unclogging a toilet I would have enjoyed

it you know it sort of reminds me of a a

more involved style than the dream

machine which is a game that I love so

yeah definitely a good game

I would suggest checking it out

especially if this is your style that's

it for today though everybody hope you

guys have enjoyed this game so far

An ordinary everyday man named Eugene, dragged by coincidence and circumstance from a life of mundane menial tasks into a baffling world of sudden, inexplicable murder, hidden conspiracy and unrelentingly lethal robots with nasty sharp pincers and lasers coming out of everywhere.

Depicted in a distinctive Cyrillic pixel art style the cyberpunk city crackles with tech-noir intrigue and neo-digital deceptions. Using every tool at your disposal help Eugene to unpick the knot of mystery that he has become enmeshed within – your equilibrium will be rocked as you point and click a path through this briar patch of tangled meaning and unexpected quixotic quirks.


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