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    SearchThisVideo: Dreamfall Chapters Walkthrough Part 1 Book One (No Commentary)

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    Watch video at 00:00

    there are two worlds our world the world

    of science and Arcadia the world of

    magic dreams connect these parallel

    worlds but a dark force threatens the

    very fabric of dreams

    Zoe Castillo holds the power to shape

    dreams and save us from the unde reaming

    but she is trapped in a place called the

    story time key an avenue is destined to

    play an important role in the war to


    but he faces execution for treason

    against his own people they are both

    about to be reborn a new story is about

    to begin their paths will intersect and

    at the end of their journey they will

    face the thief of dreams

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    they say that every story has a

    beginning and an end but that isn't

    always the case

    some stories simply stop

    my name is Zoe Castillo and dying I've

    been in a coma for over a year the

    doctors don't believe I'll ever wake up

    again my mother did this to me she put

    me here so that I wouldn't be able to

    tell my story so that she could keep her

    secrets it worked the world is addicted

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    to dreams to dream time it's just

    entertainment they have no idea what the

    dream machine is really for and what

    it's doing to the world they don't know

    that someone is stealing their dreams

    using them to reshape reality so if I'm

    in a coma how am I talking to you

    the thing is my body may be here in a

    hospital but my mind

    my mind is elsewhere

    this is the storytime it's the place

    between and it's my home now this place

    where all stories begin and end

    including mine

    dad Gabrielle stops by everyday keeps

    apologizing I wish you wouldn't

    Sleeping Beauty coma as a fashion

    statement No ah that's all for but I

    honestly do that better on my deathbed

    that machine is all that stand between

    me and Six Feet Under

    it feeds my comatose body a fun cocktail

    life's saved the latest and greatest in

    chemical life support without magical

    miracle machine I'd be stiff and cold

    and probably on maggoty happy thoughts

    that was taken when Reza and I was still

    dating there's like a different life

    time and well sort of was people keep

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    bringing flowers so for uni riyal

    Wonka's my old war tiller I don't know

    if the chart is accurate or just a dream

    construct but it doesn't look good that

    lines should be pointing up not down

    storytime I don't know how long I've

    been here six months nine

    I hear her calling out for help she's

    trapped in a looping night terror


    oh god no I can't grab her she's falling

    too quickly

    help me

    I can't grab her she's falling too


    she's control completely overwhelmed

    she'll just keep falling she won't be

    able to escape the loop without my


    thanks for first saving me feels like

    I've been falling forever what is this

    place a bird dream I'm here to help you

    wake up okay okay it's just a dream it's

    just a dream I could've sworn it was

    this feels so real

    in a few moments it won't you'll forget

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    all about it but I want you to remember

    one thing stop using that thing the

    dream machine stop using it or you'll be

    back and maybe I won't find you next

    time and maybe you'll be stuck in a

    nightmare forever oh god no no I promise

    I'll remember do something else with

    your spare time go shopping have lots of

    sex take more naps anything but this

    time to wake up

    thank you again who are you

    doesn't matter you won't remember anyway

    just go and never come back

    that dream is just total blackness the

    absence of light

    it's dark it's too dark I can't I can't

    move I can't go anywhere it's too dark

    just way too dark

    Dreamfall Chapters Walkthrough Part 1 Book One No Commentary Gameplay

    Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey (Norwegian: Drømmefall Kapitler: Den lengste reisen) is an on-going episodic 3D adventure game with emphasis on character interaction, exploration of the game world, and puzzle solving. It is a sequel to the adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. The first episode was released on 21 October 2014.

    The Longest Journey series is set in two parallel universes: Stark, a cyberpunk future Earth, and Arcadia, its magical fantasy counterpart. Chapters takes place in 2220 CE and continues the story of Dreamfall, whose protagonist Zoë Castillo had uncovered a criminal conspiracy that aimed to enslave both Stark and Arcadia by stealing their residents' dreams. Although Zoë managed to disrupt the conspirators' plans, she was betrayed and left for dead in the end of Dreamfall, and has to find her purpose in life again in Chapters. The writers described the narrative theme of the game as "chapters of life".

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