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  • DYING LIGHT 2 Stay Human Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – NEW PARKOUR ZOMBIE GAME (Full Game)

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    Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20[Music] guys the first big game of 2022 dying light 2 is here and what's that big thank you to techland who provided me with a review code and we're doing a giveaway for the first episode all you got to do is simply like the video also in the comment section below timestamp your favorite part of the video and let me know why and you guys can win a copy of dying light too we'll see how the video does i'll probably give away two copies maybe even three if the video does well we'll see what happens but yeah i appreciate all the support if you guys could be awesome just smash the like button again leave your comments below subscribe and um yeah let's just do this a full walkthrough of dying light 2 is about to begin civilization is a vulnerable thing a whim of circumstance at any time the smallest flap of a butterfly's wings may set catastrophe in motion iran an entire city wiped from the map those left behind there did not stand a chance the world's greatest minds came together and found a vaccine against the hurran virus finally mankind had prevailed against the disease but people always want more [Music] despite a promise to shutter its labs the gre continued its research in secrecy for military purposes it didn't take long for a variant of thv to escape into the world once more the fall happened more rapidly than anyone could have predicted the few who survived now live in small enclaves the only means of contact between distant human settlements are lone individuals brave or desperate enough to travel on their own across dangerous wastelands they are known as pilgrims somewhere on the map one city is still standing a city isolated from the outside world a city with special rules now it's the last bastion of humanity a chance for us to learn from history and for once make the right choices because every choice you make here shapes the future irreversibly foreign you still got it you know this game used to be more fun and you used to be younger i'm dumber what matters is you steal just as fast because the slope yeah pilgrim yeah i know i know get up here i want to show you something damn that was a close call did he jump that damn okay so is it me or does aiden sound really similar to crane or is that just me i don't know if i'm tripping or something look at that wow that is quite the view okay and that was spike splax in the first game of course you meet him quite early on yep i'll be to jump oh [Music] interesting already the movement just feels a bit more fluid that's the right word it really does yeah definitely oh [ __ ] man you're still strong spike must be a lot older now because i'm pretty sure the first game was set i think somewhere around 2014 this is 20 36 so a lot of time has passed thanks he does look cool to see you spike how long has it been far too long but don't get all mushy on me now come i want to show you something where are we going it sounds like a crane it's incredible it's also incredible most pilgrims don't last two three years on the road but you've been kicking around for what four years now and you're still alive so are you i know but i'm [ __ ] awesome yeah yeah right right seriously i wish i had as much energy as you got a new lead on jane uh trail went cold after new paris which route you take through baynes or gary that baines what a [ __ ] some five rickety huts left and a ramshackle fence look at that a beehive full of honey can't let an opportunity like this go to waste no way oh look around if we're lucky there's chamomile growing here too chamomile never heard of it i was gonna nick some honey all those bees would be absolutely fuming i'll be bitten alive oh there you go that's the plant we need we have the honey i'm guessing this is gonna be some kind of health kit random guess yeah this'll do all right what does it do it's teach us spike you really said old herbalist we helped escort to her village oh yeah the one that had that saying uh remember chamomile and honey are gifts that keep giving combine them and lucky you you just might go on living okay so we combine them our first blueprint of the game so far all right so i've only got enough for one but you can see there's a lot more to craft eventually um this is where all this this way all your parts for crafting is stored okay got it thank you very much and you hold down a to craft i am playing on pc but i've got the xbox controller i'm on i just prefer playing dynamite with controller of course you can play with my mouse and keyboard if you want to come on we're almost there let's go spike starting to get pretty dark out isn't it the sun's definitely setting unless i'm tripping out right now what do we do this is it come on looks like a pretty fancy house back 16 years ago at least i'd personally close the gate but there we go wow somebody had a nice grip very fancy damn it locked i'll try to get through here you check the other side take anything we could use yeah sure do some looting my survival sense is still tingling which is good to see ah i found a way in here oh there is lovely what's this purple thing oh lovely i'll be taking this that is actually kind of annoying oh okay i got a further i'm guessing it's probably used for some arrows looks like we can investigate as well maybe find out what happened in this house it was oddly quiet 2023 okay party but by then the gre would have long since lost control of the virus definitely hmm i've also got a newspaper clipping here as well so haram was the location of the first game uh the source of the original outbreak and that's that's where that place that's that's where that game takes place and now we're i guess we're how far are we in the in the future my maps are correct 22 years is that right might be wrong you get the gist i believe we're going this way oh a fridge it's always a good thing here or not rags always useful molotov stuff like that medicine what a freaky place yeah just rats i think it's time we parted ways what why i'm starting to worry about you and you know i sang you're starting to worry about someone it means it's time to go yeah what do you mean you're just gonna leave me seems a bit rude i'm pretty sure aiden is is is potentially infected already um i looked at his hand earlier it doesn't look it doesn't look great definitely some kind of infection through here some more clues alcohol maybe like a last i wonder how the wine tasted back there last finale like a party or something went down the final player who do you voodoo sounds familiar who do you voo do is that an actual song who do you voo do is that like a dead island easter egg potentially i don't know i'm not actually sure and that's what they called art yeah stomach when i i read an article about this new piece of art it was a blank piece of paper just all white nothing on it and the artist was my ideas are on the page you just can't see them something weird like that what's up what's what are you talking about absolute criminal cigarettes i don't think adam appears eight hayden pierce i don't think aidan uh smokes but we can sell him on as valuable objects for currency and money lovely he's not aiden ps actually aiden is quite a common name in video games i swear i hear his name quite often oh damn okay this was definitely a last hurrah i'm guessing that like a missile hit the house or some kind of nuclear weapon dave that's heartbreaking there's nothing like a party to celebrate the end of the world they died on their own terms let's hope we get that lucky too i'll see what's upstairs you check out the garden okay okay uh so the video is a bit dark um i don't have a torch currently and the game is this dark for me so uh yeah we roll with it i mean the sun is setting so what about everyone's got like the longest neck oh look at his bodies they must have known was coming they were partying the night away what's this oh was that them i got a good beard at least they had each other where's the man's foot gone that's what i want to know this person that was that died in the dings she was very classy i'm surprised there's no infected in here at all oh end of the world party yeah it was welcome to the last party i bet they got absolutely smashed you would do wouldn't you i reckon these might be people from tech land dearest mary i'm sorry i ran from you they say that once the virus makes you turn you're gone forever that can't be true i know you're still in there underneath all that pain and disease i'm coming to join you no more running god hey come here check this out yeah they were like screw it let's just enjoy ourselves let's just have a whale of a time and why not why not go for it completely make sense so what spike found what is it spike sit down buddy okay for you a gift a gift from the heavens to be more accurate i've just found it by the owner's dead body may it be more used to you here it's gone flat look at you and your sophisticated pallet drink who would have thought the end of the world could be so peaceful yeah at least until night falls true i wish crane could have seen this who doesn't matter oh he just mentioned crane i tracked down that guy for you well what what what guy what guy were you talking about what what what guy quit pretending you became a pilgrim to track that [ __ ] down waltz i found someone who knows him oh okay why didn't you say earlier hey what and you're only telling me now when i tossed your beer thought you guessed right away we're celebrating the guy's in villadore supposedly he knows something about waltz villadore i saw him that close huh okay i got a favor to ask you you deliver this to gary it's on your way people don't like pilgrims there but they pay well and where do people like pilgrims well they're afraid of us everyone does their best to survive maybe boom something needs to be transported through the hordes of infected and suddenly they're knocking on our doors all right but you owe me one ah not just one so what about that guy well i talked to him over the radio he didn't tell me his name sounds like he's got something to hide see that antenna on the hill that'll help you contact the informant he'll be listening for you at dawn on a forty frequency of hundred megahertz told me to hear from you soon okay uh do you know what he wants in return or i'll go straight to the city um yeah do you know what he wants him at home what does he want in return didn't say yeah but he didn't sound like the kind of guy who does things for free i don't think that kind of guy exists what what about me you're an old fart who likes racing me and makes me ask around about his crazy girlfriend hey hey hey she's not crazy jane's just maybe well a little hot-headed and she's always getting herself into trouble but if you could get a load of her whoa all right still too early in the evening for that sort of time eyes i was gonna say eyes beautiful steely huge never heard anyone get so worked up about gray eyes because you don't know [ __ ] about the world let alone women yeah you're probably right i'm telling you i'll finally find jane we'll set up a house we're going to live there no one's going to drive us out and i'll stop wondering like a [ __ ] i'll drink to that and that waltz what's his deal is he family no not at all then why are you looking for him will you tell me sometime yeah yeah one day well my time's up so when will i see you again huh in another two years maybe take care man i hope you find that waltz guy or whoever you're looking for and remember 140 200 megahertz at dawn the guy's waiting for you all right we have the frequency we're ready let's go so we're going all the way to that radio tower over there easy easy peasy we can do it next time at the prism oh that scream man it's getting quite late actually and now we're by ourselves yeah um spike definitely mentioned crane 100 i swear you sort of mentioned him in the past sense can we jump off this let's find out we're good we're good oh boy that looks pretty fancy over there don't see any infected that's for now at least we've got a weapon now so we lost our weapon right i started that it was infected here okay can i get it out i think it's out already should we go inside whoa hello ah biters yeah typical biter do you see me yeah he's coming over lucy is he heard the ruckus you heard the ruckus didn't you come on it sit down there's nothing so satisfying oh hello as hitting these biters he's infected against spikes oh it's so good i've missed it i've missed it so much i was empty even such bodies that have nothing great real waste of time anyone in here no i think we're good getting late though guys we have to hurry up a little bit definitely definitely definitely a bit scrap there's some green stuff outside what's that oh a random place for honey we better keep moving before we run out of time what's that it's not quite as good but i'll take it anyway a plumber's hammer a little bit makeshift but i can't make it work oh hello i believe there is a skill set based on combat and also based on parkour movement i believe every time we kill a biased achilles infective that should improve our combat up here this doesn't look safe there we go [Music] there's i don't like this at all oh we made it go me i believe we're going the right way anything inside the bus nope hit me up okay i think they're asleep there's a lot of them in there oh so if we drop down are they all gonna turn around and just eat me alive basically and yes i do have a weapon but oh you do so much are we good we're good oh listen at night they may come out and play so yeah lovely i really don't want that right now uh that big a blue butter pops up that's our stamina bar see it slowly uh goes down when we're climbing and when we're hitting the infected the stamina is very important in this game i think it goes down when you run as well but so far the game just feels it feels like more dynamite but it feels like a decent step forward the movement just feels a bit more fluid combat feels good the graphics definitely look better as well the movement looks so sort of natural it feels good yeah really nice [Music] very nice indeed anything around here oh is that some more honey lovely i love that thank you i think i feel bad for the bees honestly there's a zip line there i guess we use it can i grab it yay look at that view there was no views like that in the first game just it just it just wasn't wasn't a possibility oh what are you doing up so higher is that the smell coming off of him oh a oh that is yeah it's still satisfying i can confirm definitely it's getting late isn't it guys i don't like this i don't like where this is going was that that's weird oh hello we just unlocked our very first parkour skill i think definitely in terms of first person definitely the best parkour game in my opinion um yeah i don't know about third person i don't know i know assassin's creed's quite good anyway allow you to allows you to jump higher and reach higher ledges so just hold the right bumper very good okay for one sec immunity four minutes 40 seconds okay so i'm definitely affected then it's um every time we do like a little bit of parkour we get some nice points for it it's time to get late oops hopefully we can find some uv light fairly soon ah it's already dark it's time to hide somewhere for the night okay it won't get any better than this there's not more [Applause] sorry all right [Applause] what's going on here what is that some enemies have power attacks that deal massive amounts of damage when an enemy is about to use a power attack okay his health bar starts blinking red you have to dodge it press the rb button uh to go backwards or you can do a sidestep yeah gotta look out for that first oh that is a horrible attack [Applause] screw you i even see the health bar [Applause] [Music] where did you guys come from we're good [Music] [Applause] that was close that was horrible that was that was literal hell oh i think my tactic was wrong now i should have gone for the uh the more powerful infected there i don't know what she's called maybe like a leap or something oh there you go infected trophy rare interesting um use them as a what's that use them back at the craftsman oh okay we've got a few interesting supplies apparently we'll do some crafting some scrap always useful can i pick that up uh apparently i can't okay maybe i can explode it and use it to uh help me out oh hello i'll take that a raggedy chopper oh turn the power on lovely oh that's better done it is on lovely it's a lot better i've got some music as well oh broadcast station should be here somewhere what happened in here we look around fast nope they are firmly closed okay some kind of footprint on the floor quite sure what it is i guess i can smash through these windows there's another weapon so we can obviously use that weapon i'm guessing we can potentially dismantle it as well or sell it of course oh what's this it's been moved ah okay let's give it a try bookcases and wardrobes they're always suspicious never trust them oh uv light yes we love that so we found our very first safe zone you've just unlocked the first safe zone increasing your network of respawn points all safe zones are equipped with uv lights which guarantee safety at night additionally each safe zone offers the access to a resting place which is the bed um so you can sleep as well where you can change the day and night phase yes we know how threatening the night is if we can avoid that'll be great um aiden's stash is there as well and we can leave your excess items if you is it wish broadcast station very cool you know i'd probably close that behind me but i'm not here to judge so dark i really need a torch at some point right should we wait until morning it was done wasn't it so it was like 6am something like that i thought aidan's got an alarm though just wait for the sun to rise i guess what mia are we running or what but like now we need supplies everything's ready it's so quiet where is everyone maybe they're all dead you're stupid let's go now [Music] it'll be all right wait here [Music] nothing good will come of this have you brought 12346 we were supposed to take the patients back to the city don't worry they'll let us go soon i'm scared i'm here with you you're safe with me i know do what i tell you [Music] easy cesars even if they separate us this is how we'll always find each other [Music] dr waltz we won't make it the military will be here any moment wait close your eyes [Music] fire fire this way so is that aidan when he was younger he had a sister called mia but my daughters called me up somewhere my brains are over the place right now bit by that ask about the main character we have to try and find is mia time to contact the guy spike was talking about oh okay with though a.d they called um in in that cut scene sounded more like a girl i'm really confused anyway um it was 140 wasn't it yeah [Music] this is aiden i'm on frequency 140.200 megahertz hello hayden yes i was supposed to get in touch with you i thought you changed your mind why are you looking for waltz pilgrim to find someone else her name is mia 15 years ago we were in a hospital together and i know who you're looking for aidan you want to know why waltz was doing those experiments on all of you why you are stronger more durable than others i just want to find mia i've been looking for since i left the survivor's camp can you help me or not maybe i can let's meet pilgrim where and when entrance to the metro tunnel by the bay you can get inside the tunnels through an open gre hatch i'll meet you there i think you're not doing this for free i have to leave the city but i won't make it on my own outside take me to new paris and we're even along the way i'll tell you everything i know over and out all right i have to at least know if she's alive she's alive she's alive i'm going to the rendezvous i'll see you later okay so that's the main backbone of the story can we use the radio again just curious there's a few other frequencies there lisa barry g allen ben's farm all right let's go i think we're going the right way just glad that radio tower was actually working so i was a little bit surprised actually these views man this game is very pretty very pretty and deleted there's one long zipline all right do have a look inside this church there'll be something in here surely god is dead okay let's not touch on that subject i thought that was infected then that terrify me a little bit oh okay i don't know who puts these there but they're very useful x marks the spot nice little safe spot be sure to jump into this look at that perfect oh hello we got a secret loot in here let's go back here first it's all green as well pretty valuable to us at the start of the game at least we we do eventually get a little bit picky but for now we're going to pick up most of the stuff we see honestly let's get out of here now oh we did it just about that was perfectly timed look at the details like that there was nothing like that in the first game you can tell that the world has been absolutely ravaged by this uh this virus uh where it does it felt a bit more confined in it in the in the first game the world has been it's immediately can you hear me i swam across the lake so you've almost reached the tunnels there's an entrance the only one the gre left when they sealed up the city i'm coming from the other side hurry up [Applause] the xp and the skills thank you see you guys later are we going the right way i think so it's pretty clear aidan does have some advantage over the the common man i think i can jump to this that works hey guys i don't know if i can jump that actually can jump from here that did not feel good i didn't feel good okay i wasn't that's a place to hide have you made it go me you move around so quickly in this game love it i'm entering the tunnels hey can you hear me i'll meet you soon here i come okay it's getting close good before i did it hey is anybody there wish i had a torch right now oh [ __ ] this doesn't look good look at that what the oh my god hell happened here [ __ ] [Music] [Music] are you all right you [ __ ] bit me a volatile lots of those [ __ ] in the sewers you must get to the light quickly later we have to move resistance it'll pass stay strong here you are we've been looking for you and what about this one seems dead to me didn't have it on him let's go i don't have the key i swear [ __ ] sick really i don't have the key i have a flashlight but we must try and keep this informant alive i've never been so pleased to see a uv light ever ever so pleased sure they can hear us coming [Music] so the volatile definitely did buy us is that going to cause some issues i would imagine probably yes i don't know what i'm trying to get in for it's almost like desperation please work it's gone i told you i'm coming back keep the informant alive we need the information where's me [Music] [Music] where did you hide our key boy i don't know what you're talking about let him go you're gonna make us let him grow punk see you do that bring it oh that wasn't called for what's that about the perfect block suppress and hold lb to block block at the very last moment to do a perfect block that will stagger your enemy making them vulnerable for a short window of time okay call it give it to me bro okay let's do it again another good damn that was a little bit cold oh there's more of course there is why wouldn't that be just two you ain't gonna like what comes next i'm going to take you down stephanie block him get you ain't gonna lift my floor any more fans here go is that it is that what you got all right great that was shameful so i've got combat points and parkour points i mean that's similar to the first game actually oh a volt kick so if they're staggered i can press rb to perform a volt and then press the right trigger to do a volt kick oh i like that okay sweet i do like that all right let's check on him we have no time let's go then let's go who's that there's no time in my pocket i left you something what is this a gre access key the peacekeepers they found it we cannot lose it you were going to tell me what happened to my sister where's mia you will go to fisheye there ask for a girl named the one give that to her with it and her help you'll learn you will learn everything understand protect it if waltz gets his hands on it the whole city everyone will die walt is walt's here he is they're coming you hear that renegades run we'll go together take this all right let's go oh that's not very nice is it use vaults increase your mobility in combat run at staggered enemies with the rb button and obviously do the vault kick again this is the foundation of parkour combat later you'll learn more skills that will further expand your abilities okay so we're trying to stagger them first there we go yeah oh i screwed it up damn it what happened there oh i'll try that again fool damn it he did try again and he done it come on try again try it yes that was sweet imagine doing that inspired just almost like stagger them again as ah interesting [Music] fancy that time oh i think he's gone he's finished him off with a vault kick he might have lost his helmet though oh what the did you guys see that that was gross don't try it fall he's dead anyway doesn't matter what the phrase humans are always going to be the idiots it's just how it's going to be humans are the plague on this planet oh it's true it's worth searching i don't want to run i will not leave you help me let's go come on let's get we have to run but i'm looking for him you idiot he'll kill you if he finds you [ __ ] get to the vent why is this guy hooking me up so much this way you first there shouldn't be good people like this anymore what are you doing waltz can't get the jre key remember what let me out fish eye the one go damn [Applause] hey fellas let him go why did you betray me this key is not yours you can't where is it in here i'm sorry getting misty not really you're only dying before zero hour my grandfather raised horses beautiful rare breeds i love them dearly one day his most beloved horse fell off the slope and broke his leg i thought grandpa would help him but he just pulled out his pistol and put it in my hand he told me you're doing it for him then he pressed my finger on the trigger i screamed i wanted my grandfather to die but years later i realized must be done must be done you leave me no choice my friends [Music] ah shoot are we starting to turn right now that was like the worst timing the completely worst time impossible no no no no no run oh you're kidding me you're kidding me [Music] oh shoot where are we even going right now down the runway of course i am oh damn yeah i believe i'm guessing walters has some kind of altering dna or something because that punch man dylan just he flew briefly flew that was some punch maybe he's got similar powers to aiden potentially maybe more powerful who knows oh no damn oh there it's guessing it's from the bite earlier i'm quite sure so by the way my weapon looks absolutely screwed right now but i have to use it in a fight i'm in trouble this is really bad this is very very bad ah are we out we good if you guys are still watching this i appreciate the support i really do press the like button i love you i think this might be one of my longest first parts ever potentially i want to keep going i'm i'm hooked [Music] who the [ __ ] is this he doesn't have a biomarker a word [ __ ] died would it be faster he's about to he's an turn he must be killed he's with me you got that did i tell you not to go anywhere without me didn't they [ __ ] tell you who the [ __ ] are you they tell you about shh not now [Music] he's moving hack on kill him hack on kill him before i do it for you oh whoa whoa whoa relax breathe seems he hasn't turned seems heck on i don't want that here you've come back to us blink if you understand my head you were on the verge of turning but uv light and inhibitors pulled you back the bat helped too of course you're alive let's keep it that way guy almost kills us all and you're chatting him up girls relax they're frightened you almost destroyed our workshop we need to move out can you walk but i i don't understand where where are we going to a safe place i gotta get to the fish eye the fish eye without the biomarker you won't get near it what the hell was that biomarker monitors the disease's progression in the dark that's your ticket into the city without it stepping out of the light is sort of a lottery you don't know when you turn you need a biomarker and i know where to find one come on he's turning again relax everything's under control it'll be fine hey you're weak take a minute drink seriously what next maybe we should draw him a bath sounds pretty cozy to me ladies maybe next time get banned how she had that with me why are you helping me let's get to know each other and find out you go first where'd you get all those learning your business you're careful good you live longer you're a real pilgrim or did you steal that badge that was a pilgrimage an hour to dusk i'm serious hack on he's not staying the night here here your weapon on your radio not even a pilgrim could get by without that come on let's go grubbidy bat for now just wait till it breaks and then we'll go from there not too fast actually what i should also do is make some more medicine if that's possible just go straight for the the max that's three more there we go getting stronger not bad where's the fisheye the canteen is there in the center past the chemical dumps ah i need to get there too bad only way to go is through the tunnel they protect it like a portal to the [ __ ] valhalla near impossible to get through uh i mean we have to get through there at some point can you help me get there well can you help me you seem to be familiar with the city i've lived in this city since before the world got [ __ ] up i could help you but you need a biomarker you won't get far without it where are you from pretty far i guess about 2 000 kilometers oh [ __ ] how the heck did you not get infected that's easy didn't let him bite me here it's different here we're all infected heard of haran they isolated velador too they built walls they locked us in turned out to be the thing that saved us and how do you get a biomarker uh you can't get them unless you know the right people and i do let's go by the way i'm hakon i'm aiden nice to meet you aiden welcome to paradise not quite sure about that fair enough so everybody here is infected but we need to get on these biomarkers that's the green bracelet you might see occasionally from time to time we need one of those oh land on that nice oh you do know the moves i was in the military special unit for seven years i even liked it except when i didn't for insubordination got blacklisted and they zeroed my bank account i ended up driving a cab ouch now the mighty have fallen [ __ ] you at least i got to know my way around the city oh come on my stamina's going down very quickly oh you're too weak without an inhibitor you won't last i didn't i smash everything in sight last time you gave it to me that was just the first time but then it gets better if you survive of course catch and totally i could have died if i hadn't given it to you you would have died anyway oh what's this i'm just stopped to pick up lovely yeah my weapon's not looking great health's not looking that great right now as well oh hello honey what is this so why are you helping me i know people are generally scared of you guys but one pilgrim saved my life i was a pilgrim now i'm infected it'll be much harder to travel and welcome to your new beginning my friend check out this place they're like treasure chests usually got good stuff in him check it out i'll wait all right i'll check it out i mean i've already started but sure watch a version through villadore look out for these roof grooves groves even they're a great resource for honey basically sort of health oh they do actually have weapons as well okay a few interesting pickups people hide a lot of things in places like this in case someone what's this oh what's that crystals someone must have stashed them here they formed after the chemicals were dumped on us some believe they delay infection folk superstition so you don't collect them sure i do superstitious people pay a fortune for them and i'm always happy to take someone's cash there's one specific chest i'm after come on let me show you what chest are you after then we'll find out eventually white crystal skull not a skull core crystal apparently i can't read ignore me i love the look of the city though come on come on stop oh so you have an army here the peacekeepers they treat people like that too watch out for them they got the tunnel you want to go through why do you protect them so heavily yeah i've i've handled these kind of guys before i'll be fine on the trail i met a lot of tough guys who talked about the new order and it always seemed like the same old [ __ ] to me yeah it's like that here too and the pks are getting worse i'll watch out for them tell me a bit more maybe tell me more about them they consider themselves righteous protectors they are good at killing infected so you got to give them credit for that yeah pretty efficient killers yeah but their righteousness comes with the price always remember this you either play by their rules or you're [ __ ] their protection of the bazaar is more like an occupation i'll proceed with caution good though it might not help the pk are a pain seriously riling up the bazaar folks the bazaar is a box of dynamite one spark away from blowing up hey are we going you uh wanted to show me something sure follow me that gre sounds so familiar umbrella they're so similar it's crazy it's scary can i definitely make that here go i guess all that is dropping rapidly oh luke should just run out yeah we are so much weaker it's like we've lost all of our benefits this might be tough as well i hope there are no surprises in return we'll get your biomarker [ __ ] thieves wait gotta be kidding me no no no leave it mess up that lock and everything's [ __ ] anyway enough for a biomarker where'd you get that i've been all over the city more than most but even i haven't seen working gre equipment for years well uh i'm gonna be honest oh well i can't be honest you'd be better i'm looking for someone someone important and uh this should help me find her but where did you get it it's better for you not to know believe me if you say so oh it's getting late [ __ ] me we took too long plenty run like hell [Applause] oh we can make it follow me quick okay i got it we need uv lights okay i get it it's a safe place and we need to uh calm down the infection okay how long do we have long enough i believe it's like a five minute limit in the dark before you start spinning the effects and a normal flash [Music] oh uv light it's right there oh eiffel bella open up hello stand in the light look a hack on uh come on open up now i got a howler's coming bio markers there's no time we've got the howler on our asses biomarkers did you hear behind us i said biomarkers here and his he's with me i have to see his bible well it's just inside the door at least i need to see his body how about some electronics huh [ __ ] that didn't work open up come on please [Music] [Applause] [Music] how are we so possibly unlucky what a joke chase level one looks like a five star rating four star rating he almost got us don't look back run oh behind me up new friends here huh keep them busy open the door or not killian [ __ ] you gideon come on killian trip over my body this morning and get killed [Music] he's gonna bang on the door for me i know there's gonna be more you pay for this one day oh [ __ ] there's a lot of them come on trouble loves company [Applause] i know you're there is that all of them oh i think so help me [Applause] thank you finally some help oh god damn it gillian we should have waited a while longer almost did didn't want to clean your guts off my doorstep in the morning they've left soaking you oh come on stop being such a bastard already look at this he's interested where did you that's rare invite us in or it'll get even more rare and who is this um [Music] first let us in i'm going to be honest i'll be nice i'm a pilgrim haven't been here long have you no how did you get into town i'll tell you everything just let us in i waited for a pilgrim once he was supposed to oh forget it doesn't matter anymore what are you up to hack on her i gave him an inhibitor survived are you mad he needs a biomarker don't have one [ __ ] seriously [ __ ] the hospital then i was hoping to avoid it always looking for an easy way huh i don't i just need a uv lamp i'll come back for you hold tight hack on why are you helping him huh remember when we used to help people me sure but i doubt you do stay here and rest by the lamp don't listen to that thomas idiot we used to help people remember sure i remember your [ __ ] hostile at least we have a safe place i do not want to do any missions at night for a bit please [Music] find me that's really freaky like my daughter's not higher yeah very funny did you make it almost biomarkers are at the gre hospital i'll be there shortly but to get the job done i need you to join me where should i go with killian's door to your back you'll be pointing right at it hold the line oh it's still nighttime lovely yeah i know don't want to go up against any of those anytime soon triggered we're good once i was taking my second wife to the hospital never drove that fast in my life her waters broke three months early you have kids there was no saving that one and other than that none that i know of sorry it's fine what normal person would want his kids to see a world like this agree there's no halos around here which is good dude did i see do you have a point is that what level okay got it yeah we're about halfway in terms of combat to the next level and parkour we've still got a long way to go okay inhibitor upgrades looking forward to getting my next one there should be one in this hospital i'd imagine the lock is broken of course don't worry find the old bus the bus at zero hour a bus crashed into the hospital broke through the wall you can use it to get inside since no one could get in there's a good chance there will be some markers left i think we're good oh man there's a hound right there i don't believe you at all yeah i don't think our health does go up unless our health's still a bit critical maybe hey this way big building huh oh yeah i see it gre took over quite a few of these for drug research when it all got [ __ ] they grabbed research volunteers but they paid them loads of money what was the result a lot of [ __ ] just a little more we don't have much time stay close to me door's locked you know how to open locks sure turn the key what if you don't have a key comedy i can't i've traveled thousands of kilometers you think doors are a problem for me okay just checking i think this room should have all the instruments you need maestro you can make lockpicks out of that oh we have new blueprints i'm hoping we need to scrap but i'm not sure let's have a look craft in there we go yes let's do max yeah 28 lock picks why not boom looks like maybe we can potentially upgrade the durability at some point potentially ah good work all right let's give it a go looks pretty similar to you know like a fallout uh skyrim block picking it's been the same pretty much in every game on this left try and find the weak spot a little bit there and then probe it until you get through yay we did it i broke one i'll take it oh you didn't lie you know your stuff i had no other choice was forced to know my stuff he's a pilgrim that's what he does what is this weird oh no oh yes oh what the hell we need that inhibitor fairly soon fairly soon like right now honestly what's that i like these little hiding spots as i well hurt myself i think i hit the barbed wire downstairs that won't work let's go this way i'm gonna try a different way dark zone in front of us keep quiet another hiding spot so we're just hiding this this grass interesting so if there's not an infected behind you at that moment and they're not looking at you you can hide that [Music] this place looks really freaky [Music] [Music] mia where are you that's a bad idea mia if it was a good one it wouldn't be fun [Music] what are you doing mia not on the wall stop talking and give me your hands aiden everything okay yeah are you sure okay talk to me i i swear this is where he's actually been already like that was so familiar like matched a match location i've been i've been i've been somewhere like this it's really weird i've been in one like this before a gre facility where there are a few of them around the city i'm having these these memories the person i'm looking for is mia she's my sister there's a guy here named waltz i don't know it's all mixed up in my head you suppress the memory like i did of my third wife look i'm sure the infection ain't helping chin up we'll find the marker and clear out let's go there better be a marker here that's all i'm saying i reckon he's been here before he's been to villadore before 100 i know it for a fact what the hell's down here oh hello we know our how important alcohol is in it is it is in these games that are so important like so much stuff of alcohol oh boy oh it's this bit shhh are you kidding me they've shown this off yeah we have to walk past them if you crouch and move slowly they shouldn't notice you get too close and you're done you probably know that already i do yeah i think they showed this off fairly recently it was terrifying to watch let alone actually play these are all blasters basic infected but they're asleep basically they're just hiding away um but if i get too close or make too much sounds back then they will get up and they will bite the living bejesus out of me basically this is horrible this is horrible it's okay it's okay chill out chin up [Music] all right sorry i didn't mean to uh interfere sorry like i'm bothering them in some way i feel like i shouldn't be here humans don't own this place anymore this is horrible by the monastery so i just lobbied them [Music] by the way guys i am loving this game so far like it's better than i imagined in every way i'm really liking it a lot what is that chemicals nasty [ __ ] when they lost control of the virus the gre started spraying the whole city with that filth worked out great fun this is meant to be some way to calm the infection in some way he did a great job fantastic was it like an experiment experiment that maybe went wrong [Music] see this was me overweight six foot man that would just collapse oh i'm gonna should i heal myself up i mean it barely went up actually all right this guy you told me about what was his name waltz yes why did you mention him because i remember he was doing some kind of experiment he wasn't the only one doing them there were more cities like villadore with walls cut off from the rest of the world many people were working toward a vaccine aden but well the world is full of [ __ ] sorry my talk should have been on there gre see this all commandeered the hospital and yeah start doing experiments pretty sure this is where me and paige were at some point like 15 odd years ago that was loud be careful it's not stable oh great come on oh [ __ ] no no just jump jump now jump um you alive i guess so thumbs up yeah i'm alive clearly just about holding on sure give me a sec hurry we're running out of time oh right let's find our way up i don't know if we can i guess let's find out we can hold on [Music] i can't make it oh wait i've got an idea remember the cocktail i served you earlier at the girls workshop enablers exactly you fell to the first floor there's some gre storage down there okay look for white green crates inhibitors should be inside if you don't make it sound so easy you should get your strength back all right right so obviously we have the access key if we are close to an inhibitor it will pop up in survival sense so that's great okay good to know obviously these are very useful for upgrades um that was weird i couldn't hear anything okay sounds fine must be like a weird glitch i don't like this one we're now by ourselves i know i've seen this [ __ ] the same one [Music] you wait that was terrifying i ran off trying to go around it somehow how do we know where he is right inhibitor inhibitor here we go do we know 100 where we're going right now honestly no [Music] got some coins lovely that one's moving is that one moving as well [Music] but i was moving as well just a shadow go [Music] you're dead he needs to chill out is this the right way i guess so [Music] from us i'm scared mia yeah me too and i'm younger don't be a chicken lady what if the doctor sees us he won't besides you'd have to catch us too come on don't back out now walt is definitely going to find them definitely already without soul just a place yes i see it it's right there yes and there's no one here don't be a chicken lady just close that door [Music] perfect situation you love to see it can i look in this look at me definitely worth finding i have feeling no one's been in here for a long time this room is locked until very recently here it is actually the battery is quite low but you should be able to unlock it yeah there we go yes inhibitor lovely is that three of them oh do i need free to unlock particular ah so what we can use it on three inhibitors that's kind of crazy uh i think i have to upgrade my stamina but it should bring it back to normal hopefully we should be back to where we started so that's good great news i took the inhibitor go back to the elevator good job good job aiden good job indeed oh got some joggers i know what they do let's have a look uh infantry joggers for a ranger a class specializing in ranged weapons i don't really have a ranged weapon but fair enough um survival sense duration is slightly longer parkour xp is slightly longer and range damage is slightly more as well okay good to know i guess let me go back out that way i wonder if i can just hold x and it just picks up what's over there basically oh what's that a table leg well lucky me this is back to where we started yes yes it is still can't make it i still ca i'm sure i can't make it i just feel screwed up there a little bit oh careful wait for the stammers to come back a little bit higher jump just about made it is he here there he is you were gone a while how are you feeling i'm infected but good to go yeah that's great sorry about this what i'm sorry about what about that on behalf of all its [ __ ] bandits and idiots i christen you a citizen of vilidor you're about to turn get into the night fast what do you mean i'm about to turn what do you mean oh this is very very bad oh my god this way what the hell are you doing here run go go go go go go go let's get to the sun the sun the sun is there ah [Music] that reminds me of um is it i am legends that bit all right what would you do without me pilgrim i never wanted to become a pilgrim i just sort of fell into it i run the country for another reason entirely i'm looking for my sister and then what then what will you do once you find your sister i yeah we settle down somewhere i guess i'll find some place for us to live you know someplace quiet gotta settle down somewhere now that i'm infected where will you go any place is better than this city well that's a pretty low bar i find a place where people aren't afraid of pilgrims aren't afraid of me gonna be nice not to have to run and hide for a while i always wanted to catch fish fish are good well i have a very specific plan you look like someone with a specific plan i'd like to live by the ocean you know it's supposed to be easier there i always wanted to learn how to surf well you find a bunch of old postcards or something ah don't laugh at my dreams man i know one thing i have to get out of the city it's killing me right from the inside will you help me the ocean's a long way from here and we're both infected people don't want pilgrims for their neighbors [ __ ] people i will help you with them and you can help me survive on the road you know the roots you know how to survive out in the open what do you think we cover each other's asses how does that sound a deal why not a deal okay let's do it awesome deal you won't regret this hayden i promise as for your goal here's the situation around here after the pk commander was murdered they blocked the route to the center they're trying to keep the killer from escaping to get to fisheye we have to outsmart them but i know when they change the night guard that will be our chance i'm gonna get the stuff we'll need for the passage i have to search out our odds meantime take a look around live a little come on let me show you something what are you going to show me i think we're now in properly in the villa door this is this is where we do most of our exploring what's this little puppy clubs someone left the wallet around ah the honeybees how you doing honey they would honestly bite the hell out of you not buy it but you know sting anything else to grab here you'll need these take a look around the city old villador plenty of interesting spots to check out okay what are we looking for how do i use the binoculars um hold left on the d-pad and you can discover locations um like windmills okay let's have a look there we go that's where the howlers were after us it's the center of the district yeah there's a church apparently oh that looks like a church oh so it does like zoom in on locations okay you can find noticeboards with missing people around the city one of them is near the church maybe somehow you find something about your sister there and if not just have fun the world's already ended right how could things get any worse good point i'll be back in touch when i've got a handle on things and it's nice and light outside finally what if any oh open world has been unlocked yes i think we go to the windmill first um i wonder how i can sort of open up houndfield this will make it's almost like a accessible location i don't know all right so that's the open world that's where i want to go to [Music] yeah it looks like we've got a safe zone here that's the church it's that pumpkin farm ooh yay welcome to villadore very nice as you explore the world watch out uh watch your compass for encounters they offer you the chance to help out villadore citizens in exchange xp and various rewards so that one's about to be hanged so maybe i could just assist in some way so these binoculars okay so that's how we need to go it sounds like maybe like this slight hints up slack hints that maybe something's nearby and when it does actual zoom function maybe i need to be closer maybe a slightly better better viewpoint what's over there look at that what is that old villadore master windmill some bandits down there all right let's go and investigate this wingmill over there i'm curious is that a bridge over there it is but how do i get to the other side ah the zip line here of course hey guys how's it going enjoy oh they were snacking on something someone else here yeah that's a bandit you ain't getting something ow that's pretty good engage any more fancy ago he died that's a shame this is the windmill can i make that jump hmm i sound so much better having the stamina back oh it really is so much better so this is the windmill ask me to find maybe a way to activate it hmm yeah let's go up what's this whoa okay what the hell was that that was terrifying oh i honestly thought i was going to fall to my doom there [Music] damn [Music] i still want to head over there just because i'm curious but it's completely the wrong way pretty makes no sense i guess reactivate it obviously they can start maybe getting some power from it as well damn this game is impressing me so far i'm having so much fun with it honestly love it don't want to stop playing i wonder if there's a shot down there there's also a new safe zone for us as well activating the wind wheel creates a safe zone there we go which provides the rest in place and uv light an active windmill enables nearby abandoned structures to become fraction faction structures these buildings will contain merchants as well as offering new quest challenges an additional source of uv light the nature of the fraction structure depends on the control of the surrounding area if you have not already you must assign the zones facilities either the peacekeeper or the survivors this will determine the people and quests you will find ah how do i decide that do i decide that it looks like this maybe the survivors are here i don't quite know but the windmill is definitely functional that's for sure how do i get down from here without dying let me go down this ladder oh i checked the installation yesterday oh that was great there was a bunch dodgy dead bodies there a second ago she almost died there what the hell that was a very rough landing hey people how's it going there we go oh could have gone very very wrong well we've got a merchant it looks like it might be a survivor are you a merchant get what you need what's that about merchants allow you to buy craft parts new weapons and other items as well as sell your valuables they offer the most powerful weapons so visit them as often as you can to strengthen your combat lovely you'll find merchants in all main hubs got it thank you all got inhalers okay um do we have valuables yes we do so i have 540 valuables to sell look at me go um it's got some sneakers some very comfy sneakers don't really craft parts just yet yeah that's the only gear it's got currently um i mean i don't have any shoes yet could buy some shoes health regeneration goes up by one percent survivor center range goes up by 3.9 percent but they are quite expensive i didn't realize we could actually craft throwing knives lovely so that is scraps which got plenty of and also rags a bit of ranged combat lovely not bad not bad uh and we're almost there with parkour almost got a new level which i'm excited for actually is that a trading post over there let's go have a look it seems like there's a definitely a lot to explore that's for sure i don't know if the front lives are equipped now they are i think those coins were almost like a distraction what's happening here might be a quest here actually i have lost them all they're gone you want help and they are so beautiful they're so beautiful do you need help oh no my friends thank you but there's nothing to be done here but why who did you lose my f is my precious fish what can you imagine what it's like to keep this when water is so hard to come by but they were my friends my teachers i'm sorry what why would you sacrifice water for fish well maybe wasting water on fish wasn't a good idea i mean fish i don't know what to say to this why would you sacrifice water for fish but why not because water is expensive it's a rare commodity oh i know that i had to give away almost all i had my supplies a flower and my father's weapons but they can't survive without the water of course and out there in the world who knows how many fish are left most water has been polluted oh all the dead fish i've seen floating belly up such a sad sight what are you asking for exactly why are fish so important to you can i ask you a question in return why is this weapon so important to you i needed to protect myself you know to survive ah you see it's all so subjective isn't it what's necessary what's not for me fish are fundamental to existence this teach you everything you need to know about life huh so okay where are your fish and now i'm curious where are your fish unfortunately like i said then my fish are not with us anymore and they're gone what happened someone ate them no wait someone ate your fish someone broke into my home and ate all of my fish then he drank all the water water you sacrificed so much for who tell me want me to go after him nah forget about it i think i know who it was i saw discarded fish bones in front of his place about them and let's forget about it you sure you don't want revenge he ate your fish one of the many things fish teach you as i mentioned is patience and accepting what faith brings you once you watch them for a while just swimming in their tank they don't question where they are they don't complain that the tank is too small they just are wait wait what so let me get this straight you spent everything on the water for your fish then someone ate your fish and drank that water and yet you're not angry oh i was angry but what does anger do for me it causes nothing but negativity and remorse maybe one day we'll fish in rivers and oceans again pissing ah yes this thing can also teach you a lot about life you sound like some kind of fish monk i am poor as a monk now that is for sure farewell my friend i'm sorry you can't learn anything from my face what the hell did i just witness there hello check out this someone's just wasting my precious time oh hilarious i can complete the quest by the way it's done can i reach that let's find out unbelievable what a complete waste of time unreal oh what's going on here there's something happening over there i was just over there wasn't it was i not let's have a look let's be one of those games where it's um almost impossible to focus on what the hell is going on blackouts at dark hollows and forsaken stores are two open world locations that contain valuable resources during the day they are fully infected so it's it's good to explore them at night apparently all right and that's up there right so up for the challenge honestly oh hey guys [ __ ] wow this could be uh [ __ ] we did stop doing that [Music] oh there's more yes floating a little bit oh is there another one i think that might be it is what they're trying to get into oh a medium lock pick is that that javelin bandage defeated a throwing spear what okay oh opportunity weapon so what do i just oh there we go it's gone i completely wasted it actually one throw and that was it okay this is gonna be a little bit more tricky the one we've done before was easy i believe okay it's quite a small margin we've got plenty of time so we're good there we go i've got another weapon flower okay and a double mace that's probably our best weapon at the moment i'd argue uh she's probably not i'll take that back the bell hook is probably the way to go and then the double mace should probably sell some of these even just drop them on the floor that was random but we got it done yeah he's actually not looking crazy let's let's heal up i got hit pretty badly there i should use the um the vault kick a bit more maybe but there we go what he's done is done has anybody heard that oh parkour skills have gone up yes we're looking forward to this uh reduces full damage and also you keep momentum as well a little roly-poly of course firm grip okay make the last climb on the ledge even when your stamina is gone you can just make a grab while you're falling that is pretty useful i think i like this active landing doing a little roly-poly i just feel a bit more parkour if that makes sense i missed the roll i think it makes i think it makes sense to uh definitely hmm i can't detect it but definitely asleep in here i can't take him down did not even know i could do that is it in here don't honestly don't know i'll come back here later i'm gonna keep getting distracted don't know can i walk on this yeah i thought it may potentially pop up but i'm not quite close enough there might be a javelin down there let's do a roll yeah there's the uh the javelin maybe i should just leave that there i don't really want it at the moment i guess i can take it and i'll see if i need to good point yes the game will definitely warn me if there's an inhibitor nearby good to know oh hello you friendly i wish i had some tomatoes or garlic or even a carrot anything by a suckler civilizations but a whim of circumstance oh hello [Applause] are you very friendly all these friends i will return to my passion it will be like the villadore music review it's enough to upgrade the blueprint let's have a look i swear that's what it said upgrade a blueprint hmm fine i'll get a taste of life admittedly i was standing in the background but the flute was very i have to be careful here there is some infected around hey guys it can stay fairly high see now we have the band so we should be allowed in hopefully hey look i've got a band now and we're in that was a bit more friendly than the last time out of water oh lovely [Music] hello everybody well at least they're not trying to hang us this time [Music] hey watch where you're going what a day no freaking way i can do it no way you can use paper money at all for nothing easy might just have to get it right this time easy enough alberto easy to see i'm good enough to your name all right you just asked around i guess there's a problem hey aren't you the pilgrim they wanted to hack matt you were in luck there i could use some of that luck i'm alberto's apprentice not for long probably it's the third time i'm taking a shot at this test if i fail again craftmaster alberto is going to kick me out um what's this whole test about what's this test about i have to design something useful for the citizens i already invented underwater reading glasses for alberto then a retractable dog leash but he kept jamming and besides we have no dogs here all my dears are worthless now is my last chance to prove that i am not worthless so i spent the last several weeks walking around the bazaar and thinking thinking hard and then i hit it our coats they're kept in cages because they eat crops but life in cages makes them sad and they give less milk so i came up with the idea of a fence energized with just a tiny bit of voltage that would keep the goats under control but let them produce more milk i called this invention the electric fence wow i'm pretty sure that's not been invented before so what's your problem so what seems to be the problem with this invention of yours i'm missing a few parts and they're not that easy to get i'm worried i won't be ready on time maybe you could help me if you find them for me i'll give you one of my super cool inventions nothing to do with goats i hope nah something much more interesting you'll see i just need some electric parts i'll dismantle them for resistors and other useful things as far as i know they can be found in two places one's an old hardware store fits william place near the water tower alberto says they'll be there for sure but it's a dark place full of turned creatures you have to go there at night and the other option whatever is left of military patrols i know of one place south of horseshoe near the old electrical substation bandits roam in the area so it's possible there's nothing left there in which case you'll have to look for other patrol remains or take a night trip to the store oh a night trip lovely i already have the parts you need do i i can i can give that a go looks like you're in luck after all do all the parts you need on me are you serious what that's just fantastic yes heaven must have sent you here okay i don't know how to thank you that was easy one more thing could you help me set up my show my installation's right outside the main entrance turn it on please i'll go get alberto wait till he sees it meet me by the goat pen then near the wall okay that's uh that's a lot easier i love that i actually like when it happens it's a complete side quest as well i reckon he might give us a pretty juicy weapon potentially let's see what happens turn on the device this is the button [Music] oh i don't think they like that someone's been stealing is it done all right let's go and watch the demonstration i've definitely heard some very distressed goats not the end of the world is it working no it's grilled the goat is grilled i'm such an idiot what happened i must have over calculated the voltage i'm sorry i don't know how i could get it so wrong i told you would be a waste of time why i don't think so this is very very that it has big huge you're saying it has potential potential yes it could be an effective weapon a weapon it's already formula if you just use it on a weapon it could raise your odds against turned creatures the brave goat gave its life to science there's dinner for everyone and you i take you as uh and pronounce you uh uh craft master really oh my gosh thank you thank you we'll talk later come vincenzo i can't thank you enough here take this if it's not strong enough come around to my craftmaster workshop sure thanks just uh watch yourself out there okay no worries friend did he get away with that so i'm guessing he's going to give you the availability of modding a weapon adding a little electric spice to something to install a weapon mod you need to have blueprints for it any required craft parts and the right weapon check the number of mod slots on the weapon icon the best weapons have three slots available grip shaft and tip that sounds a bit dodgy um now press uh the option menu the infantry screen and choose the weapon you want to modify okay sure i do it right now i mean i'm down oh 500 parkour for that as well look who's here welcome to the bazaar pilgrim even though i barely did anything right should i try and modify a weapon then oh yes so i need scrap i need wiring and electric parts let's give it a go there we go my weapon has been modified i can't get out currently but believe me it's been modified and i've got an achievement as well for doing that go me yeah he was the one that said go and look at the the missing persons [Music] sarah mitch i lost dog i keep telling everyone anything here anyone called mia looking at all the dead people that says here they're missing same difference they never find them anyway yeah then why the board it's been 15 years many people disappeared back then my neighbor lost his two kids but life goes on except nobody has the courage to take those photographs down but it's hopeless since there are no night runners the search always ends the same what about mia do you know have you heard about mia before have you heard the name have you heard of kids who were in the gre test huh and who wasn't in the tests the young the old the blind the deaf everyone came to find a vaccine some for cash others to cheat destiny and not get infected but that was the devil's bargain of villadore walled in with the plague but given the chance to be the ones who gave the cure to the world well the virus won the study was eventually discontinued and the children officially no one tested on children human rights and other crap and unofficially and unofficially apparently some of the kids were taken out of the city the rest only just scattered around the city abandoned if the infected didn't get them then hunger or darkness did oh man when did this happen when did all this happen a long time ago looking at you you were still a kid yourself once upon a time i came across two of them two girls they were five or six years old and it looked like they hadn't eaten for a month what were their names i don't remember i threw them some old bread and took off because they were shaking as if they were about to turn red eyes swollen veins i don't know what they were giving them there those psychos from the gre how do we find them now where are all these kids at now after all those years most of them are probably dead if someone got luckier and is still wandering around they will probably be in the central loop more peacekeepers there easier to survive someone must know more why the past is the past and there's no point in dredging it back up everyone has their own problems here and now pilgrim everyone fights for themselves i mean he didn't really help me out at all did he let's be honest that was completely pointless uh let's go to let's go someone else got a gig as a finisher tomorrow someone's got to take care of the fighters roaming the streets around the bizarre dawn yeah good for you man and there's so many missing people what the hell did you realize at first let's see a new face wouldn't be cool to have your picture on there maybe they've done like a competition or maybe it's just tech land family members or something like that but we should uh ask around a bit more can you help me you look familiar yeah i'm the guy you almost got hanged why were you oh you're standing here aren't you excuse me look we had no choice if you had turned like we thought you were gonna it would have been a massacre um you'd have managed somehow i mean okay you're right he's right it was a risky situation i get it so we're good we're good we're good we're good this one's killing me though i can't appreciate that i'm sorry just keep asking around come here hey could i spike them for a second don't recognize me or are you allergic to making money listen pilgrim we can make it killing you and me you just need to get me some beets radishes parsnips there he is grab him ed he's a murderer what what julian luke's been poisoned from the water you sold him bevin says what but i don't sell water liar luke told me he got it from you whatever's in it has him ranting and raving now you're sure he didn't blame me after he started renting what's your proof well wait a minute do you have proof of course the water came in a bottle luke got that water in one of your bottles when i tell carl about this you'll hang bevin wait i swear i don't even sell water damage if you're lying julian you're [ __ ] toast i don't i haven't seen my kids please being honest i can tell definitely so then if you're not selling water how'd someone get a hold of one of your bottles knowing that [ __ ] luke he probably stole it that would be like him even if he did my water's pure as melded snowflakes maybe this is some kind of revenge maybe so maybe it's revenge for what everyone loves me never had an enemy in my life wait a second wait [ __ ] except maybe marco that bastard come to think of it he's got an axe to grind for me it was a long time ago never mind listen he lives above an old shop on the west end of villadore on houndfield lane i traded him a few kilos of my finest flower for the water prove he poisoned it and half my flower is yours can you do that for me i guess i could check it out and there's one more thing i'm a little embarrassed hands might also have a bottle of this water i thought you weren't selling it i'm not except well to hands and can you go warn him he's also on hand filled a few buildings down something's fishy about this julian look you better be telling the truth otherwise it'll be hard to help you is he hiding something i trusted him at first but i'm not quite sure now [Music] initially i trusted him and all of a sudden my feelings changed it's actually quite far away ew is there any fast travel in this actually i haven't really looked honestly oh boy that's quite far ew all right let's get to it so i i'm guessing these are these all kind of side quests but i reckon these cycles lead into the next main quest that makes sense that's what i believe anyway might be wrong this gives us a chance a tank gives us a chance to explore look around are you friendly there's no one left in the city in this horrible fear overwhelms me let's start doing my um my little rolly pollies again quite close to the first objective this is a slightly higher ranked area so the enemies might be slightly tougher that's a lot of open ground ew there's a lot of infected around how do i get down [Music] could've gone wrong i love moving around in this game it's so good that's a bandit we got your ass now i will not be happy being quite close to this first objective i don't like open ground especially at night imagine that being quite terrifying we've got time still he says we're close hey hans good guys so right this doesn't look good let me guess it's gone mental because of the water it's been an easy one there we go my longest part one again if you guys want to enter the giveaway make sure you press the like button and also let me know in the comments what was your favorite part of the video turn my light on like this this does not sound good you okay stop don't drink that water water this isn't water oh that [ __ ] must have taken the wrong bottle again forget his own head of it weren't stuck on his shoulders hey what did you mean by the wrong bottle he always takes a little rocket fuel with him when he goes hunting but the booze is right here that means he's got water where is he and what business is that of yours the water he got from julian it might be contaminated he's hunting at this uh the military tower a few hundred meters west of here unless he's at the courts i'll go to the tower you check the courts fast wait wait take the booze with you in case he's already drunk some of the water i bet what's in this bottle will kill whatever's in that one he's not even here you're kidding me does she know there's infected on the floor below i'm guessing she does all right let's go there first actually not too far um yes those climbing skills oh infected hello oh oh almost went [Applause] whatever one a second ago was gonna foul that all right where is hmm look [Music] it's a windmill is it operational final hands at his favorite spot where is he oh there he is there he is there he is found him i think he's drunk on something what is this place please tell me you haven't drunk that water are you hans what do you want did you drink any of that water god damn right i did tasted like piss did you swallow it ah [ __ ] that may have been poison hans one sip it's a nice bath to [ __ ] right out must have mixed up the bottles again whatever whatever are you usually this calm about being poisoned who gives a [ __ ] he's so chilled out my wife i bet don't think she loves me anymore get your booze take it your wife said chug drink it already [ __ ] what my wife said that my anna she thinks the alcohol's strong enough to burn the poison out of your system ha my woman so she loves me after all despite her bitching and moaning and they say romance is dead here for making my day and maybe saving my life look you need any help getting back nah i'm good me and this bottle of booze still got some work to do well i like that guy i like him he did he he didn't look his wife liked him anymore it actually works out quite well right i'm actually getting quite close to the uh objective now that's good not too far away yeah moving in this game is sucking keep saying it it's just so nice and satisfying oh hello trying to ignore those two what are you guys meeting up about because it's dark put up in the right place i just have no idea in the right areas let's say inside quest area can i get through here [Music] hey guys and again hurry this up a little bit perfected there there's some spikes back there morator lovely oh what's this so gone back up the ladder ah is this the place another watercolor just what i need between finally i'll be out of business soon i could not find him um you sell poisoned water i'm here because a guy named julian claims you sold him poisoned water i didn't poison anything all right julian claims otherwise sure listen to the guy who sold me flour mixed with plaster if you're not the thief how are you with infected i need to get rid of those things that down there if not i'm done here poison waters okay i'll get rid of the infected and you tell me what happened deal sure deal i just i just killed them already i swear i killed them already ah fine else in here that might be useful you gotta be careful i'm doing the dark hair so i need to hurry up a little bit all right let's go downstairs then you're gonna have already killed these they might even be there actually well they did they return randomly oh what a surprise is that all of them there's still more i reckon there's still more yeah sit there right it should now be secure so that's why that guy was by the door make way kid there we go okay you're safe now be honest now what's the story with the water go away so you really are one of those [ __ ] up pilgrims but you're [ __ ] up now we're safe gotta be a [ __ ] criminal or pretty damn [ __ ] up to drag your ass hundreds of miles through a world full of virals [ __ ] up in a good way of course so in a good way what about the water there ain't nothing wrong with my water amanda the bazaar was poisoned and you'll be blamed if he dies damn it okay it was an accident okay an accident it's because of these goddamn thieves thieves they're always stealing my water i can't take it anymore so i decided to set the trap do you deliberately poison the water to kill the bandits uh not quite at least i didn't mean to a while ago i killed this viral that came crawling in here and the [ __ ] fell straight into a tub the whole tub [ __ ] ruined then i got this idea why don't i teach these bastards a lesson so i filled some bottles with the zombie water sent them out where they'd be easy to see they were never supposed to make it into the bazaar i guess i was sauced up and accidentally sold a few bottles to julian look i'll give you all the flour i got i'll even throw something extra just don't tell anybody i'd be ruined what do i do what about julian though they'll blame julian and he'll hang don't you worry about julian a weasel like him will find a way to weasel out of it and if not then that's one weasel less in the world so we got a deal [Music] i better tell them the truth i'm sorry just be honest and tell your story to the bazaar it was an accident you nuts no one would buy even a drop of water for me ever again i won't let julian hang for something he didn't do [ __ ] julien i got my owner's skin to save you're gonna fight right now so that's a story you no power attacks quick so we don't need to do this i've got you now dodge this jackass fine i will give this a try there like julian could have been hanged for that like that though i like the different options it's very cool we have we have to get back we've got a long way to go see you later i do feel a bit bad but i really have any other options right there someone spotted me the health is good oh yeah did we really have an option let's try and stay nice and higher let's try and get back as soon as possible oh i do like that oh this little encounter there i'm not quite ready for that at the moment just want to get back in one piece ideally that's all i care about right now hey guys how's it going oh yeah i got an unspent skill don't know i should probably use that so this is a combat skill um right so we have when dropping onto an enemy from above and nail them with a power kick does sound pretty good actually all right dodge at the right time to stagger your enemies okay that sounds better the perfect dodge is the way to go first definitely so i've got the block and i've got the dodge nozzle can i wall run uh i guess not my screwdriver i'd be trying to dodge at the same time let's keep moving in there pretty quick cool with open ground we don't like that i don't like that one bits what is that what's inside it's literally just there [Music] i mean that is very tempting i might run a hideout hello you try this dodge should we give it a go do you want to you want it you want to give it a go it's too lazy [Applause] do taken they take longer don't they no it's instantly that's just one level hey guys 140 meters to go making good progress though stay nice and high i'm not gonna take damage doing this rolled it off lovely yeah i can't wait to be fully upgraded with parkour oh is every one of those games where i'm probably gonna end up doing that you really invest like loads of time should i just sprint to the bazaar we should looks very clear we did it and julian is safe i think we made the right caller i just didn't want to see julian get hanged for something that you didn't do that's just wrong husband is dead julian's been accused of murdering him by poisoning his water aiden please tell them it wasn't me it definitely definitely wasn't julian julian is innocent a viral fell into a supplier's storage tub the guy drunkenly sold julian contaminated water it wasn't a murder you'd swear to that before the bizarre council yeah where's that supplier he's going to stand trial marco he's dead i i killed him and my job here is done it's okay i forgive you that scum marco got what he deserved thank you aiden half of my flour is yours and the flour mixed with plaster huh no where'd you hear that oh yeah so once but yeah you know it keep the plaster just pay me and we'll be even all right i'll tell beben what happened how's it been kid could it taste for city life yet i've been here and there you know the best part is always happening in the center and that's where we're going i have a plan for how to get there i'll tell you everything from the spot meet me on the roof near the main metro station so it looks like we've done enough side quests to unlock the next main quest very exciting thanks for watching hope you guys enjoyed this big big episode um i think this might be one of my longest part ones i've ever done so i really do appreciate the support good luck with the giveaway if you guys enter the giveaway and just thank you for your support you guys are awesome and 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