DYING LIGHT 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (FULL GAME)

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20[Music] all right here we go oh my almost fell out of my chair i don't know if you i don't know if you guys heard that or not my chair like almost it's like it wasn't locked in place or whatever and almost flipped out of it all right well that's the start of the video um dying light to stay human tecline gave me this game early so shout out to them uh by the way at the very end of this video i have a time capsule for my daughter clementine i haven't done one of those in a while but just kind of want her to know hey it's there you know um i was gonna say something i haven't done this in a while it's the first big game of the year and this was gonna be one of my top games of last year until it got delayed so i feel like this right here is this is the one you know i'm saying like there's a lot of games on the way but this is one i have been waiting for for so long um so if we could somehow hit 50 i would still i was first i'll say 100 000 likes that'd be nuts in the first day uh i was like if we like 50 000 likes in the first day i will upload this series as fast as possible multiple parts each day until we finish it um i plan on going all the way and i'm not stopping unless something happens to me that's the only other way uh i have two copies of the game one for xbox series x one for ps5 you guys want a chance to win i'll announce the winners kind of pin them to the top comments uh either like the video leave a comment and when you found my youtube channel always interested to see how long you guys bill with me this april will be 12 years and somehow i haven't got burned out yet so that's uh that's what i i've had so many jobs in the past from fast food you know working in retail dealing with customers i mean it's just this is like a dream and i get to watch my daughter grow up i i'm with her every day that's thanks to you guys that that's like the best gift anybody's ever given me is what you gave me there you know so all right gonna jump in show you guys what i'm using right now video settings uh don't worry about the borderless thing i just for some reason the recording device i use i bumped up the gamo and i did some early footage it was i went back and looked i was like man it's really dark playing on high settings which i think you can see it here yep and then no upscaling the gamma's 26 it's defaulted i'll show you right now how dark it gets that's a little too dark i feel like but i don't want to make it too bright because everything gets kind of kind of like a white layer almost um controls mouse and keyboard is what i'm used for this i'm not gonna try anything else um everything else is good music is fine now stream remote is what i think is amazing that they added to this game you can toggle it and there's no licensed music that's like my biggest fear with every game so i can actually keep the music on but i've actually heard this that when you're running and you jump the music will slow i don't feel like it changes the pitch or what something happens when you jump i didn't notice it before i'mma look out for it now though all right playing on a 30-90 uh ryzen 5950x hopefully the game runs smooth um i the pc i have should be able to run this on the max everything so all right guys love you all about to jump into it um it says continue but i actually i don't know if i didn't i must start it up by accident all right love you all let's get it uh you still got it you know this game used to be more fun and you used to be younger dumber what matters is you steal just as fast because the slope yeah the dead pilgrim yeah i know i know get up here i want to show you something yo the game just begins pilgrim's path okay kind of just test the controls out and everything all right everything's just the way i remember it objective updated let's look at the grass and stuff well i just i don't know it looks really nice hey i i kind of it reminds me of the walking dead a little bit i know like it's obviously uh the bridge and everything here but i think it's just like the environment whenever i see like grass on the highway and stuff like that always reminds me like rick in that first season of the walking dead you know all right here we go little tutorial i'll take it uh look at the legend jump towards it okay it's funny because i've i remember i played this for about an hour or so um without any tutorials i was just kind of thrown in so i did like some stuff i never was actually taught but it's pretty basic stuff like jumping you know who can who could not know how the like space bar is always like the uh jump button [ __ ] man you're still strong so we can go across here game is really smooth now i play on a pretty high sensitivity normal i actually lowered it down so if i seem to be doing a lot of that sorry really okay let me try holding it down this time i think if you hold it down it does more more of a really we're starting off series like that then all right i got you maybe i'm supposed to do hold on i think oh i'm jumping too early there we go way too early [Music] it's good to see you spike how long has it been far too long but don't get all mushy on me now come i want to show you something where we going you'll see it's incredible well it's incredible most pilgrims don't last two three years on the road but you've been kicking around for what four years now and you're still alive so are you i know but i'm [ __ ] awesome yeah yeah right right seriously i wish i had as much energy as you got a new lead on jane uh trail went cold after new paris which route you take through baynes or gary that baines what a [ __ ] some five rickety huts left and a ramshackle fence look at that a beehive full of honey can't let an opportunity like this go to waste oh no way oh look around if we're lucky there's chamomile growing here too all right follow spike has been updated let's see inside quest area collect honey okay oh we're just doing this now huh all right like when do the poo out here my daughter's favorite movie right now all right survivor sense cue oh we got something here hold on oh it's more honey we don't need but one of those we need two another thing though uh i guess i'll collect as much as i can right see what's over here all right i gotta admit i really like how this games began i don't know much about aiden though that's the one thing about it somebody's i mean i've seen pictures like the artwork and stuff i don't know if he's like infected with anything i have no no idea how this is like gonna unfold what is this nothing there all right where's this other stuff i need hold on you know what chamomile looks like right actually i don't which oh is this stuff you look like you're doing this for the first time that's that's usually how it is hey let's go yeah this'll do oh look at the mountain side over there all right here we go you remember that old herbalist we helped escort to her village oh yeah the one that had that saying uh remember chamomile and honey are gifts that keep giving combine them and lucky you you just might go on living yo i'm hearing a lot of noises in the woods blueprint we made some medicine all right press the eye on the inventory uh blueprint here we go continue okay see i had access to all this when i was playing early on but i didn't know what anything was i was like all right i'm just gonna they also told me not to like focus on it too much so i was like i don't want to make nobody mad all right now hover over the medicine blueprint and hold that to craft got you hey let's go hey first achievement unlocked all right i think we're good let's look at the inventory really quick this is our character obviously we can get different gear as we play the game so somebody said this game could take upwards to like 500 hours which i i find hard very hard to believe um but i heard the main story's about 20. if you do side stuff it's gonna be a little longer um i don't know what they mean by everything in the game and maybe there's like some min max farming like the end of god of war where you can you know get all the different armor and all that stuff like that uh i think we're good come on we're almost there you know what gives me hope about this game unless if they talk i'll just stop talking but um they spent so much time evolving the first game they even had a dlc the following i think it was this is it come on but i just know that they're gonna spend so much time on this game and make it even better so like this is only the beginning i'll be playing this game for years to come so i'm excited that i'm playing on pc you know somebody had a nice crib damn it locked i'll try to get through here you check the other side take anything we could use i'm gonna look around everywhere you have like an automatic sprint thing unlocked i think i do which is why i run everywhere which actually i don't know if i should do it like that let me i'm gonna change that really quick it's probably under um if i don't see it immediately i'm just gonna not work not work with it right now let's see controls uh yeah i don't see anything i'll mess with later on it's definitely bothering me usually you hold shift of most games to run this the game i'm just like full-on sprinting which is nice because most games i have the auto sprint thing anyways can't pry any cars open okay all right here we go you have a flashlight yet no nothing there one thing about like the uh footage i was worried in the areas where it's really dark like right now when i'm playing it looks fine when i look at my recording device it looks a lot darker um so i'll try to make sure to use some hopefully increase the contrast a little bit so we're not really investigating as much as we are just looking at it oh there we go let me go ahead and take some nothing all right hey leather i'll take can you not it's like you can't uh it's like it won't let me open it oh wait there it is [Music] nothing here party but by then the gre would have long since lost control of the virus hmm let me search around over here too nothing in here [Music] what everything all right yeah just rats i think it's time we parted ways but why i'm starting to worry about you and you know i sang you're starting to worry about someone it means it's time to go interesting all right let's look around shall we resin nice uh see what else we got anything oh wait what is this five years later who remembers aaron okay it's like i could investigate it here we go october 11 2020. i wonder how the wine tasted back then yo the survivor sentence i it's been so long since i played the first game right i was like i didn't want to go back and play it sounds familiar it's probably a reference to something i'm not quite grasping i don't want to go back for the first because i was like i want to just have the dialing experience be so fresh so i watched a bunch of like stuff about it and that's what they called art that would sell for millions i bet i don't see it i really don't uh so what we got here wait what does this say it says like hot oh it's a hide area doesn't make any sense so you can just hide up under here i guess you if you needed to not a zip i love when you search he kind of has his hands out it's like the uh it just looks funny to me hey resin let's go all right i think that's everything unless it's something i'm missing here we go [Music] so [Music] that's heartbreaking [Music] there's nothing like a party to celebrate the end of the world on their own terms let's hope we get that lucky too i'll see what's upstairs you check out the garden okay okay then this is crazy [Music] explore the garden yo the music and stuff is really nice listen to this [Music] at least they had each other definitely makes you think don't dearest mary i'm sorry i ran from you they say that once the virus makes you turn you're gone forever that can't be true i know you're still in there underneath all that pain and disease i'm coming to join you no more running god hey come here check this out [Music] um all right joint spike on the okay let me go ahead and look around a little bit longer if there's anything i don't see anything else we got something down here though oh we have a few things we get this [ __ ] was classy just floating in the pool man now how hold on how deep was this pool now that i'm thinking about it even this feels like not enough unless it's more of a fountain type thing i guess classy was maybe she was in the fountain that's what it's supposed to be i don't know what is back there hold on can we even go back here oh hang on no i guess not [Music] am i supposed to get up there maybe i should just climb something um maybe there's some stairs how did he get up there [Music] what is this oh it's the doors um give me one second sorry the the running is kind of bothering me a little bit i feel like i'm just sprinting everywhere give me one second all right so i think this the game just automatically has like a run thing i don't think you can turn it off i looked everywhere which i'm fine with i think it's just because the parkour's such a big part of the game they don't want to uh hey solar panels here's what these are man i love this area and the music the ambiance is very nice end of the world party okay sit down buddy for you a gift a gift from the heavens to be more accurate i've just found it by the owner's dead body may it be of more use to you here it's gone flat look at you in your sophisticated palate drink who would have thought the end of the world could be so peaceful at least until night falls true i wish crane could have seen this who doesn't matter [Music] i'll track down that guy for you [Music] yeah choices big part of the game uh what did you say what guy what wha what guy quit pretending you became a pilgrim to track that [ __ ] down waltz i found someone who knows him why didn't you see some earlier yeah hey what and you're only telling me now when i tossed your beer thought you guessed right away we're celebrating the guy's in villadore supposedly he knows something about waltz villadore i saw him that close huh okay i got a favor to ask you you deliver this to gary it's on your way people don't like pilgrims there but but they pay well and where do people like pilgrims well they're afraid of us everyone does their best to survive maybe boom something needs to be transported through the hordes of infected then suddenly they're knocking on our doors all right but you owe me one ah not just one so what about that guy well i talked to him over the radio he didn't tell me his name sounds like he's got something to hide see that antenna on the hill that'll help you contact the informant he'll be listening for you at dawn on a frequency of 140.200 megahertz totally hear from you soon i'm gonna just i mean does it i think like this is like the main path but i think uh [Music] let me see what happens if i click this i'll just go straight to the city here it's not that simple villadore was supposed to be one of the zones cities that were walled off to keep out the plague the plan [ __ ] up but this city and its walls survived [Music] but this guy knows a way in get in touch with him and he'll tell you everything okay so it does change a little bit all right what does he want in return didn't say but he didn't sound like the kind of guy who does things for free i don't think that kind of guy exists what what about me you're an old fart who likes racing me and makes me ask around about his crazy girlfriend hey hey hey she's not crazy jane's just maybe well a little hot-headed and she's always getting herself into trouble but if you could get a load of her whoa all right still too early in the evening for that sort of time eyes i was gonna say eyes beautiful steely huge never heard anyone get so worked up about gray eyes because you don't know [ __ ] about the world let alone women yeah you're probably right i'm telling you i'll finally find jane we'll set up a house we're going to live there no one's going to drive us out and i'll stop wondering like a [ __ ] i'll drink to that and that waltz what's his deal is he family no not at all then why are you looking for him will you tell me sometime yeah yeah one day well my time's up so when will i see you again huh in another two years maybe take care man i hope you find that wall sky or whoever you're looking for and remember 140 point 200 megahertz at dawn the guy's waiting for you so where does he go i mean was he he must be like living nearby i would imagine all right get to the radio antenna wait is that it up there i'm actually going to it yo let's go i gotta admit i am uh let's see here combat okay it seems oh yeah i have to just mess around with everything always get out of here i'm assuming there's a right way to get over there and okay it is down there well i've already i think i've already got everything here there might have been something i missed but it is what it is the good thing about this game is since i'm only playing it for the first time once ever you know what i'm saying like any game you play it's the first time you're ever playing it so i just like kind of like more uh taking my time with stuff looking at everything i want to read the stuff more if there's stuff to be scanned or collected i want to try to do it as much as i can side quests as well all right a little bit nervous about the zombies in this game all right uh hold tab to check your current objective extended hub okay or hud or whatever it's called um can i hold on that's water can i hop in should i just go for it i feel like the game's kind of directing you to do that right all right here goes nothing hey let's go i haven't tried swimming in this game i didn't know you could in this game to be honest with you so dive is the same as crouch got you this was kind of different you know what it feels a lot more open world than the first team even though we're only like in the very beginning parts of it oh no we got here oh so you can actually just hold it down okay yo let's get it we're gonna take our time there's a beehive over there i'm gonna get that all right nice easy peasy going to collect more honey here i have a bad feeling about this little house right here i love the ragdoll physics in this game wait was there anything in these books no wait can you just take one i guess not it's not as clear-cut as i thought more of that we can make some more medical kits if we need to oh my god it's so dark in here [Applause] i mean why is it keeps going away whenever i yeah it's weird okay so how do i make it to where it just automatically comes out whenever i mash one let's scan everything oh there's stuff everywhere um oh yeah definitely nice to explore this area at least can't go through there looks like stopped at the window all right so early thoughts of the game what do you guys think so far i uh really like this like it wasn't what i was expecting i didn't know after like seeing the trailers and stuff i was kind of like i didn't know how they were gonna do it you know you have to figure out the commands for the quick swap or whatever because it's like it keeps equipping and unequipping the weapon which doesn't really make sense actually let me check it on a little research is really quick cause i wanna fix this in the video one second all right guys i think i figured it out so when i do this right here it's one the other spots are gonna be two three and four i was mashing like whatever i ran off at two it puts it away bare hands that so i think what i could do if i really wanted to keep it bare hands i would be able to move it to the second slot i don't think you can do that all right here we go yo the ragdoll physics are so good i don't want to heal up yet i feel like it might be wasteful scan around a little bit yo the fact that the vehicle's underwater is kind of crazy um we're climbing that but i also it seems like there's another path back here ultimately we want to get up there but i i want to kind of check back here first there's no honey right here let's go in go for the first videos kind of to make it as uh oh i'm also doing the entire series in 4k that's my goal um having it early thanks to teclin is definitely helped with that because now i can kind of relax and not have to worry about youtube processing all my videos wait it's morning it's it's saying it wanted me to climb that back there and i kind of wanted to wait oh there's something else there i kind of want to climb it anyways let me go back i think i could i could cut through the middle back there but it seemed like very anticlimactic it's like now i'm i'm glad the full sprint's back i wonder if i could climb this with the kudzu right there i don't think you can but i could be wrong let me try it um what the world i just like flew up there you'll see that wait oh i was i don't know what happened there i will take it though i it's because you like going to any of these it's actually wild nothing here to get though um hop up here the world oh no oh my goodness there's so many please don't see me please don't see me yo i'm actually like freaking out right now hold on um if i [Music] scott you know what game that i felt like deserved a little more was days gone as far as zombies and stuff they did the horde stuff in that game was amazing i don't think anybody says it it was so like the story might not been like engaging to a lot of people but i thought it was excellent um all right can i cut through here is it a hole in the other side no i think we're supposed to hop through here oh my god actually i don't think that's right i need to go back up here and go to the top we're good the auto sprint definitely kind of messed me up there can i walk now or run i don't know if i'm supposed to be able to yet pick up hopefully every song is played sorry i have to do this i'm sorry i know you can ignite it and throw it so we look to see where i'm supposed to be running first uh or maybe i should save it yeah i'm gonna do it [Music] let's see what happens we're out here we going i didn't think it was it didn't go as far as i was thinking [Music] i don't hear him behind me either i think we're fine all right little trick ladder here let's see other side here we go hey let's get it forest retention area do not disturb the local wildlife all right [Music] a lot of uh you could tell a lot of effort went into this game kind of reminds me of the following a little bit i remember it kind of had the same kind of look in certain areas uh the following was like that dying light too is like the big expansion they did they did several other ones it was like pvp i actually don't know if it's like pve like a almost like back from blood type stuff i did some of that the loot was also really really awesome all right let me go to my inventory really quick i just want to craft uh get some you know kind of get used to crafting oh craft max i could have just done that hold c i'll do that next time very interesting inventory um oh this is where you would move it so i feel like you wanted to make that yeah so we could move it down you could unequip it and then move it there so then i'm pressing one to be like there's nothing there all right rewards xp allows you to okay proficiencies map hence all right kind of seen everything here goes nothing so now if i press two and then one okay here we go i don't feel like that was accurate at all but here we go it's just like i was all right i'll take it oh here we go yo they give you a lot of health i'll take it can you imagine like zombie bees that'd be ridiculous i'm sure somebody's gonna make a movie that that movie probably already exists like there was one down there too i don't think i got that if it's okay they can stay there i don't even remember i think i did but who knows i'll find out while editing [Music] so we're going down this way hmm i'm not even sure like how to really take in the beginning of this game because it feels doesn't feel like a a dying light game yet you know the parkour in the city and stuff like that i think it's gonna really make it pop it feels like its own original game which i really like even if they didn't call it dying light i think it would still have been an amazing experience but it'll it'll get there soon though oh no all right so here's what i was gonna say um [Music] oh it just wants to make kick i don't think i got him though it's already getting darker what oh here we go i did some of this already before okay hey let's go parkour skills you've leveled up your parkour proficiency and earn your first pork okay parkour skill point um it's its own separate thing from the rest of it so you have combat points in parkour okay this in the very beginning when i miss that jump a few times it's because i didn't have this unlocked i did not know this was an actual skill in the game i thought you could just naturally do it you hold down space bar and you can jump higher and that's what i was doing but it wasn't working because when i played it early on i was already i already had a bunch of these unlocked interesting so that's i unlocked that to now i'll be able to make this jump almost there i heard a noise hold on um i'll have to between this video and the next one i have to figure out the controls a little better with like the unequipping equipping weapons because it seems like the thing on the bottom is just a short command you can scroll will but it doesn't seem to work so i don't know what i'm about to like change something here we go yo just from doing stuff you get points i think that's so cool i think the first game was the same way though really could use a flashlight let me look back here i know i'm not supposed to go this way yo what is this oh it's probably a hidden area yeah you're supposed to go back over there but i didn't even see this back here last year when i was playing all those games it kept coming out i i think resume village was like my game of the year for last year and i kept telling her i was like i think the game that would dethrone that if it was if it was good enough would most likely have been this game all right i don't know if i can make this oh my god uh we're gonna okay we're gonna have to jump oh my god we made it hey let's go is that the thing all right i think we're good yo that is actually kind of cool little side area another game this does remind me of was uh blair witch if you guys don't remember that game the end of that game was so terrifying i don't i don't ever want to play that again i don't know what it is about being in that house pretty dark it's time to hide somewhere for the night probably won't get any better than this all right search for a safe place to sleep yeah we definitely want to avoid the nighttime um original slogan for the first game was good night good luck uh jump on a drain pipe okay all right here we go really hold up hold on okay so doesn't let me go up a little bit higher oh depleted let me wait that might even why i couldn't get up there we're good let me get as high as i can before i do anything else there we go what learning curve somewhere oh let's just uh this is like the entrance point hey let's go out this thing i am ready can't see anything right here it's just so dark someone moved them not long ago it's been moved okay let's give it a try hey let's go like a bloodhound from apex legends over here scanning the ground we were here 20 seconds ago uh hold on here we go this is it the broadcast station i gotta start the generator oh it's dead i need to connect it to power yeah let's go back and these doors open i wonder that one's already i think eventually i'll get a skill where i can as i'm falling i can survive longer heights without taking damage but i can also uh oh this is gonna be rough i feel like i'm gonna get attacked here but you can press like crouch right when you land then it won't kind of roll oh my god oh my goodness better open it [Applause] what the hell is that what in the world oh my goodness combat basics when some enemies use power attacks to do massive damage you can knock oh they can knock you down okay when enemies is about to use the power attack he's health bar or it's blanking red dodge to be okay interesting yo i'm nervous i mean here we go it takes some getting used to that yo the wide open this is a lot worse [Music] come on buddy hey let's go oh my god oh my god run there's a propane tank back there no hold on [Applause] yo this enemy is nuts it's a brand new enemy too oh my god i thought i could scan for a second [Applause] almost broken i mean here we go yo that's such a fast hit hold on let me heal up [Applause] i actually [Music] i'm getting the propane tank hold on [Music] that was close i did not like that enemy that thing was tough man it's like i don't think it was as bad on its own but it's like it just kept jumping at me i was waiting for the little uh the flickering stuff but it never it never really happened they were up top and then they would just jump down and start shooting at you it's like they kind of remind me of like m bison from street fighter how he does like the uh psycho cycle crush you know that thing that's what he felt like he's doing here we go a little uh a little struggle in the first combat but as the game progresses i'll get better i'm sure this is something you just carry right get this generator going here we go hey let's go lights are on for a second it's a nice generator too what i mean what what's it is it's like i hear music the radio is on at least all right safe zones you've unlocked the first safe zone increasing your network of respawn points all safe zones are equipped with uv light which guarantees safety at night especially each safe song offers a resting place where you can change okay you can change the night and day which is i think the first game he had the same thing all right let's roll oh yeah it was this one uh this is aiden over anyone there looking for a pilgrim over i guess i have to wait until morning all right let's actually can we check the other ones i am nervous right now about that song though um let me leave i might check that one later time to sleep i'll try again in the morning oh it shows this uh sam supplies roger question mark ben's farm lisa uh rob books okay where's the radio i can't want to turn it off i'ma look around really quick oh wait we didn't hold on we didn't investigate the fridge really quick hey let's go it just sounds like it's above me almost whatever i'm gonna hope that it's not a copyrighted song hope for the best uh players stash let's see what we got here i mean at this point everything is so new um i don't want to save a lot of stuff it really doesn't matter i feel like all right here we go [Music] we need supplies everything's ready [Music] it's so quiet where is everyone maybe they're all dead you're stupid let's go now [Music] it'll be all right [Music] [Music] wait here [Music] nothing good will come of this have you brought 12346 we were supposed to take the patients back to the city don't worry they'll let us go soon i'm scared i'm here with you you're safe with me i know [Music] do what i tell you [Music] easy caesars even if they separate us this is how we'll always find each other [Music] me [Music] dr waltz we won't make it the military will be here any moment wait close your eyes [Music] fire fire in the lab so time to contact the guy spike was talking about all right i'm pretty sure it's this one but i i wonder what would happen if i checked the other ones first right because i'm just curious because there may be like a hidden easter egg from the first game let's just i'm gonna go like i guess we'll go counterclockwise starting here and then at the end we'll get there here we go [Music] well there's no water what that's it oh wait it took it off the bottom left won the world here we go [Music] but you checked the killians don't give me that [ __ ] i'm sick of it i like oh that was it all right this one and then the last one's obviously the right one i don't know [ __ ] maybe the pk's grabbed it so he's either passed out drunk somewhere or is torn apart by alphas all right here we go [Music] this is aiden i'm on frequency 140.200 megahertz hello aiden yes i was supposed to get in touch with you i thought you changed your mind why are you looking for waltz to find someone else her name is mia 15 years ago we were in a hospital together and i know who you're looking for aidan you want to know why waltz was doing those experiments on all of you why you are stronger more durable than others i just want to find mia i've been looking forward since i left the survivors camp can you help me or not maybe i can let's meet pilgrim where and when entrance to the metro tunnel by the bay you can get inside the tunnels through an open gre hatch i'll meet you there all right i think you're not doing this for free i have to leave the city but i won't make it on my own outside take me to new paris and we're even along the way i'll tell you everything i know over and out all right i have to at least know if she's alive she's alive i'm going to the rendezvous i'll see you later [Music] nice all right we've successfully done everything we can here nice little uh radio conversation kind of had that i am legend feel to it a little bit um all right there's a little place here here we go i love all this the little the environment kind of just flows together you know what is this [Music] can i just break this uh this thing's about to break anyways i guess we're not breaking wait we have to be able to come back here right how many pliers i'm assuming you can't just break this [Music] something tells me in the end you can because i see a ladder i bet you can climb this thing all the way to the top um i mean it's funny you just got all these different ones all right here goes nothing i'm nervous here we go hey let's get it [Music] song is this [Music] hold on i wonder how many of these we're actually gonna find once we get into the city area so i thought the entire game took place in that city you know let's search in here [Music] what we got paradise lost book wait can we actually look at these uh collectibles right uh let's see what we got here devil stood and felt how awful goodness is and saw virtue okay what is this one oh the other thing this one i didn't get a chance to like it'll just kind of pick it up but it didn't read anything interesting you guys gonna read those for deposit it should be everything in this area lag there so far the game hold on land on to avoid taking damn oh these things yeah the man the beginning this game is really good i guess got me pretty hyped doesn't feel as claustrophobic as the first game all right and like the fact that we're kind of in an open area all right here goes nothing hello all right guys that is it for the first video thank you so much for all the likes you drop on this really means a lot to me um if you guys like the part two and the rest of the series quickly i will upload it every single day until we hit the ending of the single player story then i'll probably do like some side stuff and uh cover everything else but anyways about to cut a cut to a little time capsule for my daughter all right love you guys see you in part two all right a little time capsule it's super late so if i sound uh a little drained clementine know that it's not you i just i'm just uh i'm exhausted right now it's 407 a.m uh january 23 2022 as i'm recording this just got done uh playing this game for about two hours and i dragged the footage which took another hour because everything's like in 4k and then the editing took a little while to had to add some brightness to the it just seemed really dark at times i don't know i had to like brighten it up um but yeah uh you were currently sleeping which i'm glad you know every every now and then you'll go to bed at like 10 and i'm like super happy i'm like yes because i know you're gonna get some good sleep other times you stay up till two or three in the morning and i'm like i don't know what to do you know i'm just like i'm just gonna just sit there with you and let you be but um it's just kind of one of those things where watching you grow up has been a blessing the fact that i even have that choice i i think about other dads my age that have to go to work and leave their kid at home you know and i don't have to do that i literally go upstairs record or whatever edit a video come back and you're right there and you're getting to a point where now you'll kind of sit in my office randomly not i can't let you lose fully because you like to just pick things up and collect them she's like the collector you like to uh earlier today you you cried because you couldn't pick up winnie the pooh and two other dolls you have because they couldn't all fit in your hands so then i tried to help you and then you kind of was able to get them all at once but it wasn't enough you have moments of rage you know where a ball won't fit into a cup and you'll just go crazy and i love it and i never know what i'm gonna get with you and that's why i love you very much you're like you keep me on my toes and i think that's highly underrated for some babies you know i i just it's like i love taking you for car rides i love watching you figure things out your your face when you uh you tried fruit snacks for the first time today i had to cut them up because i was worried you would eat one and then sometimes when i see you try new food you will uh you'll take the first bite and i'll watch your reaction and then i'll know that you want more and then i want to give one but you have a tendency to grab stuff by the handful and then you walk around and tease the dogs with like a fry or a piece of chicken and we try to not let you do that because that's i could tell they want it you know but we can't give it to them because it's yours but uh it's just man watching you grow up has been amazing um i wouldn't trade it for anything so uh thank the people that have watched this video and all the other ones because that's the reason dad gets to stay at home and watch you you know so um i love you i'm going to sleep we got a car ride tomorrow to get to see uh my dad's mom and hopefully my mom she hasn't really been doing too well uh kind of a long story but hopefully one day i can explain it to you um but yeah that's it alright guys that's everything uh thanks for watching again and uh yeah i'll see you guys in part twoWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 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  1. Little Easter egg in there when he plays the record player and it says "who do you voodoo, sounds familiar" well that's the song on dead island 1 🙂 the same creaters

  2. hi from malaysia brad, i watch you since i was 9 years old (2013) now you know how old am i. hahah

    time flies so fast brad, thankyou for fullfil my chilhood time

  3. Who do you VooDooo Baby!!! That's when I first started watching. i am 50 years old now. I will be in the Old Folks home gaming when my super old ass is almost as old as dust. Fartin Dust Baby!

  4. I didn't really wanted to buy these games because after playing Days Gone I was scared of Zombie games other than Last of Us, but I'm happy to watch through your gameplay Brad, thank you for the company you provide. ❤️

    Edit:- Just heard your daughter time capsule I'm very happy for you, believe it or not I wanted to name my daughter Clementine after playing The Walking Dead, I'm very happy for you Brad, good wishes to you Clementine and your family 🙂

  5. I remember watching your fallout 4 vids and thats when I subbed to you. You play all the games I play. Keep up the good vids

  6. Hearing Brad talk about his daughter is so wholesome it's amazing, makes me know someone just like this is or was in the game, either resting with his family or searching for his loved ones. Just amazing


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