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SearchThisVideo: EDF 5 BEST DPS List Air Raider QUICK TIPS – Earth Defense Force 5

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hello again edia friends welcome back to
my best dps list we were on air raider
this time and a little bit difficult for
air rhaegar because he doesn't really
have necessarily DPS you can kind of
configure figure out the DPS of the
request gunships or the limpet guns or
the stationary turrets but I'm not gonna
do that this video this time I'm going
to do what is the best DPP list the best
damage per point because each of these
you know issues air raids least the ones
that that require points have a point
point number to them and then of course
a total damage so what I'm going to do
is I'm going to let you know what is the
most efficient air raid in the game for
damage per point so I'm gonna do is I'm
going to give you a the best DLC which
if is only one deal season one DLC best
DLC per per column and the best non DLC
per column and then we'll go over the
and then we'll go on to the next column
that has points point base air raids and
we'll keep doing that until we get to
the end and then we will show the the
most uh the most efficient damage per
air raid four aerator so without further
ado but before we get started something
very important oh this is focus rate to
attack again
wait mu just attacked yep this is focus
ready to tuck in yeah oh right attack
but yeah again we wouldn't we just up
mister focus ready attack Kim all right
let's get started here with with the
column one I'm also going to give it a
practical rating as far as how good it
is on the side as well out of ten so the
DLC mortar comes in at 108 thousand
damage and it comes out breaks out to
185 damage per point so not too good
which you know I wouldn't expect the
mortars honestly to be that good I'm a
practical rate and I give it a 3 out of
10 the reason is it comes in so so
painfully slow it's got lead it's got a
pretty low point cost but to be fair it
misses a lot
and it just comes in too slow so I just
find it a lot of other air raids out of
the outclasses thing very much and then
the non DLC is the canon DZ which is
probably no surprise it does over 1.1
million damage and it comes in at 577
per point this one's a bit expensive
that's one negative of it I give it a
practical rating of 5 out of 10 because
it's good on stationary targets like a
hive or something - just gonna stand
there or something you know it's not
good for crowds enemies it's good on
single - single large targets if you can
get it to hit you know like our Calais
is kind of hard to hit with but um when
it hits it does major damage but yeah
let's go on to the to the runner-ups
here alright so here's the numbers on
the runner-ups as you can see the canons
are pretty much gonna be your best
overall damage per point even for the

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

low levels they are however like I said
they're very specialty they're mainly
used for large stationary targets and
then the mortars the mortars don't come
in very high either and the problem with
the mortars is they come in very slowly
it's one the first problem but secondly
their mates mainly made for small
enemies in large groups but the problem
is their blast radius and range is so
small that it's not very good on large
groups so therefore I would I would
actually say the howitzers are better
for that reason that's why I do find
myself using the howitzers more I would
say I rarely use them more as if at all
in the many hours I played even though
the howitzer comes in at fifteen point
one points per damage per point it's
still better because it hits a larger
group and it hits many enemies with
those shells and usually you can you're
not going to get it back up in time very
easily but you will actually find a use
for it once in a while if you don't feel
like using the focus all the time but
yeah also the negative of this column of
course is just it's hard to aim because
you don't see that zoomed out view but
it's still um it still has this time in
place I really wish in the future games
they will actually have you zoom out so
let's so you can throw the cannons a
little bit more accurately but yeah
let's move on to the next column now as
you can see here this is the canon d
going off in the background trying to
hit a large group of enemies which is
not very good on just clusters of
enemies unfortunately but yeah okay it's
move on alright on to the next column
with points here we go we
the km6 dlc it comes in at over 4.8
million damage total and that equals out
to about fifteen fifteen hundred and
eighty damage per point so not too bad a
lot better than the first column I'm
gonna give it a practical rating of six
out of ten mainly because it's
relatively expensive for one and for two
it's only useful in certain enemy types
for for km6 the best enemies to use
these these weapons on our drones loss
or anything pretty much anything air
tadpoles can also be good on so those
are the main enemies you're not going to
use it too much on ants necessarily
although the km6 DLC could possibly be
used because it has so much damage per
projectile but still usually the
explosives are better for them but
anything in the air it's going to be
pretty good at so that is one positive
to them but of course it's very spread
out too so to be fair you're not hitting
all that damage onto the targets so
that's another thing to consider that's
why I lower the practicality of it and
then of course the km6 level eighty six
which is four lines and it shoots behind
you in front of you so it's very useful
for that reason it comes in over 2.5
million damage and it has a whopping
4096 damage per point so that's pretty
good and I give it practical rate of
seven out of ten once again I think it's
the best one of the best air raids in
that column however like I said it's
only useful on certain targets you know
the aerial targets so therefore has
limited use but when it is you always
have this thing up it's very cheap and
very strong so it's definitely useful

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

weapon for sure alright let's move on to
the next let's move on to the runner-ups
rather all right here's the runner-ups
as you can see the km6 are pretty much
can be your best damage for point
overall however like I said if you're
not dealing with aerial enemies I would
much rather take a focus most of the
time the focus almighty focus level 88
comes in at five hundred seventy two
point two damage per point and the
napalm come in very low but like I said
the napalm are more of a specialty you
may use that to control crowds so you're
not gonna really use that necessarily
use that for damage so that makes sense
but the focus very cheap and just the
thing is the focus
hitting multiple enemies compared to the
strait plan each projectile to Phobos
has explosive damage so it's gonna be
hitting multiple enemies and therefore
it's gonna be multiplying their damage
so very very strong overall even though
the damage number doesn't necessarily
show that and don't forget DDF motto
this is focus rate to attack again and
don't call us for nothing I'll just
ray attacking and I would be remiss not
to include some footage of the
all-mighty focus I'm the thing with the
focus is there's three different kinds
there's the one that shoots like in four
lines or the best one shoots in the V
pattern there's also the ones that shoot
in a long straight line and then there's
ones that shoot in the clusters which
are also a very long straight line
I'd only care for the long straight
lines most of time they're not useful
because the line is so long you're not
gonna be hitting all your all your
projectiles on the one on the group of
targets whereas the four line one or the
V pattern one here at low 88 those are
going to hit such a large group of
enemies because so clustered and tight
together the red the red the red
dropping zone so that's what makes it so
strong and then of course it's so cheap
you're always gonna get it back up
because you're hitting so many enemies
with it whereas the cluster focus is
actually pretty bad even though it has
more damage per point than this focus as
you can see it goes so far out in the
distance it's gonna be missing a lot of
groups of enemies they can see all those
projectiles in the back they're missing
they're hitting nothing so there's no
benefit to them it's better to take a
strafe plan if that's the case because a
straight plan are a lot cheaper so
that's what makes the focus so broken
even though the damage numbers aren't as
high as the other air raids it's just so
compact and tight as you can see those
four lines are crossing at the point of
the V and all that damage is hitting one
area so you can really carpet bomb a
single point as well on the map if you
want to you can put it right at the both
right at the tip of the B so it's very
useful plan overall and it just very
strong it's wanted to show a little bit
of footage of that too
alright let's move on to the next column
um yeah I hate to bother you again but
this is focus were ready to attack again
yeah I know I know we just attacked but
I'm ready to attack again
yes don't call us for nothing but the
rate attack yeah right now yeah again
all right on to the last column I
combined the tempest with the sprite
fall cuz there's only one missile that
requires points and that would be The
Tempest so as you can see the sprite

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

fall out damage per points The Tempest
200 versus 130 the sprite fall is
probably one of the best air raids in
the game my opinion besides the focus
I'm the reason is it calls in very
quickly so it's like the mortar in that
respect but it's actually a lot more
useful because it's instant call in
almost and because of that and also
because it's very very small blast free
it's like 60 to 70 meters it's very easy
to pinpoint mobs of enemies they're
chasing after you or so you say you
won't attack a pillar or something it
also is very good on aerials and ground
enemies as well at the same time so just
a very good overall weapon you get it up
very quickly on the calls in very
quickly I just very a lot of positives
to it even though the damage number per
point is not necesary greatest The
Tempest I give it a a practical rating
of 6 out of 10 mainly because you need
to have the enemies not see you so you
can call it in from far away or you need
someone up front to distract of course
it's very dangerous on groups as well on
NPCs but it definitely is useful when
you have you know like when you want to
take out a large target so deathly
useful weapon alright let's move on to
the runner-ups here
all right here's all the runners-up as
you can see the level 63 sprite fall is
the best and then comes 76 then the
single shot level 83 which I actually
like now I've been using a lot more
lately it seems relatively pretty decent
then a level 72 and then last of all the
tempest my personal favorite though is a
level 72 sprite fall I like it because
it doesn't have the highest damage but
it calls in everything very quickly
within a matter of a couple seconds so
it's very easy to just do a quick burst
damage you get that thing back up and
use it again whereas my second favorite
is a level 63 where it's it shoots for a
very long period of time and does the
most damage so I usually switch between
those two but as you can see they're so
close to number it's not that big of a
deal honestly and then last of all the
tempest comes in very low but you know
as you can see if you need 200
39,000 damage it's very good burst
damage but you know it just costs a lot
of points for what it is which is what I
personally thought Fobus should cost you
know a lot more points because because
of how useful it is but anyway
all right let's sum let's go ahead and
move on to the the highest now from
highest to lowest and take a look at and
see what we've learned here all right so
here's the overall list so as I look at
this list I would say there's actually
not too many surprises honestly I knew
the km6 had a lot of damage and they're
very cheap so I knew they'd be on the
top of the list but one thing I think we
can learn from this is it's more
important taking the right air raid for
the job we rather than looking at the
damage per points like for example if
you're looking if you're dealing with
the groups of ground enemies I would
recommend the Fobus or the sprite fall
if you're gonna attack enemies in the
air km6 is gonna be the best or sprite
fall as well large stationary targets I
like the cannon or the sprite fall or
the Fobus large moving targets I would
say tempest or sprite fall just because
the sprite fall calls in so fast and
then last of all anchors on the tempest

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

sprite fall or cannon so it has I would
say it has more to do with killing the
most mob enemies so you can get your air
raid back up so therefore smaller
patterns on you know as smaller patterns
on the ground are gonna be better so
therefore the sprite fall is a very
small pattern but high damage I'm the
Fobus 88 the Fobus 43 and the Phobos 27
are pretty tight patterns so they're
variant they're gonna kill a lot of
enemies when they get called in and then
last of all the km6 level 75 is the 5
way line is a very tight pattern so
that's going to hit a lot of enemies too
so those are those are gonna be probably
usually some of your best air raids
in my opinion the top two air raids are
level 72 sprite fall because of how fast
it calls in and burst damage and then
level 88 Fobus of course so um so yeah
that'll be all for this one I'll
probably do the DPS list for the weapons
reload next so if you enjoyed this video
please give it a thumbs up be very much
appreciated and remember even if I leave
a man behind
ever and if you're interested in ways
support the channel financially please
consider hitting the join button which
is next to subscribe button or
watching a few ads or sharing the
channel with someone is it does help
financially and it's very much
hope to see you next time thanks a lot
this is Bob was ready to attack twice

Best damage per point for air raider EDF 5.


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  1. You should do one on defeating the Cosmonaut with each class. You can't knock off its arm with their armor stopping your attacks and they will somersault away with enough damage and run away from you by then.

  2. Well done i was waiting for this video beacuse i use a lot air raider in edf5, but me and my best friend have one lust doubt that we want to solve once and for all and is if the tempest at it's full damage so almost half million damage can one shot a godzilla, beacuse we try it so mant times in mission 100 and it leaves the godzilla so low on health that only a couple of the rajin sniper rifle the inferno one not the dlc you kill the godzilla, so i want to ask you if you can max up your tempest let us if it really possible to do even this thing.

  3. Downvote because: You can show the weapons in action. You didn't… I absolutely dislike 'comparison' videos where people don't show but talk… Upload this as podcast. Videomaterial is unnessecary. Sadly. Voice is absolutely great! Audiolevels are very good.

    Stay crunchy.


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