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    - which commanded the scars

    in life its fullest brains

    the elegant ring



    hello I am Sean of lore hunter and this

    is the first video of my Elden ring so

    far series in which I cover everything

    we know about Elden ring an upcoming

    action role-playing game being developed

    by from software if you haven't watched

    on my pre release information videos

    before my thing is that I collect and

    organized pre-release information and

    present it as thoroughly and factually

    as I can this video will focus on the

    story and world of Elden ring including

    what we know about the development of

    the narrative and mythos as well as

    discussing the themes and concepts being

    explored by this title so let's start

    with what we know about the development

    of the story and world of Elden ring


    as mentioned previously Eldon Turing is

    being developed by from software in case

    you're unfamiliar with from they are a

    Japanese developer known for Dark Souls

    blood-borne and most recently Sakura

    shadows died twice in a recent IGN

    interview Ida talked to miyazaki the

    president of from software and

    co-director of elgin ring explained that

    development for Elden rings started just

    after the development for the Dark Souls

    3 DLC had ended

    so roughly early 2017 at the time Elgin

    was being planned as a more classic

    fantasy title compared to others that

    were being considered or already in the

    early stages of development such as da

    Rossini and Sakura we wanted to create a

    new dark fantasy action RPG full of

    things that we weren't able to do in the

    Dark Souls series notably from

    software's working on Elden ringing

    collaboration with george RR martin

    known for his a Song of Ice and Fire

    books Miyazaki described the

    collaboration the actual collaboration

    itself began with mr. Martin ever so

    lately confirming what sorts of themes

    ideas as well as many game related

    aspects I had visioned for the game this

    allowed us to have many free and

    creative conversations regarding the

    game in which mr. Martin later used as a

    base to write the overarching mythos for

    the game world itself Miyazaki added

    Eldon earings world was constructed

    using this mythos and stimulus as a base

    so Martin wrote what Miyazaki described

    as a guide for the worlds lore about the

    mythos for the game and Miyazaki wrote

    the story

    IGN explained that Martin is not

    involved in the writing of Alan Turing's

    main story because Miyazaki believes

    that the format of video game could have

    limited the potential of his


    according to Miyazaki both the main

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    story in Martin's lore are heavily

    influenced by each other

    Miyazaki explained that the player will

    be able to learn about Martin's

    mythology through exploration we are

    known for letting the player explore the

    game's lore through fragments of

    environmental storytelling and this time

    around Martin's story is what you will

    be trying to unravel the period the

    player actually explores is still

    connected to the old times

    so as you slowly discover why the world

    has become

    it is you will learn more about Martin's

    mythology as well for the development of

    Eldon ring Miyazaki told IGN that the

    overall process of development has been

    the same as it was in Sakura with Sakura

    Miyazaki took a collaborative approach

    in creating the story and design of the

    game he outlined the narrative and

    provided direction on game design art

    and music and left his co-director and

    team to creating the details with his

    oversight and it sounds like we can

    expect the same for Eldon ring from e3

    we got a CG teaser for the game and a

    few interviews with Miyazaki as our

    current official information while we

    don't know much about the story in world

    of Eldon ring which is to be expected as

    from his notoriously tight-lipped

    we know that the eponymous Odin ring is

    at the center of it miyazaki described

    it as a mysterious key element in the

    foundation of the world we have created

    it forms the roles and rhythm of this


    the teaser describes it as to which come

    on dude the skies

    life its fullest brains similar to the

    first flame from Dark Souls it seems to

    be a mystical element that holds the

    world together in the shattering is a

    momentous event but is quite literally

    causing the world and its inhabitants to

    crumble the rest of the trailer focuses

    on a cast of six unknown characters they

    are mythical and how they are shown with

    their appearance is fantastical and

    larger-than-life this teaser reminds me

    of the opening cymatics for Dark Souls 1

    and Dark Souls 3 which introduced the

    mythology of the world and the major

    players in these mythologies this is

    obviously speculation on my part but my

    guess would be that the teaser is a

    recut of the opening cinematic and their

    legendary characters in the mythology of

    elven ring there's speculation that this

    character is forging or shattering the

    Elden ring I personally don't believe

    these characters are interacting with

    the unerring at all

    by someone or something

    this isn't you to speculate that the

    circumstances and motive behind the

    shattering are unknown and maybe a

    central mystery to the narrative

    Miyazaki explained that ring is not

    meant to imply a piece of jewelry but a

    circle and that the Elden ring is the

    name given to a mysterious concept that

    defines the world itself while there is

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    imagery of shattering in the trailer and

    I'm sure the game will feature plenty of

    shattering imagery I remain skeptical

    that the oven ring being shattered will

    be as simple as someone smacking a

    mystical circle with a hammer the last

    line of the narration says don't tell me

    you don't see it


    but the sky

    while there's the possibility that the

    uttering could be the Sun I think it is

    more likely at this point that the fiery

    sky is a physical manifestation or a

    reaction to the physical world to the

    Elden ring shattering now let's talk

    about some of the themes and Odin ring

    Miyazaki has stated that Odin ring is

    full of things they weren't able to do

    in the Dark Souls series he netted that

    while Ferelden ring we are going back to

    Western fantasy the game's themes are

    very different from our previous works

    which means that beauty justice and

    strength will be different once again

    that difference has a big impact on our

    games as a whole I am very curious to

    see how Elden ring differentiates itself

    thematically because as you will see in

    a moment it seems right now like there

    are some very similar themes at play

    Miyazaki has stated two of the themes

    that Alden ring will be tackling for the

    first theme he stated that the

    significance of the oven ring being

    shattered will be one of the important

    themes of the game extrapolating this a

    bit I take this to mean that the game

    will explore a world where the unifying

    force that governs it is broken and why

    it is broken I'll be interested to

    understand the thrust of this a bit more

    because in his broad strokes this sounds

    very similar to the fading of the first

    flame from Dark Souls the second theme

    music you mentioned was the will or

    ambition of mankind this theme was

    specifically brought up in reference to

    some concept art that was released by


    showing off this character wielding a

    coiled sword and garbed in clothes made

    out of flesh Miyazaki said we chose this

    character because of his eccentric

    aspects as well as the way you portrays

    the darkness that the world and story

    possess the theme of the will or

    ambition of mankind combined with the

    darkness of the world that this

    character conveys leads me to believe

    that Miyazaki has something of a

    pessimistic take on the results of

    mankind's ambition this theory is

    bolstered by Miyazaki explaining why he

    doesn't make happy bright worlds

    personally a world that is happy and

    bright is something that just doesn't

    feel realistic to me it may sound like I

    have a trauma or something but I believe

    that the world is generally a wasteland

    that is not

    to us that's just the way I see it but

    this doesn't mean he designs worlds that

    are all doom and gloom and a very Lord

    of the Rings sounding quote Miyazaki

    stated light looks more beautiful in

    darkness when there's something

    beautiful in the middle of the wasteland

    we were able to appreciate it more one

    jewel doesn't look like much when you

    have a pile of them but if you find one

    jewel in the midst of mud it is worth so

    much more I for one am very excited to

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    see what jewels Miyazaki has hidden in

    the wastelands of Eldon earings world in

    this section I'm addressing some

    speculation and rumors related to the

    story and world that have been posted

    one of the reasons I started making my

    so far videos is because quite frankly I

    got tired of seeing people present

    speculation or rumours as fact

    speculation and rumors are fine in

    theory but often they're presented as

    information which then build the

    foundation for more speculation and

    suddenly expectations for what the game

    truly is are skewed and the discussion

    around the game lives purely in the land

    of fiction


    with my Eldon ring so far series I want

    to address the validity of popular

    rumors and speculation that pop up while

    making very clear that they are not and

    should not be considered true or

    official information hopefully this

    helps keep expectations based on reality

    and the discussion more grounded

    the first rumor I'm addressing is one

    you've probably heard of and that is

    that an Eldon Ring you will be visiting

    various kingdoms and defeating their

    leaders to gain powers this rumor came

    from a video posted by spawn wave in

    late March 2019 in this video spawn wave

    claims that he was given information by

    video games researcher Liam Robertson so

    from a story and world viewpoint the

    world would feature different kingdoms

    and you are tasked with going to them

    and collecting powers from the leaders

    for reasons this video also claimed that

    the world would be open world and that

    george RR martin would be involved which

    both ended up being true so for that

    reason I would say this rumor is

    possible but still take it with a grain

    of salt

    the second rumor I'm addressing here is

    that Eldon Turing will be Norse themed

    Viking RPG reimagining Norse mythology

    this rumor was first posted on 4chan in

    late May 2019 I would be very wary of

    buying into this rumor this post does

    correctly guess that from his working

    with Bandai Namco that the game was

    revealed at e3 with a CG trailer and

    that it is something of a spiritual

    successor to Dark Souls but none of

    those facts are hard to guess and could

    be said of almost any recent title

    release by from on top of that open

    world and george RR martin are not

    mentioned which are too big talking

    points about the game right now there is

    no plausible basis for believing in this

    rumor so feel free to hope for a Viking

    Norse themed RPG if you want but I think

    you'll be disappointed the final room

    I'm addressing in this video is that in

    opposition to the previous rumor the

    world is very Tolkien and D and E in its

    foundation with Celtic and Gaelic

    mythology of the United Kingdom in


    this ruler was posted to reset era by

    user omnipotent in early June 2019 just

    before e3 they mentioned george RR

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    martin an open world amongst other vague

    details but at this point i'd argue it

    was someone piggybacking on older rumors

    if it wasn't for the source the biggest

    reason to put some stock in this rumour

    is that omnipotent is a pretty reliable

    source when it comes to from soft rumors

    and I believe the trailer supports this

    claim visually the winged helmet shown

    here is commonly used to depict Celtic

    warriors also this warrior has a metal

    arm that Hsieh fixes to herself

    this could parallel King Nuada of Celtic

    mythology who famously has a metal arm

    and I don't think it's ridiculous to

    suggest that the Elden ring symbol is

    evocative of a Celtic knot on a weird

    note the font Ferelden ring bears a

    strange resemblance to that of the Lord

    of the Rings movies so while this rumor

    seems plausible keep in mind that Lord

    of the Rings D&D Celtic and Gaelic

    mythology are just potential

    inspirations that can be ascribed to

    elven ring and that george RR martin is

    crafting a unique mythology for this

    game so while you can go pick up some

    celtic mythology books and browse

    through monster manual you will at most

    see sly references to these works and

    not the content of the works themselves

    in Elden ring and that is what we know

    about the story and world of Elden ring

    so far in my next video i will be

    discussing the gameplay and mechanics of

    Elden ring and from there who knows

    considering from Sauce previous release

    scheduled they are on track to show off

    some gameplay and another trailer at

    Gamescom or tokyo gave a show in the

    fall and if that ends up being true we

    might get a March 2020 release that is

    simply speculation based upon their

    previous titles I hope you enjoyed this

    video and learned something please like

    subscribe and ding the bell if you did

    and would like to stay up to date on

    elven ring and get the most accurate and

    complete information thanks for watching



    In my Elden Ring So Far series, I roundup all of the information about the upcoming Action RPG Elden Ring being developed by Fromsoftware. In episode 1, I ...


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    Comment (35)

    1. I've been wondering if the Elden Ring is in any way related to the ring around the Dark Soul in his older series. It can be said the ring was burning, and it was the barrier between the Dark Soul and the Sky. Telling a tell of the nature of the Dark Soul of humanity seeping out into the universe after the ring of fire is shattered would be interesting. maybe the video depicts the pigmies as the new gods, shattering the ring of fire placed as a shackle around the dark soul by the old gods. Maybe Elden Ring is a reimagining of what happens after this event?

    2. Im so hyped.
      I'm a relatively new FromSoft fanboy.
      At that time I started Dark Souls 1 several times, but stopped in Blighttown again and again.
      Just with the remastered I finally played it through.
      And it became my favorite game of the last 10 years. Then I played DS2, but then stopped after 70 hours because I was bored.
      I got a PS4pro1TB for 100€ this week and now I'm finally playing Bloodborne. It feels great. I have that feeling again that I missed so much in DS2.
      So until the release of Elden Ring I have Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro in front of me. And when I'm bored, I also finish Dark Souls 2.

    3. I only recently got into the Dark Souls games. Currently playing through DS1 on my switch and bought 2 and 3 on sale on my PS4 (I've heard mixed reviews about 2, but I still will play it). So far, loving number 1, so I'm going to be looking out for this game!

    4. Super interesting to hear Miyazaki's reasoning for his settings being so gloomy. Director David Lynch claimed essentially the exact same thing when confronted with a similar question. It seems to me lots of artists who create such dark art usually have this train of thought, so it must be frustrating when the general public assume them to be these tortured or somehow fucked up individuals just because they decide to highlight dark themes in their art. Seems weird to attribute dark or evil characteristics to a person based on the types of topics they address, as if you have to be a psychopath in order to comment on those subjects. I'm sure Martin would have a similar answer to that question, too.

      SUPER pumped for this game and loving this series. I think it seems like the game won't be BASED on Celtic/Norse mythology, but I could definitely see it borrowing heavily from those aesthetics and expanding on concepts present, ie. the Elden Ring being shattered being quite similar to a Ragnarok-esque scenario. I didn't really buy that the game would be ABOUT Norse mythology because that doesn't seem like Miyazaki OR Martin's style as both seem to prefer crafting their own worlds but with a certain vibe or inspiration in mind.


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