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    i'm mark lopez one of the co-founders of


    in epic chef you take the role of zest a

    man who fleeing from mysterious past

    arrives to ambrosia a city famous for

    being the place to be

    for the world's top cuisine

    personalities after making himself at

    home at the coolest villa everyone is

    terrified of

    he will soon get dragged into the

    spotlight of the histrionic cooking

    scene of the city

    and he'll have to farm craft and cook to

    stay afloat

    this is a live simulator with a heavy

    narrative component

    full of characters we'll get to know

    well we wanted to make it so it feels

    like zest fully integrates into the city

    instead of being the eternal outsider

    even if the city and its inhabitants can

    be a bit

    peculiar at times zest would tell you

    that his goal is to be left alone and

    live a discreet and peaceful life

    but the city and his big mouth have

    other plans for him

    and he'll find himself challenged by the

    greatest chaps in the kingdom in epic

    culinary battles with high stakes

    in order to have any hope of victory

    zest will need to work hard and improve

    his farm to be able to produce

    never before seen ingredients to use in

    his dishes as well as constantly trained

    his culinary skills

    and inventing but he won't be able to do

    this alone

    so he'll need to help his neighbors and

    earn their friendship and support

    with good allies ingredients and skill

    zest will face the best chefs in the


    in a single culinary duel in order to

    survive in a city obsessed with culinary


    hello my name is christian pastor i'm

    co-founder at infinigun games

    today we are excited to share this

    exclusive footage of the process of

    making a dish in epic chef

    in the game there are tons of different

    ingredients that you can grow in your

    own villa

    plants crops animals like cows more

    exotic ones

    like unicorns each one providing

    different resources keep in mind that

    things like unicorn proof is considered

    a delicatessen in concordia

    you can use all these ingredients to

    create thousands of different dishes

    there are not correct or incorrect

    recipes just like in real life

    each character in concordia has its own

    taste some of them

    love meat some of them hate it some of

    them can love strong flavors

    others don't so you will need to choose

    carefully which ingredients you want to

    use in your dish

    in order to satisfy their wishes hi i'm


    i'm a game designer from team 17 and i'm

    working as a

    design supporter for infinigun one of

    the key features i wanted to

    talk about is something called sources

    and so basically if zest is to become

    the greatest chef in the land

    then he's going to need to learn how to

    make sauces they're a powerful addition

    to cooking and they've got the ability


    alter the properties of a dish and this

    is especially useful in cooking battles

    where the player is cooking off against

    an opponent

    saucers can influence the judge's taste

    which then in turn can mess up the

    opponent there are lots of sauce recipes

    to choose from but it's up to the player

    to figure out

    which sauce to make and when to use it

    sources won't always have the desired

    results but

    experimenting is the fun part epic chef

    is coming out in 2021

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    you can wishlist the game on steam we'll

    be happy to give you more information in

    the future

    thanks for watching

    Subscribe to Gamesradar: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1 On a distant isle, the world's greatest chefs do battle… with food. Grow unique crops, make useful friends and craft ...


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