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SearchThisVideo: ESO – Elsweyr Main Quest Walkthrough!

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well hello there guys welcome back to

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

the ESO stream my friends I hope you are
all well we have already started the
main quest and if you guys missed
yesterday stream its linked down below
in the description thank you so much all
for joining me live and if you guys like
one updates on when I'm streaming
usually Twitter's the best place or like
just subscribing and pressing the bell
icon as well and then also make sure
that YouTube is like letting your phone
being notified if someone uploads a new
video or something because a lot of
people seem to like press the bell icon
but they're not check of they're getting
notifications from YouTube so it usually
does block them on your phone unless you
tell it not to so bear that in mind
because I see a lot of people just
appearing and being like oh I missed the
stream and it know you're streaming for
like 3 hours straight or something
so I thought I'd let you guys know about
that and now we will continue speaking
to our boy AB Mathon you killed a dragon
impressive it's gone to my head remember
they're all going to be talking about
the return of their Queen rip for me why
she's totally stole her egg very last
episode when we killed the dragon in the
boss fights made me very sad hello Sir
Henry and taser how's it going that you
killed a dragon never will I get
satisfaction like I did when I killed
one in Whiterun he didn't help me
against the dragon though why not I had
every faith in your ability to handle
the situation it's just the worst need
to intervene and tarnish your moment of
besides my considerable strategic skills
serve the kojiki cause better than my
battle magic I leave the mayhem to you
great honestly I had no idea
c'mere as rousing words were all well
and good but it will take more than
inspiring speeches and old siege weapons
to take down my off sister
so did you can't with a plan all this
time I was battling that dragon outside
based on reason
then certainly one course of action
makes sense we must strike at Rimmon and
remove my half sister from the throne
before she rallies our forces first
however take this compensation for
stopping the undead and killing a dragon
river holder dragon fella it's not great
thank you I guess I'll deconstruct this
from the materials the time has come to
deal with your axiom Oh an achievement
gg permanently you want us to kill your
own sister half-sister and yes if it
comes to that savage Iraq SIA conquered
women without authorization
she oppressed the Khajiit Unleashed

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hordes of undead and made a deal with
the Dragons
if we don't depose her I hate to imagine
what she'll do next
thanks for the donation Jake appreciate
glad enduring the scarran videos man
check out the top five hidden location
video I did recently a couple of days
ago there's really good fun do you have
any forces to make a direct assault on
women probably not who said anything
about a direct assault subterfuge is
called for I suggest a small room slip
into the palace locate your Axia and
remove her from the throne by any means
necessary talk to Gary he knows someone
who can get us inside alright alright
now do all the work as usual if it has
any chance to succeed however we need a
way to get a small force into the palace
without being seen what is your idea for
getting us inside the palace
the former custodian of the palace he
knew the place like the back of
remarkably he survived your access
conquest and the purge of the royal
family find him and he should be able to
provide us with an unseen path into the
palace spooky unless he served us
castellan for riemann palace under king
Hammacher you can find an AC southeast
of here where he now cares for a shrine
ancient hiro-kun sorry alright alright
I'll go and do your dirty work no
let's head over to rimmon let's have a
look on the map here all there's a
there's a dragon here guys let's go kill
the dragon I don't know if we'll be able
together in time to be honest I was just
saying how I was I was preliminary
writing my review of the Elder Scrolls
online elsewhere you know so I can do a
condensed video for you guys because a
lot of people do enjoy the live streams
but some people also think well you know
I don't want to watch a two and a half
hour video which is fair enough it's not
for everyone so I I want to do like a
sort of 10 minute review video about
elsewhere as well and I was just
checking on us going the right way and I
was writing about the dragons and how
much cooler they are than the world
bosses because having something that's
kind of interacting with the
environments and flies around and you
have to like track it down and kill it
with other players it's just a much
cooler concept than having like 20
people waiting at one location for a
boss to spawn that they can then
immediately kill so I did think dragons
I like a massively good for the game in

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

that sense they should do that with more
more sort of world bosses if it's like a
werewolf even that would also be like
pretty awesome so this is the plateau
and I think I'll mate wait we've gone
the wrong way it's it's over here
I got to oh there it is you can see it
in distance it's flying around there oh
boy oh boy that's a plus oh god that's a
long way down I was about to say full
damage 11,000 damage Jesus your mouth
looks like it's off ah Clos yeah I'm not
surprised I mean it's literally the most
butch sin shake is you can get they did
a really good job with the Khajiit lore
and adding the different types of
Khajiit into the game Jesus Christ
that's one pissy boy so yesterday we
died to this immediately basically if it
hits you like twice you're gonna be dead
especially on like a DPS type build
oh you see that Winger tag and you get
close just to store easy you can dodge
things from brains those are the general
consensus just to be is just like you
know stare range and pummel it with
I love the shouting busy house they see
that guy he didn't move almost died even
the tail has its own attack oh Jesus
so that's one of the necromancer
abilities you just saw there that giant
undead fats tub a lover creature that
came out of the ground there I haven't
tried the necromancer Oh God
I was standing a bit too close you see
winged thrash thirteen thousand damage
thank you
he's dead we have defeated him I want to
do the 12-man trials at some point and
test that out it's like a 12-man dungeon
where you battle dragons in more of a
competitive way I would say and I think
good Oh
shenanigans card game it looks like a
chessboard though that's not a card game
fast running hourglass take all so
anything useful that I just got from
this truck you know not massively okay
so we've got to travel over to rim in I
thought oh no it's we need to go here
actually okay well it's just travel
across the map then we are going to
ignore the side quests and run past them
all so yeah PC got early access it comes
out for console like ps4 and Xbox on the

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

4th of June that's like the official
release so they says say save all the
reviews until then hmm
I'm gonna want to Yolo here I reckon we
can get to this our gods
we died rip
dying literally has no consequence
pretty much it just means you have to
spend money on repairing some of your
armor which isn't really a problem and
you have to use soul gems to raise
yourself it's a legitimate strategy to
get around they know Woofie boy please
let's just kill these guys
it's ESA some people I'm still surprised
some people won't and heard about the
oldest bills online like the amount of
marketing they do for it I am surprised
okay these skulking creatures I think
they're actually undead Khajiit because
there's like one breed of Khajiit
depending which moon you're born under
that's that still cruise around on all
fours so maybe they are meant to be
undead Khajiit I don't know which type
though how the hell do I get out of this
a curse of cavern like I got top hat no
she's just got a dank hairstyle
hello from Las Vegas how are you man huh
what marketing you don't think really
marketing maybe that's the wrong type of
marketing then if you don't know a game
does marketing and I feel like that
probably says it all doesn't it
unfortunately the squad bosses not
spawns it has what is known they're
gonna say we could do that right now
what is that a - already get down there
me this environment is so hilly
you have to go to school in five minutes
well thank you for stopping by anyway my
friend 100 bits thank you so much
drifting drifting is how I say your name
did I butcher it for 100 bits I'm glad
to enjoying yes oh there right this is
the person we need after this cliff

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

fantastic least we got to explore some
of the environment I only did a good job
in the environment though especially the
architecture massive fan of that like
the ruins and whatnot you'll find much
comfort in the ancient tales of Gonzaga
during these drying diets and she
recognizes your friend she has grown
more serious with this one knows
princess kuvira by Joel she's Queen
chimera now she remembers UT we need to
help her she's beloved wife Simon works
with the militia for a time after we
avoided noxious purge of the palace
passed along information until the
erection scotto's they killed her in the
palace courtyard if energy can help do
so already you're from the Czech
you guys have amazing beer I really want
to get some of the glasses you guys have
for my beer cabinet this is the Elder
Scrolls online elsewhere copy it says it
in the twitch titled man come on you
should know this we're going to assault
women palace but we need a way to slip
inside without being spotted
to be honest I thought like the Khajiit
are the best race for this kind of quest
very sneaky you know born smugglers they
know all about this the palace
a forgotten passage encrypts leads to
the Royal kitchens and there she's will
write down directions to where he hit
his master key the key opens the door in
the sewer all right I'll take the
directions and go and find your mosque
key though it sounds a little bit
worrying going through the crypts when
they have a necromancer in power but I
am queen come here now yeah get it right
from my Father's throne
we stayed close to the castle
Ziya my brave and beloved wife she
passed information to the militia
those sneaky Khajiit alright let's head
over to the way shrine and then we can
just sponsor travel to the city and have
the ultimate sneaky sneaky mission oh
Jesus Christ I don't want to interfere
with you right now sir oh he's got me
he smoked me from a mile away how dare
right let's head over to the way shrine

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

hello from New Zealand's middle-earth be
mean my friend said he went to New
Zealand your Airport apparently half
just this big sign that says welcome to
middle-earth haha is that true this is
where I need to go
I believe gurbin van egmond thank you
for the donation why does your cause he
walks a wonky when with weapons on
equips another question what music are
you and see what do you think of meta
music do like meta music is actually
quite cool German band I sometimes
listen to their like da host he's like
one of the lyrics but it's all in German
it just sounds cool and this is a
personality running animation you have
to explain to anyone I think some people
at this point just think that's how
characters run in the game right where
am I going over here oh wait Duane to go
joins ago here whoops
find the master key oh great I thought
you hid it in the city but yeah that
doesn't really make sense is it all
right let's go back I failed I failed
I love your videos I've been watching
views so long thank you eewan for the
$10 donation $9.99 are so specific it's
like you're buying me those marketing
plays you're making sir
so apparently the keys over here 163
ping was going on Elder Scrolls online
do you even server yeah and I don't know
what's wrong with the FPS is the game
it's not me
I guess this literally just come out and
say hopefully they sort that out before
the the fourth release when it
officially comes out for every room here
we are
oh there's some Tigers
that's also a dragon down there maybe we
will kill him after we obtain this key
apparently it's over here I've got to
follow his directions oh boy
I just run around then you tell me where
it is okay let's let's get the note out
actually might be in my journal follow
the directions should I pick them up I

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

did read them so hopefully that in my
inventory fingers crossed I think they
are oh boy
so we know they're around here somewhere
that - all looks insane
erect some all new items well let's just
run round here hopefully our fighters
somewhere I should have read his
I'll wait maybe this person read them
maybe aha
here they are hello there
what is this creature it kinda looks
like it's pleasuring itself against the
tree in the most awkward manner
I'm sorry mr. badger it had to happen
you were disturbing me greatly right we
got the master key now we can go to rim
and finally right so there's apparently
a secret entrance there where's the
closest waitron it's almost faster if I
just run over there to be honest with
you there's another world boss a wish we
can quickly kill let's do that
how can you kill what you do not
yeah these world bosses usually the
level of them depends on how many
players in the area dialog breathes bow
man got achievement after killing it was
easy mate
the icy Khajiit is icy indeed
it was a dirty badger you're right huh

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

really is 1:00 p.m. in the UK thank you
for the night five bits the fallen how
are you I've seen you here on the
channel before actually there's
apparently a secret crafting station
just down here around here somewhere
not very secrets marked on the map but
still ribbon master worse discovered
let's just hope we have a look here as
25 Maxim's stamina Maxim health I guess
it's okay for like here lives but even
then it seems like a bit weird bit of a
weird set I'm not impressed I always had
the secret entrance my friends
yeah the other Scrolls online is an MMO
it's not like the single-player Skyrim
experience it's a very different game in
that sense that meant to be an aqueduct
so I'm not sure kinda looks that one
then doesn't it right here are friends I
can I can see I may not have figured out
c'mere as true identity but things have
been hectic since I met her
Samara though he was easier to surmise I
recognize the bearing of the Kings claw
the moment I saw him did you find us a
way into the palace indeed free the
crypts the crypts
so that means another delightful trek
through the sewers the overwhelming
stench of excrement still lingers from
our last visit oh well I have another
task for you to deal with
I think the quest at least the new DLCs
I like much more interesting especially
if you let the lore of the game at this
is quite cool I enjoy this but the terms
of difficulty it's very very easy maybe
they want to kind of a pill to like a
more casual audience in that sense which
makes sense but the veteran dungeons are
like the challenging content I guess the
siege weapons aimed down into the city
we need to disable them before your axia
realizes she's under attack or she'll
destroy rim and just to spite us meet
Naldo and destroy two of the
installations chimera will take care of
the third you think zamorak was the

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

king's claw just thinking out loud a
habit I acquired during my time in the
archives at white gold look at me served
as a royal protector from his bearing
and the way he hovers near Chimaera
he had to be one of the king's claws
it's quite obvious you say sir I'll help
captain Nala just to destroy the siege
weapons now yes so do you prefer Skyrim
or the Elder Scrolls online
hundred percent Skyrim like without a
doubt any single-player Elder Scrolls
game is just more my type of game than
like an MMO always obvious just like the
kind of games I prefer playing but I
enjoy ESO for different reasons captain
nerado is waiting for you near the siege
weapons work with her to put them out of
commission once we see the weapons go up
in flames we'll head out and rendezvous
with you at the sewer entrance alright
I'm counting on it after you and Naldo
destroy the first two platforms and
Chimaera deals with the third your axia
will order her troops into the streets
to defend the city that will mean fewer
soldiers inside the palace to hamper our
assault very smart what are you gonna be
doing planning more stuff zamorak
Cadwell and i will make our way to the
sewers and deal with any your axion
stationed there can't have them raise an
alarm and alert my half sister to our
true intentions are you insinuating that
my contributions are lacking intimidate
not a soul you did plenty when the set
the dragon free yeah listen to me damn
very clever at least you waited to throw
that in my face as you well know it was
never my intention to loose the dragons
on elsewhere I wasn't even aware of
their presence in the halls of Colossus
despite your jibe I will fix this
count on it alright the Kings claws were
an elite squad of agents loyal to King
Hammacher of rimmon they protected the
king and the royal family undertook
special missions all very hush-hush it's
a guest but if I'm right it explains
much about zemerik because I'm on
youtube as well as twitch will actually
prefer being able to read the chat
sometimes what are you going to be doing
ya zamorak
we've already asked him another good
captain way
okay [ __ ] all Jesus in spider boy over
here I'll smite a girl spider-man
spider-man right so you're gonna go over
here now I'm gonna take my valiant steed
yeah oh Jesus that's not he's not

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

friendly not a friendly one
either gets to the bust you better know
thank you
now only if you do the mean press the
improvement as you have a certain level
to infiltrate a next chapter of the main
quest to require moisture I don't know
what you're talking about slow so like I
joined your conversation in the chat
there what are we looking at here he's
lost hope he's a gambler Gamble's don't
lose hope right to go this way
excuse me first time you ever caught a
stream are very welcome to you it is a
very cool Tiger it's actually a type of
coogee it was just born at a different
time and that's why it looks like this
he was a gym keshite born on the
steroids and lived and grew up and then
now I'm around when she leaves her post
slip through the gate and set fire to
the siege weapons be quick be quick
cycle there's only a single soldier
guarding the South weapons platform must
be a trap yes to change that with the
soldier I will move on to the north
platform meet me there
all right I'll go fire to the siege
weapon on the south platform why was her
voice muffled Henry make sense oh yeah
she's lying [ __ ] crazy lady that one
that's be sneaky sneaky two two two
sneaky sneaky
oh there's someone on patrol that don't

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

worry mate I
this watch this get rekt son Oh
blahblah brutal absolutely brutal how do
I set fire to this siege weapon burn
oh Jesus she's gonna spot me she's
gannis what me don't mind me I'm just on
fire here she hasn't seen anything ah
it's me yeah so get rekt son I'm gonna
stab a 17 times for good measure
she didn't seem fazed at all by her seed
machine your's burning in front of our
eyes I mean you'll be funny if we can
leave like some of the guards alive so
that the rest of them are just like wait
how is house all the siege machinery
burning down around them Oh mate burn
baby burn disco inferno too sneaky good
morning to you too tricky scars it's oh
my god and I was just watching your
frigging stand in front of your eyes
this other two guards they're just like
watching the night sky while everything
else goes up in flame who are you oh
this is another player I was like hello
easy mate that's how it's done
who the hell is this person oh that's
the assassin army you get for completing
it but they've died it they've died it
another color and looks terrible isn't
it horrendous
can't wait to get out of this donkey aha
looks pretty cool at all Masai actually
stupid hats uh kind of racist oh boy get
rekt son okay okay it's this is all
moment she's turned her back sneaky
what was weird kind of broke the game
there the point-blank dagger fro into

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

the back hell to the yes hmm
this kind of works oh oh turn back
around turn back around please
Oh what the hell what the how did they
all there's another player that's why
that's the annoying thing about other
most of times other players just ruin
your experience I like to do the whole
thing stealthily but no someone has
ruined this for me alright I guess I'll
help you there you go
get rekt son at least we did one
platform without anyone spotting us and
that my friend is how you become a
pyromania oh let's do it let's let's
watch that is that up there why are we
looking over that
your guild betrayed you how did this
happen tell me more you can always join
Mikey oh it's more just for people like
grouping up together and doing trials
and stuff and another thing
Oh she disappeared I thought we were
gonna go to the sewer entrance Bay she
ran away
I will go with what is called a sneaky
Cadwell asking the real questions here
look at that
hits it reminds Disney film The
Emperor's groove sneaked into something

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

my name is on the EU server and the
guild is indeed let's find the Kudo
Tallyho card well he's got the same
running animation as me low banter
banter right let me I wanna I wanna
roleplay like a sheet mercenary so
where's my collections CMAs the first
thanks for the donation man just
donating to support the channel mate
really appreciate that thank you so much
massively appreciate it
a fellow Brit supporting a fellow Brits
right I need costumes I think it is is
I don't think so oh wow that's fancy but
that's a female costume I think doesn't
look good on me anyway
do have anything else no no let's just
get rid of this put away there we go
before I had some cool armor I do not it
is so underrated I guess it's not really
like that doesn't seem like I'd be that
good [ __ ] so funny
the run is contagious
exactly literally CAD was copying me
she've your claws and sheath your claws
let us see if the master key still works
I'm gonna say that's my cat the next
time I see him the camp's a sandwich guy
Jackson makes the donation and good
morning to you too man it does allow
plugins here I think I have some moment
actually add-ons allow out-of-date
reload UI I can show you quickly
obviously the games just been updated so
they need to update them but most of
them are played you want to see me solo
a dragon I'm sure I will at some point
in this quest one so now if I look on

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

the map if we go to like this place for
example so this one shows you the
locations all the lore books and the sky
shards and like other locations so you
just thought okay well I can walk over
there and discover that map and so on
it's pretty helpful when you'll be
playing the game for quite a while you
just kind of want to complete things in
an efficient way I guess is the right
terminology oh what's that what's that
and inferno stuff interesting there's
nothing in here wait were you doing I
thought you found something you found
nothing nothing a sack some lemons
sniggers near here
a skeletal breathe
this place is ruined
as playing first person that's always
old man feels weird I always think it
went to so much effort like to put all
the animations in third-person like even
like spin my dagger around in my hand
when I power attack there weren't so
much effort to like do this but you just
don't play this game in the first person
because it's such a disadvantage you
definitely can it's just a massive
disadvantage I'm going to bed don't die
okay I'll try not see thanks Jackson
right so okay this way
Oh other players interesting examine the
rural cribs wait one big boy
dear Oh dearie me
somebody's brought him back from the
dead oh hello there that's a little bit
oh god that's more safe not safe for
twitch be careful why would your accent
they got the royal family zamorak has no
clue this Royal crypt was prepared when
King hammock are ascended to the throne
and married Queen Namara why the bodies
could have been Zuma kroons or one of
the one of his other necromancer's dark

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

moons this one hopes that is not the
case to even think such a thing makes
some rocks first stand on end we should
hurry and find chimera find the Queen we
need to find the way into the palace and
king and queen she does the cricket
there guys
she's a monster a monster yeah if you
read all the bookshelves do you get like
random skill levels up and stuff so
that's why I'm regional books ever tried
Belgian beer of course yeah quite a few
actually European beer guys amazing
pour some European beer there's actually
a really nice BBQ beer made in Germany
that's so good you can only have like
one or two of them but my god it's so
nice very dark beer but lovely I also
like brutal brew dog or a good company
if you like IPAs all right let's go
what's this a jewelry box Oh fancy oh
yes give me that jewelry
a secret way into the castle
look out sag off let me deal with this
ha da man imagines just tapping someone
on the backs just so you can stab them
in the chest while they stare at you
hopelessly imagine being that Savage
and then this cleaning lady is innocent
oh hello what I'm dirt
I was weird that was very strange indeed
she was startled oh elite don't worry
you can't see me huh anything in a spot
me so don't walk around there mold this
is what ah ha ha oh god I've got power
look at this guy's outfit I really want
that armor I like see directs um
yeah cuz he's got like a boost to their
sneak skill and I'm also a median alma
so I got even further to do indeed

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

Ranchi thanks so much to the donation
from Australia I really want to go visit
Sydney some point robust in Australia
okay you're just gonna sit there while
everyone else dies fantastic thanks so
much for help
undead coogee as well so slightly
killing your own kind so I love that
necromancy it's just savage in every
look at this undead fight armor so it
looks pretty cool and that she looks
sick with the moons on it Dan can we get
that that looks insane honestly I don't
like the armor sets they're releasing
this game they've just done so many to
the point of like it's impossible to
find everything go on the set like
there's so many there I sometimes just
see people wearing new stuff clown like
goddamn now like yeah that was in the
original game Jesus what the hell can we
can we do that that's insane just blew
the door off its hinges with his mind
powers [ __ ] Jedi over here here so
playing ESA just robbing up the royal
family you know while I'm here while
it's legal
look at sat on the Sydney
I don't like the little plot twist with
Cadwell story I think it's pretty good
hey if you haven't played the main
questline oh what's this
elsewhere thrown elegance wooden that
sounds insanely cool I wonder that

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

actually I don't think I can can I look
at it is it gonna be in my furnishings
no it's not gonna be here
no I don't know how I can look at it
later on I'll look at my crafting
station and we can check out what it
looks like they're making you rack SIA
is in the palace courtyard with Mulan
near be cautious we need to know what
your axia and the dragon are planning
before we attack
well domination clearly isn't that like
everyone's plan low what is this statue
of she's just like
I'll [ __ ] thank you so much the donation
I fancy gesture indeed the necromancers
have already agreed to serve kal
guranteed you no longer interest us your
axia Vaughn
rip you your axia you're [ __ ] now oh
look out you wanna dodge the next one
cuz I'm not taking the burfi
I'll take down that shield you deal with
the undead Kimura is useless I mean
you've gotta stop being a [ __ ] at some
point she's literally sitting here
crying while we have a boss bow are you
kidding me do you really think so
of Jesus calm down calm down
while I was so easy
I need to see the throne you're running
off for the throne off that little house
all you care about isn't it you're just

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

running off off your best friend died
here saving your life
I better go to the friend room yeah that
was very easy bit too easy that's my
main my main issue the story like it's a
good story but why is it so easy like
but damn this character is a high-level
but it should be leveled to your to your
to the sort of whoever's playing oh well
once this all began I knew you're Axia
would need to be dealt with but sending
death was too easy an end for my
half-sister I'm concerned that the
dragons continue to work with the
necromancers though having your rights
you don't have any regrets about killing
your sister half-sister and do I really
seem like the sentimental type to you
your axiom may be gone but moolam near
mentioned his leader I'll grant aid
he said the necromancers were helping
them and Yurok sia said something about
a moon gate to the southwest good luck
with your exams oh yeah sound the 4th
perhaps not safe the next queen of a
neck winner said there's no time to
mourn the dead but I worry what happened
here could affect her judgement let's
get to the throne room and try to figure
out why the dragons need necromancer's
and a moon gate letters indeed
bit spicy and savage versus end her own
dead parents up against God could you
half sister I use on reminding us indeed
the soundtracks goodbye or anything they
use it enough
I do like it
I feel oh no party you're on here we
must come are those are your parents and
Captain Allah dude died defending you
they sure not presume to tell me how I
should feel
I am the queen now and I do not have the
luxury or the time to grieve good nurse

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

they were animated tasks afterwards
after we finish saving elsewhere from
the Dragons you are still with me in
this five o'clock you and abner torn
both we ended one threat but two more
remain I will go on without you but I
would rather have you at my side for
what is to come
yeah why not the war is far from over
even a queen needs to consult with such
learned personages as Gary and Abner
thorn every now and then take this in
recognition of your efforts on our
behalf five o'clock then talk to Gary I
so waking the lunar reflection how does
that behold the lunar champion and is
this this is a house is it and this is
the the chair we unlocked this wooden
chair thrown thing and I can just Robbie
it nice now I can rob the throne room
fantastic there's what the real reason
we came guys awesome thank you so much
gravel for the donation Indonesia that
really is on the other side of the world
there alright let's have a chat to our
our bro welcome you together so thoughts
the rest of us have work to do the house
is full of cats including my cat which
is following me around we killed your
axe here but Nala doe died and the
dragons and necromancer are still
working together but we can either
celebrate the victory nor more than a
good captain until later I feel we need
to determine why the dragons are willing
to associate with wielders of dark magic
I had the mansion moon gates the
southwest seems like an interesting
place to the dragon I just said that
lies in that direction
I wonder if this pertains to your axis

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

final order a soldier mentioned it
after who captured her but she refused
to elaborate maybe you can help find out
oh okay I'll help appli found turn the
significance of the final earlier
information concerning this final order
faced by this show of indifference your
action was his half-sister her life is
bound to effectively I suggest you tread
warily you're worried about
Abner thorn that would imply I had any
feelings toward him and whatsoever I'd
say I'm more concerned that he's
nonchalant attitude toward his sister's
death might be hiding his true emotions
I trust that he's here to help but he
still what the hell is that was a flying
dragon on the right there PC is better
than x-box and PS yeah
that's granted though isn't it obviously
all of the lunar champion yeah that's
nice what's this then this is what we
place okay so if something to do with a
house is it interesting what does it
mean though okay so we need to go to to
be yeah the final order show on map Oh
over there this way right now this way
the Royal study Oh on the bookshelves
give me that free skill point and that
knowledge please when you look at the
world as lines on a map it all seems so
small and so deep just trying to
determine the meaning of this document
but so far the secret eludes me Wow I
came to offer my help I found a letter
but it's not complete looks like a
scribes dictation I've been searching
for more but I haven't made much
progress through the Royal stacks with
your help perhaps the search will go
more quickly tell me about the dictated
lessee found it alludes to an order yer
Axia was preparing to deliver shortly
before our assault on the palace it
mentions a captain s the Cygnus II
regulars and a favour for the dragons
but gives no indication as to who they
are or what the favor might be Perry
half sister we did what had to be done
think no more about it if you hadn't
ended your axia I certainly would have

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

now look around and see if you can find
anything pertaining to this unfinished
letter it refers to this study contains
documents from when the keshite ruled
women as well as papers that cover the
span of your Axius rule so many many
papers she was a prolific writer I'll
give her there at least she didn't
destroy her files before she died my
computer screens 32-inch but it's
literally Singh right in front of me so
doesn't need to be any bigger then I've
got a second screen which is a bit
smaller anything pertaining to this
so-called final order while we're
looking around let's see we do okay okay
look this guy's our alpha is your like
the ancient elf shoulder pads
oh jeez II just changed his face he's
bald now interesting caps on his letter
my train squad of elite assassins is
ready to perform whatever service you
require however since my assassins are
fewer in number it would print
prudent it would be prudent to provide
us with support in the form of auxiliary
troops if I may be so bold I suggest
granting me the authority to command
soldiers yeah okay great captain
selenium that must be captain s des
Cygnes irregular czar imperial troops
under the command of prefect kalo at san
swell man control dragons what folly but
what was that about old the GT legends
intriguing I think you found everything
I need to fill in the blanks alright
tell me the story okay I believe I know
sorry Tommy
your axia ordered captain Selenia to
assassinate a dragon guard in an effort
to appease the dragons so linear plans
to commandeer as many additional
soldiers as necessary from prefect kalo
at san swell Manor and retrieve a report
I'm sure they would our dragons - Sarah
- it makes sense that'd be pretty sick
imagine if they had like just an ability
to summon a dragon to attack a keep we'd
like one of the ancient relic weapons
they they added to the game I guess
they'd have the ice script them all
those that'd be quite hard who knows
neither do I at least not fully the
dragon guard were the sworn protectors
of the Imperial Emperor at least they
were until they fell out of favor your
Axia has ordered her assassins to murder
what she claims to be the last dragon
guard the last trying daughter don't ask
me the dragon guard i new failed to
protect the potentates and were

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

disbanded in disgrace they claim to have
descended from legendary uh Kirby
but that's all it was a legend we need
to get to south swell manner indeed I'll
head to San swell mala and find the
prefect calorie soon as ahem we can't
take any chances
your Axius final order directs her
assassins to murder the last dragon
guard if the dragons consider this
threat real we needed on our side
meet me west of the city on the
outskirts of San swell manner do you
know anything about captain
salia or perfect Kalia he is so place
yes oh yes exception cheers from New
York New York cut down one day I will
visit to you in Gary's intelligence
reports he commands a garrison of troops
in an estate seized when they conquered
the region as for so Linnea i've never
heard of her but an assassination squad
they're never a good thing
no an assassination squad is never a
good thing I can't imagine it ever be
the Dragons still dark in the skies
overhead but we need to replenish our
forces I fear there are more back of
their head you carry the weight of the
Kingdom Chimaera but the ground is not
yet yours yes yes I must be recognized
by the main and queen Aran
which reminds me as the Dominion sent us
any age a few advisers some gold let's
carry him and all some of this
conversation or as talks CAD well see
they're strangely soothing after all
that million fisticuffs intriguing table
Thank You Peppa Peppa ripe oh the
donation greetings Danny to fellow year
so mate indeed plus some gold for year
so to spend elsewhere thank you so much
thank you so much whereabouts in Europe
are you I see you donating later oh
right so we need to go here now this is
actually the place that I accidentally
walked into when we started streaming
yesterday it's nighttime now in
elsewhere we party time we hung it on
the roof
how sad let me just check if I have
anything to research here no I had not

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

and deconstruct this because that's like
the best way just why you're questioning
just deconstruct what you find to level
up your skills and more not we're
actually gonna sell that where is it
area deconstructs
day 2 of an oil just trying to get some
more materials going to level up some
items later sleuthing station nice be
from Antarctica Wow
straight Chile you already miss your
friends and you have a month till
graduation man honestly it's always a
good thing to move away from home and
stuff and you meet new people don't
worry about it it's one of those things
actually when you move away you kind of
realize who your true friends are as you
stand touch for them and they stay in
touch with you
he knows friends are the loss of people
in high school just because we were in
like the right place at the right time
right here we are it's apparently
personal ha ha ha ha oh yes oblivion the
practice has comes in perfect handy
prefect kalo commands a full complement
of soldiers mostly seasoned Imperials
and not the Nipponese mercenaries that
make up your Axius main forces it's
probable that so linear and her
assassination squad is here as well so I
advise caution let's fight our way in I
prefer to avoid unnecessary bloodshed of
course but these are enemy forces we
must do what we must to complete our
mission I'll work my way down from the
upper levels of the house you find your
own entrance and we'll meet somewhere
inside all right
try not to alert the entire garrison to
our presence and keep an eye out for
captain Selenia or anything related to
your Axius final order we need to
determine where the assassination squad
plans to strike if we're going to save
the dragon guard as I said the dragon
guard I knew with the Emperor's
protectors I suspect this has more to do

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

with legends that speak of their role as
dragon hunters of old ah
idle speculation isn't going to
accomplish anything if I were younger
your age is that bothering it I feel the
weight of my years and it gets worse the
longer this goes on in my younger days I
would have already corralled the Dragons
and banished the necromancers to a
forgotten plane of oblivion
enough of this I'll meet you inside yeah
yeah I don't think he can do any of this
stuff I reckon he's just you know chata
load of [ __ ] trying to like brag and
take your snake dude let's get rid of
the guard first o get rekt literally
broke the game but it's so much damage
that God knew this is sneekly as
possible guys find a way inside the
manor easy am i going there
intermediate lock let's unlock this
literally the lock picking system is in
the Elder Scrolls online is like one of
my favorite things about the game I
think it's so good okay we're
trespassing I need whatever is on that
table so we gotta kill this lady here Oh
get Rex get Rex
I'm taking all this stuff Mihir oh oh
you didn't see anything
luckily that corpse despawn otherwise we
may have had a problem it's me yeah so
get Rex good damn damn right so I got
the selling key from lieutenant when
where's the lieutenant Lee is she hiding
hey so I could be something in the
storehouse here Oh
she's ruining my immersion there is a
cellar here but we need to find the
lieutenant to get the key whyever she
might be I am Not sure get Rex so
satisfied I'm satisfied style from this
game so fun you just like it's obviously
weak is this an MMA you don't like

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

stealth isn't like really that effective
it's just fun to do I think what a
stealth not fun to do let's be honest
guys okay where's the bloody lieutenant
anyway she even in this place
I guess that's her over there or is it
not we will find out shortly
ah those hands Lockbox convenience now
we have the cellar key got a sneak back
across the grounds ah dammit this person
was foiled my plans
don't mind me I'm sneaking by
do-do-do-do-do-do-do it's working you've
nailed it haha just for good measure
get rekt I think it actually gives you
less experience for assassinating people
as well so as quick as is it's not as
effective for leveling up sneaky sneaky
how good of you to join me
no thanks Roderick it seemed visible how
we need to speak quickly I doubt I'll
remain undiscovered for very long you
really do like to show off your magic
Tony this projection a simple spell
nothing but that's not what I want to
discuss I'm hiding in an empty servants
quarters at the moment I discovered that
prefect kalo is no longer in charge in
fact he's been arrested why would your
axion arrest one of their own officers
that's the thing
prefect kalo isn't really one of the ER
accidents his cohort of Imperials
accompanied my half-sister into rimmon
but he's been a vocal opponent of her
coup and subsequent claim of rulership
apparently he refused another order why
are they holding prefect color Kalos
probably being held in one of the lower
levels see if you can find him he should
be able to tell us more about the dragon
guard and so Linear's orders wait a
I'm about to have company oh alright
alright I will do the important stuff
while you [ __ ] around
servants quarters to to to to you
oh it's MC sneaky sneaky
nobody even knows I'm just the sneakiest
kitty you can't even play elsewhere IV
or not let sneaky to shoot it's
harassment to be played guys haha this

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

is the way into the manor the kitchen I
ooh spooky alchemist
let's go stairs apparently means to go
into this room I don't know why have a
little check in there interesting you're
not one of your Axius mercenaries
I'm prefect Kayla commander the
signature regulars and your that outside
are working with the kojiki militia I
expected you hours ago
Oh [ __ ] let's not dawdle you have an
assassination squad to stop I assumed so
if you'd open myself uh how do you know
who I am
it's elementary I pay attention to every
significant event that occurs in the
region come full description I have
agents spies and informers from River
hold to Rimmon the dossier on you could
choke a war masu now about this door
tell me why they locked you in that cell
I'm an imperial without an emperor my
cohort was assigned to accompany Iraq C
on a fact-finding mission she turned it
into a conquest I tried to temper her
more violent tendencies but her
mercenaries at number of my legionaries
by a wide margin Oh full a nook that is
a sneaky high off for a sneaky would
alpha so why lock you up now I refused a
direct order wouldn't give selenium my
soldiers or my file on the last dragon
guard so here I am how about this you
can find a copy of the report in my
office if the information it contains
helps you then come back and set me free
you seem unusually willing to cooperate
with an ally of the rightful Khajiit
queen I'm a reasonable man I have no
great love for this land but neither do
I want to see it destroyed dragons were
the last straw in other words this is me
making a stand all right fair enough
find a copy of the dragon guard report
in my I will go to your office and get
your report for you
as I am also a very understanding could
eat here should go up this way it seems
to be working those potatoes are mine
a high elf are dirty Falmer luckily I
hope you don't support the Falmer
otherwise we're gonna have problems just
down here that's what we're looking for
sigh wildfire was an interesting name
Wow meant - something about the dawn

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

guard there
ah another treasure mapping I see you
found the report now we can how the hell
and I see you've captured prefect Kayla
I presume he surrendered without a fight
don't look so shocked my regulars are
very good at what they do
it was simple enough for them to sneak
in and set me free now what did you
learn from the report anything that will
help us stop Captain Selenia and her
assassination squad why would you want
to help as I said we were never willing
participants in your Axius conquest of
northern elsewhere my regulars did as
little as possible to advance her agenda
and we work to sabotage it as often as
not besides have you forgotten about the
Dragons interesting that you think the
Thelma's and yes are the good ones
you're an informant for the Empire okay
yeah I guess it depends on your
respective really as free sides to the
coin what about the track ins the
Dragons won't stop after they kill or
subjugate the Khajiit we're in as much
danger as everyone else
if Lord Gaara shree pardons my soldiers
will help by
the dragons but we're going to need the
dragon guard do you know where he is
the report suggests that the lost dragon
guard is hiding in the a Kaveri shrine
in the sky grand Chancellor I propose
that you get Gauri to pardon a cygnus
irregular so we can form an alliance
interesting comrades would be helpful in
the battles to come
I'll return to remedy clean Taylor's
case and send someone to help you
meanwhile I suggest you start your
search for the shrine of the stitches
alright let's go and start our search
than a a so anything interesting in here
I'm just gonna run around and loot
everything so it's how I roll aha
another law blog fantastic fantastic or
oh go down
I don't know you're still here get the
[ __ ] out me
what does this look like in first person
I sure can't see it right now reap have
a look so we need to go over here
July kind of fast travel to this shrine
right now so instead of fighting our way

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

out of this area
that's just teleporter
legendary keys to a Skyrim Wolfer I'm
sure at some point I'm walking like this
because it's a jester personality trait
which is like the personality my
character has you can have different
ones and this is just the strangest one
you can guess what's the one I have hell
yeah oh this is a very interesting
location what's this this is cool what's
going on here some kind of little chill
out session look at that instrument
looks insane what did you get one did
you get oh you picked them up nonfarm
again I get three sixes let's do it roll
roll the dice roll them god dammit
yes one six two ones to freeze god
dammit I was wrong so you have to go out
my boy Darden sent some rock to assist
you against the European officer so
linear and air assassins the locals say
that the group matching the description
passed through here a short time ago
Todd explained that we seek a hidden
akaviri shine and we have orders to kill
someone they believe is the last dragon
Selenia the assassin who murdered King
he McLaren cream tomorrow
zemerik heard that name often on the day
of your school did you face captain Sal
Linea back then No zemerik was guarding
Camilla that day we were far from the
palace anyway this one learned that the
local crime lord provided Selenia with
guides who know the scar well we must
hurry let's go and stop the
assassination place five o'clock all
down into this valley it's trying to
kill us elsewhere pulling on
shotgun strategies the strategy what
you're talking about reached it are some
scorpions that's cute so they're very
dangerous there the assassination squad
is around here
wait they must have passed this way spot

Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

you mean this body okay let's get to
so where do they go further down here
are these giant dodo birds the hired
guides like things saw Selena's work
oh wait the doors just round ever here
we are
I like I was like free of him because
it's free players it's quite funny yeah
I found it already come with me look
there's a door it's not already inside
Rason da will always be the og col.caf
oh yeah of course
he carried Somerset work like a
professional and you pay like
professional it's what I've come to the
that's very true act like professional
and work like professional I think is
also important dress acts and work like
a professional and you betrayed level
in what context there oh okay I see
that's really good for luck
it's pretty cool do you like build up
your own business doing on I respect
that a lot the pedestal maintains the
magical barrier but zemerik does not
know how the assassin the assassins they
stoke the southern passages we must
there may be another way past this door
deeper in the complex should we open the
door whatever has been hiding behind
that door for all these years can wait a
little longer we need to deal with the
assassins do we have to zamorak let's go
kill some assassins what's this oh Jesus
dark don't worry don't worry it's fine
there's a tank them all Yolo
oh Jesus Christ [ __ ] a loading screen
was that

Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

it's me yes I
29 gold
hey Jesus Christ
let's read this plaque as well I'd feel
wrong if we didn't read that one yeah
watching this makes me want to face
Karen today that is good Pat every day
is a day Pescara steady on there watch
out for the spikes matey
don't know how long one didn't he
actually did this way here I think it is
there isn't actually anything at the end
I feel weird for going this way that's
just quickly check
Lola likes he killed his own personal
now I don't want to talk to you leave me
Oh is is just a dead end
oh don't wanna get stuck down there
let's go this way though no stop talking
to me leave me alone yeah also big
oblivion fires off easy let's go left as
no one knows especially together it's
definitely gonna be this way now
this maze is easy man to work - I think
he alright and then he dies I did not
expect that at all I think any of us did
to be honest finishin fatality

Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

that is an achievement I don't think so
Durex I did too much damage just calmed
it with me
maybe now thank you with so linear debt
maybe the royal family the dragon guard
ran through that door but he was wounded
are you alright Sam Urick Sam Urick soul
now if this verse is like sand in the
wind still this one promised to find the
new bath but these events just returned
him to the same one he walked before
thanks Pappy play did you make homemade
skimmer not yet I have not yet obtained
the cocaine needed you help me bring the
killer to the royal family
yes but Sam Urick believed his previous
life of violence caused those deaths his
studies and meditation he stole them
this was solved now with some linnaeus
death Sam Urick feels lighter
it feels good but it also feels stick to
your teachings we can say that violence
shouldn't be the answer we're here today
sometimes you just have to fight fire
with fire zamorak that's what I'm gonna
tell them oh yeah these musings distract
from the mission that's scary
this room is wacky all these traps being
self every second
then what's triggering them sky looks
like a bit opposes me weird outfit so
much company Dragons have returned your
actually has sent the assassins because
she thought he knew how to stop them I
know how the Sangh treat I thought you
the lost dragon guard the last no I know

Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

at least there really a way to stop the
find the dragon horn you have to after
dragon God Orand making a written guide
you to the sands behind the stars dabit
let's continue out of this cave below
that looks like reefer what is he doing
here indeed and his plan ah there you
we came as soon as we could were you
able to stop Catherine Shalini an erisa
no he died I felt deserved shame about
the dragon guard though and yes I took
some convincing and thorns most
diplomatic negotiation tactics but Queen
Chimaera has accepted our help
provisionally provisionally the
signature regulars are on probation for
now once Queen chimera sees us in action
I'm sure she'll come around until then I
wanted to make sure you were alright
beating Selenia is no small feat I'm
sorry we lost the dragon guard though
maybe it was easy the dragon guard
clearly was a bit of a pushover I have
the key to the sanctuary there a dragon
like the one at star Haven auditorium
right then let's open this stone
pedestal Oh conveniently it works
thank goodness are these the remains of
the dragon guard cut down to that
awesome I'll take the sword and the
shield thanks bro
thank you very much of a spooky place
where's the dragon horn that roars I
knew it
knowledge is power my friend you'll see
all right then better start reading is
you're gonna be here for a while what's
that it's in here
oh cooking fire what can I make bottle
rack twine I feel sad they've got here
let's read these law ohms so this is the

Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

we should yes
looks pretty epic you think the Aldmeri
Dominion will will be swept up under the
rug and then they'll just explain what
happened through dialogue yeah usually
the general consensus is that the
Imperials would win the war and they
just have one overruling faction maybe
this person's alpha is pretty cool love
that drunk personality think is that
like CAD where's our fur than a and then
after this it looks kind of cool that I
like it
wait where am I going this way I think
let's get out of this godforsaken gave I
love it let's say you're about to fall
backwards at any moment thank you so
kitsune ain't angles how do I say your
name who knows you found all 24 stones
of Basra and Skyrim hot guard I feel for
you I feel for you indeed that is a feat
in itself quite then return to rimmon
palace I'm a fast travel that right guys
ashes that way who wants me to go ribbon
Palace it says nice all right guys I'm
gonna grab a quick drink of coke I'll be
right back in like 30 seconds
I've returned my comrades I hope you're
doing well as well it is out on PC for
early access exactly that is exactly
what's happening raging Anarchy was an
appropriate name okay so what the hell
drains you apparently over here we

Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

that is some people in the marketplace
now it's quite a ride up to the Paris TV
I see frakkin well captain what was that
about a dragon things are becoming
clearer now yes well what did you see I
saw dragon they called it a car grunty's
means champions of our time how do I
know these things indeed did you see or
hear anything else well yes I did
seems the ears they talked about the
moons something about an eclipse and the
perfect time to use the gate I remember
something about that from when I was the
but rare but the details are hazy my
memory returns in dribs and drabs but
I'm not sure if I remember anything else
all that you where are my manners
they're waiting for you Queen kuvira is
called the not a war council in the
throne room all right
not a clipper but I know one way to find
out let's go and have a look today
take adventuring tips from a guy wearing
a cooking pot for a hat he's clearly
been adventuring since he was giant
what did you learn these three mates to
the legends of kun sorry
and Queen Anne equina yes pardon the
interruption Queen Chimaera but that
sounds like the dragon horn we found
that dragon guard didn't survive but he
gave us the inequity dragon so there's

Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

an alliance I reluctantly agreed to has
borne fruit the signature regulars
assisted but your agents did the
important work from the dragon come five
you I want to hear your report I'm glad
you enjoyed their survival midstream
they were good fun tell me what happened
out there five o'clock from so this
hasn't killed dragon God but we did
capture a quietiy an equi a blob of
blood dragon home sound it once and it
will probably crumble to dust sky terror
dragon slab whole trans as always you
have my tanks fight your acts here hope
to appease the dragons by assassinating
the last dragon guard of elsewhere
but at least you acquired the anecca
there again and avenged makes noise like
any other home right so we can blow it I
know how a horn works five o'clock but
this is a relic of ancient magic I will
have turned research another master
vision strike more frequently now with
more urgency assembling CAD was
dismembered body I want you to stop him
the betrayer of Legends must not be
reborn now finds all mark fool man stop
him find them and see if they can tell
you where zoom on boom hides meanwhile I
will consult with garishly
review the kun sorry stories before we
turn with learning more about the dragon
horn okay sounds good to me alright let
me get some food I want to have a look
at what that does want to see what these
pauldrons look like I don't never be
able to see them where are they
shoulders should be around here
somewhere Saturn
that's the moral tone arm are they gonna
be in heavy

Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

come see them
what medium oh maybe the signature okay
here they are yo they look see well
these are ones fired right children's
they also degreaser actually cut down
firedrake alpha oh really I was like I
learned this from battlegrounds it looks
[ __ ] amazing like that didn't even
know I had that that was pretty decent
both very nice all right I have to
change my character's outfit at some
point scrolled down yeah thanks sorry I
missed that the chat before I finally
found it
I hoped Bethesda include the characters
I taught me animations in the new game
though what do you mean I don't know
what you mean by that
so now we need to go
you don't even accept the quest yeah
Cobo the betrayer shirmat oh wait I was
going to speak some ass before I left
maybe I was meant to speak to CAD well
that would make sense when now
yeah it's me okay boy of all the foolish

Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

idiotic misguided things that Cadwell
has ever done this may be the worst of
them all he fancies himself a hero but
he's given zu mug Foom exactly what he
needed well I guess the rest of card was
body I'm no expert on necromancy but
it's obvious that our Cadwell is the
last piece zoom ugh Foom needs to
restore the betrayer he has all the
parts of CAD Wells dismembered body and
now CAD Willis handed him the final
component his very essence Charles
essence you mean his soul does a soul
shriven have a soul I have no idea how
the philosophy of oblivion accounts for
such things but there must be some
the original ad well inside the one we
know it stands to reason the necromancer
would need that as well I managed to
scry CAD Wells portal before it winked
out it connected to an ancient crypt in
the sky not far from the stiches head
there immediately the rest of us will
make preparations and join you as soon
as we can carpools a legend he aids you
in the fight against more like bow he
can fight believe it or not it's
actually a [ __ ] baller made oh I can
loot this oh that was well worth it was
that my get in here a pattern elsewhere
bed well we're just gonna have the best
looking house ever very soon are we some
call him mad well exactly that's good
right let's go horsey kitty cat
so I need to deconstruct before we leave
could you really
why are these hours here anyway I saw
the quest by accident probably it's
because just that another wrong area I
was like where the crossing stations
well after thou crafting station
okay jewelry crafting research nothing
deacon structure dude huh destroy the
stolen goods so as you know in Skyrim
and I found out the other day that if

Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

you if you're like you steal a bunch of
food for example and then in between the
guards being like oh do I know you
because you got caught for stealing or
something and then actually like
approaching you and arresting you you
can eat all of the stolen food in
inventory and then that just walk off
and be like okay then because they can't
arrest you you don't you haven't got any
stolen goods you've eaten the evidence
literally right do I have where's the
clothing area here it is so I'm looking
for deconstruct who gave me that
embroidery how yeah right so now guys we
need to go here just go to the wait
excuse me hasn't
somebody stole my sweet roll savage if
ever I third one so we need fast travel
just to believe Pierce's hipbone places
I can't pronounce his name I know who
you mean then you think he's the danger
code of madness now you me she agora
like separately in the quest say he's
not he's just like he's like how
befuddled he is actually now make sense
because of his storyline in this quest
so I actually like I really like the
plot twist with tad well I think it's
really cool because before I was like oh
this guy is just [ __ ] Luffy you know
he's like missing part of himself almost
and it was true he was
right then I need get into this area you
took your time well you can teleport I
can't out of me now that you're here we
can begin our investigation of the crypt
where our zamorak and prefect Kelly
well they're gonna be here two meters
the a depth and the prefect volunteered
to scout ahead they haven't returned
they're dead
that means it's up to us we must stop
zoom ugh Foom from reanimating CAD world
the betrayer do you think something
happened to Sam Urick and Kayla
something has prevented them from
returning I can only assume the
necromancers all their undead have done
the meaning for stalled
we must prevail otherwise Umaga Foom and
the dragon alright let's go kill him
don't worry mate I got you

Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

oh hi remember his name yeah the
voice-acting same guy I don't know if it
is actually I remember thought it could
I love this beard for that side profile
cut down can well tell me what happens
I'm rockin perfect tailor color have you
seen them they arrive shortly after I
did much better I'm not sure what I just
been standing there trying to recover
enough strength to give it another go
maybe really really poor poor cat well
there's are there
maybe we can recover your soul energy
and I agree we can't let the betrayer
join the dragons all right mate I can
solar this mate don't worry I got this
hold on my bed hello Kendra you're a cam
it look at her [ __ ] have a little
long poor guy poor old man
don't worry braggart you kill this
nervous necromancer direct Sun let me do
spell it for you it's freezing need come
with me fellows I like the Xbox
controller but the console is just not
as powerful as a PC which is why I used
Xbox controller with my PC I guess what
guess what it's a trap white right it
come on walk into it well dad

Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

there's our hike failing every turn
look at those toes they look at that
down imagine if your claws that spicy
is that even a bookshelf no that's I'm
watching ears over three years and I'm
only 11 cut down that's a good section
of your life a few more years and you
can be like you watch me for a third of
my life crazy
thanks your support break already
destroy me Derek song well Wow
to the necromancers workshop we go it's
rather nice worship in fact lots of dead
bodies I love it
five o'clock this one doesn't have much
time Nullah dough should not be here
this one should be prowling the sand
behind the stars and preparing for the
next pounce not lingering in this fetid
tomb why are you here
Zuma gloom godnana doback he planned to
use her in a foul ritual but not at all
is still a soldier his follower never
stood a chance
this one sensed something decided to
wait here a little longer the rich was
using calpro's energy what happens it's
the run is a personality by the way it's
a you can change your personality and it
had different ran animation and mine
looks very dirty and everyone asked me
about it every day
Nala go thought the cloud of energy
reminded her of the strange night
adorned in cookware this one thinks she
absorbed the energy when she killed the
necromancer and disrupted this part of
the ritual so can he return the energy
to catwalk nomad
Nala they'll no longer be long you see
mr. Elma tell Queen chimera and garish
be that Nala go says farewell much
prepare yourself strange night this
belongs to you rest easy
oh look at that

Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

what's that centipede centipede on a
pillow of Jesus Christ it's pretend I
didn't happen and carry on to zoom hog
forms layer so ears so full of the law
yeah it does actually pretty accurately
boy look out he's teleporting pepper
crab down stop it oh boy
how do I think so doesn't sound very
appetizing to
direct oh you're escaping again I oh god
the [ __ ] on that dragon Jesus Christ
how did it die so quickly as a lot of
undead here zoom on Foom has turned into
a big tasty snack hell's wrong with you
feel it draining away you will try to
play support how did this stop the
Dragons brothers once weakened we were

Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

and to steal the power but a nekron as a
tips Todd I'll stay with me I was still
here come here
she looks like Kinnick so pretty
and it could have possessed a key to a
special place that's where I learned to
use a portal
luckily they cut off my head and
dismembered me before I could reach
Jones core cut or you can hear me I
guess you have to chop him
Oh Cadwell we need to save card well
guys I actually genuinely be displayed
of cadwal dies I've played this game for
that sweet sweet voice acting he's so
British yeah yeah able to girls six 2023
probably quiet way away it's an ear week
does ear sister for the Lord
yeah sorry answered that oh it's a big
GT boy wait here comes at home and the
others five talk to me
I am happy to see you and the others
right now and I'm eager to hear what
wait travel fades away we stop zooming
but not before he reanimates the
betrayer the betrayer of kun sorry was a
great hero who became a terrible villain
it took all the remaining champions and
the moon priests of an egg winner to
stop him return help the Dragons Cairo
began to remember he said that the trash
seeks a special place to find Jared's
coal did cat would have you anything
else before he disappeared
talked about and quit sir and the
Dragons imprisonment he said that you
possess the key the ancient legends I
have been studying them they mentioned
Jones core a vault of some kind Kunz re
tricked the demons into storing their
power there though now we know that the
demons were dragons a metaphor yes as
for a key oh do you know what cap will
may be talking about [ __ ] blanks me

Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

and leaves fine and get that door fee
spoke of an Akuma one of kun Zara's
champions he mentioned the key I think
it hides me from magical detection
mother would take my pendant in her hand
and whisper when Coons re smiled Anna
Queen her asks the wounds to move for
him the Shadow Dance temple ruins is
that where the betrayer is gone I
discovered there's a young girl that the
pendant and this ancient map interact in
interesting ways
ah Wow I learned the stories of kun
sorry from my mother did I tell you she
was a moon singer before she married my
she said the pendant once belonged to an
egg weena I am related to any Queen a
direct descendant according to the moon
priests the location indicated the map
where is that an ancient ruin the place
was once the shadow dance temple but now
it is nothing but tumbled stones still
Cadwell indicated the pendant was the
key to finding the betrayer what else do
we have to go on you said your mother
told you that iniquity and Anna queena
could go to the moon and move to yes
from goons re story he tricked the
demons into giving him their power then
a neck when I moved the moon so he could
store the power in John's core for
safekeeping of course nothing now we
know the demons of the story were
actually the Dragons could that mean
back up what the w cat was talking about
obviously the dragons and trap them in
the hands of Colossus but one of his
pants betrayed him stabbed him in the
back and went to the place of the dark
dance distill the demon power I think
you are right
five claw the betrayer must want to
finish what he started in the ancient
time they said we need to get to the
temple ruins where's the shadow dancer
and well you could see on the map where
it is of the scar all right all right
I'll meet you there farewell what level
are you in a chance characters three six
we've been practicing an anticipation of
joining forces for more than a year what

Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00

a waste of time
let's get better
wait a better night's king oh my God
he's principina oh my god I want to sign
that sag like girlfriend
one sec that's [ __ ] gold oh my god
that is the funniest thing ever but it
has to be like the best character ever
passive Mikey oh boy well played well
played well played indeed
triggers me of that person's wearing a
fur hood right so we need to go here a
shadowy dance ruin such cringe
give it an FPS drop continue to two
I hate these fighters there's no mail Oh
a truck ooh big boy
a big raccoon
out of my way how is it this way this
game sometimes lags or accidentally
press ultimate instead of looting
someone's corpse is so annoying
c'mere is waiting for you inside if the
dragons circling overhead spots us I'll
try to drive it off I can sense it but
nothing in this chamber looks like it
can make the moon's move or open a path
to John or George what are we missing
five no Kara said your pendant was the
key I held it out I presented it

Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

forcefully no you said your mother was
somebody's holding and so he stories
maybe something she said my memories and
the Coons re stories everything jumbled
together too much research has clouded
my mind wait maybe I remember one thing
mother used to say
maybe if I repeat her words while I hold
the pendant why not
well it's working hell yeah their moon
Portola me come by how does a Khajiit
total wealth it's already halfway there
and it's more fuzzy more TP more bitey
down damn let's go and stop Cadwell but
they could not stop the betrayer
as a very dead looking Kizzy sadly rip
you mate why are you trying to kill me
if you're a guarded I need to harness
your power Oh what's this
touch it dad oh he's dead oh my god
Jesus Christ kind of witchcraft is this
he's holding a son to me I'm becoming
attuned whoa oh no it's very persuasive
it's Cass we can head inside then
why won't these silly temple guards
recognize you as well that'd be nice one
that I'd save me some effort
oh god well betray you're insane you

Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

talk like that it shows how the betrayer
became attuned that's how I became
attuned murdering everyone interesting
didn't even get to hit me mate what you
did damn
trippy AF guys
causes an eclipse that opens the way to
Joel's core Joads core indeed it's
almost a shaving Mao iniquitous faithful
teeth themselves of my
sneak around them they went snow I'm too
oh yes correct sir
see a set heart playing first person you
can't see what's going on I go only got
knocked on the ground we'll be dead ah
means press this relic oh god yes give
me that dab with the moon and the Sun
it's actually the two moons but still
scare that that again movin a dragon's
can only be permanently killed by the
difficut fall into the law the ancient
memories become passing moments we
follow the same path as the heroes of
legend kun sorry a neck winner the
betrayer they tell me everything
restoring the might of the Dragons
enjoyed score then the heroes of the

Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

crowd lured them into the halls of
Colossus and sealed the doors yeah it's
a new is a new chapter like a new zone
that they released elsewhere with a new
quest land which were playing for at the
moment but that is what the hypes all
about you see yes American sorry and
then came to this temple to gain the
power to move the moons and open the way
to Joel's core you see
only appears at the moon we know when
better hurry up then
so you basically align the moons now I
[ __ ] the moon free stopped the
betrayer back then through vain he died
before they locked off his head the
betrayer was the greatest warrior of his
day if it comes to a battle it will not
be an easy one unless your ear so<